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  1. 250 days since I submitted my refund application still not heard owt
  2. Gonna put this out there now Moore is the best manager we’ve had since Big Ron There, I’ve said it.
  3. The only win on Saturday will be by Reading. it will be a comfortable win. at least a 2 goal margin
  4. Is this the other “breaking news” you spoke of. @@owlstalk
  5. With the appointment of DM does this show that Chansiri has gone in a new direction with his thinking ?? He has always said he wouldn’t try to get a manager/coach that was in current employment. Will DM have first and final say in ALL team goings on ?? What happened on Friday for Chansiri to make the call to DRFC ? Why wasn’t contact made after the midweek defeat ? Has Chansiri FINALLY seen the light ?
  6. He will be reffing another championship game this week as his “punishment” for being a rubbish ref.
  7. Are we going to lose ? I have a feeling Rotherham will give us a reyt drubbing midweek.
  8. Are we gonna lose. I can feel a drubbing coming on v Rotherham. and by that I mean we will be in the receiving end
  9. He’s playing his contract out.
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