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  1. Didnt/couldnt see it from the north i heard it, did anyone see it ?
  2. I'd prefer Farage to that clown Corbyn
  3. I had a tenner @4/1 for a top half finish as soon as next season promotion odds are out im putting the winnings on that
  4. to be fair... we werent shouting for the ref to blow at rotherham when we scored 10 mins of the 8 added
  5. mixed few wednesday fans in there i think i saw @casbahowl in there
  6. I go to the Drysalters opposite cottingley crem
  7. Tbf..... i think 29k saw that he wet off with a hamstring injury
  8. What gets me is that when that Brum fan twatted Grealish, Villa fans came across as all high and mighty, and how they were a different breed than BCFC, Hypocrites
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