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  1. to be fair... we werent shouting for the ref to blow at rotherham when we scored 10 mins of the 8 added
  2. mixed few wednesday fans in there i think i saw @casbahowl in there
  3. I go to the Drysalters opposite cottingley crem
  4. Tbf..... i think 29k saw that he wet off with a hamstring injury
  5. What gets me is that when that Brum fan twatted Grealish, Villa fans came across as all high and mighty, and how they were a different breed than BCFC, Hypocrites
  6. Brilliant idea. some great shots of celebrations from their view
  7. I'm all for people having a drink.... But 9am on a Sunday morning... That's hardcore
  8. Due to sky completely effing this fixture up, i can no longer go
  9. flipping fuming i have purchased my train ticket (non refundable) a strongly worded email is on its way to sky tv
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