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  1. ANDY


    Now if only there was a seven page thread covering this very subject......
  2. pm me if interested. buyer to collect this week from Shiregreen before friday
  3. ANDY

    Reading Away

    villa wba birmingham
  4. ANDY

    Reading Away

    forest preston blackburn
  5. ANDY

    Lucas Joao

    expect offers of 10-15m in Jan
  6. ANDY

    Rob staton

    ffs i meant buchan
  7. ANDY

    Rob staton

    I didnt know Giddings has gone
  8. ANDY

    Rob staton

    Isnt that mick mccarthy bloke his replacement ?? Anyway,,, Good luck Rob,
  9. I think he reads owlstalk. Hes proper going for it tonight.
  10. ANDY

    Wednesday Tap

    Why didn’t you tell me you were going in. I didn’t go for the very reason it’d be quiet.
  11. He’s warming up. Pulled his his sleeves down over his hands. Suggest he gets some gloves.
  12. ANDY

    Tonight’s line up

    FFS. Players not even out warming up yet and some people still slate the team. Stay away you harbingers of doom.
  13. ANDY

    Tonight’s line up

    2-2 fketch first/ last /anytime scorer. Kerching.
  14. I have a Porto and a Hertha Berlin i like to buy any foreign shirt that has blue/white stripes