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  1. Karanka next boss

    Is it the same source that told you FF was off to Newcastle and Matais was his replacement.
  2. ironic that you say he can't formulate an argument without recourse to insult, by insulting him..
  3. SWFC Chairman

    do you have someone lined up to replace him.. Chansiri will want his money back
  4. found in back of a VW Passat city taxi
  5. I've heard from my mate

    Bit early to be on the mulled wine mate
  6. Spin that mick

    what team the poster supports has nothing to do with the response it got and just for the record he's not a blade
  7. The show must go on... even tho I'm going slightly mad
  8. Paul Lambert ??? I'd rather have Adam Lambert at least the half time entertainment would be sorted
  9. It'll be summat he's read on here..
  10. "Wolverhampton are a very good team" "They play with henergy"
  11. Doesn't matter who took over. players played to impress the new manager our team have become complacent, they all know who will be picked and who wont remember the saying.... a new broom sweeps cleanest
  12. Got shut of Leon Slutsky after a poor run of results Appoint a new manager Win
  13. Can't argue with FACTS........
  14. Despite achieving better season on season league positions, our performance graph line goes in completely the opposite direction. Carlos' first season we were magic, an unknown entity made the play off final by playing attractive attacking football Second season despite a higher league position, our performances were no where near the previous seasons this season, we look like a completely different team. performances are pathetic to say the least players don't seem bothered carlos' press conference are bordering on the insane Chansiri seems unable to see the wood for the trees. Our current form suggests we will be more likely to be in a relegation scrap than a promotion/play off push Something needs to change there's an old sayin A new broom sweeps cleanest get a new man in, new ideas... at least while we have an outside chance of scraping the play offs