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  1. Thats why i added "i think" this rule was changed a few years ago
  2. Oh FFS i'm not doing it all again
  3. FA cup winners get a place if cup winner also wins league the fa cup losing finalist takes the winners place i think
  4. Prefer a home tie seeing as its midweek apparantly failing that as close an away tie as possible
  5. I was gonna check my other programmes from the 40/50/60's but can't be arsed
  6. Mate gave me a programme from 1962. On the inside it says established 1866. Why does it now say 1867 ??
  7. Reading - W - Green Millwall - L - Green PNE - L Green Rotherham - W - Stripes Hudds - W - Green M'boro - W - Green Hull - L - Green Cardiff - D - Green Blackburn - L - Green W Brom - L - Green Charlton - W - Stripes Derby - D - Green Forest - W - Stripes Stoke - L - Stripes Brighton - W - Green Leeds - W - Green QPR - W - Green so...... Green = P13 W6 D2 L5 Stripes = P4 W3 D0 L1
  8. Away games this season so far Green kit L L W W L D L L D W W W Stripes W W W L
  9. His he the most smiliest player we've ever had
  10. SAG nightmare nowadays we can't even exit the ground from different stands, Their collective heads would exlolde if we were exiting from the same stand
  11. Dom got all his "scoops" off Owlstalk...... FACT
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