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  1. For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Man complains about getting negged = man gets negged more. Why the world now seems to revolve about getting “likes” is beyond me. Chill out. Grow up. And don’t resort to threats of violence. That’s a one way ticket to bansville.
  2. I think he said he'd had no contact with swfc regarding the managers job or summat like that
  3. The people that insisting on leaving 5 mins early, then proceed to stop at every empty seat between theirs and the exit to watch a few more seconds FFS if youre gonna leave early then just go.
  4. i'm hanging fire until i see what @... has to say
  5. Where did you hear this snippet of info @debs11boys
  6. There's 5 pubs within a 15 min walk of that area another 10 within half hour
  7. If i'm honest i think id prefer this Campbell
  8. I bet Geoff's missus can't wait for him to phone football heaven... Just to give her ears 5 min rest
  9. I know because i have witnessed both forces Preston match day police are friendly, they treat you like a human being SYP treat every fan like they're a hooligan
  10. Same at preston... Their policing is pro-active SYP are re-active
  11. The policing of every home match.
  12. The point is that their level of incompetence stretches back to the miners strike, and still continues to date..
  13. And the Cliff Richard witch hunt
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