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  1. Like Page EFL Championship Maniacs 7 hrs · Most successful passes in the Championship so far... Thoughts?
  2. Ipswich Away Tickets

    Good move by Ipswich, cheap tickets for a sky game Chansiri take note
  3. Van Aaken

    You don’t like to single players out so you’ve singled a player out.
  4. I too do all of the above.. and if the mood takes me i might attempt to rip a advertising board or kiosk menu board down
  5. Villa away

    Email the ticket ofgice and ask to swap yours. They swapped mine no problem
  6. Villa away

    Fantastic. As as usual the ticket office staff are on the ball. Changed to upper tier
  7. Villa away

    I got 2 lower wish I’d waited now for 2 upper. Ive emailed tkt off to see if they can swap them for me.
  8. Is that it then?

    I disagree with you. There’s not a “few” on here, there’s loads.
  9. Is that it then?

    Well said Grandad.
  10. Villa away

    Sorted. 2 tickets in lower stand.