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  1. While I commend his bravery. My opinion is it’s nobodies business but his own.
  2. Yeah good luck on Saturday. I’m gutted it’s not us. Had hotel booked for Friday night. do you know how many Wycombe have sold. Suspect it’s gonna be like when we played Hull.
  3. Are you getting one with her ? come and sit on the North near me a @Dot
  4. They’re alright til someone gets hurt. that opens up a whole new can of worms if the club are selling them imagine the lawyers rubbing their hands when little Johnny has 3rd degree burns to his nappa cos some coked up youf chucked a pyro
  5. I bet they’re not booing the extra day off work next month courtesy of her majesty. oh wait ………
  6. If Burnley get relegated they may need to trim their wage bill. Selling their current keeper and having BPF ready to go straight in with a full season between the sticks behind him. would make sense for Burnley.
  7. stadium MK was prime example. The fan experience is out of this world. we need to get our aršes out of the 70/80’s and get into the world of today.
  8. nev dont confuse me. I don’t know if you’re agreeing or disagreeing. It’s Saturday. It’s nice out and I’ve been cracking open som beers.
  9. i always get summat before I go in. tepid burgers don’t appeal to me
  10. The match day catering is abysmal for a club our size.
  11. Sunderland claim it’s only cos MK gave us a bigger allocation. The fact we gave them more than they gave us (league game) is irrelevant. Think they only took 3k to MK. On a Saturday 3pm kick off.
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