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  1. Today’s team

    And this is what we’re up against.
  2. Player wages

    Also. The figure usually quoted is before deductions. Tax. Nat ins etc. Unless they put in their contract that they want xxx amount after tax etc. Iirc sanchez wage figure that was quoted was after deductions.
  3. Both Wednesday and Villa will field 10 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper each.
  4. That was quick. I expected it it to go at least an hour before I was rumbled
  5. update ***update ****update. A few have left. A few have come in. The kids have left. Wednesday ale is nice. Stay tuned for further updates.
  6. Just got in. 1 or 2 in already. And some kids too. Thought they were barred pre match ?
  7. Sam Winnall

    We have no spare places in the treatment room.
  8. Sam Winnall appears to have no plans to return to Sheffield Wednesday before the end of his Derby County loan spell. Winnall is expected to be out for six to nine months after undergoing surgery to repair a damaged anterior cruciate ligament earlier in February. And the striker has already indicated via his Instagram account that he has begun his rehabilitation at Derby rather than Sheffield Wednesday. Speaking to RamsTV over the weekend, he has since revealed his intention to remain at Pride Park and use his positivity behind the scenes to inspire his teammates to promotion to the Premier League. "So far I have loved my time here," said Winnall. "I love working with the staff, payers and everyone at the football club. "The injury was terrible and terrible timing with the run-in but I feel I have got other things to give within the squad and dressing room. "I feel as though my positivity – not on the pitch – but in and around the training ground every day can help the team and hopefully help us succeed. "I may not be able to help on the pitch until the end of the season, but I definitely can behind the scenes. "I’ll be doing everything I can to remain positive and help in any way I can." Winnall, who has registered seven goals and two assists in seven league starts this season, is under contract until 2020 at Sheffield Wednesday. It is currently unclear as to whether or not Derby have an option to turn the 27-year-old's deal permanent, although early indications suggest a willingness from both the Rams and Winnall to do so.