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  1. ANDY

    Steve Bruce in one word

  2. ANDY


    I think it's a tongue in cheek comment mate whenever an away following attendance is posted the immediate response is "Leeds would have took more" as thats what Leeds fans always say
  3. ANDY

    Millwall sold out?

    Dont think so mate still available for me
  4. ANDY

    Danny Murphy

    FH has gone right downhill since Staton left
  5. ANDY

    Lineup A v Ipswich

    Where's Sam Winnall ? I'd have him on the bench instead of Nuhiu
  6. ANDY

    Danny Murphy

    Danny Murphy was a better footballer than he is a pundit..... And he was a poo footballer
  7. Why did we get a Hull traffic report ?
  8. ANDY

    Sam Hutchinson

    Did anyone else see him flick that Wigan players balls ?