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  1. id be happy with that. gut feeling is saying it’ll be 20/30 quid more than that.
  2. he’s already got my money. I just want to go to match and watch footy. this isn’t a Chansiri endorsement. We need to get back to some form of normality.
  3. Scratch off the grounds you’ve visited. Great Father’s Day gift idea https://www.footballstadiummaps.com/products/2020-english-football-league-scratch-off-map
  4. D - Ream. Things can only get better Yazz. The only way is up P Gabriel (f Kate Bush). Don’t give up
  5. Got mine tonight. Filled in and returned. hopefully they’ll get a resounding mandate to put some demands to Chansiri Wether he listens is another thing
  6. Chansiri infinity pool at maison de Chansiri Thailand
  7. That corner v Rotherham will forever be remembered for that
  8. All depends on how much he’s willing not to be paid.
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