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  1. We've already got a manager shouldnt we be supporting him ?
  2. Rick Parry was touted as the EFL saviour he was going to sort the EFL out Great job so far Rick
  3. So... To sum up Over 200 pages of speculation, a few "ITK"ers say somebody told them summat but we're still none the wiser It's the Wednesday way
  4. I thought you were all talking about Lewis Hamilton
  5. They still charged me 25 its all sorted now i emailed Alastair in the commercial dept, they have now rectified the promble and a refund for the over charge is being processed well done Alastair @swfc
  6. *they're the point is the OS says 20 quid, it says 20 quid until you get the confirmation email which tells you its 25 quid
  7. The OS says its now twenty quid ive done 4 kids and been charged 25 each so ive been overcharged it seems
  8. OS saying now £20 ive just done 4 grandkids and been charged £25 each anyone else had the same ?
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