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  1. From BBC A maximum of 4,000 fans are to be allowed at outdoor events in the lowest-risk areas when the national lockdown in England ends on 2 December, BBC Sport understands. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to make an announcement on the return of crowds later on Monday. He will make a statement to the House of Commons, which MPs will vote on. There will be no crowds allowed in the highest-risk areas under the new Covid-19 restrictions in England. Elite sports has continued behind closed doors during England's four-week lockdown, while grassroo
  2. homophobia is not allowed on owlstalk. In fact it’s against the law in any scenario I suggest you rethink your comment and withdraw it. Sharpish
  3. just outside Dewsbury I never said I don’t dislike the blades. I just don’t pawn over their results or how they’re playing. I’m more interested in our performance than theirs. it’s a blades trait to hate us more than they love their own team. I think Wednesday fans are better than that and wouldn’t stoop so low
  4. @Lincs Owl just for your information i read all the thread titles. Open them, and where necessary reply. being one of the mod/admin team it would be remiss of me not too. hope that helps.
  5. People belittling this. Or saying it’s “bantz” need to open their eyes. if your relative came home from school/work and said a colleague had grabbed their genitalia you would be outraged. it’s sexual assault. Doesn’t matter what the gender. ITS WRONG.
  6. nope i live in West Yorks. And, funnily enough I don’t give a shiney shíte what Leeds and Huddersfield are doing either.
  7. yes. Really. im more concerned with all things swfc to waste my time thinking of what they’re doing/done makes me be like them.
  8. I’m not bothered what they’re doing. Good or bad
  9. Does Patterson need to make a formal complaint before the FA/EFL can act ?
  10. Tell you what. sky have “lost” a heap of cash today just from owlstalk. well done all that got a discount and thanks to @@owlstalk for making us aware of this
  11. I’m not a Black Friday advocate. but .... I’ve just shaved 38 quid a month off my sky bill by doing this.
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