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  1. Agreed. The last five years absolutely supports this too. Plenty will disagree vehemently with us though
  2. There are 25 year olds knocking around that have potential to improve significantly. Smith at Rotherham being a case in point. Other clubs tap into this more successfully than us though. We need balance . I dont go along with the, "next season we MUST achieve promotion", mantra but we must be challenging as we did this season at the very least. I want to see a sustainable, stable operation that values youth, as we both do, whilst also being pragmatic in the now. I think that we both agree that we don't want the core of our recruitment based on more expensive, 'ready made', 29/30 year olds as we have done too often in recent years.
  3. It has...... in my opinion. If we looked at a player of similar ability and latter injury issues we'd be factoring the injury risk into our valuation. I'd love him to be over his injuries and stay and have a great season next term. We dont really know yet if he is fully and permanently recovered though. His record last season adds to the risk and will impact on other club's valuations too.
  4. I agree with you on overall youthful strategy but there has to be balance. There are 25 year olds that have unrealised potential too.
  5. Whether you or I think it should, logically or otherwise, clubs will undoubtedly factor in his recent injury. Long term injury, quickly breaking down again for another lengthyush absence. This will concern suitors.
  6. Like it or not the inhibitor in any potential fee will be his injury absences for virtually the whole of last season. It will undoubtedly temper any bids.
  7. Still a potential sticking point. Wanting a but more or wanting it all up front.... either could potentially scupper a deal.
  8. Stark facts even allowing for some of those quoted fees being inflated.
  9. The club that I thought would best benefit my career in my opinion. Would be based on a few things but gut instinct would play a significant part. Then again, a silly financial offer would likely blow all that out of the water. It's an unpredictable occupation so ignoring the possibility of lifetime financial security would be folly.
  10. £1m is a good starting point. Personally think that, on balance, its in the low side but not by as much as some people might think. He's a good player but one who has virtually missed all of last season which must impact on his saleability. I would think that upwards of £1.25 maybe as much if £1.5m would represent fair value either side. If it were reinvested towards a unit up front and similar at the back it would represent sound business
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