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  1. Got to play on Saturday. Bang average player these days but still better than the other options to pair with Windass
  2. I couldn't give a fig about Westwood having a chat with the opposition after the game. As for the penalty he and Reach were equally culpable IMO. Westwood redeemed himself however with the save.
  3. Certainly not much I suspect given the gutless display today
  4. The worry for me is that the current coaching team couldn't motivate the team beyond todays gutless and insipid performance in such a match.
  5. Yep reinvest their fees and wages in the revolution.
  6. The problem today was more about lack of backbone even more than lack of quality. Rip the squad apart and replace with younger and more athletic players from abroad and lower leagues rather than the overpaid older journeymen that we've recruited in recent seasons. Players who exhibit a pride in their performances.
  7. I can't bring myself to vote for any one player. The overall performance was just so listless, passionless and gutless.
  8. I know some argue that you can't just clear the decks and rebuild from scratch; but seriously this gutless crew needs purging completely .
  9. Yep. Both equally culpable. Westwood redeemed himself in the end.
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