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  1. Looked ok for the 15 minutes (plus 7) he played. Where to slot him in without disturbing the structure of the team though.. He’s most effective playing down the left but would you drop Harris to accommodate him? Only chance I see is to move Harris to the right flank. Otherwise Monk will have to change the system that’s proving successful. I think Reach sees this too which would explain his more energetic performance last night. Forestieri will have to prove his worth to Monk to get a starting slot I think. Competition for attacking places is what we really need now to push on and stay in the top 6. Good luck to him but he has to try and stay out of trouble.
  2. Not sure on that incident from where I sit in the North. Got me wondering if the Stoke manager’s histrionics on the touch line influence the ref against his team. Thought the ref was a bit better all round than the incompetents we’ve had lately though. Didn’t stop the game for every bit of physical contact, wasn’t conned by some of the play acting. Did stop the game for several clashes of heads. Don’t think he got any major decision wrong Applied the newer rules correctly for restarting games, offsides, substitutions etc. If that sounds like praise I should just add. He achieved the standards expected at this level, no more, no less.
  3. Didn’t hear any booing when the team was announced. Thought they were both excellent too. Brilliant second half save to preserve the lead from Dawson Good long ball to Luongo from Fox for the goal. Anybody going to rubbish the pair of them tonight
  4. A young reserve keeper put into the team at 5 minutes notice & in front of TV cameras. Not surprising he looked nervous or unprepared. But just what did he do wrong v Cardiff. Can someone explain the correct position at a free kick for a keeper when a 6’6” defender is doing star jumps in front of him? Will get my full support and I believe 99.9% of fans who attend tonight. Why would anybody in their right mind boo one of their own players before a game starts, hardly going to encourage him is it? Dawson and Fox need that encouragement, we’re sadly lacking alternatives for those two positions right now.
  5. Have looked at the replay a few times. Not sure Westwood could have done anything to change things. True, Dawson was not in the centre of the goal having been complaining to the Lino on his left. However, if he had positioned himself ‘correctly’ he would only have had a view of Flint’s backside. The only blame to be apportioned is to the match officials who ignored the part of the offside law about interfering with play.
  6. Shhh. Lots already do without any problem Those 100 Wigan supporters were lost in the crowd of Wednedayites recently.
  7. 3 games in a week was the only reason I could imagine.
  8. I agree. That position on the left of midfield was often where Bannan was used by his previous clubs. He was so ineffectual he didn’t get much game time. Answer seems obvious to me (for what that’s worth). Harris to the right on his favoured foot. Reach to the left on his favoured foot. Forestieri impact sub replacing Reach on 60 minutes. If he replicates the form of 3 years ago drop Reach until/unless he starts showing some of his best form.
  9. Perhaps the best way is for us as supporters to study how other police forces and local authorities cope with crowd management. Older grounds in similar areas with busy roads and narrow streets of terraced houses. Griffin Park, Craven Cottage, QPR , even Anfield, Hawthorns, and Molyneux . All are inner city stadia with similar surroundings, some with larger crowds than our own. They seem to manage with minimal disruption, probably closing a road for 30 minutes or so. Collect the evidence, submit to both club, local press and social media. Show how Sheffield is out of step and run by incompetents. Child abuse, SYP leaking info to press in high profile cases, ridiculous tree felling policy. The evidence is out there.
  10. I just don’t go for these conspiracy theories. Truth is we’ve been on the wrong end of some awful reffing decisions but the team need to wise up too. Current championship refs are behaving as if football is a non contact sport and we are falling into the trap. Some of our tackles last night were naive, especially around the edge of our own area, but we didn’t change. My only hope is that VAR is extended to all EFL games. Cardiff’s goal last night would have been disallowed for offside, interfering with play, and refs general standards would come under much more scrutiny.
  11. Monk has stated several times now that he’s a big believer in doing the basic things correctly. The basics of wing play are to use the width of the pitch, get crosses to strikers and track back to cover defensively when needed. Last night Reach did little of these basic elements. The only reason I see for him being deployed there is the occasional chance of a long range shot when cutting inside. Every Championship team is now wise to this and find it easy to counter.. So why not get back to basics and use our right footed winger, Harris on the right and our left footer, Reach on the left where they have the ability to get those crosses in. If Reach still doesn’t show some form I am certain Forestieri will be more than ready to replace him there. Forestieri has always been at his most effective playing on the left. True he is not a conventional winger but it’s where most of his goals have come from.
  12. Iorfa for me, thought he was outstanding throughout, closely followed by Boerner.
  13. A good positive start but it’s not unusual to see the ‘new manager bounce’, look at Man U. and Solskaer. Every player upping his game to catch the new manager’s eye, only to become disenchanted when the same old faces get selected. Keep it in perspective because we’ve been in a fortunate run of fixtures, most opponents from the bottom end of the table. I know those games have often been our downfall but let’s hope we can keep it going when we meet some tougher opposition.
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