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  1. Johnny Quinn was also doing National Service in the 59/60 season. He had to apply for weekend leave to play for the Owls. Army training ensured he was fit enough to play in the top division. Wonder if that would be the same today. Just another bit of pointless information about the Wednesday history for the trolls.
  2. Deadline Extended

    Not surprised if that was after the deadline extension.
  3. Deadline Extended

    Best way to do it Spook One year at a time, did it online in 5 minutes. Multi year might be ok for some....but non- refundable & who knows what the future holds.
  4. True The lack of 3pm Saturday games does make it difficult for any fan not living nearby
  5. You skinflint Surely if you can afford to pay on the day you might consider advancing the club a little cash to help them through these hard times until next season. #realisticfan
  6. Is he though? Going straight back into the starting 11 after 2 or 3 days training following injury under Carlos has not helped him. If the new management continue to handle his conditioning correctly there should be a marked change in his availability. Injuries like hernias and mis diagnosed broken bones are nothing nothing to do with his original knee problem
  7. Hutchinson on Tv

    Security was lax in those days.
  8. I've bought mine now. Decided to lend the club some money to tide them over. Cash in advance = Help to pay the wages of the injured. #truerfan
  9. Dave and Who

    Not saying he is an automatic first choice, but as yesterday showed Nuhiu gives us something different that defenders struggle with. With Forestieri and Hooper to return they will have to work to displace Joao and Dave. Those four players give pretty much everything needed in a squad. Pace ..Joao Height and strength..Nuhiu Poachers instinct...Hooper Skill ..Forestieri. Give Nuhiu a new contract, keep these four as the main strikers. Help Fletcher Rhodes and Winnall on their way if at all possible. Waits for the anti Nuhiu brigade's response.
  10. Hypothetically...

    Cuddly Don't think Pennington would agree with that description.
  11. Adthe Nuhiu after todays game

    He's a 100% er every game. If only some of our more gifted players had his heart How much better he looks now he's playing regularly too. I think he's a bit more physical and enjoying using his strength and size a lot more under the new regime too.
  12. Adthe Nuhiu after todays game

    And some shorts that don't look like Cissie and Ada's bloomers.
  13. Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Rubbish, we've rarely exceeded 30,000 crowds in the last 50 years even when most of the crowd were standing. The big 50,000crowds were only ever for Man U, Liverpool, Spurs and some other local team whose name I can't bring myself to mention on here. The cost of ground improvements wouldn't be justified by the potential numbers through the gates.
  14. Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Its the quality of football that makes the biggest contribution to the atmosphere. That play off game against Brighton a couple of seasons ago created a better atmosphere than the big games of the 1960's when a 55,000mainly standing crowd was allowed. Of course you might well say the quality of football had the crowd on its feet.
  15. Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Having seen some ideas for how safe standing could be introduced I fail to see how it would increase revenue. Do you cram more people in than in seated areas, thereby reducing safety. Or do you charge more for standing than seating. As a yougster I was on the Leppings Lane end in a 55,000 crowd v Man United. The atmosphere was great, the crushing wasn't. Some big and expensive ground improvements would be needed to provide more than just a small token safe standing area at Hillsborough.