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  1. Won’t this just lead to the six clubs fading into obscurity as far as the English game and fans are concerned. Won’t this lead to the six members of the new European league being expelled from the Premier League Won’t this lead to other well run and supported clubs like Everton, West Ham , Leicester, Villa, Newcastle and Wolves becoming the new top six. Sounds to me like the six clubs are treading a very dangerous path.
  2. Iorfa and Bannan. Urhoghide if he can be persuaded to stay. Hang on to more and you won’t eradicate the depressing culture of negativity and failure that hangs around that squad like a bad smell.
  3. Most of us have been crying out for this since he first arrived and admitted he knew nothing about football. It’s such a glaringly obvious requirement to set the club up in a sensible businesslike manner. The only person that can’t or won’t see this is DC himself.
  4. Ouch. I know from personal experience blood clots in the lungs is both painful and serious. Usually results in fairly lengthy hospital treatment. Best wishes Darren get well soon mate.
  5. Been a long long time since anyone wandered around performing miracles. Time to wake up to reality.
  6. A longer contract? Longer than what? Nobody seems to be in the know about the duration of his current contract, and as regards giving him the keys, what is that supposed to mean? Seems like somebody is stuggling to find something to write about.
  7. I feel pretty sure that the few fans that can be bothered to turn up when it’s allowed will have plenty to say about the situation.
  8. That may well be true but will the accounts be submitted in time to get the embargo lifted before the transfer window opens. AND more to the point will Moore be strong enough to wrench control out of the hands of Chansiri’s favourite advisor
  9. This is exactly why the bulk of this first team squad have to go at the end of the season. It’s like a collective acceptance of defeat and failure that has to be eradicated. Look at the type of player that got us out of League 1 last time. They were battlers and fighters even though many had limited ability. Can we again find the like of Reda, Buxton, Jones, Llera , Prutton, O’Grady and Antonio. They’re the type of battling of players required to get out of League 1. What we are going to be left with will need the type of major reinforcement that cannot be done under em
  10. First thing he has to do requires no football knowledge. Get the accounts signed off submitted to Company’s House and get the embargo lifted. We’re going to need more than a couple of free agents to even tread water in League 1.
  11. Doubt they would get planning permission for a new structure unless it provided a long term solution to the separation of opposing fans at that end of the ground. Bearing in mind the stadium location and transport infrastructure that would be mighty difficult.
  12. I can tolerate Harris coming off the bench against tiring defenders but I fail to see what anyone could have seen that led to the signing of Kachunga. Just illustrates the risks you take when signing other team’s cast offs for free I suppose.
  13. I’m almost at the point now of wishing they’d lose and put paid to the last vestiges of hope. We could then throw in some youngsters to see how they perform. Knowing Wednesday though we’ll probably win just to prolong the agony a bit longer.
  14. I think we can all see the improvement in recent games, but let’s face it the situation is such that there is now no alternative but to go on the attack.. Yesterday’s return of one goal from 18 attempts was poor though and its almost as if we used up all our luck with five from twelve v Cardiff which was truly exceptional. We have to go with the same outfield players and tactics on Tuesday but Westwood in goal to improve the defensive organisation. I’m sure the back 3/4 are more comfortable with him at their backs and I reckon he would have saved a couple of those goals yesterday. It
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