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  1. Grammar police alert. In this context (only) the correct word is collinding
  2. Sorry, can’t agree with you. Keith Ellis was the best header of a football I ever saw in a Wednesday shirt. Just to balance it up though Nuhiu is much more skillfull with the ball at his feet than Ellis was.
  3. Blatter

    Sam Winnall

    Amazing how these players who aren’t in the first team are suddenly going to fire us to promotion. The club is overloaded with strikers. Nuhiu, Fletcher, Joao, Forestieri, Matias, Hooper, Winnall (Plus Rhodes) Winnall will struggle to get into the starting eleven and will have to prove himself to the hard taskmaster we now have as manager. Competition for places is a good thing but seven fighting for two positions can lead to trouble, it’s too many, action needed in the next transfer window.
  4. Blatter

    Injured players, real or not real

    True and Matias was fit for a large part of last season too.
  5. Blatter

    Sheffield, city of students

    Students can buy a few beers for £17. Most of the ones I know wouldn’t squander it on football whatever the colour.
  6. Blatter

    Sports psychologist

    Ron Atkinson did it his own way before the big games. He got a comedian in. Pretty much the same really.
  7. Well done Jos and his squad for reaching a spot in the top six in difficult circumstances. It’s a remarkable feat and against all expectations especially considering it’s been achieved whilst playing most of the top teams. In recent seasons though we’ve done well against the better teams but lost to the Burton, Bolton Milwall bunch of scrappers at the bottom end of the table. This I feel has been our Achilles heel and will be key to maintaining or improving our current position. In short we must learn how to deal with the desperate do or die type of teams fighting for survival. We have a few of those coming up after our run of ‘difficult’ games. Hopefully Jos is not allowing any complacency to creep in.
  8. Blatter

    International break

    Ridiculous idea immediately after the World Cup. Seriously risks burning out the international players (and totally screws up Championship fixtures along with tv schedules)
  9. Blatter

    I wonder if DC...

    The key to Chansiri’s thinking in years 1& 2 were clear when he said he’d do whatever it takes to get promoted. What he didn’t know and his so called advisors apparently failed to point out was that there are rules and regulation to abide by. Belatedly, now reality has dawned, Wednesday are starting to be run in a correctly disciplined way on and off the field of play. I feel much more comfortable that our own players are being developed and given a chance. Please no more 29-30 year olds even if they come as experienced pros. on free transfers. There’s always a reason that type become available.
  10. One of my best memories is a Derby match against....them. Derek Pace mistimed a header that went straight upwards. Just as he went to head it again Swanny’s boot took it clean off his head plus a bit of skin and hair, leaving poor old Doc yelling in pain. Hilarious.
  11. Blatter

    Barry Bannan - groin injury

    I would not include Hutchinson in that category. The club knew exactly what they were taking on with a player who had already retired from playing due to injury when we offered him a contract. Winnall suffered an injury playing for another club and is making an excellent recovery from surgery rather than having broken down again. That really leaves Hooper and Lee as long term casualties. Abdi is apparently fit whilst Matias seems to have a minor hamstring strain. Bannan is tweeting that he is ok this morning too. The one that seems to have disappeared from the radar is Van Aken who I doubt would be selected even if fit. All in all much better than this time last season.
  12. Blatter

    Barry Bannan - groin injury

    Agreed. Perhaps Jos should consider resting wee Barry from time to time now have Onomah in midfield. Like Kieran Lee used to do, he covers every inch of the pitch every game and suffered a long term injury last season. Difficult decision because he’s so influential, but the West Brom game demonstrated he can miss an odd game occasionally. Rather that than wear and tear leading to another extended lay off or worse.
  13. Blatter

    Lee johnson

    Unless Johnson was viewing replays from different camera positions there is no suggestion of offside whatsoever. Sounds like someone we all heard a lot last couple of season blaming the ref.
  14. Isn’t it time now we’ve got into the top six to give Jos a bit more credit for his tactics and team selection. I read quite a few really negative comments again from our own supporters as soon as the team was announced, both on here and Facebook. The man is quickly learning what the Championship is all about, and is getting results. To be in the top six at this stage of the season is way beyond anyone’s expectation I agree today’s team selection was puzzling at first glance but was a good tactical effort at stifling a team that took us apart last season. A few tweaks at half time and a great three points in the bag after a run of tough games. Lets face it most of us expected us to be bottom end of the table at this stage when we saw those fixtures. There seems to be agreement that where you are after 12 games is a good measure of where you finish. Looking at the run of games we are in I am thoroughly encouraged for what is possible. Lets all get fully behind our manager and for the unconvinced few, stop knocking his every decision.