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  1. Blatter

    Manager's stubbornness

    Very much looks that way. The Bruce reports seem pretty credible and point to the fact Chansiri is acting positively at last.
  2. Blatter

    Westwood starts u23

    He‘ll be in the squad for Saturday
  3. Don’t think there is a dislike of Bullen at all. There is a dislike though of the current style of play and disorganisation being shown in our defending in particular. All this smacks of poor coaching for which Bullen as one of the coaches must share responsibility.
  4. Blatter

    Really Bruce ???

    I have serious doubts that Bruce would come or that he and Chansiri could form a working relationship. Bruce is wise enough to know that he would need control of transfer dealing to make a success of the job. Two factors would prevent this. 1. Chansiri and his advisor(s) currently rule the roost. 2. P & S. rules are likely to put the club in transfer embargo. If Bruce were to be appointed however I would interpret that as a sign Chansiri is relaxing his grip on the throat of our club.
  5. Blatter


    That’s one of the best not singling out or slagging off a young player I’ve ever seen.
  6. Blatter

    Club response required

    Publicly back Jos ....as in the Chairman’s vote of confidence you mean.
  7. I did wonder if the Chairman’s lack of urgency had spread to the chanters.
  8. Blatter


    To put an effective cross into the box you need players getting into advanced wide positions. Unders Jos’s coaching we just don’t have this forward movement in spite of having players with the ability to cross a ball. Reach can do it, Bannan can do it and Pelupessy can do it (he now takes our corners from the left). Problem is they run around like headless chickens in central midfield. Coaching a style of play to get into wide positions would be a start. Surely most professional footballers can cross a ball accurately with sufficient practice
  9. As DC is very reluctant to sack our struggling manager I wonder if he would be persuaded to shake up the coaching staff. As I see it Jos has his assistant whose name escapes me, Lee Bullen and Goalkeeping coach Nicky Weaver. The team today looked sadly in need of some intensive coaching to improve our marking, covering and shape both in and out of possession. Whatever our existing coaches do it seems hardly to be effective. If money is a problem perhaps these should be replaced. I would put forward the name of one successful and vastly experienced coach who as far as I am aware is currently unemployed. His last team were never the same after his departure. He could come in as head coach and when inevitably Jos gets fired (they all do, some sooner than later) he migh even be persuaded to take on the management job. Oh yes ... that name is Stuart Gray.
  10. Blatter

    Name one thing...

    Worthington and King. Big Ron couldn’t decide who was best so he played em both on the left. It was great. Constantly overlapping trying to outdo each other.
  11. Blatter

    Joey’s dilemna

    Whoever is nearest to him at the time. On the other hand playing without Bannan COULD POSSIBLY help him make a forward pass.
  12. Blatter

    Name one thing...

    Baker has the fitness to run for 90 minutes. Tracks back instead ambling back after making those forward runs. Has the work ethic to succeed. Learning fast and should not be written off in his first season. There were experienced pro’s on the pitch today who were worse.
  13. Blatter

    Adam Reach

    Have to agree. Back to basics. Get players in their best positions. Hector or Hutchinson defensive midfield dropping between centre backs when full backs go forward. Lees rt centre back,,Pudil left centre back and persevere with Baker and Penney as advanced full backs. They will come good with the right support and coaching. Reach left mid, Bannan attacking mid,Onomah rt mid and Fletcher and Joao up front. Then stick with it
  14. Blatter

    Was Thornily injured?

    Thought Pudil had a big impact actually running forward with the the ball.
  15. Blatter


    We were playing with Nuhiu Joao and Forestieri up front. we were able to do that when we had a half decent back four.