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  1. But we found an even more Wednesday way of not getting any points for 3 months. This may surprise you but we took 22points in the three months from Dec 7th to March 7th when the last game was played. Always look on the bright side of life
  2. I think we all know what a few dissenters can do to squad unity.
  3. You never get to five before they want your email address. I too have given up on them.
  4. Rather than being a liar, isn’t it more likely that he’s been brutally honest with most of the squad about the chances of new contracts. The agents of the out of contract brigade would be asking for clarity at the time of the January transfer window. It’s pretty obvious a few of them have been told exactly where they stand on that score. It would certainly explain the collapse in form of quite a few who’ve been overpaid by Championship standards.
  5. Managers will always avoid public discussion of what goes on behind the scenes. Ever heard the saying what goes on in the dressing room stays in the dressing room? Fergie who was the best in the business at handling big ego’s would never give that sort of information to journalists. There were some very rapid departures of big names but he never went into detail publicly. I believe Monk is trying to be as discreet as he can be in the circumstances he inherited. Does that make him a liar? No it doesn’t, and I think you’re hiding behind the anonymity of Owlstalk to say things that might get you onto bother if you revealed your true identity.
  6. Lived in nearby in the 1960’s. It was a council depot hemmed in by the railway and River Sheaf on one side and the houses of Olive Grove Rd on the other. Careful with the modelling or SAG will impose a prohibition notice as soon as they see it. Totally unsuitable location for a football Stadium.
  7. How often are they going to be tested. As I understand it you can have a test one day that shows you haven’t got it. Then catch it the next day and wander around infecting folk for 7/10 days before you get symptoms. I see big problems if they’re not tested every 2 or 3 days. Also they can’t socially distance if / when they start playing for real either.. With the upcoming contact tracing system, if one player from a game tests positive both squads will go into quarantine along with coaches and trainers.
  8. Loved his commitment. Just win the ball and charge forward. Must have been a terrifying sight for the opposition seeing him coming for you at full pelt. There must be another beast like that somewhere we could sign......please.
  9. I wonder how much compensation Birmingham demanded. It certainly seems to have put Chansiri off, and the nett result is now that Birmingham are saddled with paying a coach to sit at home doing nothing for a year or two. Don’t see any other clubs rushing to pay compensation to sign him up in the current circumstances. Madness.
  10. Because you have to drive away to eat it. The discarded burger boxes get dropped miles away.
  11. Hutch does part of the job very well. That part is shielding the defence by breaking up opposition attacks. Having said that he sits very deep often like a third centre back which is his natural game. What he can’t do is play like a Carlton Palmer, box to box midfielder. He hasn’t got the legs for it and at 30 is not going to adopt to that style of play. That is what we have been missing for four seasons or more. Iorfa is quick, strong and has a passing resembles to Carlton on the pitch, perhaps the reason for the calls for him to played in that position. I wouldn’t be opposed to giving him a try there. After all he would surely at least offer more than Pelupessy. What must be done though before that is to sort out central defence where Iorfa has been the stand out performer. Tom Lees no longer has the pace/ confidence/ leadership he once commanded in that position. Thoughts anyone?
  12. I always felt there should have been a role for him to play as a coach at the club. His attitude and fitness would have made him an ideal candidate to start him off as a development squad coach. He will surely finish up as a coach somewhere when he retires from playing,
  13. That one is the hardest decision of them all.
  14. A very good player but not a great player. He had all the skills and had a bit of devil in him in his younger days. I remember his Hillsborough debut. Didn’t he get sent off for poleaxing somebody. That incident at Leeds was an example. Team running down the clock are awarded a free kick. Takes his time over it then somehow manages to kick the ball over the stand roof. Hilarious. On his day a great attacking midfielder/ inside forward but not enough of those days. Always seemed to be playing with a bit in reserve cos he lacked a bit of pace I thought. I always thought his style was much more suited to the West Ham/ Martin Peters type of game but it never worked for him there. Sadly became useless Eustace when he returned to Hillsborough but his form was clearly reduced by injury by then.
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