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  1. Dip in form when his wages weren’t paid on time. What a surprise.
  2. Can see why they didn’t show the back of the home shirt in the Kit launch. The white back looks odd without name or number. Will probably detract from fan sales for that reason but will look better in the match setting with name and number. Way back we had stripes back and front with red numbers. That would be a better solution to making the numbers visible , but black shorts look great. Away shirt is a very good looking one but it’s pink .
  3. As I remember it testimonials were a traditional way of thanking long serving players in the 1950’s early 1960’s when player wages were capped at £20/ week (Still probably twice the average wage back then). Or in particularly deserving cases like Douglas McMillan who had a partial leg amputation in the Boxing Day coach crash in 1960. He was very young and at the very beginning of his career in football. Probably hadn’t got ne’er the £20/week maximum wage Such are the wages of almost all today’s professional players they really shouldn’t need the helping hand of a cash lump sum to set them up in a new career after football. If testimonials are to be awarded by way of a thank you they should only go ahead as a way of channelling cash to local charities.
  4. Like the home kit. Looks like they borrowed the away kit from a ladies team. Might sell well to our female supporters though so perhaps a bit of thought did go into choosing pink.
  5. Don’t really understand this at all. Jack Hunt was always suspect defensively five years ago. Much better racing forward to support the attack. He’s 30 now though so his days of making repeated attacking runs or playing the wing back role are all but done. We desperately need strikers but we sign a 30 year old defender in a position we have covered. WHY.
  6. You do realise we’re not allowed to buy a striker. Frees and loans only.
  7. Hamstring I think. Usually 4-6 weeks. Longer if it’s a bad one..
  8. Very true but he’s a cog in a wheel and style of play that got relegated don’t forget. The club should take the million if it’s offered and move on to a different style of play. The squad has sufficient numbers of young central midfielders with something to prove. Time for some of them to step in and fill the gap if/when Bannan departs.
  9. Club were never going to announce match day prices whist the season ticket offer was ongoing for 2019/20 ticket holders. Somebody might have calculated if it was worth paying up front.
  10. Iorfa, Windass and Murphy been the ones that stood out from the rest because they looked as if they cared….Oh and big Dave Nuhiu for THAT goal when he was supposed to keep the ball by the corner flag and just for being BIg Dave.
  11. We will only be able to tell after a few games. He never looked fit enough last season which isn’t surprising considering he was recovering from a broken leg. Hopefully he is now fully recovered and back to peak fitness.
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