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  1. We played with two out and out wingers and only a two man central midfield, those two midfielders had a high workload in that system filling gaps the wingers were often leaving, so not surprised they were feeling the pace. Second half was played at highest tempo by an Owls team I can remember for a couple of years. Hutchinson who had a great game was the first to cramp up (amazingly for him it was in Brentford’s penalty area) and got subbed. Brentford came really strong late on trying to salvage a point but far more of their players were on the deck gasping for breath at the final whistle
  2. Chansiri would take a big financial loss if he sold out now. No way he could recoup what he’s spent. With the prospect of EFL charges hanging over the club and problems with the SAG/stadium no buyer would make anything like a reasonable offer at the moment. His only hope is to get into the Premier League and this seems to have been his sole focus since his arrival. Problem now is if EFL unleash their full range of sanctions our club could well be playing in league 1 next season.
  3. Yes it does, the more crowded the penalty area the more difficult for the opposition to shoot or pass through our defence.
  4. Another leak of confidential information. This is getting serious. I suspect Russian interference.
  5. Good job Hutchinson had a great game. Covered every inch of the pitch today instead of just sitting in front of the back four. Thought that early tackle looked two footed but to be fair the ref had a better view of it than any of us. Bannan was closely marked and struggled but can’t be expected to boss every game.
  6. Had a good view of that. Ball to hand certainly but no chance of avoiding it and definitely not deliberate like the Brentford defenders one.
  7. Jeez you can’t have been watching Wednesday for more than a few months if you think he’s the worst.
  8. Infamy Infamy.....they’ve all got it informe
  9. Didn’t the QPR case take over 2 years to come to a conclusion. During such a long period of time it would be difficult for the EFL to instigate sanctions without prejudicing their case. A word of caution though QPR’s extremely wealthy owner pushed it all the way to appeal but still lost. Think this will have to be fully examined in court because if the club statement is correct in every detail it sounds like entrapment by EFL.
  10. If the EFL judge Chansiri to have broken there rules in a big way I’m guessing they’ll look at precedents like Brum and QPR. QPR perversely got a fine adding to their debt but are allowed to pay it over several years. Birmingham were docked 9 points which left them in the Championship and they weren’t going to get promoted anyway.. An embargo and 12 point deduction is probably what will happen after a lot of legal stuff as happened with QPR. Deduction of 12 points would leave us just above the bottom three as it stands right now. We are currently taking just over 1.5 points per game which would leave us well above the 50 point mark by season end. Whats to worry about.
  11. The thing that has just about kept me sane over many decades as an Owls supporter is to never worry about something over which I have no control. Lets just wait and see how this all plays out before having a collective hissy fit about the opinion of a hack in the Telegraph.
  12. Thing that stands out from that list for me is that the top 5 were all free transfers The bottom 5 all commanded transfer fees More smart recruitment please Mr C.
  13. Ooh a bidding war should get that up to £20million .......plus add ons.
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