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  1. Up grading the West (away) end seriously needs to be done, but let’s be realistic. It needs to be demolished and re built, not upgraded again like it was early 60s or the South Stand in the 1980’s. Even then the fan mixing problem would not easily be solved in Leppings Lane. Only solution I see is another bridge into Catch Bar Lane for access to West Stand if North Stand is again to be allowed out into Leppings Lane. Can’t see grants for rebuilding being approved without solving the West Stand access/ egress first.
  2. You’ve done it now. There’ll be 50 police...er persons in full riot gear tazars at the ready at the top end of Vere Rd next game. I’ll have to go round by Fielding Rd.
  3. This being the case you have to consider why it should be. Four managers have rarely made him first choice. Is it inability to play to instructions, or lack of effort in training. I don’t believe it’s personal, just that he doesn’t fit neatly into set formations whether it be 4-3-3, or 4-4-2, or 4-1-4-1 etc.
  4. He had a steady game and improved 2nd half. Sadly there’s a lot more to playing full back than just defending and passing to one of your own players. I never boo our own players and encourage him when he plays, but am convinced he’s much better suited to being a left sided centre back.
  5. Thought the problems tonight were mainly the result of rotating the squad. Lee is so important to this system but we know he won’t play two games in four days right now. Fox tries his best but surely is better as a second choice centre back than full back. My other concern is not the 4-3-3 formation (as such) but the way we are leaving Fletcher too isolated. When one winger has possession surely the other has to come inside to get on to Fletcher’s knock downs. All in all, happy with 3 wins from four and our start to the season. Come on, it’s better than most of us expected surely.
  6. As we now have a few Londoners in the squad can’t Stubbs organise a raiding party to snatch back that St Cocknius thingy. I’m sure Hutchinson would be up for the challenge of leading an undercover squad. They speak the lingo, know the territory and would slip in unnoticed.
  7. Not shown any consistent form for more than 2years. In that time under four different managers he’s not been judged worthy of an automatic place in the starting eleven. Don’t think there’s any dislike of him at the club but he’s just not showing enough to force his way into the team. I would love to see him good again but he’s got to start showing it on the pitch when he gets a chance. Hopefully tomorrow evening... but do would you drop to accommodate him.
  8. He is not a high profile manager by any means. The only management job he was able to secure was at the club at the very bottom of the 4th level of English football.
  9. Think he’ll be judged over the next three games. A strong reaction needed Tuesday then another very difficult away game at Preston before QPR at home. Needs two wins and a draw to prove his credentials for the job I reckon.
  10. Big difference between a one game ban and a three game ban, but I wouldn’t be too worried about Dawson keeping his place. His performance on Saturday was good enough and he will only improve further if given game time.
  11. Same players but 4-3-3 Dawson Iorfa Lees Bates Fox Luongo Pelupessy Reach Winnall Rhodes Forestieri Keep the shape
  12. Not that simple. Some of those not able to get in North Stand may well opt for South and increase revenues. Longer term it may also allow larger attendances in the West Stand if SAG/SYP no longer worry about conflict in Leppings Lane.
  13. Reckless challenge got him suspended so can’t just walk back into the team,and certainly not at centre back where a decent partnership is developing. Think Bully will make him wait fo a chance to reclaim rt back spot.
  14. I recently posted to move on, look to the future and forget about Bruce. Didn’t think anybody would be stuck even further in the past.
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