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  1. When criticism turns to downright personal abuse of this type I think Moses is right to put it in the public domain. It probably means he’ll get more of it as is being shown on Owlstalk by some tonight. Personally I think it’s quite a brave thing to highlight the abuse some of our players get. I would imagine Fox had even worse at times and not surprisingly didn’t see fit to extend his time here. Seems to me we have a sizeable minority of fans suffering from a weak mentality too, judging by the reaction to his moderately worded answer to his abuser. Prove em wrong Moses, we’re not all waiting for the next defeat so we can hurl abuse at all and sundry.
  2. Sitting in the North Stand having a laugh with people I have grown to like on match days. I am really missing that.
  3. Looks like he was re appointed 2nd March 2019. So yes he was there but only for 9 weeks at the end of 2018/19 season.
  4. Was he coach at Fulham when they were relegated. Thought he was re employed by Scot Parker
  5. No, he’s an excellent coach full stop. You don’t survive as a coach in and around the top flight for 25 years unless you are.
  6. PLUS Fulham have an excellent coaching set up. Remind me. What’s the name of their head coach?
  7. Why not. If we really are going to recruit a team of youngsters, a few seasoned pro’s around the place will be an important stabilising presence.
  8. The average contract length for a player seems to be 3 years. The average survival time for a Championship manager is a little over a year. Unless managers are given time to build, blend and develop a style of play clubs need a structure to manage the recruitment process. Wednesday are a case in point with Carlos, Joss, Bruce, Monk and a couple of Bullen’s in charge in a little over four years. Absolutely no point in allowing the manager to have the full responsibility for recruitment, most don’t last long enough. Has to be a team effort based around a strategy to develop and trim the squad for the future.
  9. I don’t think another young midfielder with little or no first team experience is priority. We have Fisayo Delel-Bashiru, Hunt and Shaw already in that category. Centre backs and strikers please.
  10. I agree about the time needed and Steve Bruce said similar, but my post is about the chances of avoiding relegation. Making up 12 points is not impossible. It took 7 games and mid September to get there last season. That was with our best team on the pitch and no one frozen out. Next time will be much harder and will need some smart recruitment and coaching work The only mention of top six in all the Owlstalk posts I’ve read were clearly in jest. You’d need a winning run through most of the season to get anywhere near that from a -12 starting point.
  11. Were you thinking of anyone in particular when you posted that?
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