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  1. Could just be he prefers being a coach and hasn’t applied for any manager’s jobs.
  2. In my 60 odd years of supporting my team I’ve moved from standing at the front of the South as a child then later in the very cramped seats. Tried standing, then sitting on the Kop, but those columns are a pain. Finally to the North with just a 2 year break in the grandstand with very young grandchildren. Now back settled back in the North Stand opposite the tunnel, which gives the best view of play. Just above upper concourse level for quick access, enough knee room. Sun rarely blinding and always dry. Best spot I’ve ever found in Hillsborough but you’ll struggle to get a season ticket there.
  3. Might be best to wait and see who’s gonna be in that squad.
  4. I’ve noticed that the slagging off seems proportional to player height. Bannan gets only half as much as Nuhiu.
  5. Ever wish you’d not started something.
  6. Bannan. But I’d hate him to be the one to go to raise cash.
  7. The sale of Hillsborough ...remember. Also some big hints that a crowd favourite or two will depart.
  8. Friday 5th July when some crowd favourites goes out the door to balance the spending on our six new signings
  9. Defends far better than Jack Hunt and similar record of assists etc in his attacking play. Hunt secured a £1.5 million move to Bristol C. last season no problem. Palmer selected for Scottish squad recently too so have no doubt he would easily get a move to another Championship club on a free. Worth a new contract but might have to fight for a place next season unless Iorfa moves to centre back.
  10. It’s true I was there with my Dad. Megson senior had taken over at left back from Norman Curtis a year or two earlier so must have been 1963/4 when Stoke returned to top division. Matthews was born 1915 incredibly making him 48 or 49 and still playing in the top division, against Megson’s mid 20’s. He wrong footed and glided past Megson a couple of times early on but that was it really. After that young Don soon found he could easily catch him up and slide tackle him. It was cruel really cos Megson never pulled out of a tackle and some in the crowd did boo the more robust challenges.
  11. Interesting though isn’t it, that Chansiri wants the agreement to be honoured but Norwich claim there was no agreement in writing. Still sounds like Mr C is rather naive in the ways of the football world...best leave it to Bruce to negotiate
  12. It’s called negotiation Wednesday apparently started out over valuing him in some sort of loan to buy arrangement which Norwich agreed. Now Norwich have the money they probably think they can do better and are trying to wriggle out. Chansiri being a man of honour will expect an agreement to be honoured. I just hope Chansiri Lets Bruce handle it rather than trying to do it himself
  13. Yep sit towards the Kop end of North. He never stops shouting instructions. It’s no coincidence we get clean sheets when he’s at the back. Love the way he b0ll0cks even the senior players when they don’t mark up properly. Might be a bit nuts, (most keepers) are, but the team does seem to respond to him very willingly.
  14. I’d give the captaincy to our most experienced player. The man who commands the respect of all our players, The player that best organises the defence, The player with better view of the overall pattern of play The one who is vocal and actually acts as captain on the pitch even though he’s not. Westwood.....if he’s still our player next season.
  15. In the few times I’ve seen him he’s looked very ordinary. Tough, works hard and prepared to put his head where it hurts. But hasn’t got the pace of Joa, the skill of Forestieri, the physicality of Fletcher or the strength of Nuhiu. Be nice to be proved wrong but don’t really see a future for him at Hillsborough.
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