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  1. Blatter

    So that survey

    I wouldn't take a blind bit of notice of that survey. The questions were framed in such a way as to influence the answer in a particular way. As regards ticket prices, there are in excess of 20,000 season ticket holders from an average home gate of around 26,000, which also includes away support. Therefore it is not unreasonable to conclude most of those answering the survey were season ticket holders, who by the fact they have shelled out hundreds of pounds must be reasonably satisfied with the price. So for the majority , expectations are high not necessarily because of ticket prices, but because of the amount of money spent assembling our huge squd of players.
  2. Blatter

    The future of Joao

    Sounds like a few have switched allegiance from get rid of Nuhiu, not good enough,, to get rid of Joao, not good enough.
  3. Blatter

    The future of Joao

    He's our only forward with any real pace. His return to scoring form coincided with new coaches arriving at the club and circumstances dictating he had more game time. For me he should start along with Atdhe. Defenders struggled greatly at the latter end of the season with that combination of skill, height, strength and pace and goals flowed. A new contract should be in order for joao. Any two from Rhodes, Matias, Winnall and Fletcher would not really be missed and would still leave a good strike force.
  4. Bloke on the right looks like Michael Palin as a Monty Python flower arranger.
  5. Pele, (the first Santos game) George Best, Michael Owen.
  6. Blatter

    George Hirst

    Hope the contract offer is withdrawn now for Hirst and Clare. They've had time a'plenty to sign. The club needs to get on with re shaping the playing staff without this sort of distraction.
  7. My optimism took a severe battering before the first game of the season. The Rangers pre season friendly gave me a dose of realism right there and then. So you see Biggsy is right, just took 9 months for it to sink in.
  8. Oh no don't start all that up again. Leave it till August ....please.
  9. Ever had the supicion you've been conned. I told you to try Amazon.
  10. You can get one from Amazon. £20 And qualifies for free postage.
  11. Blatter

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Sodgrass wins it hands down for me. Took him only 5 minutes in the game last night. Innocuos looking tackle and and down he goes sat on the floor complaining to th ref that a nasty beast of a Boro defender stood on his little toe.
  12. Blatter

    800k for Fred

    Always suspicious of 'sources close to'
  13. Blatter

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    Watched the first few minutes. Looked an awful game. Snodgrass threw himself to the ground feigning injury as soon as tackled. Not the sort of Warrior I would ever want at Wednesday
  14. Blatter

    800k for Fred

    Careful Owlstalkers. A word of caution. This is a story dreamed up by Dom Howson of the Star quoting sources 'close to' his parent club. It truly is the silly season, players all on the beach, the English transfer window, let alone the European one is not yet open. Hard news is difficult to come by. £800,000 sounds too good to be true for their captain.
  15. Pre season friendlies against the mighty Macclesfield Town and Crewe Alex then.