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  1. His early games for Wednesday and on loan at Tranmere were in a defensive midfield position so it wouldn’t be too much of a risk. If Iorfa isn’t ready yet I’d prefer Palmer in the back three to Odubajo though.
  2. It really would be the ideal time to sort out the Leppings Lane end of the ground once and for alll. No fans allowed in any time soon, no disruption leading to further loss of income. Just a bit more creative accounting needed to allow it to be financed What’s the problem.
  3. A tough opponent Brentford but I hope we will learn some good lessons when the team and coaches analyse the game. We improved in the second half just by putting a defensive midfielder on and adding a bit of physicality in Bashiru. Brentfords first half movement through midfield was stifled by these two. Harris needs to play on the right. Oddubajo is a good wing back, an average full back and a poor centre back. I don’t believe we would have conceded the second goal if we were able to play either Lees Dunkley or Iorfa last night. On last nights showing Brentford look
  4. Did you read where all the players from a non league side wandered into a Weathersppons on Tyneside. Apparently the staff and police thought it a bit strange that they were all from the same household. Nice try but they all got fined anyway.
  5. Looked completely Knackerd to me pal and we have games coming up thick and fast.
  6. I think watching tv in a lounge with other fans might just contravene the rule of 6 and the mixing of households indoors.
  7. Why the pessimism, we have won more points than Brentford this season. Good time to play them before they get last season’s disappointment out of their system. Think positive always.
  8. I’m sure Gary Monk knows but he’s not going to say much on the day of a match is he?
  9. Windass sub tomorrow and full game Saturday. He looked all in near the end Saturday.
  10. Having seen some of Odubajo’s tackling I’d be wary of putting him in the back 3. That Hybrid formation worked well enough with Luongo just in front of Flint and JVA on Saturday. So Dawson Flint Luongo Van Aken Odubajo Harris Reach Brown Bannan Paterson. Marriott
  11. Would be far better if the club could put its own commentary on Ifollow.. The Radio Sheffield commentary switching about all over the place is not what we’re paying for. Brian Laws is not very good either. Seems to have trouble getting the right words out half the time I paid to watch yesterday but even so trying to watch the final stages while some prat was whining on about Barnsley and Rotherham was just dreadful. Felt sorry for those that just had the audio feed who would have had no idea how the game was ending.
  12. I know it would have helped to have an outlet upfield in the closing stages. BUT did you watch the game? Paterson was so knackered he could hardly run back to help defensively by the time it got to 90 minutes He was away all week with Scotland and hasn’t been training with us or playing regularly. Full marks to him for putting the shift in that he did. Better to have someone with fresh legs on the pitch for the last five minutes and we didn’t have many options. And hey it didn’t work out so badly did it?
  13. The only player I think we’ll miss out of the leavers is Murphy. Forestieri....really hadn’t turned it on for us for a couple of seasons. Fletcher... too far the wrong side of 30 and was always injury prone. What we have now is a younger squad with potential to improve but backed up with some experienced battlers like Flint and Paterson. They both look the type to start a fight in an empty room and seemed to have no worries about the 12 point handicap. I feel pretty confident that once Iorfa, Brown and Dunkley return we’ll be comfortably mid table. Without
  14. The only way we’ve been unlucky is with the number of injuries we’ve suddenly picked up. Look at today’s stats and it does suggest we’re not clinical enough. We dominated the first 60 minutes. We had 13 shots on goal but only 3 on target. One of those was the penalty so you’d expect us to get that on target. At the end of the day though Brum were worse. In spite of their strong finish they only managed 2 on target. Get Marriott and Paterson working together with Reach & Brown providing and its a solvable problem.
  15. No No No you’re not allowed three scapegoats in one match that’s not the Owlstalk way at all. You have to focus in on just one and really tear him apart. Any other way and your venom is diluted to the point it becomes ineffective.
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