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  1. Early season form is misleading. Lets see where we are after next few games Cardiff, Blades and Leeds all riding high.
  2. Carlos - A question

    Quote from Carlos. 'Its easy to be coach after the game' One of his better ones. No Lobster or shrimp and definitely no pork.
  3. Suggest you have a walk up Leppings Lane to Hillsborough shops after the next Leeds game if you think all the police do is video any trouble makers. I thought they were just a touch heavy handed last year. A couple of those guys scared the poop out of 1 little group who had a bit too much to shout about.
  4. RIP Derek Wilkinson

    My 2 favourite Wednesday goals of the 1960's. Right in front of the Bramall Lane Kop. Wilkinson & Finney on the wings, Swapping positions to confuse the full backs Derek even used to make the odd appearance as a more than useful centre forward too. Great player, R.I.P.
  5. Advertising hoardings

    They'll leave the temp one's in place for the Steel City derby. Leon Clarke may play.
  6. Advertising hoardings

    Agreed, From the North Stand the player names are unreadable from anywhere beyond the half way line towards the Kop end. Absolute waste of time trying to read names from the Kop. Like the big screen, replays etc but don't spoil it with such a tiny font. Advertising boards a bit bright for night matches if you're down near pitch level.I would think coaching staff may have a problem with it too.
  7. Westwood though

    Wouldnt' criticise him at all. Conditions were bad, players interfering with play for that goal. As for kicking. Any high ball veered off course by the wind as the game went on.
  8. Adam Reach

    Great going forward and improving defensively. The way Carlos stes his team up requires exceptional players to play full back succesfully. With a bit more work on the defensive positioning Reach looks the man to succeed at left back.
  9. Owls - Forest - Tactical Review

    Tactial rehearsal for the next home game but one perhaps. Now who do we play and what is their preferred formation...remind me.
  10. Owls - Forest - Tactical Review

    I reckon old Snooty had it recording at home whilst he was at Hillsborough. He's then spent most of Sunday poring over the giant screen in the viewing room at Snooty Manor, whilst the butler attended to the houshold chores.
  11. Fair play Fletcher

    I suspect Fletcher will be rested Tuesday and Rhodes will partner Hooper up front. Having said that I am not convinced this is the right partner for Rhodes whose best times have been alongside a pacey centre forward type of player. So start him with Hooper, but with the intention of keeping Hooper fit and sharp, sub him at half time for Joao. Using Joao's size and pace might just be the way to create the sort of gaps Rhodes has thrived on in the past and is a pairing I don't recall using. No point having all these forwards and not using them. After all the other alternative is DAVE.
  12. Hutch

  13. Just A Hunch

    Hi, Quasimodo.
  14. Thought he mixed the two styles rather well yesterday. Maybe it was because he had Lee, Bannan and Hooper all fit at the same time.
  15. Just A Hunch

    Nobody can say for sure how long it takes to get fit after surgery. Stop it.