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  1. Most of our team looked far more clumsy than him tonight. Give him a run of games to sharpen up. The talent is there.
  2. Just about the only Wednesday player who looked like a professional footballer tonight. Ability, pace and strength in an otherwise dour team display. Deserved his goal and must stay in the team now he’s won himself a starting place. We’ll done young man.
  3. I take it you would advocate keeping the same side that drew last time out after conceding two late goals? Just tell them in no uncertain terms to get it right this time? I can see the logic in that as we were ok for two thirds of the game. Just can’t see it happening.
  4. Looked to me like the team had spent 10 days on the training pitch trying to improve the attacking play and chance creation but without considering the defensive part of the game. We looked disorganised at the back when Wimbledon staged their comeback. Vulnerable to crosses at the back post. Their wide players getting behind our wing backs too easily. Plus that old problem of panic when we concede a goal late on. Don’t think we should be making too many changes. Just get the balance between defence and attack right if wing backs are the way we are going to play.
  5. Agree with most of that but we still lack a left footed left back and left footed centre back . Gibson seems injury prone and Brown apparently not trusted at left back. Until all this can be put right I fear we’ll continue to ship goals down the left. Truth is we need a proper left back plus Luongo Hutchinson Gibson and Windass fit and firing to have a chance of making 4-2-3-1 workable.
  6. Name your team then with two wingers and two up front. You’ll soon see the problems in central midfield. I believe the squad was assembled 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 in mind but Moore has no idea how to play it. However if we ever get Luongo, Windass and Gibson fit we might have a chance.
  7. In spite of the shouts of Moore out after another poor result I think it’s pretty clear he will be given more time to get some consistent performances. My thoughts after the match today were how much time should Chansiri give him. Owlstalkers last week at least, were in favour of more time but I sense the mood turning bit by bit. Chansiri’s stated aim is promotion this season. We sit just below the play off places so this is still a possibility but If we remain there at New Year then I believe Chansiri will ….has to act. Moore appears to have been given free rein to assemble a team but is taking an awful long time to stamp any style or pattern of play upon it. It’s not good to watch and there are some definite weaknesses along the left side of the team that are well known to opponents who are starting to exploit the fact. We are light on defensive cover and over populated with wide attacking players we don’t use, which is very wasteful of resources. Seems to me Moore has time but not much time, maybe a couple of months sort this out. If the gap is too big at year end then that is the time to try and get Ryan Lowe through the door to do some wheeling and dealing and instilled some fight in January.
  8. Won’t be listening to any more away games on Ifollow.. There was as much about other games as the one I paid for . I really don’t want to hear some prat rabitting on about Chesterfield, Doncaster Rotherham….or THEM. Don’t think I’ll be the only one giving Ifollow the elbow.
  9. Why oh why did Moore leave an obviously injured player (Brown) on the pitch when we had substitutes available. Costly decision, and it sounds as if we still have problems with goalkeeping. Two points thrown away today sadly.
  10. Not a fan of hoof ball because the ball has a tendency to come straight back at you if that’s your only tactic. Having said that our main central defenders on Saturday were Iorfa, Dunkley Palmer and. Gibson. None of them were comfortable playing out from the back Iorfa’s pass and Gibson’s awful touch almost cost a goal within minutes. Anybody but Kachunga would likely have scored and put us behind. (We all know what happens when we go behind too). We have no options from this group other than the unreliable Hutchinson to see a telling pass out from the back. We must therefore be prepared to hoof when necessary but it can’t be the only tactic. Carvalhal had the best solution and it worked best with Lopez as holding midfielder because he had the vision and ability to pass accurately from a position deep in central midfield. The full backs were quite advanced and provided an extra outlet on the flanks. This type of tactical innovation seems lost on our current coaches, so unless they can come up with something similar a certain amount of hoof ball is needed if we’re not going to be caught out by the high pressing of opponents
  11. Ref’s dodgy decisions even themselves out over a season and to be fair we only notice the ones that go against us. The point is though that the team has only played well in patches and doesn’t carry much of a goal scoring threat to deserve to be much higher up the table. When we start scoring more that once in a game we’ll climb the league because defensively we are pretty sound.
  12. Still don’t realise you’re the odd man out then. It was dire and we were lucky.
  13. Must be pinning his hopes that one day we’ll play well because today we won whilst playing so badly, it was laughable. How Bolton failed to score on 3 occasions defied belief bearing in mind how many they have scored this season. If Moore thinks we did well today he needs to go into politics as a spin doctor.
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