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  1. Not the most meaningful example. Westwood didn’t even play, These things even out over a season. We got an even later goal at Rotherham and we’re very lucky Fletcher’s goal was allowed to stand last night. I’ve also seen keepers sent off for handling outside the box. Last night’s circumstances would have meant an outfield player going in goal, so on balance we got away quite lightly.
  2. And we have another game on Monday.
  3. With apparently nothing left to play for that was a great performance. Thing is though that several players last night very much did have something to play for. Well done Mr Bruce for stating his position that the squad needs to be freshened up with 11 players out of contract. I got the distinct impression several were either putting themselves in ‘the shop window’ or playing for a new deal.
  4. A very accurate analysis of the recent Bruce comments Snoots. He seems to be gradually preparing us for some difficult, even unpleasant, decisions regarding some of our favourites. This will be controversial I am sure because incoming cash is needed as well as freeing up wages from the out of contract brigade. EFL will likely need convincing the plan is realistic enough to bring losses under control or sanctions like the Birmingham could follow. The job facing Bruce is now a big one simply because it’s not been tackled for three years, only Jack Hunt going out for a fee. Lets hope Brucie gets it right, otherwise three years of neglect could take just as long to put right and few managers get that long.
  5. Think it has to be said that Norwich also have a proper footballing manager too. Problem is he never puts Rhodes in his starting eleven.
  6. Not surprised, how you gonna get back from Norwich at 10pm on Good Friday.
  7. 4-1-4-1 formation with the following Springett (R) Nielsen Swan Lyons Worthington Palmer (c) Waddle Fantham Sheridan Harkes Hirst
  8. Amazing how differently our supporters rate our players isn’t it. Guy in front of me at the Forest match did nothing but praise Pelupessy who he thought was doing both Bannan and Hutchinson’s jobs so well. At the same time he was castigating Reach and Joao (who made two great assists) for contributing nothing to the team. Lets just accept that we all have our own opinions and when Bruce makes his decisions some of us are going to be very unhappy.
  9. If we can keep Iorfa fit and retain the services of Aarons and Lazaar that midfield will look so much better. Yesterday, with Hooper still looking off the pace, Bannan had only Fletcher to aim a forward pass to. There was no outlet on the wings and unsurprisingly Bannan looked ineffective searching for a telling pass. Much as I like Hutchinson’s commitment, being a defender in nature, he is not the box to box midfielder Bannan needs to work alongside. Recruitment needs to address this imbalance by unearthing a powerful midfielder capable of driving the team forward. A rare commodity I know, but Bruce took only a few hours to recruit pacy wide players and must by now have some idea of how to re balance that midfield.
  10. Perhaps not a million miles but way way ahead of us today. To be fair to Bruce though, Aarons and Lazaar will surely replace Boyd and Fox when fully fit. Not sure where it leaves Palmer when Iorfa’s pace and strength can come back in either.
  11. This was very similar to the way the Wembley play off final played out. No consistent link between defence and attack because we’ve been outrun and outplayed by a stronger midfield. Clever as Bannan is he looked lightweight today and Hutch was so busy covering defence he managed only the one good strong forward run. Will look better when our pacy fullbacks return but it must be pretty obvious to Bruce where we need to strengthen.
  12. Talking of hospital lists, Winnall has not exactly been injury free though has he?
  13. Have to agree with Bruce’s judgement on this. Yes, Winnall’s scoring record is good but I’ve yet to see anything in his game that marks him out as better than our other strikers. Can’t see him getting in the starting eleven whilst a play off position is still possible.
  14. Apart from a few minor niggles all players get he’s been fit for most of the past year but rarely picked. Not helped his cause by getting sent off at vital moments either. A good player if used correctly but clearly viewed as a bit of a luxury player by our various managers. Probably playing for a contract now so has extremely hard work to do to convince our current manager he’s worth it in the five remaining games. Very close to getting a hat trick and gave himself a chance of another starting spot last night.
  15. Fox had a steady game no more no less. He didn’t let anyone down last night and looked exactly what he is, our second or third choice left back behind Lazaar, Palmer and Penney. Pelupessy improved after starting poorly being caught out of position and failing to get a foot in at vital moments. Looked better as the game went on (like most of the team). Don’t know if it was the absence of Bannan but he started to pick better forward passes rather than the usual 5 yard sideways ones. Don’t agree with scapegoating any player. They did ok in a makeshift team last night and should be recognised as back up players to a first team. If they can be improved upon in our present circumstances then do it. If not we have to support em when they have to be played.
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