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  1. Interesting that three of them made a profit whilst getting relegated. I bet Chansiri has noticed and factored that into his business plan.
  2. Blatter

    Morgan Fox

    Agreed but I wouldn’t single out Reach. Most of em were terrible
  3. Blatter


    Oh yeah....and when did he ever score 20 in a season, and when did he ever stay fit for a whole season. Have to say Fletcher has many attributes but finishing and a good fitness record are not among them.. Nuhiu on the other hand is scoring at the 20 goal/ season rate since the arrival of Jos and has stayed fit throughout his time here. To my mind we have two forward pairings that really work together. Hooper and Fletcher work well together when both are fit, with Hooper being the finisher, and Fletcher providing the knock downs and service. Then Nuhiu and Joao together. In both cases Forestieri needs to be behind them.
  4. Blatter

    Good stuff

    Giving him a plus right now.
  5. Blatter

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Not too late for this season at all. There are seven price categories of match day prices. The club could make its match day pricing much more reasonable within that structure if it chose to do so. All it has to do is bring the match day price nearer (but not below) the season ticket price. In effect season ticket holders pay the same price whatever the category. Making many most games at category F would be a move in the right direction for pay on the day custo...er fans.
  6. Blatter

    Good stuff

    Oh dear oh dear. You forgot to mention the other young man who handled the situation very well yesterday. Ash Baker. Kept pushing forward on the right. Put a couple of very decent centres in. Likes a tackle, even saw yellow for one of them. Deserves a mention.
  7. Yep, two more strikers to add to the five already available. Don’t see that as the main area of concern. Now if we could get Kieran Lee firing on all cylinders the strikers would benefit from his midfield workrate.
  8. Blatter


    Recurring theme though isn’t it. Our performances against the bottom clubs was abysmal last season.
  9. Blatter

    Joey Pelupessy

    Hutchinson for me. Shields the defence far better. Pudil to middle of back three and Thornilly left side where he’s never let us down. Managers are always reluctant to drop their own signings but it has to be faced up to I’m afraid, the lad’s still not up to speed with the Championship.
  10. Blatter


    Yep should have known better. Especially with the oafish Tim Robinson once again being only too willing to send a Wednesday player off. He has previous.
  11. Blatter

    Morgan Fox

    Shouldn’t be any doubt now that Thornilly should have the position. Unless and until we can sort out central midfield and put Reach to left wing back where he plays best.
  12. Blatter


    Have to say there would be absolute hell on here if Nuhiu had missed half the chances Fletcher contrived to miss today. Fletchers otherwise good performance was totally wasted. Nuhiu in his current form would have won us the game today.
  13. Blatter

    The youngsters - quality

    Agreed, although hardly a wingback Thornilly was still a big improvement on Fox. ( he’s not a wingback either). Baker was steady but solid throughout and looks the sort of player who is mobile and energetic enough to become an effective wingback for us. Well played both of them, During the game I kept thinking Thornilly might be better in the back three with Hutch doing the defensive midfield job instead of Joey who looked off the pace to me.
  14. I read some of that all the way through.
  15. Blatter

    A new challenge for #SWFC

    I’m guessing that shelling out £3million for a keeper who hasn’t played this year is too risky especially if he’s 3rd choice behind two youngsters. Needs to be put in the shop window if the club hope to cash in before his contract expires. Play him, at least while the loan window is open. I can sense another Hirst situation developing here and don’t like that one bit.