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  1. Looks like a Central League (reserves) game to me with just the East End of the South terrace open. Arsenal games were always well attended and you would expect about 25000 in Hillsborough for that. I used to go to the reserves games in the early 60’s.when I got chance. Used to see some soon to be famous up and coming players along with those coming back from injury. Only a few in the ground and you could hear every word of what went on on the pitch. Bit like today really.
  2. If the limited bit of funding provided by fans is halted as you seem to want, what’s to stop Chansiri also stopping his funding? It’s highly unlikely anyone would come in to buy a business with no income, that doesn’t own its stadium but is contracted to pay huge sums in wages to the playing staff. Chansiri could easily choose to withdraw financial support, and put the club into administration. A further points deduction would follow with administrators selling off the playing staff to satisfy creditors as per Wigan. What you are suggesting is a form of anarchy whereby you dest
  3. Hey, if he lasts 2 years he will go well beyond the average for a Championship manager
  4. What..... Are you suggesting that great wisdom of Owlstalkers stands for nothing and in fact we all know fugger all. How dare you.
  5. Came back too soon after cartilage surgery according to Pulis who said he shouldn’t be on the pitch yet but has the heart of a lion and wanted to play. Problem with the management of an injury rather than anything else like the pitch. If the manager knew he shouldn’t be out there playing, why the hell was he?
  6. Rooney repeatedly spitting all over the Hillsborough technical area during the Covid-19 pandemic
  7. Must go to Exeter’s manager. ’Our keeper never had a shot to save and we lost 2-0’. Well then, that might have something to do with today’s result.
  8. I had an old boss who used to say there are two ways of doing things. Doing it quick is one way, doing it right is another way. MAKE BlOODY SURE YOU DO BOTH !!!
  9. My dad always bought Nuttalls Mintos from the sweet shop on Middlewood Rd. on the way into Hillsborough. Had to put up with em for years. Quickly changed my allegiance to Maynards wine gums when he got too old to attend games.
  10. How do we know his fee really £500,000 if so has the club paid all of it How do we know if WBA really offered £400,000 or whether it’s just agent /journo wishful thinking.
  11. Correct...therefore more points per game.
  12. Sky News reported elite sport had to stop. Sky News retracted what they reported just now and said elite sport can continue. U turns now as contagious as COVID-19 variants 1 & 2
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