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  1. Agreed I was particularly disappointed with our unimaginative approach to set pieces too The thinking seemed to stop at.Lets lob it into the middle and hope. The way we are playing a set piece goal might be the only way.
  2. Actually Reach was moved to central midfield after the change. Joao played left although Reach ventured onto the left wing a couple of times. Joao was largely ineffectual.
  3. Thnks Snooty. I was pointing out that most of thise posting about 3-5-2 had not thought it through sufficiently to put names to position. Your first is probably the best option with what was availble last night but is still soft in the centre of midfield and suspect as a back three. Unless/ until we get the likes of Hunt, Lees Hutchinson Forestieri back to add strength and pace I don't believe we would make a better job of beatiing the likes of Wolves by adopting 3-5-2
  4. Once again had to play in a different position. This time moved into central midfield then finished up also trying to cover for the missing Fox. Reach was one of the few who played well. I would add the much maligned Jones to that too.
  5. Not easy is it? You both play Wallace in central midfield and start without him. You play an untried centre back against the Championship's top team and presumably drop Jones who had a very good game last night for either Wallace or Abdi My point is that nobody has put names against positions in a 3-5-2 from those available.
  6. Yes but that doesn't answer my question
  7. 3-5-2 is a very attractive proposition when things aren't working with the Carlos version of 4-4-2. Bear in mind though that his squad was assmbled to play this 4-4-2 game. If we were to have lined up as a 3-5-2 last night with the players available, can we all think about who we would have put into those positions. I tried and haven't really come up with a match winning 11against a Wolves team playing the system well. I'm not dismissing, it just curious to see if people think we had the players last night and have a chance of winning.
  8. it gets worse

    Never learn do they. Just do the talking on the pitch
  9. James Wilson - Linked on loan

    Think the need is for a box to box midfielder and cover for Tom Lees before that. If a striker is needed why on earth have we got Sam Winnall out on loan. Hope this is all journo guesswork.
  10. Form a battle square!!!!!!!!!

    Are you free to talk to the troops say 7:30 ish tomorrow, home dressing room Hillsborough. No shouting though, don't want the ooposites to hear.
  11. Some of them yes I agree, but it might also explain why Carlos spent so long without a job before washing up in S6
  12. Missed the press conference

    Oh dear You claim to have missed it but you still know what he said. If you really mised it you would be asking if he blamed the referees
  13. Err... not really, You get paid for not doing your job on gardening leave. That can be for the duration of the contract if you choose to ...just garden When you're fired you get paid for the duration of your contract and it may or may not be all in one go.
  14. Carlos doesn't play a conventional 4-4-2 though. Full backs are too advanced when attacking and defensive mid drops between centre backs. Problem with it is that we then have a back three which contaians a midfielder which is only ok when Hutch does the dropping back. It also means our wingers, who are poor defensively, cover full back positions making the team vulnerable to fast attacking wing play. I would be happier with 4-4-2 if it was played in the conventional way with 2 banks of 4
  15. when hutchinson is fit

    Unfortunately you (and me for that matter) have no say in team selection.