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  1. It’s the second time a manager has unexpectedly released Hutch. He was also made to train with the kids for a while. I can’t help the feeling that much as we supporters love the man he has a habit of upsetting his managers. Can it just be coincidence?
  2. Think he set his sights on coaching years ago when injury forced him to retire. Could see him finding his way into management sometime in the future. Would also be very entertaining as a TV pundit. Move over Roy Keane, Sammy’s coming for yer
  3. Yeah let’s increase the average age of the squad a bit more
  4. You might read it as Dawson available for offers
  5. Sounds suspiciously like two alternative transfer budgets though doesn’t it. I think some of what Chansiri says gets rather lost translating his thoughts into English
  6. No set budget leaves the manager some flexibility to wheel and deal. At least I hope that’s what he means cos working completely without budgets is sloppy management to say the least.
  7. No I much prefer to arrive early enough to stop off for Beres pork sarnie before the queue builds up. You can make it healthy or you can make it tasty with dip and crackling. The choice is yours.
  8. Ball to be in play for a minimum of 40 minutes of each half. Time to be judged by 4th official who will clearly signal when the referee should call time.
  9. As I understand it there’s an EFL deadline of 21st May for retained lists so sounds like you’ll know the first bit tomorrow. With the exception of pitch renovation most of the rest can only be done when you know who’s in the squad.
  10. Taken to Hillsborough by my Dad and Uncle for first time 58/59 promotion season v Barnsley. We won 5-0. It was great and I thought it would always be like that.
  11. Tony Kay front and I reckon the Wednesday player at the back is Derek Wilkinson. It’s at Craven Cottage early 60’s but no idea who the Fulham player is.
  12. The training ground is the root of all our problems and you don’t even give it a mention
  13. Think it was Steve Bruce that said a rebuild needs 3 or 4 transfer windows to achieve what’s required. In reality we haven’t had one normal transfer window due to being under successive embargoes. Taking this into account its clear Moore has done pretty well with the hand he was dealt and should be given another season…2 more normal windows to finish reshaping the squad. And yes although we missed promotion I agree we should be happier about the state of the club than one year ago
  14. cleaning up the turn styles, they look like you have time travelled back to the 1950's. There’s a very good reason for that. They are the self same turnstiles that I went through to get into Hillsborough in the 1950’s. The one I went through on Monday came with the following warning from the operator. ‘ This one’s gone right stiff mate, you’ll have to gi it a good shove’ He wasn’t kidding. Modern turnstiles would be a start but there’s so much else I’m coming to the conclusion a new stadium is going to be the best solution. It’s too far gone now. My only reservation would be in that it would need be in the Hillsborough area to keep the core fan base.
  15. And yet several players manage to train there without problems. Blimey Liam Palmer, our longest serving player has trained on it for 20 years or more and is never injured. Also I note our neighbours are blaming their training ground for a spate of injuries. The whole of Sheffield must be too hard underneath and too soft on top.
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