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  1. I remember missing either the 4th or 5th goal, had to turn to face away from the pitch because of the sleet was eating my face.
  2. I think "Thank you, Chansiri." would work as black humour for a few on here.
  3. Wha'about Izzy Brown? And that ref? And Bruce/Monk/Pullis? And EFL?
  4. Based on personal experience, there may be other contenders.
  5. So, you read that stat and you think Liam Palmer is part of the failure culture at Wednesday. Mirror, head, wobble.
  6. All teams are more disappointing to support than Wednesday. They are not Wednesday, therefore they lack the essence.
  7. You are commenting on the ability to string a coherent sentence together. Have a closer look at one of your own ... We all know deep down that Moore is not going to get us promoted ... Is it really coherent for you to assume that? Deep down I don't know if Darren Moore will get us promoted or not and neither do you. You and others have a conviction that he won't, but you are not all of us and being convinced is not the same as knowing. ...bring in someone you can. Anybody can get us promoted, including you, me and Darren Moore. To make your sentence coherent you need to change can to will, Apologies for ranting.
  8. Not a pop for you, mate. I think you conflate one thing with another thing, rather than for. I take your point, I think the £5.99 to £1.99 wine comparison is a bit askew, more like £9,999 to £1.99.
  9. Gotta say, he's a whole lot better value than Rhodes, so far.
  10. In fact, in reality I've heard Evans is a little shy" "What of, a metric tonne?" That's something to savour on a Saturday morning. Seems he a full stop short of a picnic as well.
  11. Do you believe anything that comes from Owlstalk?
  12. I think he has made more goal saving blocks and goal line clearances than any other outfield player. Any one got any stats?
  13. FFFS, that's not really real cheese, a sort of fake Jared Hopkiss. Liam'd be a proper, proper cheese.
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