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  1. For me Hirst and Bright but for entertainment Di Canio and Carbone.
  2. Hector for £5m + big wages OR Julian Borner for a free and a lot smaller wages On this one I will take Borner please. There are so many good free agents or nominal fee signing out there the last place we should be signing players from is the rip off Premier League clubs. But you do have to say Fulham were stupid enough to pay it, I wonder if they had not had the £100m of failure payments they got for relegation if they would have.
  3. This is one of those sky tv order it ideas. Football teams in our league and the league below live and die by match day revenue so force all the teams to plays all the remaining days with no match day revenue. Is Parry and the rest of the prats at the EFL going to compensate every single team for the loses for the rest of the season. I bet not. Now is the time for the championship to issue a vote of no confidence in the whole EFL board - sack the lot of them and get competent human beings involved.
  4. No that not what you said, 'Didn’t realise players have to play in the Premier League to be appreciated. Lees used to be a good player but like a lot in our squad he is past his sell by date and needs moving on.
  5. I am not sure which team you have been watching this season then because Borner has been one of the best players in the team. His partnership with Irofa before Monk started messing with the back 4 was one of the strongest centre back paring we have had since Lovvens in his pomp. Borner has been captain at every club he has been at he is a born leader. Lees was a good player when playing with a more experienced centre back of Loovens or Hector but his form for the last 12 months has been awful and for a captain he never speaks. A good captain leads by example, is a good communicator and when he is in the back 4 helps to marshal the backline. Change the captaincy from Lees to Borner you will see a better team and we might even see Lees start to give better performances.
  6. To be classed as a truly top player you do have the play at the highest level. I am lucky enough to see my team in the top flight. many are not.
  7. Borner is a leader in the pitch, Lees simple isn't. Hutch, Westwood, leaders in the pitch, bannan, fox, Palmer not. Some players are good captains. Some simply arent.
  8. Indeed Chansiri also agreed with Jos - he nearly sent us down, agreed with Carlos also at the end only left because he had the Swansea job and Bruce who left for another job. His record with managers so far is 5 manager, every single one has failed, GM has taken the team he got from play off certainty to relegation possible's, . Yes we got to a play off final with Carlos, but we have been paying for it for the last 5 season and could well be for the next 5 too. If we have this clear out in the summer and all but 1 or 2 players leave we are going to have a team full of kids, free agents and loan players. Are you going to be happy paying £30-40 a game, or anything from £500-700+ a season to watch a team assembled on a shoe-string. DC has the pricing all wrong but the excuse has always been investment in the team, with no investment in the team happening for the last 2 season and all but 1 or 2 of the big earners gone will prices comes down or will there be significant investment in rebuilding the team. I personally think nothing will change with the pricing and the manager who ever it is will have both arms and legs tied behind his back on the financial side too.
  9. But when you compare him with other players that have played that many games for us he has never played too flight football. compare him to Des Walker, Peter Atherton, Nigel Pearson all were just better and more consistent. not as far back Miguel Liera, a less player but just better in every department. Looven of 5 years ago, Lees could not tie his boots. lees for me is good along side someone better more experience or a born leader, but he is never a leader himself and the biggest mistake we made was making him captain. He has been crap ever since. Make Borner captain and we might see Lees form improve.
  10. Mark Degryse and his brother from another mother Ian Nolan.
  11. I hope all on Owlstalk are keeping safe, we can disagree about most things but in times like this everyone in good health is more important.
  12. For me Brad Jones Peter Gilbert Simon Coleman Darren Purse Pelupessy (one game)
  13. and after about 5 minutes of watching the crap being played, the complete lack of any application or tactical set up of the team everyone will wish the game has been called off. in all seriousness, the behaviour of every professional football club so far bar 1 or 2 has been very poor. they all collectively need to pull their fingers out of they could be playing to empty stadiums as the fans find other things to spend their hard earned cash on instead of over hyped and over paid footballers.
  14. If it meant getting rid of GM I would take him. But will never happen as MM is not a yes man and he had the same problem with a chairman with no business sense at Ipswich. He left that job after being pushed out then they got relegated the next season. sometimes Karma is great
  15. So to put it bluntly the EPL players taking a 30% pay cut will save £500m to use elsewhere and cost the NHS not a lot, as most of them don t pay anywhere near the 40% tax that Gordon Taylor quoted. The funny thing is National Insurance is the only part traditionally that went to education and the Nhs and that nowhere near 40%. Time for the EPL and the EFL to get real, players take some of the pain or furlough every last one of them on £2,500 a month. They cannot currently do their job. £2,500 figure is the maximum by the government, it is not 80% of everyone's salary but does equate to £30,000 a year. A wage A lot of people would be happy to be on.
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