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  1. Dear god how far back just the 14 years ago he made his debut.
  2. We have no realistic chance of promotion, we have little chance of relegation. According to the chairman we broke FFP last season by an 8 figure sum (£10,000,000 at least) so we need to balance the books both this season and make enough to cover the losses of 2017/18 so what do we do half way through the transfer window. Players in = Zero Players out or on loan = Zero Come the summer we will once again be under a transfer embargo so when the 10-13 squad players leave to include current first team players we won't be able to replace any of them. Westwood, Fox, Hector (loan), Palmer, Boyd, Matias that's over half of the team that started the last game. DC constant dithering is not just going to cost us this season, but the next and probably the one after that. Clear the deck sell Reach, Bannan, Fessi get hopefully £20-25m in and sort the FFP issues out once and for all, give Bruce a few million for loans to stablise us for the remainder of the season, then start again in the summer.
  3. room0035


    The thing that gets me with the injuries is a player goes off injured then it takes us 3-4 weeks before the player is sent for a scan. A player come of injured they should be assess by a competent/qualified staff member/doctor straight away and if additional aid is needed then sent for a scan that day. With the amount of players injured DC must have his own wing at Thornbridge. There needs to be a massive change around but hopefully come the summer lee, hooper, abdi, westwood so this should free up some time for the medical staff in itself when they leave on frees.
  4. room0035

    John Marquis

    I would rather we use the £500k to sign a championship full back, never consistently played above league 1 level and when at Millwall had a worse record than Nuihu. The forward line is not an area we need to strengthen unless we are getting rid of a few first.
  5. Isn't this kind of the problem with the team at the moment Bannan is meant to be a creative player not a holding midfielder, If pelupessy is not good enough then replace him with any off the other holding midfielders we have. Even when Bannan was not doing this role he does not score enough goals from midfield which has been a real problem for us since Keiren Lees injury. If it means selling Bannan so we can bring in this sort of player to fill a void in the team so be it. Bannan is a great player but its like signing an £8m striker who scored 80% of his goals from crosses then playing it into his feet and wondering why he does score any goals. Wait a minute that sounds familiar somewhere.
  6. The problem is we need cash into the club and Bannan is there to create chances and score goas too and he is not doing this. Is he covering the fact Pelupessy is not good enough - very likely but if we can get £8m for him we can replace him at a fraction of the price with Powell and maybe also replace Pelupessy with a competent championship defensive midfielder. Currently what we have is a very predicable team where the other teams mark Bannan and they know everything goes through him. Something has to change but is unlikely too.
  7. He looked a find playing left back/left wing back then Jos the dross move him to left midfield, then central midfield, then centre forward, its a wonder the kid knew what day of the week it was let alone what position he was playing in. Compare that to Norwich treatment of max Arrons playing right back from start of the season and only right back and has got better and better with each game.
  8. room0035

    Westwood - toe injury

    What injury has Tom lees got then as it looked like he was wading through mud for most of the game.
  9. Its a good job none of Jordan Rhodes family is left at Hillsborough then ……………………. Oh wait a minute what about Uncle Steve Agnew
  10. Yes mate as he has scored more goals from midfield in his 60 odd games for Villa than Bannan has managed in double that, add to that he has only got 4 yellow he has not missed 3 games through suspension. For me I would take the money for Bannan if we could get £8m then replace him with a younger better championship midfielder in Nick Powell who has just 6 month left on his deal at Wigan, at 24 he will get better i.e. improve his resale value. 2018/19 - Powell 18 games, 4 goals 5 assists 2018/19 - Bannan 23 games, 2 goals, 3 assists
  11. Look at the way Sheff Utd do it, they develop the players in the under18, then under 23's then send them out on loan to none league, then league 1 and 2 then they get a chance the first team or if they are not good enough sold or released. Then look at the way we do it, we scout other clubs rejects sign them up and fast track them into the first team with no experience. The only two players we followed the Sheff Utd plan were Thorniley and Clare one is now in the first team squad and improving game on game the other left but we got compensation for him, though neither player came through our youth system one was from the Nike Academy the other from Everton. Sheff Utd do pick up players from elsewhere such as Brooks, Jags, Brown but they seem to get good players that they develop and eventually sell on at big profits. The last player I remember we did this with was Brunt and Whelan. For me there is something fundamentally wrong with our youth set up and experience is needed at the top with quality coaches all the way down or we will continue to stumble along producing the odd good player who leaves because the set up at the club is not tailored to develop youth.
  12. Don't think the facilities has anything to do with it they help but, its the coaches where we should be focusing on, for too long we have had this policy of having ex players as coaches and we have produced nothing in the meantime Barnsley are producing 2 or 3 first team quality players each season Sheffield United can account for 4 or 5 of the England Team that got to the World cup semi final as players going through their academy. We had the right man in charge and let him leave for Man City and since then we have changed the man at the top 3 or 4 times.
  13. Not in the last 10 years no Kevin Pressman was 1987 - just the 32 years ago and Tommy Spurr was 14 years ago, between the two we had Matt Hamshaw, Stevie Haslam, Graham Hyde to name a few but we have produce next to no one since dropping out of the premier league. With finance being tight all those years you would have though more focus would have gone on youth development. I just hope the plan now is not to get other cast off and hope one or two of them is good enough for the first team. Thorniley looks a good player (all be it from Everton's Academy) but now is not getting any game time.
  14. Apart from the two keepers already in the first team and Penney all of the other youth players have been signed from other team, or not progressed through our youth set up. The players that are looking good now in the under 18's and 23's again are players picked up from elsewhere unless Bulgaria is a part of Sheffield I don't know. We have to look at the coaching structure from under 10's right the way through why we have not produced any players of note in the last 10 years other than Mr Hirst and the two keepers in the first team, the last player to make more than 50 first team appearance from the youth set up was Palmer. Previous to that was Beevers and Wood. Then compare that to a lesser team such as Barnsley they seem to find good young players develop them, then sell them on but also have the brains to insert sell on clause with deal such as the Stones deal netted them more than the actual first sale. We have a massive catchment area of about £1m people and produce no players yet Sheff Utd have been churning them out for years. You have to blame the people in charge as clearly youth is not being invested in. I wonder if this season we have invested even as much as Steven Fletcher will be paid by the end of 1 season. For me I would be looking at places doing well with development and doing what we have to, to get these players in to run our development. I think recruitment throughout the club in key areas from a director of football, a marketing manager who know what they are doing, to the coaches and the first team. Take the two articles as an example one is a new coach for Barnsley's under 18 team the other is in charge of the Academy at Hillsborough based on their levels of experienced can you guess which one is which. https://www.barnsleyfc.co.uk/news/2018/august/adam-murray/ https://www.swfc.co.uk/teams/academy-staff-profiles/senior-academy-staff/steven-haslam/
  15. room0035

    Fresh Blood

    We are not going to get promoted with the team as is but equally we have no real relegation issues. It's decision time, DC can go for promotion sod the fines or points deduction and Hope we get promotion. Or we can sell Reach, Bannan and maybe a few more clear the decks avoid the FFP issues then in the summer rebuild. What he cannot do is bury his head in the sand hope for promotion with no investment then in the summer lose half the squad and also be under an embargo and waste yet another season to add to this season and last, at the same time the fans continue to drift away because of the apathy of the leadership. So far half way into the transfer window few would know it was even a transfer window, due to the complete lack of any activity.