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  1. room0035

    Current Form

    But we will have that many goal scoring we will be fine
  2. room0035

    Current Form

    We beat Stoke on Saturday and we could well be in the top 6 I will take that. Where we are when we get to the next international break in 4 weeks will show where we could end up this season. The positives for me are the two kids Thorniley and Penney they look the real deal and with the right experience around them could well develop in to great players for us over the next 18 months. Not to mention they could save us a few quid on players. Add to that the development of Dawson things are looking better at the back, if we could just find a few decent midfielders from the under 23's who could add us a goal threat we could have the makings of a good young squad. Add to this offloading a few of the older ones in January or releasing them in the summer and we could have 4 or 5 players different to the first 11 that played under Carlos. I think Winnall is going to be key to the FFP - Get him fit and scoring and he could be sold in January for a decent profit or the Rhodes deal made permanent at Norwich. One think the club need to seriously think about now though is our most sale-able assets - Reach, Fessi and Bannan the first two have 18 months of their deals left. For me I would sign them both up to longer deals ala Bannan and Joao because if we need to sell next summer they should fetch £10M+ but with 1 year left on their contract this figure will be half that.
  3. Get them all fit and we can revert to Jos favoured formation of 4-1-5 Westwood Palmer, Hector, Lees, Penney Joey Joao, Fletcher, Hooper, Fessi, Reach
  4. room0035

    Bronco Layne

    My dad used to tell me that Lane, Swan would have been in the England Team for the final in 66 and but for an injury before the tournament Springett would have been in goal. Could you imagine 3 Owls in the 1966 world cup winning team, the goal that never was would not have been an issues as with Ron in goal they never would have got 3.
  5. We don't have Fessi, Hooper or Winnall available we need Nuihu, Joao & Fletcher to step up and also get the goals. All three can cement their place in the first team in the next few games, but equally if they under perform they could find themselves out of the match day squad all together. I can see the team Saturday being 4-3-3 Westwood Palmer, Hector, Lees, Penney Joey, Bannan, Reach Joao, Fletcher, Matias
  6. Can he play unde r23's games while he is banned for the first team. Would be good for his fitness not to mention for the kids to learn from and help their improvement. Lets take the ban and make something positive from it.
  7. room0035

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    I will be surprised if we see him start any game for the first team this season. A massively expensive mistake, bought to keep Fessi happy and all that has happened is he has cost us upwards of £6m. For me come January get him out on loan anywhere and release him in the summer.
  8. Its not like the club need extra money to avoid another transfer embargo in Jan 19, June 19, Jan 20, Jun 20 is it. ........ oh wait a minute
  9. room0035

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    In 1990 for the world student games - Sheffield city council built a sports stadium that was proposed to become a 50,000 seater football stadium for both of the Sheffield then top flight teams to share in the same way clubs in Italy share stadium - team such as AC Milan and inter Milan. Both Sheffield teams turn this down - roll forward nearly 30 years and both teams have spent 20 of those 30 years near enough outside of the top flight, had both Owls and blades had the same stadium with the potential of increased fan base, cutting up keep costs down the middle and also the money they would have got from selling their existing grounds would both teams have stayed in the premier league and now have similar statue to teams such as Everton or Spurs or Would we both had gone the way of Coventry where the stadium is owned by the local council who charge that high a rates the club cannot afford to play their. Who knows but I would like to think we would both be in the top division the Owls in the top 6 the blade fighting relegation every season.
  10. room0035


    Let say end of this season Hooper, Lee and Hutch are all released we save something like £50,000 a week in salary and £100,000 a week in medical bills. The Spanish guy must have a wing named after us by now with all the players going there and all the money we are paying him.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday are in trouble with FFP and need an extra source of income If they sold tickets for £25 a game for every 1,000 fans that would be £25,000 a game over the remaining home games this season that 20 games that would be £500,000 so for every 1,000 tickets they sold at £25 they would get 1/2m in additional revenue in. Instead we price the ticket at £33 to £39 a barely anyone turns up. The midweek attendance will be 22,000 - 25,000 so that leave at least 10,000 empty seats (account for SAG/SYP restrictions), even if these were sold at just £25 a seat thats potentially £5m additional turnover this season. Yes this is cheaper than season tickets for some, or cheaper than other are paying but the simple fact of the matter is we need additional income, this can only come from 3 source the fans, sponsorship/corporate or the sale of players. We don't sell players, the chairman is asking for silly money for sponsorship/corporate packages and we are pricing the walk up fans out of going to the games something has to change or next season and the one after, we will once again be under embargo's
  12. Still cheaper than the fans on the North and South are paying to watch the same game.
  13. This game is live on sky any floater fans thinking of going will be put off by the prices. The club get paid £250,000 for every game screened live on sky at home, I know they are a former Premier league team but there needs to be a massive rethink on pricing or with the ever improving service for all midweek games being shown on sky tv attendance will continue to fall. For the premier league this is not an issue for for us where it is one of our biggest revenue streams we are cutting off our nose to spite our face. This game will come a few weeks after 100,000 student return to Sheffield we have 10,000+ empty seats most games why are we not filling these seats at £15 a time for students - £33 the cheapest student ticket is the club having a laugh, student not from Sheffield are not going to become members for 1 game but if they come to a well priced game enjoy it they may come back but at £33 this is not going to happen is it. Also West Brom are charging their fans £33 for adults and £23 concession how are they able to charge less than the home fans have to pay. https://www.wba.co.uk/news/2018/september/sheffield-wednesday-ticket-details/
  14. room0035

    Away games, a closed shop?

    I understand the policy in place for away games, I don't agree with it but I know why the club do it. The only problem is they are not promoting the away game to grow the following all that will happen over time is less and less will go. When a lot of fans can't go to week end games or midweek games, or you don't live in Sheffield so you go to the away games near where you live to support your team but you cannot attend because you haven't gone to enough home games at £40 a pop. With the changes a foot with sky why are fans going to waste hundreds of pounds to build these points up when they can just watch it on tv at a fraction of the price. Nothing beats the atmosphere of the games but the clubs not just ours seem to have forgotten without fans in the stands supporting the team the stadiums go very quiet. Football is at a pivotal point in it existence and this change from fan to customer could be the death of the game.
  15. room0035

    Best boss?

    Best manager based on what he had to work with has to be Stuart Gray he had a team full of kids loan players and free agents, the pitch they got to play on was not too dissimilar from a sand pit. You look at our fully fit squad today and 5 or our strongest 11 are free agents signed by Stuart Gray, If our chairman had not be quick to bring in CC and waste the money and Stuart was still in charge now, we would be a lot stronger, with a young well drilled hungry team, with players bought and improved and not a club losing £20m+ a season and having to sell the silverware to stay within FFP. Many many mistakes have been made by DC but his biggest was not retaining Stuart Gray as manager.