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  1. room0035

    Preslav Borukov

    Very good news but would it hurt to put how long he has signed for. Its quite easy you put he has signed a 1/2 year deal or you say he has signed until the end of 19/20 season.
  2. He is danish, playing in the German second division if its a few million then he would not be signing for Birmingham. I really hate the undisclosed thing - in a time when we are meant to be as transparent as possible why can we not be told x has cost £xm with add ons. - Rant over
  3. A left back from one of Jos former clubs signing for Birmingham. With us in the market for a left back and Jos reported links with the German leagues we seem to have missed out on this one? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44442913
  4. He only played 15 games last season and we seem to like buying and loaning players from Watford so might be worth a shout if we need another central midfielder.
  5. Look the whole think has been a massive balls up from both sides, DC let emotion get involved in a business decision and young George has had his head turned by his agent and the hype around him without playing a first team game. The bit i don't understand is why we didn't send him out on loan in August last year, 6 month loan in league 1 or 2, if he did great then sell him in January or as happened with the injuries come back and play and earn himself a first team standard contract. Instead we know the rest
  6. I would prefer us to try and sign Will Hughes on a season long loan deal - in the championship he would add goals from central midfield - not to mention annoying every Derby fan.
  7. room0035

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    I have been to Berlin and to say everything runs to the second would be an understatement, when you see the complete clusterfuck that is our public transport network you look at their and it runs spot on and at my time there (3 years ago) only 4 euro for full days travel in Berlin and the last subway train runs till 3am spot on - Not to mention the Beers and the birds were not bad and most spoke better English that all of us there.
  8. I would love to see us sign Iorfa from Wolves - surplus to requirements there was out on loan at Ipswich last season and has everything we need big, strong physical player with two good feet, likes to get forward but also a good defender - former Under 21 international and only 1 year left on his control with Wolves getting promoted we might pick him up for a decent price or loan and would be a big improvement on both Palmer and Hunt. https://www.shropshirestar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2018/05/29/wolves-target-a-squad-of-quality/
  9. room0035

    150th Year Celebrations

    The only celebration I want is a promotion party in 10 months.
  10. room0035

    Back to training early

    I would have them running up and down Hagg Hill in S6, but what a day to be doing it, could not have asked for better warm weather training and its for free
  11. room0035

    Back to training early

    they are being a bit over cautious to avoid injuries on the first day back,
  12. We have the problem is the number goes through to Barcelona B.
  13. Its near enough - Lee Westwood is from Worksop but when he won stuff we adopted him as our own
  14. Wait a few seasons attend a Leicester City game and you will get your chance. The £50m Sheffield Wednsday Leicester City strike force of George Hirst and Jamie Vardy will be Playing.
  15. Joe Wildsmith is born and bred Sheffield grew up in Arbourthorn, Liam Palmer also Born and Bred in Sheffield.