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  1. This international break we need to have plenty of friendly games as too many players not available for selection because they are not match fit either because of coming back from injury or not playing matches Rhodes, Winnall, Borner, Lees, Wildsmith, Luongo, Bates, Baker, Pelupessy, Thorniley, Odubajo, Hutchinson - look that's 11 players we could have a second team with them. No more excuses for not playing the best 11 players, the next 5 or 6 games will tell us a lot about whether we are top 6 hopeful's or midtable going to be's.
  2. It was more of a case that we are clearing the decks of the last of the big earners.
  3. In the context of my post The club told us we were paying high ticket prices for investment in the team, I said that for the last 3 transfer windows we have signed mainly free agents and loans with very little spent on fees I think Iorfa and Luongo is the only money we have spent. From the mad Carlos days of spending money like confetti. The end of this season Rhodes, Fletcher, Forestieri, Winnall and more are out of contract. Looking at the squad still in contract only Reach we will have spent significant fee on. So the argument was for lower ticket prices on the basis of not spending million on fees and salaries. Fessi, Fletcher, Hutch, Dawson, Fox ( I would not have said that 3 months ago), maybe Lee if he can prove he is over his injuries. That's leave Rhodes, Winnall, Pelupessy, Nuhiu, a few of the kids and the loan players that's going to be a significant saving on wages. Add to this if we can reduce what we are paying Fessi and Fletcher it is not being on realms we could be saving £7m on wages. Add to that what left last season with Jones, Matias, Hooper, Abdi - the accounts for July 2020 could have a wage bill £15-20m less than in 2018. Add to that the money we got for Bruce. Without knowing the figures in the accounts it is just speculation but the last of the big earners other than Reach, Westwood, Lees could well be gone this summer.
  4. The accounts are a year old though for July 2018 we have had July 2019 and are currently in the year to 31 July 2020. That's the problem with finance figures they are always in the past.
  5. Since Lees has been out injured the central defence has looked more solid than it has for 4 or 5 years the last time I was that confident in the back two was when Looven and Lees were in their pomp. Iorfa is the wake up call Lees needs as his levels have dropped in the last few years. For me based on performance not the persons name, the first two names on the sheet at Centre back should be Iorfa and Borner - Lees need to win his shirt back. This has been the problem with the team over the last few years players get picked based on their names instead of what should matter how they perform in the team. Iorfa did great at full back but since moving to centre back has looked like a star in the making we would be stupid to try and make him into another player when he could be fixture for years to come if he keeps up the level of performance so far.
  6. He has been injured a lot but under Bruce we saw last season how good he was for some reason Bullen just does not rate him - I am saying this by how little he played him when fully fit. He is working his way back into the team now but when you give him game time regularly he scores goals he is also playing for either a new contract or a move elsewhere. Any team in the championship with him in their squad would have played him more than 190 minutes this season. last season 25 games, 6 goals 1 assist, this season. not bad considering he played most of the season on the wing. Give him consistent game time and we will sort our issue with have to keep clean sheets to win games.
  7. Or here's an idea since he move to central defence we have been very tight and not conceded many goals and he has looked like the find of the year his performance there have definitely increase his value as a player and to the team as a whole - why not call him a central defender. Instead go out in January and buy a box to box midfielder, just an idea.
  8. I think we have too many players who walk into the team based on their name instead of their performances. We have others that are fit and don't get a game. Westwood is one of my favourite players but he has made a lot of mistake this season but he knows if he is fit he plays, the defence without Lees has been meaner than with him but a choice of a fit Borner or Lees he get the nod we concede 2 goals, Bannan has simple not scored enough goals from him and has gone missing in some games this season, but if fit plays no matter what the same with Reach not been good enough for most of the season but until Saturday un-droppable. We all say what a waste of money Rhodes is, but game time has he got consistently in the last 18 months none what so ever, Fessi only get the last 15 minutes in a game when Nuihu get a lot more. Who over a season will score more goals playing the same time my money is not on Nuihu. But if Rhodes/Winnall/Fessi are not on the pitch they cannot be expected to score goals. Lets start playing the players on form, not on the name on their shirts and give everyone a chance in the squad to shine if ever we need an example of what could happen when players are given a chance look at Palmer and Fox both not good enough last season, now our first choice full backs and performing week in week out.
  9. Here's an idea that is a site opposite the ground that could be bought to build a new stadium on, still in Hillsborough but access to by the back and the front and a modern stadium fit for purpose could be built. I am sure the council would prefer the club in a state of the art stadium instead of polluting fast food joins that will bring more cars and pollution to the area. With their current policies on cars.
  10. Forestieri brings work ethic, guile and a lot of quality to the team, he was banned for 6 games but before that he barely played under Bullen. Since his return from the ban he has barely played a game other than 10 minutes here or 20 minutes there. He has barely played we are nearly a third of the season gone and he is in the last year of his contract. I am not surprised he is annoyed with the lack of games when other are getting loads of football and not able to hit the side of a barn.
  11. Richie barker ended up playing for Toy town but never really played for the Owls.
  12. I was not using it in that context I was saying that's what we were told for the prices increase, if you read what I also put is that is coming to an end this season so the price excuses is no longer there. My actual comment The POTG prices we were always told, so we could invest in better players. At the end of this season the last of those players will be gone. Our recruitment over the last 3 Windows has been loans and frees, so where is the money going as it's clearly not being invested in the squad.
  13. The POTG prices we were always told, so we could invest in better players. At the end of this season the last of those players will be gone. Our recruitment over the last 3 Windows has been loans and frees, so where is the money going as it's clearly not being invested in the squad. Too many players sat in the stands on big wages not playing. Lower the price now the fans won't return, sign some decent players that could get us promoted the fans will return. But do nothing as we are doing and slowly fans will drift away and spend their hard earn cash in other things. Not on Jordan Rhodes to sit in the stands, why oh why is he still at the club.
  14. Can you remember our prolific reserve striker from the 90's who never played a first team game, we thought he was the coaches son, Richie Barker, or the Australia player we had that played for the reserves every week but barely saw in the first team Adam Poric. How many reserve games did it take to get a player match fit compared to now with the Under 23's. Bring back reserve, football modern football with 25-30 man squads need it.
  15. Maybe it's due to the fact that anyone who sings too loud, shouts, claps or stands up get chucked out or banned. The atmosphere is what the club made it. Sit down, be quiet and make it easy for SYP.
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