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  1. Bought for £300k sold to Preston for £500k profit but only a little.
  2. Bristol city top half team 2017/18 sell Reid for good money unlucky this season to get 6 after good recruitment. Now get £12m for a young full back a few shrewed investment and they will be pushing top 6. Without spending any money and maybe even being in profit from transfers. Compare their policy to ours, buy no one, offer silly contracts to over aged players, continue to offer to players past their best ala pudil, set silly asking prices on players and instead lose them for nothing at the end of their contracts. Yep we have to probably be the worse team in the division for transfer dealings. We pray Bruce can sort it, but it depends how many limbs he has tied behind his back by DC continuing mismanagement.
  3. The main issue is, he does not score enough goals, he needs to be getting 7-10 goals a season not 1-2. He will never be classed as a top central midfielder without the consistency and is probably why more Premiership teams are not sniffing around.
  4. Palmer has given our club 8 years of service, made over 200+ appearance and played his part in every single clean sheet he has got. The second half of the season when the like of Reach and Bannan went missing Palmer was mr consistent. He's not going to supply 10 assists a season or score loads of goals but that's not his job. His job is to keep it tight at the back so Reach, Bannan, a n other attacking midfielders supply the ammo for Fletcher Joao and Fessi up front. He is an asset to the club and can play both full back positions, it's a no brainer we resign for at least 2 years.
  5. DC comes out at the start of the season saying if we don't get promoted we will be in trouble with FFP, then its stated from sources that we are an 8 figure fee short for FFP. Then in January we are told Fessi is available for £14m, reading between the lines we need £14m to avoid breaking FFP. Fessi has 1 year left in contract either we resign him or we sell him. Anything around £8m would be great business but more likely anything north of £5m would be half decent business.
  6. Sign Bidwell with Penney learning his trade as back up that would be the left back sorted. Fox is still in contract so if we can't find someone stupid enough to sign him he is a last resort if the tea lady has not recovered from her pulled arm injury.
  7. I think the EFL are going to have a say in what the club can value the land for.
  8. I have been very critical of the way DC runs the club and continues to run the club. Everyone keeps saying he is a businessman but I cannot find anything to suggest he is, I have read he has money from property but the farce of the shirts and the contract that was signed and broken told me, that too was probably not true as anyone in property will know you have a lawyer on retainer that sorts everything for you. I understand he had no experience of football but he aligned himself with agents, when things started to do South, he aligned himself with someone who was hated by her previous club brought in as a CEO ended up being fans satisfaction officer. If DC continue to use the excuses then do what every other club does get someone in who knows what they are doing.
  9. But if DC uses the sale of the ground to cover all the money that has been lost over the last few years to sign more players presumable he won't have leant anything. We don't need to make loads of signing we need to tweak the squad but also get rid of players we don't need. We need 4 strikers not 7, we need 2 keepers not 3 (loan one out), we need to get rid or loan out players we don't need or want.
  10. He tried to get citizenship and I think it got turned down hence he is in the country less and less.
  11. No I am not. Sheff United have made a lot of error I know I have spent many years ribbing my work mates who are blades, but you could equally say that they have learnt from those mistakes and have a model over the last 3-4 season that is working for them both on and off the field. We have a chairman who in his own words does not have the experience to manage a football club and has made mistake after mistake after mistake, from the shirts, the prices, the radio coverage, the anniversary farce and so on and so on. Yes he admits these and yes he has undoubted passion for the club but each season we make the same mistakes again and again there is no signs coming from the club that any learning curve has happened other than the appointment of Steve Bruce as manager. Now we are having to sell the ground and its land to avoid a likely embargo on players transfer due to breaking the losses allowed with the EFL. No one else is running the club only DC. Can you honestly say we are a better run club now than when Milan was running the club?
  12. Not sure where you get £50m for Tezev from, United received 3 payments of £5m a season. Yes mcSue has run them badly in the past but he has learnt from his mistakes, there is no denying that since they came back up to the championship all aspects of the way their club is run compared to ours is better. DC has been here 4 1/2 years now and in that time we have nearly got promoted but instead of building on that near miss we have gone backwards, bad recruitment, silly negotiating on contract lengths, alienating fans who cannot afford to attend the games, failed scheme after failed scheme using the fans to pay more. A fan survey about the future of the club to then be ignored. A chairman putting the club up for sale then 1 month later denying ever doing it. There is no denying DC passion to make the owls a success the problem is he continue to show that he has no idea how to do it. There will come a point where he stops funding the club and I can only hope at that point we are not that far in the poo that we go under.
  13. I hate those at S2 but who can't argue with the way the club has been run the last few years. Built a team of free agents, lower league players and good youth players. Sold players when needed and used the loan market well. All in all they are now in the premier league. Yes they have a good manager too. Instead of DC looking what Derby are doing to avoid the FFP. Maybe he should be looking at the way the other club in Sheffield is being run and managed for how to get success at this level without breaking the losses limits.
  14. In 4 years no ones has found out what any of his business have ever done so this could be a good one
  15. Well they do have a track record of it - remember the classic line he likes to use - he took some bad advice.
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