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  1. The question i want to know how do these teams not break financial fair play. Just this week it was announced Everton have lost £370m in the last 3 years but no punishment for break FFP. to many teams are getting away with doing what they want, while others get penalised. It really is one rule for one and everyone else can.....
  2. Nah they will bring Gibson in instead a player who breaks after playing 2 games. like i said in another tread this is the first big mistake of the summer lets hope there are no more and we see in the next week or so some new centre halfs in. Because if we start the season with hunt or palmer in a back 3 we will be showing there was no recruitment plan for better players.
  3. I would be making a bid for Jack Rudoni from AFC Wimbledon, 20yrs old, can play left wing, right wing or through the middle, has over a 100 league game under his belt. Last season stats 41 games, 12 goals, 5 assists in a struggling team, think how good he could be playing with better players, and is going to get better and better. Hes over 6 ft too. Will be a fee, but no were need the money we have wasted on this season for loan players who never play.
  4. Or we could get John Marquis leaving Lincoln 233 league games in league 1, 76 goals, 25 assists, 29 years old, 6ft 2. Soon to be free agent. and and used to play for Donny its a DM type signing, he apparent a good personality in the teams hes been in.
  5. With Dawson and Wildsmith between the sticks for the whole season we will need to score at least 80 goals+ to have any chance of make the top 6. Dawson career league appearances 113 games (lg2, chp), 136 goals conceded, 36 clean sheets - 1.20 goals conceded every game. Wildsmith career league appearances 69 games (lg1, chp) 103 goals conceded, 19 clean sheets - 1.49 goals conceded every game. Put it in easy terms we will need to score at least 2 goals in every game to have a chance of winning the game. A feat we managed on 23 occasions last season out of 46 games. Of the 23 games we scored less than 2 goals we took 24 points with BPF getting 8 clean sheets in those games.
  6. With tv cameras everywhere why are free kicks and throw ins never get taken from the correct spot, some players get 10 yards down the wing before they even throw the ball in. i would love to see retrospective bans for simulation and cheating on the pitch. Diving is a blight of football and should be removed.
  7. a team to get us out this league, good young players from this league with a solid back bone. new keeper, new centre backs, Bannan/luongo/byers, pace on the wingbacks, Gregory/target man then options on the bench. win the league by Feb/Mar.
  8. You could have said the same about Luongo and a few others in the squad but we will struggle to find a better centre back for free on the same money. Would have played 30 games next season. Iorfa, Gibson, Dean didn't manage as may starts as Hutch between them. On 5 players last season started more league games than Hutch. look if we replace him with a good young talent then so be it, but if it means Palmer or Hunt playing centre back then its a backward step.
  9. I suspect free agents and loans, with more structure this close season and less off the field upheaval hopefully we dont need to reinvent the wheel. But we need the players match fit, which means a full preseason so players in early, not the last day of the transfer window. I would love to avoid the loans as much as possible, 2 or 3 max not 6 or 7 as we had. The key positions for me is a keeper, 2 or 3 centre half will be a priority but also some wing backs, Luke Garbutt would be a good shout for the left flank if at the right price.
  10. Will Vaulk matty Longstaff John Marquis Jack Rudoni Marko Marosi Jordan Storey davis Kellor Dunn Any of these i would be happy with
  11. Indeed i will wait and see who we replace him with but for what he cost us and gave us they will be some big boots to fill.
  12. We need good league one players or younger players we can develop, championship players cost too much. unless we are looking at players like Pederson who would be quality down our left wing.
  13. Did you win the Euromillions and can you give the club the £2m they would need for his week wages. Its a massive no, only played 22 games and only 1 game played since February.
  14. Needs to get fit and play regular football, no worked out here. Good luck in the future.
  15. They have extended about a dozen youth players i think last season push for promotion with Austin and a few others coming in on big wages may have cost them.
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