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  1. The only picture I could find of Franny Jeffers I assumed its because his glass ankles did not allow him to play much
  2. We only have two scouts one is currently in Cardiff the other one lives in Wigan.
  3. I thought he was long term injured. As a few were looking to loan him out mainly Swansea then last week 'Swansea were believed to be very close to getting the deal over the line, only for their best laid plans to blown apart. Obafemi suffered a "significant muscular injury" in Saints training on Sunday, meaning any transfer was off'.
  4. Why not we are crying out for strikers and we instead will be looking to sign our 5th winger (Reach, Harris, Kachunga, Green). It the January transfer window to be to winger what the summer was to centre backs. I am all for options but with the limit funds DC has he needs to be spening it elsewhere instead of buying players to sit on the bench. If we get to the end of this window without signing at least one recognised No9 striker then we will be a league one team next year. We need to be consistently scoring goals which we currently have not done with the players we have.
  5. I think this is a great idea a shame you don't work with the club. Because of fans get back this season respect prices to increase not come down with DC chasing what he has lost. All this will do is drive more and more Wednesdayites away from the games.
  6. So its 18th of Jan just 2 weeks left of the window, at the start of the window we needed a couple of strikers, a left back and possible a bit more cover in central midfield. We also needed our third manager of the season. Today 18 days into the window we have no manager, no strikers, no left back no central midfield cover but we have signed a winger who has not played since July 2020. Not exactly a busy transfer window so far good job we are not outside the bottom 3 on goal difference.
  7. He has appointed Carlos, Jos, Monk all the cheap option all out of work managers no one else wanted if any one did we would have been paying compensation for them. Carlos had not managed for 3 years before we had him and rarely stayed anywhere longer than a year Jos had been out of management just as long 2 years and he only last 4 months in his previous role before falling out with the people who ran the club, not the personality that would work well with DC. He also appointed Bruce and Pulis once again both out of work making then cheaper. The later was that far past management h
  8. So hiring a guy already at the club is not the cheap option. No stuff make up lad just 5 years of the same rubbish excuses.
  9. In 175 games managerial career he has a win percentage of 28% that would make him one of the worst manager we have ever. he has not managed a team since 2004, bar stepping in for us every so often as coach. It's one thing setting up a team for a few games, it's another thing building a successful team. For me it's a no, but DC does love a cheap option so he has a chance.
  10. The best way I would describe DC is he's like a gambler losing a lot of money spending more to chase his losses hoping he will win big. The problem is he is playing roulette and always better on 50 - he doesn't have the knowledge to know there is no 50 in the wheel. After nearly 6 years in charge has he honestly learnt anything other than how to waste a lot of money to make something worse.
  11. Very few companies file there accounts late when they are showing good performance. If they are this late it could be the accountants won't sign them off.
  12. Sorry that you were on about Dave Richards not Save Allen. Oops
  13. How dare uncle Dave bring in players on big wages that kept us competitive in the top division of English football, allowed us fans to watch international players and pay £20 for the privilege of it. While nowadays we have players on similar wages sat in the stands never playing or injured and we pay £35-40 for it.
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