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  1. SWFC Chairman

    DC has not saved anything, he bought the club from Milan who got it from Fans for free because he paid a tax bill, I like a lot of fans gave my shares up for free for the good of the club. But the tax man only came after us because of the mismanagement of the previous chairman. If DC was not here would we be worse of yes with the players but most of them don't care about the club. A team without DC made of free and youth Westwood, Penney, loovens, lees, palmer, bannan, lee, hutch, stobbs, hirst, nuihu. A team of free and youth but wait a minutes that team has 7 first team players that but for injury play most of the games. Would we be worse of without DC you decide.
  2. SWFC Chairman

    No I love my club but read the chairman's statements DC does not think anything is wrong and everything he is doing is perfect. Yet he is making mistakes left right and centre. The first few statements I think we're his, the last 5 or 6 have been too bitchy and do I think the chairman would be involved in the signing process of an 18 year old youth player it speaks of someone in the club trying to play politics. I don't think he is writing them but we will never know.
  3. SWFC Chairman

    DC paid £30m + a new pitch for the club, his first season he increases prices 50% and the club lost £9.5m as per their filed accounts. Last season we signed Fletcher, Rhodes, Winnall, Abdi, Fox, Jones. So the wages will have increased, ball park I reckon the losses last year have increase to somewhere in the region of £20m for last season. Then to this Van Aken for £4m and Boyd on reportedly 20,000 a week. I think the chairman is totalling in the bobbar with FFP. So when the fans start not buying tickets and merchandise in their thousand DC will have you make a decision. Personally I think he is already looking for a buyer as in three years we have gone backwards. The stadium is a mess and now restricted attendances because it's not safe, youth is not valued and others will follow Hirst out the door, the squad is bloated and aging with no one gaining in value since we bought them. Realistically we are only going one way.
  4. SWFC Chairman

    You can't think of anything then. I thought your argument was floored
  5. SWFC Chairman

    Which ever member of staff at the club you are, presumably not one of the marketing department because the whole of Sheffield knows they would not be stupid enough to admit that in public. What you are basically saying is until someone else comes along then the fans need to shut up, sit tight and support the chairman. In the meantime my club goes down the swanny due to his apauling management of all aspects of the club, the law of averages says he has to get something right but no not a one. He has balls up the kit, the ordering of the kit, the anniversary cekebrations, the cost of attending games, the merchandise, the relationships with both fans and local business both alienated with an insane pricing model. So tell me and ever other fan who has had enough, what has DC done to warrant my unwavering support. Please because I honestly can think of nothing he has improved in over 3 years of running the club.
  6. I am getting sick of the same excuses over and over again so i put my take on some of his quotes. Tin hat on
  7. I had a good 1 hour chat with Nigel Pearson about 10 years ago in the Closed Shop in Crookes, i was out with the old man came out of the loos and initially behaved like a school girl when I saw my dad sitting next to him at the bar, completely oblivious who he was. He is a really nice bloke and was coaching England youth at the time but had nothing but time to talk all things football and the owls of course, he did mention that he hoped to manage us one day and take us back to where we should be. But will that happen we will not know. I also briefly met David Hirst in all bar one looking decidedly grey could only be 3 or 4 years after he retired, (and a little bigger on the belly) he was out with friends and the missus so we said hello stayed a couple of minutes and left them alone but again very polite and pleasant something you don't normally get from a bloke from Barnsley with a drink in his hand. My dad knew John Pearson mum and dad and they came into what was his local the Hallamshire house at Crookes so met John once or twice. Funnily enough I also know very well the last professional footballer to sign for Accrington Stanley before they went bust - can any of you guest who he is - I will give you a clue he was the landlord of the Hallamshire House in Crookes
  8. Time for a Truce

    Thats what they said on the titanic when they hit the iceberg, this ship is unsinkable we don't need to get to the life rafts. As you know from history that worked out well for 1503 people who died.
  9. Time To Start Adthe Nuhiu

    CLarke has been managed by a manager that motivate and get the best out of average players we have Carlos, who takes good players and does not improve them, Nuihu though a nice bloke is not the answer. The answer is simple play a formation with the players and structure you have to get the best out of them or let someone else come in who will.
  10. Very good article it is nice not to read the same rehashed drivel you usually get from the Star, Jon Newsome an ex player now Journalist has hit the nail on the head with a lot of the points. But for me what Megson said this week, about summed up the club, the ground looks tired and out of date they have updated bits but it is not the state of a Championship ground or premiership ground in waiting, we do not need to leave Hillsborough we need a chairman that spend any money on it other than a new pitch that Milan reduce his asking price for so that happened. Ground improvement does not affect FFP in any way and if we had a 39,000 stadium which was actually allowed 39,000 people in not the 31,000 that is current allowed on Safety ground then when the team is performing that's another 8,000 tickets or pints or pies at half time. That's more revenue for the club and help with FFP. But the fans cannot do anything about this is firmly for the chairman hence the reason in 3 years nothing has been done other than a lick of paint. Thew other things Megson said is the only thing about the club that is Premiership clash is the fans who have supported the club through thick, thin, and thinner, who turn up in their thousand paying the highest cost in the league and top 5 in the country and support the club with most of their disposable income and basically get treated very very poorly by both the club and the manager as we are now the excuse for this short coming as a coach. The club is in our blood but this constant treatment by both manager and club is wearing very thin, I this will come to a head in the coming months and there is going to only be one loser and that is not the fans or the chairman but the good name of Sheffield Wednesday football c;lub.
  11. The Boy Wonder - 50 today !

    That only got him a yellow before he spoke to the ref and the match report say foul and abusive language - maybe what he said was lost in translation.
  12. Time To Start Adthe Nuhiu

    So what you are basically saying is if we adopt the Sheff United style of long ball then we will be umphing it up to Nuihu, not to score as this spectacular scoring stats of 2 goals in 43 appearance show that he doesn't score goal but to hopefully knock on and not give fouls away. OR We could just play a 4-4-2 with 2 winger, 2 central midfielder and 2 strikers and tell them to go out and attack, get the balls to the flanks and get the balls coming into the box for the front two to score with the central midfielders there for the second balls or if the striker drops a little deeper. You know the 4-4-2 that every other team in the country plays which does not have 3 central midfielders in and no right midfielder, you know the 4-4-2 that does not consist of passing the ball across the back 4 letting the other team get back and into two banks of four that make the team more difficult to breakdown, you know the 4-4-2 where the person on the pitch having the most touches is not a central midfielder in his own half. Basically the 4-4-2 we don't play hence even thinking of playing a guy who is only called a strikers because he stands in that area of the pitch shows what a very sorry state of affairs we find our self in. OR We could get a coach in who knows how to play 4-4-2 and if this doesn't work how to play a 3-5-2 or a 4-1-2-3 or a 3-4-3 or what ever formation you want to use. A manager that is not a one trick pony that when we lose it is the fans fault because we don't cheer when the team passes from side to side then back to the keeper. You know like all the other teams in the league have.
  13. The Boy Wonder - 50 today !

    I want to know what he said to the referee against Kaiserslautern to get sent off for foul and abusive language in the nineties this must have been something severe. It is not like now where you go for looking at them funny.
  14. Remember it is for the team and to help with FFP not to pay for more crap over the hill over paid players honest. Lets sack the whole marketing department and let fans right in with their ideas for the club we could save a fortune on salaries.
  15. After someone recently questioning my allegiance for my club because my view differed from theirs. I will put this out to other fans. My dad (god rest his sole) supported both Sheffield teams in the 60's and early 70's he went with his two brother to the Owls one weeks and the Blades the next who ever was at home they were the ones they went to see, the rivalry was not as intense as it is now and they were Sheffield fans as opposed to Owls or Blades. They stop going as the hooligan issue became every game in the later 70's and as such he never took me to a game with him, it was an older brother/sister who i went to my first game with. My first Owls game was not until the 1987/88 season and it was not until the 90's that I became a season ticket holder and I remained going to every game but 4 (because of holidays) right up to about 2008, I then found other things to spend my money on and went to less and less games, I started to be more active going to the games when there were a group of us going but now I find myself again not being bothered I don't know if its the prices, the football on offer or just I am getting older and priorities lie elsewhere now. Anyway from everyone else are you the first Owls or do you come from a long line of them, did you go to your first game with dad, mum, sister, brother and can you your first memory at a game not necessarily a score.