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  1. Those saying DC has learnt from his mistakes in the past. But he keeps making the same ones, I am at that point where I won't be wasting a penny on the club until he is gone from the club.
  2. The thing with the 20 20 games is there have not lead to say the test arena being cancelled. If this new elite league is allow how many weeks before Klopp and Oli or Pep are moaning because their players have too many games to play.
  3. There is only one way to deal with this the same way that Cricket dealt with it back in the 80's with their world league. All team that take part are banned from any competition that UEFA or FIFA manage that included all domestic games. all internationals an all European competitions. So if a player takes part in any of these teams they have a lifetime ban from every playing domestic football or representing their country. Also all the broadcasters connected with football so Sky, BT Sports, Amazon etc are also prohibited from showing the games, if they decid
  4. We have 5 attacking players on the bench a keeper 2 defenders and a defensive midfielder what's a betting the first change is a defensive one. We need the second goal to kill off the game, Rhodes the obvious choice but it will be FDB.
  5. The most points we can get us 50 if we win every game including today so currently that's every team up the Blackburn in 14th over the next few games that level will drop places the longer we can keep more teams mathematically not safe the more slim chance we have. We lose today then that's 47 point max and up to Huddersfield in 18th.
  6. Strikers on form score goal players who haven't score in open play in 53 games tend not too. Very few successful team don't have a striker taking the pens. Let's hope it doesn't matter but we don't score many goals but 2-0 against 10 men could be a winning score. 5 times in 41 games this season we have won 1 nil. Let's hope this is 6.
  7. Rhodes on the pitch we would be at least, 2 up as he would have scored the penalty instead we have the bloke who cannot score take them. I pray that miss penalty does not cost is the 3 points, results going ok but we could do with Forest beating Huddersfield.
  8. 5 hours from Great Yarmouth. I can do Hunstanton to Sheffield in a little over 3 hours. Did you get lost on the way back.
  9. Give it one full season with the pound land Prince in the championship and you will be about to buy 25 Sheffield United. he has destroyed and asset stripped every club he has owed. Wait for this close season anyone with a value will be gone.
  10. Not to mention paying back this season's season ticket money as well. Those back to the premier league tickets are looking like good value now. It like a lifetime season ticket for £5,000.
  11. But didn't cost is £5m and £20k a week for the last 4 season.
  12. So the latest excuse for no investment in the club is...... in other news due to limited numbers of fans being allowed in stadiums and the lose of tv money form relegation season tickets are going up to £1,000 a season with POTG prices increasing to £80 a tickrt. just DC looking after the Wednesday family.
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