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  1. Nigel Pearson continuing to show what a great manager he is with Watford at this rate he will have them in Europe by the end of the season.
  2. Don't worry Forestieri is on his way back - it will be the only additional striker coming into the team this season. he will still get more than Rhodes/Nuihu and Winall by the end of the season.
  3. But then the flip side to this story is we are trying to send Rhodes out on loan and are also asking for a loan fee. we cannot find anyone stupid enough to take him so they are not going to pay a fee as well. our well run club continues to be really crap at recruitment.
  4. DC Sorts the P&S issues lumps £100 on Owls to win 5-4 at odds of 1,000,000,000,000 to 1. I wish
  5. He won't be coming because as always we try and do everything in the cheap when the fans are playing £35 a game to watch....
  6. I just don't get Monk 3-0 at half time go 3 at the back out another man up front and go for it, instead brings of two defenders and hope to not lose by too many. Now it's just a case of how many. Completely wrong mindset.
  7. Those two defenders have tightened us up at the back then, oh wait they have scored again.
  8. Good news players are bad training, bad news that looks like no new signing will be any time soon, the reason we are in the championship and not the premier league is the 3rd para - something that needs to change because players have off days but with us it seems to be too many players having them. As for Blackburn if we have any hopes of the top 6 this is a must win and its at home, lets get at them for the start and get some goals and confidence up.
  9. I disagree signing players for the future when we need players for the here and now. If we had sign the striker we need as well as this lad then great, but if we have been concentrating on signing this lad instead of signing the players we need then …...
  10. I was hoping from the start of last January transfer window it look like DC was learning. The signing of iorfa for me was the hope of decent players we could get into the last 6 months of their contracts that given time and opportunity we could develop and if need sell on at decent profits in the future, the business in the summer was good other than Bates (why he is still here who knows). But once again offers were made for Rhodes, Winnall to get them off the wage bill that were turned down because the fees were not of the clubs liking. Instead we will lose another £3m this season in their wages alone. We have had to sell our ground all be it to a shell company to cover the issues of previous seasons, why we didn't just take the points deduction last season like Birmingham and we could have cleared the desk with some of the losses then sold the ground this season, to a company in existence and made sure everything was done in real time. The EFL would not have been happy but I think they would have accepted it. We then get the 10 year season ticket announcement - we might only sell a 100 or less but the worry for me is this is the clubs thinking, they are not building a solid financially stable club, but looking for quick fixes which could have very damaging affects on the club for 10-20 years going forward. So my question is have the club learnt anything from all the mistakes they have made, I am not sure and it scares the life out of me for the club I have supported all my life and will continue to, it may not exist in a few years time, if this short termist management of the club continues.
  11. If we went into Liquidation ala what Leeds did a few years back the season ticket/10 year ticket holders would be creditors of the club so probably you would lose you money and your seat. If we were sold it depends what is in the deal.
  12. I am not commenting on the Hildigardo lad it was replying to something else.
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