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  1. Fletcher was crap playing for a good team you needed to make 10 appearance to get medal, if he was that great in his prime he ended up at West Brom a team fighting relegation season in season out. No mate an ok player nothing special, David May win 2 leage, 2 days cups, and the champions league an ok player at a great team. stats are great aren't they.
  2. Isn't Darren Fletcher about a hundred now not good enough to get a call up to Scotland, fellow professional is a bit strong. overpaid never has been is nearer the mark.
  3. Lazaar has 8 maybe 11 games to prove his worth to us, if he only plays a few games then it's a NO from me we already have one of them called pudil. If he is fit and available for all remaining games, even if rested then at the right price is an improvement on what we have. But no more injury prone players please.
  4. See Chris Dutton comments today about Fletcher
  5. A bbc pundit talking rollock and not having a clue what he's on about that's not happened for at least a week I wonder if Sutton will also be slagging Sancho off for not playing with an injury for England but there more chance he will get called out with England players.
  6. We have losses around £20m each season not including any transfers of players. The end of this season we have in the region of £10m worth of wages out of contract, the likes of Abdi, jones, hooper, pudil, lee, will not need replacing, the loss of Westwood and Palmer could affect us as the loans of Onamah more waste. This will mean a loss of £10m before transfers, if we can then move on the likes of Rhodes, JVA, and maybe one of two others and replace with cheaper options we could reduce the yearly losses further. This why I feel we will have an embargo but no fine or point deduction. Within 12-18 months we will be back well within the limits but losing £5-10m a season before transfers.
  7. The Geordie fan site and papers refer to him as £14k winger so it's probably nearer the mark though fans can get it wrong sometimes and local papers
  8. Birmingham have been hit this season if they then break the rolling 3 year rules next season it will be another fine or points deduction. The rules are not in place to spend spend spend it you could lose £100m a season, then why set The limits at £13m. The points deduction is a curve ball that no one expected, but I don't think we will get one but we do seem to be under some sort of embargo now. If we were not why have we not resign Westwood and Palmer to longer deals.
  9. Where in the article does it talk about us, the guy on radio Sheffield the other night I believe more of an expert than most on the issues believes we are already under a soft embargo pending what happens come the end of the season. But if you can post the link where it says we are not under an embargo I would be happy to be corrected.
  10. It would be nice to have a few proven strikers on the bench for a change. But lets see if he can get more game time under his belt without any reinjury. Then who knows. Do we have any news on Fessi and the rest of the injured crew, as a squad to pick from could be vital in the last 8 and hopefully 11 games of the season.
  11. Scunthorpe United playing - you put your players names in. is there some rule where players names cannot be used. https://www.scunthorpe-united.co.uk/news/2019/march/report-sheffield-wednesday-xi-5-1-iron-xi/
  12. When you factor in what he is getting paid each week and his transfer fee and medical bills he will have cost the club in the region of £6m while he has been on our books or to put it another way 11,000 season tickets on the North and Grandstand for next season. Kind of makes you realise just getting the likes of Abdi, Matias, Hooper, Jones and the other none playing players off the wage bill will probably save the club more money than the fans give to the club in season ticket revue..
  13. The problem with the Administration or CVA route you need 75% of your creditors to agree to it, if this is HMRC they won't and the debt will have to be paid like we had when Milan paid the £1.2m tax bill on taking the club over. The companies that get forgotten are the small companies that could well go out of business and people livelihood because of the actions of the ones running the club. I also think last season most of Boltons debts were writing off by the departing chairman there issues are cashflow - they basically don't have any the last filed account shows a loan of £6.5m which in footballing terms is quite small.
  14. Football team don't go to the wall though do they, so they get a winding up order and reform as Bolton Wanders AFC or some other name, come next season they will line back up in the league and start again. How many teams over the years have had winding up orders and only Acrington Stanley in that whole time have actual ceased to exist. Portsmoth, Coventry, Bradford, Leeds, Rotherham to name a few that have used Administration to get rid of debts. I thought though Profit and Sustainability was to stop these issues with football clubs it would be extremely embarrassing for the EFL if a team does go bust, when everyone is questioning the current rules that give ex premier league teams a head start on the rest of the league. I think the EFL will do everything in their power to stop Bolton going out of business but more likely there will be constrains put in place on them next season.
  15. Can anyone tell me with these 3-5 year season ticket if we go up do you get a reduction in what you paid. As for the south for 1 year next season its £640 or £27.83 a game if we get promoted and have 4 games less the prices works out at ££33.68 a game. Surely if we did get promoted it would not be more expensive to watch the owls with the millions the club would be getting from the TV money, you would hope it would mean a price reduction or at the very least with 4 less games you would get the season ticket for say £540. There does not seem to mention anywhere in the renewal process what happens if we do get promoted.
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