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  1. You really do talk some crap yourself but instead you just slagg others off. Under you we get Bullen and god help us if he is made manager.
  2. No that's not what I said with no poo storm that happened we would have been looking to get a few out and use SB contacts to get in a few on loan probably from Man utd to give us strength where we lack it. Add to that the likely signing of hector and maybe a few leaving lie Joao, Rhodes we could have been looking good for August but now nothing will happen until we get a new manager and if Bullen gets it we will get no one in at all.
  3. for the last 3 season we have had a poor start because the team has either not been match fit and match sharp or players needed have either come in at the end of August on loan or come in too late and are not match fit. So this close season the hope was with SB in charge this would not be an issue, when the fixture came out a lot myself included was thinking there is no reason we cannot be 12-15 points off the first 6 games. But 2 weeks before the start of the season the squad that ended last season is pretty much the same as this season the starting 11 will be the same but for 1 or 2 changes. (Westwod, Palmer, Lees, (Poss borner), Iorfa, Fessi, Reach, Hutch, Bannan, Fletcher, Joao or Harris) Honest question for you are we moving forward as a club or are we treading water hoping that something sparks?
  4. He did alright the last time he took over but he was awful the first time he took over, can you remember the game new years day we got pasted by Burton Albion. Lee Bullen is a nice guy but he is not the answer, he does not have the experience or the ability to be a No1 and the only way we gets the job is if we are once again doing it on the cheap. Get an experience championship manager in, there are so many to pick from currently out of work. get rid of the strikers we don't need, get in a championship quality left back, central midfielder and right winger and maybe a pacey direct striker. But don't wait for it to happen, go out there and get it done, we are sleep walking into another season once again, where we are 1 or 2 injuries away from a crisis and yes we have been poo on by Bruce but we need to suck it up, move on take the compo and improve the team instead we seem to not be doing a great deal of anything. 2 weeks tomorrow first game of the season 3 weeks yesterday transfer window shut until January. We still haven't confirmed if Lee is staying or going. So currently only have Hutch, Bannan and Pelupessy as options.
  5. Why doesn't DC get him a gift a Sheffield Wednesday pen and note pad which says contract at the top of it.
  6. For me Joao has promised so much but delivered so little he is a good age and need to either push on and become a 15+ goal a season man or find a new club. Nuihu is a nice bloke but simple no good enough for this level of football, I wanted him over the summer to get some of the weight off and make him more lean and athletic to give him a better change of creating and scoring more, this does not seem to have happened. Rhodes and Winnall are the same sort of play one cost £500k and is on £20k a week the other cost £8-10m and is on £40k a week. For me Rhodes needs getting rid of to save the £2m a season on his wages That leaves us a strike force of fessi, Fletcher, Winnall + a new pacy striker in on loan. Fessi and Fletcher are both in the final year of their contracts so this needs sorting in the next few months either sign them up to longer deals or ship them on. A lot for the club to do and only 15 days until the first game of the season and 20 days until the transfer window shuts.
  7. Would you not say Reach and Harris are both left sided players not right midfielders We have players that can cover roles, but we need players that play those roles week in week out, with other to cover if need not a utility player covering a main role. A good example of this when Reach played in the attacking midfielder role last season he was much more productive for us in creating and scoring goals when we played him left back or wing back he struggled to perform and drifted in and out of the games - good once or twice but not consistently. As for Thorniley I do think there is a decent player in there but the lad was not even getting on the bench with the likes of Pudil preferred to him, Bullen was a coach under Bruce and he never got any game time even when Lees or Hector were unviable, so why will he suddenly become a first team regular and his lack of game time over the last 6-12 months could affect his form too.
  8. Lets say we start the season with the squad we have, options at left back are Fox, Palmer or Penny, we have no recognised right midfielders at the club, central midfield consists of Bannan, Lee, Hutch, Pelupessy and 2 of these have such great injury records so no worries here Options in central defence Lees, Borner, JVA, Thorniley - Thorniley has not got a look in so could be he is not rated by the coaches (of which Bullen has been for the last 7 years), JVA has not played for a year and we don't know yet whether Borner will be good enough for the championship league. Realistically we need to offload 2 of Joao, Winnall, Fletcher, Forestieri, Nuihu, Rhodes or we are going to have a lot of wages sat in the stands every game we need at least a left back, right midfield/winger, central defence and central midfield cover. Oh yeah and the transfer window shuts in 21 days so no rush.
  9. Its a no from me not the sort of manager who I think could get us promoted and moving forward as a team for me Gary Rowett did a great job at Burton and Birmingham and given more time at Stoke would probably achieved there too he has a 42% win rate in over 340 games. Give him the squad we have plus a little money to add one or two additions and we would be top 8 maybe with an outside for the play offs.
  10. You mean like an existing premier league Club signing a youth player, using your foreign feeder club to sign him, then signing him up the season after to avoid paying millions in compensation. Wait a minute that sounds familiar like it happened this season and the FA and the Premier league and the EFL have done fizz all about it.
  11. Presumable NUFC would not have confirm him as their new manager was there still issues in it happening. The same way a club holds a player registration, a contract with a manager will have the same outcome or players could simply resign and move to a new team.
  12. Instead lets stay silent it not like the new season kicks off in less than 3 weeks. What Bruce and NUFC have done is a disgrace, but we have been paid a lot of money for a manager who will be sacked in 3 months. Lets get on with it get a decent manager in, let try and get the kits release before the season starts, we need a left back and right winger and a few more in any injuries in the centre back area or on the wingers and we are playing people out of position. Lets not hide away and stay silent let the fans know we are looking for a new manager and what the time scale is.
  13. Presumably the statement should read we have accepted a payment from Newcastle to release Steve Bruce from the club, we wish him well in his future endeavours (cough, cough), we are now looking for a new manager and hope to update the most important people to the club the fans by the end of this week. Even this is better than what we currently have a club being completely silent about anything.
  14. Not sure if already mentioned but Norwich have signed Sam Byram from West Ham for just £750,000, a cracking signing for them.
  15. Top 3 Ryan Giggs - would bring us some profile as a club and has a lot of links to Man Utd - Could give us the same sort of profile as Lampard gave to Derby last season Gary Rowett - A great manager at this level and proved at Birmingham what he could do with a mediocre team, would get us paying well and with only a little investment by DC could make us realistic top 6 team. Paul Cook - Has over achieved at every team he has been at and left them in a better place and often league than when he started, taken Wigan as far as he can and The Owls would be the step up for him to try and achieve that promotion. Manager I don't ant Zola, Pullis, Mcclaren or any manager with no experience of playing or managing in England - our league are completely different to others in the Europe and to bring in a manager with no experience of the league with no much money to spend and only 3 weeks before the season starts would be asking for trouble.
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