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  1. room0035

    Must read

    Its great that we went for a manager with no experience of working in English football, never even seen a game and also he says in his article he was thinking of retiring. So he is not going to walk away like other roles he will milk this one to the very end and DC is pretty poo at knowing the right time to get rid of a manager - unlike Milan he got rid of the ginger one and we gone promoted after a run of 10 wins in 12
  2. Because the club have already said JVA is playing tonight he is 24 years old.
  3. Who would have thought 12 months ago Hutch would have been fit all season and not playing and Keiren knackered to never play again.
  4. I know JVA has made a few appearances but I also know you can play 3 players over 23, Wildsmith is under 23 so we could still field 2 other over 23 players to get them some match fitness. I like most do not have a clue why we don't filed the 3 over age players, as we don't have a reserve league anymore or behind closed door friendlies so other than throwing players into the first team what chance do they have of getting back their match fitness after injury and long lay offs without games.
  5. room0035

    If we were relegated...

    I hear both the bank and the tax man have no chance of turning up they both book a cab from D taxi's
  6. For me the best way for young players to develop is to play with experienced players. Playing in the under 23's with Hutch in midfield will help younger players to develop. The same in training with Dawson and Wildsmith working with Westwood day in day out will only improve them - if Westwood was allowed to train of course
  7. I don't think Hutch has played in a few months now?
  8. I am hoping both Hutch and Abdi get games as over aged players not going to hold my breathe though
  9. All the players when fit and playing would improve 90% of the teams in our league just because we have a manager who does not like players does' not suddenly make this players rubbish players or past it. Carlos didn't play Venancio Jos comes in and he was our best most consistent player last year.
  10. most other teams are coming out now, last year it was the 5th December. But unless you are paying on a credit card at that point your next pay day is probably December or Xmas, bring them out now and you could get them end of November.
  11. I agree but Norwich have a very good catchment area add to that they bought a player from Coventry for £2m and sold him for £24m a season later. Unlike our management they signed Jordan Rhodes and played to his strengths hence the reason he is starting to score goals again. They bought winger (Ben Marshall) to cross the ball in the box for strikers to try and score from. A concept that seem very alien to the managers.we have had for the last 3 years. They also have a chairman who employees staff who can actually do their job and has been able to develop the club without ripping their fans off. So yes we may have a better team but our club infrastructure is light years behind Norwich. They have their half season tickets out already whats a betting we will be nearly at Xmas before our club can be bothered to try then they will be charge £30-40 a game.
  12. Take our squad and put Jos, Pearson, Allardyce, Holloway I would wager that Pearson would have us solid at the back and with a forward like of Fessi, Fletcher and Matias winning games. I would wager that Allardyce would use experience over youth and by the end of the season we would be top half with a very solid look if not playing entertaining football I would wager that Holloway would have us playing attacking football playing to our strengths. I would wager he wont be here because 11 months in he does not have a clue what he is doing. Put a decent experience manager in change of our current squad and we would at least be top 10.
  13. Westwood, Fessi, Reach, Bannan, Lees, Joao If Fit Hooper, Lee, Winnall Looking to the future Dawson, Penney, Wildsmith
  14. I have been patiently waiting since May 2000 for a good team is it going to be much longer now..........
  15. room0035

    Must read

    Yorkshire breakfast full English. If Yorkshire was a country we would have finish 10th in the 2012 Olympics the Yorkshire way works we only started to get all the injuries when the foreign managers arrived