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  1. I just want to know what's next for the 150th celebrations Gone a bit quiet on that front
  2. Owlstalk calls for Clare's inclusion and he is picked. So here goes. OWLSTALK WANT THE TRADITIONAL BLUE AND WHITE STRIPS RETURNING TO THE HOME KIT NEXT SEASON. Believe!!!!
  3. I think he is still in contract i thought when we signed him he signed a 4 year deal so not out till Summer 2019.
  4. I would only have wasted it all on a corporate box
  5. But he has been correct on everything else including tonight winning Euromillions numbers of 1,2,3,4,5, lucky stars 6,7
  6. I misunderstood too, been a long week. Thanks for the update.
  7. All over Owlstalk yesterday I think Neil is the source I have not seen it anywhere official but every post seem to be mentioning it.
  8. Read what i put did I not mention that he could play in the cup - can you grasp the simple aspect of reading a comment being slagging someone off 8 x 90 minute = 720 minutes Have I lost you or an I going too quick
  9. More appropriate player names

    Breaking news Sheffield Wednesday announce a record BREAKING shirt sponsor for next season with the people who make bubble wrap this is also a sneak preview of next season kick designed with the latest technology to add our injury prone squad
  10. Or not as seems to be the case with Sean Clare, brought back from a loan at Gillingham where he played 21 games in 3 months since his return on 1st January he has played a grand total of 93 minutes football. If he was not going to get no game time then he would have been better staying at Gillingham and playing another 20+ games for them to aid his development. We have had 8 games and 3 cup games he could play in and out of 720 minutes of football not including injury time he has played just 92 but we have no numbers and no players. Like most who saw him against Derby something about this just does not make any sense.
  11. The current Sheffield Wednesday squad Keepers : Westwood, Dawson, Kean, Wildsmith Defenders : Hunt, Van Aken, Loovens, Lees, Baker, Ogrady, Neilson, Pudil, Thorniley, Venancio, Fox, Penney Midfield : Jones, Lee, Butterfield, Bannan, Matias, Reach, Boyd, Hutchinson, Pelupessy, Wallace, Clare, Abdi, Stobbs, Strikers : Fletcher, Rhodes, Hooper, Winnall, Nuihu, Joao, Forestieri, +maybe Hirst Of the above squad that i know of Westwood, Lees, Thorniley, Van Aken, Lee, Bannan, Matias, Abdi, Fletcher, Winnall, Hooper, Forestieri are all injured Kean and Penney are also on loan with Winnall falling into both injured and on loan So that leaves us a squad of 2 keepers, 8 defenders, 8 midfielders, 3 (maybe 4 with Hirst) or 21 players The reason i have done this is I keep see we only have 12 fit players but we don't we have 21 (22) yes 5 of these are from the development teams this season but that's what they are for to be DEVELOPED into first team players. We are short up front so play a 3-5-1-1 or a 4-5-1 we have the players but what seems to be the new excuse if its down to player fitness. Players should be able to last at least 70 minutes in a game if not then we need to be releasing these players and telling them to find alternative employment. Yes the injury crisis is back but what is more embarrassing for the club is the amount of players returning to fitness and getting injured with their first few training session or a warm up match situation. One or two is part and parcel but virtually every player that is back training after injury has a set back. This from the outside looking in says clearly the players are either not fit to return to training or the injuries are not getting treated correctly.
  12. Surely if the stories coming out about Jos not being here after the summer we need to finish as high as possible to make ourselves an attractive as possible to the new man coming in. If this story is genuinely true and not just Owlstalk then we should have someone already lined and not wait till he leaves then start looking you know like we seem to always do. As for this week end Barnsley play the Brum so even with a villa lose at worse we would be 6 points off the bottom three but if we can win tomorrow we could be double figures away from the bottom 3. Who would have thought this time last year after missing out on the play off final because we bottled it against Huddersfield, we would be sat here tying to work out what we need to avoid relegation. Then this week instead of the season tickets reducing in prices they stay the same. The joys of being an unappreciated fan. We will be here long after others have left but once in a while it would be nice to feel a little valued by your club.
  13. Neil called for

    Pearson dear sir the king does return to take us to the promise land. It was written long ago in an age gone by when we were all younger and players could play 180 minutes in one whole week without needing a week off to recover. When the team played in a blue and white stripes and a team consisted of a keeper/defenders/midfielders and something mythical called a striker.
  14. Neil called for

    Then king Nigel come in as the new man
  15. Yep very bored over the weekend