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  1. I said at the start of the season Monk has 10 games to get positive or he should be gone, End of November needs to be out of bottom 3 or he should be gone. Reason is simple we have 8 games in December and if the teams struggling a new manager bounce could get us well and truly out of the bottom 3.
  2. We just continue with this policy of square pegs in round holes. Borner on the bench should have played instead of Odabajo but the why was Flint not marking Toney. Hunt seem to be playing very deep when he has little or no defensive midfield ability, he is meant to be an attacking midfielder not defensive. If this was the plan then why not start with either Dele or Pelupessy. I don't like the long throws thing its like playing football when Wimbledon were in the premiership and when Brentford are bigger to a man its just so predicable. Good goal by Paterson but equally missed a few
  3. Indeed but the points deduction is based on how far over the £39m limit you go without the sale of the stadium we nearly double the losses limits hence the -12 points deduction. Since Birmingham's points deduction they have brought in over £50m in player sales and also reduce their out going in line with the EFL. We on the other hand still have not file the 2018/19 season financial statements, these are now nearly 4 months overdue after companies house gave us a 3 months extension. We won't win an appeal, we need to take our medicine and move on, all that t
  4. The European league kind of shows the football teams for what they are, they want less games because its affecting the players and the team but it then turns out that they want to play possible another 10-15 games a season in a European league. So which is it then they want to reduce the games or they just want the scrap the EFL cup and reduce league sizes so they have more time to play more games in a new FIFA competition. The whole of football from the very top to bottom is bent. When people are trying to make sure they can feed their families and keep safe and well t
  5. https://www.brentfordfc.com/news/2020/october/stoke-city-screening-in-our-new-home/ Its not a bad deal includes a meal and 2 drinks so tickets are about £15 ish. If we did it would be double that + vat
  6. Flint has not played a game in 7 months. Marriott has played 6 times this season but ones a defender and the others a striker and everyone know Monk does not like strikers in the put h when he can play midfielders up front instead. What a weird under strengthen line up. For my own sanity today has to be 3 points
  7. We better tighten that defender up then it we won't going to be winning many game.
  8. Kachunga in the last 3 years has played 88% of his games on right wing so must be a striker. Windass for Wigan players as an attacking midfielder so must be a striker and Paterson I cannot be bother he's played right back for most of his career. But Reach had 3 games up front and 4 years on the left side of midfield so he must be a striker. Lees once played up front so he must be a striker and Bannan has played the number 10 role before so he must be a striker too. With all these strikers we are looking short of midfielders.
  9. The last game against QPR he missed two sitter that a striker would not, he does not have the instinct to be a striker and its not something you learn over night. if we had time to bed him in but we start 12 points behind everyone else we need strikers putting the ball in the back of the next consistently not once every 7 or 8 games. For me as an attacking midfielder or in the midfield 3 he will be very useful for us, but an out and out striker not a chance, without an experienced striker playing next to him.
  10. What the chance of Westwood ending up at Stoke with Fletcher and Fox. They will be needing a replacement for Butland and if they take him off our wages that would be good business.
  11. Kachunga is a right winger and has been for the last 3 years, Paterson is a utility player who I believe was a right back up to 18 months ago and Windass is a midfielder as I said just calling someone a striker does not make them one. The only strikers we have are Rhodes and now Marriott very thin on the ground if we are going to be playing a 3-5-2 formation.
  12. We have 5 centre backs at the club Plus Palmer and the kids from the youth team, the signing of Flint seems a strange one unless there are out goings. We are so short up front with real strikers that players who score goals, not players who are called strikers because the manager plays them there. I just don't understand being 4 hours from the close of the window and we have no attacking options coming in other than Marriott, who I think will be a very good signing though the call back clause does worry me, if he starts scoring goals for us and Derby struggle this season.
  13. We must be changing to a 9-1-1- formation with all the centre halfs we are being linked with.
  14. I don't understand the Flint links we have Lees, Iorfa, Borner, JVA, Dunkley and Now possible Flint, yet for the front 2 we only have Rhodes and Marriott do we really need 6 options at centre half or is Iorfa or one of the other on the move and we just don't know yet. I would also like to see a few of the younger lads going out on loan - in an around the first team is good, but going on loan to league 1 or 2 and getting 20+ games under their belt will progress them a lot more than 5 minutes here and there in the first team. I dearly would also love Westwood to either be
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