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  1. I personally think saying Bannan and Wing worked when we drew 2-2- with a team currently 17th position kind of says everything. They wanted the game more than us, yes Bannan had a good game but it is 1 in 3 or 4 when he does, 1 goal and 2 assists in 11 games is not a great return for a player who is meant to be the best midfielder in the league. We lack goal threat, we are ok at the back but when we don't have the leadership qualities of Hutch we do concede some soft goals. Gregory scored a few recently but Paterson on the whole has been a passenger in the games, Berahino, Kamberi barely play so we don't know if they will be the threat, Corbeanu, Sow, Shopida will offer a bigger goal threat than Brown, FBD and Wing but never play. Our style of play does not fit the players we have, we either adapt or we will continue to score very little and every goal we concede will most likely cost us points. Its a worrying stat that in 12 games when the other team has scored we have only won 1 games and failed to win on 6 occasions. Our last 8 games after the run of not conceding any goals, we have 2 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses, 9 points out of a possible 24, scoring 8 conceding 11. The 8 goals have come from, 3 Gregory, 2 Paterson, 1 for Adeniran, Berahino and and OG.
  2. If you play Paterson with Gregory you have answered one of your question he is a midfielder not a striker, we had 4 wingers on the bench on Saturday, but played a left back on the left wing, Bannan and Wing are too light weight to play in a midfield 2 as such one or both need replacing, Palmer is not a centre back he played there because he is told to but he is not a centre back. We have 2 fit centre backs, we have lots of full backs, we started the season playing a back 4 and did not concede for 4 or 5 games. Since then we have barely played 4 at the back and have conceded in early ever game
  3. The other team we have played this season when the other team has scored, we have failed to win 6 of 7 games in the league, the only time we won was away to Wigan. Kind of shows there is a lack of leadership on the pitch and possible some mental fragility issues.
  4. The problem is we have 3 times in the last 6 games throw away 2 points, Ipswich, Shrewsbury and now Wimbledon. The problems are all there to see, we have very little going forward other than the strikers scoring 1 in 5 or 6 chances, we waste too many chances, we have no goals in midfield, we have defenders and midfielders playing out of position when we have more than a big enough squad to cover injures when formations are correct to the players we have. I mean what sort of plonker, plays a 3-5-2 when you only have 2 fit centre backs, but then does not call any players up from the under 23's as cover if needed, we had no defenders on the bench on Saturday but 4 wingers but not on the pitch, the youth team players are allowed to come into the first team if we have injuries or what is the point in having them. We have loan players who never play, why did we waste money on Kamberi, Corbeanu and Shodipo when they get little to no game time, Shodipo scored more goals than any player in our squad last season yet cannot make the team ahead of Brown who so far in his profession career 1 goal in 40+ senior appearances. There are so many issues but the big one is simple play a formation for the players you have, if you are playing with wide men pick them and if you are playing more than 1 striker up front play strikers there not midfielders, this did not work with Gary Monk, we got relegated and scored no goals.
  5. You mean like a team playing a 3-5-2 when you only have 2 fit centre backs, but you have 3 or 4 players who can play full back. Common sense or any manager win a bit of ability of working with what he have, would have played a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 with two fit centre backs and two full backs. But not Darren, then he likes us to play out from the back, or as Wimbledon and the other teams we have played call it set up chances for the other team. Good luck to Wimbledon though where they have come from in the last 10 years is a real credit to them, formed in 2002 in 19, 6 promotions in 13 seasons. They are the first club formed since 2000 to make the football league, they know their club and play to their strengths, the also entertain their fans 40 goals in 12 games involving their team, they also don't charge as much as us even though they are based in London, they give youth a chance and young managers coming into the game. They will only get better as they progress.
  6. I know we beat Cardiff 5-0 but I am wondering if anyone knows when we last won a game 4-0.
  7. I am past the point of caring, we don't play the strongest team, we don't play the correct formation and too many under performing players are guaranteed starters. Bannan you get 1 good game in 3 or 4, Paterson comes in plays well the first game and has been a passenger for the last 3. Brown will never be a left winger, he not much better at left back, we don't play wingers but have 4 on the bench, we have 2 fit centre backs, so some prat decide to play a 3-5-2. The list of stupid decisions and players playing is endless. 4-4-2 is out best formation BPF, Palmer, Iorfa, Dunkley, Hunt, Shodipo, FDB, Adeniran, Corbeanu, Berahino, Gregory. Bench, Wildsmith, Brown, Bannan, Sow, Kamberi, Johnson, Adedoyin It will of course never happen and we will continue dropping points that ultimately will mean is not making the top 6. Any half decent manage would have had this group of player a lot high and a lot more points.
  8. No it's because our approach to everything is throwing poo at a wall hoping some of it will sticks. We accept below par managers, coaching staff, over paid under performing players. The chairman only comes out from under his rock when he wants the fans money and does not give a poo about us for the rest of the time. But we keep turning up in our thousands as long as that continues nothing will change. But if team turn up for the next few games and the stadium is empty or no fans travel to away games, we stop buying the over prices merchandise. It won't take long before changes are made, but that will never happen, as it's not the Wednesday way we just put up with being treated badly time and time again.
  9. Our best keeper got released last season and we keep the two who have averaged more than a goal a game their whole owls career.
  10. I would be happy to win 1 game 4-0 don't think it has happened in the last 12 years though. Scunthorpe at home the last time in the league.
  11. We haven't won two games back to back away from home for nearly 3 years. We cannot defend a lead, Ipswich, Shrewsbury, now Wimbledon The top 4 are starting to pull away, all score goals, all have leaders on the pitch For me its time for a new leader on our pitch because the one we had is and never will be a captain.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if Wolves and QPR recall Corbeanu and Shopido in January they were sent out on loan the play games and between them they have only got 3 starts out of a possible 24 games (12 each) We are struggling to score goal but continue to play no attacking threat we have 5 defenders, 4 central midfielders and 1 striker on the pitch today.
  13. Another line up, picked not to win the game but bore the fans and the other team into submission. Darren Moore negativity is doing himself out of a job. We are playing a team that is 15th in the third division not Real Madrid.
  14. 4 wingers on the bench none on the field, 2 strikers but only one in the field, no defensive cover. What could possible to wrong.
  15. Bringing our own centre back as cover are you mad man. This is Darren Moore (Gary Monk MkII), he will have Palmer playing centre back today with Dunkley on the bench. So far no SWFC youth players have been given any real game time in any league matches. I suspect Wimbledon will win today, they want it more than we do.
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