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  1. The stir taking a very old story from a few weeks ago and running with it, looks like the standard of journalism has got a new low. The benfica manager used to be our coach under carlos, he made an inquiry a month or so ago the club said no. This is another nothing story by our very useless local paper. Gone are the days of the Greenun when the journalist attended the games and spoke with the club to get information. Now they just trawl the internet for old stories.
  2. So based on this list we will have no strikers at the club if we resign none of them. Somewhat of a very worrying stat, but I thought Rhodes had another yet of his contract. Offering new deal Fletcher and fessi but on reduced terms, Dawson,Lee and Hutch (but to develop into a player coaching role), the rest can go for me
  3. I suspect a 4-4-2 Westwood Palmer/ Lees/ Borner/ Iorfa Harris/ Bannan / Lee / Murphy Rhodes/ Fletcher Bench Dawson, Thorniley, Odubaja, Luongo, Reach, Hutch, Winnall, Nuihu.
  4. He has been at the club an age, loves the club But is he hindering the management structure. When Carlos came in it was agreed he would have an British coach we looked at a guy from Swindon at the time and ended up with Bullen. Then each time a manager has departed, bullen has looked after us till the new man arrives then remains part of the coaching set up. The Bruce team was the first time for 4 years that we had a manager with his own coaches and a different way of doing things and the team improved and thrived. Now Monk comes in and once again the chairman says Bullen will be part of the coaching staff. Is this hindering the new man from putting his stamp on the team, is it because bullen is DC eyes and ears in the team. Or is it simple the club rewarding a good servant to the team with some continuity in the coaching structure. I cannot think of another team where this happens though.
  5. I have heard from a HP sauce that the dream team of Tony Pulis and Gary Megson will be unveiled as the new managerial duo to take the club to a new level - that being league one football from next season
  6. But we all know the EFL and the FA are a complete joke how many times in the last 10 years have we won an appeal for anything. I understand him standing up for his name but he was always going to lose the appeal. Lets hope we don't miss him or lose other key players he would have played instead of.
  7. I just don't understand the player or the club on this one, appeals are very rarely won, he has barely played a game in the first 7 why did we not take the ban on the chin and he would be playing now instead we lose him now for 6 league games. Presumably the cup games don't count. unless someone can clarify if we get to the next round of the cup is he banned from Everton and a n other.
  8. I don't see why every one is worried DC is a professional business man - knowing the issues involved with the FFP and P&S rules he won't have plucked a number out of the air to value the club he will have got it professionally valued by an external source and filed all the documents to prove it.
  9. As has been show with us over the last 5 years we had an unknown journey man in Carlos who initially brought success, but he left us with an aging squad of unfit injured players that were used to doing what they wanted when they wanted a culture that may or may not have changed. We brought in a manager of league experience but in Germany of getting teams promoted who gave youth a chance but risk the future of the club by not playing establish players when needed had he stayed we would have been relegated and players such as Westwood would have left the club for nothing. We then brought an experienced English manager who had played, managed and got promotion multiple times in our league he took a team that Jos had from a bottom 6 side, to a top 6 team but for the start under jos we would have been in the play off's with a full season of Bruce. We now have a guy who has no managerial experience, but is a club man who the players apparently love but consistently do not perform for, who has shown though he has a love for the club he is not good enough to be the manager we need. For me we need a clear out of the first team coaches, a new fresh manager in with championship experience, we then need a clear out of the players who are failing to perform season in season out. From the days of Carlos and Jos the team we have now is 7 or 8 players the same too players under perform game after game or give 1 decent performance in 4 or 5 games. For me the new boss has to be one of - Pearson, Moyes, Rowett - all have good championship experience. If we want to risk an appointment on the hope they bring success the Cowleys, Giggs or Gerard would fit the bit, all young hungry managers the latter two would have great contacts to get players signing for us or decent loan players in. But a decision needs to be made NOW before we lose yet another season allowing the team to meander to another midtable finish. The price we are expected to pay game in game out we expect a team challenging up the top end of the table, but more importantly we expect a team that give 100% each match something that has been missing to often this season.
  10. No mate but if he doesn't invest anything in improving it, it won't be worth £60m for very long. Get the stadium improved, get rid of SAG and let's improve the match day experience with a 21st century stadium feel not a 19th century feel.
  11. DC has been here 5 years he has barely even don t anything to the stadium other than his sign that fell down. Our 40,000 capacity is down to nearly 30,000 because of big areas of the stadium that need bringing up to safety standards. what person buys a stadium for £60m then won't spent any money on improving or repairing it.
  12. I think a new external manager is a must now, Bullen has a better squad at his disposal than Bruce had, one had us mid table after possible our easiest start to a season in 40+ years, the other had us top 3 after 23 games in the season half of the last season. I read in the press that the players love bullen and want him to have the job. Then they go out and produce the crap on the pitch game after game. We have been shi t since the Luton game. Bullen clearly does not have the balls to make the big decisions and drop players clearly who for one reason or another are not performing. And final FFS have a centre flipping g half on the bench. Thorniley in the team yesterday and we would not have lost that game QPR were that bad.
  13. Look tomorrow when Sheffield CC and SYP make a complete an utter balls up of the planning and management of it, it causes total grid lock for most of North Sheffield. Come the next game Penistone road will not be shut.
  14. Wait for the total an utter mayhem cause by this stupid idea by the council and all those involved. Wait for the backlash that this will affect everyone with a 5 mile radius of the ground. Why should people not associated with the ground be affect by what can only be described as a completely stupid plan. Here's an idea tell SAG and the council to take a long walk of a short pier, tell SYP that there services won't be needed for the game Saturday or in the future and steward the games ourselves, allow fans to mingle in the same way we have for 40+ years without a problem. I do hope the same level of wee wee take will be happening when SUFC play Liverpool at home on the 28th September or as this game could be on live TV they won't risk it as the council and local authorities could be view as being complete and utter muppets.
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