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  1. TodwickOwl

    Bounce back

    Feels like forever since that game against United - we needed that result and time to steady the ship, get players fit and go again this weekend We really need to take these next 2 games by the scruff of the neck and get 6 points out of them, the table changes entirely again if we can. With Matias and Forestieri possibly starting / on the bench - we have a much needed outball, that forces a different style of play to the usual one dimensional we have seen without them. We’ve played the football we know we can play against WBA - here’s hoping we start to click and find a first 11 that’s capable of pushing up the league. Team for me would be Dawson, Palmer, Lees, Hector, thorniley, Penney, Pelupessy, Reach, Bannan, Fletch and FF. Rest Fletch against Bolton, but we need him for this game
  2. TodwickOwl

    Hapless Luhukay's Frozen Out

    And potentially relegate ourselves? Yeah - great idea.
  3. TodwickOwl

    Must read

    Trying to build something in a world where we dispose if instant success is achieved. He's dropping in bits and bobs about how it used to be - fry ups for breakfast? Christ - no wonder them photos of some players overweight and the team looked like they were towing a caravan at 60 minutes under Carvalahal. There must be so many broken pieces to our puzzle - all under the last holiday camp. I guess it's nice to see him trying to instill something not just now - but into the minds of the players and club going forward.
  4. And here he goes again hahaha
  5. Exactly Dont forget, he had a relegation form 5 months last year and most of the blades started saying he lost plot etc etc. Now theyve started again fast and it’ll happen again, no strength in depth no real impact substitutions - they’ll struggle in the second half Wilder is in a sticky situation - does he put all his eggs in one basket and hope he does business with Blades this year and into next? Or - does he ride the wave of being deemed a ‘top’ manager at the minute and take the next bigger job that comes along - before it comes crashing down and his CV is tainted
  6. TodwickOwl

    End of day

    Yes they played better football Yes we panicked, booted, hoofed, got rid Yes, that was actually a decent save from a pen that never should’ve been But they passed and passed and passed and didn’t really scare us apart from outside box If, big if, they created more in box then they would’ve done us - and Jos confined the blades to chances created clearly outside of it, the rest were crosses that got cleared straight out. Defensively superb - we knew the crack after the first ten mins. Take it or leave it. See you at home pigs - let’s hope we have a few more players back to play a different style at home and seal a win - enjoy tonight cos the pigs are absolutely devastated they didn’t knock one in.
  7. TodwickOwl

    Line up

    If, after these last 4 losses, Saturdays collapse, protests etc - that is the team Jos believes we should be putting out then I question the sanity of the bloke - big time.
  8. Pigs to not get more than 1 past is tonight Bannan to run show, FF to sneak one and a red card for them little sh11tebags across city 3-1 Wednesday come on!!!
  9. TodwickOwl

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    This I can see Fletch and Forestieri starting
  10. TodwickOwl

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    To be fair to Jos - I enjoyed that press conference He understands the derby - he was quite passionate about that. He said exactly same when he came in last year against Blades at Lane. He knows his necks on line - although, I don't think he'll be sacked if we don't win anyway - there's too many other problems outside of his control at Hillsborough. The news of FF and MM being in the side is a HUGE plus point too - lets stop wetting our sens and smash them pigs.
  11. TodwickOwl


    HE'S PLAYING Get the f*cking cigars out already
  12. TodwickOwl

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    Has it ended? Broadcast has stopped for me
  13. TodwickOwl


    We're desperate - absolutely desperate. These two would change the whole game entirely - our movement going forward becomes a lot more fluid and energetic. It's a risk he has to take
  14. TodwickOwl

    Fletcher up for the derby

    If he's on bench then it's seriously worrying