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  1. I think it’s pretty evident that Pulis isn’t a fan favourite It could turn a situation where we are fully behind the club into a poisonous one Is it worth it? Hiring a manager onto a loser from the off
  2. I dont think we as fans want to watch Megson football again We’re not paying 20 quid a game - were paying big money and at least want to watch at a level as to what we was watching under Carlos first season from here on
  3. If as Alan Biggs is reporting, Pulis is under serious consideration for the job then you will lose 99% of the backing and support you’ve gained over the last few weeks to build on into next season. He and his brand of football are completely archaic and would be such a waste in this side which is capable of much more quality football. This is is a chance to build on recent events and bring the whole fan base together - he must not bring a gap between us and the club by hiring this dinosaur. This man is not the manager to send us forward. I just cant believe he’s in the frame - how haven’t we looked at his last few clubs and reaction from the fan base to realise he is completely and utterly out of touch with modern football.
  4. It’s his birthday, Happy Birthday Michael Hector.
  5. My heart sinks with these suggestions I hope chansiri pulls one out the bag, this is just completely unmotivating
  6. Unless someone’s odds go in to something ridiculous like 1/6 then don’t pay attention
  7. Surely we need a statement before the game tonight? No Bruce turning up and the media etc all reporting it and we carry on as normal? Not right really
  8. Yet again - having a pop at DC What is in your drink everyday?!?! What it's done is flush out a complete t0sser from our club who was ready to jump ship and not in it for the long haul That's not what we get for 'playing hardball'.
  9. Didn't make it clear in my original post - I dont think Rhodes will score 20 goals either Nor will what we are left with
  10. I don't think it is. None of them are capable of 20 goals - you need a striker that can get you that to get out of this league.
  11. I'd go foreign now - the lack of home talent is abysmal and completely non exciting. VB Setien (ex Real Betis) Stendel I would seriously look to take on someone similar to Bielsa style of football. If he can turn that Leeds team of last year into what they became - then there is no reason we can't.
  12. Depends on the offer - if we can offer 2/3m a year he would and I bet that’s considerably more than Betis can offer
  13. That’s why Tekke has been bumped up - someone has slammed some money on
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