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    We need a CB and a full back and some pace in the midfield - anyone on the wings we can bring on to relieve pressure and to frighten some defenders, we just don't have it at the moment and there's still a requirement for it in the Championship. I think we have the quality up top and in the centre to get into the top 6, with the recruitment above, I think we could hit top 4. Looking forward to seeing how fit we are and hungry - I think we'll be impressed come the start of the season!
  2. TodwickOwl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Apart from none of that being true - you're spot on.
  3. TodwickOwl

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    As long as we don't do a Spain and try passing it round for 90 minutes - we need to change game plan at 60/70 minutes if thats the case, penalties is way too much of a gamble to go through after previous results.
  4. Momentum? We want the easy ride to the final. The players confidence won't be shot knowing that they too want the easier route to the final - they know it'll be a one off game. We need to finish second - I think our confidence would be sky high going into those games, rather than against the likes of Brazil early.
  5. TodwickOwl

    Creating new fans...

    A roadshow vehicle Hit the road around Sheffield schools - the primary ones. Get some youth players and team members out there who can hand out free cheap merch - cups, pens, pencils, stationary equipment, signed photos they use everyday - some footballs for their PE lessons/break time, 1 hour training sessions with them all. Kids will love anything to do with a football club turning up on their doorstep and giving them freebies - let them get a taste for it.
  6. TodwickOwl

    I'm ready

    Will never forgive him for blazing that over - how on earth you dont hit the target from there is unforgivable
  7. TodwickOwl

    Do we think George Boyd...

    Like others have echoed - how did he go from a starter in the Premier League to on our bench and unfit in a year? HOW? But - he's certainly not an out an out wing back and he looks like he's running in sand at times, I think his time is numbered...
  8. Sat behind villa dugout this season and caught the ball when it came over - first time and last time it'll ever happen I imagine!
  9. That’s not a marketing exec role - it’s a managers role. Shoe horned a digital marketing, marketing exec and marketing managers responsibilities into one job - at a measly salary no doubt
  10. TodwickOwl

    We Are Going Up.

    I’ll have some of what you’re on!
  11. TodwickOwl

    We Are Going Up.

    The squad was already a force Its probably the second best squad in the league this year. But we’ve got a manager who looks like he will get the best out of not only the first team, the fringe players and the youth players.
  12. TodwickOwl

    Chansiri - Snooker Final

    Who’s he with? Big bald bloke?
  13. Currently sat to Higgins right
  14. TodwickOwl

    Anyone remember this guy

    My favourite player at the time Scored a long ranger against Man U in 98 I think it was, was sat in the South and saw it fly into Schmeichels hands who kind of parried it into the net. What a night, 3-1 to the Wednesday.
  15. We gave a 31 year old a three year contract Jesus what were we doing Hes not gonna be nowhere near squad next year