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  1. Doesn’t work like that though does it - look at Sunderland, look at Stoke now, even Bradford should be doing better Youve still got to do the job and this far in his managerial career he has
  2. Interesting insight Hes doing the business in Portugal, in the Europa League places and beat Porto a few weeks back Would he ever be given the chance to come back?
  3. Fond memories of a good player in a very good season Nobody is saying he’s Waddle, get a grip
  4. Did anyone go to that game at Bury early in that season where we got pasted? He schooled us that day - was one of if not best player on pitch, not long after we signed him
  5. Good interview - replaced by Rodri when we went up. In full here https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-cult-hero-ryan-lowe-talks-promotion-his-relationship-fans-and-one-day-taking-hillsborough-hotseat-2516595 What a quality find he was - still don’t think he got enough game time, could find back of the net and quality in box, for a 32 year old as well. Miss the days of our players busting a gut for this club
  6. On the Instagram page today - 11 goals between 03-05. Can’t believe how long ago that actually is. What even happened to this guy? Fell off the face of the earth. Has anyone got the photo of him holding the ‘SACK THE BOARD’ printout down beneath South Stand? Was circa black balloon / AGM man period.
  7. Yep Break up the monopoly - let many broadcasters show it Lets face it, We have fell out of love with football due to our owner escapades too - not just Sky The whole fanbase is fed up and this has given us a break from our turmoil, however bad it is I’m actually glad I’m hardly thinking about Wednesday at all
  8. This is the first step I can’t see them pursuing any further with our case and in all honesty - whats going on right now is x10000 more important and they will be all on dealing with that
  9. To be fair - a lot of us backed him to go on and push us to the promise land when he got here Many thought he was given a rough ride at Boro, all his stats suggested he would kick on We never utilised him correctly though with our style of play - hes a box merchant, nothing else, perhaps if we provided more clinical chances for him in the box it could've been different. We all know our style of play in CC second season was ultra defensive, if he was with us in out first season under Chansiri I'm sure he'd have scored more in that style of play. Since then - we've been crap anyway, with or without Jordan Rhodes.
  10. My memories of that game are tarnished by Barton being the ref and getting away with that penalty
  11. No they wouldn’t? Next season isn’t starting in August. It’s likely going to start later whilst this season will be compacted as much as possible
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