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  1. People slating this - need to realise Bruce wouldn't have come nowhere near us if this wasn't agreed or in plan at the start of last year. This must've been the safety net to allow Bruce to come and spend. I don't see an issue with it, Chansiri will have bought us out - he owns the club anyway, if we get out of FFP then so be it Or do we want to be loitering around mid table again next year or...??
  2. I just wish we'd have some clarity from the club on what pot we're going to be p*ssin in Are the accounts late because we've had an injection for ground naming rights? Or are they late because we're in the poo? Are we working off frees and loans or do we have any cash to spend from freeing up players? Whats going onnnnn
  3. Not an absolute chance Wind up by pigs - release duff info As if they’re going to give us any cash knowing the P and S issue were in - not gonna give us a leg up are they
  4. Tom Lees and Hector second half to season was incredible A great defensive record all around of course - but the turnaround is ridiculous, if we can't get Hector then fair enough but to turf Lees out? And Thorniley for Lees?!?! What are people smoking.
  5. Say what you want about Wilder His daughter is fit though
  6. Some of the comments are absolutely ridiculous Gary Hooper is/was a top player and was an absolute dream to watch play The best technically gifted and absolutely monumental player in our first few seasons to how we played - anyone who says anything other doesn’t have a clue Gutted to see him go, yes he was on a big wage, but we gave him the furkin contract - he’s still an absolute unreal player
  7. Hold on...5 games ago he deserved a new contract?!?!
  8. So - still wanting to offer him a new contract? Absolute garbage, then two fouls alone where the whole stadium could see what he was going to do we’re enough to send him packing
  9. Wow Out the top half with that late QPR goal and then back in it with that late Bristol goal Mental
  10. Any news on the sale of the club?
  11. I'm happy with Chansiri - bugger off and buy someone else
  12. Back in December, this bet was flying round here just after we sacked Jos and the rumours of Bruce coming in were rife. Who else got on at good odds? What do you stand to win if it comes in? Will it come in? Will be a right kick in teeth if we lose to QPR and drop to 13th...
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