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  1. I agree - when he gets ball to feet he rarely loses it. Least he is showing some willingness
  2. Same here He’s nearly at the end of his career, either were offering such a lucrative contract to stay or he isn’t interested in playing first team football Id be itching to get into first team somewhere
  3. Let’s play a game - what do you think is going to happen before the end of the season - top 3 answers only. 1. Wickham injured - Nuhui leading line to keep us up, scores 3 in 5 2. Following Wednesdays fine and 0 point deduction - DC issues rallying cry to all fans that next year we will go for it 3. New takeover rumour
  4. Lees has been a good servant - time to go though
  5. Did you read my post? The game we play has on the whole been MUCH better than post January before COVID, we’ve actually took control of games. We just can’t finish - that’s the crux of it. We missed two sitters Sunday, cost us the game.
  6. We need to sell Iorfa to balance the books - 10/15m to sort ourselves out Not what we wanna do, but what we have to do for once
  7. Is it really Monk falling out? Why did Jos fallout with the exact same players then? It’s blindly obvious mate - the players calling the shots within the holiday camp have been given the flick and they’ve caused a rustle and we’ve crumbled with internal affairs going off Thank god they are gone.
  8. I’m 31 and I can’t believe I’ve got to put up with this sh*t till the day I die....
  9. Of course it’s the wrong uns. Do you actually believe we went from churning out results and grinding out wins to absolute nothing? It’s a massive bomb down the table - the ones who have gone have been a poison from within and I bet there contract talks and everything else coincided around New Year when they were told they wouldn’t be getting a new one or playing again. Low and behold - performances tank, upset within the camp reported etc. Monk has alluded to it all since then - how poisonous some players are and that he has to make difficult decisions, problem is - he has to keep us in this league, there is way too much player power at the minute. You could see from the first 2 games back the change in our performances and play - compare that to the Blackburn and Derby games we rolled over in, at least we’ve controlled the games we’ve played in for a fair amount of time - we just don’t have the personnel to put games to bed, that’s it. Monk isn’t to blame - blame the players, we’ve got rid of most of them thank god and I hope to god we get to the end of this season and stay up to clear the decks some more. Bring on next season - get some players who want to play for this club and the fans, because those lot who have finally f*cked off didn’t want to play for Monk, caused trouble from within and most importantly - tried their best to make this club unsuccessful in results and that ultimately penalises us - the fans. F*ck them.
  10. Took some very good corners today - more than Bannan has done all season
  11. Why can every fan in the land see his distribution is absolutely shocking from a dead ball?!? Remove him - use Murphy. I cannot bare to see another wasted cross - 2 good chances are the end completely and utterly wasted.
  12. Done with Bannan Why why why why why do we hand the ball to him still?
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