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  1. Who wants to sum up that performance? Not sure if he’s just being played in a position he’s uncomfortable with or not - but he looks lost at the minute Wasnt happy coming off and threw a bit of fit on bench
  2. Westwood is useless at that though He never ever releases it quick even though the whole stadium is shouting at him
  3. We brought Luongo in We continued with bannan hutch and lee / reach When will we learn
  4. Absolutely this Sick if watching the game go by - that Preston game where the game turned and a goal was coming and Bullen made zero changes, we deserved it. Then he waited till we were losing, then he made a change. Pathetic. It’s a f*cking loser mentality that - swimming against the tide.
  5. We are in such a dreamland though Bruce was the best appointment we’ve made in 20 odd years, it’s few and far between Every new gaffer should be worshipped by us until they do wrong, just get behind the bloody team everybody
  6. Totally agree But it is f*cking madness to an extent - the same spine that has failed to get us up there since CC, but we still expect it. Big challenge and he must know it, but I still believe the squad is good enough to grind out a playoff spot
  7. I think if the Cowleys hadn’t become visible with the bookies then Monk would’ve got a better reception - and I agree, negativity has a loud voice
  8. Monk came out of nowhere, alright - but when you look at that list of managers from SkyBet who did anyone actually have absolute confidence would do the job here? Chris Hughton? And he was never going to come here. The Cowleys were a massive gamble - yes, they’d have been an ‘out of the box’ choice but no track record of above League 1 and we’ve all talked about Hurst and Jones....and they’re riding a wave which could crash soon, 3 months time there could be a different view on them. Now Monk - Championship experience with two of the better teams in this division with over 45% win rate at them, and steadied a falling a ship with Birmingham (with a set of nobody players ey DC). He can get the best out of a bad bunch and right now, we need someone in to get a grip with these players, some direction and most of all they need belief in the manager and I think they’ll get that. Did they have belief in Bullen, or did they think he was always a stop gap? Don’t know, but that mental second half last week was enough to suggest he clearly wasn’t ready and I’m sure the more seasoned pros at the club probably thought what the hell is going on. I’ve no doubt Monk can come in and implement his own style on the team and the management - I don’t think it’s an issue for now that hes come on his own, they’re capable in the backroom and under Bruce had some fine form in the last twenty games last year. So now weve we’ve got a Championship manager in - why are we so up in arms? Just get behind him, feedback from other fans is he is a complete 100% and we need that and the players need that kick. A tough month ahead but I think we’ll see some impact. I said this in another thread, but there’s only us lot who could whinge at not hiring a lower league inexperienced manager who’s never amanaged at this level over a solid Championship manager - one of them looks a safe bet, and if the Cowleys had a disaster then people would be gunning for DC more than ever - they wouldn’t get more time than anyone else either. Roll on Huddersfield UTO
  9. Dont be too disheartened - Monk will implement his own style and management, I highly doubt they are going to continue with what they have been doing Also don’t forget - it’s the same backroom staff who were 2nd in the form table come the end of last year with Bruce, they’re not complete idiots ... Bullen just isn’t a gaffer
  10. Or the Cowleys could tumble down the leagues soon and we’ve all dodged a bullet etc etc Funny old game - let’s revisit them in 3 months time Im happy with Monk - thank God it’s not pulis
  11. Speak for yourself - I think it’s a split fanbase. We was never ever going to hire someone with 100% backing unless Hughton or Cowleys I remember last time DC signed someone up from fan pressure.....
  12. Thats b*llocks. Cowley or Monk - if we aren’t in and around the playoffs, both will be gone. If the Cowleys failed, we’d all berate Chansiri for a gamble appointment and be on their backs - not a chance they’d be given more time if results went the wrong way If Monk fails, we’ll hammer him for not going for someone off the managerial merry go round and do the same Chansiri can’t win - but he’s gone for the easy option for someone who’s managed on this league before, can’t blame him
  13. We’ve got the best championship experiences manager out there who is out of work and wants to be here. I don’t get the whole anti Monk stance already and this absolutely sums up our negative fanbase in one rather than give the bloke a fair shot. When he’s come to Hillsborough with his teams I’ve been impressed and his name has been banded round on here before prior to Bruce, now just because the Cowleys aren’t here he’s suddenly a bad gaffer and the rest of the excuses. He will quickly sound us out and has a track record of getting the best out of a team. Only Wednesdayites could be disappointed we’ve signed a solid Championship manager and not an inexperienced manager who’s never managed at this level, ever. Ridiculous
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