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  1. Keeper looks pants - 20m Berge looks totally lightweight - 20m Top 4 teams to play coming up Gonna be a good few weeks hahah
  2. Awful build up play from Villa. More attacking threat needed to support up top - Blades will defend for lives now and be happy to get off the mark with a point
  3. He does the basics very well, no better defender in that area, well in Lees
  4. Looking forward to continuing to fall asleep watching Wednesday
  5. Brewster could be either a massive flop or they’ll turn him into a 60-70m player. He was goos in the Champ last year but I’m still not sure he’s ready for step up I think some sides might suss them this year - they’ll not go down, but it’ll be bottom 7-8
  6. Alright yanking each other off when your winning If they lose another 2 they’ll be pointing fingers and players sulking from being dropped
  7. Surprised Brown has come here when we’re on -12 Got a feeling we might have offered him a contract if all goes well end of season to entice him
  8. Jesus calm down you wet wipe, your Mrs turn you down last night again?
  9. I think it begs the question is he required? We pressed and created a load of chances and yes, poorer opposition - but like you said them chances likely wouldn’t have come with Rhodes trotting about I don’t think he’ll get a sniff against Watford, we need people who are gonna run their balls off for that game
  10. Every player is dropping the ‘winning mentality’ phrase into interviews, tweets etc....moved on from the massive. Good to see a belief and direction and even the young un’s on board with it - we’re heading in the right direction. Acid test against Watford Saturday, if we can keep solid it’s anyone’s game.
  11. Palmer for Penney Think he will be much stronger against tougher opposition than Penney
  12. Lots of pace and energy - dare say it, similar to Forestieri 2014-15 Keep it up
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