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  1. Even better when they explode in your hand leaving you with a stump https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/7123241/smoke-grenade-rangers-fan-hand-title/
  2. Forest look really good coming forward - lots of runners in behind, that Davis on bench is a beast to bring on as well.
  3. I’ll be very shocked if Dawson is number one Peacock Farrell was unbelievably comfortable with the ball at his feet - Dawson on the other hand is very ropey We need someone like BPF again
  4. Hunt is worth another year - absolutely, even if he becomes back up, what a choice to bring off the bench.
  5. I think being at home first will provide them the advantage, it'll probably be 2-1. Looking at our playoff semi - in hindsight, I reckon being at home would've been the better choice for us and I reckon we'd have gone through on that. We looked completely solid at their ground apart from a daft mistake, at least being at home you can go out without thinking you have to reduce a deficit.
  6. I reckon we've gambled a bit this year - large squad, some expensive loanees - and it's not paid off. Squad will be trimmed right down.
  7. That second goal shouldn't have even made it into the box. Lost possession up the pitch, committed players, Storey backing off and not going through him (we were in 93rd minute here) and then running in custard trying to catch up with him was all the things that went wrong. Palmer isn't the problem, he was unlucky to lose his shirt yesterday - as soon as he came on we drove up the field more.
  8. BPF - Would keep but no chance Dawson - Keep Wildsmith - Release Hunt - Keep Palmer - Keep Storey - No Hutchinson - No Iorfa - Try offload Dean - Keep Gibson - Keep Dunkley - Release Johnson - Keep Brown - Surely hes not under another year?!?! Luongo - Release Bannan - Keep Byers - Keep Adeniran - Keep FDB - Keep Paterson - Release Gregory - keep Windass - keep Kamberi , Shodipo, John-Jules - See ya Berahino - Release Sow - Jesus, get rid.
  9. Can’t decide whether I want them to go up and back down or get sucker punched by Wycombe and see him gutted Hes a proper arsehole of the game
  10. We were all over the shop after we scored our goal - couldn’t tell whether we wanted to go for it or wait for extra time, it was evident Sunderland we’re ready for extra time - they were on their @rse and weren’t pressing us up top. We committed players into extra time of the 90 minutes and left ourselves wide open. 5 men in their half and they caught us.
  11. 25 years of going to the matches Few notable wins in Premier League 2005 Playoffs 2012 Promotion Few notable wins in Carlos era - Arsenal game, Brighton semi's Everything else has been very very average. Today is full of disappointment and anger, we did our bit - we turned up and supported the boys and we got dished up that in return from a clueless manager. What a waste of a year.
  12. Here's hoping Chansiri gives him the bullet. Far too many WTF moments in his decision making during a game.
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