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  1. 11/10 to escape the drop Lump on - if they go down, ah well never mind....
  2. They’re 3 points off getting out of it That’s what is so typical of it all, they’ll end up staying up - 1 point in 9 - that should see anyone down really, but because it’s that crap at the bottom there is little daylight between bottom and 4th Need Burnley to pull away
  3. They’re only 3 points from 4th bottom? All them teams in bottom 3 will be aiming for that 4th bottom place now - not totally out of reach
  4. If anyone wants to buy him for serious money then we need to sell I’m afraid 5-10m can be reinvested across the pitch in areas we are absolutely pathetic
  5. Dingles will finish well above us Weve only given them a 2 win start The dingles - a crap small town, will finish above us....let that sink in
  6. He was crap No agility, fumbled on ball and ran into players like you said Odubajo, Palmer, JVA, Pelupessy, Patterson, All try, but no substance - can’t carry half a team.
  7. Do you still want promotion this year? We’re 16 points behind the playoffs We may just need to strengthen the squad in January if you do, as they are absolute dogga.
  8. Wow That team is going down 100% Absolutely diabolical all over the pitch - can’t put a passage of play together, decision making is unbelievable and zero pace.
  9. I hope Palmer plays another ball down line to nobody, he hasn’t done it enough today
  10. Oh dear Westwood If that was Dawson he’d be hung drawn and quartered
  11. Anyone who thinks this isn’t a red is absolutely off their head What a numpty Windass is
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