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  1. If we were to have a points deduction and an embargo post January, would we be able to sign a shedload of players in January in order for us to compete once the inevitable ‘best’ players leave after all this fiasco.
  2. The worst part of this is these conversations will be in the dark now for 3-6 months. 3-6 months of awaiting our fate - awful for the club, it’s staff, players and most of all - us fans. I think there will be those players such as Westwood, Bannan, Hutch, Lee and co who care about the club and fans and engrained in the club so to speak who must find this so depressing - not sure how we will respond on the pitch. Could we see some fire sales in Jan? Iorfa? Bannan? Harris?
  3. We’ll not get thrown out - were a draw for Sky TV on their championship fixtures, isn’t there Leeds and Us who pull in the most viewers etc - some weight there when Sky are involved.
  4. Think him talking about us is long gone son
  5. because they can? There’s no legal ground to follow. We’ve been charged - they’re not going back on it, case closed
  6. Charged by the EFL - why are a bunch of EFL arselickers going to overturn their decision now? This isnt a court of law. Progression on the pitch for the first time in 4 years or so and we’ve managed to kill our season before the end of November. Shambles - I wonder if the club knew this was on the horizon or if this was a shock? I imagine the playing team will just take this as a kick to the knackers too - nothing to play for once the inevitable 10/12 points deduction is given to us. We are so far off the promised land, so far off our neighbours.
  7. exactly - we are f*cked. We’ve been charged, this isn’t the norm. Why would a panel of EFL arsewipes overturn their decision for us?
  8. You’d have thought DC would have had advice from many advisors and legal teams to say this is how you can get over the line in FFP and to have accounts signed off. Now were retrospectively being punished as either a big example by the EFL or because we’ve f*cked up with how we’ve published this - but DC will still have gone by what his advisors will have told him in the trust that it’s right What a sorry case - he can’t do right from wrong trying to get us where we want to be
  9. Get the Lawyers out and defend to the hills Jesus we have one season with something looking good and we completely pi55 it and mess it up.
  10. Wouldn’t get worked up about his comments on January He’s keeping the squad optimism up - not like he’s gonna come in and say Yeah we need a new fullback, striker, CM etc - keep squad confidence up and we’ll keep picking up points
  11. Some people need to have a look at themselves on here Were solid - we’ve had a good run, got a good manager who’s overachieving in my eyes - and that’s a good thing, we’ve got 2/3 top players, the rest are putting shifts in and we’re getting results Monk and this club are probably well aware of this - they’re trying to get us over the line until January where we can strengthen more and then maybe take the brakes off Even if we’re just outside playoffs at Xmas Eve - it’s not a disaster
  12. Hutch has been quality this year Lee has been a bit part player, his ball retention in tight spaces today was immense - he’s so good still
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