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  1. Danny Batth

    Because theyve thrown daft money at other players who of course would get in ahead of him? We're not in a position to throw daft money this window I'm afraid.
  2. Danny Batth

    Not featured in the Wolves side for some time and is likely to be moved on following Promotion Want to look at over the summer to bring back to S6?
  3. Venancio

    Where was he? Dropped? Injured? Funny decision to leave him out if available
  4. Odds Tonight

    We're over 3/1 on bet365 - whys that then? Possible chance of Forestieri starting and starting to look solid at the back - we've come off 2 wins away too. They're also only 3 points above us - looks a good bet to me?!
  5. Lee - Halo Effect?

    Reach isn't fit to tie Lee's boots up. Complete box to box midfielder Keiran Lee - we miss him immensely.
  6. Too Late Subs

    Jesus your posts are poo
  7. Reach

    Aye, and you’ll be first to jump on David Jones or Butterfield if they had a bad game I suppose? But because someone who is deemed to be POTS (for having ten decent games in the middle - the rest he’s been cr@p and a passenger) He runs, final ball is shocking and has no strength at all.
  8. A disagreeable incident

    You shook hands with a cockney?
  9. Reach

    What’s clear is we need a BIG strong ball playing central midfielder Weve needed once since the playoff final - absolutely desperate Reach is nowhere near the standard to play in that role
  10. Reach

    Tackling like a girl is an understatement So nesh in the tackle
  11. Butterfield

    Load of crap He was alright when he came on - played a couple of good balls. A LOT more worse players on the pitch that him
  12. Crying out for subs on 60 minutes, it took until 75/85 to bring any on. Being murdered in the middle and no outball - why couldn’t Jos see that? Disappointing given the start of the second half they started faltering under a bit of pressure from us which died off due to tiredness.
  13. Reach

    Back to being a passenger again last 3-4 games. Might have filled a gap earlier in season in a wee wee poor side but that today isn’t his position and never will be - get absolutely nowhere near Cairney and McDonald and some people rate him Cairney?!? Needa to go back on wing or lwb, worst player on pitch today.
  14. Do they sell pork scratchings?
  15. Venancio

    Didn’t put a foot wrong yesterday - won the headers and cleared everything. Who are we after exactly? We cry every time Loovens is in the side. He he is also a good distributor of the ball and can bring it out and find a pass. If we don’t want to pay the money, then we’ll get someone below his standard - can guarantee that. Lets not forget he is still of an age to improve immensely under the right coaching - only 25, still got his best 3/4 years ahead.