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  1. Exactly, it happens Theyre now knocking on the door of second place - like we was Funny old game
  2. Jesus Give him a break When he’s been in the side this year he’s been decent
  3. Worth a run out? Played well vs Brighton, allows the better players to move further forward and he does the dirty bit Cant be any worse than Saturday.....can he
  4. Gillett is a shambles ref Look at his bookings here - he’s chucking them out left right and centre The type of ref that stop starts a game a million times for every niggle, awful.
  5. He’s one of the best we’ve had in the 20 years outside of the Prem Gave his all for the cause and has scored some absolutely blinders in big games
  6. Anyone dreading this thinking it’s a perfect banana skin fixture for us? Seem to always get one over us and with zero atmosphere, a team dwindling down the league - they could end up getting a result
  7. Desperate for 2 more players at least We’re going to tumble further down this league if we don’t - need at least 1 in before next week
  8. Harris has created more goal scoring opportunities than anyone else in the league - 28, 7 more than any other player. He creates chances - and what do we do? Leave him out for Murphy, who has an odd flash in the pan Harris set the bar high early doors and a few slower performances he’s lost in place - it’s difficult for him as he’s our outball and every side knows it, which is why he’s struggled at times Hes still rapid and the stats don’t lie - deserves to start every week over useless Murphy
  9. That’s because they have a player that can play lone striker...... We play it with Winnall......
  10. Strong and box to box But not very good with close control in tight spaces and distribution is slack He can break up play well and gets into final third more than Hutch
  11. Totally wrong We setup in the same way to beat Leeds - we didn’t need to setup in that way Playing 1 up top against Blackburn at home, no wonder it kept coming back and we crumbled That, is tactical and that - is down to Monk.
  12. One of those days then I thought a few weeks back when was last time we had a pasting We need to react fast
  13. Same here mate. I thought that midfield 3 would pull us through the game. They all looked like they had been on pi55 last night
  14. And at Brighton too. We lost yesterday because of Monks tactics - we couldn’t get a grip early on and he left it too late, the red card didn’t help but we shouldn’t have capitulated to 5-0.
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