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  1. I thought it was reported by the EFL somewhere we hadnt submitted?
  2. I don't get this at all Plus - haven't we delayed submitting our accounts? How can we be losing -20m a year and not be under scrutiny for beaching P&S?
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6840541/Villa-Derby-Sheffield-Wednesday-clubs-face-sanctions.html
  4. Onomah and Hooper Im off to book train tickets for Bank Hol
  5. We've got to get at em Saturday Big time Press press press - shoot on sight
  6. In essence - I can see us losing against Leeds and Norwich as a given Villa and Preston are tricky Rest I think we can win - still not enough
  7. Not that expensive this weekend - 30/35 quid ish. For what is a massive game, should get behind the boys and we should see a good performance
  8. Isnt this what everyone in the Premiership has been facing with Liverpool? Man U fans would happily through their city game for Liverpool to not win
  9. Can’t face missing out by one point Rather miss out by 5
  10. Glad for once there’s international break 2 weeks to get players back
  11. I still don’t get how Why would Bruce come with nowt to spend?!
  12. Derby won’t hold on Preston Villa Forest and Us for that 6th spot
  13. Were playing 4 teams in the thick of it Bristol Preston forest villa 2 teams flying Leeds Norwich And 3 teams we must beat Qpr stoke Blackburn With Bristol forest and villa at home - we must take advantage and get behind the boys and take these on. I see 20/1 points max - not sure it will Get us there
  14. In fact a Preston win isn’t all that bad, drags boro back into it too and they have a good chance now
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