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  1. £500 on South to watch a decimated side that have no chance of promotion hahahha
  2. Just been added to the SWFC Facebook store - £30
  3. Puma King's were a reyt pair of boots
  4. Not one bit. It will hopefully raise a little bit of local coverage - but that'll be it
  5. What would happen if we went into Admin? Whats the series of events?
  6. And the saga goes on Another day, another negative news story And then we move on and just wait for the next one There is literally nothing we can do, this joker is thousands of miles away and the club will probably fold under him It goes on and on and on and nothing happens
  7. And people actually wanna go next year? Seriously? Throwing away your money into the gutter
  8. So can we get a refund for 20/21? Or is it just a credit? Because I want a refund.
  9. I understand it was a straight forward job to take for him given he lives in Worksop - sometimes the short commute ain't worth the crap you're going into the office for mind....
  10. Completely unforgiveable what Carlos turned us up like at Huddersfield - ridiculous anti football. Given the squad vs theirs, he should've been kicked out the club at the end of the year.
  11. I haven't watched this back or the final. I never will
  12. Thanks Joost for that 40 yard diagonal pass on your debut.
  13. Yesssssssss Shackles have gone Glad Hutch has stayed Thanks to Lees and Westwood good servants - we almost made it to the big time with them and they’ve given us good times The rest can go fvcccckkkkk
  14. I imagine it’ll be difficult as the weeks go on Not an issue, I’ve got all the tests anyway ready to go
  15. For green it’s just a pre departure test, a test within 72 hours of leaving for the U.K and Day 2 test when back home.
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