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  1. If you want him to do just that, it’s fine - do the donkey work But you need someone next to him to pop a goal in
  2. If Moore goes with that line up then he’s a f*cking idiot. Hutch - CB or drop to the bench Rhodes - start him
  3. Called it weeks ago. There is literally NOTHING we can do about anything at this club - nothing. You've just got to watch it all unfold and fall to pieces. Chansiri will never ever ever learn and he won't respond to criticism or advice. Broken
  4. It would but he’s got no choice Chansiri would go bezerk - he’s been brought in to save a sinking ship with no lifeboats. He’s got to publicly back them.
  5. However much we might bite at his comments in the media praising the team - he has absolutely no choice until the end of the season to gee them up at every opportunity We’ve just got to painfully sit out us putting abject performances and our manager telling us we were unfortunate / played good in spells / did everything but score - repeat until the end of the season Unfortunately he can’t tell Dom Howson that Penney is shybo, Reach runs like he’s in sand and Paterson is towing a caravan around the pitch.
  6. You can already tell how talented he is His range of passing, bursts of movement and he's finding spaces and riding challenges from big blokes - he'll be a very, very good player if he moves away ASAP.
  7. Very effective? He missed an open goal
  8. I see us getting 1 point again this season - Hudds at home We are absolutely screwed
  9. How does Uroghide not get a game ahead of him?
  10. Absolutely needs dropping Rhodes must be on if we’re creating any chances
  11. ‘kin hell Yeah they get handsomely paid, but there has to be some reward in the job and thats scoring goals but my god he must be driving home tonight thinking how bad was I? That is honestly the worst finishing Ive seen from a striker in years - and he offers nothing else apart from being in the thick of it and the ball bouncing around off of him. A complete donkey I’m afraid - hang your head in shame fella because you cost us a vital 3 points in what has been a complete sh1tter of a season.
  12. Waiting till nearly 70 mins to make changes Weird
  13. Is it any wonder we can’t string an attack together without a team going down to 10 and an OG piling pressure on them - we had 3 footballers on the park tonight - Bannan, Shaw and Borner. Palmer - League 1 Lees - a blocker and header at best Penney - abysmal Reach - neshed everything Hutch - laboured and offered nothing Windass - non existent, don’t even know his role Paterson - a complete and utter f*cking donkey and that is being nice I would seriously seriously get the younger lads in now - I can’t watch a side continue to no
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