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  1. Mansfield 2 : Electric Boogaloo That last cup match there was an absolute spectacle, won’t be forgot by their or our fans - should be a tasty one
  2. £40m wage bill in the Championship, rightly so I'm afraid.
  3. Another one to get hit and rightly so - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/09/21/reading-set-points-deduction-breaching-efl-finance-rules/
  4. Bang on Was just about to say the same - makes you wonder if Lowe can get a team playing better football than us with players who are 25% of what this lot are
  5. Why is our team blowing at 60 minutes? Absolute joke Tactics and substitutions were dreadful, couldn’t even put a rocker up their arse
  6. Sometimes? I really wish we had VAR. No complaints if that goes in against us, it’s black and white - you’re on or off.
  7. Well deserved Gave them an inch and they took a mile Shocking misses, no idea on how to move from midfield into attack - tactically got to question DM and his subtitution choices, dreadful.
  8. Should never play together ever again. Two centre backs who can’t pass a ball out, good at the heading, good at the kicking, dreadful at football. If we’re gonna play out from the back, we need Hutch back in there because them two frighten the life out of me and as they pressed us more today they didn’t have a clue what to do. Really, really poor
  9. Remember that video of them all celebrating in car park with all fans and then giving us a load of grief Sit on that sheep
  10. Complete wasters No excusing this, 100,000’s a week in wages these players that Plymouth will spend in about a year Absolute joke
  11. Lost to Morecambe and losing to Plymouth We’re poo and we stink of fish Not good enough
  12. He said countless times that this squad didn’t have the right mentality - he was right on that, a group of spineless gets. Tide has turned thank god
  13. 15-20k off the wage bill a week. I think he's got loads to offer and is class - but that's a big sum of money we could use in January to strengthen across 2 maybe 3 loans?
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