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  1. TodwickOwl

    Ron Atkinson

    He is what is known in some schools, as a legend
  2. TodwickOwl

    Team at Forest

    Baker is nowhere near good enough yet - really really lightweight
  3. TodwickOwl

    Our Midfield 3 starts - Wow!

    Just for the record - who are the front 3 in those W9 games too? It's alright saying it's all down to these 3 - but it could be down to a number of different things across the full team...
  4. TodwickOwl

    Shefki Kuqi

    He was at Hillsborough the other week for the Ipswich game
  5. How far off is Hooper still?! Hes been training with first team for 4 weeks?
  6. Hooper Joao Forestieri up front for me every time Fletcher/Hooper to fight for place as lead target man depending on the style of game we play Would love to see Hooper back in asap
  7. TodwickOwl

    Sheffield Wednesday's next 7 games

    We really do need some more quality back in for then - even Hooper back in the side and then hopefully one of these loanees in will help. I still think we need a powerhouse in the middle especially against these sort of sides
  8. TodwickOwl


    Well put Forestieri is a luxury and flair player - why the need to jump on his back and give him all the abuse and single him out just because he’s been dropped by Jos, I don’t know People have very short memories and he’s countlessly pulled winners out of the bag for us and got us through games - we suddenly win 3 on bounce and there’s no requirement for him anymore? Ridiculous. He has shown last 3 games coming on he’s got stuck in and worked his arse off for the team - awaiting his opportunity to come back in. I guarantee he will be starting against bigger and better sides eg Leeds.
  9. TodwickOwl


    I’ve never not got behind the team But the last 3 games we have played bang ordinary teams - and we haven’t played exactly that good either. Better teams have/will punish us if we don’t play better and cheaply giving the ball away at a one goal lead Forestieri is one of the best players in the championship and would probably walk in any other side - and you’re saying leave him out? Give it a rest - you like many will be crying for him to be back in side soon. We win 3 games and people are jumping on Forestieri’s back forgetting his ability and making up half truth rumours about his dedication to team etc - what a load of crap.
  10. TodwickOwl


    A lot of people entirely missing the point in here Yes we have won 3 games - but we’ve played 3 poor teams, look how we got ran ragged against Brentford Forestieri WILL be back in the side against better sides - he does make the difference in them type of games, possibly even back for the Forest game
  11. TodwickOwl


    You’re not behind door are you - I’m not a football manager, good spot Jesus christ
  12. TodwickOwl


    How long can he stay out the side for? Matias was a bit of a headless chicken today and making runs but ultimately losing the ball and giving it back to Reading - dangerous game and did it plenty of times in the last 20 minutes I dont think you can leave a player of his quality on the bench - there will be games where he is the difference between two teams and he’s won us games on his own countless times in the past. Matias on the other hand, I cant see that being the case. And that turn at the end was something else ...
  13. TodwickOwl

    MASSIVE squad.

    And none out the door Some players taking their last pay cheques over their last days playing football - sad really
  14. TodwickOwl

    Who else is up?

    Offer Hooper 2 year deal on reduced terms He could still play a part over the next few years and I think if he comes back in the right way instead of being rushed like the rest of them over the past few years - we might get more games out of him A fully fit Hooper will always score goals