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  1. not sure but I don’t think it was pre arranged.
  2. I’m not getting this “net zero” match. how can it be net zero. They can’t guarantee the 50 odd thousand fans have used carbon neutral transport etc.
  3. When arranging to buy or sell match tickets please DO NOT put your mobile number on here. These can be lifted and used by unscrupulous persons who will bombard you with texts and calls.
  4. Seems HMRC petitioned to wind derby up in early 2020
  5. Please don’t put mobile numbers on an open forum thanks
  6. RIP Greavsie its still a funny old game.
  7. Our next home game (Oct 2 v Oxford) will be my grandsons first ever Wednesday match. please win that is all.
  8. Going into admin and clearing the debts will make them a more attractive prospect to a potential buyer
  9. so it’ll be -12 for admin plus -9 for current charges ??
  10. Yes they'll probs do you another card straight away.
  11. A Jewsons ? cool. Can pick up a toilet u bend. Some jubilee clips and a pallet of roof tiles pre match.
  12. Their house. Their rules. it’s not a promble to have a mask in your pocket and slip it on if they ask.
  13. Didn’t work then ?
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