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  1. It’s not the clubs fault there’s no trains
  2. There’ll be plenty of games to get peoples points tally up.
  3. When do tickets go on sale or will it be potg cant see it anywhere
  4. Just spoke to ticket office. there are none available and there’s no waiting list
  5. @wiggy how would I go about obtaining an away season ticket ? Are the numbers limited ? Is it 1 out 1 in sort of thing.
  6. Not sure but I’d think you’d need proof of age for under 11 ??
  7. Hear me out PSG are willing to top up his wages to any club that can’t afford them so if we offer him £500 a month. PSG pay the rest. it’s a no brainier
  8. discharge papers. Record of service veterans rail card defence discount card any of these will do. Either photograph them and attach to email with your swfc id number or pop in and do it over the counter
  9. Every season ticket holder should get a voucher for a new shirt at the start of every season.
  10. Yeah let’s sit back, rejoice the fact that out of every professional football club in Europe, we’re the worst financially.
  11. S L M L great scope in sizes then so it must be true.
  12. Need Rob Staton to ask Channers for his comments on this.
  13. I paid 445 in December early bird stage. I’ve been given 195 in ticket credit. I served 10 years. I don’t think length of service matters. Wether you served 1 day or 22 years a veteran is a veteran. As long as you can prove you served then it should be fine.
  14. Be aware that kick off days and/or times will more than likely be changed as it’s a local derby and South Yorkshire police are rubbish.
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