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  1. youre not a QAnon follower are you ?
  2. so, to sum up.... someone read on twitter that we were in discussion with someone in switzerland they mentioned it to someone else, who mentioned it to someone else yet here we are.... still with that clown in charge
  3. I hope the takeover discussions involve the repayment of the loan(s) Chansiri took out against Hillsborough stadium
  4. I can't believe how many people are even giving this rumour any notice, Channers asking price is WAY WAY too much. But someone off facebook said its true .........
  5. Wolves fire: Blaze causes 'significant damage' to Molineux https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-60099207
  6. The one i spoke too, hadn't a clue either, i ended up using the first bus app, was about a 10min walk to a bus stop in the middle of a housing estate,
  7. I'm looking forrad to it can you furnish us with times and places ? you must have been close to me to have heard what i said, where i said it and what time it was
  8. I appear to have a stalker. following me from Wetherspoons to the ground. Close enough to hear my conversations bit weird but each to their own I suppose.
  9. Hate to piśš on your strawberries mate but you’ve got the wrong bloke. only time I spoke to spoons staff was when I thanked her for clearing my plate away. The only time I spoke to a copper was when I asked one where the bus stop was to get back to the station. I also don’t know what pies have to do with an away day picture thread but anyway. my partner used to make pork pies. She stopped a couple of years ago. Plus it wasn’t limited to Wakefield. so I suggest you get your facts straight before you start casting aspersions on someone’s character.
  10. Still on train. delayed by trespassers on the line. delayed by a bell end wednesday fan wedging a bottle in the door. I just wanna get home.
  11. training staff bloke with them. They got the 19:02 to London Paddington.
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