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  1. Anyone got any stats when hes played up front or no10? Id guess 15 apps, 0 goals and 0 assists. On left would guess assists on par/not far off bannan (pro rata as hes hardly played there under monk). Managers are meant to get the best out of players, not the worst!
  2. Cant the alleged saviours in beattie etc have a word with monk and offer some much needed intellect? I thought strikers are either quick, technical, good at creating a yard or strong, good in the air, natural goalscorers and finishers etc. Reach is none of these and to say so is delusional and/or admitting he cant attract a decent striker. Reach is very good at running on the left in a straight line and putting good low crosses in, thats it although he is probably better than harris at this due to being left footed! If reach thinks otherwise he maybe thinks hes better than he is, another who will likely leave for free next summer, car crash club
  3. Poor record, worse than luhukay, irvine, turner etc. Poor football, poor selections, tactics, subs etc etc. Maybe its not all his fault but evidence is he clearly can't make the best of what he's got, and the evidence also shows he has short stints ending in failures/sackings. Started promising after promising signs under bruce, but that was a disastrous bottom of table showing since xmas, another terrible appointment by dc. Doesn't seem the brightest either imo, but can't be arsed to argue about opinions to the incredibly high 30% who seem to back him!
  4. Wildsmith Iorfa Lees Borner Harris Luongo Bannan reach Windass Murphy Wickham Bring dave on 60min
  5. Would be good next to iorfa as he lacks pace but iorfa far better option all round and pound for pound imo. Iorfa shows that better managers who cost more can make more, on top of getting better results too
  6. You asked and as a courtesy i gave my opinion, dont bother asking again, sorted!
  7. Windass over hunt in middle 3. Nuhiu and murphy up front. Bannan could have sat more to compensate if needed. We are not scoring anywhere near enough goals or winning enough at home so that should be the focus, especially when playing weak sides lower in the league imo Monks not addressed this all season tho so cant see it changing.
  8. Said in other thread hudds, a lower team away from home were always going to sit deeper, so needed murphy playing off nuhiu and windass in middle imo Instead we launched it to 2 short players vs cb's, embarassing tactics
  9. 2 small mobile forwards can work on the break away, but hudds sat deeper and we launched it to small players vs cb's, crazy. Needed murphy playing off nuhiu and windass in middle tonight, but ive given up on monk seeing basic stuff like that!
  10. Totally different qpr that beat us at home when they had hugill and wells up front, but we looked alot better with cb's playing cb instead of fb's! Murphy dangerous up front, him and wickham could smash it, not convinced about cruz bar corners but monks signing so likely to get more starts. Windass might be best in a middle 3 too which could work better having missed 2 sitters, but he offered alot of energy and hunt not ready imo. Finally an encouraging performance to build on but the side would likely need fine tuning vs decent opposition imo
  11. Exactly, said this before and he's even played moses cb which cost 2 goals in 1 game, palmer culpable for 2 yesterday too imo. Monks boxed himself in corner tho saying 352 is suddenly the way, despite losing suitable players like hutch and fox for it so it will likely stay until hes gone. Nothing ideal with our squad but would go 433/451 and basics, keeping it tight, pace on break. Wsmith Moses/murphy. iorfa borner palmer Lee bannan reach/luongo Murphy/harris. wickham harris/reach Bar iorfa, murphy, wickham and poss bannan, would start again for a 1st team and get rid of monk&bullen asap
  12. Missed odd bits, hes been taking murphy off for moses so thought he'd done same! Forget everything else for a minute then, reight manager 😅
  13. Wildsmith Moses Iorfa Borner Palmer Lee Bannan reach Murphy Wickham harris Hes backed himself in saying 352 is the way for us, so expect same/similar failing side
  14. Wildsmith 6 Palmer 2 fell over for 1st, let striker cut onto strong foot for other, like moses never a cb unless monks in charge Iorfa 6 Borner 6 Harris 2 put a great cross in vs swansea, wont expect another this season Bannan 5 Pessy 2 Luongo 2 unfit Murphy 6 good goal, best player so monk took him off for moses whilst leaving harris on when reach an option! Nuhiu 5 Da Cruz 0 is he really a pro? monks signing, a warning sign of a long stint in lg1/2 if monk stays to waste more money. Moses 1 Reach 5 Windass 3 another poor monk signing Monks clearly already failed, its a case of when not if
  15. The person that needs to be more ruthless is dc, we need a winner in charge who can attract the right players and get the best out of them. There's not much evidence of that behind the excuses imo, so hopefully there will be better options available this summer for a much needed radical overhaul
  16. This and murphy put a good shift in, just short of end product. Cruz woeful, missed a 4 yard free header and somehow got 78mins. Need a massive clear out including manager imo
  17. Its his 1st game at lwb, if any of the 3 cb's had been dealing with their attacker for the pen, not sure this would be a thread, he put some crosses in, murphy skied the best 1. Saying that he didnt seem to be fully playing for the manager who has put him all over the pitch except in his best postion on the left resulting in him getting benched, so his confidence/motivation/fitness might be down. He may also be thinking about his next club because yet again we've let a player with good resale approach 1 year left. Last summer was the time to sell or extend, he will go for nothing next summer after another average season imo
  18. Runs about but zero end product, would sub him and give harris a try up front but it'll be rhodes
  19. Exactly, plus when we had hutch we had the players to do it, but now when we only have 1 or 2 cb's capable of it and 2 fb's playing cb resulting in conceeding goals from aerial crosses, he thinks it's the best time! Added to that reach could be the ideal player for it on the left but instead he either sits on bench or gets played out of position on right or centrally, clueless!
  20. Moses cost a pen and lost his man for 2nd headed goal which he defended like a typical fb, weakly. Monk was not 'forced' to play 3 cb's when only iorfa available. Palmer less calamitous than moses tho so maybe iorfa and palmer in a back 4 and 433 if no other option for that 1 game, but no way should he have played moses cb (2 goals culpable for). He still chose to play palmer cb when borner was fit tho and wasn't forced to do that before west brom. As soon as borner back would play 433 and ditch the full backs at centre back idea. It easily comes undone when aerial crosses come in (2 goals like this conceeded vs west brom), which they will without proper full backs to stop them. Squad is very thin now but palmer is not a cb, moses even less so with decision making imo. And monk never plays reach in his best position on the left, he doesn't get the best out of squads so will never succeed here or anywhere else imo. If you disagree feel free to share why you think he will succeed here, but hopefully dc decides before he gets a single penny this summer.
  21. Wsmith Murphy iorfa borner palmer Lee bannan luongo Harris Wickham reach
  22. Monk 0 Players put effort in but set up to lose, moses and palmer never cb's and reach needs to play on left for starters
  23. Yep both goals at fault but who here would play him cb! Clueless clown has to go, not just for that but for almost always going with awful selections and tactics
  24. Woeful, only scored more than once all season on 2 occasions. New more expansive manager needed who also has the basic common sense to play reach on the left instead of harris.
  25. Thought we were boring and average vs a similar side, monks set up/tactics mean we are awful at doing what our strikers could thrive on, crosses. Cant see why reach is never played in his best position on the left where he can cross and assist. Harris constantly dribbles slowly for too long before being beat, hitting 1st man or putting it out, and so many times, needed putting out his misery at ht. Subbing murphy for moses pointless when reach for harris might have improved our woeful crossing. Palmer at rcb strange. Monk can't even seem to see the problems so will never get anywhere near the solutions imo
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