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  1. Midfield so much better with luongo in over wing, got an assist too which wing hasn't managed all season. Johnson still scary when tested aerially or vs pace/ball in behind tho, never a long term cb imo
  2. Quick guys if enough are sold we can get this lewis wing deal over the line, get another crock in to replace theo and who knows, even extend DM's contract!
  3. So we lose a championship capable player in theo and get lumbered with a non league level player with ZERO league 1 assists and goals all season. Usually a decent player needs to be able to at least kick it ok or run ok, better players can do both, terrible players like LW can do neither. DM is clueless, it's virtually SABOTAGE!
  4. DM just not very bright, johnson at cb, wing regularly starting, regularly dropping one of best players after good performances, no wonder Theo struggled for consistency at times and is alienated. He could have been a threat upfront too but he prefers berahino , clearly no eye for a player and lacking basic common sense. Bar staying up write this season off, get rid of DM and start again, again. Shambolic.
  5. Johnson is decent on the ball, thats his sole quality so he would probably do better than wing as cm/lcm cover, another dodgy boro signing, just not as cb as he cant defend, or winger/lb as he has no pace! Brennan the cb on the bench should be starting and palmer lcb, simple. Palmer played very well there at accrington and got 2 assists, johnson has 1 all season. Palmer is also the more experienced defender, quicker and better in air. Its just bad management like playing wing all the time and not being positive enough like bringing NML on for pato instead today and regularly dropping theo. We might not be a top 2 side but we should have enough for top 6 or very close with a decent manager imo.
  6. Bpf 5 Pato 4 NML would have been a more POSITIVE sub, especially given their right side was pretty solid against theo Palmer 4 can afford 1 smaller cb but not 2 or ALWAYS likely to conceed at set pieces/crosses, awful at rwb but dm's fault for not being POSITIVE by bringing on NML for pato Hutch 5 extra point for 90mins Johnson 2 vulnerable when tested in air and against pace/ball in behind, can pass but no standout cb qualities, even ducks rather than challenge for ball, baffling he starts ahead of brennan Theo 5 struggled against a decent rwb but got some crosses in to a non existent front 2 Adeniran 4 poor Bannan 6 looks better with players in team on his level like luongo and windass Wing 4 poor as usual, baffling he gets so much game time, still 0 assists, 0 goals in lg1, send him back Gregory 3 spare part with no service, even less threatening than berahino, needs a presence and ideally pace next to him berahino 4 always poor but got a shot or 2 off Brennan 5 better than johnson NML 6* better than palmer at wb DB 4 poor Moore 2 set them up to fail When you see wing, johnson and berahino all starting i pity anyone optimistic, they are lg2/non lg. DM gives these alot of game time which shows very poor judgement, they are not suddenly going to perform their roles well, its january not september. Shrewsbury poor, missed open goal 6 yards out and took us 60min to have a go but awful upfront. NML rwb, pato behind the lightweight front 2 instead of wing, and brennan (a cb) over johnson would surely have worked better, and need a pacy striker who can run channels/get in behind as berahino/sow spare parts imo
  7. Would have preffered nml rwb, adeniran behind front 2, pato rcb, palmer lcb as wing and johnson very poor
  8. Think its 0 goals and -1 assists (typical backwards pass for browns o.g!)
  9. Poter was the crab for passing sideways, wing worse as passes back mostly. Cant run above 6mph, shoot (0 goals, always row z) or pass forwards (0 assists bar a backwards pass for browns o.g), he's overrated imo as most people think he's merely crapp
  10. Bpf 9 didn't face many shots but perfect display, anticipation, positioning, commanding, assured and possibly gained us 2 pts with double pen save like vs roth Hunt 8 crossing has improved recently without getting anything, but finally got a very good deserved assist Brennan 7 assured and good passing range, could probably do a job anchoring if ever needed Palmer 7 used his pace well for covering Johnson 7 his physical frailties as a makeshift cb weren't tested so his passing and forward runs stood out well Theo 7 good solid game, a threat as ever but their rb had some pace to make it difficult, tired after 65-70 mins so took off 10min late DB 7 goes missing at times but extra point for assist after good exchanges with bannan Wing 6 disappointed to see him over windass but thankfully his best game bar the usual plentiful accurate backwards&sideways passing vs rare dodgy forward passing and sunday lg shooting, but covered good ground Bannan 9* ran midfield, no misplaced short-medium passes & goal of season imo Gregory 8 great finish, some nice layoffs and passes when deep Pato 7 worked very hard so tired in last 10, good positions, hit post, switched to cm 3rd position in a week, very useful utility player SB 2 Looked tired tracking back and on counter even as a fresh sub, need much better They will be a lg2 side next season and there was a league between us and them, kids making obscene gestures unsupervised sums them up but soundly beat the rabble in front of us. Performance possibly even better than wigan away albeit vs a poor side
  11. Goal of season that, they're crap but set pieces will be dangerous with cbs/ porter the no9, we're slow upfront without windass so might get pushed back now, need a counter attack threat
  12. Happy with that bar wing who is awful, kamberi gone off so pato upfront but need windass on for wing asap as no pace upfront, NML for hunt after
  13. As well as cb think a pacy no9 would be useful as windass only one we have with a bit of pace and he might play more as a 10, berahino and sow are poor
  14. Crewe 2nd bottom, need to attack so windass hopefully over wing Bpf Pato brennan palmer NML DB bannan theo Windass Gregory kamberi Will be hunt but bring NML on early 2nd half, kamberi needs to raise his game imo or pato might offer the presence in that front 3 instead when dunkley back
  15. Pato's utility and team playing is underrated, can play 4 positions at a decent level so will be cheaper than 4 decent players! Dunkley & luongo 1-2yrs, brennan 3yrs not too bothered about the rest including hunt who is 31 now
  16. Maybe 2 or 3 nil but they still couldn't score vs a back 3 that had no cb's consisting of a forward aka binman, a slow left midfielder and a fb! Sorry but Hirst senior would have got a hat-trick in 1st half
  17. Missed parts of game as at sons football xmas bowling party but agree with all that, tho johnson worries me at cb especially against pace but we got away with it. Basically gk superb, defence did well, midfield steady but poor upfront as no pace or craft upfront without windass and nothing from wb's. Theo needs to start most games on left and shodipo can come on when he tires, NML should share game time with hunt to cover the miles at wb but not sure whats happened to him already!
  18. Agree with that, if they have big strikers there maybe a case for pato in the back 3. Shodipo a good option to bring on as rwb or lwb. Like windass in a free role, he can drift to flanks for overloads and hopefully run in behind too as front 2 lack pace to do that. Expecting a good game
  19. Think he cost us a likely goal not playing advantage too 1st half when windass was free on right. Gregory was unmarked in centre so it was a simple low cross for a 1v1
  20. Not one of those that nit picks ratings or pokes my nose into personal lives but you mean impetus right?
  21. Shodipo wad directly involved in both goals by scoring 1 and assisting 1 so have to say it was right decision in hindsight to start him. Scored 13 last season, had a good goal disallowed earlier in season so think there's more to come from him, plus theo can't play 90mins every game, wing back is a tough position mileage wise. Rather have theo and shodipo sharing game time than johnson and brown tbh
  22. Bpf 6 good free kick but miles away Hunt 7 put some better crosses in that quicker strikers might have got end of, made most of their slow lb Brennan 6 another good 7/10 display, bar not showing their left winger down the line for their 1st Dunkley 7 solid Pato 7 great to have in the squad, covered his 4th position very well bar free kick, reads the game and puts his head in Shodipo 8 very good assist on his weaker foot and a goal, so 2 extra points for 2 solid contributions Luongo & Bannan 7 dominated midfield Windass 8* worthy of a free role, popped up everywhere, great finish to put us ahead from behind 2nd time in a week Gregory 6 struggled to get on end of things that weren't pinpoint but nice assist Kamberi 6 better touch but like gregory got little change from a decent defence ML 6 looked pretty sharp and direct, looks a good addition Theo 5 struggled to get in it for last 20 Coming from behind to be leading twice in a week a good sign, credit to dm for going with 3 forwards and nearly another good win. Dominated possession and plenty of crosses/shots. Only a set piece undid 2 buses coming at once. Performances alot more attacking and positive now leading to more goals
  23. Same at home vs forest, they were clinical we missed loads!
  24. Yes eustace used to leave hirst on bench it was awful, ron somehow kept us up that season. Next season we went down, sheridan and king signed early november after a bad start and it was looking promising. Then we blew it losing 5 out of the 6 final games somehow including to qpr and southampton, went down on 40pts so unlucky, but won the league cup next season so every cloud etc!
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