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  1. i'm assuming you have also visited every other championship ground, from the same view point, to make such compelling argument.
  2. 100% Left. Fair play to that dutch Journalist for breaking this first.
  3. i've got a good feeling about tomorrow. I think the players will really want to put on a show for us. I just fear for their confidence if we go 1-0 down. REALLY need to support the team if that happens.
  4. Although i don't agree with your premise, i think this is a well thought out post and makes plenty of good posts.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised but unlikely after the forum.
  6. Whats happened in the past has gone now. What i want to know is what is our plan for the future. We all know we are in financial trouble but we just deserve to know the truth. As Chansiri said last night "we wont like it". - This is fine. We have been through a lot worse than this so it would help if we all atleast knew the direction our club is heading. Let us manage our expectations. Of course it is awful news for us, but i think this could genuinely bring the club and the fans together. secondly, I'd really like to know the real reasoning behind the Boyd, Hutchinson, Abdi, West
  7. even here, Chansiri missing a great opportunity for pay on the gate fans.
  8. this is a great point, i don't have a clue what his name. I'd be shocked if more than a couple of people did.
  9. some of you must be watching a different Joao to me. I think he's lazy, incosistent and gives the ball away too much. it's like playing with 10 men when he plays at times. Apart from the goal the other day he was absolutely dreadful (so was everyone else).
  10. Rotherham have been playing well this season and have given most teams more than a game. If they come and put in 100%, i don't even think we will get a result. We haven't got the guts to compete.
  11. poor full backs, weak midfield and no leaders in the team. Although its dreadful to watch, we need to seriously think about going very defensive for the foreseeable future. We need to somehow go back to basics and just somehow get some shape and consistency with our back line. Be it 5 at the back or 4, we need our team to know their roles.
  12. i Like him and he will only get better with age. I hope he gets more confidence with crosses though that's the one area i think he could help our defence with.
  13. If we sell Reach and Bannan i'm about 95% sure we'd get relegated. Take them two leaders out this team and we'd unravel so quick.
  14. i just can't see how we would replace them both. It would demoralise the team as they are part of our spine.
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