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  1. Although I agree with your point, teams like Liverpool and the prem top 6 have the money to finance an entire sports science department. They have the infrastructure and personell which will be world leading. Watch the all or nothing series' on Amazon prime. City and Tottenhams medical department look absolutely outstanding.
  2. I watched the game and the more I see of Ben Henegan, the better he looks. He is an absolute giant of a man and marshalls the back like well. He's actually surprised me with his distribution at times also. He seems very confident of firing the ball through the midfield and straight into the strikers feet which he did many times yesterday. I've got a feeling he might end up being one of the signings of the year. We'll have to wait and see but he certainly looks the part.
  3. I genuinely love the idea and it has potential. Hope it keeps expanding, get a few food outlets in there and maybe a little football pitch for the kids and it will be a great place for an hour or so pre match. Will need some sort of shelter for the cold rainy nights in winter but I'll be there most games for a beer or two.
  4. Yeah you're right, sorry my bad. What a dreadful signing. Moore out.
  5. I like the look of him. Really hope he can kick start his career with us and find a home. Has all the physical attributes you would want in a midfielder, hope he can apply himself and really push on. Alot of competition for places in the midfield now so he's got to take his chance when he gets it. Great age and has a chance of growing with us.
  6. Advantages of having a left footed CB in a back 3, means your attack can quickly turn into a 4-3-3 when moving up the pitch. The opposit Wing back tucks in and turns into a back 4. This works for both sides for the right sided CB. Easy way of creating overloads which is the pattern of play I've noticed watching the pre season matches. I guess this is the tactical flexibility in which Darren Moore is referring to. I also wouldnt be surprised to see Windass dragged to the LW at times for a more conventional 4-3-3, especially if Wilks comes in. Play as a front 3 as 2 inside forwards similar to the way Liverpool used to play with Salah and Mane constantly attacking the box.
  7. Up there with my favourite ever Wednesday kits these. Love the yellow away kit but the home kit is just so simple that it's brilliant. Less is more. £50odd quit makes you wince a bit but I will be buying both this year. Especially now they do fat man sizes up to 7XL
  8. Going against the grain a bit here but I've actually just bought one. I only bought it so I could get a SWFC home kit with Bannan's signature on it framed and put on the wall. Need some decent stuff for the home bar and £36 isn't that bad really.
  9. Stockdale Johnson-Fameow - Iorfa - Ihiekwe-Hunt Vaulks - Bannan - Byers Smith - Gregory. I think the team picks it's self right now.
  10. I'd rate our summer business an 8/10 at the minute. It's been a brilliant summer so far and we've addressed many of our shortcomings last season. I think the only obvious weakness of us right now would be pace. I'm sure the recruitment team and Moore can see that and the next 2 players who come in, will have pace and offer something different. Wilks is obviously 1 that we really want, but I think we also need a right sided Wing back or winger. If we manage to get 1 or both, I think that would probably be us unless a deal which is too good to turn down comes up.
  11. A left back who can also play left wing or midfield you say? Oh and he also thrived under Darren Moore previously? On paper I don't think we could have found a more perfect signing for us. Ticks every box we would want in a signing right now. Finally we have the competition for Marv to give him a break every now and then. I think this could be one of the signings of the summer for us in our needs.
  12. Apart from Mendez Laing, I don't think any of their new signings we would have been looking at. I'm pleased they've got them selves sorted but I don't particularly fear them this season. Ipswich ended the season strong, I think they will be up there with us hopefully.
  13. This is a contender for the Owlstalk Hall of fame posts. I'll try and get it going Alfreton away.
  14. Got some brilliant strength in depth now in the forward areas. I think Windass will play a bit deeper for us so we've got 3 top strikers battling for the 2 starting positions. Nice to have players with the ability to play all over though with Windass and Patterson. A creative number 10, couple of wing backs and CB away from the complete squad.
  15. Some proper research and hard work went in to that video so fair play. Guy knows his stuff, hope he keeps growing his audience. Reminds me a bit of James Allcott if anyone else watches him. Anyone that actually does some proper homework and puts in the effort to make content I'll get behind. Some of the dinosaurs on TV should take notice. TV might have killed the radio star but the Internet is on a fast track to killing the TV.
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