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  1. What stopped us?

    just put in a salary Cap. That will completely level the playing field in the premier league.
  2. Player of the Season?

    Reach by a country mile. Only player to play nearly every minute this season and when others bottled it, he stood up and never tried to hide from the ball.
  3. With the premier league growing and money keeps coming in, the top 6 clubs will keep distancing themselves more and more to the rest. In America, their sport system is designed to keep the game as even and competitive as possible Via the draft. The worst teams from the previous season get the first choice on the best young players coming out of university. I have absolutely no idea how this would translate to English football but its a system i truly admire.
  4. Daily star today

    I used to really slate Harry Maguire but he's come on so much since he went to Hull last season. His passing ability is fantastic and he's pretty solid most of the time. England have a lot worse centre backs at bigger clubs (Smalling + Stones). I Won't be surprised if he started for England at the world cup.
  5. the amount of people who don't know the difference with Smoke bombs and Flares is gob smacking. They are not even similar. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO FLARES AT HULL.
  6. absolutely no chance we could afford the sort of money he will attract. Looking at around £6-8m minimum.
  7. i think we have found a ball winner in Pelupessy. I think our main target area this post season has to be a new LB/LWB. Someone who can offer constant pacey threat down the left hand side.
  8. Van Aken

    completely guess work here. He might have picked up another slight knock or something. The guys very young and might look better in a back 3 rather than the 4 as he won't be exposed as much.
  9. Pelupessy

    Looks a really physically fit lad who I think will play 40 games a season for us. Breaking up the game really well and keeping the ball moving.
  10. Adam Reach

    i think putting him in the middle of the park has been one of the few shining lights from this season. He's stood up and dragged the team through many a performance through a very difficult winter period. I think his engine, pace and athleticism is used best in the middle of the pitch and I'd love him to stay right where he is.
  11. Will give the entire team a lift having a spine to the time back. Westwood, Lees, Bannan, Hutchinson and Forrestieri is absolutely massive for us.
  12. If we can somehow find a win and a couple of draws from the remaining games i think we’ll be fine.
  13. Would be great to have them back but unfortunately it’s not an option at the moment. Let’s keep giving confidence to Joao, Nuhui and Rhodes and I’m sure they’ll start scoring at some point.
  14. Wildsmith or Westwood

    Why anyone is even contemplating removing Wildsmith shocks me. He’s been player of the month and looks more and more confident every game. Let’s get him our full support to be the Wednesday number 1 for years to come.
  15. I can take a defeat tonight. I just want to see the team with some fight and passion. A new sense of direction with players willing to give 100% for every 50/50 ball. As long as they give their all for the club and fans, I will be happy as it will be a step in the right direction. Our season will not make or break tonight but we can turn over a new leaf and steadily build confidence in our team again in the few weeks coming up. #Wawaw