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  1. I didn't hear Darren Moore's press conference but I've seen bits from Chey Dunkley. One thing is for certain, I wish he played even half as good as he talks.
  2. Were doing okay grinding along and picking up points playing poorly. Getting Luongo and Byers back in the squad will help so much. Play like today every week and you will lose a lot more than you win though.
  3. you can see it in the players the second things go against us. Their heads drop and we lose our entire shape and system. Its getting to a point where we need psychological help because you can't go for this long without something being fundamentally wrong.
  4. I don't want to be that club that hires and fires every 6 months. What we need right now, and what we've needed for years, is a period of stability. I'm not naieve enough to think that if results don't improve he won't get sacked but if Darren Moore can decide on his best 11, that would be a good start.
  5. I wouldn't change coach just yet but he needs go find out what his best team is and give them a run of games to build relationships. You can't have a different CB and CM pairing every game at this level. You just simply can't I'm sorry. Successful teams usually have a best 11 and an identity. We have neither currently. You could pick our midfield and forward options out of a hat at the start of the game it's that random.
  6. I wish Darren Moore had the answers, I really do. One thing I do know for certain though, until Moore learns what his best 11 is, we will not see any improvement. A centre midfield partnership is one of the most important combinations in football and yet we seem to have a different midfield 3 times a week. This is doing no one any favours. You could pick our team by drawing names out of a hat at the minute, that is not sustainable in this division. I think back to previous successful teams in league 1, you could always pick most teams starting 11 with a set style of play. For us it's 3 changes a week with no style of play. Needs fixing and soon.
  7. Don't think he was any worse than Adeniran today. Our midfield in the first half was absolutely dreadful and that's both Wing and Adeniran's fault. They couldn't get hold of the ball at all and consistently lost every 2nd ball. They both need to wake up and get up to speed because they allowed Oxford to teach us a lesson today that is for sure. It was like we was chasing shadows at times.
  8. Not surprised, we are mentally weak and cave whenever the pressure is lifted even a slight bit. No leaders in the team from the board room, all the way down to the players on the pitch. A ship without a captain. Completely rudderless.
  9. Speaking of full backs, we've needed a LB since Pudil's legs went in 2017. We've actually Still never replaced him after about 5 managers and god knows how many games. To me it seems blatantly obvious we need a left back.
  10. that's fair enough and your opinion. But he was part of a midfield that got ran over for 94 mins, conceded 3 goals and could have been about 6 on a different day.
  11. If we go out with the same attitude as we did yesterday for the rest of the season, we'll do well to finish mid table. 3-0 to Plymouth actually flatters us. They battered us from the first minute until the last. Don't want to single any players out but don't think any of the team would get more than a 3/10. You've got to earn the right to play football with hard work and stability. I'm not sure all these 3/4 changes a week are helping us, we looked like a team who had never played with each other before yesterday. We need to bounce back with a performance against Shrewsbury.
  12. I've got a feeling he will be sharing the RW spot with Corbeanu for quite a lot of the season. Theo is a young lad who will need protecting at times and Patterson is a willing battler who always gives his all. He also is a huge character which will have a large impact on the dressing room. People with personality are often overlooked a lot by fans and underestimate their importance to a successful dressing room.
  13. I'm not convinced about us being top 2 material just yet but I certainly feel like we will be in the top 6. Our defence is rock solid and we won't concede many goals all season. So as long as it stays like that, we have every chance. I think we will look a different team when Windass is fit, he was turning into a brilliant forward towards the end of last season. If we can get the forwards firing then we will be difficult to stop. We need to hit the target alot more than we are currently however.
  14. will do well to get up to Edinburgh in time for Hearts then Lol...
  15. Really don't see anything in this. Similar style of striker and profile to Lee Gregory. I never thought we would go after someone like Berahino either tbh so you never know.
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