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  1. Daavies;


    really hope they are both ready. They offer something different to what we currently have which is a bit of pace. Just makes us a lot more less predictable which can only be a good thing.
  2. i Don't understand the hate Chansiri is getting to be honest. It isn't the chairman playing centre back conceding 2 or 3 every game. Its poor coaching and more importantly, pathetic from the players. 3 of the 4 goals the other night was just people switching off and not defending as a team. Our back line is embarrassing and it comes from coaching.
  3. Daavies;

    How you feeling

    didn't expect anything from the game so not surprised one little bit. Whoever is organising the defence needs to be sacked because we are an absolute calamity at defending. Going forward there is promising signs but we don't have a chance until we learn how to defend as a team.
  4. i was born in 1994. The best three players i have seen at Wednesday is Bannan, Forrestieri (first year) and Ross Barkley. Barkley was on loan for about a month, scored 3 goals and looked like a world beater. Fantastic player.
  5. Daavies;

    Passing out from the back

    even the best teams go long sometimes. Look at Man City. The amount of times Ederson has kicked the ball 60 yards up the field to create chances is unbelievable.
  6. Daavies;

    Next 7 games

    Difficult run of fixtures that is for sure. But football never works out like that, we'll pick up points where we shouldn't and drop points to what we think we should be winning. Play like last night and we'll struggle but i think the team will fight back.
  7. There is nothing wrong with having a different opinion to what everyone else is thinking. It doesn’t mean everyone is right or wrong, it’s just an opinion. Modern society, in all walks of life, are crossing the lines between facts and opinions. The worst people for this are Journalists. They are clever at making you think that what they are saying in regards to managers or team selections are facts, when actually it’s just their opinions. I saw someone on another thread say he thought Nuhui was poor yesterday, but because the commentators on iPlayer said he was brilliant (their opinion) he must be wrong. It is okay to disagree.
  8. Daavies;

    Just got back.

    I watched the game start to finish and I think this is a fair assessment. Strangely I thought Nuhui got better in the second half as in the first it was like attack v defence after we scored. We couldn’t string 3-4 passes together. Fair play to Reach, Pelupessy and Bannan for the second half though, they got hold of the ball and we started to play.
  9. Daavies;

    Adam Reach

    When Reach plays well we usually get a result. The first half last week he couldn’t get in the game and we struggled as a team. Second half he got hold of the ball and things starting to happen. yesterday he started on the front foot and was stretching the game for us brilliantly. Another assist for the Joao goal for him.
  10. Daavies;

    Matt penney

    Getting better every game. Played the ball really well today and he has a very good nack of blocking the cross. Well done Penney.
  11. Daavies;

    Well done Sheffield Wednesday

    It was the best we’ve played with the ball I think today. We played some excellent combinations down the left side which kept creating space for Penney. I still think we could look after the ball more when we’re under pressure but I’m sure that will come with confidence. Thorniley is getting better by the game and looks an absolutely brilliant defender.
  12. Daavies;


    big tall centre midfielder with the legs to get around the pitch. Could be exactly the kind of player we needed. I imagine the other one will be a defender.
  13. Daavies;

    Jos on Penney

    he has shown some positive signs and will continue to grow. If i'm being overly critical i think he was snatching at some of his passes and gave the ball away a few times. These can be improved by playing games and i'm excited to see him develop.
  14. Gonna be a very hard game and i’d probably take a draw if you offered it me now. I just want to see the team looking fitter and sharper than at Preston last year.
  15. Daavies;

    Someones gunna get sued

    Huddersfield must have left Yorkshire then