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  1. This is the type of player that had Peterborough signed him on loan. He would stay there next season aswell and would be worth 15m in 18 months time. But we have. So you know the rest. Bench, Wingback. Called Back.
  2. I thought Frank Simek was quite good and probably better than Buxton .
  3. He won't. Going into administration gives you restrictions for the next two years.
  4. It will cost him way over a 100m to be able to get Derby to the Premier League. That's why I don't see him buying them.
  5. Pretty much. Unless you are a multi millionaire happy to lose the best part of 100m for a club that's gonna be in league one next season and under years of embargos and rules, then you ain't buying Derby.
  6. They are now it was changed a while back. The payment to them and the claims made by Boro and Wycombe are why they are struggling to find a buyer.
  7. Yeah then Tony Puliis convinced him he could make them happen. And Chansiri believed him.
  8. We play a winger for only half of the games we can as a wingback, and expect Premier League teams to take us seriously when we approach them about a loan.
  9. He is a very good wing back. And the way we play at the minute suits him. It's no coincidence that his performances have picked up when we went with 3 the back.
  10. Good result that last night, considering the sending off. After what happened when we swapped about the back three against Hartlepool. I can see why we were as defensive minded as we were. If we said back in August we would be playing a back three in December away to Portsmouth and we get our best holding midfielder sent off with 20 mins left. and we come away with a 0-0. we all would have taken that wouldn't we. Now how crazy do I sound when I say that back three will be Palmer, Paterson and Johnson. Credit where its due I think.
  11. Chances are they will weaken their squad in January aswell. He will have them around mid table still though, easily.
  12. Don't get me wrong of course that's why he has been brought in. I am just saying I don't think he will totally flop at it like some are assuming he will.
  13. Think it's already been confirmed it's not happening.
  14. I am probably in the minority here. But I actually think Heckingbottom will do ok there. Not promotion or anything. But he will stabilise them. Will go back to the same tactics Wilder had, with probably the same sort of players. Was u23s coach so will integrate most of them ok aswell.. We won't be passing them on our way to promotion, put it that way.
  15. Basically means, we have lost a ton of money and Paul will only be judged on how much of that he can get back for us, by playing the u23s so we can sell all the first team players.
  16. My fear is if they can call him back they will and find him a championship club.
  17. Was a bit skeptical about him at the start. Seemed to waste an awful lot. But easily been our best player this last month. Early days yet to be talking about him at a superstar level though. This is League One after all.
  18. Why he is so vital to us, he drops in work the line, and links the play. Similar to how Hooper used to for us. He stays fit and with us after January. We get promoted.
  19. Especially at this level. We have some top quality players for this league. It's now up to Moore to get and keep getting the best from them. Because every team in the league would swap their squad for ours if they had the chance.
  20. Told you he would come back and save Moore his job didn't I.
  21. Windass is a quality player. Will be the difference this season.
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