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  1. He has got the Wycombe game for me. Needs to do two things though. Drop Dawson after that performance and stop trying to play that ridiculous formation with all the players even remotely capable of playing it unable to play.
  2. Bannan tries the killer pass to much. Normally gets it wrong and he hits the first man or sends it out of play. I miss the quick short passing one, two football he used to do on the left with Fletcher and Hooper and stuff then when he slide the 5 yard killer pass he got it spot on. I swear Monk must just look at all the players now and say pass to Bannan, don't matter if you have to pass it back 10 yards just give it to him. Then to Bannan he says. See Patterson head. Yeah. Hit that.
  3. He did his job ok. Not his fault you want him to play like bannan does.
  4. He was just less rank then most of the others.
  5. Did you add Pelupessy's name out of habit.
  6. Thought Pelupessy has been one of the very few players to have done ok in the last 3 games.
  7. I bet they brought on some strikers though didn't they and pushed some men forward.
  8. I am puzzled by the tactics and the subs in both games now when behind. I can't see what Monk is thinking. Is it how many poor crosses can all the midfielders put into the box.
  9. Another striker off for a midfielder. Given up ain't we.
  10. @gurujuan is right we have signed all of these forward players and i say "forward players" on purpose as only really Marriott is a out and out striker and none of them work as a partnership.
  11. Monk loves bringing on midfielders when we need goals.
  12. Just goes to show how poor we are. Take out a few key players like Iorfa and Luongo and we can't do nothing.
  13. It wouldn't surprise me if we see Palmer at left centre back tonight.
  14. Didn't he actually mess up what he was suppose to do.
  15. But surely if that was the case we would see him infront of Pelupessy by now. Monk ain't scared to drop players and leave them out if they are not up to it is he. Clearly he must think Pelupessy is more up to it than Waldock is. And if Waldock plays the same role as Luongo does even more reason that Monk would have him in over Pelupessy, as Pelupessy can do the defensive side like Luongo can but can't build up the play like him.
  16. My guess is he don't even make the bench at the weekend.
  17. Guess what Pelupessy is a defensive midfielder aswell. The best young cm we got by a mile just got taken off at ht, because he was being left behind at this level. And you want to put a worse one in. I don't get it. Had Waldack even been at the level of Pelupessy he would have been in or around the team more by now.
  18. I am going to predict Pelupessy starting tomorrow and 3 points.
  19. Exactly what I said in the Pelupessy thread. Him sitting behind Brown and Bannan might actually be ok. And its the only way I see us compensating for the loss of Luongo.
  20. So you want a midfield two of Bannan and Kachunga.
  21. yes but if they cant stay with one man. they will just all look at each other when a man is free for a header. they will blame each other. It rarely works well with good defences letalone one like ours.
  22. So our players struggle to stay with the man they are suppose to be responsible for. How do you think they will do when you take that responsibility away.
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