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  1. After how the EFL have handled the whole Bolton and Bury things and with other teams getting away with finding loopholes in there rules. I recon our lawyers will go to town on them and the punishment wont be half as bad as what we are expecting.
  2. You would never have known that this was a recycled template from the Leeds match day thread if it wasnt for that pesky 12.30 Kickoff.
  3. Tough game even though they are on a bit of a bad run. Be interesting to see how we line up. depends on injuries I suppose. Will Borner be fit.? If not will Thorniley come in or will we go with Hutchinson and Pelupessy in midfield again. If we play 4-4-2 will we opt for Forestieri and not Nuhiu? Most important of all will Luongo be fit. If not then I hope we go with Lee. Need someone to break into the box over and over again. Wonder if we would get away with putting a Wednesday shirt on Dack on his way out to the pitch.
  4. Fox can be that full back. In the last month the signs are there that he is getting better. Only Harris prevents him getting crosses into the box as he is always the one to do it.
  5. We do have some good options now to mix the formations about abit. So if we dont get it right first half we can change it in the second. Away to Blackburn always reminds me of away to Preston. Just not confident of a result. Which is why I hope he has his tactics spot on as I feel this is a game where we won't get lucky in, no ref decisions either so we almost have to make our own luck by getting the game plan spot on.
  6. If we are in the Autos and we get docked points and dont go up because of it then the EFL open up a can of worms. They didn't really dock Birmingham any points till they had nothing to play for did they. Bolton are also due another points deduction this year aswell I believe. But they will do that once they been relegated I would expect. So it doesn't really matter. Otherwise they would have done it already.
  7. I hope we go back to 4-3-3. We continued with 4-4-2 against Hull after a good result at Boro. Probably on the back of it seeming to work and thinking we had found a goal scoring Formula. It didnt work against Hull and I feel it may not work against Blackburn either. If Monk can see a weakness in the Blackburn line up where 4-4-2 would work then fair enough. But I hope he just do go with it as it worked well last match. As I am sure he may have done that against Hull.
  8. Full backs of real quality cost more than 2/3 million now unfortunately. We would probably want that if we sold Fox. Who I am guessing you are probably looking to replace.
  9. What kind of trees were you expecting 4th choice keeper Jones to pull up then. Think you can cut him some slack.
  10. To be fair to Fox he is probably the most complete Full back we got. And he if 6ft odd so that will tick a box with Monk. I would like to see Harris on the right and Reach on the left. As Harris will always be a threat and look to hit the byline no matter what wing he is on and as he always does this then Palmer would be more reserved in getting forward, hence less opportunity for a poor cross. And I also think Fox over lapping Reach would be a real asset to the team and it would also put Reach in probably his best position aswell. Something I hope Monk tries in the future.
  11. We have given zero minutes to any player under 23 this season and I dont think any of this lot will be filling Monk with much joy either unfortunately.
  12. Dont always work out like that though does it. When we signed Rhodes did he improve the starting eleven. On paper when we signed him he did. As did Murphy at the start on this season.
  13. I am pretty sure Monk knows his own mind and hasn't just gone off the back of what Jos did. But both managers have seen Dawson and Wildsmith in training and both have chosen Dawson. So that tells me he is the better of the two keepers.
  14. Palmer turned into one. No reason Fox couldn't either.
  15. Perhaps that's what we are waiting for. Him to be given the boot.
  16. If we left Bannan out of the team. We would notice the difference pretty quickly. Bannan is a part of every move we do at some point. But that is not measured by stats. Count the number of times Bannan plays the ball that leads to the assist. Most managers in this division would take Bannan for there team. And every manager we have had here has more or less said he is the best we got.( Or continued like the previous manager to run all our play through him)
  17. He turned down an offer to manager Brentford to continue to be Monks number two. Really?
  18. He is world class for the championship yes. But he is a million miles away from the top Premier league managers.
  19. Dont think the article was done to complement our attacking style. It was done to say, oh wow, someone has actually managed to stop Leeds playing. Here's how.
  20. Exactly this. People say stuff like he hasn't won much. The majority of the managers in the premier league letalone the championship have won absolutely nothing.
  21. I wouldnt have been so sure. Where is Lewis Dunk's call up. Much better than Tom Lees has ever been. Perhaps he has been called up then I stand corrected. Still took along time of him being a premier league player is more my point.
  22. Depends on finances I suppose. We will probably need to shift a few aswell, which is easier said than done. And if we do bring in a loan player player from the premier league then there clubs are going to want them to start. And as we found out with Murphy this doesn't always work out. Just dont be surprised if we do sign new players and they find themselves on the bench as Reach and Fletcher are top quality players for this division and although they may not get the goals you want. If new players come in and dont fit to Monks way of playing then it will be back to them two and grinding out a 1-0 victory.
  23. Who knows what Monk is thinking. No one seems to want Palmer replaced now. Perhaps come January Monk may think the same about Fox. And before all we know he could be over the moon with Reach and Fletcher. It's going to be interesting what he does and he will put his own stamp on the team going forward. But I wouldn't be surprised if we were just looking to add to the squad in general and make our back up options better as Murphy, Winnall and Rhodes all seem out of favour.
  24. You know what!! I think this swap may just swing it.
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