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  1. We get up under him then we definitely stay up. But can he get us up.
  2. We must have just let 5-10m of that go in free transfers. Wont be 35 this year but still to much to spend without getting money in first.
  3. Very true. But perhaps we dont see the point in paying a lot of money for someone who may be ok. Let's say in a bizarre universe Eddie Howe expressed an interest in us and Bournemouth wanted 5m compensation for him we wouldn't hesitate. I believe it's all about risk and reward.
  4. I dont think its through lack of trying believe me. If Hughton said he wanted 3m a year and that's all it was. It would be paid and he would be here now.
  5. Think we will have done enough to survive next season if we dont get promoted. but we wont be able to spend any money now on transfers as some may believe.
  6. Hopefully Chansiri will just get on the phone to Chris Hughton's agent and say. Look tell him he can have 4m a year. Owlstalk is going crazy over this.
  7. We wont be seeing him again. Last I heard he ran of with Miss Scarlet.
  8. So Chris. What can you bring to Sheffield Wednesday.? Gareth Bale.
  9. Was going to say that Pulis's record as manager easily matches that of Bruce's. But he does seem an unpopular choice.
  10. That's the problem though isnt it, we are going to struggle to attract anyone in that bracket.
  11. Who can we attract suitable into the season then that we cant attract now.
  12. Hopefully you are talking about us replacing the mustard in the canteen.
  13. Now if there is one person that can turn Lucas Joao into Thierry Henry like we have all wanted then its definitely this guy.
  14. I have mentioned him a few times on here. We are being linked with much worse.
  15. And it's just occurred to me how important a different thread on each one is......
  16. He's coming home He's coming home He's coming Carlos is coming home.
  17. Read nothing what so ever about where people play in pre season. All about getting players fit.
  18. Could be Dawson Baker Iorfa Fox Penney Pelupessy Van Aken Lee Winnall Nuhiu Joao
  19. Harris dont really know enough about him to comment. But Fletcher and Reach will score more in an attacking efficient team sure of it.
  20. Perhaps if we didn't have Forestieri and Joao losing the ball every 10 mins these three may just work. Bannan would then be the guy who plays all these guys in on goal. Rather then Forestieri and Joao trying drag backs on the half way line thinking they are Messi. Dont get me wrong both are fantastic players and on there day unplayable. But neither are as good as they think they are and there is a reason why virtually every manager we have had has constantly dropped them. Joao, Forestieri and Bannan are all players that slow the game down and want to make the play and you only need one of them in the side not three. I think a this could work next season if we dont bring in better. Lee Hutchinson Bannan Reach Harris Fletcher Now your gonna say where are the goals going to come from but you will be surprised how many goals will come when you remove players who just want personal glory.
  21. Or if you cant send us any players. Making a 50m bid for Joao will do just fine.
  22. He should play on either the left or right wing. Right wing seems to be our preference as he can cut in. I would like to see a midfielder 4 of Reach Bannan Hutchinson Harris. Think that could work well. Can then even go. Lee Hutchinson Bannan Reach Fletcher Harris as a 4-3-3 aswell.
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