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  1. He’s a bit of an unusual fella to be fair so not surprised by his post.
  2. You actually believe this guy? He’s got two right this week but about a million wrong before that if you count when he was KevOwl!
  3. We’ve barely got any players under 22. Also, I’ve already counted the keepers and we’d be way above. It will be a MAXIMUM of 4 more players only!
  4. Absolutely not. It will be a back 3 with Gregory and Smith as battering rams. Moore has finally worked out the division. We will be the biggest team in the league.
  5. There will be NO players that are unregistered. It makes no sense and is just throwing money away. Glad you are your finance director! PS: maybe one player…Brown cos he’s poo!!
  6. 1. Sunderland both legs. Awful tactics in the first game and pathetic by Storey and to a lesser extent NML in the second 2. Huddersfield. Rhodes not taking a penalty 3. Pigs 2-4 defeat. We were appalling and the downfall for Carlos started there 4. Derby 3-3 we should have beaten them These are just ones in recent memory. There are loads!
  7. Over the whole season I’d rate like this. Some like Mass and Byers would be higher but they only did it for half the season. BPF 7 Palmer 6.5 Brown 3 awful Gibson 4 injured Hutchinson 6 Iorfa 5 Shodipo 4 Adeniran 6 Gregory 8.5 Bannan 9 Windass 6 good when fit Paterson 6 Byers 7 Dean 6 Dele-Bashiru 6 Johnson 8 Kamberi 2 garbage Luongo 7.5 Dunkley 6 Berahino 6 Wildsmith 5 Hunt 7.5 Storey 6 over rated Mendez-Laing 6 Sow 4.5 Wing 3 so upset that didn’t work Corbeanu 6
  8. Seen as there is only 22 players not including goalkeepers in League 1 allowed, I highly doubt that!!!
  9. I just said he could play there not that I’d want him there. Also, no point in buying wingers per say as we will generally be using 3-5-2. I’d be surprised if we sign any out and out wingers!!
  10. I think we will make only 3-4 more additions. 1 cb 1 lb who can cover centre back 1 striker 1 GK (1 wouldn’t but heard we might) Stockdale Dawson 1 GK Hunt Palmer Heneghan Iorfa Iky (can’t spell his name yet) Brennan 1CB (Palmer and possibly another as cover) Johnson Purrington? (Galvin) Vaulks Byers Bannan Dele-Bashiru Adeniran Hunt Paterson Gregory Smith Windass Wilks(?) Sow (Cadamateri) That gives us 26/27 players with four or more being under 21. Also we can change formation at any point as Windass, Wilkes (if we get him), Paterson, Adeniran, Sow and Johnson can all play as wide forwards. I think four more is enough. PS: I didn’t include Jaden Brown as he’s abysmal!
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