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  1. Thanks Snoots. We can see the beginnings of some stability and a togetherness. These games until the window will be a grind but confidence is returning. The effort will pay off and no pressure from me until we can add a bit of quality to the organisation, effort and determination that is emerging. COME ON WEDNESDAY.
  2. Unplayable on his day. Had everything, pace, power and strength. Just not bothered. We have had a habit of signing these type of players hoping leopards will change their spots...
  3. Battling performance to keep this lot out. A point would be a decent result with 11 on the pitch. WELL DONE WEDNESDAY.
  4. was it part of the EFL punishment that we should play every other game with 10 men?
  5. you are getting mixed up with a ‘striker’ and someone who happens to be playing in front of our defensive lines....
  6. There’s a world of difference between a striker and a bloke running around all game narrowing angles, being nuisance, closing down and being a threat on the half dozen set pieces we may get during the game. Rhodes is not even a threat on corners or free kicks, which is why he ain’t playing...
  7. Pulis going for pace and trickery directly through them...
  8. not much use if we can’t get the ball anywhere near the 6 yard box..
  9. We haven’t had any since Fletcher left...you must be a jelly by now.
  10. must be ‘76 or 77 when half of them were playing for the dingles...
  11. We need to be firm but fair, a twist of the plums...between old friends.
  12. Great work Snoots. Got 0-0 written all over it.... COME ON WEDNESDAY.
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