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  1. Great game today and Monk is playing him to his strengths...
  2. Any more Dettol and the pitch will look like the Baseball Ground in the 70’s in a couple of month..
  3. Darrell, it’s ******** Darr-rrell... Stay off the gin.
  4. At least the thrower is getting the ball back more than 50% of the time this season...
  5. Seen off the threat from Keiffer Moore and Glenn Murray in the last two games. A few errors but on the whole, really encouraging and composed performances. He took a knock in the ribs from Murray today but battled through. Lees in the middle as the stopper allows vA and Dom to play out to the wing backs....Lees concentrates on what he is good at and is no longer our outball from the back.
  6. Izzy Brown playing the game at his own pace, slowing it down and zipping it on his terms..
  7. Good half lads. Closing down and work rate first class...
  8. Nice one Snoots. Big game this one - a win against these would send a real message that we are coming after everyone in this division.... COME ON WEDNESDAY
  9. Not there yet, but plenty of promise if he can eradicate unforced errors..
  10. Top OMDT Snoots.. Lets hope today is more about b.alls than c.ocks.... COME ON WEDNESDAY.
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