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  1. That Chris Waddle effort in the Semi Final was a bit special…
  2. Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them…
  3. RIP Tony Toms. Remember after some of the trouble at away grounds Jack Charlton suggested in his programme notes that anyone who wanted a scrap on a Saturday afternoon to come down to Hillsborough and have a pop at TT…
  4. They are based on the PlayStation type. They fly drones over Afghanistan from a portacabin in the UK. F1 cars, 200m long subs - these controllers have been around long enough now that for most of the younger generation now serving, they are second nature….
  5. A lack of movement, poor tactics, poor systems and not playing to our strengths can make even decent players look like Muppets. Tom Lees was the previous example. Sadly, the trouble is, DM is making them all look like muppets including asking an old man to play on his own up front on the shoulders of the last defender without anyone in an around him. Players arguing with each other is a really bad sign.
  6. It’s really disorientating Darra. Coming down from the conning tower is a two storey vertical ladder in a surprisingly tight tube. Mrs Flat Owl was a Lieutenant in the RN and finished at Devonport after 20 years service - she managed to get me in on a tour on a Resolution Class Nuclear boat that was being decommissioned. Most of it was off limits or with sensitive stuff covered up but astonishing never the less. What struck me was that despite its size, this massive thing was controlled from a gimballed Helmsman’s position that was no bigger than a Spitfire cockpit….
  7. My Dad and Grandad gave up and I spent the whole of the 1970’s being labelled a Jonah…
  8. DM will not last beyond the end of the month at this rate… Terrible.
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