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  1. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaallll... Winnall
  2. If you had the b0ll0x to support this club during that time, trust me anything since has been a birthday football wise...
  3. Apart from one or two - you need to look to the dugout for the prombles imo...
  4. He has 'dabbled' tho'... The Jemima years...a bit of lippy and ready for Roxy's.
  5. Inspired OMDT Snoots. Superb forensic analysis of the evolution of GF's mullet. Looking forward to some sort of 'reaction' to the Blackburn bumming.... I hope they have taken their suppositories.
  6. I don’t think he does his talking on the pitch either... He leaves that to a busy little angry Scottish man.
  7. He did, and said as much in one of his interviews pre-season. Mentality, fight, spirit, togetherness & attitude is massively important at whatever level and is the reason why many of his group have played in all 4 divisions. Play to their strengths, be organised, aggressive and be innovative. Norwood was a shrewd acquisition and a steal. Right players in the right positions. They have a quality and reliable goalkeeper imo are a top class forward away from securing regular top 10 finishes. I have to say that they are in fact light years ahead now compared to our jaded neshes...
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