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  1. Might be some massive attendances in the National league this weekend...
  2. Dave - There’s s.hitting your own nest and s.hitting a nest that is 6000 miles away..
  3. Nothing will happen until the EFL confirms the sanction when they become the ones that prove the final straw and Chansiri finally understands how much of a haircut will be needed to extricate himself from a mess of his own making.
  4. Absolutely - No-one will disclose commercially sensitive information Whilst in post and departures will have been required to sign NDAs... No one Beyond the confines of the club will ever know.
  5. Good club man indeed but not a 'legend' of a club with 150 years of history to fall back on. Just goes to show how the last 20 years have gone when LB as a league 1 playoff winning captain is considered worthy of inclusion in the anniversary picture. Having said that, I suppose every generation needs a hero...
  6. We will be cushioned from any financial hits from this virus. We will still be getting 22700 attendances when playing behind closed doors...
  7. Is he? or does he or the company he fronts have a financial interest? No one knows.
  8. It’s now bordering on negligence. Whilst the initial cash injection made us competitive in the first year, the medium and long term planning on all levels has been lamentable. With a years notice, he came up with ‘cake ball’. He appeared to misrepresent the involvement of TUF at the outset. He hatched ‘ghost’ companies - a practice Southampton had already been denounced for. The man is a football amateur. The custodian of this club has gambled with its future. The squad has not been competently turned over and the club is now reaching a contractual cliff edge. These are not consistent with the actions of a ‘successful businessman’. They might be in Thailand, but not as a fit and proper owner Chairman of an EFL club with a proud history and tradition. Its a f.okking joke and one massive c.lusterfuck that we can only stand back and watch, powerless to influence or rescue.
  9. Great considered piece. Apart from a few seasons, an ongoing story of mismanagement, incompetence and missed opportunities...
  10. Good defensive effort..particularly Iorfa. Hunt did well. At least it wasn’t a national embarrassment.
  11. COME ON WEDNESDAY keep it respectable eh....
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