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  1. It will take years for us to get any money back for those It's a very niche market even for D Pimps...
  2. That's a great photo. Let's get this s.hitshow on the road. Time to start mixing it lads!
  3. Work your Magic Darren. Make yourself a hero. Nothing to lose.
  4. Cultured and composed player. Remember him bringing the ball out from defence for QPR, in a similar way to Bobby Moore - he always seemed to have bags of time. RIP.
  5. Just out of interest, does Thai culture say anything about honourable business practice or respecting your community?
  6. We have no influence over the continuing deranged practices of this megalomaniac. Watching Chansiri lose £350million on his own without any help from us would, in itself, be mildly amusing... He is only a few short weeks from reaping the ‘rewards’ of past and ongoing maladministration and corporate neglect at sustained levels never seen in the history of this club. It’s the consequences we need to prepare for.
  7. For example, Brum are currently in 21st place on 34 points now which is higher than the ‘average’ red line.
  8. Hi Ryan, Great job buddy. Just wonder if it is straight forward for you to add a worm tracking the 21st place showing how far adrift from safety we are? At the rate we are going, we may be relegated with several games to go?
  9. Aye. And that will be why we won’t get anything out of the Rotherham game...
  10. This shambles matters to Paterson. In fact, he is the only one that shows anything more than a shrug or staring into space when walking off the pitch... I would go as far to say that along with Osaze, he will be an asset in Lge 1.
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