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  1. I will celebrate the England goals with gusto. but, I find myself being more frustrated with the supposed best players this country can produce than anything else. I have no empathy or willingness to accept mediocrity as they are not 'our own'. I expect them to be competent footballers, who can kick with both feet, do not miss sitters and do not foul a full back facing his own goal line by the corner flag time after time. I expect them to have skill, drive, pace and creativity...they are England, they are highly paid and they must therefore be better than we have at S6. More often than not they fail to live up to their own hype with lack lustre performances. The reality is that England are never as good as we think they are.
  2. All the best Andy Rhodes.
  3. Flat Owl

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    Great goal by Mexico vs Germany. Its been coming...
  4. Segregation young man. They do like a flare, a big flag and a dangerously big hat, the Spanish...
  5. Will we have to give them the Cantilever?
  6. Flat Owl

    Westwood will be Off

    Liverpool looking for a shot stopper with good distribution.....
  7. There is indeed but he was out of position in the wrong box....
  8. Didn't he head one in from the halfway line at home to QPR when he scored a hattrick in the first game one season?
  9. Has Jos got any Stasi mates looking for a holiday?
  10. Flat Owl

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    My Grandad called it Owlerton...the other stadium in Owlerton was the speedway or the dogs. I've always known it as The Ground because there is only one to all we know....those at S2 dont exist unless they are being mocked.
  11. I like wandering around my garden late at night. Gazing in awe up at the night sky. But I am ready. Like Springett. Ready to catch Simmo's penalty without doing a 'Loris'....
  12. Flat Owl

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    I bet it's summit to do with that Fukka Putin. Too many fingers in too many pies that man.....
  13. Flat Owl


    He's made a name for himself with that exclusive. P.rick springs to mind...