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  1. Kelham Island being evacuated...
  2. SAG, still not satisfied with stand and road closures, trial new measures including the provision of a moat in front of the main entrance.... fokkers.
  3. Seriously, it might help folk in also remembering the fact that there was still heavy fighting....there was just shy of 11000 casualties after 11am on the last day, of which nearly 3000 perished...
  4. Twice in fact.... One in the 91st minute and another in the 97th of added time...
  5. Teams will be sh1tting themselves the next time he stands over a free kick alongside Bannan....
  6. I am talking generally....rather than a snapshot in time...
  7. It’s poo when we are poo and do things like today. But, When we are better, we’re are certainly by far the greatest team the world has ever seen. I can’t imagine supporting a team when failure is more spectacular than the expected success.
  8. Or away at Borough. He’s a menace in the opposition box and a good presence in our own...Fletcher can finish and we have FF around the box with Kadeem in place of the lacklustre Reach. Lee / Luongo should be bombing around and making late runs. We have the players to overwhelm teams physically and those with quality. Borner is usually solid and Iorfa can bring the ball out - both can contribute at set pieces. We are not capitalising on those assets from the first minute.
  9. He does work hard but is struggling to impose himself in games..
  10. It’s that time of year... We always plateau out around the end of October...we should be used to it by now.
  11. Hasn’t found last years form so far this season. Close to losing his place IMO..
  12. Monk was only 6 minutes from pulling a master stroke. Westwood at fault for the first and Borner for the second. Uncharacteristic individual errors. Credit them for not throwing in the towel after we scored...Monk gambled and it looked like it had worked.
  13. Not good enough throwing that lead away. So close to a professional away performance that turned so unprofessional...
  14. Graham Pugh had his moments... And Barry Horne could hold his own.
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