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  1. we are so weak down our right hand side...Murphy, Odubajo and Iforfa....
  2. Great OMDT Snoots... Let's give these Cowley bros a right Wednesday welcome to the Championship. Who wants it, will win it. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  3. As much as I like Bullen as a coach and person, I honestly don't think he has it in him at Championship level. He has succeeded whilst caretaker for the few games after someone has gone and ultimately it fades as effort and confidence wanes due to woefully lacking tactics and guile. He could not do it before, and if he is still 'in charge' with coaches behind him or not, it is likely to get worse culminating in another Burton type no show later in the month as the players lose faith in what they are being asked to do. Chansiri is the man who decides and it is about time he took control and gave himself [and the players and us] a chance of recovering after as a good a start as we could have expected without an experienced manager. It won't be long before we are playing catch up again which ultimately leaves us short this season - he won't have another opportunity to 'sell' the stadium again next year. Dejphon - you standstill, you go backwards - get someone experienced in man and give yourself a chance.
  4. What a waste of the first decent start in years..
  5. Look on the bright side.... SAG will be off our backs in a minute as the actual attendance will be less than 20,000.
  6. Would have saved a fortune in Green'Uns and half my youth watching final score through the window of Radio Rentals in the p1ssing rain at Hillsborough Corner.....
  7. More knock ons as a consequence from the first decision to provide unreasonable segregation to closing the exit onto Leppings Lane and then closure of part of the North Stand... Closure of both carriageways is unnecessary IMO. They will be expecting the club to pay for smart signage all the way back to the bottom of Netherthorpe Road next to advise motorists that Penistone Road is closed and diversions are in place.... Where will it end.
  8. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaalllllllllll Dave..
  9. Great OMDT Snoots dedicated to Bury FC. No one in the right places gives a poo . Seems to reflect the country as a whole. COME ON WEDNESDAY.
  10. Portsmouth away '83-84. Won 1-0 on the then open away end at Fratton Park but spent the next 8 hours p1ss wet through in my pants on a train with no heating.... Next worst - any game in the Irvine era.
  11. Perhaps he's waiting for the annual 10 game cull, where another tranche of failures or wrong men at the wrong time become available....
  12. We weren't unlucky John Pearson. We had a decent last 15 minutes which are capable of for an entire game but wasted 75 minutes. Not for the first time.
  13. Bloody rubbish. No organisation or plan or tactics. Players have no clue what to do. We need a football manager as soon as possible.
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