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  1. Flat Owl

    Happy 75th Sir Howard

    Made Wednesday into a team feared by everyone else. Great days before the rug was pulled. Stood by his club when everyone else went to jelly. Sgt Wilko.
  2. Flat Owl

    Andy McCulloch

    The muscle in a front two firstly with Terry Curran and then Gary Bannister. Proper committed footballer who chipped in with a few each season. Great days because when he scored a goal everyone would rock and roll...
  3. Flat Owl

    New manager fits fans criteria!

    Careful Snoots....DC clearly got the idea to sign Rhodes off here... Now, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if we got PB for Christmas.
  4. Flat Owl

    Bannan last niight

    It can't be helpful being so myopic when cleaning third floor windows from ground level with one of those carbon fibre squeegee poles....
  5. Flat Owl

    Bannan last niight

    Or have been told not to move and maintain shape. In a defensive set up we rely on his boundless energy whilst limiting his full capabilities. United always had an option or two even in their own defensive third but especially in our full back positions and gave the impression they always had an extra man. Without Lee and FF, we just don't currently have anyone who matches his work rate or instinct to make progress up the pitch. United have that down both flanks and through the middle with Fleck and Duffy ably supported by CBs who are comfortable operating where our central midfielders would expect to be. All for playing kids and assimilating 1 or 2 into the side each season is about the limit IMO in an ideal world, expecting 4 or 5 out of 11 to form a convincing side puts immense pressure on the experienced players. It's not hard to understand that Lees, Bannan, Reach and Fletchers form has also taken a hit. I have to say that whilst Bannan and Fletcher were disappointed several times last night that some of the youngsters didn't do what comes naturally with experience, they made a point of still encouraging them once the danger had subsided. They are the true professionals and the blame IMO in having to play half a side of inexperienced kids lies firmly at the door of who allowed the club to get itself into this state and the position of acquiring and retaining so many players on cliff edge contracts....
  6. Flat Owl

    From a player.......

    Just the once according to Sky...
  7. Happy with that half to be fair.. Well done boys.
  8. Fox puts it over the bar from 4 yards under pressure...
  9. Sky couldn't have trashed the footballing side of SWFC any harder if they tried....
  10. I've been like that for 50 years FO....
  11. If we go a goal down with that line up then it's going to take some doing to get back into it.
  12. My eldest daughter was born on a derby day. It was a point then and I will take a point now tbh. COME ON WEDNESDAY