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  1. And the fact that we continue to concede soft goals from the left flank is down to the players switching off. Nothing to do with the coaching at all.
  2. Think we need a midfield 3of Adeniran, Bashiru and Bannan. Subs bench for Byers, Wing and Luongo making that a pretty solid midfield for League 1.
  3. Well they scored one for us didn’t they. That might have helped.
  4. Left side of defence is the obvious weakness. A left back and left footed central defender. I feel the rest of the squad is fine if used correctly by the manager,
  5. Ah, the old 2-3-5 formation made for some interesting results back then. There was a 7-0 against West Ham at Hillsborough that season too If I remember correctly. Pitches ankle deep in mud through the Winter but some great attacking football to watch. All this modern coaching takes the entertainment out of games.
  6. Interesting that Dunkley has spoken out. Thought Hutchinson would be the first but perhaps he doesn’t want to be frozen again.
  7. So true. Did you watch Man U trying to play out from the back vLiverpool yesterday.
  8. I absolutely feel the same way. One part of me says we can’t go on firing managers every few months. It does nothing for the continuity of the club and development of players. The other part of me says we are a club with a tradition. A tradition of powerful attacking football. Not tippy tappy passing sideways and back football but wave after wave of attacks towards the Kop to win games. In my time Catterick, Wilkinson, Atkinson and even Carlos for a while had Hillsborough rocking playing this way. Sadly Moore seems unaware of or incapable of providing this. He talks of playing on the front foot but shows no signs of achieving it. So on balance he deserves a little more time, but if we approach Christmas playing the same way and throwing away points carelessly the Chairman must act decisively.
  9. It’s the lineup we should see every game fitness permitting. A proper back four and a well balanced midfield. Attack could be better but it’s what we have
  10. Sorry, Don’t agree. We have a good goalkeeper devoid of confidence because of the defensive idiocy going on in front of him. We have two more perfectly good centre backs for L1 if we use them correctly. We have two perfectly good ball winners in Bashiru and Adeniran in midfield. We have a choice of strikers capable of scoring given the service. We have wide players a plenty warming the bench. Play them in their correct positions in the 4-3-3 system the squad was assembled to play and stick with it. It’s not rocket science just League 1 football.
  11. I know, let’s just look who’s just been fired for doing a crap job and appoint him. Wonderful idea.
  12. Becoming increasingly obvious, erm erm he’s losing his marbles coming up with a team selection like that. Needs to go and sit in a darkened room for a couple of days.
  13. Aye and stop playing wingers an pd full backs as central defenders. We might stop the free headers from corners and free kicks then.
  14. Sounds like you’re suggesting they run more and work harder.
  15. Lost faith in the way he’s being told to play and disillusionment with the whole set up. Not the only one judging by today’s performance.
  16. Won’t blame any individual. Not even himself for selection and tactics today.
  17. That wasn’t tinkering. It was dismantling.
  18. Honestly….do you really believe the captain’s the reason for the performances we’re having to witness.
  19. Saw the team announced today and immediately thought 4-4-2 or 4-3-2-1. There were a few possible formations but never in this world did I expect 3-4-1-2. How could that possibly work with one centre half, one full back and one winger in the back three. Then full backs on the wings with wingers on the bench. I ask anybody on Owlstalk to explain the logic in that. We have now surrendered six points in a week playing a formation we do not have the players to play . Definition of insanity. Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. I rest my case. Rant over……..for now.
  20. Jeez this is awful. Two shots, none on target and only 40% possession. We’re playing at home for Gods sake. Shake it up at half time please Moore, this is not good enough.
  21. Playing with one centre back and wing back would certainly re write most coaching manuals.
  22. Looks a mad lineup to me. Only one proper centre back. We’ll probably win at a canter.
  23. WHAT …….and scuff up all that nice new blue paint.
  24. Think the most he can hope for in the next year or two is a very occasional spell on the Celtic subs bench. But hey who can blame him. He left a club in turmoil, with half a dozen different people in charge in just over a season. Points deduction, embargoes and players not paid in full. If he does regret it the large regulator paycheque each month will surely compensate. If things don’t work out he could be a free agent again in 18 months and still just 22. Good luck to him I say.
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