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  1. Taken to Hillsborough by my Dad and Uncle for first time 58/59 promotion season v Barnsley. We won 5-0. It was great and I thought it would always be like that.
  2. Tony Kay front and I reckon the Wednesday player at the back is Derek Wilkinson. It’s at Craven Cottage early 60’s but no idea who the Fulham player is.
  3. The training ground is the root of all our problems and you don’t even give it a mention
  4. Think it was Steve Bruce that said a rebuild needs 3 or 4 transfer windows to achieve what’s required. In reality we haven’t had one normal transfer window due to being under successive embargoes. Taking this into account its clear Moore has done pretty well with the hand he was dealt and should be given another season…2 more normal windows to finish reshaping the squad. And yes although we missed promotion I agree we should be happier about the state of the club than one year ago
  5. cleaning up the turn styles, they look like you have time travelled back to the 1950's. There’s a very good reason for that. They are the self same turnstiles that I went through to get into Hillsborough in the 1950’s. The one I went through on Monday came with the following warning from the operator. ‘ This one’s gone right stiff mate, you’ll have to gi it a good shove’ He wasn’t kidding. Modern turnstiles would be a start but there’s so much else I’m coming to the conclusion a new stadium is going to be the best solution. It’s too far gone now. My only reservation would be in that it would need be in the Hillsborough area to keep the core fan base.
  6. And yet several players manage to train there without problems. Blimey Liam Palmer, our longest serving player has trained on it for 20 years or more and is never injured. Also I note our neighbours are blaming their training ground for a spate of injuries. The whole of Sheffield must be too hard underneath and too soft on top.
  7. Jeez. Luongo wants to be playing international football for Australia. Playing League 1football is not helping his chances. Who can blame him for wanting to play at a higher level. He’s been good for Wednesday that’s not in question…….when he’s been fit.
  8. Easy to forget Dennis Adeniran contracted to June 2023 too. Time he fulfilled his promise
  9. stuck his head in where others would bottle it. That unfortunately is the problem.
  10. It would only be stating the bl@@ding obvious. The only statement I’d like to see right now is a retained player list so we can see how the squad is going to be trimmed and re shaped
  11. I stayed long enough to watch the players reaction at the end. Luongo and BPF both made a point of applauding all sides of Hillsborough. Looked like goodbye to me.
  12. I take your point but you can’t rely on a squad that ages year on year. At some point you have to start to gamble on youth. Bannan, Hunt, Gregory and Hutch are all the wrong side of 30 and even at this level will only have the legs for one more season. Time for them to start easing out as next season goes on. Face it. Did you ever see Bannan cramping up towards the end of games in previous seasons or Hutch getting robbed by a pacey attacker. The signs are there.
  13. One of the few of today’s posts I can agree wholeheartedly with. The club had little choice last Summer but to recruit from a pool of players who were free agents/ unwanted/loans. Most of these were by definition at the wrong end(s) of the ideal age range as well as lacking fitness from lack of regular football. Then a couple who to put it kindly had lost their way and took weeks to attain any sort of match fitness. I would consider only Brennan Adeniran and Dele Bashiru are the only youngsters coming through who look capable of making the mark in League 1 next season so recruiting more players in their low 20’s rather than low 30’s is a must to bring the average squad age down. First job is to issue the retained list now we know our 2022/3 position. Players out of contract should be offered one if they’re wanted. If declined it must be a quick farewell in order to fill the gaps in time for pre season training. We’re going to lose several with experience at higher level because they won’t want to play in League1. It’s another massive rebuild but this time without being shackled by embargo so it’s a better position than a year ago. This time around we have a better chance of getting some young blood into the squad but it needs doing early. We can’t afford to wait til Christmas for the team to start to gel again.
  14. You think it’s a 16 game new manager bounce.? The way they played over the 2 legs I reckon there’s more to it than that. Sunderland had just enough of an edge over us because they were disciplined and skilled in the time wasting dark side of the game at the crucial time after we scored. That’s the Alex Neil way. We’ve seen it before with Preston.
  15. Nobody stopped you getting into the ground with flares in those days
  16. Gregory for me. Never stopped .Got his goal in spite of being up against some muscular defending.
  17. No, but if they were daft enough I’d grab it.
  18. Other teams supposedly interested. If serious show us the money.. If it’s big bucks take it and start the rebuild. If not keep him. That’s what running a club in the lower leagues is all about.
  19. Think you’re in for a bit of a walk if you arrive that late pal.
  20. Clearly playing when he shouldn’t have Friday. That can’t have done him any good. Hope whatever it was has cleared up but if not I’d prefer to see Fis in the advanced midfield role. Can’t afford Bannan playing 50% again.
  21. A 1-0 defeat isn’t the end, it’s not even the beginning of the end, it’s the end of the beginning. Get that Churchillan rhetoric going on Monday evening Mr Moore and we will prevail.
  22. Thought Storey was our best defender tonight but I have to agree Hunt is more of an attacking threat.
  23. Been trying to get my mind around this for a day or two. It’s proved inadequate for our games and it’s clearly even more inadequate for the Championship play offs. The only reason I can come up with is that as the games are arranged at short notice there is a perceived policing and safety issue. Thoughts anyone?
  24. Tactics seemed to be to play a containing game and catch them. On the break. That was never going to happen with Bannan playing when he was clearly injured. Would like to have seen FDB much earlier and the pace Mendez Laing late on. We have to learn play without Bannan if he’s not fit on Monday, Windass and Mendez-Laing are both capable of playing behind the front two if needs be. Trying to think positively I’d rather take the chance of having a fit Bannan for the final than a half fit and possibly crocked Bannan in the semi.
  25. Time for this sort of debate is when our season ends. For now all we should be concerning ourselves with are the next two….or three games.
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