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  1. Wasn’t he only on loan for half a season?
  2. Yeah Norwich have done quality so far this year Villa looking great too We are a functional, hard to beat side - And in patches of play we do play decent stuff - stop knocking us down. We’ve lost 3 in 24 at home - guarantee if we started playing out from the back that figure wouldn’t look as good
  3. Rathwr rest him at derby than forest imo
  4. 3 in 24 at home really? If ticket prices were more reasonable that form would attract bigger crowds
  5. https://griffinpark.org/forums/showthread.php?t=132878 A good laugh for a Sunday afternoon. We’re an uncultured hoof team apparently
  6. 3 points at Derby and a 12 point deduction takes us to 23 - which will be 17th place. IF that happens - it’ll be a kick in teeth, but we don’t face relegation. I can’t see it being above 12/15
  7. Exactly Id be wanting to find out who is grassing the club upto that sh11trag of a paper
  8. They did a job on the whole team - all struggled to make an impact He’s got it difficult for the rest of the season - every team knows he’s our outlet for power and pace and that he’s ultimately the threat for Fletcher to put away
  9. Any replay on that first challenge? Looked over top....but he was immense against a quick powerful Brentford side Credit to him and fitness team keeping him fit
  10. Heard a little bit of noise for 15 mins after we scored first.... When will we get behind them all game? A continued run in playoffs? Or has the off the field news just kicked us all down and we can’t get any enthusiasm going? Nearly every team has sang is this a library since they’ve come this season ...
  11. Pap myself when a player runs at him Hes prime for giving away pens and fouls
  12. Weve finally got a manager who is getting the team to play to the strengths of our attackers
  13. Could see what it meant to them, they all collapsed on pitch after
  14. Absolutely ran ragged today at times but we bust a gut and got what we deserved. A lot of fancy football from Brentford with not a lot of end product, thought we deserved that just - even if we didn’t play the prettiest stuff, and churning out results like that is what promotion chasing sides do. Well earned 3 points and Iorfa adding another 5m on his price tag every week.... UTO
  15. Saying it again Idiots if you’re slating Harris - 2 assists today
  16. Christ what is wrong with some Wednesday fans Harris has been quality this year and we’ve been crying out for someone with pace that goes round defenders for years We get one - and because he’s not 10/10 every game, he’s played too much’ and he’s ‘calmed down’ Jesus what goes through peoples heads
  17. We have an aging squad - but in fairness Fletch and Bannan have both been quality this year Back Four isn’t aging And is certainly solid Reach, Harris, Luongo all mid 20’s - two out of three have been quality Lee, Hutch - Hutchinson still turns out a good game and Lee is getting form back (will never be as good as he was mostly due to injury) Nuhui - some will always criticise, but mostly when he’s been called upon this year he’s been decent Aging? Yes, in areas. Bang average? No. We’ve a competitive side that needs a touch of new blood and we have a shot this year, the league is that poor
  18. Blame Carlos, not DC He bottled Huddersfield and set us up as if we were playing Barcelona
  19. that is my only concern If we win - We’ll never get a penalty ever again....
  20. Are we unhooking the rope from round his neck? We’re not out of trouble just yet of course - but that statement, which is very cleverly written and I assume is by his legal team, seems to indicate we have followed and danced around what the EFL have requested us to do - and been punished by a new regime coming in looking to make a mark after bending over to pressure from other chairman in the league. Does it matter we have evidence? Will we just be shafted anyway? Who knows. Someone, has got it in for us. And yes - we can all look in hindsight and say we deserve this, of course we do, but we can’t turn back time we can only look forward now and see what we are going to do about it. Chansiri has yet again, invested heavily to sort this out - (problem is of his own accord, we know) - but it’s another big investment he’s put into this club to keep us in touch of where we want to go. I hope for his sake, this pulls through in SWFC favour and those who want to hound him out will take a step back and admit their wrongdoing. He’s making the right steps in the last year - Bruce, Monk, Backroom Staff, Signings have been a marked improvement and one is being eyed for a big money move - he’s learning, he still needs to keep learning - but it’s heading in the right direction. Plus I love we’ve come out fighting - if we’ve followed the letter of the law, then they’ve picked the wrong chairman. Forward we go UTO
  21. Where has 21 points come from? Where has automatic relegation come from? Paper talk surely
  22. Thanks for 2015/16 No thanks for bottling a pathetic Huddersfield Semi - BOTH LEGS.
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