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  1. Looking at the table from last year everyone in top six scored over 70. Norwich even managed 93, Villa 87. Really we need to be aiming for 75-80 to be in with a chance of autos. So far it’s been 1.5 a game - good start. However I dont think we’ll get 10 from Fletcher, and I do start to think where the rest will come from if we have an injury or two up top....our midfielders aren’t notorious scorers apart from Reach....can we hit 70 goals with this side?!
  2. It was crap though Really crap We looked like boys v men chasing after them and we made no tactical changes to get a grip of the game
  3. Palmer miles better, miles Fitter stronger better distribution
  4. That balance needs sorting out and fast across the middle Personally think we’re way too defensively minded with Hutch at home and we’re accomdating Reach who looks lost at the minute apart from putting groundwork in Luongo and Lee both look took good to leave on the bench and look like the creative spark that was missing
  5. Not good enough Some poor poor decision making
  6. Don’t get that at all Is Palmer injured? Would have given Luongo his first start too and give Lee or Hutch a rest
  7. 4m quid and now at a 3rd tier German club Jesus our recruitment was in tatters
  8. Least we’ve had a weeks rest Some advantage over them this Sat
  9. What a weird way of responding to someone who wants to sit with their family. And the rest of your comments in this thread - odd.
  10. Not every side is going to run them into the ground and press that high up They'll be fine - they can knock it around, they have a brand of football and don't look like the whipping boys they have been in the past
  11. All photos are copyright of the Kremlin.
  12. I'm glad we've actually got a side where we're thinking how will teams beat us, rather than f*ck me how are we gonna beat them...
  13. We should definitely be able to push for top six The squad we have, if we ride our luck and remain injury free should get a place in the playoffs With a few more additions in Jan, and if we’re just outside top 2, we could push on.
  14. Simple sales forecasting would work. If you sold 200 pints at halftime on Saturday - look at the mix of lagers you sold and ready up a similar number through the machines as you said above, wind this up/down depending on expected attendance. But no - we will pull each one per each order. It's like cooking the burger and chips for each order on the food stands.....ridiculous.
  15. Anyone see those photos at Spurs ground after the game? Thousands stayed behind drinking inside the stadium.
  16. Really? 1.7m? You’re justifying that? The comparison to a footballer is obscure - they’re athletes and playing a game at a top level The other is a TV presenter Bizarre
  17. Surely he’s the manager for us then? I know Bully is doing well - but sounds to me like he’s the right fit for this club Stendel
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