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  1. What a weird post? But for the sake of it, no they won’t - they’re offloading in January and won’t be buying in, they’ve shot their load.
  2. Is the money grab pre Xmas a sign of our glorious leader being completely out of touch with the world or a case of we’re desperate for cash and need the money in now - or both? Would a few thousand season tickets sales make any dent in the club that he’s propping up each month? If we’re cashing in to prop up a January spend from next years coffers, then we’re heading right back to where we’ve come from and the inevitable to come round the corner again
  3. Reach and Moses both subs and bit part players There's no way of spinning up Moses time here as anything but a car crash - he was dreadful for us Reach, will be a good player in a good team, but as EVERYBODY knew - was never up for a battle in a poo side.
  4. I’m not his biggest fan at all, but he had nothing tonight - the team behind him were shockers
  5. Fan collapsed of a heart attack at Chelsea game tonight
  6. Just shows how week our subs are Nowhere near good enough to break into main side
  7. 1/2 Odds to win tonight- Should have more than enough to get over the line.
  8. We've gotta get up first, jesus. Got a winter coming up which could be full of injury/covid related setbacks - we need some defensive cover and a forward in, and I think we'll be there or thereabouts. 2/3 players needed max - ship out Sow, Berahino + Wing if we can.
  9. Vokes looked a complete cart horse up front It's effective, but absolutely vile on the eyes watching every single ball they had get lobbed up in the air, there would be a pass down the line and they would chip it out under their feet aiming for a head.
  10. Is he? I think that’s a harsh comment - he’s shown some pace at times and doesn’t mind jinking past a player
  11. Jury’s out on Iorfa Not a great start to year at all and his distribution is a shocker. I can’t see him getting into team at the minute if he came back tomorrow.
  12. Had a cracker first few games at start of season then peeled away and it never worked with a lone striker up top. Now we’ve reverted to a two, he has totally come into his own now - been bullied by some big players and some battles he hasn’t won, but I think he’s learning a bit now about the league and standard of defenders - it’s not enough to stand and wait when it’s coming in air or to feet, he’s now backing in and coming forward to it and reading it better. Link up play was pretty much spot on yesterday, didn’t waste a ball and got some shots off in areas he really shouldn’t have - it’s sticking up top and we’re recycling the ball much better in the final third, allowing Gregory to get into the box - he’s doing the dirty work and won’t always get the plaudits or goals, but she’s integral at the moment and I bet his stats don’t lie. Keep it up Flo!
  13. He’s shown speed where I never thought it existed with him driving up the pitch Perfect balance in the middle now - I think went Byers is fully fit we could see them 3 in the middle, Windass needs to be utilised up top.
  14. We can command a fee for him if we don’t go up If he stays fit and we don’t go up at the end of season, he’ll walk for free with no contract. In terms of fitness, been said countless times but before coming here he was an ever present, and for whatever reason he’s had a number of problems, it’s bizarre
  15. If he stays fit till Christmas, get him down to a 2 year deal. If we don’t go up - we’ll get plenty coming in for him, need to protect our own interests. He is absolutely the difference across the whole park - defence and attack, covers every blade of grass and looks as good as I’ve ever seen him, really hope we don’t see him sidelined again - we go up if he stays fit.
  16. They were absolutely shocking Theyre getting points from battling and bullying - didn’t even get best of us on that Completely murdered them bet they can’t believe they got a point
  17. Big big big decision to drop Corbeanu
  18. Just gone past ground and caught Groundsman doing checks on the pitch.
  19. Looks like iPhone app wasn’t accurate, Google saying no precipitation now so just needs to melt. Looking good
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