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  1. Can’t bring myself to watch it We’d have done Wycombe at Wembley if we had some b0ll0x from our gaffer in the playoffs
  2. Enjoy - hope 50k of you get turned over at Wembley so you feel the heartbreak we did...
  3. This was a belter song before game Bring it back
  4. Makes zero sense Injured players on the bench? McBurnie sat there with a moon boot on and one of them even had a man bag on - WTF?!?! Weird
  5. How has he got the balls to put up this hard man front? LOOK AT HIM!?!?! It's laughable he'd absolutely poo his pants if confronted. Still - I bet the Blades can spot a good opportunity to sack him for bringing club into disrepute and off the wage bill.
  6. For anyone that is taking any stick from their mates that we are in the league below We got f*cking pelters for 2 years in our 2 rounds of Playoffs in the Championship whilst they were below us in League One - absolutely ram it in their faces today
  7. It's enough watching our players get injured on that pitch on a matchday, nevermind an event to watch them train and do the same
  8. Doesn't look like we want to absorb the cost for it then - COVID is a right load of cr@p excuse.
  9. Absolutely Could have been a disaster for us really with the gap widening again and then being 200mill or whatever up again
  10. Now for Prince to start flogging everything they’ve got
  11. Got Blades all over this now Forest have had zero confidence all game and now they’ve got to take some pens , christ….
  12. Ultimately they’ll kick themselves for that first leg They could have legit had 10 goals that day - every single one a very good chance and they spooned most of them
  13. This is a proper sh1tshow from Forest at home - going out with a whimper, like us
  14. Love to see Heckingbottom get stuffed here after he lost his head earlier Completely unprofessional
  15. Need one on counter here and fast, if Blades get another they’ll go and grab one quickly after
  16. And this is the part where they pox it and get through
  17. Even better when they explode in your hand leaving you with a stump https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/7123241/smoke-grenade-rangers-fan-hand-title/
  18. Forest look really good coming forward - lots of runners in behind, that Davis on bench is a beast to bring on as well.
  19. I’ll be very shocked if Dawson is number one Peacock Farrell was unbelievably comfortable with the ball at his feet - Dawson on the other hand is very ropey We need someone like BPF again
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