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  1. It varies. All the reports that I've seen including The Star) is that it's definitely 20% of gross fee in this case so we're likely looking at something like a £600k windfall. Nice!
  2. Well that and the fact that we're not "the worst out of every professional football club in Europe'.
  3. Battling to keep? He's under contract. If a club wants him, offers enough then DC/DM may well allow him to leave.
  4. Yep, the accounts were published a while ago and reported on in the Star. There is nothing new here. I'm really looking forward to the new season.
  5. IF Hull are reneging on an agreement I'd be happy for us to turn our backs. Shame for the player though who it seems really wants to come.
  6. By accident or design that's up there with the snooker commentator saying "for those of you with black and white sets; the pink is behind the brown".
  7. Yep, gentleman's agreement/online handshake. Anything other suggests accusation of lack of integrity. Just not done. The shame of welching in full view would not be worth the £100. Stick to your guns.
  8. Agreed again and that's not to have a big downer on Moore either. As you say supplementing his undoubted attributes with an astute coach/tactician might well complete the picture.
  9. Agree with all of that. I consider myself pragmatic by and large and your comments regarding intervention hit the target. I'm moderate by nature but I do feel that, whilst we can't reinvent the wheel, interventions poitically and environmentally need to be far more robust if we truly want to protect our world. As a product of the 'baby boomer' generation, born in the right place, I consider myself lucky to have had the best of it. The future however......? Same with football, whilst tipping my hat to economics and human nature, I have an unshakeable belief that the key players/ruling bodies can and should do better to protect the broader spectrum of the game.
  10. You're right but many of the generation before mine did shorten the vowel to something closish to Ollerton.
  11. Hillsborough. My fathers generation always called it Owlerton though 'cos that's where it is.
  12. Some astute and erudite observations in this post and whilst, from a fundamental, emotional even, point of view I am at odds with you, I have to doff my cap to you and this post.
  13. I understand your points that are well stated. Your final paragragh particularly resonates and is a subject for a great circular debate (but not one that I'll be participating in). I maintain though that greed and self interest is inexorably eroding our game. It needn't happen. Clearly though we'll likely never come close to alignment on this so I'll just agree to differ
  14. Think crass and boorish is a bit strong personally. To be honest I don't hear a speach impediment. Just hesitancy and maybe a tad uncomfortable in interview situations. I wouldn't judge a manager anyway on his media skills. Bob Paisley was rubbish but he didn't do too badly.
  15. 100% agree. Theres no doubt that on quite a few occasions we were done by inferior teams that were able to stymie our game with 'pragmatic' tactics which we were invariably unable to respond effectively to.
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