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  1. RIP. Real character. Used to go to his fitness sessions in the Wednesday gym underneath the North stand back in the day.
  2. It is; time moves on but the magic of getting the Green 'Un just after 6 every Saturday is still missed by this old timer.
  3. To be fair they were. I'm not one to have a pop at the officials because its not an easy job, but they were as bad as I've seen for a long time. Doesn't paper over our last 60 minutes though.
  4. And then hope that he does some of the basics better than he's been exhibiting so far. Probably a mixture of being both out of form and position. He needs to evidence the former to the coaching team to justify ousting someone else though IMO.
  5. Agreed. The only discernable consistent evidence of a Moore/Wednesday style developing is playing loads of short passes starting from the back. There have been glimpses like yesterday's first half hour when we've really got at teams but lacked the finishing touch. (hopefully Berahino will solve this when fully up to speed). Unfortunately for the most part though we've been ponderous, indecisive and unadventurous. Of course the players have to stand up and be counted but the unit as a whole is still disjointed and ostensibly lacking in direction.
  6. Certainly true on what I've seen to date. Previously proved to be a good player so it's strange.
  7. Great that we have the depth not to have to rush injured players back.
  8. Agreed, too early but nonetheless a bit of fun. I think this season's squad has more strength in depth probably. Also difficult to score Semedo and Adeniran in a head to head as they're different types. Semedo was a terrific defensive midfielder in league one but Adeniran has more to offer with the ball. Also looking forward, Semedo couldn't make the step up to the championship whereas Adeniran looks a good bet to develop into a higher level performer.
  9. I'd agree so long as you say; we can afford it.
  10. Absolutely. The circus that was Wednesday for the last two seasons and the Westwood shenanigans are now behind us. Let's hope he continues his great form and rehabilitation and comes back a real asset.
  11. With him I think a lot was/is about confidence. Always had the ability and seems to be showing it now. Great for him and hopefully us ( one way or the other).
  12. Reacting to a specific post. Anyway we agree the truth is not in the public domain.
  13. Very likely. Unless he asks to terminate his contract it'd almost certainly cost us a lot. Best then to nurse him through the season and get maybe 15 to 20 quality performances from him IMO.
  14. But no official confirmation. Who knows really?
  15. There are whispers that the no fee restrictions are seif imposed.
  16. Agreed its a real dilemma. My experience in Hungary (holiday) was of a very friendly and polite people. They do seem to have an 'Ultra' element though that lets down the majority. Most of them quite likely only attend matches as a platform for their bile. Ban the country from tournaments or ban spectators will see the decent majority of fans suffering whilst the racists move on to another venue to exhibit their toxic attitudes and behaviours. Hungary is not alone in this either as you've hinted.
  17. I think Palmer has been more impressive than Hunt so far this season. My take on things is that Hunt and Gregory along with Palmer are the principal competitors for the fullback spots. At the moment Palmer and Hunt have been preferred in a solid defence. That may change but I wouldn't bank on it. Agree on your general point but I'd prefer this to what we've had in the recent past. Anyway we've already seen that injuries and fatigue opens doors for others. When given the chance they have to take it.
  18. Personally I think there's a decent chance that he'll be pushing for action with us this season.
  19. Up to him to step up and break through. Not unrealistic IMO and if he does he'll have good players around him to help him.
  20. Now I know nothing's perfect but the recruitment has way exceeded everyone's expectations so I'm still giving it 10/10.
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