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  1. I have no problem signing experienced but they have to play every game. none of this rubbish of getting used to the team, players etc. he and Storey are here to keep clean sheets. If they do that we need 1 goal a game to win games, not 3 to try and get a draw.
  2. Will be interesting to see, what happens with him, Accrington will give him game time and will play him in his correct position. if he ends up tearing up the league serious questions will need to be ask about a) our recruitment of players from other youth academies b) our development of youth players c) why we bring in other teams youth on loan but give our own no chance to play.
  3. Would prefer to sign Andre Wisdom. Whose a free agents - Dean will be on big wages at Birmingham and he is going to basically sit on the bench because we signed Storey a centre that has played 20 times in the championship this season, but bring on Brown the worst player to Grace an owls pitch in the last decade instead.
  4. So who else did Doncaster have on loan last season. Rayhaan Tulloch check Josh Sims check Tyreece John Jules check playing for a team that managed to finish 14th in the league. we need defenders, so we sign another winger who doesn't score goals.
  5. I be happy to lose something going forward to cut out the soft goals. If we are not needing 2 or 3 goals every game to get anything from the match it would be a lot better. It's not like we have a lot of people regularly scoring anyway. Gregory has 8, then the next best has 4. Ross Stewart at Sunderland has 18 goals which is half of our whole team has managed so far.
  6. We are playing a 3-5-2, a formation that needs 3 central defenders. we have Storey, Hutchinson and Brennan all centre backs all match fit. so DM, plays Hutchinson, Palmer a full back, Johnson a left winger. You can use whatever excuse you want for the goals, on Saturday but the simple excuse is when you have the players and don't play them, then the only person to blame for conceding soft goals is the manager, once again picking the wrong formation and the wrong personnel in the wrong positions.
  7. Would you have a blind man who cannot drive, driving your kids to school every day. I hope you answer is no. so simply when you have the wrong person in a key position, giving him time only give more time to slide the team further and further away from any chance of top 6. at Christmas we were 10 points behind top 2 and 6 off the play offs, 2 games later no ground made up on play offs, but 14 off the top 2. we have 20 games left realistically we are going to need to win 12 of those 20 to make the top 6. It's just not going to happen under DM.
  8. Indeed a left footed centre back who can play left back too.
  9. Is this the first time this season we have picked the same team?
  10. Two signing I saw yesterday Max Fleetwood moving as a free to Rochdale a left back formally from hull I think he played in Holland when top end championship teams were interested his career needs restarting but has ability a run in our side at Left back would have improve the options we have there. Charlton signed Jaun Castilo from Chelsea 22 yes old Dutch left back, a lot of experience in Holland played up to under 20's in their youth set up. was on loan at Birmingham earlier in season. We need a left back as have not at the club 2 options we could have signed.
  11. We are trying to build a play off challenging team not a mid table fighting relegation team. Doncaster are bottom because they have crap players not because they have a massive injury crisis. We were after sims, TJJ, Tulloch all either injury prone or not very good all ex Donny signings, in the summer we were after Reece James and John Bostock. we should be aiming for better players or developing what we have. Darren Moore brought in 14 playing in free and loans. Brown, Wing, Shodipo, Berahino, Sow, Brown, Gibson and Byers - 8 of 14 had added little the the team other than a cost of Wages. Kamberi barely plays a game even when fit. So 9 of 14 signing have been a failure, Corbeanu 10 has gone back because we didn't play him in the right position so Adeniran, BPF, Gregory, Hunt are the only signing we still have improving the team. The only youngster at the club to be given a chance is Brennan, and a soon as the left winger Johnson is fit he gets dropped. We should be giving a lot more game time to outgoing players instead of developing other teams players.
  12. The chairman is hoping we all go out and get new shirts with the name on the back, a £1 a letter it will make more than his 1867 club.
  13. Would appear we are after Doncaster rejects again. WBA and former Donny loan players obviously not aiming for promotion this year. Brentford have made Marcus Forss and Josh Dasilva available for loan. Both are better in their respective positions than anything we have at the club and would be a big improvement in the shocking loan players we are being linked with.
  14. That a good argument but when you look at the deals for Berahino, Brown, Gibson, Sow etc that idea fall down.
  15. We won't be making any mistakes with contracts they said. No players will get to the last month of their contract we want to keep they said, well run football club they said. Could not plan a p1ss up in a brewery, I don't know whose worse the bloke whose spend 3 months getting him match fit and giving him game time, or the Muppet sorting out the contracts. just when you thought we as a club could not sink any lower, along comes the next gaff.
  16. Indeed but when he did play he was our main threat, when he didn't play we struggled to score. DM, at any other club would have been sacked by now, but with DC in charge, he will wait until we are too far off the play offs and the Transfer window is closed. Corbeanu will end up being a top top player and it's all about goals let's see how many he gets in the next 20+ games for MK Dons.
  17. Teams loan out young players to develop them, they don't loan out them out to see them say on the bench or playing out of position. wolves have a young Canadian international that is an exciting attacking player, DM was playing as a wing back after first not playing him for the first dozen games. Teams will look at this and also as has been seen these players will go elsewhere.
  18. I don't see the point in trying to sign Flint who will be on silly money for us. When we have brought in Storey, we have Brennan and Hutch, then Dunkley and Iorfa to come back from injury. Why sign an aging player on big money when you can give youth players a chance to develop. I heard before DM, came here he developed youth players, all I have seen since he has been here is youth given no chance, then only get a chance when other players playing out of position, get injured and no one else is available and then players like Brennan do well and Moore drops as soon as a senior player returns. You are not going to develop players this way, I would rather see 20 games of Brennan, than 20 games of Flint, that is of course if he last 20 games he was broke after 2 the last time we wasted money on him.
  19. He would be a truly awful signing he was past his best 4 or 5 years ago and so far this season has played just 8 minutes of competitive football. it's a massive no way for me.
  20. Why tTulloch he is worse than what we already have. We have Windass, Gregory, Kamberi, Sow all for up front then have NML, Shodipo and if really desperate Paterson we don't need another ex Doncaster loanee, he has made just 2 league appearance, no goals and while on loan at Donny last season picked up an injury that finished his loan. If Darren Moore is that desperate to sign a West Brom player then bring in Kean Bryan, 25 yr old Left footed centre back current not getting much game time at WBA he has played over 50 games in league one and also a dozen times in the premier league for our smelly neighbours from S2. for me the sort of defensive players we should be looking at.
  21. Will be in way too much for us. We will end up with a youth player from Wolves or West Brom or Birmingham seems to be the sun total of D Moores contacts in football. We could still sign Andre Wisdom who would be perfect for us and at the right price.
  22. So we would have finished 23rd great but that would still have relegated us. our problem last season was a chairman not paying the players and a team filled with midfielders pretending to be strikers that could not score goals. we took 0 points all season when we went behind in a game until game 46 where we got 1 point. Had we won that game we would have stayed up on goal difference and Derby would have gone down.
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