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  1. Kind of makes a farce of the Pizza cup we have to have 4 or 5 regular first team players but Leicester, send their development squad. Surely all teams should be allowed to play who ever they wanted, would be good to give the likes of Cadamarteri, Hunt, Galvin, Charles (GK), regular game time in these matches.
  2. Rotherham last 6 seasons, relegation, promotion, relegation, promotion, relegation, promotion. what do we all think will happen next season. Tony Stewart talks a good game but when push comes to shove there is little or no investment to try and stay up. They will start well, then peter off once they have a few injuries, then we will pass them on the way back to the championship.
  3. I thought they had released him, but looks like he recently resigned according to the article. I always find it strange when players could drop down the leagues to rebuild their career, stay at other teams that have no intention of playing them.
  4. DC is going into his 8th summer with the Owls big questions need to be asked why we have this much stock left come June/July every year. Order less of the new shirts, I cannot think the amounts sold vary that much season to season and let's not be in the same position come next season. If we have a new home and away shirt coming in the next few weeks. What fool is going to pay full price for last season kit. Price them at £20 should cover cost of them and a bit of mark up for overheads
  5. Not to mention his record in league one 87 appearances, 23 goals, 26 assists over a 46 game season thats 12 goals, 14 assists. i hear hes currently a free agent too.
  6. I dont think our wage bill in anywhere near the £20m a season bracket now. I suspect with little to nothing spent on fees those losses will be nearer £10-15m a season. But if we dont produce our own players or bring in players we can develop into better players and continue bringing in players with no resale value, then the only source of income is the fans.
  7. First home game on our new home pitch, should be a good test against a good team.
  8. Out of Hunt and Wing I would have played hunt for the first half of the season to see if he was good enough.
  9. No just no with Gibson he is too injury prone Lost a whole season in the Everton development squad because of an ankle injury, then was out a few more month with another injury returning in Jan 2020, then loan to reading played only 4 games before picking up a quad injury, then when fit barely played a game for Reading. Then signed for us and because of yet more injuries played only 5 games out of a possible 48 in the league.
  10. We played a winger and right back at centre back instead of giving a kid a chance, when he eventually got a chance, he did that well he got offer a new 3 year deal. Had we had the trust in youth at the start of the season we would not have had to waste money on loans of Gibson and Wing when Brennan and Hunt could and should have played a lot more.
  11. We need decent level teams to get match fitness and sharpness. Playing 3 games over 4 weeks then going into the season and having to play 7 or 8 games in 4 weeks. you just know we are going to pick up injuries because the players are not match fit, and drop points because they are not match sharp. Preseason results dont matter, its the games in the legs and with our current schedule we are going to be under cooked come the first game of the season. In comparison Portsmouth are playing 7 first team friendlies and a training camp in Spain.
  12. This is SWFC a few season ago they forgot to order the new kits until November.
  13. Sheff Utd are playing 3 Yorkshire Derbies as well as games against Lincoln Mansfield and Burton not glamour ties but decent standard teams. Could we not have organised a game against Chessy, Donny or even Sheff Utd, they have a training camp in Portugal too!!! It just feels that yet again there is little or no structure in place at the club in key areas.
  14. Look its good for him to play week in week out, he wont get any game time under Moore except in the Pizza cup. Moore showed last season his unwillingness to give youth a chance, he chose to play others out of position instead of playing youth. His unwillingness to play youth also cost us the loan of Corbeanu, who I though if given regular play time, in an attacking role would have given the team more down the right flank than Hunt or NML did. His signing this close season are all establish players, no young and improving players that will be future assets. This may change but we are just 4 weeks away from the start of the season and still are about 3 or 4 players short of a competitive squad.
  15. This is just the sort of loans we need to do, a full season at league two level should really develop him. I would love to see hunt and galvin also going out to league two on conference teams for the season too. You players need to be laying mans football week in week out to properly develop.
  16. Almost forgot the Health Store and speak to Emma Rouds
  17. We used to get the trainees on the phone ringing customers. From our alternative list of customers. Yorkshire Wild life park contact to ask for Ellie Phant Home Trade Centre ask for Duane Pipe Chinese fireworks company ask to speak to mr Wan Curr And so on the best we got was about call five before the twigged, the youth of today can be so naive.
  18. I think the one smiling - dealt it HW, I am out of hear that really smells
  19. I disagree get your own players in, loans should only be used as emergency signings or if you can get a loan with a option to sign permanent
  20. Hes on 600k a week and if they dont sell him in the next few weeks his contract guarantees him another 2 years. Thats why PSG want him gone. Thats why Neymar is coming out with this crap about wanting to win the champions league as he know it wont happen.
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