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  1. We often seemed to have squads like this in the top flight, top quality mixed with cheap make do's so top players got dragged down too much at times, just didnt have the money of the very top clubs. Hirst, marwood, pearson, sterland, johnsson, chamberlain, chapman, both keepers top drawer imo but then fee, jacobs, proctor, hazel, west, galvin etc were lower league. Bit like di canio next to booth, pearce next to walker etc but was still very nice to have some top players. We finished near top of league under wilko in the mid 80's, relegation fodder under eustace in late 80's then big ron came.
  2. Was a forward who averaged under 1 goal per 10 games for us, but all i remember was his disastrous 3 month manager stint when wilko left, yet when he was sacked somehow we got big ron. Eustace used to leave hirsty on bench and allegedly tried to flog him to everton on cheap, so could he spot a player? Chris turner thought yes when he was in charge, so hired him as scout after eustace was sacked as leyton orient manager. When he was sacked again by us as scout, his case for unfair dismissal against us also failed, according to wiki.
  3. Been very good on the left odd time played there, good intelligent running behind right backs leading to some good assists (e.g leeds, charlton) Average in other areas hes been forced to play in like mainly on right running inside which doesnt suit him, so clearly managers fault we've not got best out of him imo.
  4. Went to games from about age 5, but that was 1st game remember watching us on tv aged about 8, was buzzing watching that win. Went to old trafford the next season 1987 i think, was squashed amongst masses of us behind goal. Had a close up of mark chamberlain heading us into lead before losing 3-1. Used to love chamberlain, very gifted but never seemed to get a run of games. Despite losing was still a great day out for a young kid, some stuff you just dont forget!
  5. 93/94 Warhurst and hirst didnt work but that was mainly because waddle was injured imo and waddle couldnt recapture his pfa winning 1st season after that, hirst had had too many injuries by then too. Waddle set up most of warhurst goals, warhurst ran quick, lost his old school cb, waddle slotted him in, composed finishes, simple as it gets. Went to blackburn and looked immense as box to box cm, remember hanson analyzing him on motd but got a bad injury and that was him done. He could play anywhere especially centrally as he had technique, intelligence and pace, but cb probably least good position unless against pace and not target man. With the disappointment of hirsts injuries it was suddenly exciting again, like we had our own hand made replacement even though he was a cb!, when waddle played to use him properly anyway. Waddle, hirst and warhurst all brilliant memories but a real shame they were shorter lived than they could have been imo
  6. Agree, could be argued its dreadful footballers getting 40k/week in champ and 300k/week in prem without having to work, whilst normal people getting laid off and earning 0! Temporary 70-90% tax (whatevers needed) on all earnings (not just footballers due to discrimination etc) over 200-250k a year, to pay affected workers minimum income of £150-200/week and keep their employment open would be reasonable untill normal service resumes imo. And im def not left wing on benefits, controlling immigration etc, but these are unprecedented times and normal people should be the priority, not multi millionaires imo
  7. After losing a fiver last time, who should i lump on next
  8. Agree, its a relegation scrap now so back to basics. Organisation, leadership, solidarity, not easily losing, being horrible to play against etc, forget expansive stuff. Allardyce or pulis are experienced at taking on clubs in freefall, like it or not.
  9. Even for little money, da cruz must be 1 of worse sinings ever made, by anyone. Offers absolutely zero, its as bad as playing with 10 men. Yet he started today with ff on bench, this alone shows how clueless gm is. Added to that windass who looks lg 1, clean thru today and miskicked it, theres no way gm should get another window, let alone make it to then. Even if he had good players he wouldn't know what to do with them, the da cruz of managers, offers precisely zero, with or without money to waste
  10. Wildsmith Murphy iorfa hutch/borner fox Hunt Windass bannan Harris Fletcher ff
  11. Jos monk clueless playing lees over iorfa and palmer shat himself for 2nd Wickham on, palmer off, murphy rb harris rw (settle for the obvious wickham for harris tho) Iorfa on lees off
  12. Dawson - 4 might need wwood back soon urgohide - 3 not ready, no crosses from either fb. borner - 5 would drop for hutch iorfa - 5 palmer - 4 badly miss fox who can get a cross in harris - 4 same old on left joey - 1 as expected lee - 4 as expected da Cruz - 0 did we check he's a footballer or did we just see a video of him doing tricks on a beach somewhere? No football brain, a non league no10, but even worse winger, as per windass looks like monk burns money better than cc as well as having no tactical brain. nuhiu - 2 FF - 5 Murphy 7 great attitude off bench, tackles, crosses, shot, 1st name on next sheet, would try as attacking rb with harris rm and reach Lm next out given our fb woes. Bannan 5 Monk 0 as expected, get rid, players and fans given up
  13. And most of our fb's how to play fb. Id try him rb, harris rm, reach Lm next out
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