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  1. Ash77

    Team news

    No pace or mobility with 2 big lads up fron, invites pressure with luton pushing up. Hope for 0-0 and pens!
  2. Ash77

    Frederick Nielsen

    Send him on loan and see if his attributes can be honed into a champ player. Looked ok the 2 times or so ive seen him, bar passing certainly no worse than van aken who cost c4m imo. In a year or 2 and next to a more mobile cb, he could make at least a solid lg1 or possibly champ cb imo. Might be a good plan b cb to bring on for set pieces too
  3. Ash77

    Gaetan Bong

    Usually no smoke without fire but we need to take a deep breath on this one until it's all forgotten about
  4. Dc has done us another solid rather than chuck the towel in despite some of the overly harsh criticism he received, due mainly to other people wasting chunks of his money. Bruce's appointment is a positive statement of intent and brings back alot of optimism imo
  5. Should have sold him, lets the club down repeatedly, no class or respect, why not just turn up and deny charges then likely no further action. Now they may want to make an example if a high profile name for contempt of court and jail him for a few weeks! Will probably get sent down once his latest injury clears up Got a di canio ring to it
  6. Ash77

    Team for Saturday

    Dawson Palmer Lees hutch Penney Matias jp Onomah Reach  Fletcher Joao  442 cant be any worse than all the rest, need joao central and hutch in for leadership but hes never gonna be fit enough for cm
  7. Ash77


    Lots of opinions about bruce, wont argue them, but you can't argue with the main fact: 4 promotions to top tier My only opinion is it would be a massive coup by dc and a quite unlikely one at that
  8. Ash77


    Man city look better look with Sterling a right footer on right and sane a left footer on left with a central striker, or maybe 1 like mahrez cutting in on his left from right, but not both cutting in or its too narrow and congested. Our fb's are league 1 bar possibly penney at his best so they will not do it, but low crosses into danger areas behind defences are the key to scoring lots of goals, the finishes are relatively easy. Pacy widemen are key to this, they dont have to be great technically to put a low straight cross in, we need at least 1 loan signing like that tho imo Closest at minute might be: Matias jp onomah reach Joao Fletch
  9. Ash77

    You could drive a bus through there

    If 1 fb is upfield the other should not be as advanced. There should not be big gaps between cb's and fb's but the captain should try and address this as well as the manager. Palmer is a failed cm come failed rb, he has no sense of danger, awareness or desire which is shame because he could have been a decent player imo. All the defence and jp were poor but we were also below par with the ball. We never get simple low crosses in for easy chances due to players cutting inside on stronger foots, like reach playing on the right/matias on left etc Our fb's are not capable of getting the crosses in to make up for the midfielders/forwards. We play too narrow going forward but too wide and open when defending! New manager needed.
  10. Get a cruise ship between palmer n lees, they both cant sense danger, especially palmer who looks even less interested. Low crosses into our box destroys us but who can do that for us? We play so narrow and get no bread n butter low crosses in from edge of 18yd box, relying on blockbuster goals is no kind of strategy, our whole game is way off going both ways
  11. Ash77

    Team for Blackburn?

    Its not really the right or left with bannan as he goes central anyway, jp would probably cover right side defensively. Could easily switch bannan and reach, but reach capable of stretching it towards byline and crossing, we lack any width or ability to complete crosses imo
  12. Ash77

    Team for Blackburn?

    Dawson Palmer lees thorniley penney Hector jp Bannan ff reach Fletch/joao Matias/joao impact subs but start joao if fletch injured
  13. Ash77

    Team for Tuesday

    Dawson, Palmer Lees Hutch Penney Bannan hector Reach Ff joao Fletcher Hutch in for leadership Matias only ever on early 2nd half, only way may not get injured!
  14. Ash77

    Team for Derby

    Dawson Palmer Lees hutch/Thorniley penney Pessy(o'mah) hector bannan Reach Matias(ff) Fletcher (joao)
  15. Dawson Palmer hutch/lees hutch/thorniley Penney Jp Hector Bannan Forestieri reach  fletch Hector can make back 5 Matias and joao best as 60-70min subs due to Injury proneness/inconsistency Would like to see hutch at back for some leadership