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  1. Dawson Palmer hutch/lees hutch/thorniley Penney Jp Hector Bannan Forestieri reach  fletch Hector can make back 5 Matias and joao best as 60-70min subs due to Injury proneness/inconsistency Would like to see hutch at back for some leadership
  2. Ash77

    Man of the match

    Dont normally criticise ratings but anything below 8 for dawson is crackers! (9 for me, perfect 10 not far off)
  3. Ash77

    Man of the match

    Dawson- 9 solid, inspired confidence Baker- 6 poor 1st half with lots of crosses from his side, backing off etc but more solid 2nd half, offered no threat going forward tho Fox- 5 for pen and sitter but ok otherwise when dealing with lots of overlaps down flank, put in 1 good cross so 1 more than baker Lees- 7 better, concentrated and led Hector- 7 solid Thornilley 7 solid Penney- 5 agreed with sub, didnt offer much Pelupessy- 7 solid Bannan- 6 always gives 100% but squandered it and put us under cosh at times, needs to play it a bit simpler when needed and leave expansive stuff for when higher up pitch Reach- 6 battled well but like team mates no threat Fletcher-6 did what he could Matias- 6 looked our best outlet Great well earnt point, wont go down defending like that, especially with matias and ff to come back (yet again) to add some threat to hopefully get us higher.
  4. Ash77

    Line up

    Dawson Baker lees hutch fox Hector Palmer Reach bannan penney Fletch Drop joey, pudil, onomah, Hutch in for some leadership, tighten up flanks and middle. Then joao on at 60 min for fox/baker and go 4132
  5. Ash77

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    Exactly, silly poll at a silly time. There was no poll when we were 6th and if there was it would have probably been 90/10 in favour! Too many people think theres a magic tree to shake that billionaires fall out of, who are blessed with football expertise and an eagerness to blow 20m a year! A proven manager at this level like bruce would improve things massively, especially when the main crocks are released in summer.
  6. Ash77

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    Totally agree, can't see people queing up to burn 10m-15m+ a season and kop abuse from the usual minority. A solid manager with successful experience of this league (ideally bruce) would keep us up, and next season it's virtually a new start when alot of old crocks get released. Keep calm, make the required managerial change and rebuild. Should not be a poll on this, only on sacking the clueless manager imo
  7. Ash77

    Team for Blades

    Dawson Baker lees hutch fox Hector Palmer Reach bannan penney Fletch Drop joey, pudil, onomah, Hutch in for some leadership. Keep it tight then joao on 60 min For fox/baker and go 4132
  8. Ash77

    My team for Friday

    Dawson Baker hutch thorney fox Hector Palmer Reach bannan penney Fletch Keep it tight, bring joao on 60 min for baker/fox and go 4132
  9. Not sure dc knows who bruce is but at this rate its lg 1, change needed, track record at this level needed too
  10. Ash77

    Team for Norwich

    Dawson Palmer lees hutch fox Joey hector Reach bannan penney Fletch Onomah on for fox/penney Joao on for fletch
  11. Change 1 word in title, 'mccarthy' to 'bruce' and im in
  12. Ash77

    Steve Bruce out of work

    Never a better time or even chance to get a proven mgr at this level
  13. Big worry with 2 slow strikers, they will push up and pin us in our half with no pace up front, hoping for 0-0 until joao on for a striker and then hopefully nick 1
  14. Ash77

    Team for Birmingham

    Agree but if hutch fit need some leadership Wildsmith Palmer hutch Hector Penney Pelupessy Onomah Bannan (c) Reach  João Fletch
  15. Ash77

    Best Team And Formation

    Wwood Palmer hutch hector penney Joey bannan Matias ff reach Fletch (joao 2nd half)