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  1. Remember beating man u at home most seasons when they were top, liverpool odd time too, hirst, waddle, di canio, walker, palmer, nillson etc werent a bad watch! Far better watching better players, even when we lose imo. All it really took was a top manager like wilko or big ron and some backing. Saying that the odds of anyone going up to top tier and finishing 3rd like we did in 91-92 must be very long now, its almost rigged, but anyone capable of regular 30k+ crowds should be aiming to be established prem teams imo
  2. Think he did very well 7-8/10 overall, spot on positioning wise so plenty of saves that looked easy, odd mistakes were mainly at start of season, saved a good pen or 2 too
  3. Hutch is 33 soon so might need younger, but might have another year left at cb Luongo 30 soon so would try and re-sign, been solid since he came back, need some youth in midfield though for 46+ games Pato useful as a squad player but not fussed Hunt ok as squad player but need some youth and pace on flanks so not fussed Bpf will be missed Dean worth signing Wildsmith backup Shodipo possibly backup for both flanks but need better and fitter Gibson, jules, kamberi, berahino, dunkley, storey, shodipo, hunt, pato, hutch can all go with mainly thanks for me, plenty of players out there if most of them go and we need an injection of quicker, younger, energetic players imo
  4. BPF 6 Storey 5 have said before his lack of pace can be costly, especially in channels vs wingers. Ok in a 2 or middle of a 3 but very vulnerable in channels and vs any kind of pace, thats 4 times hes been run at that led to goals, this being most costly. A 70% fit iorfa easily stops that imo Dean 6 Hutch 6 Hunt 6 Byers 6 Luongo 6 Bannan 7 great pass for assist yet again Johnson 7 good assist Gregory. 7.5 Windass. 6 Nml 4 dire decision making Pato 5 Palmer 4 why an experienced pro didnt bother to check his shoulder in the dying minutes of a massive game is beyond me, massive schoolboy error. Players have given their all this season bar odd lapses so no complaints with effort. Think we would have gone straight up with a fit luongo, windass and iorfa for most of season. However its a fairly old squad now so need some more pace and energy throughout squad including on both flanks, midfield and upfront! Also need at least 1 pacy cb if iorfa goes if playing a 3. Lg1 was tougher than we possibly thought and might be even tougher next season, DM took us down and doubt he can take us up, Mandaric made a manager change to get us up last time despite megson not being far off, and to get up we need a fast start not a good half season imo
  5. Need a goal not 3cb's, should have been pato still for hutch, bottled it
  6. Bpf Hunt storey dean johnson Bannan luongo byers Nml gregory windass Shock n awe, looked better with 4 at back and need to attack
  7. Peacock-Farrell 6 Palmer 6.5* Storey 6.5 Dean 6 Hutch 5 Johnson 5.5 Byers 6 Bannan 6 Luongo 6 Gregory 6 Berahino 5 got no joy vs a solid defence Windass 6 looked more of a threat than sb, if fit enough to start on mon for 60-75 might be worth a punt
  8. Whoscored use decimal scores like 6.3, 6.8 etc, alot of fans post straight 6's, 7's etc which might also partly explain why owlstalk scores are slightly lower, can't all be stingy miserable gits
  9. Agree with OP, started well but after a few games seems more suited in the middle winning balls in air and clearing up, lacks pace when exposed in channels and offers little going forward or passing wise. Apart from the fleetwood clanger, when he was run at he easily got found out vs mk dons, cheltenham and burton which all led to goals, but in the air he's very comfortable so more natural in middle imo. Those goals were conceeded against pacier players like parrott, may and niasse but against units without much pace he fares better. Trouble is dean and dunkley only look natural in the middle too, so can see him staying on right and possibly being exposed again, hopefully not at a big cost, vs better sides with pace upfront. If we're playing someone like mk dons with pace upfront, i'd like to see hutch and palmer either side of storey or dean when fit but can't see that happening.
  10. BPF Palmer storey/dean hutch Hunt Byers Luongo Bannan johnson Gregory Pato Would only play storey in middle now, good in air but lacks pace in channels and poor on ball, dean still 1st choice there but may not be fit enough. Nml on early 2nd half for hunt or johnson, windass for pato, fdb for byers
  11. BPF 6 Hunt 6 assist but bad marking for 2nd Storey 5 good in air but too slow and poor on ball at rcb, maybe better in middle. Dispossessed and then megged, thats 4 goals he's been poor with including tonights clanger and 3 1v1's vs mk dons, burton and cheltenham Hutch 7 Palmer 6 Johnson 5 crossing been off a while Luongo 7 great assist Bannan 7 nearly another goal of season contender Byers 5 Gregory 10 so strong for 1st and 2nd and never seen a 3rd like it from k.o, saved the day and possibly season Paterson 6 unlucky cleared off line to post Nml 7 good impact Dunkley 7 might be time to drop storey, hutch right, palmer left or play storey in middle only. Windass 6 could still play a major part in season
  12. Bpf Iorfa storey palmer Nml fdb bannan byers shodipo Berahino gregory Possibly Luongo for bannan, johnson for shodipo, pato for gregory
  13. BPF 6 Hunt 6 Storey 6 struggles against pace and 1v1's on deck, too easily beat for 1st Dean 6 palmer 7 Johnson 7 Bannan 10* ran game, struggled when he came off FDB 8 Byers 8 Berahino 7 Gregory 8 Dunkley 6 Paterson 6
  14. Miss iorfas pace in that channel imo, storey vulnerable against any kind of pace, thats 3 direct goals conceeded from someone running at him, 3-1 up still unreal tho!
  15. Storey 1vs1 goal again, iorfa stops that imo
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