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  1. Under 30% win ration since 2012, based on that holloways as bad as coleman. Houghton, gvb, rowett, stendel or pearson (never happen) for me, all over 40% win ratios
  2. Colemans record is awful, 31% wins compared to 40%+ of rowett, monk, houghton. Gvb is 60%! Fine with them but please not coleman, was known for being a bad trainer turning up late etc and poor manager too imo
  3. Hughton or someone else who knows league like gary monk (near 40% win ratio). Wagner was interesting but just signed 3yr deal at schalke GVB interesting but risky as no champ experience
  4. No ta, pace, fitness, energy needed not imminent retirees
  5. Both slightly overrated imo despite being very good players at time, stats reflect this a bit compared to messi & ronaldo who score and/or assist at least every game Zz 723 apps 143 goals (1 goal in 5) 92 assists Db 714 apps 122 goals 143 assists Similar stats not sure if zz took all set pieces like db did tho for extra stats. Both not lightening quick but zz very gifted right foot, never saw him kick with left, ideal on left of front 3 these days, it was more 442 then tho so maybe would be better now stat wise! Db less gifted right foot but worked very hard on it and fitness too to max out his ability, more a right of midfield 3 player covering ground, never could beat a man or get you up pitch in 442 but great team player. Great with a proper winger in giggs on left but pedestrian midfield with db on right without proper left footed winger in 442 (as england saw with so called golden generation) To me db is almost as good as de bruyne but less injury prone, both db and zz would slot into man citys team nicely. Zidane like luis figo/ronaldinho/coutinho/ hazard etc, less mobile but more offensive in last 3rd, more flair and more naturally gifted. Different types of player, you need a mixture of both ideally. More direct comparisons imo are e.g Beckham vs gerrard vs scholes vs lampard vs de bruyne Zidane vs ronaldinho vs luis figo vs hazard vs coutinho vs messi vs ronaldo vs maradona! Based on better stats and teamwork however would take db by a whisker, but with all media posing etc would change mi mind and go zz
  6. Wildsmith Palmer Hector Thorniley Lazaar Matias joey lee ff Joao hooper
  7. In a midfield 3 is his best position, or on left of a 4 where he would get more crosses in imo Technically decent but a great runner to have for tracking back and stretching opps 40+ games a season.
  8. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Lazaar/palmer Boyd right Hutchinson Bannan (if fit) Matias left Hooper Fletcher Joao and ff front 2 on 60min
  9. Westwood 9 Palmer 5 Lees 8 Hector 6 Fox - 2, lg 2 stuff Reach 4 play him on the left, doing nothing on the right bar 2 or so wonder goals last year Bannan 5 Hutchinson 6 Boyd 2 release Hooper 4 Fletcher 4 Ff 2 probably finished, that pass for matias in acres, doesnt seem interested other than the wage Nuhiu 4 Matias 5 stick a picture of him in dictionary for inconsistent Badly miss aarons n lazaar plus we dont have a 20+ goal pacy striker capable of playing 46 games, so need a young prem loan striker next season imo, cant rely on ff, joao, hooper, fletch, winnall. Leeds not full of quality but they show the value of energy and fitness in this league
  10. Westwood Palmer Lees Hector lazaar reach hutch Aarons ff matias Fletch 60min Or jp cm with reach wide if aarons out
  11. Slow motion up front, maybe weather a factor for hoofs
  12. Like des had everything except distribution, has to be 1 of best combos we've ever had that 1st season together. Pearson, shirtliff, lyons etc all good cb's for their day but forwards were quicker when we had thome and des, however they had the pace to easily cope and the attributes to nullify target men too. Always remember des dominating big dunc ferguson vs everton too who was subbed off that game, even tho des was remembered mainly for pace and early tackles over aerial ability. Quick, tall and strong, thome 1 of best signings ever for little outlay, des up there too imo
  13. Westwood Iofra, Lees, Hector, Palmer Reach Bannan Hutch aarons Winnall matias Go for movement up front, we have players to pick a run
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