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  1. Gave fox mom but changed my mind watching it back despite his goal. For their equaliser he lost his man who had an easy header (wwood didnt help), he lost his man for the brilliant wwood save leading to the equalising corner, and easily let a cross in where lees lost his man but ayew missed, thats 3 errors that could have led to more than 1 goal. Seems to be slow footed when crosses come in or when ran at and switches off too much, not just in this game either. Wont ever be a top champ lb imo, but has improved with the ball at least. Quick lb, quick striker and kieron lee replacement next summer would help us alot.
  2. Westwood - 4. 2 corners, 2 flaps, 2 goals. 1-2/10 without the great save, cant catch so needs to command area better and punch instead Palmer - 5 nervous at back, nothing crosses wise again iorfa - 7 assist for 2nd Lees 6 needs to stay with man when crosses come in Fox - 7.5* shades murphy with goal Murphy - 7 nice to see effort, especially in tracking back for a change, nearly scored and looked sharp, deserves his place for now Bannan - 6 quieter but 1st game back Lee - 6 lightweight but assist bumps him up 1, Harris - 6 great cross for fletch but quiet on left again, why not try him on right! Nuhiu 6 wins headers etc but rarely leads to.much and doesnt look like scoring enough Fletcher 6 looks sharp, maybe just unlucky hes missing too many chances Fernando 7 time for a start, maybe in a 4231 Reach - 7 good run and shot
  3. Palmer lucky to get so many starts imo, can be shaky on ball and make errors at back, compounded by rarely offering a threat by getting a decent cross in. Decent bench player for rb/lb maybe. Moses was unlucky to get dropped and deserves another chance imo
  4. Ff has to start and if murphy keeps it up 4231 could be best, dont think 2 strikers without pace will score many but 3 in behind striker could be tricky for defences to manage. Murphy could swap with ff during game if need be as his pace could do damage running past striker, but he finally tracked back well today to cover fb, deserves his shirt next up. Harris been quiet on left for a while, lets go mad and try switching his side for a bit! Harris ff murphy Fletch (nuhiu)
  5. Would have preffered reach still in to help lee/bannan and murphy over nuhiu for some pace up front with hutch out. Our wingers might be too quick for our forwards!
  6. Westwood Moses Iorfa Borner fox Bannan Hutch reach Harris Fletch ff With luongo out reach can maybe cover for ff tracking back less than harris, so this could naturally become 442/4411 at times
  7. Meant Murphy on as sub if ff or harris tiring
  8. Agree but moses over palmer and iorfa rcb, borner left. Murphy for ff or harris Reach on for luongo if tiring, fox if behind, ff/harris if winning near end, use his best assets, running and versatility
  9. They both have created or scored 4 each which is a bit low for 15 games, but imo harris takes a fb to byline and puts more crosses in the box than reach because hes more a natural pacy winger. Unfortunately theres only ever fletch in there with a cautious 4141, if he can even get there on time, or harris could have more assists than reach. This despite opps doubling up on harris which creates more space for perceived lesser threats like reach. Reach is a versatile, solid, reliable player and a good runner but can anyone say what his best position is after all this time? I'd guess its left midfield in 442 with a proper harris type winger on the right, or lwb in a 343/352, but hes not the flair, pace or technique to be in the front 3 of a top 6 side imo. Given that hes got 19mths or so contract left if we could get our money back id take it for ffp and sign another harris type winger, no room for sentiment anymore. Agree ff is worth gambling on for a start soon, be interesting to see what harris could do on the right too, might get more assists with an advanced ff coming in from the left channel.
  10. 'Jacob Murphy was only on the pitch 20 minutes against Blackburn and touched the ball 16 times, only seven fewer than what Adam Reach did in 70.' Dom howson 23 touches, 1 touch every 3 mins for a front 3 player and 1 goal in 15, so sadly don't think he'll ever offer enough in final 3rd. A front 3 player of an aspiring top 6 side needs to do more than run about getting in the way, maybe he could come on for ff or harris with murphy coming on for the other to keep it fresh, or come on for/rotate with luongo to cover ground in the middle?
  11. It would have been another game with 1 conceeded if not for a poxy deflection for the 2nd and we often keep clean sheets. Our cb's both finally made 1 small mistake and got harshly punished, but dont think a smaller lees wouldnt have got beat for the 1st, when nuhiu and iorfa both got beat by their giant cb! We were going for a win as a team and should have held on. The defence is not the problem, it could become one though if you take iorfas pace away from the middle. Defence seems easier to focus on going by the amount of obsessive threads about it, but much rather see jp dropped for good because scoring goals, creating chances and too much attritional football is the problem! By the way lees, although a solid defender, is another one who has been here for a long time that some people are overly sentimental about. This is a standard overreaction to a defeat thread
  12. Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Fox Luongo hutch Bannan Harris Fletcher ff Im now convinced thats our best side, bring reach on for his main strength, legs and running when the jobs done for ff or luongo Its 433 but is flexible, if ff more advanced than harris it can switch to 4411/442 or be 451 when needed too.
  13. Ive agreed with u but remember danny wilson leaving carbone on bench in late 90's before falling out with him too at southampton or similar, saying plan was to bring him on for last 20mins and nick it at end, so its not new. On plus side jp must be done here now after that, must go with ff if luongo not fit at least imo
  14. Jp - how to kick a ball generally, then specifically like kicking it in a straight line or getting it off the floor, theres amateurs on youtube to help too! Reach - dribble with right slowly, quick right clockwise stepover, nudge on outside of left to make half a yard, whip it in with left waddle style Harris - opposite to reach but he can also go byline Palmer/less so fox - crossing on overlap
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