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  1. Van Aaken

    This, doesnt look like a cb in a 2 at least, maybe on left of a 3 with an experienced loovens type in the middle. Error prone, naive and not strong or dominant enough even for his age, looks as bad off the ball as he looks good on it. We don't need 200+ videos to spot that So if its a back 4, defensive midfield is probably his best position for now, any howlers he makes needn't be fatal with 2 cb's behind and he might offer good energy, link up play nicely and even get assists at base of a diamond.
  2. We dont have proper wingers so maybe behind front 2 is where flair players like matias, ff or abdi if ever fit could shine in a diamond with lee and bannan narrow. Matias & abdi clearly injury prone but cc claims theres no issues other than boyd and ff. Would at least like to see matias on bench but if lee behind front 2 it just leaves wallace on right really who isnt producing much these days. Maybe matias would be better wide but the left and right of a diamond probably require more stamina as wide and central needs covering. We do need some pace and creativity in the side somehow though imo
  3. Urgently need some pace, creativity & leadership, would never happen but loovens at cb and hutch holding would still improve the team as would matias & joao. Joost too error prone and weak for cb for now, jones, wallace and fletch ageing and slow, fletch got 2 goals all season which is not good enough imo Wildsmith Lees hutch Hunt Reach Van Aken Lee matias bannan Joao hooper
  4. Wwood Hunt lees loovs reach hutch Lee bannan matias Joao hooper Desperate for pace, creativity and leadership
  5. Big Sam

    Big sams the man but nailed on to turn another club around while we stagnate with cc
  6. Its times like this i weep that matias cant even make bench and theres not 1 proper winger in the 18.
  7. Cant argue with 1st 11 after leeds but theres no creative options on bench again. Think cc misses a trick not having matias on bench if wallace struggling to make an impact or as an option behind front 2 if we need a goal.
  8. Wildsmith or Westwood

    Wildsmith, need to show nobodys irreplaceable if their form dips and that if someone gets a chance and takes it they will get a fair run. Should be his shirt to lose now imo
  9. The 1 in a 3-4-1-2 or tip of diamond behind front 2 is likely his best position, in the middle driving forward beyond strikers and linking or playing quick 1-2's with others. Should not move hooper at all and ff should probably be used as an impact sub to start with for the infamous 2nd half turnarounds or as a countering threat.
  10. Fessi

    The 1 in a 3-4-1-2 or the tip of a diamond, tho would likely be impact sub to start with.
  11. Rhodes is a proven goalscorer and is yet to have a chance of a few starts with hooper. Who knows he could also benefit from hoopers clever play. He would likely have scored some of fletchers misses like joosts' long ball to put fletch clean thru vs cardiff and the 3 yard header vs leeds imo. Suprised rhodes didnt play on tues vs brum which indicates fletch is favoured but fletch has done quite well all round. But then thats like the old nuhiu argument, he also does other things than score but is that enough when you need 75-90 goals to go up? Would like to see cc at least start rhodes in midweek games to rest fletch, especially with this alleged knee niggle and see how it goes. Why have an 8m striker & not use him when theres sometimes 3 games a week and an older player not renowned for scoring many has a knee niggle? Given a chance with hooper rhodes may well come good
  12. Van Aken

    While he bulks up and learns this league he may well be better off in a diamond holding role. May be 1 of best passers in team but not best defender and mistakes are more costly near strikers with nobody behind to clear up behind. Rather have hutch as cb, the mileage is lower and he gets less injuries & bookings
  13. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

    Was hoping joao for the immobile fletch today and play on break. Wallace and jones uninspiring, ageing, slow, hope joost wont give away goals, could get bullied today. Expect 0-3 and cc out, other than that, nah cant think of any positives
  14. How good was this team?

    Liverpool away my 1st away game, must have been 6 or 7 we won 2-0. Some good players for time but marwood would make a big difference for us now, a proper winger with a good delivery who arsenal signed off us. Liked chamberlain later too but annoyingly was usually on bench, maybe he didnt track back much but was a wizard with ball. To this day still frustrated with lack of proper wing play bar a decent spell from 93-95
  15. Marco Matias

    He must be injured again and they're too embarassed to admit it. Cant believe any manager would be stupid enough to have nuhiu or jones on bench instead of a player who has some rare elusive pace, can create and score. Saying that nuhiu was preffered bench option to joao so not impossible with cc. If ever fit he could fit a system without proper wingers behind front 2 and thrive there like ff could do.