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  1. With reach on left and decent crosses he will score more than his fair share. With reach on right and poor crosses, he wont, imo. Wouldnt do him any harm with a pacy striker next to him either, solid team player at this level
  2. Like with megson wont be suprised to see cb's at fb but hope its not iorfa who at cb is easily our most valuable player Ww Moses iorfa lees borner (jva after ban) Luongo/jp bannan Windass brown reach Patterson Didnt look like scoring all day vs some bottom sides with 352 so hope thats gone with monk
  3. We would be 21st, 4th bottom with NO points deducted, found his level, bottom of this league or lg1/2
  4. Would be 4th bottom without -6, found his level, bottom of this lg or lg1/2, monk out
  5. This is now what we expect, dire football, no goals, waiting to conceed. Kachunga awful, inverted wide players awful, hes even imposed it on cb's now with jva as rcb, utter clown
  6. 343 same formation, thinks hes found a winner after getting the pen and iorfa back, but palmer or moses no left foot for lwb, neither has harris, kachunga bobar too. As usual strange selection/tactics imo, 0-0 or 0-1, might scrape something but can't see it being the answer with our players, expecting this: Wildsmith Iorfa Borner JVA moses Joey Bannan palmer Kachunga Windass Reach
  7. Would go: Ws Moses iorfa borner palmer Joey bannan Windass brown reach Patterson With usual 3 cbs prefer 343 to firm up flanks but kachunga is awful, cant run or pass so 3412 Ws Iorfa lees borner Moses joey bannan reach Brown Windass patterson
  8. Dont disagree with dc for sake of it but players too often are set up to lose by monk, his record is dire after taking over from a proper manager in bruce, started well with what he inherited, but only took a few months to put his negative stamp on and wreck it. Fb's at cb (especially moses at cb marking strong strikers like toney), forestieri etc at wb, wingers/wb's on wrong sides, playing wing backs regardless when best display this season was a back 4 etc. Can't see or solve problems, negative dire, outdated tactics and signing crocks doesn't help. Player
  9. Wwood Moses iorfa borner penney Bannan Harris brown windass reach Paterson 4141 Or db next to bannan in 4231 instead of brown, has to be 4 at back regardless, best we've played this season by far. Appreciate none of it will happen with a mark 2 danny wilson/peter eustace who has a worse record than jos but dawson, wing backs, harris on left, fb's at cb etc will drop us without the -12 imo. Monk out asap, took over from a good manager like wilson and is quickly taking us down, wilson kept his jo
  10. Its monks fault imo, cant ask a smaller and much weaker player to deal with their main goal threat at set pieces. This is a common theme too, moses marked a bigger/stronger player vs qpr and nearly cost a pen as he couldnt handle him, we got away with it, the warning was there. Again its just not very bright management and it cost another point added to the dozens lost from late goals. Not moses' fault, not a cb, silly to pretend he can perform all of that role like iorfa naturally does, bar offering pace. Perhaps not very bright either to insist
  11. Think this is pretty spot on, did our best against a better side and would likely have got a point BUT Monk cost us again imo with another very unbright idea that a tiny weak full back can mark a tall strong goal threat at set pieces. Learn from mistakes, vs qpr and likely other games moses can not mark big players at set pieces, just because he's being made to play cb, does not mean he can do that job. Any fan can see it so not sure why anybody at any level in the game can't see it. Also dawson needs to learn to parry it away. Harris
  12. Monk sure has horrific stats to go with the negative dull tactics, cant be bothered but would imagine his pts per game/win ratios are dire like jos's too. We all make mistakes but when you constantly repeat them you just cant be very bright. Next time we go 1 nil up will we go for a 2nd against an average side or park the bus far too early again to give them time to find a way yet again? We must conceed after 85th minute in around 1 in 3 or 4 games under him, he might be a guiness world record holder! Maybe the only reason he clinged on was the -
  13. Lost interest with monk in charge early this year, we're just so dull to watch. Could quickly get worse with a poor system with poor wingbacks, no wingers, no crosses, no decent strikers, no goal threat. Would try reach lwb, harris rwb and hope we get a half decent striker if theres any chance of staying up, or if still poor 4411 with reach LM and windass in hole, but have zero faith in monk to deliver, he'll be lower leagues after us imo
  14. Hes a 20-30m+ player now imo because he has it all and will easily play mid to higher prem, once established 30-50m+ (micheal keane was 30m), 10-15m peanuts for prem teams
  15. Anyone got any stats when hes played up front or no10? Id guess 15 apps, 0 goals and 0 assists. On left would guess assists on par/not far off bannan (pro rata as hes hardly played there under monk). Managers are meant to get the best out of players, not the worst!
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