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  1. Dawson - 4 might need wwood back soon urgohide - 3 not ready, no crosses from either fb. borner - 5 would drop for hutch iorfa - 5 palmer - 4 badly miss fox who can get a cross in harris - 4 same old on left joey - 1 as expected lee - 4 as expected da Cruz - 0 did we check he's a footballer or did we just see a video of him doing tricks on a beach somewhere? No football brain, a non league no10, but even worse winger, as per windass looks like monk burns money better than cc as well as having no tactical brain. nuhiu - 2 FF - 5 Murphy 7 great attitude off bench, tackles, crosses, shot, 1st name on next sheet, would try as attacking rb with harris rm and reach Lm next out given our fb woes. Bannan 5 Monk 0 as expected, get rid, players and fans given up
  2. And most of our fb's how to play fb. Id try him rb, harris rm, reach Lm next out
  3. Made my subs but too late with murphy, might still have had 11 men if da pooz subbed earlier
  4. Bannan for jp, murphy for cruz ht, wickham for nuhiu after 60 So expect no changes until 75mins
  5. Not sure what cruz is, maybe a lg 1 no10 but makes me miss murphy, awful winger. Add to that windass and evidence is gm would spunk it away as bad or worse than cc, get rid
  6. Dawson Moses Iorfa hutch Fox Windass Bannan reach Harris wickham Ff Gm: Dawson Palmer iorfa borner fox Reach windass bannan harris Wickham nuhiu 0-0/0-1 borefest
  7. Agree about warnock, desperate times, sinking ship. 1st thing needed is experienced leadership, discipline and organisation. Theres also the matter of him achieving several promotions from this league that we lost when bruce left, thats a million miles away but its a far better c.v than monks anyway.
  8. Dawson - 4 Palmer - 2 Lees - 0 Iorfa - 0 Borner - 0 FF - 5 least bad with harris and thats a forward who only has a right foot playing lwb, the by far worse time to try 352 when reach and fox injured! Delusional. Bannan - 2 Windass - 2 cant run, so much for letting him get his own players in Lee - 3 Cruz - 2 so much for letting him get his own players in Wickham - 2 ditto, rhodes mk2 so far Harris - 5 a rarity, got some crosses in Ff lwb then subbed when least bad Not going to 433 at ht Possibly worse team selection and tactics ive ever seen, since eustace had hirsty on bench in the 80's anyway whilst losing every game. Utterly clueless, no wonder hes never achieved anything and stays in a job 2 minutes, dressing room gone, its that bad id even get warnock in. Awful run and he clearly has no answers, matter of time now, never thought those players could ever be made to look lg 2 whilst playing a lg 1 side.
  9. Dawson Moses iorfa hutch fox Windass bannan reach Cruz wickham ff Try bannan in a 3 with decent wingmen and bring luongo on after 60, will be borner but hutch a better cb than him or lees imo
  10. Dawson Moses Iorfa hutch/borner Fox harris Bannan windass reach Cruz Wickham Bring ff on for harris or reach Prefer hutch cb but cant see it now!
  11. Reach has several assists (on the left where he has played far too little) from good 1st time left footed balls in, after making a clever run behind the rb giving cb's no time to get in position. Harris never seems to do this, he wants to run with it from deeper for longer but is predictable, often running into trouble with the rb and gives cb's time to prepare, making it very hard to create anything. He doesn't even put anything in on his stronger right either for some reason. Murphys not great at crossing either, so they have less assists between them than reach, only 3 in 50 odd apps. Reach doesnt need to beat a man unlike harris or murphy who rarely put 1st time balls in. We're clearly struggling in the final 3rd so with new signings available and ff back, its time to try a new front 3 with harris and murphy benched imo
  12. Dawson 6 Palmer 6 Iorfa 8* Borner 6 Moses 6 Murphy 5 Jp 5 Reach 6 Bb 6 Harris 5 Nuhiu 5 Murphy and harris not good enough to start now we've options, stats are sorry, 3 assists between them in 51 apps, we need triple that rate from 1 winger never mind 2 if we're serious and more goals from the widemen too. May as well give cruz and ff a proper run in a 433/4231 now, with windass in for jp and wickham for nuhiu a minimum, after another toothless showing until decent subs came on.
  13. Dawson Moses Iorfa hutch Fox Luongo bannan windass Da Cruz Forestieri Wickham
  14. Dawson Moses iorfa hutch fox Windass bannan luongo Murphy/harris wickham cruz/reach/ff 5 wingers now so 3 sub options for a more energetic high pressing front 3 Could go 442 (ff and wickham) if not working odd game too Hutch our best cb after iorfa imo and hopefully windass is the box to box energetic player we needed as well as a striker. Another good incoming window
  15. Exactly, nothings said after a win or when we're top 6 etc but some doom mongers seem to live for us losing a few games so they can target the owner on the internet!
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