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  1. Bpf Hunt iorfa hutch palmer Bannan DB johnson Dennis Theo pato Could bring gregory on for johnson and move dennis to lcm. Shodipo shown nothing so far. When windass fit would play him on left of a front 3 with pato central and theo on right
  2. Bit pointless with players set up to fail Bpf 6 Hunt 5 Palmer 5 Iorfa 5 Johnson 4 played cb, shows dm out of ideas Brown 4 always a bad idea Deli 6 Bannan 6 Dennis 7* Gregory 5 cant switch from playing from back to launching it to short forwards, not big or quick enough, too slow for through balls too, needs crosses or mainly ineffectual Berahino 5 dito Lucky to be 0-0 at ht against a poor lower lg1 side we made look good. Nobody can be convinced about moores tactics, failed 352, johnson cb, not knowing his best 11 etc, seen enough, he's been a very poor manager and is out of sensible ideas. Needs to drop johnson, brown and 352, put palmer lb, try theo up front with pato or theo with gregory and pato in behind imo
  3. Agree would try him central with pato or with gregory and pato in behind, then we would finally have pace and a presence upfront. keep same midfield 3, drop johnson and brown, palmer to lb in a back 4
  4. Horrific tactics, what did he think was so great getting spanked by cambridge in the 1st half with 352, that he is forcing johnson to play cb so he can try it again with even less suitable players, madness! You would have thought he would have carried on with the much improved 2nd half vs c'bridge with a back 4. Could be the most clueless manager since eustace, awful 1st half, lucky to be drawing at home vs a crap side. Need to go 4312, Pato for brown, theo for SB, not wing or shodipo who will likely come on
  5. Meant try upfront as a striker, not in midfield. Pacy strikers can offer a threat in behind or by drifting into channels towards wings getting crosses in, which could be useful if playing a diamond with no wingers. Something like that diamond/4312 could work, but could always change to 442/4411 with theo on right, bannan on left if a flat midfield 4 during a game to tighten it. Dennis Db bannan Pato Theo gregory Theo db dennis bannan Pato Gregory More likely will leave and do well elsewhere tho!
  6. Try him upfront with gregory/pato or with pato behind those 2 in a diamond. Tracking back less of an issue central, plus we would have some pace upfront for the 1st time in ages like when antonio played as a striker, he could always drift into channels and get some crosses in too. Moores a defender, far too safe and only interested in opposition not scoring, we need to be more of a threat to go up, especially now he's finally found a good midfield 3.
  7. Bpf Hunt iorfa dunk palmer Dennis fdb bannan Pato Theo gregory At home vs 15th so should attack, play theo in a diamond/4312, some pace upfront could be the key. If it has to be a 'safe' flat 442/4411 bannan on left, theo right
  8. Always look better with with him out of the 11, can't think of a single attribute or contribution made that justifies dm keeping deli out all season
  9. Bpf Hunt iorfa hutch palmer Deli Adeniran bannan Pato Theo gregory
  10. Ws 5 scary with crosses and kicking, not sure where he was for 2nd Hunt 6 Iorfa 7 Dunkley 6 Palmer 6 Brown 3 awful miss, poor with ball, lost his man for equaliser Deli 6 not had the chances wing has but already looks better, strong, mobile and less wasteful before tiring Bannan 8* good assist, put it on a plate for brown too, everywhere Wing 4 Wasteful, lost his man twice at set piece crosses, blazed over unmarked from 10 yards, very poor all season, try johnson there until luongo back, might cover brown better and offer a cross Pato 7 good knock down that wing blazed over, great cross for gregorys near hatrick, 1 half chance but volley was saved Gregory 8 great opener, solid pen, shame his header saved Berahino 0 as offered zero, should try theos pace up front but he persists with same poor perfomers like him and wing Dons fairly poor and in 17th but their manager made positive changes and we sat back, usual. Moore needs to stop playing wing and berahino, more points dropped sitting back, scraping play offs 50/50 at best
  11. Bpf Hunt iorfa hutch brown Luongo (palmer till fit) Adeniran bannan Pato Theo windass (gregory till fit) 442 diamond, should be mainly attacking this league so pace up front and a presence in pato, could always have palmer anchoring with theo on bench in a 4132 for certain games
  12. Its only 1 game where mount and foden have recently started and against an energetic side that played very well. Foden got an assist and was 7/10, mount 6 at best imo. Mount is a decent energetic player in a top side, foden can be a top player in a top side. He could have tweaked it to 4231 with mount slightly deeper as rice was a bit isolated at times. His subs made it worse, he has a thing about saka but sancho was maybe a better option for sterling and not switching to his proven failed back 3/5. If he wants 2 sitters, 4231 with foden central, but he might prefer mount for some reason despite him not looking much of a threat (0 goals, 1 assist at euros). Mobile as he is does not have the passing range or technical ability of foden imo Cant totally ******** it up with players at his disposal, but we wont ever win anything while he sticks with favourites, bottles it with 8 defensive players against top sides and makes poor tactical choices imo
  13. Bpf Hunt iorfa hutch/dunk brown Palmer adeniran bannan Pato Theo gregory Try a diamond, need some pace up front but could switch theo to right mid if needed
  14. Ws 7 Hunt 7* good assist Palmer 6 Iorfa 6 Gibson 6 poor start but settled down, unless injured waste of a sub Brown 6 all the makings of a decent attacking lb, none of a left midfielder/winger, mismanaged Hutch 5 at least a yard behind game at times, not the legs of adeniran, cb or bench Bannan 6 A lack of pace and mobility upfront may be limiting his influence Pato 6 no chances came his way but kept going Gregory 6.5 similar to sb, poor bar goal, was very easy pickings for santos until he cleverley came in on his blind side Sb 5 we need windass back and theo deserves a run up front in the meantime, front 2 poor bar gregorys movement for goal Dunkley 5 usual Adeniran 6 need his energy in cm Shodipo 4 struggles to get in games, would consider johnson on left of 3 if playing 4312 until luongo fit, then bannan on left with luongo central Still not found his best 11, rode our luck with several near misses but made our only good chance pay, 2 on target wont usually be enough tho. Poor selection and start with only 3 attacking players at home in a 352, 4312 looked better but crying out for more creativity and pace upfront imo
  15. If 352 would have gone Wildsmith iorfa hutch Gibson Palmer adeniran bannan brown Pato Theo Berahino adeniran gone off boil due to playing on right but must start cm, hutch can step into anchor role or back 5, need more pace up front so theo should have started, gregory very slow
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