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  1. At least we've learnt our lesson about letting contracts run down to the last year
  2. Playoff final vs hartlepool only time, were travelling but luckily caught it, held onto it a bit too, cant remember if it was cos we were winning tho or if i sensed my only 15 seconds of fame on camera
  3. Ash77

    Matias wants to stay..

    Would be a good pacy option for 2nd half but no way robust enough to start in august. Need a fit version bringing in with a view of playing 4231 or 433 imo
  4. Ash77

    Starting XI

    Dawson Hunt/new lees new reach/new Lee/new Pessy bannan Matias/new joao ff Need a cb, lb, forward, cm and poss rb imo
  5. A Matias joao ff front 3 is easily a top 6 front 3, maybe better, if matias had new legs but maybe matias would be a good bench option, with a new reliable version capable of playing a full season starting instead.
  6. Imo 2 or even 1 outright striker is getting outdated now, as are wingers focussed purely on crosses. The modern hybrid forward like at man c and liverpool can finish like a striker, has technique and creativity like a no10 and pace of a winger. At this level ff is a top example with matias an injury prone underachieving version, probably only ever fit enough for bench. Would like our central forwards to be joao, nuhiu, hooper and we're probably stuck with fletcher unless someone took for free with us subsidising wages So would sell rhodes & winnall (hooper too for decent cash bearing in mind age and injuries) and try to loan 2 young prem forwards (or buy 2) who can play in the 3 for 433 or 4231 like ff can. So 1 striker and either 2 or 3 mobile forwards around them capable of goals and assists, bearing in mind we probably need 75-90 goals for promotion. Thats a virtual restructure tho so wouldnt hold mi breath
  7. Remember north stand giving kanchelskis an ovation after a hatrick. Collymore scored hatrick for forest Ogrizovic the coventry keeper scored vs hodge and saved everything, southall had stormers too
  8. Hes 30 now and apparently struggled to play a full season in his 20's, but other clubs will know that so doubt we would get a good fee, especially with a big contract expiring next summer. Cashing in last summer might have been smart in hindsight. Work rate, injury proneness and fitness may be issues, but could be a great 2nd half option due to his goal threat when fit if we cant get a decent fee. Nuhiu and joao with ff behind is probably the way to start, unless we get c18m for a 28-29 year old ff of course, whos contract expires in 2 yrs We'll likely release him next summer unless he proves his worth next season and his wages plummet imo
  9. Wont get rid of fletcher, boyd or abdi for free on their wages. Hooper injury prone and 30ish now so might not get much of a fee, may as well keep in hope he has a final spurt left. Similar with westwood but would take a fee to free up wages. Need 4 players, a left back, cb, cm, forward imo. Hopefully we will finally learn and loan some top prem youngsters to cover some of those gaps
  10. Ash77

    Ross Wallace - Premature Exit

    1st season mainly 7's, 2nd season mainly 6's, this season mainly 5-6's. Might not just be down to age either, the championships improving fast, so must we. A quick goalscoring forward for the 3 when playing 4-2-3-1 would do nicely now, as well as a lb and cb
  11. Ash77

    Team vs Norwich

    Dawson Palmer lees nielson thorniley/boyd Reach Joey bannan fessi Joao rhodes
  12. The best header and proper target man ive ever seen for us, not great on the ground but as long as he had a runner next to him to stretch it (and not colin west) he was very effective. Was a kid but he must have scored nearly all of his numerous goals from headers, think he got a hatrick for leeds vs us. Wingers like marwood and chamberlain (very underated winger) putting it in danger areas was his bread n butter, not sure why he left but deserved his success, tho more so up' m1 unfortunately
  13. Ash77

    Team for sat

    Omitting a talent like fox, what was i thinking
  14. Ash77

    Team for sat

    Is that your favoured 12 then
  15. Ash77

    Team for sat

    Dawson Hunt fred lees boyd Reach Joey bannan Matias Ff Joao Lots of pace on break, 1 out and out striker might be better for away games at least