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  1. Slow motion up front, maybe weather a factor for hoofs
  2. Like des had everything except distribution, has to be 1 of best combos we've ever had that 1st season together. Pearson, shirtliff, lyons etc all good cb's for their day but forwards were quicker when we had thome and des, however they had the pace to easily cope and the attributes to nullify target men too. Always remember des dominating big dunc ferguson vs everton too who was subbed off that game, even tho des was remembered mainly for pace and early tackles over aerial ability. Quick, tall and strong, thome 1 of best signings ever for little outlay, des up there too imo
  3. Westwood Iofra, Lees, Hector, Palmer Reach Bannan Hutch aarons Winnall matias Go for movement up front, we have players to pick a run
  4. We need to freshen up and try something very close to this asap, without ff need some pace up top though imo Westwood Palmer, Iorfra, Hector, Lazaar Aarons bannan hutch reach Matias/ joao, Fletcher/winnall
  5. Different players may work better inverted cutting in, especially if their technique is more useful than their pace. However man c look good with sterling on right and sane on left, sane never plays on right but sterling plays left sometimes if sane on bench. For us reach is generally worse on the right so he should play left and get some crosses in. Our fbs arent a big threat in the final 3rd either so wont deliver crosses if widemen constantly cut in. Aarons is pacy so should be useful on the right too, madness not to at least try it, can't be any worse than 0-0/2-2 vs bottom sides with boyd left, reach right anyway
  6. Keep it simple and play to strengths. Play him on left running the whole flank slightly narrow to help cm's with lazaar more a lwb and overlapping. Play aarons on right a bit higher and wider to balance midfield, with palmer more a fb. Between them they will get some much needed crosses in for joao/ff/fletch and we might finally start to score some . Simple
  7. Agree in a 4231, would consider iorfa with his pace too, could play a higher line which might help offensively. Weakest links offensively are boyd and fox but are decent cover given their professionalism Wwood Palmer iorfa hector lazaar Bannan hutch Aarons ff reach Joao
  8. Agree, ff needs pace around him and match fitness, but only time will tell if he can be the same player as before injuries. Would like to see 4231: bannan hutch Aarons ff reach Joao
  9. Wwood Palmer lees hec fox hutch bannan Aarons ff reach Fletch (joao 60) Need to get loans match fit with other 2 subs if possible
  10. Wwood Palmer iorfa hector lazaar bannan hutch Aarons ff reach Fletch Based on this season would prefer 4231 or 442, reach on the left and lees dropped. If 532 would prefer thorniley lcb, in for palmer and aarons rwb
  11. If hes quickish too and plays cb theres our high line then
  12. Wonder how much a nilsson would cost these days tho, likely 50m+ Agree when behind ball fb's can help cb's vs strikers/forwards by playing narrower etc, but they also have wingers and other fbs to contend with. Plus we want fb's attacking and crossing when possible, so a pacy fb is unlikely to stick to a cb like a bomber escort for 90min, there will be times they're on their own with alot of space behind with a high line. Thats not to say play deep regularly, maybe just vs pacy forwards or when needed, but a pacy cb would help most to play a high line more often imo
  13. Doubt we will play a high line with lees, hector or thornilley, none of whom have much pace However more pace on flanks and in team generally means we could be a threat on counters for a change, and create more space against compact defences when attacking
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