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  1. Fans can be fickle but would be irrational of anyone to write him off now so accept that, but having not answered my question, i assume you still don't think he'll be a top cb at this level, unless you unlaugh at my prediction he will be or state otherwise!
  2. Not everyone has an eye for a player, even managers get it wrong so fans can't be expected to get it right, it's just about opinions. My predictions might seem wild to you but iorfa has pace, height, strength and long legs to block crosses and shots. In my experience of playing and watching football since age 5 for 36 years, these are all great attributes for a cb. He needs to prove he can perform consistently but he has the attributes to excel with correct application and by staying fit, which is more likely at cb by the way as its less running than at rb. Borner will likely compliment him and bring him on, he doesnt have the raw attributes of iorfa but may be better mentally at this stage e.g reading game, decisions and organising. That comes with experience and opportunity so i hope iorfa gets a run at cb to prove he's best in his preffered position of cb. When tammy abraham destroyed connor coady 1 on 1 for pace and scored vs wolves, i dont think iorfa would have been beaten that easily, if at all, or abraham might not even have bothered trying. Micheal keane at everton and england for around £35m, average at best prem cb imo. Gifted kosovo a goal then got done with a simple ball over top vs bournemouth. Rather have big dom (former england u21) in my defence, unfashionable or not. Another prediction, we may easily have an £8-10m+ cb on our hands and even if im wrong what a bargain he is for 500k.
  3. You laughed at that pre qpr 24/8/19 post after qpr implying he wont ever be a top cb at this level, and mentioned only borner vs mitrovic but not our other likely cb iorfa, so on balance of probabilities you dont or didn't appear to rate him, maybe you'll claim otherwise now however. So despite laughing at my post, do you still think iorfa won't be a top cb at this level or do you now think he can be then?
  4. Agree Borner solid but iorfa was virtually unplayable at hudders. If he can do that consistently, i stand by what i said before qpr in that he can be a top cb at this level, despite a minority including yourself laughably writing him off after 1 game at cb. Infact i will go further now and say he could do ok in the premiership at cb if he puts in consistent performances, meaning he is a big asset for us.
  5. Iorfas preferred position is cb and we are starting to see why vs hudders. With less ground to cover hopefully he can stay fit playing there. Moses played well vs hudders too so would be amazed if thats changed. Not sure about palmer at lb tho but thats another debate
  6. Wwood Moses iorfa borner fox Lee Luongo bannan Reach fletch harris
  7. 3 tackles and at 7, the most clearances in match according to hitc: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/09/16/do-dominic-iorfas-sheffield-wednesday-display-adds-to-wolves-fru/page/1/ england call up 1 day, LUMP ON
  8. Would take anything over 8m so 10m+ a no brainer imo as contract runs down like ff's has. Great squad player and probably best on left of a 4 despite being a bit jack of all trades, but could buy/loan lb, cm and winger for 10m+
  9. Was immense today in his preferred position, like a cross between des and carlton! Pounced on attackers in a flash blocking crosses and shots thanks to those gangly legs. Thats only his 2nd start at cb and the improvement is there to see already. Pace like his at cb helps the team too, we've not realky had that since des. We can hold a higher line playing in attacking half more and press higher. Leave him cb for a fair chance and moses rb, can't see how lees walks back in after that. Borner solid too but pace at cb is a big plus imo
  10. Hudders v poor but solid away performance bar a few annoyances! Wwood 6 little to do Moses 7 solid and pacy Iorfa 8* only 2nd start at cb but has it all including pace, deserves a run at cb Borner 7 solid and assured, especially with extra pace next to him Palmer 5 saunters back, loses men, lets crosses in and doesnt overlap, fox maybe slightly better option, at least he gives 100% Murphy 5 another who saunters about, needs to increase work rate and work on crossing, badly Hutch 6 seems to have lost a yard and will likely struggle against better opps, luongo might start getting a bit miffed. Bannan 7 great assist Harris 7 great assist, little support Fletch 7 solid finish Reach 5 barely touched it, mainly sauntered about, never a no 9 or 10, if 442 stick him on left and have him running the flank Pleased for winnall and nuhiu still looks capable of covering fletch role when needed
  11. Reach ineffective upfront and not great right mid. If its 442 has to be harris right reach left so crosses can come in for front 2 imo
  12. Iorfa and borner imperious so far vs hudders 80mins in. Iorfa quick, strong and commanding in only his 2nd start at cb and will probably get even better with a run. Cant see how lees gets back in if iorfa plays like that
  13. Wwood Iorfa Bates Borner fox Lee Luongo bannan Reach Fletcher harris Hope its 433, could swap reach and harris every 20min If playing luongo fof extra energy in cm, might need iorfa at rb for height Murphy on for lee or fox, moses for iorfa, hutch for bannan or luongo
  14. Reach isn't technical enough to play no10 role imo. He's a strong runner and is best bombing up and down, box to box or touchline to byline. It's telling that after a few years nobody really knows his best position, but even though hes a bit jack of all trades hes a versatile and very useful squad player. He's reliable, solid and can be shifted about for the teams sake possibly at the expense of his own. Out of lwb in 532, cm, lcm in a 3, lm or rm in a 4, rw or lw in a front 3, he might best suit lm in a 4 putting low crosses in, with a proper winger like harris on the right, but we dont play 442. In 433 probably lcm where a lot of ground needs to be covered, but that leaves lee out so either rw in a 3, where he may be fairly ineffective or lw. If he played lw in a 3, harris would need to get in the box near fletcher and reach in the box when harris had it on right, but they might be shooting on their weaker foots! Maybe try swapping harris and reach round in a 433 then to see what works best? Murphy sub for now.
  15. Prefer 433/4231 but we are weak at lb and ff is banned so would consider wing backs with harris in a free role for now Wwood Iorfa lees borner Moses luongo bannan reach lee fletch harris Otherwise: Wwood Iorfa lees borner fox Bannan luongo lee Reach fletch harris With reach n harris swapping if ineffective, murphy and hutch subs now
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