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I think history tells us we need a thinker at the helm to get us promoted.


Howard Wilkinson, although I was an SWFC supporter back then, I was a little too young, but I understand he had a methodology that was unique at the time and it worked for us.


Atkinson brought the best out of individuals and created a team spirit, made a team out of a bunch of players where some weren't good enough but as a whole it just worked.


Megson had an ideal that you bring the right players in, play in a certain way and force your own style against the opposition.


What is available right now if we were to get rid of Moore, because I can't see anyone standing out.   I'm not a fan of Moore at all, and i'd be happy if he walked today, but I cannot see an alternative, especially as we are a third tier side and one run by someone who is seemingly very hard to work for.


I'm scratching my head.   Any thoughts fellow Owls?

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