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  1. Years ago I used to be in awe of how we kept possession tight on the wing in close quarters, especially from throw ins but this was Big Ron era. Can't remember thinking about it much ever since other than in recent times that our throw ins have generally been abysmal.
  2. Agree with taking throw ins quickly, it should be down to the player and the moment - if it's on, it's on. Clearly yesterday it was on, but that goal was quite a poor one to concede on so many respects that you can't really use it as a benchmark because it just would not happen 99 out of 100 times. BUT - hell yeah stop slowing down our play by calling a throw in a set piece scenario. - just get it down the line as far as possible and do so in the manner you think best won't come straight back at us - it's simple!
  3. A Chesterfield club was around earlier than 1867 to be honest to them. Just not the one that currently says it is.
  4. Which Chesterfield football club though? This one or the previous one?
  5. I'm sure Kivo oft suggested our true formation was 1820 to be fair, in line with other clubs that were incorporated first as a different sport to football.
  6. Only on loan though. 500k until end of season
  7. Two facts I know, he is a great footballer and it was also the right decision for our club to release him. Probably the first time this current regime has shown some common sense in regards to player retention.
  8. Made the squad again for a different manager. Hitting the gym only helps one aspect, not the overall aspect. Slight players are able to make the grade.
  9. On the ball out wide yes, decent. Nowt seems to stick either up top or in the centre of midfield and we seem to be making silly fouls in our first third. Also we are rushed in our half
  10. Can't remember what we have on the bench, but this 11 won't win us this game, and i'm confident we won't hold out the full 90 with them.
  11. To be honest, I wondered if Pelupessy would play better alongside Hutchinson than he does a player like Bannan. He seems like a rabbit in headlights sometimes but looks unleashed when he's the man in the middle.
  12. I didn't say "sports" package, I said full Sky package. ie not virgin and not just a sports package.
  13. Got full sky package, ain't being suckered into any more.
  14. Ah, you are so late with that you must be watching on Bet365 feed!!!
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