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  1. Salmonbones

    Tom Lees

    Tom Lees has his good games and his bad games. I know one thing, his bad games don't quite seem as bad as Hector's bad games by all accounts. Today was a bad day at the office, it gives Bruce a lot to work with. I'm not going to slate anyone right now, I'll certainly give Bruce some time to get his finger on the pulse, but one area you would imagine Bruce to excel at would be choosing the correct centre backs.
  2. Salmonbones

    Forestieri Red Card

    Not sure why but practically everything you have said today, I have totally disagreed with and thought you were a plank.
  3. Salmonbones

    Darren England

    Now allegations from several quarters suggesting he has issues with Sheffield Wednesday, I do hope that some of these who know this guy personally and know he has issues with SWFC actually say something about this.
  4. Salmonbones

    The shadow of The Blades

    I saw a blade today, I knew he was a blade from the tattoo on his neck. I was in the tesco that used to be the Beehive pub near Wisewood. He walked in, looked round to see if anyone was looking (Didn't look hard enough because I was staring at him), took a bottle of plonk from one of the aisles, not even a refrigerated one and then walked straight out. He had a bit of a shadow going off, looked like he'd not shaved for a week. btw, true story - happened today at around 11:30.
  5. Salmonbones

    Forestieri Red Card

    It, Rest, Give. A Rearrange these words.
  6. Salmonbones

    Serious question

    To a manager coming in, this game will give him a lot of food for thought. Maybe he might just see through our poor fullback options, our weak midfield and our lack of cutting edge up front. The inability to create chances and the lack of bite or enthusiasm for getting the result. I'm being a little harsh on some people, but not by a great deal. Bruce has quite a while to ponder on things, and I hope he does so rationally. He won't make wholesale changes quickly, because he doesn't need to. He can assess this squad effectively over the course of the remainder of the season. I just hope he makes the right decisions, and isn't hindered too much by non football constraints.
  7. Salmonbones

    Forestieri Red Card

    I struggle to see what he did to merit a 2nd yellow card. I'm curious to know what he did for the first one based on this. Couple it with what i've seen of some of the yellows Rotherham received it's hard not to feel hard done to.
  8. Salmonbones

    Forestieri Red Card

    Far far worse than FF in this division for what you are describing.
  9. Salmonbones

    Forestieri Red Card

    Words fail me looking at that short clip of Forestieri getting sent off. I'd assumed he'd been somewhat childishly silly, in the infant way he acts sometimes - but he did sod all wrong.
  10. Neither did I, things like work and family tend to get in the way sometimes. Care to enlighten those of us who didn't listen in?
  11. Yes but payday this month hasn't been hit yet which is a bonus.
  12. Salmonbones

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    This isn't the first time we've seen a post like this is it about Rhodes. I bet for every one of these we see, there are probably umpteen we don't too. It's something that is easy to do, but so few seem to do it. I believe the word i'm looking for here is "Humble" Not just a generic reply, absolutely lovely to see the human touch.
  13. Salmonbones

    Gi new lads a run.

    Think what you like, but if you think Fox has a future, and someone listens to that - then this club is going absolutely nowhere. If you are happy with mediocrity then keep backing players like Fox and keep calling out people like me for saying he's tripe and will get us nowhere. He's a stopper. 20 years ago he'd not be good enough, let alone today.
  14. Salmonbones

    Gi new lads a run.

    Penney yes sure. Fox has to go, if he stays, we do not progress it's quite simple, even for simpletons. Frankly I think we have some lower than simpletons who back Fox. The key word is adequate. Sometimes.
  15. Salmonbones

    Gi new lads a run.

    You can drop him definitely. He has no long term future at the club, like a couple of others. Based solely on that one fact, you can drop him - plus he's been adequate, not excellent.