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  1. I have two thoughts. It's now or never for this SUFC side. We have a great opportunity next season should we be competitive in the market for players, be they full term players or loans.
  2. Those who go regularly don't need this. 70% of the time you can go that way, just the few larger games you have the inconvenience of not being able to - and this annoys me too because my direct route home is that way. Clearly the OP doesn't go to games often.
  3. Dude, is that even funny? I took my son and his favourite player is Bannan. I hope he'll grow out of it and maybe look towards someone like Reach or Lees, but who knows.
  4. You had a kid that young and deliberately took them into trouble. Seriously?
  5. I remember quite well you saying that back when. We had little choice, but you said "NO!" We need to play Gordan Watson up front, not that gangly centre half. What will he ever do for us. They only went and made a song about him. Something about a submarine, and Jim McCaliog. I think also a now famous Sheffield Plumber called David Ford. But I digress, players sometimes get switched and make a hash of the switch. Other times, we get a gem of a player.
  6. If you are talking about balance, you need to switch the wingers. Clearly both prefer the opposite wing. Edit: Less so with Aarons but 100% with reach.
  7. I would humbly suggest that Palmer has now played just over 90 minutes at left back - ever, in his career. 90 minutes. Before he came to us, Phil King had played his entire career at central midfield. Edit: I obviously mean 90 minutes over 2 separate games. He was switched in both games, which tells me he is seen by Bruce as a go to player when tactics are needed to be changed.
  8. After getting home from the match, I put my kid to bed - he's not quite 7 and was absolutely knackered, so i'm glad it only took us 15 minutes to get home. I then had a conflab with the missus, and then put the game back on as she'd hit the record button on sky as she watched it, knowing that I like to review the game again to get a different perspective. I'm almost to the end of the first half and I have to say I think by accident we may have discovered our new left back for next season. I've not seen Palmer put a foot wrong - the commentators for me just bottled it and said he fouled for a great tackle, but i'm more concerned with our forward play. He offers a lot. Both vision in finding the pass, but also showing for the ball. I'd like to see Palmer tried in this peculiar position to him again, soon - keep him there. That kills three birds with one stone. It tests Palmer at left back some more, it gives Iorfa more game time which he needs and it keeps Fox off the pitch. I apologise for my niggly last comment about Fox. However, it is true. He needs to go.
  9. Consecutive managers have lauded Palmer, and some on here - including myself at times, have derided him. Some of those times he has warranted the criticism. Being as unfit as he was under Carlos was a total disgrace, and I hope he looks back at those times and regrets it. But I say this and i'm almost in shock of myself saying it - he's first player on the team sheet for me right now. 20 years at the club so far, I hope he see's his playing career out with us, he will probably have earnt it should that happen - AND I do think he will play for us in the top flight.
  10. Perfect fit for every single club in the Championship bar none I think. Don't know who is responsible for bringing him in, but bar the Rotherham game, they played a blinder.
  11. They turned the microphones off then, either that or had them pointing the wrong direction. Wednesday fans were in fine voice, even those who don't go often who mis-timed hi-ho Sheffield Wednesday but we will forgive them if they come back before the end of the season.
  12. Iorfa was available for a steal of a fee, he was however brought in for centre half next season I feel - I don't think we'll match the asking price for Hector, but some championship side will be able to.
  13. I think Bruce thinks of Pelupessy in terms of him being backup. Whilst my first post in this topic was tongue in cheek, I seriously would doubt that some players are thought of as serious first team material unless we have no alternative, and i'm pretty sure Pelupessy comes into this category by the simple fact he is lightweight, he doesn't show up on the pitch and to be frank he does the little boy lost routine far too much.
  14. We'll be doubling up on their centre halfs, so that will be Fletcher, Nuhiu, Forestieri, Matias, Reach, Aarons up front for us all against their three centre halfs. Now that's an over load.
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