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  1. Well we once did have a keeper with the squad number 2.
  2. Think I was educated about this earlier to be fair by someone and I hadn't thought about it - apparently they have GPS trackers sewn into these things as part of on pitch analytics? Makes sense, watching highlights back on quest of a few games where scorers took their shirt off, and many were wearing the same type of garment.
  3. Tried to get the youtube video of it for those who won't know what i'm on about, but it says it's been blocked by the Premier League for copyright infringement.
  4. Always. Unless you stick Nigel Worthington there.
  5. One of those sliding tackles set up a goal recently mind.
  6. I'm not much fussed who gets the shirt next game and if Palmer comes back it's a bit like for like. I look at the left back spot and think with the improvement of Fox i'm just looking for one of the two right backs follow suit and make the spot their own just as Fox has done on the other flank. That means one of them nailing the position as their own, I guess then what i'm saying is Palmer shouldn't come straight back in to try to give Odubajo some confidence and a chance to do a Fox and improve. I think Palmer gives more options on the bench too with him able to cover several positions competently.
  7. Absolutely agree, but look at the response on here already. For that reason alone I think the club need to clarify things to shut people up. Far too much negativity surrounding the club right now. Too many things for rogues and mischief makers to grab hold of and to use to get their kicks.
  8. Without trying to be completely obtuse, but Pelupessy that game looked like he was plucked from non league and it was his first ever game at this level. Of course we know that's not the case, but it certainly looked like it.
  9. Hey if you didn't rate Warhurst as a defender that's absolutely fine. I absolutely think everyone is right to believe what they want, even if it proves they know absolutely feck all.
  10. This is my argument about Bannan - when he is brilliant everyone knows - when he is just ok, he apparently has a stinker. I don't think he had a stinker today, he just kind of - well was ok. That is the issue, ok is not what is expected of him. Now, this may seem it strange me saying this because previously i've said that Bannan being so good is upsetting the rest of the side (which, strangely I still believe is true) Bannan was not poor today, he was just nullified. That is my main issue, when a team single him out, normally we are nullified as a team. Thankfully today we had something about us to not be totally affected by the opposition targeting and making Bannan ineffective. Normally when this happens we draw or lose.
  11. The best compliment about Dawson I can give him right now. I was gonna say "the best compliment about the kid I can give" He ain't no kid now, he's the real deal. He shows that, to the opposition too.
  12. I am confident I'd have made the top 5! Love you so much for not adding the 5th !!!
  13. I remember taking my farther in law to a game recently (ok not THAT recently) - he's a blade but has a soft spot for Aston Villa - so I spent the cash and paid for him to go that game, I think Forestieri scored before he went on hiatus. He commented the atmosphere was something we had better then they had at the lane, and we'd always had that over then them. He's nearly 60 and I don't think he's missed a home game for them since his early teens.
  14. That same ground has been rocking easily. It's age is nothing to do with it, but maybe your agenda for calling it "Dilapidated" does have a meaning.
  15. Disagree. Walker was a better defender - BUT not by much, Warhurst was a better player. Don't give a crap if florest sang it first, we sang it first to Warhurst of our own players
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