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  1. Simon McCabe now talking about the appointment of David Weir in 2013. “Scott and I were quite worried about Kevin’s erratic behaviour over that past year. The first visible signs began with Chris Morgan’s promotion to caretaker manager. That summer he was adamant that Gary Megson would be the manager just because it would be easy, and he thought he’d be a popular choice. We had to take evasive action, and by chance found that David was holidaying in Sheffield with Lee Carsley at the time and they were staying in the Copthorne Hotel. Scott gave David one of his spare suits, presented him to Kevin, and within an hour we had a new manager.”
  2. Gayle would offer an option, but I thought we were supposed to be being savvy in the transfer market? Plus, Bruce has shown he doesn't like players that don't have an all round game. Sam Winnall for instance is aggressive in chasing the ball, is good in the air but yet was still out of the side in favour of Hooper despite Hooper being less fit and known to be leaving the club.
  3. A bird in the bush gets you CSA payments
  4. That's good then because a lot of our current players don't even take to the pitch to take the pisss.
  5. Jack has a bit of his dad's looks about him, sadly doesn't play the same. Runs a bit similar at times mind you. Must be mid 20's now I have no idea where he plays these days but I know he spent some time in Sweden after leaving Chesterfield.
  6. Our fearless leader put a picture up of Siggi Jonsson up today. I confess, I never saw him play as I was but a kid (although, obviously I recognised him straight away as any kid mad on football at that age would) So I thought i'd start asking about some random players I remember - so what are people's thoughts on a player I never saw play for Wednesday.......Dez Hazel. (I ask for a specific reason, I was talking about this guy to someone at work who knows him from being a kid!) I could have asked about any of these:- Lee Chapman, Brian Marwood, Mel Sterland, Ian Knight (I have his signature, my mother worked at the Hallamshire when he was recuperating....he obviously didn't play again afterwards) Obviously I know Irish because he lasted forever before we sold him to Leeds.....Imre Varadi, Mark Chamberlain, Glyn Snodin, Gary Shelton, Carl Shutt (these are the main ones I remember but also Gary Megson too who my dad used to tell me was always over weight!!
  7. Not absolutely the case. We over use Bannan, your midfield playmaker should be less obvious - someone who doesn't demand the ball to be making the killer passes all the time. Sheridan never ran around like a madman, he controlled the play from a small area on the pitch, venturing forward when needed. He also did not drop deep to pick and carry the ball because quite simply others did that, such as Palmer. Now, Bannan is a great player to have at your disposal, but do you build a team around him? I'd say not in favour of a more balanced set up. We still want to retain Bannan just not have him as the focal point, and sometimes, just sometimes have him off the bench!
  8. Nah I definately remember him playing for us! He asked to look at Chris Bart-Williams passport because he thought he had to be older than 17!
  9. Not going to lie, I only know his face from images - I never got to see him play I was just a bit too young but I recognised his face straight away.
  10. Where I live right at the top of Oakland no flood was getting up there!
  11. Many houses around Hillsborough have attics like that, same up city road too probably many more. That particularly looks like the ones near me though, I live up Oakland off Holme lane
  12. You forget, or maybe don't know - Francis actually bid £3m for Beckham, Way before he was a superstar. I think it was the same season he went on loan to another club to get experience - but we did bid £3m for him.
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