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  1. Stupid comment. It's DRY Gangrene, anyone knows that. What a nobber.
  2. No player will be given a free role, any which way - not happening.
  3. I was about to state Lees has never played in midfield and slate this observation, but then I realised you meant Lee.
  4. 1 Club in the last 6 years. 3 prior clubs and a couple of loans. That's over 15 years. Journeyman, really? Playing for three different countries at international level (Is this a record?) is probably as journeyman as he gets.
  5. That's not entirely correct. Hutchinson is just deployed in that manner, but there is a player in there too. If only he'd scored that goal against the pigs.
  6. Hey listen I do know when writing this i'm probably in a minority of one saying this - and that's fine. It's just a thought i've had for quite some time now. I don't see Nuhiu as a CF, I see him as someone who can play a bit, has some skill and has a very good eye for a pass. Has the odd goal in him etc.
  7. Close your eyes and vision all the times you have seen Nuhiu come away with the ball with several players marking him. Seriously, do it. Then take a look at the times he wins the ball (at his feet) and passes it off in an attacking sense. This guy, I am riled writing this, but this guy gets given a way of playing because of his size - the guy can't head the ball for all his worth, he tries but my god he can't do it. He can however take the ball and find a pass. He can find the ball and take a shot. He can dribble with the ball at his feet, which is quite something for a big guy. More over though, this man knows what is around him, he has vision - and that is my main concern. Vision. That to me by its self tells me he could do a CM position.
  8. Absolutely I agree with you for this. So yes, I am serious when I say he could do a job and prove his worth in the centre of midfield - you actually help my cause by stating one of his assets. Now, think of other assets and I am sure the cumulative effect of totting all these assets up, if you ignore his height - bring you to the conclusion that he is better deployed in the centre of midfield. Thank you for agreeing with me!
  9. See he is at the game today, just seen him on TV for the pen Kane just converted.
  10. It will never happen, but if you played Nuhiu in CM for a game, you would see his worth. Vision and an eye for the pass - or shot. Like I say, never happen as he's been given the role of striker because of his size, which is unfortunate. His skillset to me says midfielder.
  11. I'll take him being on fire for the next three games, then bring back a different winger who will be chomping at the bit.
  12. When he picks up a suspension, I only hope that Lees comes in and gives some serious headaches with a brilliant performance. Lees has never really had great competition in his time here so far, he's had a few patches where his form wasn't great but on the whole he has been very good for us. If this competition makes Lees kick on we are laughing.
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