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  1. Living in his old stomping ground, living with people who went to school with him and knowing what kind of man he is, I can't take any satisfaction in it tbh.
  2. Now i'll be negged to hell for this thought, but I always wondered if Bannan would be good as a left wing back, with three centre halfs. I'm not advocating it with our current personnel, but I think with his left peg and tenacity, he'd be the mutts nutts in that position. He definitely has the motor to move up and down that wing with ease, both defensively and offensively and swiftly too. Edit: Thankfully I am not picking the team or formation, but in any formation I would choose, that's the only position Bannan would get into as he doesn't fit a midfield two, and doesn't really fit a wide left midfield. He is however so wired he would just run up and down that left wing at a whim and with ease.
  3. From that, I took that Bullen doesn't actually believe he will be permanent manager. He clearly said this is his club now, which for a journeyman with 15 clubs under his belt, and at least 3 continents - is probably something he takes a bit of pride in. Feeling like you belong somewhere with that kind of "wherever I lay my hat" stance previously must mean a lot to him.
  4. A few people, possibly several dozen that I've seen (various groups, not people I personally know) have said pretty much the same. I've seen a canned response pasted several times. Dozens of people voicing concern won't really work, it would need a concerted, coordinated effort and i'm not sure we have anyone with a big enough voice willing to do the coordinating on behalf of the fans - the kind of thing the club can't do. As it stands, the fans reactions potentially will only bring negative action back on ourselves and the club, which obviously is not what we are wanting.
  5. For all we know, Bullen may not rate Loovens as either a coach or a voice in the dressing room. However from what we all heard, Loovens was someone who the other players listened to, and was a calming influence. I like continuity so this thought sits well with me. Continuity is something I like and appreciate, and I think it has a place in football.
  6. Well, I suppose this shows Bullen has faith in Fox. Now, I have only read what people said about Fox last performance due to family holiday coinciding with Luton game. I'd be eager for a local hack to ask about the potential for a longer contract for Penney or is it with a view to him just getting game time and moving on? I'd be shocked if it was the latter.
  7. I've got millwall commentary. It looks a red, they are adamant it's only just a yellow! No chance, definite red.
  8. Sorry, I was already in the group so didn't need to request access.
  9. Try this one https://www.facebook.com/groups/2204835977/wp/508149756601052/
  10. Memories of Rocky Lekaj playing for us.
  11. I'm pretty sure Bruce covered manager like your old school manager and did this himself too. Now, does Bullen need this? Who knows. I think you only go for this position if your club decides it's the route they want to go down. Managers have to be on board with it, and who is more important, manager or DOF? Arguably you appoint a DOF for longer term than you expect a manager to be in position.
  12. Replace with competence. I didn't think that needed explaining, but thanks for letting me know that stupidity is rife in all walks of life.
  13. It's like the triangle of fire. Take away one element and it doesn't happen. The ground - much as it pains me to say. The fans - despite what we are told we are not allowed to say, the fans played a huge part. The police - made wrong decisions and were left wanting. That day if you could take one of those elements away, and it would not have happened.
  14. I will go a tiny bit further back. I said towards the end of last season that Palmer looks a beast. He attacks everything, and that was something I never associated with him before. He still has that this season, a lot of our players have that now. Even Reach was tackling and winning balls yesterday against Barnsley. I like this new Wednesday. Push up, press, tackle, harass. Palmer is my example because he is the most improved I can see of the old squad, and he deserves credit, but I see it all through the team and I wholeheartedly approve of it.
  15. All those saying happy for a point, wobble your head. Do we have aspirations? We've just been told by a manager who got promoted that we out noused his team. They came to press we pressed better and harder. We go to win against Millwall pure and simple and we should expect to do so, any less expectation means our players will have doubt and not do what we know they can do. Bullen is a battler, and he knows this.
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