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  1. Penalty should have wrapped up the game BUT very harsh booing off at half time imo
  2. Jury's out on this one today for me. Shrewsbury are capable of an upset and with last week's performance still fresh in the mind this one could go any way.
  3. Give over. It's gratuitous tosh! Do you really believe what you've just written? Start winning games and looking something like and the kids (and adults) will be happy. It's really not that difficult
  4. No I don't agree with you there. I really don't want to hear any apologies any more. The fans want the team to give 100% and try their best. On that basis most fans will accept that we are going to lose games. The performance on Saturday was completely out of step with the vibe being projected by the club and therefore the expectation of the fans. The performance has created this disconnect.
  5. I didn't say there was anything wrong with these videos. But you've got to back them up if you put them out there otherwise you have a credibility issue. Fans get angry with the team when they play like they did on Saturday firstly, I would suggest, not because of any social media content. Stop apologising, start performing would be my advice.
  6. Yes I'm not saying they shouldn't do it. But if you're not careful you can make a rod for your own back. Especially if you don't perform.
  7. That would be perfect. Personally I'm not interested in the social media content. I prefer to see the team doing their talking on the pitch.
  8. Agree with you 100% mate. The time for talking is over, it's time to start delivering. Will we win every game? No. I expect us to lose games over the course of a season but it's the manner in which you conduct yourself in these situations which the fans are looking for. Capitulation is not acceptable any more.
  9. No surprise really. Most people who couldn't get a ticket in the first allocation will have made other plans now. I know we have. Pretty poor to release more tickets at this late stage imo. They knew the demand was there a week ago.
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