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  1. You are correct it does. Therefore, wouldn’t it be better if the team was set up to attack and entertain at home from the start? I guarantee that would get the Hillsborough faithful cheering. This is really, really basic stuff which the club continuously fails to grasp. It’s not rocket science and the fact that we keep getting this wrong is baffling to me
  2. The atmosphere at Hillsborough has been killed by the all-seater legislation we currently have, simple as. Problem is, we now have a generation of supporters who never experienced how a football match should feel. The atmosphere is not helped either by the “gentrification” of the game I.e. people complaining every verse end because of bad language etc, etc. It’s no coincidence that away games are much more enjoyable because the away support always stands up and can feel the nervous energy created by the game. Football is a tribal game and the adrenaline that (should) come with it is what makes it great for me. Making people sit down and shut up is always going to kill that atmosphere
  3. That’s complete BS from Monk. We showed no aggression or attacking intent during the whole match. Like it or not, this team cannot/will not play at Hillsborough. My concern is that, once again, the club/team have pi$$ed the goodwill and feel good of the fans up the wall. I despair for the fans who only see the home games, it’s not good to watch
  4. No, left after we’d cheered the lads off. Yes, there was a big queue you’re right but I still didn’t think the wait was excessive (no worse than leaving Charlton station?). And the operation overall is very slick IMO
  5. 10-15 minutes wait for a train on the way back; hardly a nightmare! Trains every 10 mins to and from the ground I would say is regular
  6. It’s all about opinions. Brighton fans have been shat on from a great height since the Goldstone Ground was sold from under them so it’s testament to their fans that have stuck by them. I have no great affinity for Brighton per se, but the match day is a very good experience......in my opinion
  7. I am not an advocate of out of town stadia BUT Brighton have got their match day operation down to a fine art. Some very decent boozers around the station, regular free train to and from the ground, good catering in the ground at fair prices, very good view of the pitch as well. Nice town as well; sorry, I don’t get the haters/arrogance...
  8. I thought the team we put out yesterday looked very well balanced, and everybody played their part to a tee. Pelupessy especially had a great game. in fact I never felt Brighton would score we looked that solid. The new kid on the right had a brilliant game and gave Iorfa the time and confidence to boss it at the back
  9. Yes I did, so what? You win some you lose some. That’s life! We were 3rd in the table before those games....
  10. Looking forward to the game today, love the 3rd round weekend, it’s one of the best traditions in football. Great night out in Brighton after. You doom and gloom merchants make me sick, try getting out more
  11. We have always played better (generally) when either; threatened with humiliation, playing as underdogs or when we get on the front foot from the start. We seem to thrive on that nervous energy. Thing is, the first 2 determine themselves but the last option is the one I can’t figure out....,
  12. Anybody who was surprised that we didn't turn up today needs to have a word with themselves. we have a history of falling for the egg under the hat in games such as this. The best thing that can happen to a team on a losing run is to play us! We are so obliging
  13. Good line up that. Shame about Fletch, but that’s why the whole squad ethos is important
  14. Thought we were great today. We showed the determination and hunger that we’ve all been asking for and closed out what was a very tight game. Rhodes is a valuable member of our squad and gave us options today when he came on. The win will boost the confidence of the whole team.
  15. Battle of the lawyers this one and won’t come cheap. A lot at stake here for the EFL; sets a massive precedent if we win so they will fight this hard.
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