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  1. Ha, ha. Righto. So what you're saying then is you can have your opinion and create your agenda but others can't?!? Wtf! Great forum.
  2. Staggering negativity in this thread and, I have to say, typical of a lot of the posts on here. The trust are trying to do something positive for the future of our club, the first step being transparency around ownership of the stadium; what could possibly be bad about that? Yet here we are, 7 pages of childish comments and stupid remarks about why it can't/shouldn't be done! This is absolutely typical for a lot of the posters on this site, lots of shouting and gobbing off about how bad the club is BUT when people make any attempt to change things, even the smallest step, people
  3. I think the fans underestimate their importance to this club. We are a body of, let's say, 20,000 regular customers (his words not mine) and in any business that counts for a lot! Thing is, any other business treating their customers as badly treated as we are treated would be dead in the water, they wouldn't have those customers. The fans need to believe in their value and importance to this club and start to flex their muscles to get their voice heard. Don't renew, don't buy the merch and get organised. We all want this club to succeed and do well for the fans and the communit
  4. The camel at Hillsborough has had its back broken so many times though it looks like a wet sock!
  5. Spider Mellor; great player and great memories
  6. Exactly. But don't be too surprised, it's incredible to see how easy some of our fans believe/follow any old crap that's fed to them on social media. As you say, some would be happy to lurch from the current incumbent to anyone that's passing the door by the sounds of it.
  7. What, to another so called millionaire trying to double his money on the backs of this club and it's fans? No thank you. Money has ruined football, it's certainly ruined Wednesday. Time to get back to basics and get the game back where it belongs.
  8. No, let's do it. Fed up of lurching from crap season to crap season and being charged top dollar. Rip it up and start again
  9. Tell me about it!!! Don't let that lot at S6 spoil your drink. Enjoy your night
  10. Yes I agree, it would be a massive task no question. Sometimes it's wise to plan for the unthinkable, however strange it seems. Like a company risk management analysis.
  11. You had lingering hopes of that happening??? Really? Wow. I mean, incredible...
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