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  1. How's the social work going?? Give me 11 professional players who listen to the manager any day of the week
  2. Like I said, context needed. Pulis has got to get a tune out of the bones of this squad that has zero confidence, it ain't gonna be easy or pretty
  3. True, but in context 1 point much better than zero and fantastic for team spirit
  4. Would agree with that. You know, when someone like Pulis is whistling through his teeth, that we are in the crap big time!
  5. God, he sounded well deflated in that interview. He's trying to be kind to the players, problem is, this group is a busted flush. Collectively, mentally, this team is a lost cause.
  6. Funny that. The Len Ashurst era is always my calibration point as well. Maybe that's why Wednesday fans are capable of putting up with the dross we are served up season after season, we're inured to it??
  7. Brilliant effort lads God some of those send a shiver down your spine. Superb
  8. Too late for this current squad I think, they're damaged goods. Think about it, if you were Pulis, who could you build a squad around to build on? Who's you're enforcer? Which players could form the core of a squad to build around? I'm sorry, but I lay the blame for our current situation at the door of our cohort of so called Senior players. None of them have stood up when needed, on or off the pitch, to show leadership of the team or club. And that explains why our managerial turn over rate is so high.
  9. The rot set in way before Monk. If you think this is solely down to him then you really are deluded.
  10. Certainly looks that way. Or maybe they've just been over-coached over the years and have just lost the basics of the game? I mean, it doesn't cost anything to have a shot on goal, even I could do that
  11. If you were ever in any doubt about how poor the attitude of this squad is.... No reaction whatsoever to the new manager coming in. This will get worse before it gets be better.
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