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  1. Incredible support from Plymouth that night match. Fair play
  2. Poor old Lloyd Owuspew chucking up whenever he played. That was pretty surreal!!
  3. I don’t see it like that, trust is a big thing in (especially) South East Asian business relationships. And of course, it never hurts to blow some smoke up people’s arses now and again
  4. “Employee in taking p*ss out of flapping bosses shocker”
  5. Kinell. My ears are bleeding after listening to that!! Good insight into player mentality/logic i.e. it’s a job, no more no less. Team was brought together for the promotion push but failed at the last, seems a fair assessment to me.
  6. So what? There will always be people ready to slate things off before they are even started..., I think it’s a good development that should be supported by all true fans of this club
  7. Here we go. Surprised it took so long...
  8. Stop it. I don’t mind people fishing on here but that is a very poor effort
  9. Ok. So it’s not allowed to discuss a persons role/performance at the club?? Better close down the majority of the threads on here then!
  10. By who? By letter, e-mail, text, anonymous phone call, horses head in your bed...... So many people in this thread claiming to know stuff but having apparently being warned off in some way, but no specifics. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Nothing wrong with asking questions even if it is uncomfortable for the club
  11. Instead of trying to rubbish this new idea before its started, why don’t you go along to the meeting, listen to what’s been said and get involved? If you don’t like what’s being proposed then still get involved to try to influence its direction.
  12. Thanks. Was genuinely interested to know what groups were out there, what their agendas are and of course how effective they are. I think in these very uncertain times for the club a strong, independent supporters group is more relevant and important than ever.
  13. Just out of interest does anyone know how many fans groups we have?
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