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  1. Thought we were great today. We showed the determination and hunger that we’ve all been asking for and closed out what was a very tight game. Rhodes is a valuable member of our squad and gave us options today when he came on. The win will boost the confidence of the whole team.
  2. Battle of the lawyers this one and won’t come cheap. A lot at stake here for the EFL; sets a massive precedent if we win so they will fight this hard.
  3. Had a great day today, good experience in and out of the ground and we firkin won!!!! Dave’s bullet header at the end was the icing on the cake. Really don’t give a poo about what their twitter is saying blah, blah
  4. That’s a good analogy, there is nothing more frustrating or useless than a jigsaw with one or two pieces missing! A bit like watching Wednesday. I’m a bit tired of all this “we’re playing well but we just can’t finish” talk personally. Our inability to pose a consistent, attacking threat is very worrying and coupled with poor game management and our seeming reluctance to hold on and close out games signals another underwhelming season I’m afraid.
  5. Please stop this obsession with “the Cowleys” ffs!!! They still have a massive amount to prove in their careers and would be slaughtered on here after the first couple of losses. No thanks.
  6. Thank you. At last a voice of reason. Wednesday are a massive club and with a huge fan base with massive expectations. We need an solid, experienced manager who can handle that pressure. I thought we had him in Bruce but that’s life. Calling for the current Lincoln manager is an absolute joke. He’d be dead in the water on here after his first loss anyway, just look at some of the comments in this thread. Pathetic really, just because we’ve lost one game.....?
  7. Very good appointment IMO, English manager, just what we need and I’m looking forward to see what we can achieve. Just one word of caution; please let’s not have any over-hyped love-ins with the new manager and then bin him off when we lose a couple. Let’s try to excercise some patience and get behind the management and squad. PS he’s not an owls fan, never has been, neither is his wife, or his family etc, etc. He will do a good job though.
  8. Chelsea are a team of very talented individuals no question, however, we got found out last night on the basics as much as anything; they were faster, hungrier, harder than we were. The point is these last 3 qualities can be improved by individual application/discipline of the players and the quality of coaching. That’s before you have to spend any money so that would be my starting point. The players should ask themselves; do they want it or not? Are they up for it or not? Do they want to improve or not? i quite like Nuhiu as an option off the bench but when he came on last night he looked like real Sunday morning player. The physical differences were incredible. I’m not having a go, he wasn’t the only one, but it needs to be said.
  9. Morning all. Having slept on it I woke up this morning as pi**ed off as I was last night. The fans turned up, as always, but the players didn’t. We never looked like getting near them, gave the ball away as soon as we had any possession, but, what really surprised me is, we were out fought and out muscled for every single ball. I thought a lot would step up because it was live on tv but thought we were very timid. Dont get me started about the atmosphere and their fans, welcome to the Prem folks, that’s what we’ve got to look forward to IF we are promoted. Not for me thanks, I’d rather stay in the Championship.
  10. Lads will come out fighting for this one I think and stuff these plastic cockneys. 0-3 to the wizards
  11. Great OP and also some very good points made regarding petitioning MP’s etc. Surely messers Caborn, Betts, Blunkett etc will have something to say about it? lots of talk this week about fans being ripped off with credit charges for season tickets, maybe Saturday KO’s could also be put on the agenda. Fans charter kind of thing?
  12. Absolute disgrace this decision. If you were ever in any doubt how money has changed this game then here it is. How can such an iconic fixture be moved at will like this? Sunday’s and lunchtimes are bad enough but this stinks.
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