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  1. Yes you can and should cut your nose off to spite your face as you put it. Our fans are becoming part of the problem, vote with your feet; don't go to the games, home or away. This chairman, manager, players do not respect you or the efforts and sacrifices you and other supporters make. #Time for change
  2. So in what way are my opinions unreasonable? Why are you trying to position my views as "suicidal"? Because they differ to yours? I'm not suicidal thank you very much but I do find last night's performance completely unacceptable. You may choose to try to defend it I will not. It is indefensible.
  3. Irrespective of the availability of certain players it's the managers job to set them up in an appropriate way for the game ahead. It's also his job to get them in the right frame of mind and instill in them some confidence and self belief. We showed neither of those last night, instead we got ANOTHER capitulation! Think about that. The smart arses/trolls/apologists trying to excuse these performances are not helping the club. We need to get ruthless. It's completely unacceptable.
  4. You may be happy with last night's performance and find it acceptable. I will never accept the kind of mediocrity we are being served up.
  5. No. And I certainly didn't miss the bit where you trotted out out the first defeat in 3 month line either or the Moore is "over-performing" line. WTF. Bizarre
  6. That's absolute bullsh1t to try and come out and defend last night's performance. If that performance was once a season it would be bad enough but this team under Moore seems capable of doing it once a month! This team and squad under Moore is finished. It's impossible to continue to capitulate as we do and then try to recover. It's not possible mentally for the players or manager. They have lost all credibility.
  7. Yawn. Again Darren? What are YOU going to do about it mate? That's what we want to know.
  8. Think your mate called it pretty well there pal. I also enjoyed, the commentary on iPlayer for similar reasons I.e. the Radio Newcastle team called us out for what we are; absolute dog sh*te. I honestly think this manager and team are mentally broken. There can be no other explanation for getting turned over like this without any kind of reaction.
  9. If that's your idea of hassle pal then I would stay at home in a darkened room. Deary me
  10. What hassle? Showing your Covid vaccination status/pass? Not much of a hassle really is it?
  11. Indeed. This thread tells you more about the state of society in general today. I.e. The inability of a few to follow basic laws and rules and the crazy logic that some people use to defend those actions.
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