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  1. Depends if he thinks he can get a better tune out of this squad than Moore. We have the best squad in the league. This is what makes Moore’s tenure even worse.
  2. He died years ago. He did know how to nail a cross though.
  3. I reckon he’d come. That’s not the issue. Getting rid of donkey Darren is the problem.
  4. Chansiri needs to show some bottle for once & go & get Ryan Lowe on Monday morning before it’s too late.
  5. Time’s up for donkey Darren. We need a fossil of a manager who sticks to the basics of fitness, hard work, pace & pressing.
  6. Moore won’t succeed here. He’s a decent bloke, who’s put an incredible squad together for League One, but he will never learn. His football is ineffective & the rotation of the squad is a large problem.
  7. No plan B. If that’s the style of football he brings, he’ll be gone by Christmas. Nothing changed in the second half. Playing ourselves into trouble, passing backwards, no movement, ineffective Bannan dancing & prancing around with no bite. Utter ******** poo. Could be another Megson-Jones type scenario. Moore puts a decent squad together, but another man finishes the job off. Appalling, embarrassing & abysmal.
  8. He wouldn’t have gone 8 games without a win. Pulis needs to go tonight & tuna boy needs to put the club up for sale tomorrow morning. I’m embarrassed to call myself a fan.
  9. Absolute dinosaur who’s past his sell by date. 2 nil down, 1 striker up top. Centre backs at full back. Right footed players at left back. They can’t play in their natural positions, let alone foreign ones. Mr Tuna needs to act decisively & send him packing tonight. I’d have gained more points in charge over these last few games. Complete sh*t show of a club.
  10. I agree. I just wish they’d announce the outcome of the appeal (which would never have worked anyway), then fans know where we stand. Someone needs to stick a Monk Out banner at Middlewood Road
  11. They’re all League One standard. I don’t know why people are surprised we can’t score. We should have signed Zahore.
  12. When you’ve got a manager as bad as Monk in charge, your only hope is that you can field your strongest 11 in key games. They need to be ready for Wednesday night if we’ve got any chance of getting out of this mess.
  13. Could these 4 be in contention for Wednesday night &/or next Saturday? We simply can’t afford to be missing these players, especially during periods of the season you’d consider to be slightly easier in terms of picking up points. Without Brown, 3-5-2 simply doesn’t work. Even with Monk in charge, I think we’d have won today if our strongest 11 was available.
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