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  1. He wouldn’t have gone 8 games without a win. Pulis needs to go tonight & tuna boy needs to put the club up for sale tomorrow morning. I’m embarrassed to call myself a fan.
  2. Absolute dinosaur who’s past his sell by date. 2 nil down, 1 striker up top. Centre backs at full back. Right footed players at left back. They can’t play in their natural positions, let alone foreign ones. Mr Tuna needs to act decisively & send him packing tonight. I’d have gained more points in charge over these last few games. Complete sh*t show of a club.
  3. I agree. I just wish they’d announce the outcome of the appeal (which would never have worked anyway), then fans know where we stand. Someone needs to stick a Monk Out banner at Middlewood Road
  4. They’re all League One standard. I don’t know why people are surprised we can’t score. We should have signed Zahore.
  5. When you’ve got a manager as bad as Monk in charge, your only hope is that you can field your strongest 11 in key games. They need to be ready for Wednesday night if we’ve got any chance of getting out of this mess.
  6. Could these 4 be in contention for Wednesday night &/or next Saturday? We simply can’t afford to be missing these players, especially during periods of the season you’d consider to be slightly easier in terms of picking up points. Without Brown, 3-5-2 simply doesn’t work. Even with Monk in charge, I think we’d have won today if our strongest 11 was available.
  7. This is why I’m worried. I can’t name anything good or positive he’s done since before Christmas when he arrived - even then the football was shocking. Wednesday are probably a 6 out of 10 Championship team at best. Monk makes us a 3/4 out of 10 team. We don’t need a miracle worker, we just need a common sense manager who can get the best out of an average team. He’s reduced the average age of the squad somewhat, but if there was ever a time for experienced players, it would be now.
  8. If he wants to stay in a job, the following would be a good start: - Ditch the awful 3-5-2 & play 4-2-3-1. - Play wingers on their natural side. - Stop freezing players like Penney out. - Ignore step 3 & freeze Odubajo out. - Stop wasting our budget on players that won’t play 35 games a season, regardless of how good they are (i.e. Izzy Brown). - Stop over analysing the opposition unless they’re better than you. We should be beating teams like Luton by playing our own game. - Identify an ideal target man & then sign a striker the same as every oth
  9. Does any manager? It’s his team, his setup, his tactics. He needs to go tonight.
  10. Needs to go tonight. Need fresh ideas & positivity if we’re to have a fighting chance of staying up. Anything less than 3 points today was unacceptable.
  11. Try saying that to Chris Martin. Ripped us a new one. Desperately need someone of his ilk. I can’t stand 3-5-2, but it looks like we’re stuck with it, so left sided centre half, right wing back & target man are absolute necessities.
  12. Too old now unfortunately. Should have appointed him years ago.
  13. Anyone with a reasonable football brain would have got rid when he made the cretinous decision to play Fletcher in FA Cup. Terrible man manager & tactician - completely out of his depth. The players are poo , but a decent manager would have picked up points over the last month.
  14. Don’t be bloody ridiculous! When crazy shambolic decisions like this get made by so called professionals, they should be held accountable. I’m not saying he should go into the specifics, but Monk should at least come out & say they’ve been dropped for a breach of discipline, etc. His poor decision making has derailed our season. This situation would never have come about under a strong man manager.
  15. Whoever interviews Monk tonight should be forcing him to answer the question of why he’s decided to freeze Westwood, Hutchinson, Winnall & Rhodes out. The fans have a right to know & don’t need to hear his post-match thoughts (excuses). If Monk refuses to answer the question, the interview should be terminated. Wish someone would have the balls to do it.
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