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  1. Left Sunderland. Could he be the extra body on the coaching staff?
  2. Sorry if Pope's dead & all that, but a few Championship clubs are sniffing around Cardiff's LB Greg Cunningham. He might be worth a shout. Wonder whether he's played down left with Harris before. Surely gotta be a better shout than Fox & Palmer out of position.
  3. Winnall edges it slightly then. This could be his chance. Hope he takes it.
  4. I'd be interested to know how Joao & Winnall's goals per minute ratio looks.
  5. When you put it like that, it starts to make a bit of sense. However, did Utd sell Brooks so close to the deadline? I don't have much faith that we'll make the 4/5 signings I believe we need before Thursdays deadline. If Joao would have been sold 4 weeks ago, maybe I would have been slightly less annoyed at the decision.
  6. No, but would you pay 6m for Madine? Reading have got a good deal here. If the sale of Joao is a necessity then fair enough, but I'd have waited to see if bids came in for Winnall or Rhodes before the deadline, before rubber stamping this deal. Moving forward with a front line of Nuhiu, Winnall, Forestieri, Fletcher isn't good enough, what with their inury records.
  7. Personally, in this market, I already think he's worth £10 million. I maybe wrong, but I won't be surprised if he's knocking around the 20 goal mark by the end of the season (as long as he stays fit). Our next youngest striker is 28/29, so we'll need to reinvest in this area soon. I just think Chansiri's making a terrible decision.
  8. Brainless decision - I know no one would buy Fletcher due to his age & wages, but Joao would have been the last striker out for me. 25, coming into his prime. If we'd have kept him & played him, he'd have been worth £10 million + by the end of this season. Only Reading benefit from this. We lose our most talented striker & Joao signs for a middle of the road, going no where club. Bitterly disappointed at this news.
  9. Hopefully today will be the end of that experiment. Awful formation - especially when your wing backs look like they've got dypraxia. 4-2-3-1 from now on please Manuel.
  10. Recruitment's probably the biggest reason why we're in such a mess right now. If you look at our squad list & take out all the players that are either not good enough, past it or have recurrent injury problems, you're probably left with about 5 players.
  11. Chansiri - can't blame the new CEO... yet. Although I have no doubt, she'll go on to be another ridiculous appointment. Well done love, you've got a law degree - go & work in a f**king court room then, not a football club - how is she qualified for this kind of stuff?
  12. This is the worst I've ever felt about Wednesday in my lifetime. We've been in far worse positions in the past, but given the money we now have, it needed a complete imbecile to bu99er everything up this badly - seems we have that imbecile.
  13. Right now I'd 100% take Lambert until the end of the season to steady the ship. Football management isn't rocket science - it's 90% about having good players & 10% about tactics - our recruitment worries me more than anything. I'd like to see us appoint a brand new scouting team.
  14. Just a yes man. Clearly out of his depth. Only member of staff I'd retain for the first team when the new manager comes in would be Andy Rhodes. The only players worth keeping are: Westwood (although if his injuries persist he can go) Hunt Van Aken (and that's being kind) Lee Rhodes (only just) Bannan Hooper Lees Joao Reach Hutchinson Dawson Wildsmith Forestieri Winnall Outs: Fox, Butterfield, Palmer, Nuhiu, Matias, Venancio, Kean - not good enough Fletcher - doesn't do enough to warrant the money Jones, Loovens, Boyd, Wallace, Pudil, Abdi - all past it New RB 2 New LB 2 New CB 3 New Wingers 2 New CM 10 new players needed over the next 2 transfer windows. Only then might we actually start challenging for the top 2. Get shut of the rest & stop running the club like a circus. And don't give it the FFP bullshit Chansiri - we could be in Wolves' position if you had any b0ll0cks.
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