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  1. He can play anywhere to be honest, and there are couple of wingers as well, who not only can beat an opponent but can find a team mate with the final cross.
  2. They should be sued for claiming to be professional footballers, just got in from watching my nine year old great nephew playing for his team and they put in twice the effort and determination.
  3. Option 2 would just end up with infighting and fans nowadays in the main aren't interested in the long term, they want instant success. As demonstrated when fans demand managers are sacked after a string of poor results and want competitive action in the transfer market. The intention is honourable but I can't see working in reality. What it needs is a proper structure with the owner who is committed to the long term interests of the club and constantly strives for progression of the club.
  4. Are you insane on the bench? Madness, he should be starting!
  5. Lets do it the modern way a Go Fund Me Campaign
  6. Is DC on the ropes yet? Bet he can't take much more of this. Wednesday fans showing Man United fans how to really protest.
  7. Sadly the problem of peaceful protests is that they don't work. United fans have been trying for years to get rid of the Glaziers, soon as the protests turn violent, the media coverage is massive.
  8. Do something about it then, the crown is vacant , start getting organised. Or are you to apathetic?
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