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Community Answers

  1. They would be creaming themselves on here if he said anything like that. It would be a gift from God.
  2. Are you a politician? Answer the question, stop with the poor attempt at deflecting. 3...2..1 go
  3. Give it to me in numbers, how goals do you think he should have been involved in by now? 5, 10, 15?
  4. What would you expect? Involved in how many, would you expect from him?
  5. I am saying what I believe DC's would like to do, not what I want to do.
  6. Bannan, Fizz, and Dennis in the midfield surely they are only going to head towards the opposition's goal if Fizz and Dennis can operate together with Bannan backing them up and then get the wingers operating as well. Windass to take over from Paterson and him playing off Gregory, altogether it could be a powerful force. .
  7. DC wants to build a team I believe, this is the first stage, the better players will be encouraged to stay others will be moved on and be replaced by hopefully better players. It's going to take time and needs one manager to oversee the building of the team. Can see Moore being here for at least two years and if he gets the balling rolling then possibly longer.
  8. So what do you do when your strongest formation loses three on the trot? Keep playing them or change to a weaker formation?
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