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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if we have finished our transfer business. We do need three or four players though.
  2. Then DC would have been crucified for selling the family silver.
  3. In the Championship with a probability of going up or down.
  4. Yeah I thought it would be difficult to get him back as I thought he had a terrific second half of the season, and with results Newcastle have been having it must be only a question of time before he gets picked.
  5. Not as if we do much talent spotting in and around Utah, so I think it would be unlikely.
  6. 2 nil away to a (so called) Premier team is no embarrassment, the younger players can be reasonably pleased with themselves though I hope they are disappointed with the result.
  7. Will a heavy loss undo all the good team spirit that's been built up?
  8. Do you copy and paste that or just rewrite it every game? Looks good though. CGI quality
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