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  1. Should have been the first thing on the shopping list, we need forwards, failed to get any last season and surprise, surprise we went down. Get some forwards!!!!!
  2. Another player where the clubs fans won't miss them according to their forums
  3. That's very true heading is quite rare in the under 11's and below, it's probably the last skill that kids tmaster.
  4. We also have the Rotherham Owls coach, which take fans of Wednesday from Rotherham to Hillsborough, by coach. The fans who travel on coach are regarded as the most passionate and loyal of the clubs fans. Indeed many Sheffield based fans travel to Rotherham just to drink and mingle with the true believers and will buy them pints of beer all afternoon in the belief that it will bring them good fortune. We leave from Silverwood Miners club in Dalton around 14:00 and its costs around £7 and arrives back about 17:45.
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