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  1. Good point does his all, never stops running
  2. Been saying for ages a couple of forwards who know where the net is we would be a few points better off
  3. Fair point honestly don't remember that but prefer to see the positives in people than the negatives
  4. They are rating him as a football talent. There are many cases of people who can not handle living life in a glass bowl. I don't ever recall him taking enhancing drugs. None of us are perfect. The argument of the best footballer will be constantly debated and he will always be in the running. RIP Diego
  5. Something more challenging Who does this represent? A former manger of Sheffield Wednesday left a week or three ago.
  6. Thee is no point just curious about your view thats all.
  7. In the same circumstances would you report it to the authorities? Not interested in what you expect, I'm interested in what you would do
  8. If it was you would have called the police to report it?
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