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  1. Yeah why you tell me stuff I already know? What else did you think I was on about? Come on bruv switch on (and I don't mean the kettle).
  2. If I was him, I would have stopped here, he would be the second top scorer easily.
  3. Can't understand why he choose Reading of all places. Money I guess.
  4. We will need a Plan B, some canny managers out there who will know how to contain our threats. Monk will need to be cannier and have one or two things up his sleeve. I've been quite pessimistic about our chances of going up this season mainly due to the lack of quality up front. If Rhodes has started to turn the corner and can chip in his fair share of goals and if we can get a victory over Bristol City then I'll start to get carried away.
  5. If that's the case then we should use that against them. I can't see the point of have a disciplinary process if your not gonna time it against the clubs who fall foul of it. Not fit for purpose.
  6. He was aiming for the opposite corner though
  7. They should charge us if they think they have the evidence regardless of where we finish, that would be very dishonest of them and set a very dangerous precedent. All we can do is continue getting points and hope that our legal team are on the ball as well.
  8. Been looking for Vlogs by Forest fans only found one. All the others must have left at half time
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