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  1. I often got the impression that he knew the limitations of the players around him and he was very frustrated by it. Shame we didn't have him when we had the more aware players. I'm probably been unfair to Booth whilst he did have his limitations he did make a decent contribution.
  2. Di Canio breaks through beating two players in an instance, passes the ball to Booth to run onto... Booth?.... Booth where are you?... Booth back in midfield still reading the game.
  3. You have lost an argument when you use them to backup your argument.
  4. What a waste of money was my first thought when we bought him, a has been, just looking for his last pay off. But what a player amazing to watch and seemed to play just for the hell of it. Did the same trick every time, he knew what he was gonna do, the defender knew what he was gonna do, the crowd knew what he was gonna do and he didn't disappoint, dropped his shoulder to go one way but then went the other way and nothing the defender could do about it. Never disappointed me, worth every penny.
  5. Would you ? If Dave off the Manor was having a go at you?
  6. It's the out and out abuse which he doesn't like and who would? Criticise yes, but you don't have to be abusive about it.
  7. Newcastle for me as well, they swamp everywhere they go, and whilst they are some troublemakers amongst them, most seem to come for a good booze up and a sing song.
  8. Really? And here's me thinking it was his name. I am a silly.
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