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  1. Bloody older kids spoiling it for us young uns.
  2. Are we signing Charlie Austin? Would be a perfect foil for Rhodes.
  3. Got a glimpse of what the FA Cup was all about. No need to change anything about it, it was perfect as it was. Man United spoilt it then the suits got involved.
  4. Now then what's tha think outcome of that would be? He'd get six at least.
  5. No I'm happy to accept your word if you have done in depth research then fair enough. I was merely saying what I had found on the net after a quick search. Just found this on Wikipedia which seems to backup your claim It is often claimed that the club, originally known as Stoke Ramblers, was formed in 1863.[6][7][8] According to the club's official history, in that year former pupils of Charterhouse School formed a football club while they were apprentices at the North Staffordshire Railway works in Stoke-upon-Trent.[1] The club's first documented match, however, was in October 1868, against an EW May XV at the Victoria Cricket Club ground. Henry Almond, the club's founder, was also captain, and scored the club's first goal.[1] Their first recorded away match was at Congleton in December 1868, and a match report for the game stated that the club had been founded for that season.[9]
  6. Searching on Google a few sites has Stoke as the 2nd oldest, can't see any saying different.
  7. Never knew that, so was there two Chesterfield clubs going at the same time?
  8. Can't wait till Im eighteen will be able to drink, then get up in the night three or four times.
  9. You are the very essence of Victor Meldrew. Ever picked a phone up and it turned out to be a dog?
  10. Whatever happens DCis going to get slated. Storm clouds approaching.
  11. There is a fans Website dedicated to all things Wednesday. Name escapes me.
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