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  1. Last time we won at Deepdale was in charge and Ben Marshall was on the score sheet. Think we'll need a workman like performance blended with a bit of quality again if we are going to get anything today... COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!!
  2. So your dog can still see, despite all the times you've jerked him off?
  3. Love this! Its probably ideally worn doing the 14 pint challenge on holiday.
  4. Rubbish attempt Neil. Might be a good idea to leave ''Neil'' out of any troll account names in future.
  5. Congrats mate! Think you should strike while the iron is hot and get the club to start stocking more of your fantastic work...
  6. Why does everything have to be somehow about Brexit? It's like talking to our lass.
  7. He's not a central midfield player for me, he can be seen as cover and in a 3 doesn't get quite so exposed, but he lacks the physical side of the game to be a first choice starter in that position. I thought it quite strange that he was preferred to Luongo if I'm honest. From what I've seen of Murphy so far, he seems to blow hot and cold so I see him and Reach competing for that wing/wing forward spot. I think it says something about how strong our squad now looks, that Reach may not be a guaranteed starter.
  8. What is this about? Even if you thought he was the worst player ever to wear the shirt, that still wouldn't warrant you booing him... Managers deem players good enough for a place or not, its actually nothing to do with him FFS!!! Boo for continued lack of effort, boo for a poor attitude by all means, but Morgan Fox has never shown either... In fact considering the unwarranted sh*t he gets its a credit to the player that's always been the case.
  9. Notice I said ''seem'' to want him to fail. Bar the odd neanderthal, I agree that that most fans don't want players to fail, however that's how it comes across when people refuse to acknowledge when a player has improved, Fox certainly has over the last year or so. Also, since when was it OK to boo a player for ''not being good enough''? Lack of application or terrible attitude I can understand, but for me Fox has shown neither, even when he looked well out of his depth technically. Its fine to have the opinion that he's not up to the job, but booing his name before kick off is not only totally unjustified, but it's entirely counterproductive IMO.
  10. It's a sad indictment of our fanbase, that we seem to hold certain players to higher standards than others. Fox gets boos and jeers for passing a ball backwards... Not sure that would happen to any other player. He looked pedestrian in his early days with us and then bordering on hapless for a period; however since the second half of last season, during pre season and continued last night, he has looked an extremely steady Championship performer. Yet some people still seem to want him to fail. Its sad really.
  11. Tha's a reyt drama queen! Have a lie down love.
  12. They weren't on Thursday/Friday though Snoots... Like I said, there were PLENTY of people saying, ''while ever we are winning leave it alone''
  13. Someone in Blackpool has put 50p on.
  14. I'm not implying its the same people... but just a few days ago a good proportion on here were saying ''if it ain't broke, don't fix it'' And after the result at Millwall an equal number are saying ''Bullen's not up to it tactically'' etc I agree with the OP that Bullen will struggle to gain the trust of a majority of fans whatever happens; but I do think that this is intensified by the general uncertainty as to his position, if he was given the job full time then I think most would cut him a bit more slack. The sooner Chansiri makes a permanent appointment the better for all concerned IMO.
  15. Glad to hear rumours of your demise were greatly exaggerated m'lord... Think it'll be a bit of a gut/progress check today, always a difficult place to go and Millwall have strengthened over the Summer. If we lose Bullen won't be up to the job anymore, if we win we're going to p*ss the league... COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!!
  16. Not sure your average Millwall fan does thinking tbh
  17. He's had contact with an ostrich in space...
  18. ''He has had contact''? Not sure that makes sense
  19. Gone straight in to 8-1 with Sky Bet... Don't know why the market is still open, we appointed Gary Rowett weeks ago FFS!
  20. For all those people saying "leave it as it is"; I'm not sure you'd be saying the same thing if 3 people immediately above you in your line of work left and you were asked to cover their collective responsibilities on your tod.
  21. Someone mentioned Brian Laws in another thread, at first I thought it was a bit left field, but I actually think it might be a good shout.
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