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  1. Not been posting recently for various reasons and only really check in occasionally ATM... Am so sorry to read this... Guru was one of my favourite posters, not because I agreed with him (I barely did), but because he was always so forthright and sure of his opinions on Wednesday and how the game should be played... He didn't seek to take the popular view, but to let people know his and did so with great clarity and humour... This place will be a lesser place without him! Condolences to his family and friends. Fly high Jon Wawaw
  2. Was going to start a similar thread. There isn't one of their players that on an individual level would improve our (mediocre) squad. But they all work hard, are aggressive and play to a system. Fair play to them, but my God, what a waste of "£350 million"
  3. we could play every game against one of the poorest teams in the league with a man advantage, we still wouldn't get enough points to stay up. We are that bad.
  4. When I saw the flash of red, I just assumed it was for one of ours
  5. Looks like 4-2-3-1 to me. Its not quite the personnel I'd have chosen, but form aside, it's probably our strongest starting lineup with that formation. Can't blame Moore for going with that as it's a clean slate for everyone. Let's hope they all pull their f*cking fingers out! COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!!
  6. This is Rotherham's cup final. Always will be. It's sad really.
  7. Is this like the thing Talk Radio d This is like TalkSport isn't it?
  8. He's more likely to join One Direction. FFS
  9. It can't possibly be just until the end of the season... Don't get me wrong, Chansiri is mad enough to pay compensation for a manager for a few months, but Moore wouldn't have left a secure job for a punt at keeping us up. If contract length is revealed at all it'll be a first... It's not how Chansiri rolls.
  10. He looks like he could kick the fu*k out of the lot of them. I like that.
  11. Will there be one? If so, when will it be? Will Chansiri be there? Can't wait to see Moore's face when Chansiri mentions the playoffs!
  12. Honestly think this is a very good appointment. Young, hungry manager, his team's play attacking attractive football and he's shown at Doncaster he knows how to build a successful team on a limited budget. I only wish we'd given him the job 6weeks ago. Welcome to Hillsborough Darren and good luck pal!.... You'll need it!
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