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  1. I’m back on board HMS ******** the league, 3-0 owls
  2. How can you change the team that were in the greatest performance of the last 15 years?
  3. They have been run fantastically for many seasons, not many clubs could achieve what they have
  4. So they had to do everything nearly perfectly for 6 years to get promoted. If that’s not a soft ring fence I don’t know what is
  5. I know so we potentially used all our money up and got him a bit cheaper for 2 months as it was all we could offer at the time?
  6. Well we don’t know the facts especially with our issues we are likely to have some innovative/left field approaches. They may have said we can pay this for 2 months only at the moment and maybe we can increase this in Jan when we have more leeway with our wages?
  7. It must be rife this sort of thing, the ridiculous stuff you can bet on now, norweigen women u21 league etc
  8. I just switched AFCON on and reminded me how bad the atmosphere was in the South African World Cup so it won't be any worse than that
  9. If Everton get Rooney as manager I will be absolutely staggered
  10. For me this is indicative of FFP/PL money. It’s essentially make the PL a 23 team league with 6 of them on rotation
  11. Cheers, can’t grumble at getting someone with a good amount of championship experience
  12. I’d wear it here myself, or something like that
  13. I can’t find anything on Twitter about this so it’s not even an actual rumour it’s merely an owlstalk rumour
  14. It will but I was late setting off for the match if it was 1st team, tea nearly went in the air
  15. can you put FA youth cup in the title as jumped out of my skin thinking we had a match tonight
  16. I hardly think Chansiri is gonna pay for new players when Red Bull are on the verge of buying us
  17. Burnley should be fined for selling Chris Wood as that meant they didn’t have the players
  18. That's an attempt from Karl Urban to do a British accent, still brilliant? New series starts soon-looking forward to it
  19. These are the guys who made a big thing about beckham being on loan to them
  20. Man Utd paying that for some right rubbish this guy is the best player in the world, sign him up just insists he retires from Egypt cos that’s messed their season up
  21. The fact is that we have lots of players that are championship quality because we didn’t lose them from last season and last season we accrued enough points that meant we would be a championship club except we had a points deduction. They don’t suddenly become less quality because DC messed the books up.
  22. I would carry a red bull here myself RB Sheffield Wednesday or just Wednesday I would have no issue with our blue and white shirts tend to actually be best when they have a flash of red like the early 90s shirts that had red sponsors etc what else can go wrong? literally only issue would be the word ‘red’ but we can get over that if they did what they have for other clubs
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