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  1. No but the County Durham population is still quite large, Tyne and Wears population is massive, and then there is Northumberland to supply fans too. They have a really large area there with only Newcastle and Sunderland fighting for them. They have decent sized towns/cities like Gateshead, Durham, South Shields, Darlington, Washington etc that don't have league clubs. In South Yorkshire equivalent sized towns have league teams. It's like Wednesday and United existing but no Rotherham, Barnsley, Rovers. Middlesborough is closest club after that like 40 miles from Newcastle so they're not gonna pick up many in that region.
  2. The catchment area is massive, as you should know if you live in County Durham. With only Sunderland vying for support.
  3. that Bam was an absolute arsehole
  4. some fans seem to take too much pride in that the club is run as a normal business, others see through that. at the end of the day we live in hope that we will eventually/one day see the club win something.
  5. His wife is one of the biggest online personalities in Poland so figures
  6. Why don't they actually do a penalty that the fans will actually feel and therefore not want to do- points deduction, 5, 10 games behind closed doors? What are FIFA scared of?
  7. I think so. I'd rather have English prices and actually see some decent competition.
  8. Good luck Kadeem, I think he put effort in at Wednesday but just was not up to the standard.
  9. Get him back and sign that number 2 that scored, he looks a beast
  10. Just got it on. It's a bit unoriginal isn't it?
  11. If they can't handle it they shouldn't be looking at a football forum. We pay a lot to watch this and part of the whole thing is to discuss the games + players, if they look lazy and unfit it's fair game. Maybe mocking their gait is a bit far though.
  12. when you think about it, he literally has that one job to do in that situation
  13. I dunno-it's just highlighting the term really so a good thing
  14. haha I wasn't sure whether you were alluding to some animosity between him and Chelsea so I had a look and it was Chelsea who forced Greaves to move so no reason the fans should have an issue with him.
  15. Disgrace they put it up at the Chinese chippy! The Hungarian pork sandwich shop had a right queue yesterday
  16. Why wouldn't Chelsea fans respect it?
  17. I'm surprised they didn't do a minutes silence for him at Spurs-Chelsea, instead a minutes clap
  18. Yes it was a poor penalty, potentially part of that was the encroachment by the opposition. I never said it was the only reason but you must surely see it makes the task very difficult having perfectly good goals ruled out.
  19. The offside cost us the game- we scored 2 perfectly good goals which would usually win you the game but had one ruled out due to poor incompetence. So to beat Shrewsbury we gotta score 3 goals which is a tall ask in any league game. The encroachment is ridiculous too- it's a rule for a reason, it's gonna affect Bannan taking a penalty if he can hear players just behind him as he strikes the ball
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