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  1. Sorry student, wasn't intended. Was purely my brain conflating the players statements with that of Mr C following a long and ultimately failed season. It still stands though that we evidently need to do something different.
  2. Several of the first team did yes. I'll look later for the articles Admitted my brain didn't quite remember the "try" part but here's the chairmans clearly stating the aim is promotion. What I want to know is what is going to be different next year as we failed in his stated aim. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/may/dejphon-chansiri-club-statement/
  3. Several of the first team did yes. I'll look later for the articles
  4. Perhaps how they intend to rectify the mistakes, assure supporters that the manager is here to stay / go, that the manager will receive at least the backing he has this season, to call on supporters to attend on this basis. Plenty of people in all walks of life following a set back outline a vision of positivity.
  5. Did the other 69 state mid September that anything less automatic is failure?
  6. Have we had any statement from the chairman, supporters trust, Wednesdayite, the manager yet regarding the failure to achieve promotion this year? I know Moore did his post match interview so maybe not required. Will we be expecting anything? I do and I think today would be the day.
  7. My answer would be "where you're sat" We've been here done that a few times this century (Getting out of league 1). There's a whole host of reasons people are in the lepp. I've gone to the away games when I could get hold of a ticket this year but have chosen not to go whilst our OWN fans were owed money. You can choose to have a go at fellow fans, I'll be there cheering the lads on
  8. Fuuuuuuuc*er! Haha Will be my first home game of the season after having been there every game for 20 years.
  9. Right. Just to confirm... ALL fans who wanted a refund got one? I want to go badly but cannot justify it if the above isn't correct.
  10. So I vowed to not go to home games whilst fans are owed refunds. If we make the playoffs it's really going to hurt, does anyone know the status of refunds as it stands today?
  11. In fairness the timing is great. They go up and he makes a killing or he's bought prime real estate for a snip. We all know the bogroll is skint so to him it's as good a deal as he'd get. Either way can you imagine what McPig feels tonight?
  12. How's that not a kit clash! Better playing in the home strip! Come on Wednesday!
  13. The pundit was right though. Our away form is bang average.
  14. Thats from their relegation season. Think even Chansiri could manage a small profit in the premier league
  15. What's the price of steel and concrete just out of curiosity?
  16. It doesn't highlight my ignorance. It highlights my knowledge. I said extending a stadium by circa 10k costs more than redecoration. If you wanna qs it out then fair enough...
  17. Whilst I agree with most of this... It's not cheaper to add 10, 000 seats than it is to add a bit of cladding, corporate seating, and generally redecoration. Otherwise them c*nts would have already done it, especially during the mccabe era just to get one up on us
  18. Apparently we used to be able to drink in our seats back in the day. Think part of the pre match binging is people are trying to "rush" pints rather than drinking sensibly. Like many things in life though we have to cater for the lowest common denominator
  19. Hi... I said I'd join you and if not donate my spot to another owlstalker if I couldn't make the Pudil event. Can you send your details so I can transfer you some money for it please? I won't be taking up a spot but will pay for a seat for someone else.
  20. I'd be up for it. Will pay my share and donate it to another owlstalker if I can't make it
  21. Hoots, great that they contacted you. Did you ask if you get it at the early bird or has this cost you a circa extra 40 quid? Doesn't seem right to me if it's cost you extra money
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