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  1. If they open the door for Wycombe then ourselves and toy town would have a case too. They would have already been relegated when we played them so the effort against us would have been totally different. It's a disgrace all round really. Wycombe obviously 100% should be compensated having said the above regardless
  2. Absolutely sh*tting it about this, just one bar below the high Court steps in terms of fear level for me.
  3. Definitely. My only hope is we pay our players on time all season because we'd have dropped to the 4th tier in both those seasons I believe with 6 points deducted.
  4. I'm watching Plymouth coverage. Absolutely blinds ours home or away
  5. Not sure who the options out there are in fairness. Dean Smith and the guy at Brighton are the highest placed English managers who play decent ish football. Dyche, not sure the players would take to him. Beyond that who do we have to turn to? Any English managers abroad at the moment?
  6. Thing is would we have got to where we did without that positive culture and environment? That's the catch 22 isn't it. Get rid for a better tactical manager, we've had plenty in the recent past, but lose the environment. Would worse environment better tactics produce better results? Who knows, history suggests not but this tournament in Qatar is certainly the last opportunity Southgate should be given unless he wins it.
  7. Poor from the supporters Trust the lack of communication on this. It was the sole reason I signed up to the Trust thinking that there was at least one outlet that backed the fans on this stance not the club.
  8. Corten. Was fashionable about 10 15 years ago but appears to making a resurgence in Sheffield. Not a huge fan either, needs a client who doesn't value engineer the design to within an inch of the original design intent for it to look good. Sadly that rarely happens
  9. When Moore leaves in 30 years after dominating the English and European game with Wednesday, I'd take him. Love his attitude
  10. This is brilliant! Only half way through and loving it. He's bang on with most of what he says too
  11. He's not turned anything around until we are on parity with where he found us. That's owning our own stadium, without EFL charges hanging over our heads, and in the league above. Til then he still has a lot to answer for regardless of results on the pitch which have been in spite of him not because of him
  12. Blunts are eyeing him up to replace ramsdale
  13. Put your Wednesday shirt in yours now just to rub it in
  14. Is that flag still up in the Kop thanking our not so illustrious leader?
  15. Real Time I was sure he tipped it onto the post, replays show he didn't though
  16. I'd argue Bannan pinging one into the top corner from edge of the D was arguably better
  17. He said we pay to PLAY at Hillsborough. Not watch. Semantics aside, it cost us nothing, zero, nada for over 120 years. It now does.
  18. They mean how much it NOW after 120 years of costing zero does it cost the club to play at Hillsborough. Over £2M a year plus £6.5M due next month. Not a bargain at all
  19. If you collect them I'm going to hazard a guess it's the same size as the rest?
  20. People wonder why Sheffield isn't the centre of protest like the other great cities of change. No sir, yes sir. The people of Orgreave would be disgusted by the lack of action
  21. Can't do it fella. Would love to but having been directly labelled "not a fan" and been told "this isn't for you, it's for people with money not poor people" I'm afraid my principle won't be swayed no matter how good we become. I'll go to away games when life and money dictate I can. Until chansiri leaves or apologises for how he has acted in his first 5 years or so in charge I won't be stepping foot in Hillsborough again.
  22. Rhymes aren't your strongest point then? Know what you mean though fella, good attempt
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