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  1. For me it was to limit any impact on the club. I'm not 100% but I'm guessing credit card companies etc charge for that service, not to the customer but to the provider? Also its partly principle, the club promised, I'd like them to uphold that promise.
  2. To add to that during this time both my partner and I lost our jobs. Luckily both back IN work now but at times it was getting to the point where next year's season ticket money being sat in the clubs hands was rankling quite significantly. I'm sure others aren't as fortunate and it must be extremely frustrating still
  3. I think if others are like me they are bothered however our hands are sort of tied. No way is any fan going to go further than implementing a section 75 at most, in which case you may as well just keep on waiting. Legal action isn't going to happen is it as it'd be like suing your family. Other than that we are happy for the club to resolve it but the silence is weeing people off. The options are extremely limited other than moaning on here to vent a bit of frustration or take to twitter to rant.
  4. It's beyond daft now. The club being totally silent on the matter is making it even worse. Why there isn't a statement providing a small update to keep us in the loop I have no idea.
  5. What will happen first? People get their refunds or the p*gs win a trophy?
  6. They should surely be able to set up a web page where you can enter your client ID and bank details, even have a box for a cheque if that's what people want to choose. ID is then cross referenced and payment is pretty much instant to your CHOSEN method. Anyone got any experience on this sort of thing want to let me know if it's beyond the realms of possibility?
  7. The sending off made a huge difference but yeah two ******** teams really
  8. It's ridiculous. Going on about Rotherham!
  9. I've just followed @swfc93advice. Dead easy. Gotta admit I looked for a browser on firestick before but not knowing what it was called missed it.
  10. Thanks that's exactly what I'm after. Will try it today. First time in over a year I'm excited for a match!
  11. That's what I'm asking. I didn't know if that would work?
  12. Genuine question, can you watch iFollow through an app on firestick? Legitimately not through any iptv. I don't want to mess around with connecting a laptop etc
  13. Tell you what give me a refund for the season ticket games I haven't been able to attend first and then I'll consider whether to give you that back in 10 quid installments for a ******** porr product
  14. Not had anything, requested refund 29th June. "You have selected to take a Pro rata credit refund as your Season Ticket Rebate. A member of the Ticketing team will be in touch on the number you provided to arrange your refund within 60 days of the end of the Season Ticket rebate period" Why put that if they have no intention of meeting it? Over promise, under deliver. Sure its meant to be the other way around
  15. I voted yes then no. Could see back then it wasnt sustainable and when questioned chansiri got arsey
  16. Hadn't thought of that in fairness. I'll hang fire for a bit longer, a bit of communication from the club wouldn't go amiss
  17. I will be calling the ticket office tomorrow. Anyone know the best number?
  18. What is there to support? We are over 200 miles away watching it through a screen. Nothing that is said on here will have any bearing on the result whatsoever. Hope we turn it around like every other Wednesdayite out there but every fan is entitled to show frustration in whatever form they choose surely?
  19. I've not had my phone call. Which leads me to ask, what would you think the next step should be? Would you give the club more time to sort this out?
  20. Only answer if you chose to have a full refund please. With less than. 24 hours left to process the refunds to the 55% of season ticket holders that requested them, I'm curious as to how many have received theirs. Thanks
  21. I've not had anything as yet. ******** poor on and off the pitch, from top to the bottom
  22. Was such a soft shot from that distance too. Wasn't like he rifled it at him, he side ******** footed it
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