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  1. *Votes for Almen Abdi as player of the season*
  2. Alan Irvine's facial hair was pretty representative of his abilities as a manager.
  3. Fletcher has been our most consistent performer by my reckoning.
  4. I actually thought it was a lucky bounce when I saw it in real-time at the game Watching it back now, it turns out it was a stroke of genius and clearly deliberate.
  5. I was surprised by how toothless Bristol City seemed today, considering they're in the playoff hunt. Our performance tailed off a bit in the second half but we never really looked troubled apart from Dawson's double save with ten minutes to go. I was expecting a real battle today, but it never materialised. I suppose it's just the way of things in this division: many teams are capable of looking like world-beaters one week and then mediocre the next.
  6. Indeed. It was the ten games after that where we spiralled into oblivion...
  7. They have a very wealthy owner who backed them, and luckily the gamble paid off for them. By the time the EFL fined them, they were already a Premier League club, so they only paid a relative pittance for breaching the rules.
  8. Bournemouth are in the Premier League. They could play behind closed doors and still be financially sound.
  9. They died down once Forestieri lost his Owlstalk password.
  10. Like Hooper, he's a far better footballer then I gave him credit for before he signed for Wednesday. Some of his hold-up play is exceptional and he's a very intelligent player, which is what I'd previously underestimated. Coupled with his obvious physical prowess, it makes him a real handful for Championship defenders. I'm sure he'll have an important role to play in the team Bruce goes on to form.
  11. That's me humming the Malcolm In The Middle theme tune all day, then. You b*stard!
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