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  1. I'm surprised we're releasing Berahino, as I thought Moore would want to keep him in the squad as an option, but we have no idea how the conversations between them have gone, or whether Berahino fancies sticking around for another season in League One. Having said that, he was very inconsistent, even when he started to find some form from February onwards. Some games he was a perfect fit, such as the Cambridge match, but in others he was largely anonymous and simply didn't impact the game enough. If everything was clicking and going well for us, then he looked a cut above, but when we were dragged into a battle and needed a bit more physicality and fight up top, he didn't really show enough on a consistent basis. As I say, I still expected Moore to want to keep him, and that may turn out to be the case, but I can't say I'm overly concerned about losing him for next season.
  2. He's two years younger. Of course it is, you obtuse bulb.
  3. Dean is 30. He's almost exactly two years younger than Hutchinson, and hasn't had a career played by injury like Sam has. There should be a good few years left in him yet.
  4. To be fair, he was pretty hit and miss. Some games seemed to suit him; others didn't.
  5. *Adds 'Wednesday Blog' to list of 'ITK-ers' to ignore.* Why do people make this sh*t up?
  6. Take all what? All I've done is take him at his word: we have no set budget. That's all. And drop the insults while we're at it.
  7. Yeah, that was very much the vibe I got. Didn't seem friendly at all, and I was delighted to get home without any trouble.
  8. 'Trip him up'? I'm just responding to what he said. 'There is no set budget' suggests there's, well, no set budget, doesn't it? The fact that he says every coach asks him about a budget would suggest that having one is fairly standard practice at other clubs, and the way Chansiri operates is something of an exception, too.
  9. I've only been on one night out there. It was enough.
  10. Ilkeston? I wonder if he learned his running headbutt move on his nights out there?
  11. I'm amazed Sharp wasn't more seriously injured. A running headbutt on a bloke who didn't even see it coming? It's not an exaggeration to say that could have killed him. The moron who did that is lucky Sharp's injuries were as minor as they were.
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