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  1. Yes, but once you remove Neil's various logins, there are actually only twenty of us.
  2. "If other clubs take this (the stand) as an example, there will be no need to lament the absence of spectators from football matches." SAG and SYP:
  3. Half of last season's top six failed to win away at Deepdale last season. It's not an easy away day, and certainly not catastrophic if we don't win there, despite what you 'just feel'.
  4. Some form of organised protest is needed to attract the media's attention away from SYP's fairytale narrative and towards the genuine reality of the situation they're not-so-carefully constructing. Even if we can just get a chant started at the next few home games, it'll be hard for those reporting on the game to remain silent on the matter. As for what we chant, I'm struggling for inspiration. A particular ditty by NWA springs to mind, but I doubt that'll help our cause. Something a bit more constructive yet to the point would be good.
  5. Loovens could train Börner to be even cooler than he already is, so for that reason alone, I'm in.
  6. I can't think of any other possible reason for Bullen to be watching Preston last night. Lump on, me hearties, lump on!
  7. He's working with Portsmouth's academy. I can't imagine he's on Chansiri's radar.
  8. They're the worst kind of rumours. They just stick around, don't they?
  9. Yeah, who cares about being branded a racist, anyway?
  10. I agree that in a squad which includes Lee, Bannan, Hutchinson and Luongo, Reach should be nothing more than a backup central midfielder, but to say that he's a bench option at best seems ridiculously harsh. He's a very good winger at this level, and should be rotated with Harris, Murphy and Forestieri over the course of the season. We're still talking about a player who's been ever-present in an injury-ravaged squad over the past two seasons, notching 12 league goals and 18 assists along the way. Played in his natural position, he's one of our best players.
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