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  1. As much as many of us are often guilty of being biased towards Wednesday in our interpretation of events, there's a small group of Owlstalkers who almost revel in seeing the worst in everything to do with our club. How anybody watched that challenge and thought the ref had made the right call, I have no idea. How any Wednesdayite saw it and thought it was fair enough is baffling, but unfortunately par for the course for some, I'm afraid.
  2. I remember that Bobby Robson had just taken charge for them and we bore the full wrath of their 'new manager bounce'. Just checked, and this was their form before beating us 8-0...
  3. Nothing in my lifetime has topped being spanked 8-0 by Newcastle. Alan Shearer scored as many goals on his own as Blackburn managed on Saturday, for crying out loud!
  4. I wouldn't place too much stall by what some bloke says on Owlstalk. Yeah, it was an awful performance, but I'm only in my 30s and have seen us capitulate many a time, sometimes in the third tier. It was appalling, but it's not a unique event, unfortunately. We're currently averaging 1.5 points per game, whereas the bottom four are all averaging less than a point per game - even if we lost 21 points tomorrow, I reckon we'd be back out of the bottom three within ten games.
  5. Yeah, I reckon we've got more than enough to stay up. Some of the catastrophising on here is entertaining to read, though!
  6. Losing Hooper and João without bringing in a new forward has left us very over-reliant on Fletcher. Now that he's out, we're really struggling to fashion a forward line out of Nuhiu, Winnall and Rhodes. Monk's clearly trying to address this, but whether we can sign teh calibre of player needed in this transfer window remains to be seen.
  7. So you're saying that the chairman's lost the dressing room?
  8. Putting aside the rest of your post (There's simply not enough time to start unpicking that mess), when do you think Monk said these things?
  9. I've not seen a replay yet, but at the game I was surprised the ref gave a foul, never mind a red card. It's fair to say I need to see it again.
  10. Never been happy to be proved wrong! F*CK Leeds. Roll on the next round.
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