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  1. Those who thought he should have gone after the Huddersfield games, yes. Those who wanted him sacked after Wembley or during our run to fourth in the league? Not so much. Incidentally, as angry as I was after that penalty shootout, I shared your optimism for this season and thought we might strike a balance between the two approaches seen to that point. It seems a new voice was needed to rally the squad after two near misses, though.
  2. Those who wanted Carlos sacked after Wembley or during our run to the playoffs last season haven't been proven right - he didn't deserve to be sacked then. He does now. If I start saying our next manager deserves to be sacked before he's even been appointed, the majority will most likely come around to my way of thinking eventually; it doesn't mean I'll be right to hold that opinion as we charge to promotion and Champions League qualification before the inevitable decline sets in a few years further down the line, though.
  3. Is our season over already?

    When did that last happen in the Championship? I genuinely have forgotten!
  4. Think its bad now

    FFP doesn't reset; it's calculated on a three-year rolling basis. Chansiri's recent comments seem to imply that we're far from 'fine': In simple terms, the club needs direct revenue, not cash in the battle against Profit and Sustainability. Do we have problems with P&S? Of course, I must be open and I must be honest when I say that yes, we have problems, alongside I suspect numerous other clubs in the Championship who have ambitions to reach the Premier League. Let me stress that Sheffield Wednesday do not have financial concerns but for every season we do not achieve promotion, the prospect of breaching P&S draws closer.
  5. Is our season over already?

    Exactly. We're relying on so many teams suffering a loss of form during the same period that we need to go on a winning run which has looked beyond us all season long. The manager and players' continued discussion of promotion in the press are making them look ridiculous.
  6. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Yep. Whether they need to hear different messages or a different way of communicating the same messages, something needs to change. It's clearly not working for Carlos and his team at present. Whoever replaces Carlos, I just hope it happens soon in order to give the new man time to get the measure of our squad before the January transfer window opens. We need some fundamental changes to shake us out of our slumber at this point.
  7. Atdhe’s offer to Owlstalkers...

    I was feeling Flabby, but then she told me to keep my hands to myself.
  8. If Carlos isn't removed this weekend

    Coldplay fans?
  9. Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    I can't see Pulis jumping at the chance to manage us right now, to be honest. He's far more likely to sit tight and wait for the next Premier League club to look for a man to come in and steady their ship.

    I'll wait for the next poll to cast my vote. Should be along in 5 mins or so...
  11. Norwich City 3 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    We're all annoyed, but there's no excuse for comments like that.
  12. The Carlos Delusion

    Probably not, unless he's been on a fairly heavy LSD binge.
  13. CC comments on playing Atdhe Nuhiu

    9th of October.
  14. Pinpoint the game that did it for you..

    I came here to post the same. The Hull playoff defeat was understandable; the Huddersfield one infuriating; but I still thought that Carlos had done enough to deserve another crack at it this season. The derby game was an embarrassment, and the fans needed, and deserved, a strong response. That Birmingham game proved that we weren't getting one.
  15. 4th Last Season to Midtable now.

    It's going better than it usually does, then?