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  1. Just a rumour...

    Meh, it's just a rumour.
  2. Just a rumour...

    Yes: 'Carlos won't be getting sacked'.
  3. King Carlos

    Oh God - he's not going to suggest dressing up to try and rekindle our interest is he? I've barely got the stench of shame out of my sailor outfit from last time.

    Having now been reminded of his Crystal Palace tenure, I'd like to resubmit my original post in edited form:

    Oh yeah. Forgot about that!
  6. What do YOU want from SWFC?

    It's not a Wednesday kit without hooped socks...or some such drivel.

    In a word: ego. Allardyce won't want his final act as a manager to be that ignominious England sacking; he'll be itching to write one final positive chapter in order to try and rescue something of his legacy and reputation. I'd be amazed if he doesn't have one last crack at management. Now whether or not he'd view Wednesday as a suitable vehicle for his aspirations is another matter entirely. Personally, I'd doubt it.
  8. What do YOU want from SWFC?

    Ultimately, I want a Wednesday team who I can get behind and support because it's obvious that they're giving their all for the cause, regardless of how good (or otherwise) they may be at football. Unfortunately, I don't feel I'm being offered that so far this season: too many of our performances look slapdash, disorganised and lethargic, and too many of our players look like they're phoning it in for some reason. The apathy that's crept over me is disconcerting, and I've not felt as disillusioned with the efforts of our players since the dark days of Dave Jones' reign. In the last few seasons, I often wished I could make it to every game; this season, I'm actually glad that I can't.
  9. Fans falling out today

    No it hasn't.
  10. Fans falling out today

    And so the Owlstalk rush to post the strongest condemnation of Carlos leads to comments like this. You seriously don't care who our next manager is? The next manager of our club is a crucial appointment: get it right and we could well be in the Premier League next season; get it wrong and we could sink without a trace and join the likes of Nottingham Forest, who spent heavily to try and win promotion but slipped down the table and became a bit of a non-entity in this league.
  11. Snowflakes.


  13. Hutchinson vs Jones

    O Ronio, Ronio! wherfore art thou so reasonable, Ronio? You've been on Owlstalk long enough to know that's not how it works: you absolutely must pick a side. There can be no shades of grey here. Once you've nailed your colours to either mast, you then express your opinion in the strongest possible terms, including flinging increasingly outrageous insults at anyone who dares to question you; then - and this really is crucial to the whole undertaking - you defend that initial opinion to the death, never overlooking an opportunity to herald your player as the better of the two, nor to denigrate the other player and question how he manages to hold down a career as a professional footballer. I expected better of you.
  14. Hutchinson vs Jones

  15. Paul Corry - former SWFC player retired at 26

    Talk about paranoid! As if the fair-minded, irresistibly attractive and downright incredible mods would change the wording of our posts.