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  1. I think he saw it; it's just that even with all his years of experience, he didn't know how to fashion a team capable of consistently getting results out of the mess that is our squad: "I've been a manager a long time and I don't think I've stepped into a situation like this before… Out of all the clubs I've managed, it's probably as disjointed a group as I've managed. "If you look at it, there’s six centre-halves, and I don’t think we’ve got a left back. We've got five tens, and really not a centre-forward. "It swirls around, whatever you're trying to do. Y
  2. Fair point. I probably shouldn't try to apply logic to Chansiri's decision making! As you say, he's done little to protect his investment thus far, so who knows where he might take us next, even if it costs himself a fortune.
  3. If he were to stop spending and run us into the ground, isn't the person who stands to lose more than anyone else (financially speaking) Chansiri himself? If he still retains any hope of seeing some return on his investment, doesn't he have to keep putting the money in?
  4. Probably the second option, though it didn't work amazingly against Rotherham. Playing on the left neutered Windass, and Paterson didn't look anything like a traditional lone striker. Hopefully against an attack-minded Reading side, Windass and Harris can find some joy on the break.
  5. All that effort spent slating Kachunga in the hope karma would bite us on the arse and he's not even made the team. What a waste!
  6. Chansiri did. It's never easy selling 'family'.
  7. We've been waiting for someone to come steaming in two-footed and take one for the team. That'll do it. He'll bag a hat-trick today now.
  8. I reckon I've got 15 as well, assuming these are correct... Back row: David Hirst Lee Sharp Tony Daley Vinnie Jones Mark Wright ? - I recognise him, but can't remember his name. Tim Flowers Tim Sherwood Middle row: ? ? Hans Segars Andy Pearce Dunno - some random clogger. ? David Hillier Front row: Gary Charles ? John Salako Andy Sinton ? Gordon Strachan Peter Beardsley
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