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  1. Perhaps he didn't have much choice? I can't imagine the queue of clubs wanting to spend £5m on him was too lengthy.
  2. Lord Byron and DH Lawrence are fairly well known...but then so is Harold Shipman.
  3. He comes across as a really likeable chap, but the lack of even a hint of ego or arrogance is jarring from a modern footballer. Even the crap ones usually seem to have an overinflated opinion of themselves!
  4. Me too. Can't wait for work next week after the stick I got for wearing my Wednesday Christmas jumper on Friday.
  5. I know it's asking a lot given the circumstances, but if he can go on a scoring spree in the next few months, it really could be the making of our season...
  6. Didn't Dawson tell the ref he'd caught Forestieri, but the ref decided to send him off anyway?
  7. The third goal will get a lot of attention as any overhead kick will, but that first goal was the kind of move a strike partnership could be built on: a lovely flick-on by Fletcher, perfectly anticipated by Rhodes and swept into the bottom corner with aplomb. Great stuff.
  8. It's nice to see the customary thumbs up got a well-deserved outing today...
  9. When asked about today's victory, hat-trick hero Jordan Rhodes said: "Yeah, I really enjoyed it." Calm down, Jordan. You're getting a bit carried away, there.
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