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  1. To be fair to The Star, the article is from Friday. I look forward to @Mycroft's discovery of the fixture list some time around midday...
  2. Fletcher has averaged a goal every 202 minutes under Bruce so far, which is pretty decent for a striker of his type who also offers so much else to the team. If Bruce can surround him with some better wide-men, attacking fullbacks, and the odd midfielder who might venture into the opposition's penalty box on occasion, then I'm sure he's capable of even more.
  3. Are you seriously advocating that we settle upon a system and style of play, and then build a squad of players who suit said system? It'll never work.
  4. They paid £10m to take him on loan for a season!? Or perhaps your memory's playing tricks on you?
  5. I thought Matias offered ample cover this season, and he certainly liked a tackle. It was an aspect of his game which pleasantly surprised me once he got fully fit.
  6. Wasn't it shitty chickens coming home to stick or something like that?
  7. Sod off! We don't argue about anything and everything!
  8. Great post. We have a complete Frankenstein's monster of a squad, stitched together with seemingly disparate gameplans in mind and with little to no thought given to tactics, style of play or cohesion. We've spent the last few seasons trying to shoehorn various players into some semblance of a system, and sometimes we got pretty damn close, but we rarely found a way of playing which truly brought the best out of all the players at our disposal. If watching the Blades romp to promotion should have taught us anything, it's that a team can be so much more than the sum of its parts. And if that means that talented individuals are allowed to leave in order for Bruce to be able to build a squad who will complement each other's styles and who cohere into a convincing whole, then so be it. Bruce knows what he's doing.
  9. The article doesn't suggest we'd pay £15m for him.
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