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Community Answers

  1. I'm clutching at straws here, but can Gibson play left-back?
  2. He and Adeniran both need to start, for me. They actually look competitive, unlike Wing.
  3. Well done Dele Bashiru! Been one of the few bright sparks on a drab, drab night so far. Much deserved goal for him.
  4. Paterson storming off and punching the back of the dugout. Never like to see players reacting so petulantly.
  5. Weird wasn't it? A group of them pushing Bannan get nothing, yet Paterson's carded for trying to protect his teammate.
  6. I'd like to see him and Adeniran alongside each other in the centre of the park. They both bring a bit of energy, athleticism, and effort, at least. Watching Wing shuffle around looking devoid of any vim and vigor is getting painful.
  7. FFS, Wing. Just hit it, man! Dunkley with the ball of the game to open them up, and he tamely hits it against the 'keeper. Pathetic.
  8. Jesus, we're really making the most basic elements of football look impossible here, aren't we? Such sloppy passing, it's unbelievable.
  9. Cambridge are wearing black shorts and socks, so we wear our changed colours. Looks crap, mind. Feel like I'm watching Huddersfield!
  10. Well, I was close. Only Dele-Bashiru instead of Adeniran. Was hoping the latter would be fir enough to start, but good to see him back on the bench, at least.
  11. I agree about the mentality, but that's been an issue long before Moore arrived. As I said in the 'Sports Psychologist' thread, it's something we've been to address for some time now. Performances have largely been stodgy so far, but if it weren't for some dodgy refereeing and some equally dodgy goalkeeping, we'd have picked up a fair few more points than we have. I'd say 7th spot is about right based on what we've seen so far.
  12. Results so far have been solid rather than spectacular, but very few clubs would sack their manager a dozen games into a season when they're sat in 7th position having overhauled the squad, lost the majority of their expensive signings, and had to replace them with frees and loans. You talk as if we're getting battered each week and are struggling towards the bottom of the table.
  13. Beat Dread at the weekend. Not been back to 100% it yet, though. Final boss fight took forever to master, but so satisfying once you do. I'll definitely replay it, but I'm not sure I'd enjoy hard mode; it's already plenty hard enough! It's hard to compare games from different eras and different stages of my life, but it's right up there with the best in the series for me.
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