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  1. To mark the occasion of my 10,000th Owlstalk post, I wanted to post something special. The kind of well-thought-out, insightful, emotionally resonant post that only rolls around once in a blue moon. But then I figured why change the habit of a lifetime, so I made this nonsense instead...
  2. Free agents

    I can see what you're saying, but we've got some promising youngsters who are starting to get opportunities in our first team. I'd rather we continue to give youth a chance rather than bringing in yet more players who would be unlikely to be match fit before the end of the season, would block the youngsters' path to the first team, and would inflate our wage bill even more.
  3. Cheers for pointing that out. I should try to make my 10,000th a good one really, shouldn't I? I'm not sure this thread is the right place for it...
  4. Knock knock... 'Good evening, is this the Oxford Union? No? Sorry - never mind me; I'll be on my way...'
  5. FAO KivoOwl

    There was one at Hillsborough today, mate.

    There were grown men in the South fist pumping and shouting 'Yes....we got one!' when he made that call. It was truly bizarre.
  7. Referee aplogising

    And rightly so. They weren't paying him to give freekicks to Wednesday, you know.
  8. There's no point discussing the Swansea game; you can’t change the result.
  9. Poor Game Management

    We should have bribed the ref. We'd have been fine then. Poor planning not too, all things considered.
  10. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    What can you say after that? I don't remember such a one-sided refereeing performance in 25+ years of watching football. Everything that could be given against us was given, yet obvious fouls against us were ignored. On the balance of play, we didn't deserve to lose that match, but clearly the referee had other ideas. By the point he was running over to the touchline to be patted on the head by Bruce, it was clear that we were getting royally screwed over.
  11. What's your beef with Casualty, then?
  12. To be fair, I never saw any side of Urby Emanuelson during his time at Wednesday.
  13. Season 2018/19 Expectations

    It's far too early to tell, isn't it? So far he's had largely the dregs of our squad to work with, yet he's managed to get us looking more organised, solid and committed than we did in Carlos' final few months. The real comparison will surely come once he's had the opportunity to put out a few teams with the likes of Hooper, Forestieri, Bannan, Lee, Lees, Hutchinson, Fletcher etc. included, won't it?