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  1. Nothing to do with age; I'm in my mid thirties. I was just well educated.
  2. Win, lose, or draw, I just hope we see more of the same effort and fight again tomorrow.
  3. For me, the key phrase in all of that is: "we need calm in that support". And that cuts both ways. The extremes we've seen on here in recent times don't do us as a fanbase or the club as a whole any favours. There's no point listing the clubs Monk's been sacked by to try to prove some wider point after every defeat, but equally there's no point posting a form table or win ratio stats for the season after a solitary league game. The two extremes just encourage each other to up the ante whenever a result suits their take, with neither particularly interested in the detail or reality of the situation. We're in for a battle this season. Level heads are going to be needed.
  4. Fastest: Jermaine Johnson on the attack running towards the opponents' goal. Slowest: Jermaine Johnson with some defending to do, having to track back towards his own goal.
  5. Really!? Why are you expecting that? I really can't see us topping the Rhodes fee during this window.
  6. I know. In fact I pointed out that very fact to another poster earlier in this thread. As is our wont, our conversation then widened out to include the general tone of posts on the topic of our manager in other recent threads. 🤣
  7. Definitely. I've defended Monk on here plenty of times, but fighting the inane drivel posted by some of those who are negative about him with more inane drivel in favour of him simply creates division and invites more extreme responses from either side after every win or loss.
  8. Have you read many of @@owlstalk's recent threads concerning our manager? Nuance is hardly his current modus operandi.
  9. I'm no fan of trying to gauge an opinion after a single league game, but what you're saying is patently wrong. Answering 'no' to the question: 'Has the start that Garry Monk has made in the last three games given you more confidence for the season ahead?' doesn't imply that you're less confident whatsoever; it simply indicates that your confidence levels haven't increased. My confidence levels for the season ahead haven't changed, therefore my answer to the question was 'no'.
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