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  1. My faith in this team is rock-bottom. If I were a betting man, I'd say we'll draw with Derby and Rotherham will lose to Cardiff.
  2. Nah, the odds are still stacked in Rotherham's favour, as it's in their own hands. The fact that we're playing Derby and are certain to finish above them if we can get a win works in our favour, though. Better that than them playing a random third party. I'll go somewhere around the 20% mark.
  3. I wonder what percentage we'd be on at this point? It's got to be better than 12% now, surely?
  4. A Rotherham win would put us out of our misery, at least. The thought of our players going into a must-win final-day relegation decider is unbearable.
  5. It's not any suggestion that's shot down; just the bad ones. Dont take it personal - you've had a stab at it, and thus far the reaction's been decidedly mixed. Who knows - it might pick up. But if not, then it just wasn't a very good idea. No harm done; it happens. Somebody will hit upon something that the fanbase can get behind before too long, I'm sure. The key is for it to attract as much attention as possible in order to exert what little pressure we can on Chansiri and his public image. The Man Utd fans had the right idea yesterday, but unfo
  6. As I've explained, I don't think it is. You yourself have said you dont don't think this 'protest' vote would bother the players a great deal; I've no idea why you think Chansiri would give a sh*t. The absence of a good idea has been used to justify a bad idea too many times, I'm afraid.
  7. Pick your dummy back up. People aren't 'shooting it down in flames' because we're not up for a protest against Chansiri; we just think this is a sh*t way of doing it. Come up with a good idea and I'll back it.
  8. This wouldn't affect Chansiri in any way, shape, or form, though. I doubt he'd even notice a 'protest' vote in our player of the season poll. The only people it would potentially impact are the players, who, like it or not, represent our only remaining chance of avoiding League One. And one or two haven't allowed their heads to drop and have maintained their effort levels, despite all the crap that's been swirling around them. If you want to organise a proper protest, I'm in. This isn't it, though. Windass or Bannan for me.
  9. Part of me can't wait for his end-of-season rant, just to see what depths of delusion he can plumb this time.
  10. To paraphrase Liam Neeson: “Chansiri will look for him, Chansiri will find him, and Chansiri will sign him.”
  11. Of course not, because Harris being sh*t barely registers when considered in the context of the complete clusterf*ck that is Chansiri's mismanagement of our club. He's just another ill-suited player identified by a recruitment team who were working to god-knows-what criteria, who'll walk away for nothing at the end of his contract and be replaced with someone equally if not more sh*t. It's difficult to get particularly angry about Harris when Chansiri has overseen the separation of Hillsborough from the club, a points deduction, transfer embargoes, the complete erosion
  12. I won't re-open old threads and start raking over old ground, but some certainly did.
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