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  1. If matches are played behind closed doors, I genuinely think that might be it for me and the game of football. For me, the fans are central to the game. To try and finish the season without them there shouldn't be an option.
  2. That's a great post, and one which encapsulates the issue perfectly. For many, the advent of the Premier League appeared to be a glorious new dawn; in many ways it's turned out to be the beginning of the end. Football will eat itself.
  3. He was a very good player for where we were as a club at the time. Him and Burton always seemed to work well together, too.
  4. When I first started going to games as a 5 year-old, I thought Nigel Jemson and David Hirst were equally great. I used to draw endless Wednesday shirts with their names on!
  5. And yet I've just today listened to the Burnley chairman talking on 5 Live about it being 'inevitable' that they'll play games behind closed doors, finish this season off and 'get the job done'. It seems like wishful thinking to me, probably caused by the unthinkable reality of what will happen to the gravy train once the cash stops flowing in.
  6. Once the current social distancing measures are eventually relaxed, that won't be the end of it: we'll most likely be in and out of this kind of setup for quite some time yet. Someone I know who works for the NHS reckons October 2021 is the best current prediction for when these type of measures might no longer be needed. It's hard to imagine how football might realistically resume and hope to complete a season, whether this one or next, if this holds true.
  7. No, clearly he doesn't. Now take a look at this picture of Peter Shirtliff and shurrup... Sheffield Wednesday mullet-sporting legend Peter Shirtliff www.owlstalk.co.uk #swfc
  8. I agree; it's a classy gesture from the two of them. I hope fans of all persuasions remember this and show their appreciation when the game finally resumes.
  9. And now on Channel 4, we join Dejphon, Amadeu, Garry and the lads to see how the club's got on since Christmas in 'Wednesday 'Til I Die'... *theme tune plays over opening credits* *fade to black* *theme tune plays over closing credits* Coming up next: 'Frasier'.
  10. I think you misunderstood me - a worryingly large proportion of my mind is still convinced to this day that it was Palmer in there. I'm almost sure of it.
  11. I was also convinced that it was Carlton Palmer inside the Ozzie Owl costume for some reason and told all my mates at school my theory on Monday morning. I've no idea what game it was, but I can only assume that Palmer wasn't playing. Either that or I was a really dense 7 year old.
  12. David Hirst blasting the ball and knocking Ozzie Owl's head clean off during the warm-up kept me giggling for most of the game. I was 7 years old at the time, so that might explain my less-than-sophisticated humour.
  13. I thought he'd be a great loan signing for us, but I didn't appreciate just how lacking in match sharpness he was. For some reason, I'd got it in my head that he'd been playing for Palace a bit more than he actually had. The whole club seems to be in a state, so i suppose it was always a bit much to expect a loan signing to come in and turn around our fortunes.
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