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  1. Yeah, I don't really get this, either. If, as reported, we can't pay any transfer fees, then you'd assume this would also extend to loan fees as well. Unless we were hoping there'd be no loan fee and Burnely have just slapped £300k on which has caught us by surprise?
  2. 'Tinpot.' He's just quarantining before he can go and complete his medical etc.
  3. What you characterise as 'spitting the dummy out' could alternatively be seen as a natural and instinctive reaction to a situation in which players' focus was no longer 100% on their football. Many people will live to their means, so the fact that footballers are well paid won't necessarily insulate them from issues should their pay packet not appear on time, especially if it becomes a pattern. Having any sort of distraction can make a world of difference in professional sport, where marginal gains can be crucial. Some of Reach's performances in the past couple of years p*ssed me off at times, and he looked way off the standards he'd set earlier in his Wednesday career, but I don't think the wider context of the club can be ignored when looking at how things deteriorated for him here.
  4. I loved 13, too - as a nod to some of our historical kits for our 150th anniversary, I thought it was great. It got a lot of stick at the time, coming straight off the back of 12.. In hindsight, I wonder if some of the negativity towards it has dwindled now that it's clear the stripes weren't being ditched?
  5. For me, 7 was the best and 12 was the worst, although it had some stiff competition from 4, 12 and 9.
  6. Give 'em some more pocket money then, ya tight sod!
  7. I'm sure there's more to it than that, but that'll be a part of it, no doubt. The whole club has been sick to the core for a few years now, and we were never going to see the best of our players in that climate. They'd been thrown together with little to no thought as to tactics, formations, or squad coherence, then were being passed form pillar to post as each successive manager attempted in vain to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear before being sacked for failing to pull off a minor miracle. Add on to that the fact that players were begging the chairman to let them leave and being told to sit it out in the reserves until the current manager was sacked, or having to track him down in a hotel to try to force through a deal for the betterment of their career, and you have the kind of working environment in which many are going to struggle.
  8. You may well have done. The only reference to us not being able to pay a fee is the one I posted. We could do with the EFL or the club making a definitive statement one way or the other, really.
  9. I'm just going by the Yorkshire Live report, which said: It was confirmed by the English Football League that the Owls are no longer under a transfer embargo and can now bring in some much-needed reinforcements. But Wednesday are still operating under some restrictions imposed by the EFL. Yorkshire Live can reveal the Owls can't pay any transfer fees this summer and are only permitted to sign players on a free or loan. I do much prefer your version, though! Hopefully you're right, but what are you basing it on? https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesday-transfer-restrictions-recruitment-21012807
  10. Oh, you don't need to tell me. You weren't the 'target' of my quip.
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