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  1. But surely not after all, you back DM so much, don't you?
  2. I feel for anyone held up in this obviously but the opening post mentioning Coventry makes you think what could be and fingers crossed no one will be posting anything like that later. I think it was a car travelling the wrong way that caused this.
  3. I remember long after that time, hundreds of folk refused to buy programmes from that place because of the affiliation at the time that stand had with the Hulleys.
  4. Back in the day those who ran that stand wouldn't allow TTG leaflets to be put inside the programmes. Don't know if it's the same people. I'm told back then it was family of Hulleys who sold programmes from their back then.
  5. You and other mods have misunderstood what has been (poorly) reported. It's not my fault you don't get it. If there was an embargo, it would have been reported as such, and not "understood" It's not hard, is it? Quality of mods these days my gosh
  6. Gregory is doing ok and is a good model pro. Our issues aren't him, although we could do with one of the other strikers taking the bull by the horns and coming good too. Our issue is firmly at Centre Back right now.
  7. Nothing is being reported. It's a set of nothing articles. "Understanding" - where does this understanding come from?
  8. Also, Joe Crann does not mention embargo. I can't afford a high end sports car. It doesn't mean someone is saying "Hey, you are barred from buying it" - my personal finances dictate it. My issue is the lazy reporting even mentioning loans as if to try to sensationalise things.
  9. How can Loans be utilised? Are we letting some loanee's leave? We are maxed out on loan players.
  10. Might be fun to analyse this on another thread. I'll get a coffee and mull over who those other clubs would be and why.
  11. Now this is the crux of my current issues with Moore. You just hit the nail on the head totally. Should be doing far better.
  12. The article is quite poor. How can we be operating in the loan market when we already have more loanees then we can put in the matchday squad?
  13. Free transfers cost in terms of agent fee's and signing on fees, plus you are putting an extra burden on the monthly wage figure, so you'd want to lessen that burden right? Well, that's the idea but it is unlikely to happen unless players are let go/sold who are wanted. The players we would want rid of, no one will come in for and you can't just release them because guess what? That also comes with fee's for paying them off. I think right now the club is snookered in terms of being able to get any player of significant quality in.
  14. My thought is we aren't under an embargo. Coffers are probably dryer than the Sahara desert though so what's it matter?
  15. Ok I will be the first to confess to owning a CD album. Not listened to it for an age, not listened to anything on CD for nearly a decade - but it wasn't a bad listen.
  16. I suppose when all is said and done, wether Nuhiu would have done a good job this season is not really the issue. I do personally think he would have, as long as it wasn't going to be at the expense of getting Gregory in. He didn't want to stay, no matter what division we were going to be in. He was becoming fed up here and didn't want an extra year.
  17. Can't argue with anything coming out of the club that is positive or of the season. Therefor, I will not post anything derogatory about this, on the contrary. I wish Darren Moore a merry Christmas. Same with anyone who has owt to do with SWFC.
  18. It's not on tonight sorry that's why I didn't include it.
  19. The last few nights, i've been feeling a bit down as my wife has moved over to doing nights just before Christmas and once the kids are in bed then that's it. So I fire sky up, see what's on and last few nights a Rocky has been on. Tonight it's Creed getting mullered by Drago, yesterday it was Mr T. I still think the first one is my favourite, what is yours?
  20. Damn straight, but equally those people may just want to kick back and not have it known they are feeling it. I know when I'm feeling down, I just want a chat, a bit of human contact, I don't absolutely want others to know I'm having a bad day, so for that reason can we just say that everyone online on Christmas day is here to help others - nothing more.
  21. Anyone with covid right now has my thoughts, more so if you live alone. Merry Christmas everyone.
  22. I think his performance sways my opinion. Which itself is kind of a reason people aren't going mad that he may be departing early. If we go up this season, it won't be because of who is starting as keeper.
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