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  1. Was a right player, made the game look easy. Unrated by the nethandals types who wanted nothing but the ball and the opposite player in row z. Was a lazy bugger at times to be fair
  2. We will get rid of him once we get promoted to the Premier, with a nice golden handshake.
  3. Very good... Must the quickest reply I've had to a post... I'll keep you updated on the cream.
  4. Feel better for that? Why don't you set up fans group which works towards ousting him? There seems to be many fans who share your feelings and misgivings about him.
  5. Something about it being the biggest ground never to be filled, sticks in my mind.
  6. I'd boo him from the start and start a social media campaign against him (Non aggressive and non sweary)
  7. We all said the answer was to keep the same team, but the answer was to change it after all, weird. Do we change for the next game?
  8. WOW that's impressive you should offer your services to football clubs could be very profitable.
  9. How long would you wait for them to demonstrate they know they are doing? There are so many variables I would argue that it would take more than a few months.
  10. Agree about Jos think he was a terrible appointment but thought that Monk was slowly if not turning the ship around was slowing the ship down. Football managers shouldn't be measured on his communication skills to the fans or in job interviews it's what he passes on to the players that counts (I know I'm opening myself up there). Moore to me has demonstrated that he can spot a decent player and I would like to see someone alongside him who has a bit more tactical nous.
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