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  1. Can't help feel this is a conversation DC won't even recall. Moles and mountains.
  2. Thought it was gonna be a thread about Stoke
  3. Further, proof that he's a Wednesday fan, can be seen here at a London Night club with that other famous Wednesday fan Catherine Parkinson (they were an item at the time). She can be seen in the South Stand most homes games shouting abuse at the away fans. No drugs were taken in the making of this post
  4. He was a founder member of the OCS, once saw him chasing Portsmouth fans up Fargate when it all kicked off outside The Bluebell. Didn't take any poo.
  5. Just saw the announcement on Twitter, hope it goes well for him, he talks a good game now his is chance to put all that talk into operation.
  6. I agree, we give other teams far too much respect, we need to set the pace and tone of the game and if we go in front, don't park the bus.
  7. Once he gets in the Prem he will be coining it in.
  8. You and your blood facts just stop it, we need to blame someone.
  9. Seems to be Reaches turn to be blamed for the worlds woes this week, whose turn next week? We did Bannan and Wildsmith last week, I'll go for Lees or Borner they seem to get an easy ride.
  10. All the gaols were well crafted and skilfully taken even the first Borner seemed to hold off before making his run and Reaches second which has hardly being mentioned he ran his heart out to score. God knows how it happened maybe one of the players looked at the league table that morning.
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