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  1. We’ve already got a manager thanks. RE “With vast majority of the fans wanting Monk out the door” can you share the numbers from your Survey?
  2. Incredible negativity on here any time someone tries something positive to try to make a difference. Why would anyone be against this? The contributions so far on this thread are pretty childish and it's easy to see why this club is in the state it's in. Our fans are so easy to kid. Keep on wringing your caps and tugging your forlocks guys
  3. I would say openly discussing potential replacements while someone is still in their job pretty disrespectful.
  4. I like Mick McCarthy, good, old school manager and bags of character. However, we already have a manager, who I also rate, so for me this talk of new managers after every loss is disrespectful and tiresome. For the record, most managers get fired from their jobs at some point, that’s how it works. Nothing special about that.
  5. Oh dear. This has got the potential to be very, very damaging for the sport. We’ve all known for a while now that the sport has been lost to the average, genuine fan and in a way I hope the whole lot comes crashing down. I’m sick to the stomach of being patronised by the game in general. We fans invest our emotions and lives to support our clubs but it seems clearer now more than ever that the money agenda was deeper than anyone could have imagined.
  6. 3-1 Wednesday, think the baggies are starting to feel the pressure and will fluff it tonight
  7. Fair play to the club on this one. Seems to be an option for everyone
  8. Rubbish. What defies logic is the size of the salaries footballers earn. When you see some of the money being paid to absolute toe-rags it’s enough to make you sick. Football is poisoned and bankrupt as a sport
  9. Why? It’s a fair point I think. Footballers are paid unbelievable amounts of money versus people in everyday jobs. Pee’s me off too.
  10. Good point. If you read what he said, there won’t be any medical solution by NEXT Callender year. My interpretation of that is some kind of solution in 2022 not 2021.
  11. Proper kits those. And the Owl is absolute class 👍
  12. Doing as well as anyone could be expected at this dysfunctional club. Yes. Yes. That will take time, money and a few more crap performances to filter through though. Yes. UTO
  13. Incredible support from Plymouth that night match. Fair play
  14. Poor old Lloyd Owuspew chucking up whenever he played. That was pretty surreal!!
  15. I don’t see it like that, trust is a big thing in (especially) South East Asian business relationships. And of course, it never hurts to blow some smoke up people’s arses now and again
  16. “Employee in taking p*ss out of flapping bosses shocker”
  17. Kinell. My ears are bleeding after listening to that!! Good insight into player mentality/logic i.e. it’s a job, no more no less. Team was brought together for the promotion push but failed at the last, seems a fair assessment to me.
  18. So what? There will always be people ready to slate things off before they are even started..., I think it’s a good development that should be supported by all true fans of this club
  19. Here we go. Surprised it took so long...
  20. Stop it. I don’t mind people fishing on here but that is a very poor effort
  21. Ok. So it’s not allowed to discuss a persons role/performance at the club?? Better close down the majority of the threads on here then!
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