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  1. Did you want me to pull up a graph or something?
  2. I don't know why he stopped, maybe he's in trouble with a gang and they said "hey pal, if we ever see you on a football pitch playing league football again, you're a goner"
  3. The same way that I know most people think trump is an idiot
  4. Really? He's gone down to the 12th tier at 29 years old
  5. Imagine earning so much money by the time you're 29 you can basically semi retire. Mental
  6. Most people think he's an idiot, it goes back to him leaving Spurs. He's hardly pulled any trees up in management to dispel that public opinion.
  7. Dont you have anything better to do than harass other clubs fans? *Checks S24SU log in status*
  8. Just for balance would like to point out as a clinician that pain science is evolving, and being in pain or having feelings doesn't particularly mean they're right. Hutchinson refers to Paul Smith the physio knowing him etc but people can get lots of odd thoughts about what pain is and what it means for them. I would suggest that our physios thought Hutchinson was able to play when usually the previous physio would let him off-its difficult to know who was right but it's not a case that our physios were definitely in the wrong.
  9. I just think he has made mistakes but I don't want to drive him out of the club, he will feel it more than anyone
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