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  1. Instead of having the kids play some shitty mini match why not make them all play a game of cuppy with Wildsmith in net? Winner gets a free shirt and we can bet on the outcome
  2. You make it sound like it's easy. Would you rather we had mandaric for the last 5 years?
  3. In hindsight it was a bad decision, but it's that word again. FFP means you can't have plan a b c d e f unfortunately
  4. Sometimes things don't go to plan, it's not Chansiri's fault that Carvalhals tactics were poor in the end and that he didn't believe in fitness training or that promotion specialist Jos Luhukay was a complete flop as well as having terrible injury problems. We had arguably the best player in the league go to sh11t as well, not Chansiri's fault-he did everything he could to keep him, most fans wanted this. I think if we could go back Chansiri would do a Wolves but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Typical that Wednesday get the rich guy as FFP comes in. It gets on my nerves that this guy has put money into us for the first time in my football conscious lifetime and people still complain, we have been promotion contenders most of the time under his tenure. Moan about the managers tactics, the teams effort, but don't moan about a guy who is hamstrung because he's put too much into the club, it's just depressing reading. I think people need to remember where we were before him, a relegation battling side who excelled themselve by playing the dullest football you could imagine-and it was our best season in years!
  5. God damn it why did Carlos put Helan on against Hull?
  6. There hasn't been many German strikers in the English leagues compared to other positions when you think of it. Klinsmann and podolski off of the top of my head
  7. What does he want? PL 1,2,3 and 4?
  8. This is an absolute bargain, any Wednesday fan with that spare money would be daft not to buy it (unless they're 80)
  9. Why does nobody wrap 2 scarfs around their wrists anymore? That was a classic 80s look
  10. It should have a central blue stripe
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