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  1. You can have soft sports but you can only properly support 1 club - it’s the law
  2. Would be happy enough with him. He’s an old 40
  3. It’s a load of rubbish if you have inside info you don’t make a ‘prediction’ clearly made up by some kid
  4. The players needed for most managers and to get out the division are there already.
  5. But Salzburg were one of the most successful Austrian clubs so thats not strictly true. Obviously in the US where they have a club nobody has a history there. It seems to me that they don’t have a consistent club to buy other than it being a big ish city where they buy from
  6. I’ve not seen these rumours? Is it a Twitter thing?
  7. What you don’t think a better manager would be doing better with these players?
  8. If you're born in a stable it doesn't mean you're a horse
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