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  1. how is what I said unreal? I said in hindsight not a good idea...
  2. In hindsight probably not a great idea to wear lots of green with an irish surname when we are playing rangers bless him
  3. why are Wednesday fans comparing themselves to the Ranger's? Largely the Rangers fans pride themselves on their singing etc, for them it's about that as much as the football, and the support is a lot younger than ours so naturally it's more boisterous. It's also a big day out for them whereas it's just a friendly for us. I've sat with them union bears before and their chants are led so it's not spontaneous like at Wednesday. So there is a lot of difference. They were good but it's no reason to slag us off.
  4. Typically FF with have the ball and be supported by a striker Fletcher/Nuhiu/Rhodes, rather than run centrally our strikers tend to run laterally and end up in a crossing position. This would be ok if they were more skillful strikers but the cross is usually very poor and as the striker is the one with the ball, there isn't a great option to aim for anyway. I find this really annoying, why aren't our strikers aiming to get into goalscoring positions?
  5. you're the one going into meltdown, it looked like disharmony and so that is what he's titled the thread as. Do you not like opinions?
  6. If there isn't anything in it, what is the problem in saying what he saw?
  7. Westwood Palmer Loovens Lees Pudil Wallace Abdi Hutchinson Boyd Hooper Forestieri
  8. No way that team is at a level where mcgugan literally cannot get a game
  9. They were all very poor. A real sub par performance reminesant of the Huddersfield match
  10. I would do the same but its quality we need and I just didn't see it from these two today
  11. I don't know what you saw that makes you feel that combo was a positive
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