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  1. We need to avoid Scotland, it's not worked out for us
  2. We could do a Saints/Norwich/Blunts and get the back to back promotions
  3. Well at least the weekend is not a complete write off
  4. Any good? Was wondering for ages what's 1981 got to do with Rangers? Nice shirt, rubbish sponsors
  5. I guess Boston Celtic is Boston's team. I think they're pretty popular anyway to be fair to say they have never won anything in my time. But when you're picking a team not based on geography you're going to go for something that connects you to them or resonates in a certain way and surely Celtic would be the logical shout for many Irish Americans?
  6. I never really felt McGugan was given a fair chance under CC but he may well had done yeah. Was it SG decision to sell Antonio? that is the type of thing you forget when you look back fondly!
  7. I'd agree with that this is relatively the worst. Like probably a worse side when we were in league one but this the worst season. There is nothing to get your hopes up. We go into games thinking how on earth can we win? At least in 09/10 you may have thought "I hope JJ can turn it on today" The only slight thing we could have taken about all this is there is a very slight glimmer of hope in Liam Shaw. He is extremely raw and makes terrible mistakes at times but there is a glimmer-but he's off anyway supposedly so we don't even have to look forward to him developing.
  8. It's a good point. I mean if Gray had some money to spend, would he have turned us into a very defensive promotion candidate? Warning signs early for me were signing McGugan who had been great under Gray then CC not being at all interested in him. Imagine if Gray had a full season with a player like him?
  9. I think Celtic in PL would become world's biggest club, if football continued to grow in the U.S. They would be the club of all the Irish Americans. Rangers would also be massive for similar reasons. They embody national identity which is something not many other clubs around the world have.
  10. He was extremely dull, I don't think getting rid of him was a mistake, in fact CC probably got more credit than he deserved as we had been used to such dull football before him.
  11. I will renew, despite everything I still miss going to be honest. A good boo at half time and end of match from everyone I have realised is actually great therapy.
  12. They're turning people off football like this., I mean it's funny but you don't want to see it often. It's not just the everyman that's laughing you have 3 respected ex pro's taking the mick there.
  13. Great points. He may be a successful business man but had no idea about football so he’s basically worse than a random owlstalk member. As you say all he had to do was what he started well with, proper football people in Pearson and Roeder, but then his own ideas came in.
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