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  1. we're not in the 60s anymore you can't go signing random old timers and just give them less running to do and expect good results
  2. I dreamt we won the FA cup. It was a brilliant occasion, we all really enjoyed it.
  3. Lee is probably the most quality player out of those but he's probably the least well known out of the bunch
  4. Sick of hearing about the Cowleys. Stoke, us, Hudds seem to have all shown interest. Seems like they're unambitious and happy in their comfort zone. Not what we need at SWFC.
  5. The real loser in this constant marketing of football is women's hockey, all the sporty girls traditionally play that and netball. I don't think women's football being popular is going to get more girls into sports, it will just draw them from one sport to another. Netball is also benefitting from Sky money so that should be secure for the time being. Shame-id much rather watch women play hockey than football. The problem is with women's football is that it's not enough for them to grow organically, you have people saying women's players should be paid equal to men which is crazy and I suspect they're already being paid too much as professionals as it is.
  6. You're a weirdo if you against him being at the club. It's not even like he was Mr.Pig just a player they had for a short period
  7. Take your mind off manager wittling by watching a manager wittling
  8. Traitors. I'd have you both strung up in the tower of London
  9. We would but we are going back a long time so why not just get Howard Wilkinson back?
  10. Ugh, pulis does not guarantee results-and the football is crap regardless
  11. Carlos's football was painful to watch towards the end, I don't regret him leaving
  12. Exactly so not sure why you are negging away
  13. Players go out on loan it they are surplus to 1st team requirements, if we thought he could help us a little bit he would be with the club. Clubs are selfish, we prioritise our results over Penney's development
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