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  1. I would be absolutely amazed if you were right on that one
  2. Fury Wilder press conference tonight
  3. We do want to win our group because we will have home advantage we will have to play some good teams sooner or later. I think we would only delay playing a big gun 1 match if we finish 2nd but would lose that home advantage Personally just hope France finish top so we avoid them and we play Portugal/Germany in the first knockout round
  4. To be fair Sweden had the best chances
  5. Could do with Sergio Ramos in that penalty area
  6. Spain would kill for a Callum Patterson in that box
  7. is he still not over that? what a softie!
  8. that's like saying Man City didn't play poorly in the CL final
  9. We are watching 2 different games, Spain looking really poor to me
  10. Why on earth are Sweden taking Isak off. He's been really impressive.
  11. Spain are back to being the team they usually are bar the past 10 years. They were lucky to get their great team in recent history whereas we had ours in the 60s. 2 similar size football nations
  12. they're hardly tearing Sweden to bits though. Lots of passes for sake of it imo
  13. Some poor players in this competition. I guess that's what you get when you extend it to so many teams.
  14. No because you knew he's worth more than that but will sell now as usual
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