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  1. Was JJ actually that quick or did his time from 2007-2014 just coincide with some of surely the slowest Wednesday sides of all time so he seemed extra quick? Half the slow players mentioned in this thread were from this era
  2. Better a Wednesday bobble hat than an NFL franchise bobble hat, what sort of weirdo does that?
  3. Bet Bannan is gutted, usually see him at Toby Carvery with his 4 kids and Alex Hunt on Sundays
  4. Mr Reach would like a word, fastest player since James O'Connor IMHO
  5. Des is such a cool name, it's a shame you don't see it so much these days. Though maybe the popularity of the ITV show 'Des' may provoke a resurgence
  6. To be fair they spent 90m in a very humble way, how much of that 90m has replaced the core team? I think they would be better off with a DOF now
  7. We should withdraw from the league then as it can't be helping the better ones playing in a substandard side. Release the ones that won't make it and loan the rest out
  8. Not enough of a fuss about it They don't want us supporting non PL clubs They want it like a U.S style set up
  9. I don't understand how the eastern Europeans will help his game
  10. No it's more like why do people ignore what they've seen the last 8 years
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