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  1. German football as physical as English football, give me strength.
  2. He's not that unknown to be fair, he's the only player I can name from the 1800s
  3. You watched a different match to me!
  4. Why don't we try him in net? His long arms will easily pick the ball out of the sky
  5. We've got a ground built for 40k half full, not all our own fault, name a ground that's nowhere near full but still has a good atmosphere? I can't think of any
  6. No he was actually taking issue with somebody using the term depressing in the first place
  7. Why do your mental health issues mean you are an authority on mental health. The fact that you point that out shows you're very ignorant on the subject, you wouldn't point out you had a physical health issue? Mental health should be treated like physical health, everyone suffers with issues throughout their life like physical health. If you don't wanna go there then don't start questioning people's triggers in the first place.
  8. Yeh it's sad and they wouldn't need somebody on Owlstalk telling them they aren't depressed. Likes of @SiJ need to take mentally ill health seriously
  9. Who are you to say it's not depressing for somebody else.
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