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  1. The plan is to get him scoring some goals for us
  2. They don't need to pay Nixon to make stuff up
  3. Nixon is in the know. It's his job ffs.
  4. That would get us promoted if they're the quality of last years
  5. 4 players from Newcastle on loan? If that happens I will fall to the floor and wee wee in the air out of excitement
  6. I think it would click for him here, we've a squad of decent characters that I think would embrace somebody like Holloway.
  7. How can we take him from Schalke? but give your head a rattle if you wouldn't take him if we had the chance
  8. I really like Richard keys. I love it when you're in a pub that's got a dodgy middle Eastern stream and he's there still there
  9. The fact that you feel I'm fishing means you've been hooked.
  10. One of the old school LADS. Should be back on British TV
  11. Personally don't think he asserts himself on the pitch
  12. I've just had a think about it and would quite like Holloway, he speaks well of Wednesday, talks sense on the TV and radio and seems like a genuinely good bloke.
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