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  1. They should get rid but they will be loyal and keep him I think
  2. It's also Jordan Rhodes 6th goal in his last 10 games
  3. The game changed since he was banging goals in for Hudds and Blackburn and he's not been able to adapt. He doesn't particularly seem to try hard either.
  4. What about that Wednesday side that lost 14-0 to Alfreton?
  5. He could attempt to alter his game rather than expect us to play to his strengths
  6. I am rubbing my fingers together and asking if you know what I am doing? I am playing the world's smallest violin for this sad story about Jordan Rhodes.
  7. What pulis thinks is good for Wednesday>Rhodes feelings
  8. Bannan putting the ball out. Why does he have to be so nice. It's a load of bull anyway, unless there is serious concern for their health there should be no stoppage of play
  9. Stoke remind me in the way they're trying to play of the Everton team in the 80s
  10. great stuff Wednesday, 2 shots in a minute. Where are the haters now?
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