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  1. Three nil The Wednesday. fizz the gruntbags
  2. Always sing Wednesday people to common people but I think I'm on my own with that one.
  3. Anyone know if it works on sky go app on pc? Stuck at work!
  4. It's gone downhill quite a bit this season for me. Partly due to the new guys finding their feet I feel. It would benefit from Paul Walker coming in for a bit and showing them how it's done. Losing Paul, Seth and Rob over the past few seasons has seen the quality drop significantly. Andy has been left a bit short with the replacements but doesn't have the stature that Paul did when he was in a similar situation bringing through Rob and Seth. Hopefully picks up next season
  5. Radio sheffield and all other local media despite their impartiality should pick this up and run with it. Would hit it in no time. He also deserves at least a star in front of the city hall
  6. Anyone else having issues with their vpn and restricted access?
  7. Apologies for being late to this and despite agreeing with you I do feel it slightly unfair to list only the negative points. Not read read the full thread so if this is corrected later, again I'm sorry. Uto
  8. The Christmas cards are class. Bought some last year. I'll go with 23789 for the attendance
  9. Bullpen is part of the issue and has been for some time
  10. Or tongue in cheek? A bit like lucky underpants and all other strange superstitions football fans attach to results. Basically I just don't like the song for coming out to second half.
  11. It's not great. Love the all Sheffield theme but that one just doesn't do anything for the atmosphere whatsoever and it seems a bad omen
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