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  1. Can't believe we went from worldwide instantly recognisable icon to what we have now. If he wanted a change all that was needed was to remove the crest and SWFC. Back to basics
  2. Weird that, I always thought it was Jonk too!
  3. Great idea Neil but took me ages to find this out. Can we not pin it? Cheers
  4. I'd bought one for this season. I won't be buying another in future until the week before the season starts unless there is significant improvement in how the club is run. Realise this will cost me more from now on but how we have handled this situation this year has really got me down. There has been times at points this year where the near 700 quid I have within the club would have been really useful.
  5. Is that Stuart Gray as such who misses at the end for the dingles?
  6. Did anyone else hear the quite ridiculous commentary from giddings when they went 3 2 up? Completely over the top reaction to the goal then followed up with "this is the magic of the fa Cup!" A team from the Premier league going in front against a team from the 3rd tier, is that really the magic of the fa Cup?
  7. I understand how the title links to the front page but when you photos hop your own I don't get it?
  8. Well yeah... I guess its the best I could come up with.... The fireworks were berluddy fantastic though!
  9. It tasted alright to be fair. Admitted it was late on the day and I'd had a few pints. Kinda like lead mill or republic at 1.30am cake
  10. Anyone got a refund for this season whilst they were at it? Or got one through a section 75?
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