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  1. Rhodes in no way was to blame for any of that performance.
  2. Or they could have asked for details of the account it is to be paid into when asking whether you wanted a refund, vouchers, or gift to the academy etc. Really wasn't difficult
  3. I'm fairness I heard the initial suggestion was carrier pigeon but covid restrictions meant they had to come up with a new method.
  4. I have to be honest, I don't watch any Premier league football so I have no idea if this is good or bad. What would people prefer over this lineup?
  5. Will that ever happen though? They can if needed vote to change the rules mid season. If man u for example (happened in the 70s) got relegated, the other 5 would join them in changing relegation to one team. They are the biggest earner and defacto by this proposal so are all the 6. It's fundamentally and abhorrent suggestion that isn't sport
  6. Not had sky sports ever and only had sky itself for 1 year due to the ex being a towie and all that testicles fan. Would love and an update to Adrian Tempenys, and the sun shines now, book. We don't come out great and there's a few things that I don't think are accurate, however post 2015 makes it look like used car salesman to what the Premier league has become.
  7. That's fair enough but that's what preseason and internationals are for for me. It costs enough trying travelling as it is never mind a midweek to Aberdeen!
  8. We've allowed one of the head guys of the Premier league to run the EFL! It's an absolute disgrace. I'm actually at Dave Allen ere levels of anger towards this
  9. A gift of one teams share for 1 year whilst proposing to reduce the number by 2. Its not even well covered up. Rick parry needs booting now. Is he elected? How can the EFL clubs come together to get rid of of a man in charge of their organisation who quite clearly doesn't have their interest at heart?
  10. Can someone who's a bit more wordsmithy setup a petition to get it debated in government. 100k signatures required right? Football fans should easily hit that figure
  11. Why would you include the Scottish and Welsh leagues? The football league being too big is part of the problem this batshit idea is trying to resolve. Besides celtic and rangers will probably end up in the other league if uefa allowed cross border competition and I really don't fancy watching us get trounced by tyrfer myffil or some other tinpot village outside of England.
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