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  1. I'll be going but haven't bought a ticket yet. They'll be loads who are similar. It's not exactly going to be selling out but will be a decent crowd come kick off
  2. Did we win the game where there was the Kop shuffle? That'd be one weird ritual to take off!
  3. Does it have to be two birds because I'm sure a few owlstalkers will take one for the team and 3 points!
  4. I always tap the gangway sign on the way down the steps at half time. Especially if we are playing cr*p. No idea why!
  5. We should organise a protest march towards Leppings Lane from Hillsborough corner to Lepp. Keep repeating this every home match until the decision is overturned. Writing to the mp, Councillor etc is all well and good but it won't have much effect. Never does. Direct sustained action required here methinks. We could begin at the qpr game, giving us enough time to organise, then allows the authorities a couple of weeks notice to the next which will be bigger following the international break. I fail to see how remove an access / egress from the ground makes it less dangerous. I also fail to see how exiting directly onto a main road, Penistone, Bramhall Lane, numerous other grounds is safer than the "funnelling" effect caused at LL. Bizarre but I'm sure Eastwoods or whoever is doing the pedestrian flow simulation and analysis will show this. So there you have it. A call to arms my fellow band of brothers! Let's raise a glass to our team, Sheffield Wednesday rule supreme.
  6. Plans were drawn up and scale model was made 30 years prior to that! ;)
  7. He's a Leeds fan judging that article. Tbh though, it's the Championship. We could finish any position between 1st and 24th and nobody would be surprised. That's why I love this league. Even with all the upheaval this summer I've not talked to anyone who can confidently predict what is going to happen. A few pessimistic fans but that's always the case. As for me, I reckon a cheeky playoff push regardless of manager. I believe in the group of players we have IF fit
  8. Bruce will be left out of pocket not the club if that is the case. What a shame!
  9. Anyone got a link to the interview? I can't find it
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