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  1. Stream?

    How much is I follow for one game?
  2. I would hazard a guess on a specially erected platform used for the 1966 world cup ;)
  3. Was mid reply when we scored haha. Nothing matters now does it. I was going to say that his concerns particularly re Butterfield have been mirrored by many of us at games and on here so I can understand the criticism especially considering the opposition.
  4. I've not heard much from my mates to be honest tonight... Geettt in. Although just like to point out he said "us" just before that! ;)
  5. To be fair to newsome he's only calling it as he sees it and like all of us his frustrations as as fan comes through. Much prefer honest insight to fake accounts us playing amazing when we aren't
  6. Must've been one of the many manager's that is employed that stopped it? ;)
  7. Streams for tomorrow

    What channel in kodi plexus?
  8. Streams for tomorrow

    Anyone know the channel on live TV?
  9. Not read the whole thread but it's on their OS now
  10. It's radio Sheffield with a bloke from Halifax commentating ;)
  11. Cheers. It irritates the frig out of me. I don't follow NFL in the slightest. Why would I want that analogy during football commentary?!
  12. What does "dictating the play, quarterback like" mean? Is bannan picking it and drop kicking it or throwing it?
  13. Johan Djourou signed

    Is it official then or we just taking the word of someone on twitter?
  14. Steering group meeting

    I'd have no issue representing owlstalk. So long as the points were raised for me in here beforehand and say we had a vote on the most pressing so I could put them in some sort of priority.