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  1. Why shouldn't he have taken the money? When he started playing for them we were beating them as second division team in a final at Wembley?
  2. That's how they get you, charging you 1p less than the full pound
  3. He doesn't need anything that he doesn't agree with. An extra few thousand a week won't buy his morality. Really good on him
  4. I actually want it to happen and split the codes, well keep the leagues, cups, world cups, euros, history..... They can have the short term money... Deal?
  5. To in time grow again. Yes it hits it hard for a generation or two but in the long term I'd back something that has grown organically over 150 years compared to the franchise fc model
  6. Someone should tweet MK Dons on becoming the 7th most hated club in the English leagues
  7. Was in the middle of dishing out tea but along the lines of his opinion hasn't changes since what he said a couple of years ago, likes the idea of the champions league as is, likes the idea of West ham having gained a champions league spot on merit, etc
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