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  1. You do realise the weight of the ball is stipulated within the rules of the game and has actually got slightly heavier over the years? Further to that studies have shown that even the old style leather balls when wet only added as little as a gram to the weight. So combined with the aerodynamics improvements leading to faster shots it's actually a lot more force in today's game than there used "back int' day"
  2. Yeah we got one lady in the ticket office calling up individually to assign you a ticket
  3. "your money pays for nothing" Until I hear an apology for that statement I won't be parting with another penny.
  4. Why should anyone be forced into such? It should be refunded then each individuals choice. Chansiri Out now!
  5. I sent an email and letter to them over 3 weeks ago saying I shall be commencing legal action if I don't receive a response within 2 weeks re the refund. No reply. Absolutely gutted that I'm going to have to chase a refund through the courts rather from the club I love. Chansiri Out!
  6. With how childish we all are when it comes to football I reckon pink is pink on this subject. They'll say it's peppa pig pink for instance Home shirt is dreadful too. Marketing, absolutely brilliant!
  7. Great for any team that it's rivals doesn't refer to as pigs. Especially after we rinsed them for the exact same thing last season, massive own goal that one. Should have played it safe with yellow but with the jazzy pattern
  8. Sad to say I won't be buying a ticket whilever I'm owed £555 for a season that never was and chansiri hasn't acted without contrition
  9. I sent an email in Friday plus an extra in the post stating I'll be taking them to the smalls claims if don't receive a refund for the £555 they owe from the 20/21. No idea how those of you who haven't received the 19/20 or Bristol City ticket money must feel.
  10. I got to admit I have never seen him play properly though only passing on what I heard.
  11. According to Southgate. A few Germans I talked to over the weekend were gobsmacked he hasn't been starting, say he's far better than Sako
  12. Hoping we'll get an update from the Trust today on this. I had expected it to be similar to the statement released following relegation in that it was pre prepared and ready to be issued at 5.01pm yesterday
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