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  1. My iFollow is playing up massively. Anyone else's? So stop start it's unwatchable
  2. Because he has no money himself and leveraged the club assets against future income. Ie if they get relegated at any point before paying off the loan they are fizzed.
  3. Has anyone been contacted from the club yet re the ticket rebate? Just curious as to whether or not they are processing them already on waiting for the rebate period to end before doing so.
  4. I think we agree in principle. (maybe principal?) Also in no way does being there weight your opinion more than those that aren't. What it does, is allow you to see what you chose to see which is why scouts etc visit. UTO
  5. You have confused me here completely but WAWAW. I prefer being at the game and believe I see more of the game being there live. For those that can't be there it's as good as it can be, a lot like now. What I would say, now is hopefully not the the normal as crowds do influence games. I've missed one game against Fulham at home for a very close friends wedding in over 20 years. .80 to 90 percent of those games, these have been sh*te. I wouldn't swap or trade that 10 to 20 percent for anything on this planet. Back to topic however, there is no experience that can be replicated by seeing through the lense of another.
  6. Most people ball watch as opposed to the camera doing what exactly?
  7. Assume you're using your phone? Put it into desktop mode on the browser, should help
  8. Yeah that surprised me too when I received the email. No mention of it beforehand I don't believe. Also it's from the end of the rebate period whenever that is?
  9. If you look at piggy sharps statistics before joining the blunts for this last stint they weren't spectacular. Scunthorpe being the exception. Sometimes strikers need the right system and partner to flourish. We've seen the stats with Rhodes and Fletcher, I can see it working with Wickham for the same reason that Rhodes loves a big man to play off picking up the scraps. He's not past it by any means. Suffering a lack of confidence definitely but not past it. It will click again we just have to hope it's with us and right now the only other option is Wickham and Nuhiu. I know which partnership I prefer to try.
  10. Well clubs have shown they dont care if fans are there or not. League 1 and 2 being an honourable exception
  11. If we get deducted points there is only one person who could possibly be responsible for it.
  12. But why has the rule been introduced? Its never been needed in all the summer world cups
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