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  1. Sorry it was 90 quid a couple years back with the "Pro fit" or whatever it was called. Didn't mean to misrepresent current costs. There's been that many misjudgements it's hard to keep track on which have been rolled back!
  2. Every single fan is still loyal you just can't keep expecting that loyalty to top common sense and or other reasoning. In my case I'm not going any more because I am loyal, I am using the only method I have left to force change so I can go back and enjoy it. I can't keep funding even in a small way a regime that is so damaging to the long term prospects of the club. Doesn't make me any more or less loyal it's because I love the club I'm doing it
  3. You know what would have been appreciated. Acknowledge that the fans aren't your enemy, that our money does pay for something, that we aren't "bad customers", not b*llshitting in every interview he carries out, not attempting to divide the fan base, not selling our home, not putting up prices, not releasing tickets 9 months in advance, not charging 90 quid a shirt, having a proper footballing structure in place, not having fake sponsorship companies, not getting us a points deduction, not getting us relegated, not having a suspended points deduction, paying players on time, refunding fans in a timely manner, generally not being an utter thunder ******** of the highest order to a fan base who had sustainably supported this club for near 150 years. That would be appreciated
  4. In ten years time, chansiri trying to sell the club when asked about income and fanbase "it's the loyalist of fan bases, we have 100 people who have all bought season tickets for the next 1000 years. This is like having 100000 fans. The bad customers are no longer here just the loyal ones" "oh great so we have potentially income from 100k fans then?" "oh no I spent that in 2024 we showed ambition unlike Harrogate who think playing in the champions league is success, they will never win it. I've signed Sam Hutchinson and Barry Bannan on 30 year contracts, that's ambition"
  5. Its like a beaten partner being told what's good for them. Utterly disgraceful all round. Sadly we as fans have become too worn down to fight back
  6. Its a choice nobody should have to make. When it becomes so it's the biggest indicator that the chairman has to go. The fans are the lifeblood not a cancer playboy millionaire
  7. He could've released them the same date and held the price til Feb. Everyone's a winner including chansiri especially with the goodwill it generates. Hiking the price after a week, 2 weeks before Christmas? Nah completely the opposite.
  8. Just to be clear I obviously hope I'm paying an extra grand as we've smashed the league. This is what ******** is off, he's got fans by the goolies and he knows it the the conman
  9. Its great this, I'm going to wait for the potential points deduction and free fall down the table then ask for a discount on week 1 prices. What do you think the response will be?
  10. You're not allowed to in a financial accounting perspective. Unsure on the football league rules which may be different. What it does do is put the actual cash in the bank but accountancy wise you can't change the financial year the cash is used for
  11. Not an incentive then really, cheers. Pay up or shut up bad customer
  12. Can you explain how its a deal? A "deal" usually involves some form of incentive such a discount or gift. There's no such incentive here, only strong arm tactics of buy in the first 5 days or the price goes up considerably.
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