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  1. Must've been one of the many manager's that is employed that stopped it? ;)
  2. Streams for tomorrow

    What channel in kodi plexus?
  3. Streams for tomorrow

    Anyone know the channel on live TV?
  4. Not read the whole thread but it's on their OS now
  5. It's radio Sheffield with a bloke from Halifax commentating ;)
  6. Cheers. It irritates the frig out of me. I don't follow NFL in the slightest. Why would I want that analogy during football commentary?!
  7. What does "dictating the play, quarterback like" mean? Is bannan picking it and drop kicking it or throwing it?
  8. Johan Djourou signed

    Is it official then or we just taking the word of someone on twitter?
  9. Steering group meeting

    I'd have no issue representing owlstalk. So long as the points were raised for me in here beforehand and say we had a vote on the most pressing so I could put them in some sort of priority.
  10. Nixon

  11. Stars On Shirt

    Don't need them we have four leafs in our badge which does the trick far better!3
  12. So, we're leaving Hillsborough.

    Two penneth and haven't read all 20 pages. For me I have a huge sentimental attachment to Hillsborough as we all do but I can also see the merits in both. One thing that stands for me on either option though is we stop with our small time mentality with regards our home and we seek the best in business in terms of stadium design and actually see what the options are. Get populous to draw up proposals for both, get them to cost both, and then if mr chansiri is happy put it to the fans. The world cup plans were fine, but so far behind the times in pushing the boundaries of stadium design its untru. It was designed on sketchup ffs, a free chuffing software, or so it appears from looking at the angular nature of the proposals and visuals. If I'm wrong I apologise wholeheartedly. So IMO if that's what we were offered versus a new stadium I would lean towards a new stadium, however this is caveated in itself. If we were to go down the route of pride park, st Marys etc then no chuffing way! Like I say spend a few tens of thousands in fees and get the guys who know what they are doing with the sole intention of staying at the forefront of the profession to design the proposals. Heck there's even a load of superb award winning practices in the city who given an actual incentive could propose schemes that would blow most minds on here. At one time, to the detriment of the team, we were WORLD leaders in this aspect. Let's reclaim our title and stop thinking small.
  13. QPR tickets

    So having faffed around a bit, long story, this week I ended up missing out QPR tickets. Know this is a long shot but if anyone has decided they can't make it to the game I'm willing to purchase 2 or 3 tickets off them, please reply or pm me. Anyway for all those that are going, enjoy, WAWAW!
  14. Used to love my holidays in portleven as a kid. Naughty but ice still there?
  15. Heres a stat for ya

    Not an excuse at all but that's a shocking stat to call for a managers head. What gains you more points, win 2 lose 1 or win 1 draw 2 ? All that matters is points . unfortunately this season we have taken that too literally for myself but whilst we are still in the hunt I'll refrain from overreaction