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  1. TheGaffer

    Pete McKee Kop Banner

    If you're waiting on planning permission then surely you have applied for it? You'll never be granted it without doing so :)
  2. TheGaffer

    Pete McKee Kop Banner

    Fair enough. Didn't doubt you calling it as you had heard however it isn't the case re "waiting on planning permission" don't know why the club feels the need to fib on something so easily disproven. Means they ain't building trust for when needed
  3. TheGaffer

    Pete McKee Kop Banner

    No planning permission has been sought according to SCC Planning Portal. So whoever said that is bullshitting, last submission was for the lepp owl. I'd assume considering it's not that long ago it that we maybe waiting on Mr McKee to design the thing first. Obviously thats quite key to the submission
  4. TheGaffer

    Where's Danny Dyer?

    Elvis the Wednesdayite was on a rant and asked at the end “and Where's Danny Dyer?", robs reply was ace!
  5. TheGaffer

    Where's Danny Dyer?

    Fantastic end to the show
  6. TheGaffer

    Where's Danny Dyer?

    For those that didn't hear football heaven this will not make sense
  7. TheGaffer

    Lithographic 150 Print

    Its the border that every time I look at I think wtf . tempted at that price though especially with another 10 quid knocked off with my points
  8. TheGaffer

    The Walkley Owl Supporters

    Great venue, great staff, ideal for football matches and the beer is top notch too
  9. TheGaffer


    How much is I follow for one game?
  10. I would hazard a guess on a specially erected platform used for the 1966 world cup ;)
  11. Was mid reply when we scored haha. Nothing matters now does it. I was going to say that his concerns particularly re Butterfield have been mirrored by many of us at games and on here so I can understand the criticism especially considering the opposition.
  12. I've not heard much from my mates to be honest tonight... Geettt in. Although just like to point out he said "us" just before that! ;)
  13. To be fair to newsome he's only calling it as he sees it and like all of us his frustrations as as fan comes through. Much prefer honest insight to fake accounts us playing amazing when we aren't