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  1. It's a chicken and egg scenario, isn't it? Do the fans create an atmosphere which encourages the players to perform, or do the players perform in a way which helps the crowd create an atmosphere? When we were chasing the playoffs under Carvalhal, it felt like the fans initially responded to the players rather than the other way around.
  2. It's hilarious, isn't it? It's like they think it's going to hurt someone's feelings to be told that the REAL fans think Owlstalk's full of sh*te and everyone who posts on it is a clueless nerd, whilst apparently being unaware of the fact that they're using Owlstalk to tell us this, or that they themselves play quite an active role in Owlstalk, what with having thousands upon thousands of posts. It's like going every weekend to the same nightclub and telling everyone you come across that the DJ's crap, the beer's watered down and the only people who go there are tasteless knobheads.
  3. It doesn't matter how many games someone goes to; if they're a Wednesday fan who spends their time slagging off Owlstalk, then they're cool. And if said fan has nearly 17,000 posts on here? They're doubly cool.
  4. I'd love to read it, but the amount of pop-ups on that website render it unreadable, I'm afraid. Any chance you could copy and paste it on here for us?
  5. I'll take that as an admission you were chatting sh*te, then.
  6. Good for you. But what's that got to do with your claim that this thread proves that 'the majority on this web site just don’t go to the games'?
  7. Why? Surely those who actually attend our games won't be missing it in the slightest!?
  8. Going into this lockdown, I thought I was really going to miss football. As time's gone on, I've been left more and more exasperated by the game's response to the crisis: from the PFA telling players to reject pay cuts; Premier League clubs furloughing staff; and the desperation to continue the season, prioritising money above health and safety or sporting integrity, I've almost been embarrassed to call myself a football fan at times. I don't think I'll even watch the rest of the season should it actually transpire now. How long this feeling might continue, I don't know.
  9. Sorry - I couldn't resist! When fit, he's our best defensive midfielder, but... a) he's not that good in the context of the Championship as a whole b) you can't build a team around him, as he can't take part in all the training sessions with his teammates and you never know when he'll next break down c) Monk (and Luhukay's) decision not to play him may actually have more to do with his behaviour than his football - we simply don't know.
  10. Paul McGrath Ledley King Alan Shearer Michael Owen Sam Hutchinson
  11. Get off the fence and pick a side, you wuss! Without having a clue who did what or who said what, someone's clearly 100% in the wrong here, so who's it going to be: Monk or Hutchinson?
  12. Yes, sometimes people make mistakes. I suppose it's how you learn from them and try to avoid repeating them in the future that really matters.
  13. He often would, yes. He did have a few resources to work with, though! Again, I don't know the ins and outs of why Hutchinson has fallen out of favour, so I can't take it as evidence of Monk being 'out of his depth'. I'm not saying this is the case in this instance, but sometimes an individual, no matter how talented, needs moving on for the long-term good of an organisation. I've seen it in my own workplace - the most naturally gifted, incredibly hard-working person I ever worked with ended up picking fights with every member of leadership and management, before training their sights on some of their younger up-and-coming colleagues. By the time they were ushered towards the door, they'd become a totally toxic presence who was dragging their team down with them.
  14. Without knowing what's gone on behind the scenes, it's hard to draw any conclusions about how the Hutchinson situation might reflect on Monk. I have no idea what's been said or done, so can't judge the rights and wrongs of it. Sometimes, no matter how good a player might be, they're better off leaving, as Alex Ferguson was the master of judging.
  15. If a manager is willing to accommodate a player who can't train every day, then fair enough. If they're not, then that's also their prerogative. I can see the arguments either way, to be honest. If you're one of those players who can't train as regularly as the rest of your colleagues, you're always going to be at the mercy of changing management regimes, I'm afraid. How the player chooses to respond to that is up to them.
  16. It was the suits that had 'asbestos' written on them, apparently. The masks were four years past their expiry date. How they turn up to work each day in those conditions, knowing that they're going into covid wards without the proper protection, I have no idea. And yet when we chat to them they seem as calm as they ever do and somehow take it in their stride. It's an overused cliche, but they are heroes, and deserving of so much better than they're getting right now.
  17. If this government say it's safe, then that's as good a reason as any to be wary! My friends work in A&E and were given PPE with 'asbestos' written across it and masks with an expiry date of 2019, which when peeled off revealed the original expiry date of 2016. All while government ministers pat themselves on the back for getting PPE into hospitals and clap for the NHS workers.
  18. Well, that's me convinced! If Burton Albion had approached me to replicate my pixellated success story with them circa 2004, they'd have won the Champions League by now.
  19. I agree - we absolutely should be following Germany's template. By the time the Bundesliga resumed, Germany were reporting 620 new cases of coronavirus. The UK is currently reporting 3450 new cases. Just like Germany did, we need to get the situation properly under control before we consider resuming football.
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