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  1. I've never watched any clips of that game and I doubt I ever will. The highlights of the day were the atmosphere in the pubs and around the ground beforehand, and seeing our end of Wembley packed to the rafters as we tried to urge the team on. I couldn't sit through a re-run of events on the pitch, though.
  2. Yeah, let's reinstate the league table as it was before coronavirus hit the UK in a major way. January 2020 should do.
  3. Yep, a more mobile target man plus Nuhiu as backup would have been great. The fact we were after Zahore and offered Nuhiu a new deal suggests that could well be what Monk wanted, but the mobile target man never arrived and the deal on offer wasn't enough to tempt Nuhiu to stay.
  4. And yet we sacked the bloke who seemed to be pushing to address these issues and opted instead for a January transfer window where we re-signed Hutchinson and welcomed Green to the treatment room.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if Monk believed that we'd sign a better striker than Nuhiu, and was therefore not pushing too hard for him to stay, only for it to become apparent too late in the day that the chairman wasn't going to be able to close the deal on the kind of player we needed. I don't suppose we'll ever find out the real ins and outs of it all, but it seems pretty clear that Paterson wasn't our first target and we only turned to him after Zahore (among others, I'd wager) turned us down and Nuhiu had moved to Cyprus.
  6. Yep. He might have failed to get a tune out of our squad, but I can't help but feel that he wasn't too far wide of the mark with lots of what he said... “There’s been a lot of sugar-coating going on, putting teams and squads together at this football club, and they are reaping the rewards." “Whether there have been people here who will say things just because he’s the chairman and are frightened to say other things because he’s the chairman, I don’t know." "There are players that we need and players we have to try and get and that’s my responsibility. It’s my jo
  7. Are you suggesting we can't pin this on Pulis, Monk, or Bruce? Because I'm not having that!
  8. @hirstyboywonder: I'm being unfairly facetious. We apparently offered Nuhiu a contract but he chose to leave for Cyprus. I can only imagine the terms weren't great, in that case. As for Kachunga and Windass, I can see that they were Monk signings to a certain extent, but it's not as if he had free rein, is it? He had to choose from a pool of players determined by the position Chansiri put us in last summer, which was only ever going to be lower-end Championship players who would come cheap. I don't think Monk got everything right here - far from it - but he
  9. No doubt. But we know that Monk wanted to keep Fletcher and Fox. It wasn't his choice for them to leave, and I seriously doubt it was his choice to go into the season with the squad that he had, either - but that's what happens when your chairman has got you a 12 point deduction and can't afford proven players due to the P&S rules he keeps breaking.
  10. When you boil it all down, it comes to this. Any manager at Wednesday is swimming against the tide with one hand tied behind their back. We simply don't provide an environment which is going to get anything like the best out of our managers. Some might respond less catastrophically than others to the madness which surrounds them, but nobody is set up to succeed.
  11. I have no doubt that the world of football agents is a very murky one at times, but that's the industry Chansiri chose to get involved with. Countless other clubs manage to sign their up-and-coming youngsters to deals which allow them to be sold for decent fees should they start to fulfil their potential, yet we seem incapable of doing so, for some reason. It can't just come down to the agents, otherwise all clubs would have the same problem to the extent that we appear to.
  12. I know you say, 'before anyone starts about Chansiri', but it's him more than Monk who's responsible for the state of our squad. Monk was on record as wanting to keep Fletcher and Fox, but we seemingly couldn't match Stoke's offer, so they left. There's no way Monk wanted to lose Fletcher - he was our most important player last season, and Monk was getting more out of him than any of his previous Wednesday managers. Unfortunately, our points deduction and the P&S issues meant that we were a pretty unattractive proposition compared to Stoke City. As for t
  13. Monk was lining us up in a 3-5-2, so in a way it made sense for the recruitment team not to prioritise a left-back. Of course, that stops making sense if you then sack the manager whose system you attempted to recruit towards, replace him with a manager who wants to play a back four, and end up playing Joost van Aken as a left-back. It's just a relatively minor example of the lack of foresight and joined-up thinking at our club in recent years.
  14. Meh, I just don't see it. In another season, perhaps. But not against Newcastle and Brighton.
  15. Hmmmmmm....conceding a 97th minute winner against a relegation rival who are down to ten men?
  16. Yeah, we had it in us to pull off some great results, but Brighton had the better squad and were more consistent over the course of the season. They added the likes of Murray, Norwood, Duffy, and Sidwell to a squad which had finished 15 points ahead of us the previous year, whereas we added Fletcher, Abdi, Jones, Reach, Sasso, Fox, McManaman, Buckley, Rhodes, and Winnall. Murray's 23 league goals alone dwarfs anything our recruits added to our squad that season.
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