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  1. Yeah, Romario at World Cup '94 was brilliant. I loved watching him.
  2. Look, if you're going to come on here and try to apply logic and reason, then you've no chance. The natives are getting restless and they want some shiny new players to get excited about. Sod whether they're the right players for the squad, sod the financial implications, and sod the fact that negotiations rarely run smoothly. We want signings and we want them now! Sigh...
  3. Le Tissier was great - used to love watching him on Match Of The Day as a kid. He always seemed to do something special. Brazilian Ronaldo was incredible - I had a friend who used to record games off Sky and we'd rewatch them just to see how good he was. He seemed superhuman. Bergkamp was a favourite, too - an absolute magician with the ball.
  4. 100%. The whole concept of 'football creditors' is morally wrong. Shaft small businesses and protect football at all costs, basically. When players are being signed on salaries which dwarf the debts owed to local firms, St John Ambulance etc, it's pretty hard to swallow.
  5. I don't expect the EFL-sanctioned 'business plan' to be overly restrictive after the way they've bent over backwards to give Derby chance after chance to survive compared to the likes of Bury. The proof will be in the pudding, of course. They've already signed Mendez-Laing, who rejected our contract offer...
  6. They're out of adminstration now. Sod the local businesses who got paid bugger all for their goods and services; splash the cash on mega-deals for ageing football players. Such is the way of the world, I'm afraid.
  7. We're not there yet, no. If you look at the 13 players who've left, we've not replaced them all, and nor do we need to, most probably. But we are going to need a few more recruits in order to realise our aim of automatic promotion by the end of a long, hard season, though. Peacock-Farrell -> Stockdale Wildsmith -> ? Dunkley -> Heneghan Hutchinson -> Ihiekwe Dean -> ? Storey -> ? Gibson -> ? Luongo -> Vaulks Mendez-Laing -> ? Shodipo -> ? John-Jules -> ? Kamberi -> ? Berahino -> Smith
  8. It all depends on the system(s) Moore wants us to play, doesn't it? If reports are to be believed, he wants to use at least two setups: 3-5-2 and 4-2-3-1. If that's the case, we need at least a couple more centre backs and a wingback for the former, and a left-back plus an attacking wide player or two for the latter. Obviously if players are capable of playing more than one role, then all the better. Two birds with one stone, and all that...
  9. Yeah, I know plenty. Haven't heard anything to suggest they won't be backing their team.
  10. Whoever thinks that losing 14-0 to Alfreton Town in a pre-season friendly even enters into the discussion of 'the greatest humiliation' clearly isn't a Wednesday fan.
  11. Good move for him and the club, hopefully. He did well last season, but he didn't really look ready for a League One promotion push. Hopefully the regular game time will be the making of him and we'll see the finished article when he returns.
  12. To be fair, the headline is fine: Sheffield Wednesday set to take on Portsmouth in battle for talented Swansea City striker, say reports It's the thread title which is misleading.
  13. We could certainly do with reintroducing some pace into the squad. Windass is quick, but beyond that, we've lost Mendez-Laing and Berahino, who was pretty quick over short distances, at least. Once those two started finding their feet, it added another dimension to our game at times. Smith was exactly the type of forward we needed to add, and I'll be surprised if Moore didn't want to add another pacy player or two as options to operate off him as and when required.
  14. Even by the standards of a 'transfer rumour megathread', which is usually hundreds of pages of loosely football-related nonsense interspersed with the odd actual rumour, this witless back-and-forth is f*cking tedious now.
  15. It's easy to spend someone else's money; not so easy when you're trying to balance the books and run the club in a sustainable manner. If the club are trying to avoid the kind of reckless spending of previous years, then I'm all for it. Hopefully there's still a deal to be struck at a reasonable fee for Wilks, but if not, then we simply have to move on.
  16. Sounds like it: “I’m absolutely buzzing. “It’s all you think about as a young kid, signing your first contract to be a professional footballer. “It’s a big milestone in my career and my family are proud. “I joined Wednesday at Under-9s, it’s a bumpy road and a lot of hard work goes into it, but I’m glad I can be at this point signing my first contract."
  17. I'd be surprised. They've literally got five players as things stand. Yes, they'll be free to spend and I'm sure they'll be a bit of a draw for players at this level, but by the time they get a squad together, the season will be upon them. I could see them having a season similar to ours last year and competing for top six after a slow-ish start, but I expect us to be pushing for a top two slot.
  18. 'I just can't, I just can't, I just can't control my fees...'
  19. For all their recent turmoil, once they leave administration, they'll be debt free, owning their own stadium again, and will be operating at the same tier as we are. They'll potentially be in a much stronger position in years to come compared to a club saddled with £124m of debt. Not for the first time, we may find ourselves looking enviously at a 'crisis' club who went into administration and then boomeranged past us on their way back up. Perhaps not this season, though - they've got no bloody players yet!
  20. Not sure I fancy their chances this season - they could do with bringing in a few younger players to freshen things up.
  21. Seems about right for them, really. They have a pathological hatred of all things Wednesday for some reason.
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