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  1. I mean, the question was where do they fit in a starting eleven. It wouldn't be a very good answer if we left him out, would it?
  2. The bloke on the right looks like he's just had a vision of his club's future.
  3. He's been used sparingly because he's just returning from a long injury layoff, hasn't he?
  4. Interesting idea. Would the players want to sign for us if Moore were in an office rather than on the training ground with them, though? Perhaps a Stuart Gray-style assistant to offer some advice might work, instead?
  5. So an agent tells @YesWeCrann that John-Jules has knocked back Championship interest to sign for Wednesday, and his client gets more money how?
  6. I think Nancy Frostick in The Athletic reported that he'd had interest from Championship clubs. How far that interest went, who knows? I can well imagine lower end Championship clubs being willing to take a chance on him as a freebie, though. Maybe not at the moment with the way things are going, though.
  7. No, I don't believe everything I read. Not sure why Joe Crann would make it up, though. It doesn't seem that outlandish, really.
  8. Sounds promising if Championship clubs are after him too. Don't know much about him, though. Anyone seen him play much?
  9. Donny Rovers used to be my second team when I was younger, and I used to go and watch them more than Wednesday because it was a short bus ride away and a quid to get in for a while. Any affection I felt for them was killed off when their fans became jumped up tw*ts and started believing the whole 'shift in the balance of power' thing once they made it to the Championship, though. They're just another club to me now.
  10. You've missed my point. I literally said there's no excusing our defending yesterday. It doesn't alter the fact that we were on the end of a dreadful decision - one so bad the opposition manager said it should have been given - and not for the first time this season. If it evens itself out, we've certainly got some in the bank for the second half of the season.
  11. He wouldn't say it was a blatant penalty unless he really thought it was one, though. What would he have to gain from that?
  12. I agree with this, but Moore simply hasn't been able to find a balance as of yet. We started the season defensively solid and struggling to score; now we're scoring but wide open at the back. Hopefully having defensive reinforcements will sort it, but we had Storey in the squad yesterday and left him on the bench. There comes a point when 'if...' and 'close' need to become a reality.
  13. I'm clinging to this notion, too. Chansiri isn't afraid of pulling the trigger, is he? This is a man who thought we should be challenging for promotion from the Championship last season, don't forget. I expect he thought we'd smash records in this division. The fact that he's happy to maintain the status quo gives me a glimmer of hope that there might be a sale in the pipeline.
  14. It's always the same. All sense of objectivity goes out of the window as soon as we lose, and people start throwing the 3s and 4s around. It then becomes a futile exercise.
  15. It's nice of an opposition manager to admit it, but it would be great if referees could spot the bloody obvious and start giving some of these decisions our way, wouldn't it? And before we get the usual responses, I'm not excusing our defending yesterday - it was atrocious. We can't defend like that and expect to get anything from a game. So let's park that and discuss the refereeing we've experienced this season, because yesterday wasn't the first time we've had refs getting things completely wrong, was it? So why are we not getting these kind of decisions when even opposition managers can see that we should?
  16. They say the mark of a good team is that they can play badly and win. I worry what it says about us that we can apparently play so well and lose...
  17. It was always going to be incredibly difficult to overhaul the squad as necessary given the restrictions we were operating under, but we do seem to have hamstring ourselves thanks to an early-season change of formation, don't we? I've been willing to give Moore the benefit of the doubt for the poor showings following the covid layoff, especially given our injury crisis, but in yesterday's game we had a centre-back who's apparently good in the air and we left him on the bench and watched as Oxford exploited the lack of aerial strength at the heart of our defence. I bet they couldn't believe their luck.
  18. Technically, some are very good for this level of football. Mentally, as a collective, they're severely lacking. Anything like a setback and they disintegrate. They've had the odd game where it felt like they might have finally turned a corner in that regard, but it's always proven to be the exception to the rule in the long run. We don't appear to have anything like enough effective leaders in the squad, capable of bringing the best out in their teammates and dragging them through the difficult moments.
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