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  1. It's testament to both how far behind we'd fallen and to how ill-advised some of our spending has been, really. When Chansiri arrived, we were starting from a position in which at least half the Championship had a huge head-start in terms of investment in their squads over the past half-decade or so. The investment in many a Championship club over the past two decades dwarfs ours. Their infrastructures, academies, technical teams, scouting networks etc... were funded by Premier League money and parachute payments. Many may not have spent as heavily in the past few seasons, but we've been playing catch-up in a major way after the best part of two decades being left to wither on the vine. Unfortunately, where cool heads and keen eyes were needed due to P&S rules, we've overstretched ourselves in our desperation to redress the balance. My worry is that, in typical Wednesday fashion, we've done so at the worst possible time, and the EFL are going to throw the book at us.
  2. Maybe German football suits Luhukay as well. His record over there is pretty decent, after all. It's interesting that Penney is back playing under the only manager who's ever shown any faith in him. If St Pauli want him, I wouldn't be surprised to see him want to continue working with Luhukay.
  3. I thought Bruce clearly knew the game inside out during his time in charge earlier this year.
  4. Our defensive shape and organisation has been the main plus since Monk arrived. To have conceded only eight goals in his ten matches so far gives us a very solid foundation on which to build. I certainly wouldn't want to start changing the defensive shape at this point.
  5. Of course. I'm not saying that he's not a good player. He's developed into a competent Championship right-back. I'm just pointing out that those who refer to him as naive or 'needing to learn' seem to overlook the fact that he's one of our experienced players now rather than an up-and-coming youngster, and the weaknesses in his game probably aren't going to suddenly disappear at this stage of his career.
  6. He's 28 and has played almost 300 professional games. If he hasn't learned by now, you might suggest he never will.
  7. He won 9 headers; Fletcher won 11. No Swansea player won more than 4.
  8. Sorry if I've missed this in the pre-match build up, but where were these two today? I didn't hear anything at the match about why they'd not made the squad.
  9. I thought Nuhiu was one of our better players today, and was surprised when he was subbed. Harris is struggling at the moment. Murphy has been poor since he arrived, but he looked a lot more effective than Harris this afternoon.
  10. It's sad to read things like that, but it's hard to argue against. I have a membership and still go when I can - mostly the Saturday games - but plenty of family and friends, some of whom were season ticket holders in the past, have stopped going due to the prices. Once people are out of the habit of going, it's going to take something special to tempt them back. The really sad thing is that currently the club don't seem interested in doing so.
  11. It's a form of psychological self-preservation. People don't like admitting they were wrong. The bigger the dream they were sold, the harder it is to let go.
  12. Exactly. He'll have his own ideas about how he wants to shape the squad, but he's having to make do with what he's got for now. It's another reason why I was calling for Chansiri to appoint a permanent manager as quickly as possible after Bruce walked out: being drafted in after half a dozen games to work with somebody else's squad and with no prospect of altering things for half a season is far from ideal, and was completely avoidable.
  13. Slap a vaguely professional-looking 'Chansiri's Christmas Chutney' sticker on each jar and tell the stewards you've just bought them in the club shop. Just make sure the pricing is realistic enough to fool them. Something like '£2 for season ticket holders, £3.60 for members, £25 for everyone else' should do the trick.
  14. I don't understand how Pelupessy was put in a position where he had the opportunity to hit so many poor corners. Surely after a couple of stinkers, the manager would take the pressure off him and tell someone else to have a go. Fox, Reach, Lee and Harris can all deliver a decent cross, so to leave Pelupessy getting more and more anxious about it with each mis-hit delivery seems a bit odd.
  15. If we were to do this, I'd rather see Fox ahead of Palmer or Odubajo, as he's our only full-back who seems able to deliver a decent cross with any degree of consistency.
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