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  1. No Idea what you're on about with your final comment, but your lengthy defence of Moore does conclude by saying: "Chansiri missed a trick as if he was ever going to go and take a manager from another club he should’ve gone to Devon and paid the compo for Ryan Lowe", which made me chuckle.
  2. Ah, right. I thought you were responding to a comment made by one of our players. I wouldn't worry about it, then - Moore seems to agree with you: "first half we were absolutely blistering at times, second half we just kind of went away from the gameplan and that’s something I will have to analyse over the weekend."
  3. After all that, you conclude by saying that you'd rather have Ryan Lowe.
  4. Who's said that 'what goes on on the pitch stays on the pitch', though?
  5. Unsurprisingly, we're experiencing some teething issues as we try to bed so many new players into our squad. Whether or not we improve to the levels required for a serious promotion push remains to be seen, but there's a long way to go yet. If we can stay within striking distance of the top six by the time Windass returns, then we should stand a decent chance of competing.
  6. That's horrendous for the young lad and his family. As a parent, you'd do anything to protect your children from suffering, so they must be going through hell right now. Hopefully medical science come through for them and they're able to look back on this period in a more positive light some day.
  7. There are a few hefty swipes at the EFL in there... A planned sale of the club and stadium that was due to close in January 2020 collapsed when the EFL was coerced into challenging the Stadium Sale transaction, a charge that would be dismissed some 9 months later. These issues also led the EFL to preclude the Club from drawing down circa £8.3 million of financial assistance, as was made available to all other Championship clubs in respect of settling PAYE liabilities, further aggravating our cash flow and ability to meet our financial obligations.
  8. I think you'd sometimes get away with it, but it would randomly lead to press rumours or an instant sacking!
  9. This was around the time I was playing Ultimate Soccer Manager instead of CM, as my neighbour gave me free copies of each one. I used to love the added extras in that series, such as managing the catering outlets and club shop, but the best was offering bungs and taking the risk that you might be exposed and sacked from your job. Crazy to think they put that in a game!
  10. 'So Chris, how many millions are the Sheffield United squad you assembled for £100m worth nowadays?'
  11. It sounds like it's the other way around... Cooper is not the only candidate being considered for the role. Chris Wilder’s representatives are understood to have made contact with Forest to express an interest in the job in recent months but the club do not see the former Sheffield United manager as a viable option. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/sep/16/nottingham-forest-sack-chris-hughton
  12. But what do you think he should have said when faced with an interviewer asking him questions?
  13. A great album, and the one which blew away any remaining resistance 16-year-old me, with my Mos Def, Kweli, and Company Flow ears on, still harboured towards 'commercial' Hip-Hop. The production on that album was immense, and led to a new wave of sample-based Hip-Hop in the early part of that decade, whilst Jay was totally in his comfort zone (until 'Ether', at least).
  14. The Athletic have done an 'analysis' of Berahino's performance against Plymouth. Personally, I find it all a bit odd, but make of it what you will... 58 mins: Berahino comes on to replace George Byers. It’s a double change, with Theo Corbeanu also taking over from Sylla Sow. Berahino, the big name and pantomime villain, is booed. Wednesday maintain their 4-2-3-1 shape. Bannan, who was ineffective in the No 10 role, moves deeper into the double pivot and Berahino takes up the No 10 position. 60 mins: His first touch is confident, receiving a pass from Marvin Johnson. It’s fizzed into him, but he traps the ball dead and sets the ball back, despite being marshalled by Jordan Houghton. 66 mins: Early teething issues show but these will certainly be ironed out as Berahino and his team-mates get used to each other. A ball is played in to Lee Gregory’s feet and, spotting the space in behind, Berahino makes an excellent third-man run. The timing is great and if Liam Palmer can play the ball first time, he is away on the right-hand side. Palmer, however, opts to play the ball square, much to the frustration of Berahino, who looks up to the sky. 75 mins: Lewis Wing plays a through ball to Gregory in the left-hand channel. He’s able to wriggle away from his man and, before he clips the ball into the box, Berahino is on the move towards the middle of the goal. The ball is sent to Corbeanu who is free at the back post. Instead of heading it into an empty net, he opts to chest it down into Berahino’s path and Plymouth clear. 84 mins: Best chance of the game for Wednesday. As Johnson shapes to cross from the left, Berahino makes a run to the near post. Although the ball evades him, he takes the centre-back with him, vacating space for Bannan, who is running on to the ball. He’s unmarked, six yards out, and should score, but contrives to head the ball wide, even with goalkeeper Michael Cooper flat-footed. 86 mins: Berahino almost claims an assist. A Bannan corner is flicked on to the former West Bromwich Albion prodigy, who has peeled away from his marker. Despite coming to him at pace, Berahino does well to cushion the ball first time to Corbenau whose left-footed strike is well saved by Cooper. 90+6 mins: Berahino takes his first shot of the game. A ball in to Gregory is cushioned well by the No 9 into the path of Berahino, who spins off him. His second touch takes him away from his marker and space opens up. It looks like it’s going to be a debut goal, but his left-footed shot is saved by Cooper low to his right. Berahino can only look on as Plymouth go down the other end and score their third with the last kick of the game.
  15. Or we're having an off-day? Unless we hear otherwise, I see no reason to suggest that Chansiri has caused this performance.
  16. Yeah, let's sack him, then. And then the next bloke as soon as we look second best in a game...and then the next...
  17. We're six games into the new season with a completely overhauled squad, some of whom have barely kicked a ball for us so far. Plus, most of our new signings seem to have joined because of Moore, including Berahino, who almost certainly wouldn't be here were it not for him. Let's see how things pan out before we trash the project before it's had chance to get going, eh?
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