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  1. Harris in his first few games did excite, but looks a busted flush now. Currently only Windass on his day... So our only player who has the ability to excite wasn't wanted by Wigan last season... Says it all about our recent recruitment.
  2. If that's the formation I'll eat Paterson's tash... All of it
  3. Pulis loves playing centre halves at rb/lb it's how he rolls
  4. Yeah, that's always the classic message to your mates when they retire "you were sh*t tho pal"
  5. Bothroyd would have lasted about 15mins with Pulis or any proper manager... Probably the laziest player I've ever seen in a Wednesday shirt
  6. You're right... To be honest the seemingly widespread frustration at Pulis' appointment has surprised me. While there was certainly a case for instead giving the job to someone who's team play a more expansive brand of football; right now we need fitness, organisation and a clear plan of how to get the points to stay up, I think Pulis will see to this as quickly as anyone. We've also enjoyed success in the past playing direct, aggressive football under Charlton, Wilkinson and Megson... Straight talking, old school managers like this also understand the deman
  7. While I agree and appreciate the sentiment of the OP.... you saying this is like when our lass angrily declares "The house is a tip and we really need to tidy it"
  8. The Cult appreciates anyone praising the ginger one... But he'd only ever be our number one and it's written HIM
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