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  1. Such a tough one, as fit and firing they are two of our best players and as good as anyone else in their positions in the division. The sad fact is though, neither player has been fit enough to have a significant impact on the team over the last two seasons... As a club we simply can't keep paying top wages to players who's fitness we can't rely on, no matter how sentimental we are about the individuals involved. If Lee was happy to sign on modest terms, then I think it would be worth the reduced risk, but I fully expect Hooper to have lucrative offers elsewhere.
  2. Some of our fans are reyt fannies
  3. That looks more like Graham Hyde than Graham Hyde did
  4. Everyone on here calling him wa*k for the last 3 years obvs
  5. Does it? Isn't it a one game ban for two yellow cards?
  6. Don't mean to be pedantic, but Iorfa isn't on loan, he signed on a permanent in January.
  7. The back 4 all played extremely well tonight; we look streets ahead of where we were just a few weeks ago and Hector was probably the pick of the bunch. However, keeping Lee Gregory et al quite on a rainy night in East London doesn't equate to being immense IMO.
  8. We were crap. Describing any individuals as ''immense'' tonight is like saying our lass looks fit in old folks home.
  9. That first half was so dire, that my highlight was making my Mrs a Nesquik on 39 minutes.
  10. HE is our multi quadruple winning manager in literally infinite universes Its only this one where HE's left doing his garden. The Cult worships the infinite HIM
  11. I'm with you. How could he... Spawn her... Terry Yorath will always make me think of the magic of human DNA.
  12. ++smiles (plenty on here can't crack one) ++ nice suit (pretty much everyone on here posts nonsense in their underpants)
  13. Talking inconsequential rounduns on TV in his Sunday best is the ideal gig for him.
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