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  1. It would depend on how much of the revenue goes directly to the club, how much do they get from i-follow after production/distribution costs and the EFL's cut? I'd guess not a great deal. If Wednesday had our own channel and all money went directly to the club, then I'd happily pay a tenner a game for a season ticket, and more if it became an essential revenue stream to keeping the club afloat.
  2. Are WE supposed to be USING CAPITALS or bold for emphasis in this THREAD? OR BOTH?
  3. I was indifferent about the incident, but now I've seen how loony he looks I rate him!
  4. The amount of money we must have spent on lawyers and accountants this year.. No wonder there's no money for Monk's own coaching team.
  5. Gallingly lazy footballer. Had all the talent to succeed and decided he couldn't be arsed... Its not like he didn't get plenty of chances in his career... I'm afraid he's ended up how he deserves.
  6. Saving money on coaching staff... What a false economy.
  7. He rocks the Steve Evans look to be fair to the lad
  8. Think the only safe thing to do is end the season now
  9. Has anyone considered the possibility that Hutchinson has excluded himself?
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