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  1. Bing Cosby

    Need your help.

    Can't imagine how you are feeling buddy, hoping for a positive outcome and thinking of you all. Wawaw
  2. Bing Cosby

    Van Aken

    He's always looked like a player lacking in confidence to me. I'm sure people saying he's w*nk will do the boy wonders.
  3. Bing Cosby

    Van Aken

  4. Bing Cosby

    John Sitton

    1994–95 season in which Sitton had to work in six different roles within the club whilst on a youth coach salary. The squad size was cut in half and the club was on the verge of liquidation, with the PFA paying the players wages for several months whilst chairman Tony Wood tried to sell the club Sounds like he'd be perfect under the current circumstances
  5. Bing Cosby

    Next SWFC Manager Ballotageddon mk3.1

    Looks dead fit there does our Roland.
  6. Bing Cosby

    György László Balint

    Will he get the team getting the Balint net though?
  7. Bing Cosby

    Next SWFC Manager Ballotageddon mk3.1

    ''It's all about winning''
  8. Bing Cosby

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    This is all part of an elaborate ploy to soften everyone up for the return of
  9. Bing Cosby

    Where is winnall?

    Even that's an easy job. Surely he'd only need 2 clubs?
  10. Can you flesh out some detail on his business tycoonery please?
  11. The chairman has made some baffling decisions; but to wave goodbye to the best part of 100 million quid because of some internet opinions would be overwhelming biscuit taking.
  12. When things were going well, fans sang the chairman's name. Now things have gone south people are fed up, and some will give it him in the neck. Its the ups and downs of owning and running a football club. Not sure why Mr Chansiri let alone some supporters still haven't got their heads around this?
  13. I've shared this before, but I think now is a good time to reach a wider audience... Who knew our potential new manager has written works of fiction? Check out a review here. https://www.balls.ie/football/steve-bruce-novel/293169 Truly hilarious stuff.
  14. Bing Cosby

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    Sorry Plonk, wasn't referring to you inparticular