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  1. It's good to hear him address the elephants in his first video.
  2. It was always the plan to let Bannan go if we got relegated IMO. Was told by a very good source that his contract included a clause which halved his wages, and a 1 million release clause (if accurate) might be a bit on the low side, but at least gets us a fee and gets his (still inflated) wages off the books. It might be that he decides to stay, but if he leaves I think we have to look at the positives; big earner off the wage bill, money to invest in a younger, perhaps more physical replacement and the chance to build a side to play the way the manager wants to, without having to either shoehorn Bannan into a system, or build one around him... Both have been big problems for us over the last few seasons IMO.
  3. Like thanking your dog when it's sick on the carpet.
  4. We had to wait until we'd spent every last penny before we got rid of him though... FFS
  5. Try on your Mrs knickers, they'll be smaller than that, but on your feet rather than chaffing your knads... Should give you a good idea of the implications ++ might bring a little excitement into your life.
  6. He does an average job, gives up half way through and charges well over the market rate, yet plenty of fans are queuing up to have "Westy" mow the lawn.
  7. She's a fictional character, born in the 1950's and she's dead... Fits perfectly into our likely recruitment profile.
  8. I admire the sentiment in the OP, but even if there were 10000 Wednesdayites with that sort of money, they'd want to be acquiring control of the club and not just bailing out Chansiri. There are only 2 ways that we get out of this without the club going kaput... 1. Chansiri somehow manages to pay off outstanding debts, steady the ship, finance the club in the short to medium term, lets Moore build a competitive squad for league 1 and we build back up with him taking the rearest of back seats. Or 2. He sells the club for a quid to anyone crazy enough to take it on and f**ks off. He's proved himself incapable of option 1 and would never consider the hit to his ego of choosing option 2... So by my reckoning we are completely and utterly screwed.
  9. I'm expecting things to get worse. Just to pay outstanding wages to players and rent on Hillsborough, Chansiri is going to have to find 15 million quid... I doubt he's got it and even if he has that's before looking to add to the squad with next to no season ticket income and extremely low potg numbers (even if that's allowed) We're f****d.
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