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  1. FFP didn't get us a points deduction, Chansiri's botched attempt to bypass the rules was why we were penalised... And in doing so he has not only seen us relegated, but we will be saddled with debt to play in our own stadium for the next 30 years... And still in some people's eyes he's a victim of circumstance... FFS x10
  2. If we'd have had wavy hands on the touchline all season, we'd have stayed up... It's bleeding obvious!
  3. Get an advert on gumtree, pick up the phone to Mandaric for advice, put Fozzie Bear in charge, anything, literally anything which isn't him having compete control over everything supplemented by the whims of a 12 year old.
  4. He could resign as Chairman, he gave himself that title anyway, as there's no board to fuc*ing chair. If you mean he can't resign as owner, then obviously not, but he could just disappear into the background and let capable people take over... But he won't, because he's an egomaniac.
  5. It's impossible to knock one out and cry (real tears) simultaneously... Tried it loads of times
  6. Moore is running down the clock by bringing Green on... FFS
  7. This is just the damp squib of a relegation we deserve
  8. Kachunga and Harris are going to combine to get the winner
  9. We lose 2-1, Rotherham draw 1-1, we go down with Toytown, Sky jizz over Wayne Rooney for the rest of the afternoon, I kick the dog.
  10. You'd only need 3 Wednesdayites to out sing that lot, Derby fans are reyt crap
  11. I've watched 2 games this season while painting various bits of the house; the draw at Swansea and last week's tie with forest.... So as that won't be enough today, I'm Danish oiling some wood... Could go either way.
  12. Don't think he's arsed. If we somehow manage to stay up though, he'll be straight out to take the credit.
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