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  1. He wants sacking for not doing something which isn't within his power... Even if he tried to do it he wants sacking!
  2. Youth coaches don't offer first team contracts to players at any football club in the country FFS. Football matters at properly functioning clubs are overseen, either by a proper football manager or a footballing/sporting director who work with CEOs to agree a strategy on recruitment and retainment.... WE DON'T HAVE ANY OF THESE UNDER CHANSIRI'S OWNERSHIP!!!... We've got a clueless, egotistical, megalomaniac owner and a chain smoking Portuguese agent... The fact that the OP thinks that a quick word from Lee Bullen would have sorted the contracts of Shaw and Urhoghide out is further
  3. Was going to start a similar thread. There isn't one of their players that on an individual level would improve our (mediocre) squad. But they all work hard, are aggressive and play to a system. Fair play to them, but my God, what a waste of "£350 million"
  4. we could play every game against one of the poorest teams in the league with a man advantage, we still wouldn't get enough points to stay up. We are that bad.
  5. Looks like 4-2-3-1 to me. Its not quite the personnel I'd have chosen, but form aside, it's probably our strongest starting lineup with that formation. Can't blame Moore for going with that as it's a clean slate for everyone. Let's hope they all pull their f*cking fingers out! COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!!
  6. This is Rotherham's cup final. Always will be. It's sad really.
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