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  1. I'm a big fan of Bannan, but summits not right if we play 20yards further up the pitch with Joey beside Hutchinson rather than him.
  2. My spin is in 10 years time we'll either be in the Premier League or busto... Knowing our luck it will probably be both.
  3. Ye but after months of injuries and mardies he'll score a goal and do that heart thing with his hands...
  4. And then flaps his arms and shouts at the guy next to him?
  5. Good luck to the lad! Always been impressed by Thorniley, a proper wholehearted footballer... He'll do very well at that level.
  6. lovely gesture, thanks again and merry christmas to all! WAWAW
  7. I've spent all day ruining my kid's fun so I'm in the zone Sheffield Children's Hospital please mate, incredibly good of you, wishing you a very Merry Christmas! UTO
  8. 1. Atty 2. Winnall 3. Keiran Lee 4. Fox 5. Baker 6. Fletcher 7. Reach 8 Dom Iorfra 9 Borner 10 Westwood 11 Hutch 12 Palmer 13 Harris 14 Lees 15 Borukov 16 Rhodes 17 Penney 18 Moses Odubajo 19 Joey 20 Cameron Dawson
  9. Aimed for the gaping loophole and ended up right up the sh*tter. Reyt foooking mess.
  10. Silly challenge that he didn't need to make, gave the ref the opportunity to book him.
  11. Shame for Fletcher to miss out, he's been a real talisman this season. On the positive side I think Atty and Winnall might complement each other in this system. COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!!
  12. Middlesbrough for me too please... Got a funny feeling they'll bounce back from Saturday.
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