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  1. Silly challenge that he didn't need to make, gave the ref the opportunity to book him.
  2. Shame for Fletcher to miss out, he's been a real talisman this season. On the positive side I think Atty and Winnall might complement each other in this system. COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!!
  3. Middlesbrough for me too please... Got a funny feeling they'll bounce back from Saturday.
  4. Fletcher for me, he was an absolute battering ram upfront, paired with some excellent touches and interplay. Thought Harris continued to look our most potent outlet. Bannan improved as the game went on and a sublime cross for Winnalls goal. Iorfa actually had a very good game although something about him frightens the life out of me.
  5. He scored a great goal, but his all round game was excellent... Looked a different player! Really pleased for the lad!
  6. If nothing else, today's game gives me the perfect opportunity to put out this old classic... ''In a field near 'Uddersfield, There was a cow who would not yield, It was not that she could not yield, She did not like her Udders field'' COME ON WEDNESDAY!!
  7. I wasn't banging the drum for the Cowley's, but when they were heavily linked I must admit I thought they would have been an exciting appointment; not least because it would have been a bit of a gamble. I can understand why Chansiri would have chosen experience at this level in Monk, over potential in the Cowley's, on the balance of probabilities he's probably made the right choice. I certainly don't think it does anyone any favours people moaning over what might have been. UTO
  8. Most of it seems feasible to me.... But Franny Jeffers scoring a hat-trick?
  9. You're talking about Bannan's hair right? Not my sex life?
  10. This may surprise you, but some like holding other peoples' ... That bird on the Kop for example
  11. What happened to the joke shop FFS!? The palm tickle!!? I forgot that... Huge no no in the handshake, makes me shudder just thinking of it...
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