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  1. Gresh

    Worst Signing Ever

    Jeffers. We only had a small budget at the time and wasted it.
  2. Gresh

    Penny / Thorniley

    I was very impressed with Penney. Stopped crosses coming into the box, had the pace to cover Centre backs and got forward on occasions and put the ball into the danger area. If we had just signed the kid we would all be marvelling at him but it's even better that we've developed him.
  3. Gresh

    We won but...

    Hard as nails apparently too!
  4. Gresh

    Marco Matias

    I didn't think Matias was that good to be honest. Not sure how he didn't hit the target when through on goal, very weak effort.
  5. Come on Wednesday let's put them to the sword now.
  6. Very impressed with Penney
  7. Time for Nando to come on
  8. Ipswich are absolutely garbage and we're no better at the moment. We need to take the game to Ipswich and if we do we should win this comfortably.
  9. Apart from winning the game the football is very dire at the moment
  10. Awful game at the moment.
  11. Now we've got our first win that should give us some much needed confidence. I'm backing us to win 2 v 0.
  12. Won't be easy and we need to kick start our league campaign with a win. Come on Wednesday make it happen!