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  1. Indeed. Based on that graphic he would be an upgrade on Bannon.
  2. Farewell performance. Great servant for the club but latter stages of career blighted by injury.
  3. Let's go out playing free flowing football and smack this lot 5 v 0.
  4. Time to let go as too injury prone now. A farewell game next week to say goodbye to the fans. Thanks for the memories Kieran.
  5. It would be nice to keep the improbable dream going for a few more days. I'm backing us to keep our end of the deal with a hard fought 0 v 1 away win with Fletcher scoring for us.
  6. A tough game against a team still with a good chance of making the top 6. I'm tipping us to make it more difficult for them by completing a comfortable 2 v 0 win today with FF and Hooper both on the scoresheet.
  7. Did himself no harm tonight with a brilliant display, scoring a worldly, setting up a few chances and could have had a hattrick with some great shots on goal. Not a bad idea putting in a great display against a team almost certain to be promoted. Perhaps Norwich may put in a bid if they do get promoted.
  8. Probably could have done better with the first goal but not the second. Bit of a mixed bag really, but he did make some crucial saves. The defense certainly looks less confident without Westwood in the net though!
  9. Out of all our players with a good re-sale value my choice would be Reach.
  10. Pretty much boom or bust this evening and we must win. I'm backing us to do this and keep the dream going for a bit longer!
  11. Probably not a bad move to start Hooper and see if we can get 60 minutes out of him.
  12. I agree a bit like Brighton the year we payed them in play offs when they were chasing top two all the way up to the last game and just fell short abs then we smashed them over two legs.
  13. Although still possible it will be tough breaking into the top 6. That said, it will be nice to keep the dream alive by winning comfortable 2 v 0 today. Make it happen Wednesday!
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