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  1. Gresh

    Joao has to start Friday

    Play a 4 5 1 formation with Fletcher up top and then bring Joao on with 10 minutes left for a late winner. Simple :)
  2. Gresh


    Agreed, was our best player today and has been putting in a shift all season.
  3. Gresh

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    We probably need to rest Dawson but Jos won't play Westwood. That leaves Wildsmith who recently had a nightmare game in the u23s.
  4. Gresh


    There's a reason why Baz gave the ball away more than Joey; Baz tries to pick out the passes while Joey just make dinky little 5 yard passes. He has no creativity and he doesn't shield the defence. I'm not quite sure what he offers.
  5. The thing with Hutch is that he was managed under CC and only trained when he could, otherwise he was likely to breakdown. Under Jos he wants players to train every session so unlikely Hutch will be selected under the current policy.
  6. Gresh

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    We need to get back on the winners trail so I'm going for us with a nervy 1 v 0 win, with our first clean sheet of the season in the league this season.
  7. Gresh

    Fletcher must get

    I'd rather us manage Fletcher's fitness than run him into the ground so that he can play a full season. Fletcher was obviously more effective than Nuhiu but Fletcher had been kicked from pillar to post most of the game so perhaps that played into Jos' thinking.
  8. We're not in good form at the moment and we're playing a Birmingham playing well. I'd be happy to get a draw out of this one.
  9. If we play to our potential we should beat QPR who are no world beaters. We really need to start racking up some clean sheets though, so hopefully this starts tonight.
  10. Gresh

    “Keizer” Hector

    A good loan signing for us so far and our best player by a country mile tonight.
  11. Gresh

    Sell Reach?

    Good player but if we got anywhere near 15 million then we would be made not to take it.
  12. Gresh

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson 5 lees 4 hector 7 thorniley 5 Palmer 4 reach 6 Pelupessey 5 bannan 6 penney 4 joao 4 fletcher 6
  13. Simple equation. We win and we move in to the top 6. Let's make it happen; come on Wednesday.
  14. Gresh

    Worst Signing Ever

    Jeffers. We only had a small budget at the time and wasted it.
  15. Gresh

    Penny / Thorniley

    I was very impressed with Penney. Stopped crosses coming into the box, had the pace to cover Centre backs and got forward on occasions and put the ball into the danger area. If we had just signed the kid we would all be marvelling at him but it's even better that we've developed him.