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  1. Gresh

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Was Wade Small?
  2. Gresh

    Sean Clare

    He didn't actually say go back down South he actually said he wanted to go to Edinburgh South.
  3. Looks like Malfoy from Harry Potter
  4. Not a fan, the keeper shirts look like these guys
  5. I've got Windows 10 and Edge but just used the Google Chrome web browser instead to login to iFollow. This worked fine for me.
  6. Probably glad this whole saga is over now and we can all move on. George Hirst is far from the finished article and may or may not make a name for himself in the game. He has all the attributes to make the grade so good luck and best wishes from me. None of us fully know the whole story and one thing I truly believe in is acting with integrity and honour. If you can look yourself in the mirror George and say that you have done this during this saga then fair play to you. My focus is on supporting Wednesday and the players that want to be with us and will help get us back to the promised land. Hopefully the end of all GH threads now.
  7. Gresh

    Clare rejected us??

    Fair enough if that's the case. Let's move on and work with the players that want to be here.
  8. Gresh

    JUST GOOGLED 'ABDI' and...

    Check the Oxford dictionary and the definition of Abdi is described as a "crock".
  9. Not sure a winger with an erection is going to be much use
  10. Gresh

    George Hirst

    What do you know?
  11. Yep, for a national squad of players they are all bang average.
  12. Gresh

    Mason Mount

    Let's get him on a free then he can be a freemason!
  13. Gresh

    We Are Going Up.

    You must have forgotten; we're Sheffield Wednesday we never do things easily!
  14. Hirst is a lost cause. I would really like to keep Clare if we can but looks like his head is turned. I hope with our contract offers to both that they have until the start of the summer transfer window to sign or the contract is revoked. We can't wait around forever and need to set our sights on other targets who want to join us.