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  1. I wouldn't be too upset if Reach moved on provided we get a decent fee and reinvest it in the squad
  2. It's depressing going into a new season with -12 deduction and a long struggle ahead to just stay in the Championship.
  3. Any decent Charlton players we can pinch off them to pee them off more?
  4. Over the course of the full season probably Iorfa for me; with honourable mentions for Bannan and Murphy.
  5. Thankfully we've made it to the end of a season that promised so much but failed to deliver as usual. Let's put all this behind us and sign off with a win and pray that we don't suffer any points deductions this season or next season.
  6. As good as Bannan has been for us we do become too one dimensional with everything going through him. If we're going to have a complete clear out we may as well include Bannan as he'd probably command a decent fee and help with the rebuild.
  7. I've got no confidence in Wildsmith or Dawson. With Westwood probably finished with us we desperately need a new experienced keeper.
  8. I think the initials of his name FDB are a very good indication that he is signing for us. F*ck Da Blades.
  9. We haven't played too badly since the restart, we've just had lapses in games which we need to eradicate. QPR aren't in great form either and I think they are there for taking. I'm backing us to come away with a 0 v 2 win. Come on Wednesday.
  10. Clear the dead wood out and learn to live within our means. Start developing some home grown talent and improve our scouting in the lower divisions.
  11. I'd settle for a scrappy 1 v 0 win tonight.
  12. Tough match; I'd take a point at this stage but I'll be greedy and go for all 3.
  13. Yep a liability, get rid if we can.
  14. A tough game but I'm backing us on recent form to grab the 3 points. Make it happen Wednesday!
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