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  1. For crying out loud, we are a mess. Take away the points we got early on and we are a lower mid table team. I keep hoping we get an Everton miracle similar to when Kendall was on the plank and they won at Oxford, but Howard Kendall had a clue and I don't think Darren Moore does. We think we have a squad that should be challenging at the top end of the table, if that is correct then there is something really wrong here and alarm bells should be ringing. A point at Cambridge is very poor and on the back of throwing away a two goal lead at Wimbledon even I would be looking for the chop for Moore if we get turned over by Lincoln at home.
  2. FFS, game lost already if our recent history is anything to go by.
  3. Come on pal, we are talking about Wednesday here, we would probably end up with the winner of the Great British Bake Off.
  4. Burrow is the real deal, he was out of this world for LSU in his senior year, but I am not fully sold on Lawrence yet. Playing in the ACC wasn't a challenge for him but when he came up against NFL style defences like LSU and Alabama he really struggled. Burrow has that intangible quality that all top athletes have, when its time to perform he delivers.
  5. We are a joke from top to bottom, have been for a while and don't see that changing any time soon. Lucky for Wednesday that football is something that you can't shake because if we were the club would not exist. I was thinking at the weekend my life wouldn't be any different if we went under, maybe its time for me to just sling my hook as my grandfather used to say.
  6. After 10 games here are my thoughts: It still feels as if the division is still settling and I don't think we will get a good idea for another couple of week but after 10 games I am pretty sure we wont be fighting to stay in the division which is better than I thought most of the summer. We aren't consistent enough yet to make a challenge for automatic and in a few more games the gap to the top two will grow and will be tough to close. I think at best we could challenge for a play off spot, at worst we would be just below mid table and at this point realistically I think between 8th and 12th. I don't think changing Moore will make much of a difference, sacking managers and bringing new ones in hasn't worked for us in the past, with the exception of Jones, and there is no reason to think it will work again. We are in for a long slog as the nuts and bolts of the club haven't changed and I don't see any real leaders for this team to coalesce around. Even though I don't think we should cut Moore loose, I am not sold on him at this point. A few signings in the summer isn't enough to signal that we have turned things around, we are still a basket case of a club at the whim of a clown. Until this changes our recruitment across all areas of the club will not improve and we wont attract quality people, just more retreads and last chancers.
  7. I don't think this is a grief thing pal, just a mark of respect for Len and Tony. Having said that I fully understand your sentiments and real grief never leaves you and a minutes silence, although supportive and respectful, doesn't change anything.
  8. I would be mote than happy with a point tonight.
  9. Everything points to Max but even yesterday he had a few close calls, as it goes to the wire I just wonder if Hamilton's experience will tell. Looks like Valteri has mailed it in and wont be much help to Mercedes, he was just letting people past without a fight yesterday.
  10. 0-0, 1-1 or Ipswich to win 1-0. We are still in rebuild mode and struggling to create chances.
  11. He is still diving around in Turin trying to save a penalty.
  12. Totally f@cked of with Cricket this summer, the test format is not supported and the County Championship is totally devalued for a version of rounders.
  13. I used to dread playing this lot way back when, always under performed and didn't get the result we wanted. Lets hope we get three points here so the doom and gloom merchants have to stay quiet for a week. A chance to get those two defeats behind us, fingers crossed.
  14. I take my hat off to you pal, if I was back home I like to think I would do the same. I hate that motherf@cker with a passion that surprises me as I felt that I was getting further away from the club. I suppose when someone hurts someone or something you love it just comes back to the surface. Boils my p!ss when I see people on here giving that clown the benefit of the doubt.
  15. Love to see them fall by the wayside, not more than a club now eh? I really dislike how the bigger clubs think they matter more than other clubs, Libpool are the worst at this. We all love our clubs, no more and no less because of how they are doing on the pitch.
  16. Funny watching Texas getting blasted by Arkansas last weekend. Some Power 5 teams are poor and I it would be good to see some programs get swapped out but that's never going to happen unfortunately.
  17. I have to say that is pretty much how I see it. If Hamilton gets in front on points then knocking both cars out can no longer be a strategy for Max. I find Max hard to dislike, Horner on the other hand is a different animal.
  18. Its starting to get a little concerning here, if they continue to collide and put themselves and others in possible danger then the FIA has to take action before someone is seriously injured or worse.
  19. Wow, you need to check your sources? Was Bielsa working in Austria between the war when some of the teams from that country kept the ball and dragged opponents around for fun, I also don't remember seeing Bielsa on the touchline when Hungary passed us to death in 6-3 and 7-1 wins. You also need to re-assess your language around the idea of pressing. Pressing is linked to cues and triggers, not something that is a continuous state, that would would be defending higher up the field with a higher starting position for your back line. You certainly have some balls suggesting that the current England manager and the manager of a premier league team are under a misconception about this topic. You cant chip a ball over a high press, or any press for that matter because if the press is initiated correctly on cue you simply don't have the time to get in position to chip the ball away as you will be under severe pressure: the City keeper is chipping the ball over a high line, there is a significant difference.
  20. Has Horner stopped crying yet? I wonder how much the F1 lawyers have already billed getting ready for appeals on the half point race?
  21. Totally agree pal, the ECB are playing their part by prioritizing every other form of the game over the test team. Lets get the Yorkies back with the County Championship team and win that now.
  22. Absolutely no idea how this one goes, I still don't really have a handle on this division yet. Its a long trip, we will have a lot of fans there and we usually dissapoint when the expectations up. In the words of Alex Turner I'll settle for a draw.
  23. I think Guardiola has been, and remains a revolutionary coach, however I do think that in the really big games he just tries to be too clever. How on earth he did he think he could get away with his selection in the CL final against Chelsea is beyond me. Of course these coaches know much more about what is going on in and around the game but if you are going to make a statement like that you need a good plan B that you can move in the game without using subs. To not have won the CL with the resources he had at Bayern and the resources he has at City is a big mark against him for me. Fergie left a few CL' s on the table, 97, should have beat Madrid in the early 2000's and I still think they could have won the first final against Barcelona if they had gone in front early, should have also beat Bayern in the game at OT when the Brazilian full back got sent off.
  24. If you want someone to really f@ck it up in the big games then Pep is your man, the bottler of the big game!
  25. just dropped two points in Poland, historically a difficult place in World Cup qualifiers and its time to change the manager, wow. I have yet to see anyone come up with a reasonable alternative.
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