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  1. History tells we will see a disappointing performance to bring us back to earth. Enjoy the weekend!
  2. I have always thought the we have a larger per capita set of tail tugging tuggers than most clubs in the league.
  3. What a player he was, some great times following Wednesday in those year and I remember we just battered Oxford who were a decent team at the time. I loved that team, I guess it was just the right time for me.
  4. Playing the teams around us is the only way to get ahead of them. If we were playing different teams it is somewhat out of our hands. We are relevant again and no one will be looking forward to the games as they would have been 6-7 weeks ago. Going to Leeds and Norwich is fine as they also have things on their minds!
  5. SiJ has it right, SYP are the most incompetent police force in Britain. Their command structure screwed up in 89 leading to a disaster and the way they do business now is to prevent another wee wee tail up at all costs.
  6. And your point is......the fella has been here a few weeks, clearly done something to smarten us up in the back. Although we are poor up front, no denying that, we appear to be difficult to beat. When was the last time we could say that.
  7. Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again Clean sheet again.....................................
  8. Clean sheet again, clean sheets get you out of this league in the right direction.
  9. Always was, always is and will always be. fuckmodernfootbal.
  10. I was saddened by the passing of Alan late last year but tonight I am sat in a hotel room in Ottawa freezing to death and just watched the new Wednesday film on you tube. Great watch and had a tear in my eye pining for home, which I never do, and wanting to be at Hillsborough. It was great to see the big man in the film and to hear Wednesday fans talk about our club. Big Al looked after a lot of us young uns the in 80's and will be sadly missed. Wheeny was a character but also an all round good bloke as anyone who spent any time with him knows. It was a right of passage for a lot of us to meet him, get to know him and end up in a few scrapes with him! The Beast was everything that was good about football, mates, camaraderie and not giving a throw.
  11. well, I stand corrected and happy!
  12. we will get beat 2-0, listless rudderless ship. All momentum that we had has fell away and we can easily fall back into the mix.
  13. Clueless and paid off and we are thanking him, FFS you lot get what you deserve............................
  14. If he fires the clown before this then it may be ok, if not its a gong show.
  15. He hasn't got a flipping clue and needs sacking tomorrow, he was never right for the job. Pay him out and lets move on.
  16. we wont have half that squad next year, little chance of us being near the top 6 for two years.
  17. Whatever happens between now and the end of the season, I don't believe the current manager can operate in the Championship. The only way we stay up is if the third. oh fizz it I have lost interest
  18. I don't think Megson would have got us to second that year, but I do think he would have got this lot organized and competitive a little quicker than the current manager.
  19. Poor appointment that will see us relegated, cant blame the manager as he doesn't know the league. Some football fans are thick and have little understanding of what is actually happening in front of them, unfortunately we have more than our fair share.
  20. However the reality is very few of these players will graduate to first team. Age group football at U18 is a waste of time for moving players into the first team. Nice to see them winning though.
  21. Context is everything and I was taking the wee wee a little. I am hopeful that goals will come but too many draws will hurt us if we cant add a few wins. Not much to pick between 3 unbeaten and 3 without a win.
  22. no goals, three points from 3 games, cant blame the coach but we are really sleepwalking into league 1.
  23. I cant even check the score until after the game at this point, how stupid is that! I didn't expect anything yesterday so its a good weekend.
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