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  1. David Hirst's left foot hammer. I'd take him over PdC. Never saw DD.
  2. We'll almost certainly be playing Bolton next season. Didn't think I'd be envious of their situation!
  3. I really don't care about the big 6. I'm looking forward to twenty to five on a cold November afternoon biting my fingernails as we're desperately hanging on for a point at Sincil Bank.
  4. I think this breakaway is because the big 6 realised there's no reason on God's green earth that they should play in the same league as Barnsley.
  5. I was completely enthralled and appalled watching the last twenty minutes yesterday, rather sealing our relegation. It didn't matter somehow where in the football pyramid we were, it was Wednesday and it was tense and dramatic. It mattered. It spoiled my day. The hell with the big 6, we don't need them. I hope they are successful in their Super League. And good for them in sticking two fingers up to the PL, UEFA and FIFA. I really can't stand them.
  6. Yes, Billy Beane was part of the consortium that bought Barnsley in 2017.
  7. Three goals all season after the opposition has scored. Unbelievable statistic.
  8. Home to Forest in '69/'70 I think. We went a goal down but came back to win 2-1. Jack Witham with the winner. Maybe.
  9. The past is another country. They do things differently there.
  10. Forever and ever, we'll follow our team 'Cos Sheffield Wednesday we are supreme, We'll never be mastered...... Those were the days my friend.... Up the Owls! WTID.
  11. We've scored three times all season, after we've conceded a goal in a game. We're a team that never ever gets back up off the mat. I don't blame the defense, but midfielders and forwards; I don't want a single one of them to pull on the shirt next season. Thirty six games. Ten clean sheets, so in twenty six games we've had to respond to conceding. We did three times! Equalized against Brentford in a 2-1 defeat. Late 2-1 winner at Bournemouth (best moment of the season) Equalized against Rotherham in a 2-1 defeat. Could we be the most spineless team e
  12. We have to play again? If we were a horse we'd be put out of our misery.
  13. I remember that 5-1 win at Notts County. It was an Eric McMordie game wasn't it?
  14. Favourite Division 3 memory? Are you kidding me? Middle of the Kop, BDM!
  15. It's ironic that when the Glazers bought Man Utd there was outcry that they were looking to profit from it, run it as a business with ruthless efficiency, and trophies would be a lower priority. Oh my word I wish that was going on at Wednesday. Despite there being no pro-rel here, the sports 'franchises' are generally run in a very organised and sensible fashion.
  16. I'll be working and won't look for updates. Seeing as Brentford are playing next-goal-wins from the start it's too depressing knowing the result so early.
  17. Marvellous Snoots. I'm really going to push the boat out here. 1-1 AND WE SCORE SECOND! For ever and ever...
  18. I like Chris Turner. I remember he made his debut in a game at Wrexham in Div 3 and I think we drew 2-2 and he made some great saves. He'd have been a teenager.
  19. This fixture will grace League one next season. Someone's got to go down. Can't see any reason it wouldn't be these two teams.
  20. They do. At the top end of the Prem there's a pro-rel going on with European places.
  21. Fletcher 6 goals vs Paterson 6 goals. Like for like swap then. Genius. But we've got Jordan Rhodes. 2-1 to the mighty Owls.
  22. One of the London clubs run out to One Step Beyond don't they?
  23. Black Sea. Out towards Georgia. Won't be like anywhere we've ever been.
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