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  1. You may have to do something unholy.. BBQ Pizza.
  2. What about Dean Martin, ”When the moon hits your eye like a big Wednesday cake that’s aMooreooo” I’ll get my coat too.
  3. Our circumstances are different to those of Cardiff, Bristol C & Ipswich. We’ve a team looking down the barrel of L1 so I don’t expect us to go 10 unbeaten. I’m happy with the DM appointment. Guess time will tell.
  4. Agree. Just hope he’s not having to do it about 9.30 tonight.
  5. Great OMDT Lord Snooty. If DM has had time to do anything so far you would hope it’s at least some confidence in this side. 2-0 to the Wednesday Club UTO
  6. Love apple pie myself and there’s no such thing as too much custard.
  7. Great to hear from Moore. Did DC say accounts out this week or next? Might want to add that “promise” to the timeline thread.
  8. You wonder if he’ll ever get round to reporting on what Donny should do next. When he’s found his dummy probably
  9. Wish him well. Star reporting there’s a press conference this afternoon.
  10. Fair enough mate. I agree but my point is if the questions are going to be asked make them harder to answer. UTO
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