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  1. He was as sharp as Phil Oakey’s hair. Looks like he needs a Haircut 100 % Great player, I’ll get my jacket, it’s required…
  2. Statistical analysis based on previous performance suggests I will be wide awake at 2am busting for a pizz.
  3. Andy McCulloch looks like he’s “reviewing”his breakfast.
  4. Well, the rent has gone up to £7m a year.
  5. Tell them the pork crackling is too soft or the lamb is over done. I was working in Newquay for the Brighton semi final. How the tides have changed.
  6. Tread carefully you customers… Say his name 3 times, he will appear… Brentford have no ambition….
  7. I’ve said it before, I blame tv pundits for a lot of the discussions that happen about tactics or where a player or manager is going wrong. They seem to want to “out analyze” each other & it’s contagious.
  8. It could go on a while. Not enough of them playing well enough to see if any plan or formation could work imo.
  9. It takes time but we should be doing better than this ffs. It seems to be maybe an inability to understand the opposition.
  10. Oh ffs, it’s a long road. Swear filter should have been looked at before this ******* **** show.
  11. I read that a bloke called Shakespeare once tamed a shrew. I have no idea why though.
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