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  1. No chance. Dawson is not travelling to Derby. He’s got them both covered.
  2. This would be a disastrous meeting if true. Hutch would come in late. Reach would be hiding behind his chair. Joey would be facing the wrong way.
  3. I’m in. Gonna be pretty quiet on here though.
  4. Two terrible teams. We could end up thanking Wayne Rooney for some shocking tactics.
  5. Least said is best said from him imo. Maybe the water jet boot business is keeping him busy.
  6. 100% but I’m imagining a press conference with someone to blame other than himself.
  7. I agree it’s looking if we’re going then 6 points is a likely number, but If it was 6, would it be on goal difference even adding the deduction? If we have to go I’d prefer less than 6 so Chansiri can’t blame the team for not scoring enough.
  8. Luton still playing for a top10 finish? Think it will be a draw myself, another result that goes our way to prolong the agony to Saturday lunchtime. UTH
  9. RIP. Condolences to all friends and family.
  10. The only protest that will make any difference to this dictator is by fans voting with their wallets.
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