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  1. I think we all agree, which is odd on Owlstalk. Question is, would Pearson agree...if he were even asked, right now? Chansiri could pay the price, and would pay the price, but does he (Chansiri) even know that he should at least offer a "price"? Worst that can happen is that Pearson declines the offer. Best that can happen is unknown, but I like the unknown outcomes, of Pearson in control, better than the known outcomes of Monk in control. This is starting to remind me of the '70s, 1970's, my formative years as a SWFC supporter. Division 2, even 3, I'll be WAWAW.
  2. Right there with you Plonk. Welcome to the Age of Sissification.
  3. s I don't think Wycombe is all that worried...probably expecting their first win anyway, no "recon" necessary.
  4. All Chanisiri needs to do is adopt the Glazer approach (they bought MANU ~15 years ago), the Glazer Family owns, but stays out of making engineering decisions regarding football, they've yet to even attend a match. They stay in the background, and surround themselves with the best staff, from "Tea Lady" to those whom are experts in football financial matters, recruiting, medical, coaching...and so on. It's kind of like a rich guy buying a jet, and thinking that because he can buy it, he can fly it. Chansiri should just sit back and enjoy the ride. Let the crew actually do the
  5. Yes, SWFC is much better attacking, than hoofing-n-hoping. RUN it out, and if not, get some guys in a position to at least be there for the "hoof." Same for those exquisite crosses from Reach, where's all the recipients for such crosses? Well, your loft is now insulated, and you're still thinking SWFC. WAWAW.
  6. Understand your point, but SWFC is due for a win and also to score more than 1 goal. I'll go out on a limb and say Patterson heads one in during the first half, and Reach hits a 30-yard screamer in the second...if either start. I know, it's a longshot, and optimism is difficult right now....but in a strange way, it's why WAWAW, after all these decades, centuries actually. Even when we're not optimistic, we are, or we'd stop caring.
  7. "Elephant in the room", well, if he proves to be anti-social, break out the Holland & Holland .577 Nitro Express.... Seriously, I'd guess SWFC will win this one. 2-0 Wednesday, Reach and Patterson.
  8. Yes, games like that cannot be forgotten. No point in LIVING in the past, but there's no way to ERASE the past, for those whom experienced the past. Can you even imagine that scene, in this era of "modern football" ? It was considerably more rough-and-tumble in the 1970's. I do not know what the "5-4" was, like to though.
  9. 1970-1974 was when I was introduced to SWFC, so to me, that's SWFC, any better is a bonus. Went to Hillsborough 6 or 8 times a year during that time-period, as a teenager, which is respectable attendance considering it was a ~4500 mile flight. @Utah Owl posted a video a while back, it was when SWFC were kicking MANU's ass, so their fans invaded the pitch, in an attempt to get the match postponed.....the Cavalry were brought in, I never really knew what that was all about until Utah Owl posted that. December of 1974 it was, I was 16. Always kept an eye on Wednesday over the year
  10. In his "signing" interview he said what he is, and does...and he did it today. My guess is he'll do the same, with maybe a goal, this Wednesday against Brentford is it? Tough guy for sure, he said he likes to get in "their faces", for a bit of rough-and-tumble as we say here in the USA, and he damned sure did just that, today. The whole first 11 seemed to have followed his example, even Reach looked "tougher."
  11. I got AUDIO only for the first half, worked perfectly for the 2nd half, aside from the commentary during the stoppage time, and nothing post-match. I could see what was happening though, it was tense. I prefer Pearson & O'Neil, they're all about SWFC.
  12. Yes, the key seems to be capable "bodies" into the box. I think we have the capable ""bodies", but they have to be there. Long throws mean headers, on-the-deck-kicks mean footwork.
  13. Patterson does have a good throw-in, not just in distance, he's accurate, especially when throwing into the box, 6 or 18. Reach delivers the same, with his foot. Ought to be some set-piece goals, with that kind of delivery.
  14. Probably why the OMDT came a bit early, if SWFC wins, he should do the next OMDT at exactly the same time, and drink a pint of the same whiskey, maybe it'll work...Wonder what sort of whiskey he drinks, probably one of those fancy Scotch issues, which cost more than our entire first 11.
  15. I would, but I' m not qualified, and I really do respect your posts. Still. I would have like to seen more of Winnall and less of Forestieri.
  16. Thank you for that. I'm an American, used to fly over for matches 6 or 8 times a year, 1970-74, and my how times have changed!! Your picture brings back memories, thank you again, THAT is Hillsborough, you have brightened our day, I raise a glass to you and your Father, he had to deal with the Kop...back then, when it was bit more raucous than it is now!!!
  17. He was one season, and it made Forestieri mad, because Winnall was doing what Forestieri was doing, for probably a fraction of the price, there was a row, and we dumped Winnall, never saw Forestieri score 11 again. Wonder what would have happened by keeping Winnall, and dumping FF?
  18. I don't think Reach would have said what he did, if he thought he'd be making a fool out of Monk, he doesn't strike me as being that sort of person. I know, many consider Monk to be a fool anyway, but as many had respect for Bruce. who said it'd take 3 or 4 windows ,at least, to sort this mess, then jumped ship maybe because it was a BIG job, and his reputation would be ruined if he couldn't sort it. I don't think Reach will see anymore time, front or center, he'll be in left midfield, providing service for Windass. Paterson, Kachunga, Rhodes...with a 30 yard screamer off his ow
  19. I agree. Penney and Reach up the left side would give the opposition something to worry about, in a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2. Both like to move forward, on the attack, I could see it, reminiscent of King-Worthington(?)
  20. Right on schedule, the OMDT, just after midnight GMT, thank you Lord Snooty, wouldn't be matchday without it. SWFC is going to take the loss to Bristol City out on QPR, I really think so.
  21. 100% correct. This isn't like going to your wine broker and all you have to do is pay for it, buy the best all day, everyday. If that were the case SWFC could simply "go shopping." To make matters more difficult, True Strikers, 20+ guys, are not simply manufactured, they are born with that talent, otherwise, anybody could simply manufacture Strikers, and make a vast fortune. Same goes for any position in football, the best, are naturals, it springs from within them, they can't help it. If I had a solution to the SWFC "Striker" problem. I'd offer it, get hired by the Club, and
  22. Many on this Forum are saying that the best position for Reach is that of "Left Out", and I'd agree if he's playing Striker, or Left Back. Reach doesn't really have a formal position, never did, he just always did his best work somewhere on the left side. He's not a tough-guy, isn't a prolific tackler, he's smart though, and is very accurate (for the most part) on crosses and serving those whom are in a better position to score than himself. What would be so wrong with Penney and Reach both down the left side, Penney as LB tough-guy, Reach as LWB finesse guy? Penney runs it ou
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