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  1. Best way to improve the game is to stop continually fecking about with the rules!
  2. Anyone know a good medium so they can ask Fatty Foulkes his opinion?
  3. Turner still had a career of 500 games and his save in the 91 league cup final won us the trophy
  4. Chris Turner was only 5'10" as was Ron Springett. The case for the defence rests M'Lud!
  5. Needs a lengthy jail term and a life time ban for that. Absolutely disgraceful.
  6. You're just like us! That's how we would be feeling.
  7. Best of luck in the final. Hope you are able to use the stadium, atmosphere and the pitch to maximum advantage and absolutely smash 'em!
  8. What an asinine statement. Probably every manager in the league will have found himself in a similar position at sone stage where his side picks itself due to injuries! It's like open season on here with some posters as far as DM goes! Let's look at some facts: We've scored more goals this season than any of the last 10 seasons. Our goals have come from literally all over the park. We've got the best home record in the entire league. He's formed a team out of a group of misfits and rejects and got them to perform at a decent level and all done with no money to spend due to embargo. Just what is some of our fans problem with Moore, because I'm sorry but can't help feeling that consciously or otherwise is it down to his race and the fact that he is our first ever non-white manager?
  9. He is, but I wish he'd get stuffed.
  10. My introduction to Wednesday was the 1966 cup final just a month before my 7th birthday. After that it's been one long rollercoaster of the occasional high followed by lows and the absolute depths. Our relegation last season hurt more due to our abject capitulation in so many games. To be honest I half expected it last night. Sunderland were the team I always feared in the play-offs due to their penchant for scoring injury time goals combined with our talent for conceding them. Never mind though, we go again next season and this time we are going to smash the league as champions!
  11. ^^^^ This. Absolute legend in my eyes. Best leader we have had in my time watching.
  12. Where the hell do we dig them up from? I mean Middlewood Loony Bin closed a long long time ago!
  13. Talking of stands, he needs to pay to put a couple more exits in the North stand so that when needed (hopefully several games next season due to team ripping up the league) we can completely sell out the North Stand instead of having to leave blocks empty for "safety" reasons.
  14. In other news, we are going to use the transfer fee for BB to sign Messi and Ronaldo!
  15. Just keep DM and let him build. We don't need anyone else.
  16. Reminds me of that line out of OFAH Del: he's got one of them faces like Cliff Richard's Mike: what you mean he looks a lot younger than he is? Del: no, you just wanna give it a good slap!
  17. Er.. wasn't Don Valley flattened a few years ago? Just checked, demolished 2013 and people think I'm out of touch! Do you work for Sheffield City Council?
  18. Lazy bugger, go and stand at the kiosk like everyone else!
  19. This!!! There is plenty of scope for serious improvement at Hillsborough. For starters look at all the unused space at the west end of the ground.
  20. Would expect 40k minimum. The demand will certainly be there.
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