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  1. Welcome aboard TinBath. Hope you don't feel like pulling the plug after tonight!
  2. The results are the same though. First season relegation followed by struggling to adjust and a team that is a pushover for far too many and lacks character and bottle.
  3. Steve Bruce will be available next week though!
  4. Probably be the furthest one away from Sheffield and on a Monday night!
  5. So sorry. This should not be happening in this day and age, especially to one so young. Sincerest condolences
  6. We were definitely second best today, but who cares, we won!
  7. Look forward to it, if they are good enough to get in a team on merit I'm all for it.
  8. Congratulations....................and now the trouble really starts!
  9. I don't disagree with this post. However, the attitude that persists amongst our fanbase that we deserve better and we should have a better manager is where the arrogance and sense of entitlement comes in. Just consider a few facts: We are a struggling club that has largely struggled since the end of the 90's We are in L1 We are (and have been for several seasons) in the bad books of the EFL. Being in the naughty corner is not an attractive proposition for anyone We have a clueless owner who can no longer (whatever the reason splash the cash) At this level the only way you get a good manager is either by having oodles of cash (we don't) or getting lucky with an upcoming younger manager just starting out Experienced successful managers don't come to L1 clubs and certainly not one's that are broke Successful and experienced managers are in high demand everywhere and will go to a PL or Championship club that has resources As I said I agree that the tactics are crap and we'd be far better off playing a high tempo long ball game (like Wilko did). Moore has a limited amount of time to sort this out before he is replaced but by whom is anyone's guess. Just don't be surprised if it isn't someone well known and "successful".
  10. ............and every team in the league can come up with the same argument. At the end of the day this just translates to the "we're bigger and better than you argument, just look at our history!" Arrogant and self entitled. We are what we are and need to stop deluding ourselves.
  11. The league was full of crap teams then and over the course of 5 seasons we lost to virtually all of them!
  12. It took Big Jack 3 seasons to get us out of this league. Reckon most of you would have sacked him after the first season!
  13. Think about it carefully, because under him the seeds were sown for our financial demise which lead to us being where we are now.
  14. He was just getting ahead of the game! On a serious note, I've seen Wednesday play Oxford numerous times since the early 70's and only seen us win once. That was the 6-1 thrashing in 86/87. They seem to be one of those bogey sides like Shrewsbury that we just can't beat (come to think of it, Wrexham were another)..
  15. Worse than that, we are total and utter sheite!
  16. Who plays well or not doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the score at FT irrespective of anything else.
  17. To which the missus said "it's not minutes it's my newt" or at least it sounded like that?
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