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  1. What does Jos have to do...

    I don't think Jos can be judged on this season. He's taken over a depleted squad, with half the first team out injured. The weather has been so bad that full field practice was limited during important weeks. Despite this he's maintained morale through some crappy results, and got some very important results too (at the Lane particularly). The players seem to be in his corner, it looks like we'll stay up. I hope he stays. Also I expect DC appointed him with the intention of him being here a while.
  2. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    Second goal was all down to Atty's strength. That strength won him the ball and a precious second to execute a very composed finish. Good on yer big man!
  3. Leeds United vs Sheffield Wednesday

    Hopefully Snoots will rock up and add some colour!
  4. Back when we were agonizing about the other end of the table we smashed weeds 3-0. Hooper twice and KL scored (and wasn't Kieran's strike as sweet as you'd like?) But before we'd scored Sam Saiz looked like he could ruin our day. Now we need every point and they ain't going nowhere. Perhaps Bazza and Hutch will be back, replacing Pessy and Clare. Perhaps Jones gets a start, he played the 90 first time. No Hooper and Fletch this time, but Lucas is on fire and I reckon he'll score in a 2-1 win with Saiz getting their's but Jos will be smiling again. I never felt more like singing the blues, When Wednesday win, United lose....
  5. That was his third season. It was disappointing 'cos he'd got us turned round and looking up again. And then we persuaded Jack to take over and we didn't look back for a good 20 years. But when Len Ashurst arrived we were terrible, heading for div 4. He brought Tony Toms with him. It was them that took the team up on the moors camping overnight around Christmas. It was before a relegation 4 pointer against Chester, (maybe we had previous weekend off for being out of the cup). It was freezing cold against Chester, and I think Tommo came out with a big parka on with fur hood up. We won 2-0, Prendo scored a superb free kick in the first half at the Lepp end and I went nuts in the upper West, just nuts. I thought Len Ashurst did a great job keeping us up, even though it went to the final game. And the next season was quite hopeful including Roger's hat trick at Wolves in the league cup. So Len Ashurst definitely not on my list of worst managers.
  6. Ownership through the years

    I wonder whether any Championship clubs are run with the necessity of breaking even?
  7. Tricky Trev

    More than decent I reckon. In the late seventies playing for Birmingham he was one of the best players in the country.
  8. Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    Feels like we're never going to win another game.
  9. For us to score goals...

    We need a bit of luck.
  10. Ownership through the years

    Thank you! And how could I forget about 'our' Dave Richards, who did so much towards creating the Premier League in it's current root of all evil form. The old ownership model was all about creating a well run club that cut it's cloth according to it's means. Once mid-table Championship clubs couldn't hope to compete without their owners putting in 5 or 10 million pounds a year, the old model doesn't work. Dave Allen loaned his money to the club with the expectation of a) it being a one or two time necessity and b) getting it back. The Co-op bank might have been happy to lend money to help turn the club around, but once it was obvious the money was needed every year they had to stop lending more. Obvious in hindsight. And here we are now with our foreign sugar-daddy benefactor.
  11. That's brilliant! Hilarious.
  12. Apologies Mr Chansiri

    We're not in debt. Because we're not a proper business at all. We're a rich man's plaything / vanity project. Football's rotten to the core and only winning can temporarily de-odourize the stink of it.
  13. I watched a video on youtube about the club in the seventies, and it seemed we were owned by local steelworks directors. I've tried to find info about our owners through the years (on the internet) but can't find anything really. Could anyone give a brief summary of our ownership and company structure from say the sixties onwards? I must admit that I never thought twice about who owned us for most of the time I've been a supporter, until the fiasco with the unpaid PAYE and Dave Allen's loans and the Co-op Bank. After that I think I know the story only too well, but would be interested to know how we got from the chairman of Neepsend Steel in the seventies to Dave bloody Allen.