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  1. trumbullowl


    Can we dig deep and find a performance? And if we can now then why not for the last God knows how long? Watching the video in the Mel Sterland thread - and comparing Mel, strong, confident, fast, always smiling, with our options today - oh dear. Sterland and Irish, or Baker and Penney? Hell's bells. I hope the team plays for the shirt (whatever purple and grey crap it is) like that '84 team did. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to see..............................
  2. trumbullowl

    Mel Sterland, underrated?

    A great memory of Mel was his goal in a late season home game against Arsenal in the mid 80's. He won the ball in our box (Kop end) and motored off down the right, looked up at about half way line, put his head back down and carried on to the edge of the Arsenal box and buried it in the top corner. It was a fricking brilliant goal. I think we took a 3-0 half time lead but drew 3-3.
  3. trumbullowl

    Squad photo

    It's the photo on the OS if you click on Teams and First Team Profiles.
  4. trumbullowl

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    Their Chinese owner was prevented from putting more money into them because of a change of policy by the Chinese government. That crisis was solved by finding other investors with available money. It wasn't a P&S problem like our's is. We aren't allowed to spend any more unless it's football related income.
  5. trumbullowl


    In debt to who?
  6. Racism? As Austin Power's dad said, "there are only two things in this worlds that I really cannot abide, intolerance of other people's cultures, and the Dutch".
  7. They're nothing special, they mis-punctuate things every week!
  8. trumbullowl

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Brilliant Snoots, brilliant. Cruyff indeed. I bet Nuhiu can do one of his turns, and then bury the ball in the back of the...kop. We're due a good performance, these things happen....3-1 to the Mighty Owls.
  9. trumbullowl

    Fans forum

    Who are you kidding? That's three grand.
  10. trumbullowl

    why is he still here

    P&S might mean that nothing that costs more money can be done.
  11. trumbullowl

    You could drive a bus through there

    You could tell we were in trouble first five minutes. Blackburn should have been two up before they scored. And yet before this game Blackburn had scored only 22 goals in 19 games.
  12. trumbullowl


    He doesn't look or sound like a man who's worried about losing his job. Or worried about losing games either. He's a carpetbagger and he will take us down.
  13. trumbullowl

    Come on then Mr Chansiri

    If DC fizzed off now, cut his losses, left the keys on the kitchen table, how would the club carry on?
  14. trumbullowl

    8 million allegedly

    All DC will lose is the value of his investment. He'll cull our player costs, as P&S will force him to, and put in less than the 13 million a year that he does now, again forced by P&S and we'll be a second rate pub league team for a long time. He's in no hurry now. It's not like with MM when he urgently needed to turn his investment around, and made well informed and daring moves.
  15. trumbullowl

    Coaching, shape, discipline

    There's no shape at all and no discipline at all. What do they do all week? Palmer had a chance to put a marker down to be the right back, but he was utterly crap and didn't seem to care.