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  1. Or could be machine setters....
  2. Oh I laughed out loud. Who writes this drivel? Brilliant M'Lud. UTO.
  3. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to see the Wednesday win away. We are the famous, the famous Wednesday. Up the Owls. 2-0 win.
  4. Yeah I remember down at Brighton he sliced a clearance into the crowd and someone shouted 'oh come and stand up here wi us Mel'.
  5. Thank you Snoots. Great read. Don't actually care about tomorrow, but care about every Wednesday fan. Be well everyone.
  6. I've never known anything like it. Not since I've lived and died by every result since 1969. I just don't care now.
  7. With deep fake AI video altering technology you could come up with that video very easily if you wanted to. So I would agree with Casbah, 'yeah, but Daily Mail'.
  8. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Someone said that somewhere - sounds like they were talking about the EFL.
  9. 7 point deduction for each game that can't be played. So L1 and L2 teams with 10 games left will get 70 point deductions. That'll make for an interesting looking final table. And teams with games in hand get really screwed. Could easily effect pro/rel. Lawsuits ahoy!
  10. Invite the 14 Premier League teams who aren't the Big 6 back into the EFL, effectively ending the Premier League era. The Big 6 can eff off into some poxy European Super League. Have four leagues of 22 teams, share the TV revenue more equally.
  11. Playing games behind closed doors, as a televised spactacle, will damage the brand. I think both EPL and EFL would be very unwise to risk it.
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