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  1. trumbullowl

    Our settled back 4

    Jos only once started a back 4 of Palmer Lees Hector Fox, in the 3-1 defeat at Birmingham. His mix and match defences were bound to feature the combination at least once by chance! Earlier in the season though he kept a back 4 of Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney for 4 straight games that were 3 wins and a draw. But the next game was Baker Lees Thorniley Fox, and then Baker Lees Hector Pudil, it really was as if he was just going through every combination for the sake of it.
  2. On his wrong foot though, that chance at the end today. He set up Joao's goal last week with a purely left footed run and cross, down the right side of the penalty area. It looked really odd, but obviously ultimately very effective. A left footed wide player on the right seems wrong to me.
  3. trumbullowl

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    Score Lucas Joao score 'cos when he score one he scores more 3-0 Lucas 2 and ohhhhh Forestieri
  4. trumbullowl

    Winning margin

    We haven't won by more than a goal, or scored three goals yet this season in the league. Not a nice comparison compared to them across the city. Us Them Won by 2 or more 0 9 Scored 3 or more 0 9 They might be going up.
  5. trumbullowl


    Not at all. How much it matters is really all that matters.
  6. trumbullowl

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Started in management at the bottom and worked his way up. Brilliant! An OMDT for the ages. WE ARE THE FAMOUS WEDNESDAY! Can't wait for kick off!
  7. trumbullowl

    Playing a higher defensive line

    Yeah, it was a minor miracle we drew that game. Wallace and Hooper conjured that unlikely equalizer, makes me smile thinking about it.
  8. trumbullowl

    Team for Saturday

    No. 9 David Hirst, David Hirst, David Hirst, DAVID HIRST, DAVID HIRST! (surely?)
  9. We're not a small club. We're the biggest club in the sixth biggest city in the country. And yet our revenue is about 1/25 that of Chelsea. How the hell can we compete? The difference in money between the PL and EFL is a cancer that is killing the game.
  10. trumbullowl

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Great read Snoots. I hope we give this everything, the lads have a chance at glory here. It made me so angry when Rafa Benitez said Newcastle couldn't go all out in the FA Cup as staying in the Prem was 'all that mattered'. Summing up the grim joyless reality of top flight football. It's all wrong, as you so eloquently ranted. COME ON WEDNESDAY!
  11. trumbullowl

    In the home end

    In the early eighties my first job after uni was in Kent. I went to see us at Stamford Bridge and walking up to the away end I was asked by a policeman where I lived, Rochester I replied and was turned away. I watched from the Shed. Didn't make a peep when Banno gave us the lead. They won though, Walker crossed to Droy I think. Miserable day!
  12. trumbullowl

    Club 1867 Launch

    Perhaps Wednesday could register as a non-profit and these would be charitable contributions. Everyone's got their hands out all the time, my alma-mater seems to write every month asking for money.
  13. trumbullowl

    Teamsheets, appearances and goals

    Six league games since Jos left, 3 wins, 2 draws and a defeat. Settled back four every game, and same starting eleven last three. Three clean sheets too, compared to one the previous twenty two games. Just need to start sticking the ball in the back of the net more!