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  1. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    These for me too. So special because I watched them from the middle of our beautiful open packed Kop. I was at the Lane for TC's great equalizer and at Wembley for Chrissy Waddle's free kick and of course Brighty's header. But nothing could beat seeing those goals go in on Boxing Day stood on our glorious Kop.
  2. Win lose or draw, its not that big a deal

    Well if it doesn't matter, why was I cowering in front of the computer at five to five last Saturday having kittens because Butterfield had just given away a free kick on the edge of the box, (and why hadn't the cucking full-time whistle blown yet).......?
  3. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Yes! My best memory and proudest claim as a Wednesday fan. I was there, in the middle of the Kop in my donkey jacket and blue and white scarf, for the BDM. Unbelievable feeling as the second half unfolded, because in the first half it was very even. There's only one Terry Curran! I was also at the Lane in April, but had to stand in the Shoreham End, andso wasn't wearing my blue and white scarf. And I'll say again - there's only one Terry Curran!
  4. In both Brentford and Cardiff games we were under the cosh late on. Brentford hit the post last kick and Cardiff scored. I wondered about the like for like subs today, they didn't seem to ease the pressure at all. If only we hadn't fouled at the end! But I'd have taken the point at 3pm, and at home Cardiff had won 3 straight, scored 8 and not conceded. Good point, and good performance to build on.
  5. How the mood changes

    Carlos wont resign on the basis of a loss in one early season game, even the Derby. And DC won't can him. I think he's here until the business end of the season unless we're obviously going to miss the playoffs. I think he'll get us back to the playoffs. After that, for me, all bets are off.
  6. Anything they can do we can do better. Only scored two, even conceded one. So we're going to win 3-0. Up the Owls! Come on Wednesday!
  7. When Wednesday win, United lose......we'll go above them!! Come on you Blues.
  8. Wilkie brought up the 1-0 loss at Palace like it still irks him! Fascinating to hear him say the team was picked on Monday and trained all week as a team too.
  9. 150 years

    Excellent poem. Bloody brilliant. The middle verse is inspired. We go way back. But the best is yet to come!
  10. There's a photo gallery on the OS with really interesting old and new pictures. One I rather like is the '76 / '77 squad of the Len Ashurst and Tony Toms era. Roger Wylde is standing behind Mike Prendergast, two of my heroes. Great players both, but one with the worst judgement of all time and the other with the worst luck!
  11. Before Sibon, Wim Jonk strolled around not giving a throw most of the time, but when he wanted to he could really stamp his authority on the midfield.

    Happy 150th birthday Wednesday! I hope the Ponds Forge do is a great success - I suspect it will be a memorable night.
  13. Stuart Gray was well liked and I think people wanted to see how he'd do with some money to spend. But DC canned him and we got the admirable CC. Was it ever revealed who found CC? We had that committee at the time - were they involved? If CC is canned now, who's coming up with a replacement?