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  1. It's even worse than this. There's no solidarity in the EFL itself because clubs are trying to climb over each other to get out. You wont get a well run organisation when no one really wants to stay part of it.
  2. QPR were a really good team in the seventies and eighties. Bob Wilson would rush back to the BBC from Loftus Road and breathlessly recount their game. I only saw us there once, a solid win in the early eighties, when being a Wednesday fan had become really fun again. I hope our fantastic 3,000 get to enjoy it as much as I did. We'll never be mastered.....UTO.
  3. A goal every 83 minutes, we'd better hope the defence tightens up then.
  4. I read a book about it, by Brian Cox. Fascinating.
  5. I abandoned ifollow at half time and watched the Prem on TV. It was the Arsenal game. So this fvvcking version of Wednesday caused me to watch the Bl***s instead. Sick to death of this set of players.
  6. Thank you Snoots, a great read as usual. Last week was just the best, for everyone, fans and players alike. I have to believe we can finally make some magic at home. Wednesday 3 Blackburn 0 (Winnall, Lee, Reach).
  7. First time in the rarefied air of round 2. Millwall next please.
  8. The order is an attempt to show the formation. So 442 is GK RB CB CB LB RM CM CM LM F F. When it's 451 the LM is in the next colunm over, and against Charlton Forestieri played and I suppose Harris lined up as right mid.
  9. 29 away goals, most in the division 14 home goals, only Wigan have scored less Strange stat. But we've still got more home points than away points.
  10. You should if you have a thirst for knowledge.
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