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  1. trumbullowl

    Team for Boro

    The team versus West Brom did very well. Bannan was on his ban. Pelupessy got dropped for Bristol City, but we didn't look very good until Lucas scored twice. So I'll go with West Brom lineup but with Joao for Nuhiu. Dawson Palmer Lees Hector Pudil Penney Onomah Pelupessy Reach Forestieri Joao
  2. trumbullowl

    Teamsheets, appearances and goals

    The order of players is trying to show formation. 442 GK RB CB CB LB RM CM CM LM F F 352 or 532 GK RWB CB CB CB LWB CM CM CM F F That's why players show up in different columns. The idea's copied from the old programmes, but they just had the player numbers, 1 to 12. I've just looked at an old programme from 1985 (and I see the Wednesday score is first even for away games). Who remembers this game? Manchester United (a) 2-1 W Hodge Sterland Shirtliff Madden Lyons Worthington Marwood Blair Varadi2 Chapman Shelton # Oliver Was it 541 ? Marwood on the right, Shelton on the left, with Blair and Varadi behind Lee Chapman. What a team! Those were the days.
  3. trumbullowl

    Teamsheets, appearances and goals

    So did I. That's what I was trying to recreate, from how I remember that page in the 70's and 80's programmes.
  4. Lucas Joao for me. When he scores one he scores more!
  5. trumbullowl

    Reach - Not a bad collection.

    That Preston game, I was listening on Player, and it was a really good piece of radio commentary. Built up really dramatically, and then watching the replay over and over with that same commentary was even better. Just about my favourite piece of radio commentary. Pudil....it's got to go in there....it has, towards Loovens....Hunt....Bannan...so many up there.....Barry Bannan, lovely run through.....Hutchinson.....palmed out.... REACH.....stopped again.....Bannon keeping it alive....Joao's in there...Hutchinson.....REEEEEAACCHH !!! ........(pandemonium).....Can you believe this?? Gives me goosebumps!
  6. trumbullowl

    Passing out from the back

    I wonder what the Dutch is for 'can we not knock it?'
  7. trumbullowl

    Matias or Reach

    Has Matias picked up a knock? I haven't seen any mention of why he wasn't in the squad.
  8. trumbullowl


    Matias did so well today. For his goal, he started the move in our half, anticipating a Villa pass and nicking it off their player's foot, and then looking up to find Reach running into space. Reach took it on, had his shot blocked, fought for the rebound and diverted it across to the advancing Matias who swept it home.
  9. Considering how rampant Villa were after McGinn's infuriatingly good equalizer, that was ONE HELL OF A VICTORY!
  10. trumbullowl

    Team for Villa

    I don't think Onomah will start, because of the way he gave the free kick away against Forest. Really poor judgement.
  11. This game was about the highlight of the season last year. Fantastic goals by Reach and Rhodes, and a great performance all round. Old Carlos did get it right sometimes. Team was Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Fox Wallace Bannan Butterfield Reach Hooper Rhodes Only three of those will play today, but apart from Hooper I reckon we're just as strong. No reason we can't win this. WE ARE THE FAMOUS WEDNESDAY!
  12. trumbullowl


    Well that's embarrassing - the OS match report said Wildsmith was in goal, but it was Dawson wasn't it? I'll change the doc after the Villa game. Bugger!