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  1. I'd love it. I'd just love it! If we beat Hull. We don't have KK but we've got BB and FF. 2-0 to The Wednesday.
  2. trumbullowl

    Is a Aston villa style investment....

    I don't think we need a rich investor, we rather need people who can get proper value for money on what DC spends on the club.
  3. trumbullowl

    Never forget - 9 years ago today

    Does anyone know who first posted the Terry Henfleet rumour on Owlstalk? The name's brilliant, we love wingers named Terry and surely no coincidence similarity to Thierry Henry. And where better to hide an imaginary prospect than Stoke?
  4. trumbullowl

    Programmes 3 quid

    Oh that's what it was. I couldn't figure out what he was saying. Morny Stannit!
  5. trumbullowl


    But running the club to 'only' make a 13 million pound annual loss on average still isn't running the club as a business. I think if the club were run as a business we'd go down.
  6. My prediction is we're going to get tonked.
  7. trumbullowl

    Unpopular opinion: Wednesday edition

    If DC tires of putting his money in, and makes the club break even, then we'll go down and languish forever in League One.
  8. According to the ticket still kept in my wallet it was home to Derby on Jan 30th 1999 in the Prem, row M seat 189 and cost 21 quid. But I have no recollection of the game whatsoever!
  9. It does rather look like we'll exceed the 39 million cumulative loss over three seasons by the end of next season. I was just reading something on the new sustainability rules in the Birmingham Mail (they're all over it, not surprisingly) and it said that the actions the EFL can take include in-season points deductions, and end of season league table placing changing (ie auto moved down to play-offs and play-offs down to missing out). None of this has happened yet presumably because three years hasn't elapsed since the rules were put in. Bloody hell...if that happens. Hard to believe these days that fans used to sing 'we want a riot'.
  10. trumbullowl


    My first relegation was '69 when we lost 1-2 at home to Man City on last day (though wasn't it a night match?). Needed a win to stay up. The next relegation in '74 (?) wasn't a nail-biter though, we just sank like a stone that spring. Those dismal years made the Big Jack / BDM / TC promotion seem all the more giddy and we just powered on from there with Sergeant Wilko's brilliant, brilliant promotion team in '84. I really thought at that time that I was so so lucky to be a Wednesday fan. And would you believe it got better? IT GOT BETTER! Big Ron, Shezza, Tricky Trev, David Hirst, Chrissy Waddle. Cup Finals, a whiff of the league title. Holy crap. With a quick relegation and promotion and League Cup win thrown in. Those were the days my friend.....been a tad disappointing ever since though.
  11. trumbullowl

    FFP and all that.

    I think the EFL actually has a lot of leverage over the Prem. And not just because they have a better trophy! The Prem is huge here in America, but wouldn't be without relegation. I think if the EFL told the Prem to share the revenue or no more pro/rel they'd win out.
  12. trumbullowl

    FFP and all that.

    This sounds like rubbish. They wont be selling their training ground. But to stay within FFP on Championship income they wont be able to employ the likes of John Terry. If they don't reduce the wage bill quickly enough they'll suffer a temporary embargo. What their fans can't come to terms with is that they're a Championship club now, like the rest of us.
  13. Reachy played every game. It's probably all his fault!
  14. Trevor Francis as a teenager for Birmingham in mid-seventies Clive Walker for Chelsea (though my main memory of him was a game at Stamford Bridge) Graeme Sharp for Everton.
  15. trumbullowl

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    The whole system makes me furious. If the club tries to run as a business and can't make ends meet, and that leads to administration then there's a big penalty. If a well meaning rich person buys the club because he loves the whole idea of what our football clubs are, and then spends a bit too much money on his obsession then there's a big penalty. Without aspiring clubs like us, on the wrong side of the PL divide, the PL wouldn't be worth a damn, but their greed has caused this dreadful situation. Thank heavens the 'soft power' of our beautiful game has attracted men like DC to wade in and save us.