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  1. Is stamp duty 5% ? That'd be 3 million pounds. Can he really have handed over 3 million pounds to legitimise this charade? And if the EFL don't play along - can he get it back?
  2. I wonder if the 60 million 'spent' to buy the ground came out of before tax or after tax 'money'. If it's before tax wont there be parties beyond the EFL rather keen to investigate?
  3. Equalizer in 2-1 win against Forest in 1969. Jack Witham perhaps?
  4. Since the goal fest at Boro we've scored six and conceded six in seven games. Goalscorers have been Luongo (2), Borner, Fox, Murphy, Forestieri. Seems a cause for concern - even though we'd be looking good without conceding three very late goals the last two games. All to play for though! Up the Owls!
  5. Yesterday has gone without a trace - we can only hope We need 11 winners wearing our shirt, do we have them? Wednesday 2 Swansea 0 Lee 2
  6. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Fox Lee Hutchinson Bannan Harris Nuhiu Fletcher
  7. Jos's last game we took the lead about 65th minute, but were 2-1 down less than ten minutes later. Swansea too.
  8. I vaguely remember that. We never did well at Walsall.
  9. Can anyone remember another game where we scored to take the lead after the 80th minute and then lost? Seems like the sort of thing we'd be good at, but I can't remember any. Perhaps that's because I've selectively forgotten them, or just the getting old thing.
  10. Any neutrals watching the game would have thought the better team won. Any neutrals watching the game should seriously re-assess their lives!
  11. Still absolutely gutted about today's result. I cannot believe this thread even exists!
  12. Bueller? Anything? Let's get revenge for last year. That first fifteen minutes was the absolute effing worst. Night and day now though, and I'm expecting a win. Come on you Blues! We are the famous, the famous Wednesday!
  13. There'll be plenty more Rugby World Cups. England can win one on a day Wednesday aren't playing.
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