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  1. I'd rest Reach and Murphy, and bring in Lee and Luongo. But not sure how that would set up.
  2. Well if Luton were watching that second half, and they want a point, perhaps they'll start with ten men!
  3. No quality in the final third today. Poor final balls and especially poor shooting. I suppose Millwall defended really well too.
  4. I'd have Ipswich instead of Birmingham. Also QPR instead of Fulham.
  5. Just watched the Hull / Reading highlights and Lucas's goal was really good. Control on edge of box with a man on him, create a step of space, smash into the net. He's so good! Hopefully we'll benefit more too.
  6. I couldn't agree more. It's great to have him back.
  7. I reckon he saw the picture of Big Jack and Neil Mellor at Ladybower and buggered off fishing with Stubbs. Consumed with nostalgia they've lost track of time.
  8. Our version of Allez, Allez, Allez could be: We got stuffed at Chessie, we didn't have a shot, From Exeter to Stevenage we lost the fvvcking lot, Gary Megson and Chris Evans, the glades of Greno Woods, We are ........ Whatever. It's late here.
  9. Lucas Joao is pure flipping class!
  10. Well I'm done. Went with Luton. Great game though.
  11. On the bright side, David Prutton predicts we'll win on Saturday!
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