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  1. Trev and Carlos were similar in that they had great resources and did well with them, but maybe someone else would have done even better. Len Ashurst was a very good manager too!
  2. The OS and youtube have a compilation of Lucas's goals. I think he can be such a good player. I hope we keep him and SB can get the best out of him. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/may/watch-lucas-joaos-swfc-goals/
  3. like that goal at Norwich - oh hell yeah!!
  4. No Reach, no Hutchinson, no Bannan, no problem. It'll be interesting to see how it goes today without these three again. Though I guess Barry might start with Onomah.
  5. It's strange to see that for our only three goal win of the season the midfield was Matias, Pelupessy, Reach and Boyd and all the goals came from midfield. The manager gets the best out of people!
  6. Only tempted to put a score on us Snoots? Push the boat out man and wager a C note! Though I don't actually know what that means. But on the subject of scoring, we will, and when we score one we score more, unlike earlier in the year. 3-1 to the mighty Owls! WE ARE THE FAMOUS WEDNESDAY!
  7. Phil Henson. Came from Man City and I thought he'd be really good for us in third division, but he never seemed to have any confidence.
  8. 15 games since Luhukay left, we've conceded 9 goals Previous 15 games with Luhukay managing, we conceded 29 goals. Debacle! Though we might not have got Bruce if we'd moved Jos on much earlier.
  9. Great OMDT Snoots. Bolton's ground's like a flat roofed boozer next to a supermarket. We have to make up for the disasters there last season, we just have to, and I think we will! We are the famous Wednesday, and we'll win 2-0. Aarons and Winnall.
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