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  1. I will be disappointed if we don't get to see ginger Kevin for Belgium, what an outstanding player he is. Fatigue will play a big part in this tournament and a good number of England players have played a lot of games this year, Southgate has a lot of talent at his disposal and everyone will need to chip in if we are to advance deep into the later rounds. When you think back to 2016 its remarkable how different the group is now.
  2. I love this rule but its like marmite with no inbetween. It reminds me of watching European ties on Sportsnight years ago and using math!
  3. I agree pal, until they stumbled on Wilder they were a joke. My concern is that our clown isn't that lucky and there is no signal of him stepping aside at the moment or in the near future. It was good to see Blackpool get promoted today as their previous chairman seemed hell bent on destroying them. Their fans got active and protested, not sure that we have a unified fan base at this point that would do that.
  4. I totally agree mate, and the comment about different universe is one I stand by at the moment for a few reasons. They just went and got what many see as a good manager who had got teams out of that division, not sure about our guy; they do have a some players that are half decent that they could move on, we don't; a good season for them is back into the PL, a good season for us at this point is not getting relegated again; their owner went and got Jokanovic which is a statement of intent, our owner would screw up your KFC order and forget the gravy: It appears that their guy has money, its cl
  5. Yes, I am surprised that this hasn't happened, not sure where I encouraged others to do so, I am just surprised that a pretty easy target to attract the narcissistic moron's attention is still up. Few pints down Hillsborough corner on a Thursday night and off you trot.
  6. FFS, take the blue tinted glasses off, this is a good appointment for them and changes the dynamic and is a statement of intent. I have no time for them but they really are in a different universe to us and may well be for many years to come.
  7. I have to say, and its easy to say living overseas, I cant believe no one has broken into Hillsboro and had it away with the stupid banner. Little things like that would wind him up. I can think of a few older lads that would have dome this years ago but times have changed. Here is an example of Wednesday fans for you, I was in this Wednesday facefuckingbook group last year and when fucknuts complained about the abuse he was getting I said that I thought that was not a bad thing as he needs to know that he has to take some responsibility for the mess we are in. I get some muppets arguing
  8. 83-84 for me, I remember the first game away at Swansea and thinking that we are going up without a shadow of doubt this season. Great team whci really should have won the league.
  9. Well I guess then I'm not fuckthelot of them.
  10. I remember that we used to say that every manager is 6 games away from the sack, lose 6 on the spin and you get sacked, particularly at the start of the season when it looks worse in the table. To really see what a coach can do you have to give them time and also support them so that they can get their own staff and players in. This takes a brave approach and its sorely lacking in the upper echelons of football clubs.
  11. I think if feels that way because people got it wrong so often and rarely give the coach a chance. I believe in the Championship the average tenure is around 8 months, if that is the case it means one bad run of results ultimately gets a coach fired. The result is never in the hands of the coach and this just blows my mind.
  12. Not a pub but The Limit, always a safe haven.
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