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  1. Bin dippers, lets hope they don't get all four as we will never hear the end of it. Anniversary of the Heysel disaster coming up soon, they all tend to go quiet for that one.
  2. I think that he is my all timer also. I loved the late 70's and early 80's players but Mick Lyons was a cut above. This is terrible news.
  3. Stop it, he isnt part of why we were relegated, his 6 point deduction is the whole part, 41+6=47.
  4. We were always a little short this year and when it mattered we just didn't have the quality to break someone down or the fortitude to see a game out. In my experience those are hard things to fix so we may have a few more tough days ahead of us yet.
  5. muppet. So that 6 point deduction never happened? I rarely slate the club as the club is an entity not a person, so a club cant really make decisions. However, when players under perform on a regular basis and managers make repeated errors then I will make a comment. I expected a bottom half finish so I am as happy as you can be after a play off defeat. The freefall that Chansiri caused appears to be over and hopefully WE can go one better next year and get back into the Championship.
  6. Here is one for you mate- a 6 point deduction for an admin error that led to our relegation, we are so lucky to have him aren't we?
  7. He has achieved stabilization in the third division, utter clown of a chairman.
  8. I think we could and possibly should have finished top 2 with the group we have. But, football being football what you expect isn't always what you get. At this point all that matters is results, we didn't play well and lost but we aren't out of it yet. Sunderland were much the better team but are only slightly ahead, so its in the balance. We need to win at home which we have been good at. If the crowd get behind the team that will be a big help, if some of the people on this thread are at the game we are in trouble as they cant wait for Moore to fail. If we go out on Monday then fair play, you can have your moan, but for the time being how about shutting the f8uck up.
  9. Love this one most of all, reminds me of the early 80's on that cold, open and wet kop! Having said that I have no idea when it was taken.
  10. Great points, if it works for Arsenal, Spurs, Man City and Everton, who are we to think that Hillsborough is untouchable. Its past its sell by date.
  11. I am not there yet pal, I cant give him credit for keeping out of the way, its still too soon!
  12. There have been a few ups and downs and at times it been incredibly frustrating but regardless of what happens in the next couple of weeks the free fall has been arrested and we can look forward to next season with some excitement.
  13. You know I do agree with a lot of your sentiments here, I would have ripped your arm of last May for the position we are in. I think the frustration for me is that we dropped a lot of points earlier in the season that just seemed to be so simple to have avoided and you could make a case for us being in the top two if things had fallen into place a little earlier. I don't really fancy us in the playoffs if we make it as I think we are too weak away from home and haven't yet developed the strong mentality that sees us over the line in those games. Ultimately if miss out and we start the next season with the same squad I would expect us to be challenging from the start and finishing in the top 2 with games to spare, but if we go through another rebuild them Moore needs to figure it out a lot quicker next time around. Fingers crossed!
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