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  1. Then Silverwood needs challenging. The idea of periodisation, which is essentially what they are doing, is that it is flexible and not rigid.
  2. Agreed, I have lived overseas the majority of my adult life and rarely meet anyone who follows the club as a fan. We are known because of the disaster and because we have a unique name. In so far as being recognized as a football club because of our football we are pretty insignificant.
  3. Just no application in the batting department, I am sure the COVID bubble isn't easy but this has been a poor show after the first test. Someone needs to take a serious look at out test team as we are in for another whitewash in the ashes.
  4. We will be playing them again in a few years, that is if they don't pass us.
  5. But you aren't Izzy and I doubt that he was working on his corner kicking technique last night.
  6. You know I have been trying to think how can you connect with the players particularly during covid, and to try to impress on them how lucky they are to be doing what they do. I was interested to see this thread, I don't use twitter, as at first I thought well at least the lad has the stones to stand up and be counted. Having said that the 'we go again and make up for it' just wound me up so I am left with this.... Seriously Izzy, gofuck yourself son, you will be just aswank on Saturday because you are simply average at best at the job you do. Next time you take a corner for us if
  7. Pulis's managerial career was on life support, hardly a catch and we should have been avoiding him. I don't see any evidence of Cook begging for the Wednesday job and the fact that he has rocked up at Ipswich, who will be in a better position than us come August, would suggest he wasn't really interested in it.
  8. We have some utterly clueless fans, he has chosen to come and manage the club that most would avoid like the plague, and he is getting slated tonight.
  9. Nothing ruins your life like this club. Fuckinghate Wednesday! The players are utterlywank, doeskin matter who the manager is the only constant is the players and they areshit.
  10. Lot of sense there, the question is who could or would be the right man? I am lost when it comes to this question.
  11. Couple of things here, first thanks Neil for adding the initial clip. Obviously wish Moore well, its late in the day but another new manager bounce is what we need and the law of averages says that at some point we do hire a manager who has some success, hopefully this is the one.
  12. Thanks for that! Brought a smile to me face.
  13. Who is thiscunt? Not you TaxiMark of course!
  14. The last point is always interesting and its also true. Having said that I think its hard to come up with a situation that could be worse that we are currently in. His behaviour at the moment isnt helping and since he fired Pulis, who he shouldn't have hired, he has well and truly fvcked us right up the harris, as they say. Any good he has brought to the club is far outweighed by his performance over the last few years.
  15. anyone expecting us to win at Brentford tomorrow? Tonight is as goods it gets for us this week I think.
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