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  1. With the amount of games having to be played we need the bodies. No idea how much his form has dropped but he was easily good enough in his Burton days.
  2. Not sure why their singing about fletcher still though
  3. Absolutely this! Also the gentlemans collection too
  4. Are you finished at 2 replies? I'll back out of this thread (again)
  5. Because this thread was started on Tuesday and here you are on Saturday night saying the same thing I'd love to know the Hirst side of the story. The fact they haven't said a word in public but the club have tells its own story
  6. I meant the you being obsessed bit. I really hope your fishing
  7. Its not But doing it as much as you have is just a bit weird I hope your just fishing because if not I worry for you..
  8. You're starting to sound more obsessed then the haters
  9. Sorted Had to do it on my phone though as laptop wouldn't load up the correct webpage. Hope its going to work on my laptop tomorrow...
  10. Imagine if signing Rhodes was not only the worst transfer we've ever made but was also a contributing factor in not getting GH signed and he turns into the next Vardy Its strange as I'd feel completely different if we'd taken a good transfer fee from Leicester for him. I'd hope he goes on and does do well. But the mix of us not accepting any bids and then him screwing us has left a real sour taste
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