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  1. He needs to go abroad. Has far too bad a reputation over here now to be sold for decent money or to get fair treatment from refs if he can fight his way back into our first 11.
  2. On the tactics page there is a tab for subs You can ask assistant I think, sub all injured or set your own
  3. It's for 5 days after which the player should gain some form and they should start increasing game on game again Every Monday you can hit the button for "sponsors event" and should receive 1m. Then if you do a press release you get something like 300k each time/week also If you just started I wouldn't worry too much about training. Your players are probably crap anyway. Look to sell off any deadwood and bring players in who you can start to develop
  4. Great game! Get involved everyone My Dynamos are on their way back!
  5. See this is the problem for me. As much as I appreciate DCs money and that he is trying his best. He's been badly advised and taken for a bit of a ride. His pride means he can't admit a lot of this and has to deflect. you can't believe a single word he says.
  6. Fair enough statement which I fully believe. Problems are that he says he still uses the same recruitment team who must have something like a 10% hit record.
  7. He's scoring a goal every 8 games in the Belgian second tier....
  8. I'd love a team full of Westwood's, Di canio's and cantona's. If they played every game each season apart from 1 or 2 seasonal games fair enough. It's how you manage them.
  9. 96 points is the most we can get We are currently on 30 and so can probably expect somewhere around 60 to 70 by May.
  10. The blame is everywhere The players with that attitude Whoever bought them And Jos for not getting them onside
  11. He came with a rep as a disciplinarian and a bit no nonsense. Which over in Germany maybe worked for him. But over here, with our "been there, done that" squad and the language barrier it just hasn't worked. We've senior players being left out and I don't see any of our players really warming to him or his methods. Apart from maybe Joey
  12. True But even taking100k in the summer would have been better then benching him as we have done
  13. I don't understand why they haven't been sold or loaned out to get at least something back financially
  14. You'll beat us by 1 or 2 And still be talking about it in 10 years time
  15. Listen to the bret omerod under the cosh podcast. He talks a lot about Holloway. Basically says he can manage a team of under dogs and tryers. But can't manage the big personalities. I'm not sure he'd be a good fit with our squad currently. It's interesting that CC has mentioned handling player personalities a lot in interviews lately. And Jos seems to have his own way of handling them too actually...
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