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  1. Completey forgot about this. I'll be playing football at 6. Hopefully the game isn't over by the time I'm finished and turn the radio on
  2. Looks like 50 points will do it easily this year I'd take 47 right now. Cov, Brum and Roth all could struggle. Could very easily come down to goal difference
  3. What used to be said in private to mates down the pub is now being broadcast over the Internet for everyone to see including the person it's about. It's actually probably got worse than back then as now there's a level of anonymity and you can hide behind a name. Only way to fix it is have everyone's name and photo easily accessible with everything posted online
  4. Yeah I can't see any options for difficulty or performance vs graphics mode either
  5. I had a fiver on Norwich at half time. Easy money
  6. First game I'm playing on my ps5 This is great!
  7. A striker who refuses to take pens. Just a small insight into the changing room mentality here
  8. This is all assuming DC has remembered to do something about next year's kits.
  9. My 4 year old is no way near ready. But hopefully in a year or 2 we have a (league one) promotion chasing team getting biggish crowds and it will be time. I first went at 6 standing on the kop and don't remember very much. By 8 it was all seated and I was going every week
  10. neo hippy


    It was a mess In the end I had 3 tabs open in total. One logged in to my account on one laptop. Then on another laptop tabs in both normal and incognito mode. I logged in and had one of the YouTube streams open which alarm when stock drops. Got in the queue quick but it looked like after about 10 minutes that queue stopped moving and didn't move for an hour. I didn't dare move off that tab so started a new tab on the second laptop when the YouTube stream alarmed again Then the queue stopped a second time. So I started a tab in incognito mode again after t
  11. Didn't he score a screamer against us for boro?
  12. neo hippy


    Managed to get one from Game today. Should be here within 2 weeks
  13. Biggest game of the season for the mini pigs. Sounds like if we attack we could score a few. Will they ever be any good at this level? Fully expecting a 3 -0 loss.
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