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  1. Yeah I've seen that mentioned elsewhere too Going to play with Wednesday for the beta then a long term save once it's fully released
  2. I'll get my Bradford PA save started this afternoon then
  3. Can beta saves carry on into the main game?
  4. I finished it the other day I really enjoyed it but it is a strange one Very easy in that it's easy to stealth around and go gun ho as you can get some very over powered weapons really quiet early. Story wise the threads are completely on rails and walk you through the "perfect" day so much so that you don't really feel like it's you working it all out. The enjoyment for me came in just how intricate putting some of the plan/s together was. Even though it wasn't really me doing the thinking if that makes sense?
  5. My favourite player of the last 10 years Good luck to him, apart from against us
  6. Yeah I'd be tempted to give that a go
  7. I was the same with resi evil 8. Hopefully pick that up second hand later in the year
  8. Big mess and you feel for the fans as it could get worse still A lot are blaming sky, but all they have done is pump money in. It wasn't them that created the wealth gap between the prem and other leagues. They don't choose where to money goes
  9. My first game of the season, first for 18 months. Looking forward to it 3-0 Wednesday berahino hattrick
  10. Just me then? I'm about 2 hours in and it's starting to all make sense. Very obviously from the same people that made the clockwork mansion in dishonored. It's fantastic
  11. Getting some awesome reviews Shopto had it for 10 quid less then anywhere else. So from tomorrow (hopefully) I'm on it. My first "proper" ps5 game
  12. Maybe more at the top level. I can't imagine too many of the Plymouth players having someone else running their social media. Proves my point more then anything though. Handling this sort of pressure is part of the job. The easiest way to do so is just not interact with any of it. Also helps that Plymouth probably have a few hundred trols, we have a few thousand
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