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  1. There's no substitute for being at a game. Why would scouts or managers turn up at games to watch players or teams if the TV was better. You don't see even half the action on TV
  2. I've said since the loss to Huddersfield we should cash in. Shame we won't get anything for him now
  3. Needs a good home performance
  4. It was right to 'splash the cash' after the playoff final. We only needed 2 or 3 major additions/ upgrades and we'd probably made it over the line. Problem was that money was spent on Rhoads, david jones, abdi, Emmanuelson and 3 or 4 others who didn't improve the team and much of the time didn't even play
  5. He didn't help But listen to undr the cosh podcasts for any ex owl and it sounds like it's been a problem for at least 10 years
  6. Just another example of this squad of players not giving an F
  7. 20mill is too low. I'm not sure a wage cap will work people will always fing way round it. but it is a step in the right direction. I'd let clubs spend whatever they want but all purchases are upfront, no credit terms. Wages are held in an account that has the funds to pay the full contract to its termination.
  8. Spend too much in year 2 as mentioned above and then on wages for the years after too. That why we need the clear out to get the wage bill down. Having said that we did sell the stadium so as long as that's not deemed against the rules then we should be able to spend again
  9. His quality was on the downhill but yeah one of my favourites from the last 5 years
  10. First match back, lots of attention going to be on it Who are we playing? Hmmm
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