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  1. Spend too much in year 2 as mentioned above and then on wages for the years after too. That why we need the clear out to get the wage bill down. Having said that we did sell the stadium so as long as that's not deemed against the rules then we should be able to spend again
  2. His quality was on the downhill but yeah one of my favourites from the last 5 years
  3. First match back, lots of attention going to be on it Who are we playing? Hmmm
  4. The rules are to stop clubs going into admin after running up so much debt. That's fair enough. But all those occasions are where the chairman has borrowed money against the club. If it's purely a chairman wanting to use his own funds ie via taxi company sponsorships what's the problem?
  5. I could have said kenwye Jones! Amy loan player with pace, power and finishing is basically what we need
  6. Anyone know how connor wickham is getting on now a days? That's the sort of singing we need in Jan
  7. Looked well outside on the tv. I think VAR needs to be a referral system. Play to the whistle and each team get 2 or 3 per game. They have to ask for one once the ball is out of play
  8. Ive been waiting on Stoke getting rid of Jones. Hasn't happened, so Brentford it is please
  9. 442 away from home where we're going to be using the counter attack. Just like we did on Sunday. Similar to in the first CC year. Fletcher and Winnal or FF play up top for me in this formation. CC in the second year kept the 442 but tried to play with more possession. This just lead to us being over run in the middle. The 433 at home gives the extra man in the middle where we're going to have more possession and will need to break teams down. Fletcher, Harris and one of Reach, Murphy or FF for this formation up top please
  10. It's going to create gridlock for anyone going north unless they sort the traffic lights out outside the sainsbury's. I'll bet they keep the green light on for the non existent closed road traffic
  11. Surprised at the Tuesday home game stat. Feels like we always lose mid week. I'm still full of earjy season optimism. 2 -0 Wednesday. Luongo and FF.
  12. I cant see the players playing for him after he walked out on them. Not like they will Bully who's been with them all the way. It's a definite no from me. Screw him, gets everything he deserves
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