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  1. Only thing I'm sadly surprised at is its taken this long for something like this to happen. Fans should not be on the pitch
  2. I'm 37 and got into football in the early 90s. If I'm honest I've only ever seen us in decline, but at least I did see some good teams and players early on. I really feel for our fans in their 20s. God knows why you all bother
  3. I wanted cook Very surprising how that last 6 to 12 months have gone for him and to an extent us. He's nosediving as others have said. Chesterfield have been a basket case of a club ever since he who's name you don't speak on a football forum took over. Like us it'll take a while to get over things like that. Where as us it seems at least we are going the right way at last and Moore appears to be a big factor in that. Fair play to Darren. Hope it continues. As for Chesterfield I couldn't care less what happens to them
  4. It's why the first half of the season was so frustrating. You could see we could be right up there but we just weren't getting it done. Luongo and Byers have been instrumental in us coming good. In hindsight I wish we hadn't loaned Wing either. The player I was most excited about turned into the worst signing we made! If we don't win the playoffs I'm confident next season we can make a title challenge
  5. I have purple (is that epic?) Quickhacks. Ping and then just short-circuit everyone in sight. Easy peasy
  6. Spent almost 40 hours on it now Very much deus ex meets GTA which I love. Done all the cyberpsycho missions now and just done the parade on the main quest line.
  7. It's true the side missions really are better than the main ones story wise.
  8. Independent time keeper and the clock stops when the ball is out of play. You could have 30 minute halfs and we'd still see more football actually being played. Would cut out all the time wasting dark arts crap and subjectivity over injury time
  9. I'm about 10 hours in now. Don't think ive met either of the people you mentioned?! I'm about to go visit an unfinished mall for some voodoo dude
  10. It had to be before May to qualify for the emmies
  11. Just done the raid and Keano reaves has turned up. It's a bit crazy this is! I'm a bit lost with all the different factions or companies or whatever. But I've enjoyed it a lot so far
  12. Darren purse admitting he wasn't a great captain. Great insight there Darren
  13. That was one big download! Might get chance to play tonight, if not certainly tomorrow
  14. Staying here for 1 night while on a cruise this Easter Thanks everyone for the tips
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