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  1. neo hippy

    If we win we face....

    That's the cup run over then
  2. Oh god I feel sick. For some reason I appear to agree with something you've said. I must be very very ill
  3. neo hippy

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    His agent must be busy these next few weeks Be very shocked if he's still here after August. Loaned out ala Rhodes
  4. neo hippy

    Selling Players

    As many have said above selling players is a must. But also selling at the right time or price. Like watford did with Abdi or Middlesbrough with Rhodes.
  5. neo hippy

    A full stadium helps us

    sorry to pick you out, but as you've said you'll target 12 home games you make my point very well. the average of our categories this season for the KOP is 32.43 per match. you might want to argue that most games will be the higher priced categories so this average figure is actually a lot more. well 12 games x 32.43 average is £389.16 in total for your 12 games. I'm not trying to play the "truefan" card here but I paid the 3 years @ £1200, so get a full 23 games for just £400 or just £10.84 more then you will pay for only 12 games. If the games you pick are the higher priced ones then I'll have paid less for the full season then you have for barely half. you might as well have paid for a season ticket and still pick and choose your games.
  6. neo hippy

    Sorry another Hirst thread

    So far he's ended up in the Belgian 2nd Division. That should really help him improve playing against and alongside such talent
  7. neo hippy

    Away kit 2018/19

    Might buy that once it's a reasonable price
  8. neo hippy

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    It was clear the whole team were off it and injury prone. But as proffesionals they could have done something about it themselves.
  9. Not keen on the collar but will be buying it
  10. Turned very sour this hasn't it. Looks like they've had the final word in it all. Well played. They'll get their as yet undeserved premiure league money and we now get buggar all. Leg ends indeed
  11. neo hippy

    What if it’s a 1 Stripe!?

    I really like that
  12. IF we had a full strength squad for every league game this season most managers would have got us to the play offs at least
  13. neo hippy


    This time last season he didn't warrant a start in the first 11. Hindsight shows it was probably due to him being injured rather then a mental or commitment problem though. Let's all hope the FF we had that first year is back. Friday's performance shows he may well be.
  14. neo hippy

    Will he ever learn

    Take that out of his game and he'd be no better then Buttercup