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  1. With ffp though we'd need to wait another year before we can splash the cash again
  2. neo hippy

    Last nights attendance

    Sorry, I was working away
  3. neo hippy

    World cup bid 2030

    Neither Sheffield club would get it
  4. Too small margins at this point. There's a reason people say don't look at the tables till Christmas
  5. Trying to copy how the pigs smashed them last week?
  6. He's blue He's white He probably thinks we're poo Ben Saha Ben Saha
  7. He gave us 1 great year and one where we did even better in the league but played much less entertaining football. Less said about last year the better. But we will always wonder what SG or any other manager might have done with the money that was (still is being) spent. Most of his signings haven't worked.
  8. neo hippy


    Should be awesome in league one next year
  9. If the manager has no idea when players will be back why would the person with the Twitter acount password?
  10. neo hippy

    Westwood conspiracies

    we are desperate to get rid as we feel we have 2 other keepers that can do a job. He has been injury prone for us and so we daren't start him in case it happens again and we can't sell him. It'll be a massive cockup if he's still here in September. Clubs know we are desperate though so it's like a game of poker no one wanting to show their hand first. It'll probably finally get done on deadline day and we won't have time to strengthen elsewhere
  11. neo hippy

    If we win we face....

    That's the cup run over then
  12. Oh god I feel sick. For some reason I appear to agree with something you've said. I must be very very ill
  13. neo hippy

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    His agent must be busy these next few weeks Be very shocked if he's still here after August. Loaned out ala Rhodes
  14. neo hippy

    Selling Players

    As many have said above selling players is a must. But also selling at the right time or price. Like watford did with Abdi or Middlesbrough with Rhodes.