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  1. He can get double at a prem team, no matter what we offer
  2. Jones and Butterfield

    Jones and Loovens have an excuse, age creeps up on you and they just don't have it anymore. I've just looked and Buttercup is only 27! That reeks of just not being bothered anymore. No wonder Derby were happy to let him go
  3. Without a massive fire sale and payment from clubs upfront we're screwed on FFP. But anyone with a maths GCSE of D or above should have known that. Transfer embargo it is then. We should have a squad capable of a decent showing in this league. The debt from the losses is being turned into loans to the club given by DC. So we now owe DC a fuckton of money. Better that then owing the bank though as we did before. See sheff utd for further info on how this works. Fans really need to be nice to DC now because he could call it in and we would be gone. Hopefully he truly never wants the money back. As the main problems that have got us to this point are either his or his advisors decisions then hopefully he can fall on his sword and admit so. That's not something generally done in his culture though. Seriously though if DC decides he's had enough of wasting his money on this mess then we are screwed. Let's not help him make coming to that decision easier.
  4. He probably is. If someone is willing to pay then he certainly is. Sadly we can't match it and so he's off somewhere else
  5. But sadly wants paying like a young lad at a prem club
  6. Rotation rubbish

    Basically this 100% Both nuhiu and joao probably are fit enough for 90 minutes but playing slightly slower then usual and with a much higher chance of picking up an injury and being out for even more games. You can probably forget about either of them playing both the villa and Swansea games too. Not really Jos's fault. This was all done before he got here
  7. With confidence so low hammering the players especially publicly would damage them even further. All he can do is keep any words in house and make sure the work rate is increased and try to make it fun to put on the shirt again.
  8. Financial Fair Play

    If it was on Acast id listen
  9. Sean Clare

    If he hadn't been so greedy he'd probably have played some part last night. His loss. A MASSIVE well done to Sean Clare, well played lad
  10. Ying or the Yang..

    Doesn't matter much any of the players cost if theyre injured
  11. This No reason at all why bully would know any of the details of the deal. Someone at the club had best be looking at it though.
  12. Hutch and abdi are fit now
  13. George Hirst

    Why should we pay him as much as say wildsmith or Joao get? Our problem is an Everton or Leicester or Swansea can pay him that much. So with his greedy dad's word and agents advice in his ear he Was never going to sign for us. To be fair to him I'd probably do exactly the same too
  14. My take on it: Player (or advisors) hear they can make 10k a week with a prem team Club understandably wont match said deal Player maintains position Club try new tactic and stop player playing Player throws toys out of the pram You can't blame either party really. Sad state of affairs that could have been handled better on both sides and will leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. George will still get his bag of gold though.
  15. Hate to add to the conspiracy theories but this sounds like he expects us to give Hull a hammering tomorrow. Him telling us to get behind the players means once we win comfortably he can then blame us for not doing so in previous games. I hope I'm wrong but I'm really starting to distrust anything the bloke says