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  1. A good listen. He knows he's been a liability at times. Hopefully he is right and he's back on track now because there is a good player in there somewhere Shows just how important the mental side of the game is too. Just as important as physical fitness really
  2. Tottenham, man utd, man City and Chelsea are 3 of their next 4 in the league. Can't see them making much ground up with those fixtures
  3. neo hippy


    Delayed https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1380419/PS5-restock-UK-huge-shipment-rumour
  4. neo hippy


    The pigs scored a last minute equaliser against me in our first game in the prem. About 5 games into the season and just outside relegation
  5. Enjoyed the first tomb raider never played the second and I nearly bought greedfall. Another few games to get through buying a ps5
  6. neo hippy


    I just read there is a big shipment on its way. Expected 7th Jan in stores
  7. He doesn't have to sell up. But he does have to stop making the decisions. Get a football person in to run the club for him.
  8. "You know nothing about football if you think the pigs have a better squad then ours"
  9. This Apart from that I have absolutely no interest in watching at all right now
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