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  1. Messi only has 3 goal involvements in PSG's 30 goals so far this season. Useless.
  2. I've decided to listen to the home commentary each week. So get Rob O'Neill and Pearson at Hillsborough, but get more of a hostile away crowd for the away games. It's better than cutting away to Barnsley every five minutes for live updates on their latest corner. It's gone from the soporific Mick Mills at Ipswich, to the two geezers at Wimbledon, and today a couple of excitable football anoraks for Cambridge. They got the Wednesday players mixed up a few times, and I think I heard 5 different pronunciations of Adeniran (none of them correct), but they called it pretty fairly and definitely acknowledged Cambridge were under the cosh second half.
  3. Wondered what on earth I was watching for the first 35 minutes. The second half was much better, we looked by far the better team - but shame we were half asleep. Two games we should have won if we could keep performance levels up over 90 minutes. Peacock-Farrell: 7 - after a shaky start he did well in the first half against the wind. Smart save just before the equaliser. Iorfa: 6 - Okay, but needed to assert himself on game sooner. Dunkley: 7 - Solid, battling performance. Palmer: 7 - Consistent, did well, very unlucky at the end with his header. Hunt: 6.5 - Saw a lot of the ball down the right, didn't do much with it. Johnson: 6.5 - Not terrible, but not amazing either, had one good shot. Bannan: 8 - Was getting more and more wound up in first half, but came out second half and created chance after chance. Quality. Wing: 5 - Another boots on back-to-front kind of game. Strange though, as I am still convinced he's a good player. Despite all the evidence to the contrary. Dele-Bashiru: 8 - I thought he was miles off the pace last season, but he has really kicked on these last two games and well done for a smartly taken first club goal. MoM Paterson: 6 - Huffed and puffed but not a lot else Gregory: 6 - Nothing really fell for him today. Adeniran: 6.5 - We looked better when he came on Berahino: 7.5 - Great flick to set up the equaliser Shodipo: 6 - Poor shot at the end, hasn't made much happen yet has he? Still - a point gained from a losing position. Our second in 2 seasons!
  4. From what I've seen Gregory has been working hard off the ball, wins lots of chests down and is mobile, despite his age. I don't think we're playing 3-5-2 because of Gregory, he could just as easily play in a 4-5-1/4-3-3. It is just that our wingers have been poor and Moore seems to like this 3-5-2 to counter teams that play 4-5-1. Wouldn't be surprised to see us line up 4-5-1 some game soon with Gregory up top. It is also worth pointing out that in addition to his 5 goals, Gregory has got two assists. The chest down for Adeniran's strike at Ipswich, and when he harried the defender, won the ball then pulled back the cross for Paterson at Wigan. So could argue his goals/assists have already won us 8 points this season.
  5. And here are the latest ratings for the league with the Wimbledon game added in:
  6. Thanks to everyone who voted - @hirstys_achilles, @onlyonedavidhirst, @CalmJimmers, @A E Neuman NYowl, @nevthelodgemoorowl, @Holmowl, @trotter, @Ash77, @frastheowl, @Owlabroad2001, @davetherivelinowl, @adamwestsleftear, @Phil H. We had 14 votes in total. Average scores are: Wimbledon vs SWFC - 16 October 2021 Wildsmith: 5.9 Hunt: 7.1 Iorfa: 7.0 Dunkley: 6.2 Palmer: 6.0 Brown: 3.9 Wing: 5.5 Bannan: 8.1 Dele-Bashiru: 6.5 Gregory: 8.2 - MoM Paterson: 6.2 Berahino: 3.9
  7. I wouldn't worry too much if players who can't get in the team get recalled. We don't owe them a place in the team. In terms of the wingers: Corbeanu - Like to see him get more game time, but need a 4-3-3 or for him to play up front in a 3-5-2 I think Shodipo - One good game and not a lot else, but did have an injury. Could come good. Sow - Looked good against Newcastle juniors but nothing since, unconvincing Johnson - Think at his age, more of a LB/LWB. Think we'll see a lot more of him. Not as bad as many think. Brown - I'm not convinced, but a youngster on low wages, worth a punt
  8. First impressions - I think he's got good movement around the box and is good at shooting. But he's got less pace than I thought and doesn't really hold the ball up well. Play him and he'll score goals. But not a great deal else. It's Jordan Rhodes Mark II. Not an ideal sub for days like today when you're trying to see out a game. I wouldn't have minded seeing Corbeanu given a run up front - as the game opens up, his pace and dribbling would be an asset.
  9. I think with international duty BPF is arriving back on Wednesday, probably missing training that day, one day with the squad, then travelling down on Friday and straight back into the team without training with them for 2 weeks. It's not ideal. Now for a goalkeeper I don't think this should be too much of a problem. But BPF's form dropped after arriving back from the last international break, so maybe that was on Moore's mind? I don't know. Would hope to see him back on Tuesday though. His good days are much better than Wildsmith's good days. And I think from what we've seen from Wildsmith over the past few years he is likely to have just as many bad days as BPF.
  10. I honestly think Johnson has been decent for the most part. Don't get the criticism. Seems like a much better bet than Brown. He played the whole of last season for Boro at wing-back so sure he'd know what he is doing there.
  11. 9 sets of ratings in so far. Average scores are: Wildsmith: 5.8 Hunt: 7.0 Iorfa: 7.1 Dunkley: 6.2 Palmer: 5.9 Brown: 3.7 Wing: 5.4 Bannan: 8.2 Dele-Bashiru: 6.4 Gregory: 8.3 Paterson: 6.4 Berahino: 3.8 I'll add up the final ratings at the end of Sunday.
  12. The best team in the league must have been unlucky to lose 4-0 at home this week.
  13. We need to show patience. We asked Moore to come in and build a team. After 12 games we are 7th. Not a disaster but room for improvement. Even some of the best ever managers needed time to establish themselves (including two of our best Big'uns before Moore). The attacking has been a problem until recently, but 5 goals in the last 3 games seems to be heading in the right direction (should have scored more today). We have the 3rd best defence in the league (11 goals conceded). Not panic stations yet.
  14. Completely baffled how we managed to let that slip. Aside from set pieces, Wimbledon showed nothing in the first 65 minutes. But we crumbled under not very much pressure. Trying not to get too upset, but it's hard. We nicked a win against Bolton we didn't deserve but now have had the same and worse done to us. Got to question the mentality of the team, although technically on the football side we created loads of good chances today, and hardly conceded any chances in open play. But then the only 2 they had went in. Wildsmith: 6 - a bit flappy and a reckless pass here and there. Should have done better with first goal. Iorfa: 7 - thought he was dominant for the most part, can't be blamed for the goals Dunkley: 6.5 - did what he does, unlucky with the blocked shot at the end Palmer: 6.5 - Again, untroubled for the most part, then suddenly we concede 2 goals Hunt: 7.5 - Thought he was very good, lots of good runs and crosses Brown: 4 - Full of running, but no quality, lost his man for the second goal, missed an easy header at 1-0. Really don't think he's ready for the first team. Bannan: 9 - MoM, brilliant performance, strong tackling and defence, controlled the game, assist for Gregory and two wonderful crosses for Brown and Wing (the pen) Dele-Bashiru: 7 - Great running in first half, almost created a goal from harrying their defender but lacked composure Wing: 7 - Usual mix of good stuff and bad. Was about to score when fouled for the pen, blazed over a few minutes later Paterson: 6.5 - Battled, but a few things didn't fall for him Gregory: 8.5 - Can't ask much more than 2 goals, was let down by the defence Berahino: 6 - Couldn't make the ball stick.
  15. And for those of you who like to see the complete picture, here are the ratings also including cup games. Main beneficiary of this is Liam Shaw, who goes from near the bottom to the middle of the pack (his rating of 9.00 vs Exeter in the FA Cup was the second highest of the season).
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