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  1. Regarding his goal record - he didn't always play as a striker, no? I remember us sometimes playing him a bit deeper or on the wing.
  2. Good signing. Reckon he must have been born within a milk round of Harry Maguire.
  3. Did an impressive job at West Brom (could easily have become a sinking ship but he kept them competitive) and now at Donny. I reckon Moore is one of the better names mentioned so far.
  4. Is there some kind of rule where we could have signed him from August onwards, but he wouldn't have been registered to play? Like a limit of 25 players. There was something like this mentioned when Westwood was brought back, that we had 24 and had to check if we could register him as the 25th? (So maybe they were saving the last slot for Westwood, knowing that Monk might soon get the boot)
  5. I dunno, a League One play-off final does seem plausible for next season. Although true there might not be any fans there.
  6. Shame. Has a very good record. I wonder what the record of those who are scouting and hiring our players stack up against it?
  7. So I just looked through the stats from Watford's games this season. They started the season with a 5-4-1, spent most of the games after that with a 5-3-2, before briefly switching to 4-4-2 and the mixing it up the last few games. The things others have said about Ivic being a pragmatic, defensive manager seem to ring true - they rarely had lots of shots in a game, and didn't seem to dominate many matches (e.g. even against the worst teams in the league - Wycombe, Rotherham, us(!), both teams had a similar amount of shots). The only two games where they seemed to have loads of chan
  8. He was definitely an Owlstalk legend. Probably had the most threads about him on here until Hirst hit puberty.
  9. Depends partly on his position - centre backs you can get through a lot more games than in central midfield. Agree we should be playing him centre mid for 90 minutes every week, but don't think we will be doing that. But to answer the question, when is a player ready. Normally it is when they are better than the blokes they are competing with for a place in the team. I think we've seen enough from Shaw to suggest he's more than good enough to be in our 18-man squad, and starting more often than not. Certainly would rather have Shaw in midfield than Paterson and think he would be a
  10. We're only a scrappy 1-0 victory and five consecutive mysterious bouts of Covid in the opposition camp away from cup glory!
  11. Yeah, he'll seriously struggle when our Europa League matches against Leverkusen and Villarreal come round in quick succession after the Winter break.
  12. It's a bit misleading to say Australia is not as densely populated as the UK - okay if you take the country as a whole there is an enormous desert in the middle where virtually nobody lives. But the population is clustered together, mainly on the coast and to the south and east. Australia has 5 cities with a population of over 1 million. The UK has just two. Okay, I accept the average Australian house is larger than the UK and there aren't rows and rows of terraced houses, but you still have significant numbers of people living in close proximity, plus lots of tourists, business links, foreign
  13. You're the same poster who keeps saying we should play Jordan Rhodes, with his league record for Wednesday currently standing at a mighty: 12 goals in 81 Championship games. Goal every 335 minutes. Scored 6 in 18/19 and 4 goals since.
  14. If we can keep him fit then looks like a good signing to me - good player for Preston. Didn't quite make it in the Premier League.
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