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  1. We missed him for the next couple of seasons until we signed younger brother Hutchyellow Card
  2. Ha! The swear filter changed tøss for throw... I wasn't planning to suggest they have a quick game of nearest the bull for choice of ends, but now I come to think of it, it's not the worst idea.
  3. The captain is akin to the regimental goat that was used to lead the troops out into battle. All the decisions are made by the manager or are split second decisions on the pitch which the players need to make for themselves. He gets to throw for the choice of ends at the start and that's about it. Any opinion, good or bad, of the captain will solely be based on how good the team and the manager was at the time. So when we had a good team and a good manager, the captain is no doubt remembered as good (i.e. Mick Lyons under Big Jack, Nigel Pearson under Big Ron). When we had a bad team and a bad manager, the captain is remembered as being bad (i.e. Dean Smith under Chris Turner, Darren Purse under Alan Irvine). And when the team and the manager is a bit meh the captain is remembered as being a bit meh (Peter Atherton under Pleat and Tom Lees right now).
  4. Well, you can clearly see from this new angle that Travis was sliding in downhill, which makes it even more dangerous from him.
  5. Yep, surprised you don't remember him. He played quite well for us in the Peter Shreeves era, both in goal and outfield, but left acrimoniously after accusing a ballboy of fondling his groin.
  6. Troy Parrott from Spurs seems to be highly rated in some quarters. Not getting a look-in at Spurs, about to turn 18, has 1 cap for RoI and will want to push his claims in case for the playoffs (and if they get there) the Euros. Might be worth a punt? Don't know much about him, but he's 185cm tall, so presumably could play the target man role.
  7. A better standard of football in a more competitive league? But the pre-season games we lose in Portugal won't be labelled as 'Champions League Qualifiers'
  8. You didn't see the state of that mullet?
  9. He is, but turns out he's a Chilean communist who died fifty years ago.
  10. I'd hate to think what the Newport website classes as an inexperienced player...
  11. Thank you very much Thank you very much Jos Luhukay.... (League games only)
  12. I'm really impressed by the way Monk conducts himself, clear communicator, straightforward and he's worked well to get the best out of the squad, identifying the characters he needs in the first team. There's clearly a good team spirit at the moment. But I think we're still very one-dimensional. The way we play seems to work better away from home, but given a defensive team like Cardiff or Hull that will give us the ball and sit deep we tend to struggle. So the next two home games against Blackburn and Millwall will be a different type of test, but the one we've failed recently. It's hard for Monk who still hasn't got any of his own players in, but as well as a striker I'd ideally like to see us sign a second attacking player - whether this is a pacy forward to play off a target man, or a number 10 who can add some quality in the final third, well that's up to him. He signed Hernandez for Leeds who would be just the type of player I'd love to see at Hillsboro.
  13. True, it was a splendid pass. I think Bannan made a couple of similar beautifully weighted balls into the channels for Reach as well, one for the second goal and another for the Murphy chance in the first half.
  14. Here's the 15 strikers in the league who have challenged for most headers this season. Only Matt Smith and Kieffer Moore stand out as being clearly better than him. Most are worse, particularly Tom Bradshaw (Maybe Millwall should stop firing high balls at a 5'10" striker?). So, perhaps amongst the 6'6" beanpoles he's slightly underperforming, but he stack up well against most 6'2" strikers. Of course, these stats don't show where the flick ons are going to... in the Hull match he managed to header most of them straight out of play. But he's definitely a handful in the air, and the really excellent part of his game is holding the ball up at his feet (not sure Smith and Moore are as good at that?)
  15. Ben White sounds so up his own @rse in that interview: I know the Leeds fans have convinced themselves that they were 'Monked' and it was a smash and grab performance by a team who only came to defend. But you would think the players would know better. Leeds looked bereft of ideas in the second half, every substitution they made, made the performance worse and that 'big lump' played a lovely pass into the channel behind the Centre Back for the first goal and lost his man in the box for a first time finish for the second goal. Wasn't exactly John Fashanu was it? Still harking back to the game against Arsenal, and clearly can't wait to get back to Brighton so he can get back to playing against 'big sides' (it might be news to him that Leeds weren't the only team to have an FA Cup tie last week away against a mid-table premier league side). This makes me feel if we do make the playoffs, Leeds would be the perfect team to get. Rather than look at the reasons why they have lost 2-0 over two games and analyse ways that other teams have beaten us, they would just convince themselves they were unlucky and play exactly the same way again.
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