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  1. Right, after a load of the usual suspects in the top 10 so far, number 6 on this list is a bit more of an unexpected selection..... will post in the next day or two.
  2. There is nothing worse than thinking Wednesday have made the perfect signing, then they turn out to be absolutely bobbins. We seem to have signed lots of promising ‘final piece in the jigsaw’ midfielders just to find they seem to fit within a different game entirely. I was so excited about this signing. Oh well. Almen Abdi, Simon Donnelly, David Jones, Jim Magilton, George Boyd – all enigmas shrouded in a mystery. And to that list we can add the name of Lewis Wing. The thing about Wing was, every time he played against Wednesday he had looked like a superstar. Rangy, good engine, with a great long shot and eye for a pass, he seemed desperate to move to Wednesday and to play with Barry Bannan. What’s more, we had pinched him from under the noses of Rotherham (sound familiar?). What a coup! But perhaps that was the problem. When Bannan is in the team, he is the conductor of the orchestra, and he didn’t particularly need a second conductor. Wing was asked to do a deeper role alongside Bannan, to do his tackling and fill the gaps in the side and keep things moving and chip in with the odd goal. Something Luongo or Byers are happy to do. But Wing couldn't seem to do that. Whenever Bannan played well, Wing didn’t. On the odd occasions Wing played well (Ipswich and Wigan away), Bannan wither didn’t play well or didn’t play at all. And Bannan plays nearly every game. Wing’s best game for Wednesday was against Newcastle Under 23s, he ran the show that day. While Bannan put his feet up. His only goal came against Mansfield (again with Bannan rested). The only game where Bannan and Wing both came close to both performing well together was the 3-0 win against Sunderland. Otherwise Wing never threatened the same impact in the big boys league. More and more he started to snatch at shots and give the ball away. Given a last-minute chance to win the FA Cup tie against Plymouth, he blazed over. Moore said he was "trying too hard". Makes a change, I guess, to most on this list. His last two games for Wednesday were the abject losses at Sunderland and Shrewsbury. The week after the Shrewsbury game, Massimo Luongo returned from suspension – and Wednesday fielded a midfield three of Luongo, Dele-Bashiru and Bannan at home against Plymouth – and spanked them 4-2. We had found our ideal midfield balance (with Dele-Bashiru interchangeable with Byers). Either way, Wing wasn’t in it. The lack of chemistry meant it was best for all concerned for Wing to fly away elsewhere. So welcome to the hall of shame, Lewis Wing. At another time you could have been just what we needed. Rather than our sixth worst player in the last 10 years.
  3. Upheaval was being relegated on the last day of the season, having to sign players late, with a soft transfer embargo in place, suspended points deduction hanging over the club and a manager recovering from Covid (having only been in post a couple of months anyway) and few plans in place. Plus losing one of the backroom coaching staff and Chairman unable to visit the country due to travel restrictions. Much of this "biggest budget" was already tied up in players like Windass, Iorfa, Dawson, Paterson, etc. who Moore didn't choose and didn't contribute much last year. When we were in direct competition for players (e.g. Danny Batth), or conceivably players like Charlie Wyke, Sam Morsy - other clubs could offer more wages or transfer fees. Signings like Sow and Kamberi were most likely not in the top 10 on our wanted list. Having scrabbled around for transfer targets late and near the end of the window, we then lost 3 players in the same position - Gibson, Iorfa and Hutchinson to injuries after the transfer window had closed. Sounds like upheaval to me. As for signing two Rotherham players, it is irrelevant whether they are local rivals or not. We've signed one of the best defenders and best strikers in the league. Seems perfectly reasonable on paper. Maybe they won't work out, but seems weird to spin this into a negative before they have even played a game for us.
  4. Sounds like one of the most tinpot moves imaginable.
  5. He's done a good job in very difficult conditions. Our squad was hopeless and we were as good as down when he took over. Now some of those conditions have been fixed and expectations have been raised. Better players (Gregory, Johnson, Hunt, Byers, etc. identified and brought in). Looks like signings this summer have been good too. So with raised expectations the challenge is meeting them and dealing with the pressure of being bookies favourites for promotion. He got 85 points last season which was a decent haul considering all the upheaval. The challenge is to beat that total, and hopefully if we do that it will be enough to go up automatically. If we fall below 85 points, then there will have to be some questions asked. Fall significantly below it and it may be time for a change. I hope that isn't the case and I'm confident he can do it. (It is even not impossible we do much worse than last year in the league and still get promoted - Sturrock took us up with 72 points).
  6. We are currently joint favourites. It is going to be a different challenge this season dealing with the weight of expectation. Last season we were up there as one of the favourites, but most fans knew we would need some time to bed in the new signings and with a new(ish) manager.
  7. Great memory. That game at Villa is the highest rating he was ever given for a game (7.81).
  8. I was going to say Petter Rudi, but apparently he wasn't picked by Norway in '98. I think Jonk and Donnelly signed after the tournament was over. (Or was Donnelly a year later?) We had John Sheridan and Roland Nilsson (although he had already announced he was leaving that summer) in 1994. And Scott Carson was part of the squad in 2006, but he was just with us on loan, so doesn't really count.
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