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  1. Excellent centre back, passable fullback but never a midfielder in a hundred years.
  2. I still reckon the defender charging in on the final corner would be given as a foul most weeks. But agreed an awful error for the first goal and for the last corner, he should still be getting a piece of it, regardless or not of whether there's a foul. Considering Dawson played well against Stoke and kept a clean sheet, he owe's Monk big time for keeping the shirt. Another performance like that and its time to give Dawson a chance, in my opinion.
  3. This is a bit off-topic, and doesn't excuse us defending like headless chickens, but... The majority of the 5 minutes of injury time were due to Swansea's time wasting. Dyer basically crawled off the pitch when subbed and Routledge was little better. Ironic then, that they end up using that 94th minute to equalise. Is there an argument for the ref saying - there are 5 minutes of added time, but 3 are due to time wasting rather than 'natural' stoppages. In which case, as the team that has had the time wasting inflicted upon us we have the choice of whether we want to play those extra 3 minutes or not. Obviously we wanted to have them right up to the second that Fox scored...
  4. Even when we had Pearson we used to let lots of late goals in.
  5. Realistically we can't afford Gayle, but a pacey striker of some description. Lets face it they won't be the finished product, but much better to have some Nkietah-type (again, unlikely to be as good), to come off the bench instead of Rhodes.
  6. But do they really need to show their respects in the middle of the pitch in full costume?
  7. Well respected indeed, and sorry to moan... But seriously, why the fizz do the club have Ozzie and Barney Owl joining the players huddle at kick-off to commemorate the dead? I mean nothing shows respect for the fallen in the Somme than having some loon pretending to be a 7ft owl looking down respectfully at his oversized comedy feet? Or perhaps a poignant tribute to all those carrier pigeons killed in the line of duty? Surely it would be better for the mascots to quietly sit down in the tunnel for a short while. At least we're not the only ones doing it.
  8. In my opinion we have two normally - Hutchinson and Borner, unfortunately we didn't have them today and it showed badly at the end.
  9. I think Dawson is better than that. If he was available for an affordable price pretty much every team in League One would snap our hand off.
  10. There comes a point, when both our goalkeepers look so hopeless under crosses that you have to wonder if the defence isn't giving them enough support. Are we failing to block runs, hold a decent shape? Swansea aren't a particularly big team and only had 4 corners - they scored from two of them and it was absolute carnage every time they crossed the ball in the box. Ditto Cardiff, Blackburn, etc...
  11. I gave it to Murphy. A weird game - many of our players mixed the sublime with the ridiculous. Westwood: 5 - badly at fault for the first goal, and also a breakdown in communication with Fox for the corner before that. An incredible reflex save in the 92nd minute, and then at fault again for the second? Hard to tell, looked to me like he was fouled but the ref didn't give it. Palmer: 6 - some good bursts forward but a horrible clearance near the end to play them in and looked a bit shaky more than once. Iorfa: 8 - as usual his pace got us out of a few scrapes and the pick of our defenders Lees: 6 - mixed bag, won plenty of headers but looked uncomfortable on the ball and we missed Borner's distribution, particularly one moment where he just booted it out of play Fox: 7 - what to say? A goal (although more of a smash into the Swansea player that luckily bounced in!), plenty of great overlaps and decent crosses. But then a complete mix-up for the first goal and a few other inexplicable moments. Shame for him that the goal wasn't a winner. Murphy: 8 - at the heart of many of our good attacks in the first half, pace, intelligent running and precision when passing - but boy, I wish he learned to shoot. Unlucky in the second half when he hit the inside of the post. Lee: 7 - could have been sent off, and we looked very open at times, then at others he kept nicking the ball off them and starting counter attacks. Great energy and run to set up the equaliser Bannan: 6 - bit of a messy game by his high standards, midfield was very scrappy and we generally got worse in the second half Harris: 6 - continued his downward trend, a few good moments but nothing like the consistent threat he offered in August Nuhiu: 7 - won lots in the air, a few quality turns... and yet, never quite seemed to have the end product. Harsh to only give him a 7? Well, his and Fletcher's job is to score and they seem to never quite manage it. Fletcher: 7 - see above, was everywhere, held the ball up well, created so many chances and on another day could have had a hat-trick - yet always seems to hit the post or the keeper, unlucky more than once. Subs: Forestieri: 8 - came on and scored with a poachers finish, can't ask for more than that Reach: 8 - similar, immediate impact with the run and shot that led to the second goal, almost repeated the trick in the 94th minute Rhodes: 5 - didn't do much, and what he did, he did badly
  12. That was a really fun game, still remember being at it. The battle of the beanpoles, Sibon 3 to Crouch's 2. A few random observations - Sibon's hat-trick, all from outside the area - is this the only time a Wednesday player has achieved this feat? What a horribly lopsided team. You've basically got defenders (Haslam, Harkness, Walker, Hendon, Westwood*) and attackers (Booth, Ekoku, Sibon, even Morrison was basically a winger or inside forward). Was Quinn playing midfield all on his own? Sibon used to love those daisy-cutter freekicks. Usually they were garbage. Still not sure how that one went in. It goes around the wall on the outside, but in-off the near post. He's about 35 yards out, its not the most powerful, and yet still the keeper doesn't dive. Just totally bizarre. Morrison seemed a real talent back then. Its a lovely goal from him and he would have been just 18 in that match. He scored 8 goals for us in the first half of that season, the last one the week after this. He barely scored more than 8 in the rest of his 12-year career, bouncing round the lower leagues and Ireland. I see he was arrested in 2015 for drugs offences and handling stolen cars. What a pity, really think he could have been a regular Premier League footballer with the talent he had. *if Ashley Westwood had a position, he was basically out-of-position every time he stepped onto a football pitch.
  13. This is true of course, but the flipside of this is that part of being a good player is being available to play the majority of games in a season and fit enough to last 90 minutes. Abdi was signed about the same time as Reach, and was of course a much better player than he was. But this was of little use to us. Hooper larely falls into this same category too.
  14. I disagree, still think they will finish in the bottom half. Their recent good run is from their last 6 games - but they played each of the bottom 3 and 3 mid-table teams. They have 11 more matches to play before the January window opens and, aside from a handful of decent players (Grant, Schindler, Simpson, Hogg), their current squad is shoddy. Their next three away games are Preston, Bristol and Charlton, which should put the skids under them. Their next three home games include Leeds and Swansea.
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