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  1. Could make a case for our biggest ever signing being Jackie Sewell.
  2. I like the away kit, looks snazzy. Goalie kits are fine. Bit disappointed with the home kit, looks a bit funny with the narrow stripes and white back. Hopefully it'll grow on me. Is the plan to have kits without sponsors this year or can we expect 'CHANSIRI' emblazoned across it soon?
  3. Most league mins played: SWFC 2015/16 1) Kieran Lee - 3,852 2) Daniel Pudil - 3,404 3) Barry Bannan - 3,397 4) Tom Lees - 3,330 5) Jack Hunt - 3,239 6) Fernando Forestieri - 3,235 SWFC 2016/17 1) Keiren Westwood - 3,979 2) Barry Bannan - 3,853 3) Adam Reach - 3,486 4) Tom Lees - 3,329 5) Ross Wallace - 2,910 6) Jack Hunt - 2,891 SWFC 2017/18 1) Adam Reach - 4,063 2) Tom Lees - 2,565 3) Barry Bannan - 2,456 4) Jack Hunt - 2,381 5) Joe Wildsmith - 2,306 6) Morgan Fox - 2,204 Bristol City 2018/19 1) Marlon Pack - 4,098 2) Josh Brownhill - 3,978 3) Adam Webster - 3,747 4) Tomas Kalas - 3,406 5) Andreas Weimann - 3,349 6) Famara Diedhiou - 3,192 7) Jack Hunt - 2,713 Bristol City 2019/20 1) Daniel Bentley - 3,842 2) Andreas Weimann - 3,607 3) Famara Diedhiou - 2,894 4) Ashley Williams - 2,769 5) Nathan Baker - 2,682 6) Jack Hunt - 2,503 Bristol City 2020/21 1) Daniel Bentley - 3,870 2) Tomas Kalas - 3,383 3) Zak Vyner - 3,365 4) Jack Hunt - 3,253 5) Nakhi Wells - 3,047 6) Antoine Semenyo - 2,434
  4. If we had released him on a free we would still be paying him right now like we have with all the other players we've released, so he hasn't cost us anything.
  5. Not actively, but I think managers use any network at their disposal. Like when Wenger arrived and started signing lots of French players. If Moore knows lots of Christian players and they know him then it is more likely they will want to come and play for him than players who don't know him and he doesn't know them. But not seen any suggestions of players being rejected because they aren't Christian. That would be highly illegal and also unlikely to happen at a football club where the owner isn't even Christian himself (as far as I'm aware?).
  6. Loads of footballers are very Christian. I remember when Brazil last won the World Cup and all took their shirts off a dedicated the victory to Jesus. Or a few years later all started praying around David Luiz (perhaps praying that the comedy version of David Luiz didn't turn up). Or the England squad now with players like Sterling, Rashford and Saka who are all very Christian as well. Although there are quite a few high-profile Muslim players in the Prem these days too - Pogba, Salah, Mane, etc.
  7. I'm still not convinced he's a realistic signing - the website pushing this rumour doesn't seem that reliable. But if they are ITK, and the wages aren't crazy I agree this could work nicely. Hunt is a slight upgrade on Palmer and some of Palmer's best games for us were under Bruce at LB. And Palmer can also play right centre back. So plenty of options. My only worry is that when I saw him play against us for Bristol he seemed to be a bit worse than when he played for us. But haven't been watching many of their games, so that could just be a small sample.
  8. I think the situation with Bannan and Windass is similar to what we had in 90/91 with Sheridan and Hirst. They are both good Championship players, like Sheridan and Hirst were good (but not the best) Division One players. Bannan and Windass are clearly a higher standard than League One. So we have the choice to sell and make a bit of money, or try and keep them and bounce back first time. We are not going to replace them with the same quality, so any decision has to be based on either a) a very large bid, or b) our dire financial situation. As far as I'm aware we've not had a) and I'm not sure exactly how bad b) is. Sheridan and Hirst scored and set up goals at a much higher rate in Division Two that season than they did in Division One, so we should expect see a similar increase in output from Bannan and Windass. Of course, any decision has risks - they could break a leg and miss most the season in which case we should have sold. But that was the exact same dilemma Big Ron had in 90/91 and he chose to keep them.
  9. No. You've completely lost your marbles. There's only one person on here inventing assists for Kadeem Harris to try and justify imaginary claims. I'll leave you in your own world now. My attempt at an intervention has clearly failed.
  10. But that footystats website is wonderful. I've just learned that it wasn't De Bruyne or Kane who was the top ranked assist player in the Premier League last year, instead it was Cengiz Under.
  11. Pearson heads it to Windass - the cross wouldn't have gone within 5 yards of him otherwise.
  12. If you're counting that, then Bannan set up Rhodes's first goal at Barnsley (both crosses, slightly deflected then slammed in first time). So either way, Bannan got more assists than Harris.
  13. Harris didn't get 5 assists last season. Every one of your 'facts' so far have been wrong.
  14. They don't. Chances created only measure when you find a team-mate with a pass. That means all those crosses that Harris balloons into the stand aren't included. Bannan has most assists over the past 3 years in the Championship. Harris... doesn't.
  15. Most of them. But some of the best players like Buendia get signed by Villa for £33 million to play in the Premier League that also shows we're looking at the top end players in the league.
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