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  1. What a player Paul Warhurst was that season. Some of those through balls - absolutely terrified the defenders and shot like a bullet. The other semi-final at Ewood Park he was incredible too. Imagine someone telling you after that game that he would play 15 more seasons of league football and only score 11 goals.
  2. Tottenham's new stadium cost £850 million, even if we assume ours will be half as cheap, how are we going to afford to move?
  3. Will be very expensive and largely pointless to move stadiums when we can't currently fill our current one (plus would straddle the club with even more debt). The jury remains out on the Tottenham one, but others like West Ham, Arsenal's lack atmosphere and new stadiums also tend to lack the character and history of the old one. And the more we cut costs the more likely it will resemble a tinpot Reebok Stadium cut-out than something truly designed for fans. If it is affordable we should look at renovating parts of the Leppings Lane end and those nearby sides of the North and South stands, to properly segregate the away fans, allow full capacity in the North and South stands and fix that bottleneck outside the ground. Particularly if we get promoted could see these issues leading to lots of 'Hillsborough' headlines. But probably not feasible at present, so better investing in players and coaching in the hope of getting Premier League which would open up more money for future renovations.
  4. This is pretty desperate stuff. Forestieri has been playing football in England for six years, so the explanation that he doesn't know that English racist words can be offensive when heard on an English football field, or even that "the Spanish [sic] don't use colour as an insult". Fortunately for us Forestieri has denied saying it entirely, and in the lack of further evidence we should take him at his word. Trying to twist ourselves into ridiculous contortions like Liverpool or Spanish fans did over the Luis Suárez or Luis Aragonés incidents isn't very sensible.
  5. Strange, you were actually agreeing with me that the case shouldn't be brought by the FA and that not guilty was the correct result. If you had given me the courtesy of quoting in full that would have been obvious. It is plainly absurd to say there was "zero evidence" against Forestieri when you have the captain of a professional league club, and the only person clearly within earshot of the incident, aside from Forestieri himself, testifying in a court of law against him. To my mind the 'misheard' explanation sounds unlikely but not impossible. Similarly, it is unlikely but not impossible the Mansfield player was making the whole thing up. But ultimately this comes down to one man's word against another and that isn't the basis for a conviction. Either by the FA or in a court of law.
  6. In my opinion it's fairly simple. Aside from the drab football, Luhukay had terrible people skills and so while he could get along okay with the meeker/obedient members of the squad - e.g. Reach, Lees, Palmer, Nuhiu etc. he struggled with the stronger personalities and the ones most likely to question his methods. Hence Westwood was exiled, Hutchinson dropped after a few games at the start of the season and he never seemed to fancy Forestieri either. Very similar situation to David Pleat, when the likes of Sheridan were forced out early while Pleat loved players like Briscoe and Humphreys who were never good enough but wouldn't challenge his poor man management skills.
  7. Firstly, Daniel Taylor is a decent journalist and has done some excellent investigative reporting on Barry Bennell and other similar stories (including one on the whole George Hirst/Nigel Pearson/Leicester mess a few months back). He's not arguing for a ban, just stating the inconsistency of the FA's system, which they seem to make up as they go along, by comparing this case to John Terry and Sophie Jones (none of whom were convicted in court). It sounds like from the FA's 'balance of probabilities' rule Forestieri might be facing a hearing. To be honest - my view: something got the Mansfield player very upset, and considering a) his reaction, and b) that racial insults, whilst considered bad, aren't considered the absolute worst thing in Latin America/Italy the way they are in this particular time in Britain, the 'balance of probability' is he probably said something more than what he admitted in court. But, a ban would be a very troubling precedent considering that a) there were no witnesses other than the accusing player himself, b) Forestieri has denied it and has several witnesses who support him, c) there is no TV or other evidence (unlike John Terry). Seeing that Jay Rodriguez was acquitted in a similar case, and Roberto Firmino didn't have a formal charges brought, Forestieri is unlikely to be banned. Otherwise it would be incentivise more cases and claims like this where little or no evidence is presented. Better to draw a line under it now, unless the FA have somehow have more evidence than what was presented in court.
  8. If he has half the career his Dad did then we're in for a treat.
  9. Completely agree. Angrily tw@t a flag towards the steward = pat on the back from referee. Stay on the pitch and hug a fan = red card.
  10. Love it. A couple of real venomous strikes there too from Froggatt and Shiner.
  11. So by that definition you can also add every Wednesday supporter living overseas and subscribing to iFollow.
  12. Westwood is 33. He’s got at least 4 years left at Championship (or higher) level. If we need to reduce wages, really should make a call on Wildsmith and Dawson, keep whoever is the better prospect and sell the other. Rather than freeze out one of the top 5 keepers in the division.
  13. With this formation the wing backs see so much of the ball and have all the space. Let’s hope Baker can make use of it better than Palmer did last week.
  14. Chants to Sheffield band lyrics you say? Can't see it catching on. Anticipation has a habit to set you up For disappointment in evening entertainment but Tonight there'll be some love Tonight there'll be a ruckus yeah regardless of what's gone before I want to see all of the things that we've already seen I wanna see Hutch get injured and Atdhe the goal machine And put Winnall back in You've got to understand that you can never beat Des Walker, no And we won't be surprised and we won't be shocked When we've read The Star before the half time bogs And there's David Hirst sat in the Director's box And all that is said is that he's drank a lot
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