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  1. That ceviche makes our cake look like a muffin. Cake ball would have had to have been 40 times heavier to match it.
  2. I like that we seem to have a more positive approach. A note of caution is that a lot of Monk's tactics seem to revolve around getting crosses into the box. This formation seems to be creating more space for the wing-backs... but, they've got to know what to do with the ball. West Brom are one of the best organised and tallest teams in the division, so they handled most of the crosses with ease. But hopefully against most of the teams in the league we'll get a bit more joy.
  3. Though its amazing how iFollow seem to have 4-6 (not sure how many) cameras now, but still miss half the incidents. Didn't get a clear view of the Odubajo penalty incident, just as never really cleared up if the Forest goal was offside a couple of weeks back.
  4. It's because the referees are all píss weak. If the refs set their stall out early on with a couple of yellow cards the message would soon get out. Pereira was stood on virtually every free-kick, stopping them being taken (Luongo did this too a couple of times, to be fair). Should be a yellow card according to the rules. Tactical fouling is a scurge as well, every time a player hauls someone down without trying to play the ball it should be a mandatory yellow. And as for that obstruction on Da Cruz when he was chasing the ball down the left hand side of the area - blatant free kick. But the refs seem to by trying to enforce this strategy of game management, trying to keep 11v11 on the pitch at all costs and not using bookings until the last twenty minutes. I would love to be the maverick ref that sent someone off the first time they tried this shíthousery - a game of football might just break out in the margins.
  5. I remember Peter Atherton. I remain convinced that was just a clearance that didn't get enough distance.
  6. Goals from corners this season: 1) Sam Hutchinson header vs Reading (corner = Bannan) 2) Adam Clayton header vs Middlesbrough (corner = Bannan) 3) Morgan Fox half volley vs Swansea (corner = Bannan, Iorfa header into ground) 4) Jordan Rhodes overhead kick vs Forest (corner = Bannan, shot at backpost, bounces around a bit) 5) Steven Fletcher vs Forest (corner = Bannan, scramble, Tom Lees shoots) 6) Morgan Fox outside of boot flick vs Stoke (corner = Bannan) 7) Tom Lees vs Stoke (corner = Bannan, Winnall heads against bar, Lees scores rebound) 8. Tom Lees header vs Cardiff (corner = Bannan) 9) Wickham header vs Forest (corner = da Cruz) 10) Wickham header vs Bristol (corner = Murphy)
  7. Think I spotted you on the back row, Smog. Next to the Gary Glitter cut-out and row behind Fred and Rose West. Even worse, there's a guy in a Barnsley shirt a couple of rows along.
  8. Daniel Ayala's been one of the best defenders in the Championship for many a year. Not sure what kind of wages he's on, but worth a conversation. Regarding the list of United players. Anyone signing Rodwell must need their head examining.
  9. Not everyone, but there seems to be a group of fans who think Da Cruz is awful. I think he's been a bit nondescript, but can't remember too many games where he has been awful. He showed a couple of glimpses on his debut, didn't let us down against City. He put in a lovely corner for the equaliser last week and caused problems for Bristol this week. Granted I didn't watch the Brentford game, but everyone was awful in that game, weren't they? This was the kind of game we would have brought Joao on in the past and he did a decent kind of Joao job - stretching the defence with his pace and a great run with the ball and good shot near the end. Reach is nowhere near as fast and if we had brought Reach on then the Bristol defence would have been able to step up 10 yards and put us under more pressure.
  10. Agree. In hindsight we know now that Pearson was injured for much of the next 3 years and Shirtliff had one or two bad injuries too. But on paper it was the right decision - Pearson and Shirtliff were rock solid in 1990/91 and we had just signed Warhurst who was better than both of them. Plus Viv Anderson and Carlton Palmer could both play CB. Newsome proved he was lower-end of PL at best when he came back to Wednesday and that's why Leeds preferred Whyte and Fairclough (and when Fairclough was injured, McClelland) that season.
  11. Good team performance. 3-5-2 suits us, couldn't say anyone disappointed: Wildsmith - 7 - fantastic save early doors and solid kicking, not commanding under high balls - there was one he fumbled in the first half and got away with Palmer - 7 - another solid display, great saving tackle although could he have done more to challenge Wells for the goal Iorfa - 7 - starting to settle into the central CB role Borner - 7 - did well until his injury Murphy - 8 - lots of running, only his second assist from a cross this season Harris - 8 - surprised not received a single MoM nomination, defended really well and looked more threatening this week Bannan - 7 - tidy on the ball, couple of lovely backheel flicks, set pieces poor Luongo - 8 - Good all-round game and popped up with crucial goal Lee - 8 - full of running, another player suited to 3-5-2, sign him up for another year Wickham - 8 - MoM, crucial early goal, competed well and unlucky to not get more free-kicks given in his favour Rhodes - 7 - Good movement and looked dangerous, although still a bit limited in holding the ball up Subs Fox - 7 - professional performance, credit to him Da Cruz -7 - pace threatened them a strong run near the end Pelupessy - 7 - couple of good interceptions and headers won, did his job Odubajo - 7 - did well not to lunge in at the end when their players was trying to buy a pen, maybe he's learning. Overhit cross when we could have made it 3-1 Nuhiu - 7 - usual hold it up for the last 10 mins job he's designed for
  12. A good professional and fair play to him for another solid performance today. He has been consistently good this season. Compare and contrast with another player who's surname begins with F (and I'm not talking about Fletcher).
  13. Makes such a change to have a keeper with a strong kick. Every time he received the ball the forwards knew it would be delivered to the right area and relieve the pressure.
  14. ...loosening up at the back but smashing 4 at the other end. 3-4 to the Wednesday.
  15. Most of the clubs are skint now and Westwood's on good wages. We'll struggle to sell him. Best option might be to loan him and pay only half his wages, but if he's not in the First Team squad its better than paying him 100% of wages to get splinters.
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