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  1. We looked a bit tighter when Pelupessy came on - it was the ten minutes or so before that substitution we were all over the place. Birmingham had a free kick near the box and then 4 big chances, first Friend's header, then the Leko one that Van Aken blocked, then the cut back to Clayton and finally the one where Hogan looked offside but he wasn't. Pelupessy came on right after than Hogan chance on 91 mins and we saw out the last 5 minutes in relative comfort compared to the ten minutes of mayhem before.
  2. Most extras in war films manage to get blown to pieces/gunned down without making as much noise as the bloke he kicked. Surprised if half the Greek coast defences weren't scrambled listening to that commotion.
  3. Wow, imagine Arjen Robben coming on to attack from one wing and Da Cruz down the other. From the sublime to the ridiculous.
  4. It was at Huddersfield, about 2013ish I'd guess? Helan got booked twice in the first half but wasn't sent off, because the ref mixed him up with Antonio. Easy mistake to make, I remember Helan dribbling round two and curling one in the top corner that season (vs Charlton) and I was convinced Antonio had scored it. Probably because it wasn't the kind of behaviour we came to expect from Helan.
  5. Other than the back four... and Paterson and Windass as the two up top.
  6. I think it was tactical. Before the pandemic he switched formations quite regularly, i.e. from 4-5-1 to 4-4-2 away at Boro, and even trying 3-5-2 at Luton. When the season restarted in the summer there were so many games packed into a short space of time, so just stuck with the 3-5-2 for simplicity. But with players like Kachunga, Windass, Reach, Harris, Paterson etc. that can play multiple positions, I think we'll see us change formations more often now, based on the gameplan on the day. I'd like to see us change tactics more in the actual match though. We rarely seem
  7. I don't think its mentality though, it's the tactics. We always drop deep, withdraw a striker and end up hanging on. Today was worse than the QPR game to be honest - it was just the QPR finished their chance, whereas today Friend, Leko, Clayton and Hogan missed the four clear-cut chances that Birmingham had in the last 20 minutes. First 75 minutes, when we were playing more positively, they barely created anything.
  8. Dawson, 7 – Assured handling with a few shots straight at him Odubajo, 7 – A couple of times he game his man too much space, but Flint, 8 – MoM, dominant in the air, loud, and played some decent balls forward to Paterson. Looks like the kind of leader we need Van Aken, 8 – Was going to give him a 7, but extra marks for that late block at the end Harris, 7 – Defensively strong – just needs to mix it up and play some early passes when attacking, not try and dribble all the time Reach, 8 – Looks more comfortable wide midfield, almost scored with early doors and set up Ban
  9. His record in the Championship (including Play-Offs) for Derby is 13 goals in 3,285 minutes, so a goal every 253 minutes. Not amazing, but we did the stats for a few other Wednesday strikers back in July (all comps) and it was Forestieri = goal every 227 mins, Nuhiu = goal every 272 mins, Tudgay = goal every 324 mins. If what's right about playing one-up top and the system not suiting him, then there's a chance we can improve on that ratio over the next few months.
  10. ENFA has the first goal at 38 minutes and third at 64:
  11. Yeah - but did you not see that I've picked all-action midfield Almen Abdi in the centre who will be buzzing all over the pitch covering for them.
  12. Go on then, I'll try and put these into a team: GK: Bob Bolder CB: Christopher Crâpper CB: Drissa Diallo CB: Ken Knighton RM: Jermaine Johnson CM: Barry Bannan CM: Almen Abdi LM: Etienne Esajas ST: Derek Dooley ST: Efan Ekoku ST: Tommy Tynan Manager: Carlos Carvalhal Chairman: Milan Mandaric
  13. Out of these two teams, and despite their unusual 3-3-1-3 formation, I'm backing the T's.... The 'G' Force: ..................................................(Lee)Grant........................................................... ..(Derek)Geary........(Simon)Grayson.....(Anthony)Gardner.........(David)Grant.... ..(Tony)Galvin..........(Ted)Glennon..........(Eddie)Gannon..........(Michael)Gray.... ...............................(David)Graham..........(Billy)Griffin......................................... T-remendous ........................
  14. They've tried this a few times - but wouldn't the current 20 have to vote for this for it to be passed? While the Big 6 would no doubt want to, I think there would be at least 10 teams that wouldn't fancy this much.
  15. I honestly can't remember. I definitely owned this one, so its probably the earliest.... But it's possible I had one from a couple of years earlier with the more traditional stripes. Or am I getting confused with the 97/98 kit - which I still have, but is bobbled to hell. Strange that I can't remember - I still have a 'Wednesday at Wembley' scarf from '93 which is the earliest piece of Wednesday gear I own. Bizarrely the first football shirt I ever had was an Aston Villa shirt, at about the age of 4. Bizarre as none of my family are from Birmingham or Villa
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