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  1. Believe it or not, we scored a massive 4 goals from Potter's corners in the 09/10 season.
  2. Was Maddix really that bad? I don't remember him as a world-beater, but not worst ever XI material? Ashley Westwood on the other hand...
  3. Agree with others above that Lines and Rudi were underrated, and above all Sibon. I remember going once with a non-Owl neighbour around the 2000-2001 time, as we had a spare ticket. Think it was against Grimsby. We won 1-0 and Sibon scored - although he'd been getting stick from the fans most of the game. He was so confused by why Sibon was the one being singled out - "Seems like he's the only one who can play". A player with poise and skill at a time we didn't have much of this. Another I would throw in the mix is Andy Hinchcliffe - who on his day was a really solid left back with a fantastic left foot - unfortunately he had a chronic knee problem that meant he played less and less for us - not his fault, but perhaps representative of the fag end of the Richards years where we handed out silly contracts to some players. And he still played about 90 times for us - much more than some who are fondly remembered.
  4. 38 games for Wednesday, 33 goals conceded. Apart from Scott Carson and his 9 games on loan (5 conceded), no keeper in the history of Sheffield Wednesday, as far as I'm aware, has a better goals conceded to games ratio - not Westwood, not Woods, not Springett or even Jack Brown than Bywater.
  5. We were 10th in the league after that Alcock game - it was literally downhill all the way from there after Di Canio left, we never got back to the giddy heights of the first page of the Premier League table ever again, and still waiting 21 years later.
  6. First time I've watched the whole thing in 29 years. Cracking stuff. Some random thoughts: Chris Turner - athletic save near the end. Either couldn't kick very far or those old-fashioned footballs needed a proper welly (think it's probably the latter). He's giving it everything and its barely reaching the half-way line. Roland Nilsson - Sharpe fades in the second half, but actually, although I remembered this as the game where he nullified Sharpe, Sharpe actually got the better of him a few times (once Roly is saved by getting a soft free kick). Grows into the game though Shirtliff and Pearson - both immense, although aided by a) the backpass rule which makes those awkward moments in possession much easier and b) the rules in those days where they can go through the back of Hughes if you feel like it and not get booked. Still, they won almost everything in the air. King - had a quietly excellent game Harkes - almost played wing-back to cover Nilsson Sheridan - think he might be my MoM, for that one moment of quality, and matched Ince and Robson for the rest of the game Wilson - Someone else mentioned Worthington's two-footed lunge, Wilson does a few of these too, one stamp in particular would be a red these days - really did give it everything Worthington - Had an off game, probably our worst player on the day, wasted a few of the (rare) attacking chances, including one excellent chance to square the ball in the first half and instead he just wellies sideways across the area for a throw-in Hirst - Quiet by his standards at the time, but another underrated performance - he won his fair share of headers up against Bruce and Pallister and a couple of times turned and played in WIlliams expertly. Never got a sniff on goal himself unfortunately Williams - really caused them problems with his pace, although actually had the best chance of the whole match and shanked it yards wide (the one with the Sealey knee/going mental incident). It looks like the defender gets back, but on the replay you see, no, its actually a horrible finish. Sealey - absolute nutter. Reckon Fergie was afraid of subbing him off. Some proper old school football men in that United team - Robson, Hughes, Bruce, etc - and even they don't know what to do with him. Irwin - Not used to seeing him at right back - the original Liam Palmer effect, mediocre right-footed full back, suddenly, and inexplicably becomes god-like left back Jimmy Greaves - talks absolute cobblers for most of the match, and is the only man in the stadium who thinks its not a foul on Turner by Hughes, but strangely endearing Gary Lineker - wonder if he's still got that yellow jacket?
  7. True. Plus I found it so self indulgent that he went out onto the pitch to announce the 'record' crowd for the 3rd Division* - surely the stadium announcer or someone actually involved in the football side of things should be doing that sort of thing. Happy to milk the applause when things were looking good, but as soon as things got difficult he didn't front up and instead did a runner. (*actually their 'record' was less than we got for the Boxing Day Massacre - he tries to make some disclaimer that their record is for the 'modern era', but he has a strange definition of the modern era. If you told Methven he was born before the modern era (he would presumably have been at school when the Boxing Day Massacre took place), I guess he would dispute he is pre-historic).
  8. I'll swap Sam Winnall for Derek Dooley please, the game before Dooley broke his leg.
  9. I must have been watching a different programme to the others. Charlie Methven comes across as a complete clown to me.
  10. Hirst was injured more often than not when Bright was here.
  11. A few other good owls they could put in the sanctuary: - Des Walker - Kevin Pressman - Peter Shirtliff - Glenn Whelan - Keiran Westwood and Sam Hutchinson
  12. Oh, and David Hirst vs Hull in 1990. The goal where he picks it up back to goal on halfway and circles round the covering defender is an absolute screamer. Scored 4, well, 5 actually, as one was credited to Paul Williams but the shot was going wide without the deflection off Hirst. Although, if I were to be uber-critical, he missed a couple of great chances near the end to make it 6 or 7....
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