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  1. Emerson Thome

    Forestieri Red Card

    Completely agree. Angrily tw@t a flag towards the steward = pat on the back from referee. Stay on the pitch and hug a fan = red card.
  2. Emerson Thome

    Blast from the past

    Love it. A couple of real venomous strikes there too from Froggatt and Shiner.
  3. So by that definition you can also add every Wednesday supporter living overseas and subscribing to iFollow.
  4. Westwood is 33. He’s got at least 4 years left at Championship (or higher) level. If we need to reduce wages, really should make a call on Wildsmith and Dawson, keep whoever is the better prospect and sell the other. Rather than freeze out one of the top 5 keepers in the division.
  5. Emerson Thome

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    With this formation the wing backs see so much of the ball and have all the space. Let’s hope Baker can make use of it better than Palmer did last week.
  6. Emerson Thome

    Atomic Kitten

    Chants to Sheffield band lyrics you say? Can't see it catching on. Anticipation has a habit to set you up For disappointment in evening entertainment but Tonight there'll be some love Tonight there'll be a ruckus yeah regardless of what's gone before I want to see all of the things that we've already seen I wanna see Hutch get injured and Atdhe the goal machine And put Winnall back in You've got to understand that you can never beat Des Walker, no And we won't be surprised and we won't be shocked When we've read The Star before the half time bogs And there's David Hirst sat in the Director's box And all that is said is that he's drank a lot
  7. Maybe Newsome can give us a bit more insight - in an 11 year career he played 205 league games before retiring through injury at the age of 30. So roughly 18 games per season before finishing around 6 years early. Was it a lack of preparation, bad medical advice, pre-existing weaknesses in his body or some other reason why he missed over half of each season? Bad diet and lifestyle choices?
  8. Emerson Thome

    Leeds tho!

    That article is basically the same paragraph strung out over and over again well beyond the point of tedium. Set your own parameters and I'm sure you can engineer the answer you want. To be honest, take away match-fixing Revie and there is very little to Leeds. Everything they won under that bloke is tainted. It's more than likely they would never have got out of Division Two without his bribery. Other than that you've got a very good team under Wilkinson for about two seasons and the Ridsdale years of initial success then massively over-stretching financially and then getting in to massive debts. Those days are gone and Leeds are now in recent years the club of Ken Bates, that crazy Italian bloke, sparse attendances and screwing over the St John's Ambulance. Yes Wednesday's history is mostly in the black and white era, but we don't delude ourselves that we're natural rivals with Manchester United. Even an article supposedly about Yorkshire can't help but bang on about them. Huddersfield Town are a bigger club than Leeds - better players, a much better manager, Premier League football, three league titles won without cheating (as their most famous manager famously mentioned on his first day - "throw your medals in the bin") and no bankruptcies. There's no case to be made that Leeds are bigger than Wednesday, or Barnsley, Hull or even United at the moment. Never mind Huddersfield.
  9. Emerson Thome

    The Jos Luhukay Photoshop Thread

    He’s a cross between Peaky Blinders Doctor and Lawro:
  10. I had this edition and still remember taking us to Premier League champions and Champs League final in about six seasons with trusty signings like Lionel Morgan. Obviously I shipped most of that deadwood out, but for some reason, despite his mediocre stats, Brian Barry-Murphy was my undroppable star player and regularly vied for Premier League player of season. Then he suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from my squad without warning or notification mid-way though one season, as if the game had stretched its credulity so far that it couldn't be sustained any longer.
  11. Emerson Thome

    Constructive SWFC Team Suggestions

    Football is always adapting, tactics from 2 years ago don't work as well. Teams have learnt how to play against us. I'd go with 3 at the back, as I suggested before the start of the season. Westwood Lees-Hutchinson-Van Aken Hunt-Lee-Bannan-Reach Boyd Hooper-Fletcher A couple of those players are currently injured, so could slot Loovens in for Hutch and Wallace in for Boyd for now. Of long-term injured Abdi and Foresteri would come into the frame for attacking midfield role when fit as well.
  12. Emerson Thome


    Yes, agree 100%. It was a rush of blood. He's cost us any chance of winning the game and now will have a 3 match ban.
  13. Emerson Thome


    Didn't see altercation, but Reach played well today. He's been one of our better players this season. 10 years ago £5m would sign you a superstar in the Championship, these days, it signs you a player with potential, and he's improved from last season. Wolves spent £16m and £13m on two players this summer. We don't have that kind of money.
  14. Emerson Thome

    Fletcher Penalty Appeal

    From the camera angle we can see the defenders left arm reach out but the defenders body obscures whether there is contact. My instinct is that he did push him, not hard, but enough when sorting your feet out to push Fletcher off balance. It wasn't clear cut but I think more often than not its a penalty.
  15. Emerson Thome

    Are we in a relegation fight?.

    We're not in a relegation fight. We're inconsistent but we're picking up too many points at home to go down. We have two home games coming up. Win both those and we're back in touch with the playoffs. But we need to start picking up points on the road as well otherwise we'll end up in midtable.