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  1. Agree with @Pablo Bonvin - don't understand the modern compulsion to film every minute of their life. Like those people at gigs who spend the entire thing filming it on their cameraphone. Just enjoy the match. Plus so annoying for everyone sat nearby. No wonder he moved for the second half.
  2. It's a good omen. Last years season preview didn't mention either Norwich or United...
  3. Was there any actual evidence presented other than the word of the Mansfield player? Seems very flimsy.
  4. Depends who we appoint. Based on the latest shortest odds I would predict: 8th under Hughton, Rowett 10th under Pearson 13th under Pulis, Monk 15th under Bullen 19th under Coleman And anywhere between 4th-18th under Silva, van Bronckhorst and the Cowleys, who are more unknown quantities
  5. Hughton has 51 caps for the Republic of Ireland (and Houghton has 73!), so would class as a foreign manager.
  6. Could shuffle these round if you wanted to, it would still make sense: Embargo - largely the same as previous years Manager - stalled, see above Team - presumably still soft Recruitment- None
  7. While Hughton has a good record, I can't help but feel he's a manager very close to reaching his sell-by date. A bit like how I would have loved to see Martin O'Neill here a few years back, but then there reached a point, maybe about 2012, when he went from being a very good manager to a very ordinary one. Warning signs for me would be the turgid football Brighton played last season and Hughton's complete inability to incorporate new signings into the team during the past two seasons, despite spending a lot of money.
  8. Expect either Bradley Wright-Phillips, Eric Trump or the sticky bandits from Home Alone to be announced as manager any day now then.
  9. I can't see Newcastle loaning out Dwight Gayle again, seeing as they've lost Perez and Rondon, from what was already an underwhelming strike force last season. There are rumours they are signing this Joe Linton fella for £20 million plus, but even if he signs they would still want Gayle as part of the squad.
  10. Okay, tired of going round in circles seeing Pulis and Monk mentioned, lets throw a new name into the mix: Some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.... Little managerial experience, but plenty of coaching experience - right at the top level too - Premier League champion as a coach, managed in Champions League, even coached in international football briefly. Available at the moment, an ex-Owl and would bring top-level know how as well as wanting to prove he can be a manager in his own right. 40%+ win ratio during his brief spell as a Premier League manager. To be, or not to be: that is the question...
  11. Great shout. Would be happy to have him here, but not sure he’d leave NI in the middle of a qualifying campaign.
  12. You have to give fingerprints for a Chinese visa so you have to go in person.
  13. No, he means anywhere between 1,000,000,000 - 5. Knowing our luck we’ll just get 5. Maybe with one of those massive Sports Direct mugs thrown in for free.
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