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  1. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Surely he's been in Rehab long enough to have kicked the habit by now?
  2. On This Day

    Keep 'em coming Dunsby, love your threads. Very nostalgic!
  3. Well that's going to set the cat amongst the pigeons! 37 pages!
  4. Consilio et Animis - really?

    Dare Terga et Plagarum Modus!
  5. Consilio et Animis - really?

    Venimus, vidimus, nos got in lamminas adfigens
  6. Remember the shop?

    I'm thinking more William Wallace (Ross's granddad) at Stirling Bridge me'sen!
  7. Young George

    As it's our old house number on Wostenholm Road I'll back you on that. Now when I say back you I mean support you, there's nothing Lord Snooty about my intentions!
  8. RIP Daz, fly high! Sincerest condolences to the family.
  9. It's not mud, it's where he face planted the pizza! Anyone ever had Haggis pizza?
  10. How about.....

    Taught her everything she knows Trev!
  11. Almen Abdi back playing

    Think the only thing that would help him Tim would be a kit made of Mithril!
  12. Almen Abdi back playing

    I think the OP left the word "Up" out!
  13. How about.....

    Yes, the wife gave the other one up years ago!
  14. How about.....

    I don't. Gave it up years ago.