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  1. Was at the Brighton game at the Goldstone a few days after he got sacked and he appeared in the middle of their kop. We gave him some great abuse that day!
  2. I'm just a spring chicken of 61 Nev, not like you old 'uns!
  3. Out of their next 6 games they need to get something from Leeds and Fulham otherwise it could be a very long hard season for them. Here's hoping!
  4. I could easily be wrong (mists of time again) but thought that he was part of Big Jack's initial team as per the above photo.
  5. Didn't know Liverpool used to play in white shorts.
  6. Hi Ho Silver.....Awaaay! Maybe he's Tonto in disguise?
  7. Now we know why they are everyone's second favourite team, because they come second in every game!
  8. Nil points! (spoken in a Eurovision song contest scoring accent!)
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