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  1. There were two cars I dreamed of owning at the time (I was only 14, nearly 15). One was yours, the other was a Mustang. Had a similar experience in Germany on my Honda Blackbird in '99. There was a group of us and at times it got ridiculously fast. Saw just over 150 on the clock on one day and decided that was way, way too fast for me. Others in the group pushed it much harder though.
  2. You must have driven like a bat out of hell! Our coach didn't leave until nearly 6pm! Strangely enough my grandfather lived in Middlesborough (at that point had never visited him) but discovered a few years later his house was only about 1/4 of a mile from where I got smacked!
  3. Bruce needs to do a 25 game unbeaten run, that might just see us sitting nicely in the EPL after about 6 games!
  4. It was my first ever proper away match (BDTBL doesn't count) so I remember it well (cue Maurice Chevalier). Don't recall us taking nearly as many fans as you suggest, 800-1,000 would be more like it. We were truly awful that day, as the saying goes we were lucky to get nil! Remember that we left at 6-0 (just as the 7th was going in) only to find out that they'd changed the pick up point and we nearly missed the ride home! To add insult to injury ran into 3 Boro fans whilst looking for coaches who set about us. Quite the baptism of fire. My friend with me that day was John Pashley who later joined the Paras and was killed in the final stages of the Falklands at age 21. R.I.P. John.
  5. Will do I'll try to get it done later this week. Incidentally your father isn't Patrick by any chance?
  6. Happy Birthday Ron! My best ever Wednesday moment was the cup win. What a day that was! Great team, great memories, great man!
  7. Now we've got a squeak Yes we've got a squeak Steve Brucie says so Wednesday's got a squeak!
  8. It's a no from me, he's got a shocking voice, can't hold a tune for toffee!
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