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  1. I've heard he's being brought in to Elev8 us to a new level!
  2. DC is clearly a big fish. Trouble is he is in a sea full of sharks................................hungry ones!
  3. Thought we were going to rinse them? 2 million, that's not even a pre-soak!
  4. There's no escape mate. I moved 5,000 miles away and I spend more time than ever on here! HOOKED!
  5. Brutal but one of Owlstalk's funniest posts ever!
  6. The best way we can deal with this is to get them in the cup, dump them out and cause his dismissal. Other than that move on.
  7. Kluivert is finally available! https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49009362
  8. If that's true I hope they make a 7 xl or I'm stuffed!
  9. I have it on good authority that Owls Maniac and Siminiac Owl both put a tenner on him!
  10. 10 million Someone's been at the funny fags!
  11. If DC plays this correctly (and so far he has) we might solve any FFP issues for the next season. Fleece them DC!
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