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  1. Absolutely, I spent a small fortune in there! Also there was an extremely attractive assistant in there that I fancied something rotten but never dared to ask her for a date! I would have been about 18 or 19 and reckon she was similar age.
  2. It' was so that if circumstances permitted the company could float on the stock exchange. In order to do that you had to be a plc. Think Spurs did it about that time and were the first to do so.
  3. Appropriate, there's some reyt pilchards on 'ere terneet!
  4. Hope that answers Bez's stupid question! Thanks for posting Dunsby.
  5. PLC's didn't even exist when we were formed in 1867!
  6. Well he bought us, what more evidence do you need?
  7. Hope he isn't our new signing, with feet angled that way he looks more crocked than Abdi!
  8. Thought he was a lot bigger than Bannan!
  9. Oi! Stop giving him ideas. If it happens I'm holding you responsible!
  10. The reality is "we" sold our ground back in 2010when Milan took over. Ever since then the owner of the club has had the ability to do what they want with it. The time to worry will be if the owner of the club sells the ground but not the club to someone else, then we are vulnerable.
  11. Yeah but we're Wednesday, we do what we want! Not that it does us any good mind!
  12. It was just before my 7th birthday and was the first time Wednesday made me cry (they've managed it plenty of times since)!
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