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  1. Dink! Something I'd dreamed of all my life and in all honesty didn't think I'd ever see.
  2. Think they are aerial photographs from the 1930's. There's similar pictures of grounds from all over the country at that time.
  3. Looks a bit like Oldham's logo back to front
  4. ............aren't you forgetting about Huawei and their determination to have tentacles everywhere?
  5. Maybe a bit late to the party on this, but that ban cost us two EUFA Cup appearances. First one for finishing 5th in 85/86 season, second one for missing out in 91/92 season as winners of the League Cup.
  6. Mods please note and if the season does get abandoned (now highly likely) can you please amend the thread title! Thanks!
  7. Might as well start it now because essentially the rest of this season is cancelled.
  8. This thread is descending into total Cheops!
  9. Most likely item, but given the way DC runs things with a complete disregard of the rules, who knows?
  10. As a professional, her entire reputation and career would be at risk if she signed off on something that wasn't right. I suspect she refused to do just that and therefore had to leave.
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