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  1. 20th Nov 1971 at Hillsborough. Brian Joicey equaliser v Norwich.
  2. Originally I believe so, but at various times it's been suggested that DC was also offered the chance to buy it.
  3. If we are staying at Hillsborough, then yes it is huge opportunity missed. You are looking at it based on the cost of a multi-purpose development yet factoring in income for car-parking only. This scenario has been discussed many times before in various threads on redeveloping the ground, the idea being that the whole area could be turned into a fan zone that would provide: Car parking Cinema, fans pub, restaurants, possible hotel to encourage fans to arrive earlier and leave later easing traffic in the area A walkway/bridge area over Penistone Road to new entrances for the Kop etc to improve pedestrian access/egress to the ground and get them off Penistone Road The only reasons I can come up with for the purchase not having happened are that either we are moving or DC does not have the long term vision necessary to make us prosper.
  4. Works at Anfield and Goodison, they think you're one of the Diddymen!
  5. He'd nnnnnnnever try that!
  6. Sounds like you're in a bit of a piccalilli on that one.
  7. I heard they couldn't see things coming!
  8. Will those of us taking banners still need fire certificates?
  9. but what if SYP pen them in for 10 minutes........ .............oh wait a mo!
  10. There's always one who has to p155 on my chips!
  11. Sir Stanley Matthews, George Eastham, Gordon Banks, Jeff Salmons, Peter Crouch, Robbie Williams! Your boys took one hell of a beating last night, one hell of a beating!
  12. Hi SiJ, never knew you classed yourself as an oddball!
  13. He may be authoritarian, but he's definitely not God!
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