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  1. We'd better win by a massive score otherwise this thread will come to a very sticky end!
  2. Well in that case get a boyfriend! Modern times and all that!
  3. Well our next fixture suddenly looks extra spicy, Monk v Cowley! Plenty for you to go at there on your OMDT Snoots!
  4. Even if it was Pep our fans would find something to whinge about!
  5. So many on here demanding that we get a proper experienced Championship manager, now before the team's even kicked a ball for hime you're complaining! Get a grip and give the guy a chance (at least more than you gave Lee), sometimes it isn't the name or their past record it's about the right fit at the right time.
  6. CDC over here = Center for Disease Control! A plague on all your houses!
  7. He was also very successful both immediately before and immediately after Wednesday which tells you a lot more about the state of the club than about Jewell's ability.
  8. Won 2-1 Hooper and Rimmer. Att. 66,945 .......and yes I'd love one too!
  9. That's why it's gone quiet from DC. He's sorting out the compo, one million tins of John West's finest!
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