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  1. Utah Owl

    Will P&S kill us and the FL?

    Let me guess, you're an English teacher aren't you?
  2. Utah Owl

    Neeskens Kebano

    "I never felt more like singing the Blues" of course!
  3. Utah Owl

    Neeskens Kebano

    You misread it, he's a singer!Why else would Kanye West be telling us about it?
  4. Utah Owl

    Luton manager joining Stoke today

    DO you do US lottery numbers?
  5. Utah Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    Ridiculous really, if owners want to the fund the club they should be allowed to provided that the club isn't in anyway saddled with the debt.
  6. Utah Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    Genuinely think that is the case. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Blunts in similar situation either. They spend far less than us, but at the same time earn far less too.
  7. Utah Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    Because unless you have parachute money everyone is in the same boat.
  8. Utah Owl

    Average age of squad

    Never knew that Bernard Hepton (RIP) played footy!
  9. Ah now I get it! We're Wednesday, you're not good enough for us!
  10. So how do you pick out the future generation of managers? I happen to think that Lee has demonstrated the right qualities as a player that shows he could have good potential as a manager. If (and it is still an if although looking increasingly likely) his career is finished due to injury then the next logical step if he wants to stay in the game is a coaching role. I don't doubt for a minute that he will need some qualifications (such is the modern game) but why shouldn't he get those qualifications with us (if he hasn't already got or is in the process of getting them) and then be given a position to start him on the next phase of his career?
  11. Once Wednesday get you it's a life sentence!
  12. Utah Owl

    Carl Bradshaw

    We'd have had more chance of getting a Cheese Berger!
  13. Exactly what Sergeant Tibbs said. The guys a leader and an inspiration with a never say die attitude. Good qualities for a coach if you ask me, far more important than badges!
  14. Utah Owl

    Now the dust has settled...

    After the last few months if someone offered me anywhere in top half I'd bite their hand off!
  15. Utah Owl

    Imre Varadi

    Not sure, think it might have been Carl Bradshaw.