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  1. Utah Owl

    Anyone Remember these?

    Got given a hand-me-down of that which must have originally been from the '50's 'cos it had Accrington Stanley and Gateshead in it! Anyone here used to play another one called 4-4-2? Preferred that to Subbuteo.
  2. It's Wednesday, I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if we managed to screw that one up 'n all
  3. Having a successful side is all about putting round shapes in round holes and square shapes in square holes, and it runs right the way through the club from the owner, manager down to the players etc. Right now we have shapes of all different types and none of them are in the right friggin' holes and again that applies throughout the entire club!
  4. Utah Owl

    It just gets better!

    ............and not getting back to Sheffield Midland until 3am courtesy of the breakdown ahead of us and the subsequent maintenance works. Mind you IIRC the club refunded 5.00 of the 7.50 ICO fare! At least it wasn't all bad news, most of the lasses were down to their undies too!
  5. Utah Owl

    It just gets better!

    Megan 30 yarder. Remember the train journey home?
  6. Utah Owl

    It just gets better!

    He could pull a few strings to get it sorted!
  7. Utah Owl

    It just gets better!

    Anyone remember Portsmouth in Oct '83?
  8. Utah Owl


    In fairness I think we are learning. Suspect the reason we kept it quiet in the first place was so that other clubs couldn't have our pants down whilst we got sorted.
  9. Utah Owl


    The Um'Bongo's been lifted, trouble is that if we spend more than the price of a can of the stuff we'll get sent straight back to de Congo!
  10. Utah Owl


    Do you have any players who are injury prone? Send them to Wednesday and we'll finish them off for you so you can claim on the insurance!
  11. Me too! Um'Bong, Um'Bongo dey drink it in de Congo! Doubt you'd be allowed to get away with that advert these days!
  12. Utah Owl

    Wolves League Cup 1976

    Was at the game. Wolves were in the 2nd division that season but went back up under Sammy Cheung. We were on their South Bank and it was getting very naughty so left five minutes before the end to avoid trouble and missed the winner! My first ever away game where we won too!
  13. Utah Owl

    Alex Hunt