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  1. In my day it was an orange segment at half time if you were lucky!
  2. He's definitely coming if someone rubs his trunk!
  3. If 'owt happens to them hefferlumps I think I can guess where the Rozzers will start looking and Neil will no doubt be thrilled to bits (not) at having to give them your name and address or risk the site being sued!
  4. We won 1-0 that day leaving Ken Knighton as the only manager in our history with a 100% record! http://www.adrianbullock.com/swfc/stats/lg1978.htm
  5. Gives Bazza a great bargaining position if another club comes in for him on our relegation (which I fully expect to happen). Also benefits club in that we can get a fee for him. For once a decision that makes a modicum of sense. The reality will probably be we go down but DC insists on keeping him inspite of any offers that may come in which would be lunacy.
  6. He has the money he just can't spend it (his own words)! So not planning ahead? Balderdash. It makes sense however if he probably doesn't have the money which is why he really can't spend it and if so has been caught in a lie of his own making.
  7. Probably someone who's not happy that Bazza is supposedly on 27k a week even in L1! Plenty of suspects, take your pick!
  8. Not to mention the possible ramifications from the EFL for failure to fulfil a fixture which is also a contractual responsibility between the club and the EFL.
  9. Every place that I worked at when in the UK, the monthly salary was usually paid at the end of the first week of the following month. So in my case the March salary would have been due in the bank some time around the 7th to the 9th of April. Not sure exactly how it works at Wednesday but is probably the most likely explanation, so the player's morale would not have been affected for the Cardiff game. Interestingly enough, we rather went to pieces after that.
  10. The same man who has consistently bragged that he has loads of money but the rules don't let him spend it? Something stinks!
  11. It's symptomatic of major financial issues and what worries me is how long before we fail to pay the Inland Revenue and end up on the steps of the High Court again. DC is just the type to think he can call their bluff and get us liquidated.
  12. I would be on the blower to the PFA to check out my legal rights and sayingFU Wednesday, which in view of some of our "performances" this season may well have happened.
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