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  1. Does the unicorn remind anybody of something?
  2. I don't know about Moteef, anyone caught wearing that is likely to end up with Lessteef!
  3. TFFT, thought it was Voldemort!
  4. My first proper away match that one (Bramall Lane doesn't really count as I'm from Nether Edge)! We were lucky to get nil!
  5. The rail network was 4 times larger in those days, and relatively cheap and efficient too!
  6. Not a good year for us, we got done by Bradford Park Avenue in the first round!
  7. So do we all agree..

    This is Owlstalk so I beg to differ. Don't really, just being an awkward sod!

    If we can hold onto him in the summer Jos really has something to build the team around. Going to be a very special season.
  9. That is absolutely sensational, no other words to describe it.
  10. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Knee injury pphhhtttt! His knackers are knackered again!
  11. Michael hefele

    I opted for the trunk-ated version!
  12. Keiran Lee has had a babby

    Congrats Keiran, new born baby though, you really should be breast feeding him. On second thoughts that would probably be another 6 months out with sore nipples keep him on the bottle!
  13. Michael hefele

    In that case it's a no from me. We've got too many hefelumps in the side as it is!
  14. Was there moonlight and music and love and romance?
  15. Bottom Three

    But could Gooch do a job for the Cricket team?