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  1. Equivalent of 15 points in today's terms just to put it in proper perspective!
  2. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Bloody autocorrect! Zico!
  3. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Sterling away at Oldham 83/84 season. Never seen a ball hit so hard.
  4. RIP Chris. Fly high.
  5. Happy Birthday Howard!

    It was very much a case of Harry Catterick mk2. Wilko wanted some serious backing from the board and didn't get it. Remember, however that McGee gad come in as chairman when we were in desperate financial straits in 1976 and he was afraid of racking up debt to gamble on success and so Wilko moved onto Leeds. Of course Wilko won the title and 10 years later we gambled, lost and have paid for it for the last 20 years, so in a strange way history proved both to be right I don't blame Wilko for it, but conversely I don't blame McGee for it either. Both had valid reasons for acting the way they did, it was just fate, but oh what could have been!
  6. Happy Birthday Howard!

    My lord your English Master at Eton is going to be livid when he sees this! It's character not carachter! Not the first time you've done that either! Take 100 lines sir! I must learn that at all times and on all occasions I must check and re-check my spellings to ensure complete and total accuracy.
  7. Happy Birthday Howard!

    Happy Birthday Sir! Will never forget that wonderful 83/84 season.
  8. Thanks Trev that's much appreciated.
  9. Simon Coleman

    Or a Des Walker or Chris Woods and didn't he sign Warhurst as well?
  10. Also my great uncle Bob: Robert William Millward Fairburn KIA 19th August 1918 in Flanders. According to my Mum it broke my Grandmother's heart (he was her young brother and she doted on him). Whenever she spoke about him she broke down in tears and Mum was always convinced it lead to her early death at 59. Doubtless millions of other similar stories like this. We must never let it happen again.
  11. Lest we forget......... L/Cpl John B Pashley KIA Falklands 13th June 1982. An old friend from school, scouts and many, many Wednesday matches. R.I.P. John https://paradata.org.uk/people/john-b-pashley
  12. ^^^^ This, back in the 80's if Canoville was in the Chelsea side you just knew we were screwed!
  13. Stars In Stripes.... 80's Pt1

    A lot of our fans at the time nicknamed him "Chamber Pot"!
  14. Could it be that...

    Swampy is our secret weapon. Enough bacteria to wipe out Mars single-handedly!