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  1. After yesterday we're expecting everyone to try and sell their tickets on!
  2. There were two lads fighting over this in Hillsborough Park. I tried to calm things down and asked them to explain what it was all about. One pointed accusingly at the other and said "he tried to put a season ticket in my pocket whilst all I wanted was the flipping' nail!
  3. Hope they use the same coach as Del boy!
  4. No player should be in the side or even on the bench unless they have earned that right through a mixture of performance and attitude.
  5. Going to get interesting next season too if Villa drop.
  6. That's the problem, nobody told DC that!
  7. Personally I'd go for Morticia Adams!
  8. To be fair to the club I don't think anyone has been injured by accidentally having a trombone rammed up their nose!
  9. In terms of brains they were lightweight and flyweight contests!
  10. Captain Blueberry with the lead piping in the garage?
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