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  1. I hope that whatever comes out of this just shows the EFL (and EPL too for that matter) up as being totally incompetent and not fit for purpose so that the entire game gets revamped.
  2. Ah what would Owlstalk be without it's monthly George Hirst thread! FFS!
  3. That cameramen taking the picture of the gol at the semi must have been right in front of us by the corner flag!
  4. Even if the panel rules we are in the clear, you can pretty much guarantee the EFL will appeal.
  5. Nah, DC knobbled the panel with Mooncakes laced with something special and they opted to deduct us 12 pints (of best bitter mind) instead!
  6. I'm more concerned abut winning the appeal tbh!
  7. Most of them do, we like to make it easy for the tourists here!
  8. Firstly as you can see from his picture on the previous page he hasn't got any, secondly it's no use trying to provoke him into a fight as he's a Coward!
  9. True Nev, but I've never seen that boating lake there! Where is it, Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch or Balancing Rock? 😜
  10. We've been saying that for several seasons now, when is he going to start?
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