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  1. That's the picture the BBC are using in their article about him.
  2. RIP Saint. Another of the old guard gone. So sad.
  3. Let's hope for the first time in yonks we've finally got the right guy. Best of luck Darren, you're going to need it!
  4. RIP Glenn. Wish you had stayed with us longer, you really knew the game.
  5. Typical, we're going to end Brentford's current bad run. Tis written in the stars!
  6. Bugger me! Michelin Man hasn't half lost some weight!
  7. No he takes nothing, because nothing works faster than Anadin!
  8. This!!!!! We've got lucky tonight, must capitalise on it tomorrow.
  9. Chansiri playing a blinder? Only in the sense that he''s blind to reality!
  10. More like we make their visit a Category A game and charge everyone #49!
  11. Just one of those things unfortunately. The entire complexion of the match changed with the sending off. Put it behind us and move on (if we can).
  12. No, no, no I want to see them have a proper bash at competing against the men if only to put an end to the ridiculous nonsense that Emma Hayes spouted last week. As someone said earlier, she's a bottler of the highest order and a full blown hypocrite. Quite happy to take Abramovic's dosh yet totally unwilling to prove if she has really got what it takes whilst in turn insulting the men's game.
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