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  1. A very, sad saga, but it's football and these things happen. That having been said however there are several aspects of this whole business which need further investigation: Firstly the role of King Power in all of this. People keep saying that GH signing for a Belgium L2 club is detrimental to his career, yet totally overlook the fact that he has signed for the King Power organisation who just happen to own Leuven and also Leicester City. Leuven is a club that Leicester appear to be using to develop their youngsters so in that respect it would appear that Hirst's career is back on track. It would appear that there is nothing whatsoever to stop Leuven transferring young Hirst to Leicester today, tomorrow, next year or never and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. They could also for that matter loan him out to an EFL club and again there is nothing we can do about it. The value of his contract with Leuven is irrelevant as no doubt given their owner's wealth it will be satisfactory to all parties concerned and probably considerably more than we could or should afford. An extremely disturbing precedent is being set here (as Vulva has rightly identified) that if upheld enables wealthy clubs to circumvent the rules and kill off any realistic compensation for smaller less wealthy clubs to develop young players. That is detrimental to the overall well being of the game and FIFA needs to take appropriate action. Secondly you have the role of Doyen in this Doyen have stated in the past that they are all about "investment opportunities" for third parties wanting to get involved in the game and I can't help but think that they are all over this. Their role in this matter also needs to be thoroughly investigated and regulations amended if necessary. Thirdly (again involving King Power) the relationship between the owners of Leicester and Wednesday This is pure speculation but given that both are extremely wealthy Thai families is their any history of antagonism between them? If so it may have been a motivating factor in the way this deal has been constructed, because it certainly could not have happened without the sanction (specific or implied) of the club owners. Forget about the Hirst's behaviour in this matter, was some of it spiteful and childish? Undoubtedly, but then so again was our Chairman's behaviour in failing to see the writing on the wall and preventing the sale of Hirst last season and then denying him the chance to play this season, both of which have cost the club a considerable amount of money (loss of transfer fee, add-ons etc). The real story here is about big wealthy clubs trying to absolutely ruin smaller clubs revenue for developing younger players by circumventing the rules. It needs dealing with firmly and quickly otherwise the long term interests of the game will be harmed because there will no longer be any incentive for smaller clubs to develop youngsters.
  2. Utah Owl


    How's Ian holding up, he's 80 this year I believe? "Mott" is still one of my favourite all time albums (and the "Ballad of Mott" one of my favourite tracks by any band), so if you are still in touch please pass that on and say thanks for all the wonderful music.
  3. Utah Owl


    No it comes in a hatbox!
  4. Utah Owl


    Pray tell!
  5. Maybe that's how they are paying his dad, free beer for life. It'll cost them a fortune!
  6. Very distasteful scenario and two club legends shown up for what they really are with a young naive lad being used as a pawn for a spot of vengeance if you ask me. Bearing in mind the recent situation with Afobe, I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if GH moves again before the transfer window shuts to Leicester and is then loaned out from there to a L1 club. Even if his registration stays in Belgium presumably there is nothing to stop him being loaned back to an English club is there? Undoubtedly Leicester's owners are footing the bill or this entire exercise one way or another and likely calling the shots too. Be curious to see what the financials are on this if they ever come out and whether or not Hirst senior and Pearson have any financial interest in it. As for Hirst senior and Pearson I hope that they are banned permanently from Hillsborough for their part in this.
  7. Fair point. Brain not functioning properly at this time of night!
  8. Not doubting they can afford it, but you sure about the figures? 60,000 over 5 seasons means they are taking 12,000 away per season which is only just over 500 per game? Think their following is likely to be considerably larger than that!
  9. This! Given the unpredictability of the Championship it could be an easy run in too. Who knows?
  10. At 63 years old he needs to be questioning his own pulling power!
  11. Utah Owl

    Back to training early

    Tripped over the ball just before the photo was taken. Out for two weeks!
  12. Quite frankly useless article and stupid comments by TC. I don't give a stuff about landing big name targets. We've done that for the last few seasons and we're still in the Championship. I liken this season to when Sgt Wilko took over from Big Jack. Wilko didn't sign big name targets, he just made damn sure that we got the right targets and that's all I ask of Jos. I don't care if they come from Holland, Germany, lower leagues here or are EPL youth on loan. I just want a team that works and gets results.
  13. Utah Owl

    Wow - what a stupid article

    I'd go with a Strat myself!
  14. Ref's can be bought, so can players, at any level. The standard of refereeing was so poor in the England game with such obvious decisions not even being given a second look it has genuinely got me thinking. We have ruffled both FIFA's and Russia's feathers considerably the last few years so nothing would surprise me, especially at a FIFA tournament held in Russia!
  15. Given FIFA's recent track record that comes across as incredibly naive!