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  1. Brilliant Snoots absolutely brilliant. Fully expect to see Icke in goal for this!
  2. It's the Barnsley line, or at least it was when I last lived in Sheffield (1987).
  3. Bet your daddy was a bank-robber as well!
  4. It's a case of as fans we need to know our rights!
  5. Utah Owl

    Marco Matias

    Shouldn't that be in the Fernando thread?
  6. Utah Owl

    Marco Matias

    It's a real shame because Jos has clearly found a way to bring out the best in him. Is it true that Matias is Portuguese for "glass'?
  7. There's clearly a Clash of ideas on this thread!
  8. Bloody hell, you're making this hard work! As has been said several times over the course of the thread, you can avoid impacting the revenue stream by starting the work now! There are on average 12,000 empty seats or more at Hillsborough every week, so do the work whilst the demand isn't there, because in the Premier League we would be at capacity most weeks, just like dare I say it the Blunts were in 06/07. So to reiterate; Get remedial work on North and South done to get them back up to full capacity Start West Stand & NWC now aim to put a 12 to 15k facility in place, lowest tier could be completed in less than one season. Next do the Kop (could even be done in two stages, lowest tier then upper tier again with 12-15k capacity Done this way at no stage should the capacity drop below 30-32k which is still comfortably above our current average gate.
  9. Utah Owl

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    Hillsborough apart.......... Deepdale .............. sentimental reasons been there many times with Wednesday and worked there a few weeks so seen it in both old and new formats Ewood Park ........... It was a complete and utter hole in the 70/80's, totally transformed in a few years courtesy of Jack Walker without losing it's traditional feel Villa Park ................ nothing needs to be said
  10. ......and still capable of getting us excited!
  11. Talking of Carrow Rd here's another trick we're missing: http://www.edp24.co.uk/going-out/huge-act-set-to-be-announced-for-2019-carrow-road-concert-1-5704515
  12. Forgot Norwich, Carrow Road largely rebuilt since 1990 and Forest.
  13. Even Arsenal are only 200 yards from Highbury, the only way we could do that would be if we swapped places with Hillsborough Park!
  14. Are you being serious? Aston VIlla Blackburn Rovers Chelsea Fulham Liverpool Manchester United Newcastle United Palace Still on same site although rebuilt Spurs Wolves
  15. Give me an alternative site we could use that doesn't have the same issues? Weedon Street & Neepsend Lane certainly do, they are both in the Don Valley and both were badly flooded in 2007. The flooding extended in the Don Valley all the way from Hillsborough to Rotherham. On the Sheaf it started at Milhouses and went all the way to Heeley bottom. On the Rother it went all the way from Rother Valley park so where is there that we can build a stadium that doesn't have the same risks and hence the same insurance problems? Most of the flat land in Sheffield and Rotherham is on the flood plain of one or other of the rivers. Any areas that aren't don't have the transport links and are probably designated as either green belt or residential areas.