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  1. He was sent home in disgrace from the 1994 World Cup for failing a drugs test. He also later admitted in a TV interview many incidences of cheating. Did Pele cheat, or George Best?
  2. He certainly had it all, but sadly he was also a blatant cheat (not just the 'Hand of God' but many other instances) so for me could never be no.1.
  3. Out for two weeks now with a broken middle stump!
  4. RIP Maurice. Bless you for all the great memories that you and Jack gave us.
  5. One of mine too. Took the lead, then Hirst and Palmer scored for them. Di Canio got our winner at the death after dribbling round three of their defenders and the keeper. Another one much further back that I remember was 3-3 v Notts County at their place in '74. We were 1-0 up and looking good then they git a very dodgy penalty scored by Ian Scanlon who went on to get one of the fastest hat-tricks ever in just under 3 minutes. When we got the equaliser just before the end we went ballistic!
  6. Please, please let it be a new one for their honours board!
  7. I used to feel the same but so many of that lot have been in my ear ever since we lost the Finals in 93 and especially since 2000 that I just had enough of it. I'm loving the silence from that quarter at the moment. Long may it continue.
  8. Surprised they haven't blamed Tevez for today's loss!
  9. I'd love to see them go down, but not with him in charge because he'd probably take them straight back up.
  10. Pity you if it's been sleeping as long as Wednesday have!
  11. That "average" side would probably destroy the current team about 6-0!
  12. Just remember in our new formation starting Saturday your position is scrum half!
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