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  1. I think Zidane would definitely be in a Top 20, but after you've gone past the 'god-tier' of Pele, Maradona, Messi, Ronaldo, Cruyff then there are a lot of players it is quite hard to differentiate between. E.g. in Zidane's rough era there was also Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Batistuta, Bergkamp, Henry, Romario, Figo, etc - or if you go back 30 years you have Puskas, Di Stefano, Charlton, Eusebio, Kopa, Garrincha, Jairzinho, etc... I'm not sure Zidane did enough to elevate him to the 'god tier'.
  2. Fair enough - the World Cup point was a bit of a stretch (and Italy/Maldini also had a very good defence in Italia 90). And I agree he was an all time great. I guess it comes back to the point also made by @CalmJimmers about what defines the best player ever. For me, I would never really consider a defender, unless at a stretch a Beckenbauer type that can control the tempo of the game from back and carry the ball out of defence. Reason is, I think it is harder to score goals than to stop goals. I think to some extent the players who become defenders are failed midfielde
  3. Well, in all seriousness - having Rangers and Celtic suddenly have the opportunity to make lots of money and sign superstars again might actually keep the Union together. The voters in Glasgow would suddenly feel a surge in British nationalism (well, the Rangers supporting ones at least).
  4. Okay, so give the spots to Swansea and Cardiff instead? My main reasoning is it would be a glorious way to stick two fingers up to the likes of Arsenal and Spurs and also add an extra bit of spice to a league that would hopefully blow this European Super League out of the water. Plus, you would have two fantastic clubs, with brilliant atmospheres added into the mix, and that are currently stagnating.
  5. We're going to be shopping around for defenders on 2k a week in League One. But even if Van Aken would accept 10% of his current wage (I doubt he would), then we still have the fact he's always injured and always gets bullied by physical forwards. Exactly the kind of player we need to avoid. I really don't see him as Championship-level, he certainly hasn't shown it this season, and I was willing to give him another chance this year.
  6. This is a controversial opinion, but I find Maldini one of the most overrated footballers ever. He was a very good defender - but how people can compare him to the likes of Pele, Maradona and Messi, I have no idea. First of all, he never won the Ballon d'Or. I know defenders rarely win it, but Beckenbauer and Cannavaro did. In fact, van Dijk came second last year which is better than Maldini ever managed (third). Secondly, yes he won lots of Serie A titles, but that's because AC Milan were the best team in the 90s. Gary Neville has 8 Premier League titles and Chellini h
  7. Are you on drugs? Finally we have a chance to get rid of Van Aken - one of the worst signings in the club's history, and you want to offer him a new contract? Might as well keep him on his 20k a week contract too!
  8. Perhaps the Premier League should get on the phone to Rangers and Celtic and offer them a place in the Premier League next season? I was dead against them going straight into the Premier League without qualifying through promotion via the pyramid, but in the extraordinary scenario of 6 clubs being excluded this would be an obvious way to fill two of the gaps. Plus would also show the 6 clubs that this is serious - once they take this step there is no way back.
  9. Would be lovely if they did break away and we could use this as an opportunity to rebuild the football league from the grassroots up, proper fan ownership, only fit and proper persons on boards, sustainable finances. However I fear this is a utopian dream. What the authorities in the UK and UEFA should definitely do though is call their bluff. They must not allow this to be a negotiating tactic to squeeze an even larger slice of the pie. As Gary Neville suggests - hit them with financial fines and points penalties every day until they distance themselves from the proposal. Money co
  10. Palmer is the least of our problems. Almost scored and has got round the side of them a few times.
  11. Just need to get the second goal to settle the nerves. Ideally in the first 15 minutes. Then we can pass it around in the sunshine and conserve energy for Blackburn. The longer this stays at 1-0 the twitchier it will get.
  12. One of the most blatant deliberate handball's i've ever seen. But after QPR it did seem for a moment like we were going to miss out on another one. Can't believe the Bristol City players had the cheek to argue like they did.
  13. What are the numbers in brackets, their respective weights?
  14. Been to a few games in Asia where the running tracks around the pitch are annoyingly common. Worst two were Shanghai SIPG, which not only have the full ten-lane running track, but then outside this extra track area, about three times the width of the running track outside of that (for long jump and the like) before you finally get to the stands. People were selling binoculars outside and we all wondered why until we got inside the stadium. Similarly annoying was Busan I-Park, again a running track with fans miles away from the pitch, but cheekily the home side had built
  15. I guarantee if we were to win all of the last 5 we would stay up. Sadly it's just not going to happen though.
  16. Goal difference isn't a problem. They are -16 and we are -20, but assuming we need to beat them to stay up on the last day of the season, that's at least 2 of the goals back straight away (assuming a one goal win). And also, to make up the 5 point gap that would need us to win two games while they lose one and draw one. So even if we only win 1-0 each time and they lose 1-0 and draw, that's another 3 goal swing. Or if you're assuming a draw on the final day of the season, with both teams level on points, we would have to pick up 9 points (3 wins) while they lose 2 and d
  17. Finally we get a good manager and now this happens..... Get well soon Darren, health is always the most important thing. Just like the club itself, just need a short period of convalescence and then we will both come roaring back stronger than ever!
  18. It all depends on the recruitment really. Need to look at this question again when we're lining up for the first game of the season. These are the teams we put out the first game of the season the last 3 times we were relegated. If the team looks anything like these it will be a struggle. 1975/76 (finished 20th) ............................................Fox.............................................. .Cameron...............Mullen................Thompson.........Quinn. ............Potts.....................Harvey...............Henson..............
  19. 8 pages and counting for something that never happened.....
  20. There's too many comments going into the minutiae of Moore's selection. Truth is, the squad has been allowed to crumble over the past 2 years - useful players like Fletcher, Lee and Murphy have gone and been replaced with dross like Izzy Brown and Marriott. Then you consider that this season has 46 matches squeezed into an unusually short period of time, and half the rotations and substitutions are just because if he played some of our better - but injury prone - players for 90 minutes each week they would end up like Luongo, out of action. The reason players like Pelup
  21. A strong team. Close to our first XI with Paterson to cause problems off the bench. I predict a morale boosting 3-1 win that will make the defeat next Saturday all the more galling.
  22. Investment of.....? And what would be the return on this investment seeing that women's football above the amateur level makes a loss?
  23. It depends, because a number of posts on here are talking about diverting resources from elsewhere to pay for a better women's team. Happy to be corrected if there is a way of sustainably improving the team that wouldn't cost money and resources for Sheffield Wednesday FC, but I believe pretty much all the women's professional football teams make a loss. So when it becomes a case of what do we want to cut to improve the women's team (youth teams? community outreach programmes? first team wages?) it becomes a difference question and something that effects the club as a whole.
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