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  1. If only counting starting positions it is Johnson with 4 - he's started 5 games at left-back, 2 on the left wing, 1 at left wing-back and 1 at centre-back now. Palmer (Left-back, right-back and centre back) and Berahino (right wing, striker and attacking midfield) are the two players to have started in 3 different positions. Last season Adam Reach started games in 7 different positions: 17 games as left-wing back, 8 as left midfield, 6 as centre midfield, 6 as right midfield, 3 as centre-forward, 2 at left back and 1 at right wing-back.
  2. We scored twice from his long throws, although never direct from one, always with a bit of pinball along the way. Palmer vs Preston and Sam Hutchinson in the last game at Derby.
  3. And here are the updated ratings. Dele-Bashiru becomes the 5th player to claim a 2nd Man of the Match award.
  4. So, final marks are in - thanks to the 15 who voted: @Andrew_Owl, @Ash77, @Owlabroad2001, @CalmJimmers, @steelerian, @Holmowl, @A E Neuman NYowl, @adelphi1867, @robswfc, @Dutch McLovin, @davetherivelinowl, @trotter, @adamwestsleftear & @frastheowl SWFC vs Lincoln City, 23rd October 2021 Peacock-Farrell: 5.4 Palmer: 5.7 Iorfa: 5.3 Johnson: 5.7 Hunt: 6.0 Brown: 4.3 Adeniran: 7.2 Bannan: 5.9 Dele-Bashiru: 7.3 - MoM Berahino: 4.8 Gregory: 4.8 Paterson: 5.3 Corbeanu: 6.5 Shodipo: 5.5
  5. Just the millionth reminder that Gary Megson was sacked by Mandaric because Wednesday were 6 points adrift* of the automatic promotion places. We had just been beaten by Exeter, Stevenage and Chesterfield in 3 consecutive games, before the 1-0 win against United. Megson has not been employed as a manager in the 9 years since. So basing our tactics on what Megson did in 2004 at West Brom might not be the answer. Moore is currently 9 points adrift of the automatic promotion places (win the game in hand, the gap is cut to 6). So we'll have to see where he is in March. But the target for Megson, and for Moore, is automatic promotion and Megson failed. When we started to pass the ball a bit more under Dave Jones the results picked up dramatically. Megson got 1.8 points per game, Jones 2.5 point per game. Moore is at 1.5 points per game, so it is up to him to improve that. *2 points on the day Megson was sacked, but United had 2 games in hand, they won the game in hand on the 29th Feb, stretching the gap to 5 points, and drew the other game in hand (on 13th March).
  6. Here are the scores as it stands, people have until tonight to submit. 12 sets of ratings submitted so far. Dele-Bashiru is leading by a whisker from Adeniran in the man of the match stakes as it stands. Peacock-Farrell: 5.4 Palmer: 5.8 Iorfa: 5.2 Johnson: 5.6 Hunt: 5.9 Brown: 4.1 Adeniran: 7.3 Bannan: 5.8 Dele-Bashiru: 7.3 Berahino: 4.8 Gregory: 4.6 Paterson: 5.3 Corbeanu: 6.5 Shodipo: 5.5
  7. I agree with this - I have no problem with us playing full-backs in a back three, particularly when the opposition like Lincoln has no height up front. You see other full-backs like Tierney, Azpilicueta, Kyle Walker, etc. doing this more and more in the modern game in a 3-at-the-back. It was more the performance as a whole that made me angry yesterday. But Palmer and Johnson did fine as it went.
  8. When Darren Moore was appointed, I remember reading a quote saying his approach to the West Brom job was basically to attack, that this got him results when he took over at West Brom in the Premier League, and if you want to get promoted you need to be prepared to lose a few games in order to win more. “This was a team that had lost a lot of games,” Moore wrote in his blog. “Alarm bells were ringing in my head, telling me: We’ve got to stop the rot... The biggest thing for me was to settle everybody down and give them the confidence to know we were a good team. A good club. Let’s take off the shackles that have hemmed us in and show everybody what we’re all about." I think this approach has got lost somewhere along the road and now a fear has set in. Fear in our approach on the pitch and fear in our selection. I worry Moore is trying to keep too many of our big name players in the squad happy and is setting us up not to lose rather than to win. 3 shots in the first half against mid-table Lincoln is an example of this. And while we improved in the second half, this team always seems to have a mistake in them. We haven't scored 3 goals in a game yet this season, and rarely looked like scoring 3 goals. How would I do this? It is a bit counter-intuitive, but I think we can be more attacking by dropping a striker. But instead we could play with two out-and-out attacking wide players. This seemed to be the plan earlier in the season but seems to have been lost along the way. Especially at home, this 3-5-2 is very stodgy and we don't seem to be using the large pitch at Hillsboro to our advantage. I would give Corbeanu and Shodipo a run of games and tell them to play wide and aggressively. Tell them to try and be the League One Mo Salah and Sadio Mane and not worry about tracking back too often. If teams sit deep, we have two pacy dribblers who can beat a man one-on-one. If teams push up, we defend with 7 and have the pace to counter-attack. For the centre-midfield, we can ask Adeniran and Dele-Bashiru to take risks on the ball and drive forward. Bannan can keep everything moving and make sure our forward players are being fed the ball in good areas. Hunt or Palmer at RB and Johnson at LB can be told to be supplementary attackers and get forward and whip crosses in. Playing this way we might concede more chances. But in Iorfa we have a CB with the best recovery speed in the division. We have a decent goalie. And three hard working midfield players. We should create more than we concede. I'm not going to obsess about 'playing out from the back' - but just say that every good team in the Premier League and Championship does this, and most in League One. We should pass the ball, crisply, well, move and make space. But not be predictable. So sometimes pass out from the back and draw in the opposition, other times go more direct. Confuse the opposition. Not ourselves! As for the striker, I think this is where Moore has created problems for himself. By signing Berahino, we now have Gregory, Paterson, Berahino and Kamberi. Players with a decent pedigree and who would expect to play. But they don't seem to play well as a combination in a 2 (Kamberi is the only one we haven't tried in a two), and don't seem particularly adept at playing as a wide forward or in a deeper role. So this is where we need leadership. Whoever can play the lone striker role the best gets the shirt. We might need to run them into the ground for an hour and give another striker the chance for the last 30 minutes. If the plan I have works, it might make sense to sell one excess striker in January. Plus, it is a squad game so other players can come in - Wing in midfield if any of the 3 are jaded. Byers too once he's fit again. Let's see if Sow is good enough as a wide forward. Dunkley will be needed at the back if we're going to face a good target man. This might not work every week. If we're facing an exceptional side we might need to bolster the defence. But not against Lincoln or Cambridge. But let's not die wondering Darren. Take off the shackles.
  9. Another turgid performance. The strikers seem to have no kind of chemistry. Our defence was sloppy, lots of times we looked like giving away a stupid goal. Only bright spark was a few bursts through the midfield. I'm going with Dele-Bashiru Man of the Match again for being one of the few that made things happen: Peacock-Farrell: 6 - A couple of smart saves, goal at the end went through him a bit Palmer: 6 - Awful back-pass near the start. Other than that was a reasonable game. Iorfa: 5.5 - I liked a few of the bursts through the middle, but lost his man for the corner and that has cost us 2 points. Johnson: 6 - Solid apart from one time where he got caught with a bouncing ball. Hunt: 6.5 - One of our better players, often having to cope without much support Brown: 5 - I really don't see a footballer in him. Certainly not in a defensive position, maybe as a winger, but any further back he's a liability. Bannan: 6 - Tidy for the most part, but we had so many corners and freekicks and couldn't make them count Adeniran: 7 - Good energy and great finish for the goal Dele-Bashiru: 7 - MoM. Out best player and one of the few players driving forward Berahino: 5.5 - Ineffective for the most part, gets knocked off the ball too easily Gregory: 5 - Doesn't seem to link up well at all with Beranhino, both of them seemed too far apart from each other Subs: Paterson: 6 - Improved us marginally when he came on Corbeanu: 6 - Couple of good dribbles. Should have been brought on at 1-0. Needed fresh legs earlier. Shodipo: N/A - Not on long enough to judge.
  10. It was Shrewsbury at home. When he won the penalty and scored the (wrongly) disallowed goal. He won reasonably comfortably, with half a mark to spare over Berahino in 2nd. Here's the list of all the Man of the Match performers so far. Seems I missed Corbeanu's legendary performance at Plymouth off my list of MoM, so I should add that in next time.
  11. I'd take Hartigan from WImbledon. @malek called it right before the game, his set pieces were immense. Would be great to have him on right-footed set pieces.
  12. I still think there is a really good player somewhere in Wing, we just need to find the right role or combination for him. That said, if I was picking the team for Lincoln I would like to see Adeniran and Dele-Bashiru either side of Bannan, as they have earned the shirt in the last few games.
  13. Here are the latest ratings for the league campaign. Fizz and Bannan rising towards the top:
  14. 13 sets of ratings in total. Thanks as usual to @Bez, @Holmowl, @Pieman, @A E Neuman NYowl, @trotter, @Owlabroad2001, @Andrew_Owl, @nevthelodgemoorowl, @Tewkesbury, @frastheowl, @adamwestsleftear, @davetherivelinowl Final scores are: Cambridge United vs SWFC, 19 October 2021 Peacock-Farrell: 6.3 Iorfa: 5.7 Dunkley: 6.3 Palmer: 6.7 Hunt: 6.5 Johnson: 5.3 Bannan: 7.5 Wing: 4.1 Dele-Bashiru: 8.0 - MoM Gregory: 5.6 Paterson: 5.6 Adeniran: 6.4 Berahino: 6.3 Shodipo: 5.3
  15. Only 8 sets of ratings in so far... any more left in the tank? Current average scores are: Peacock-Farrell: 6.4 Iorfa: 5.3 Dunkley: 6.0 Palmer: 6.6 Hunt: 6.6 Johnson: 5.0 Bannan: 7.3 Wing: 3.8 Dele-Bashiru: 8.1 Gregory: 5.6 Paterson: 5.4 Adeniran: 6.5 Berahino: 6.2 Shodipo: 5.3 Will tally up the final scores tomorrow evening.
  16. Messi only has 3 goal involvements in PSG's 30 goals so far this season. Useless.
  17. I've decided to listen to the home commentary each week. So get Rob O'Neill and Pearson at Hillsborough, but get more of a hostile away crowd for the away games. It's better than cutting away to Barnsley every five minutes for live updates on their latest corner. It's gone from the soporific Mick Mills at Ipswich, to the two geezers at Wimbledon, and today a couple of excitable football anoraks for Cambridge. They got the Wednesday players mixed up a few times, and I think I heard 5 different pronunciations of Adeniran (none of them correct), but they called it pretty fairly and definitely acknowledged Cambridge were under the cosh second half.
  18. Wondered what on earth I was watching for the first 35 minutes. The second half was much better, we looked by far the better team - but shame we were half asleep. Two games we should have won if we could keep performance levels up over 90 minutes. Peacock-Farrell: 7 - after a shaky start he did well in the first half against the wind. Smart save just before the equaliser. Iorfa: 6 - Okay, but needed to assert himself on game sooner. Dunkley: 7 - Solid, battling performance. Palmer: 7 - Consistent, did well, very unlucky at the end with his header. Hunt: 6.5 - Saw a lot of the ball down the right, didn't do much with it. Johnson: 6.5 - Not terrible, but not amazing either, had one good shot. Bannan: 8 - Was getting more and more wound up in first half, but came out second half and created chance after chance. Quality. Wing: 5 - Another boots on back-to-front kind of game. Strange though, as I am still convinced he's a good player. Despite all the evidence to the contrary. Dele-Bashiru: 8 - I thought he was miles off the pace last season, but he has really kicked on these last two games and well done for a smartly taken first club goal. MoM Paterson: 6 - Huffed and puffed but not a lot else Gregory: 6 - Nothing really fell for him today. Adeniran: 6.5 - We looked better when he came on Berahino: 7.5 - Great flick to set up the equaliser Shodipo: 6 - Poor shot at the end, hasn't made much happen yet has he? Still - a point gained from a losing position. Our second in 2 seasons!
  19. From what I've seen Gregory has been working hard off the ball, wins lots of chests down and is mobile, despite his age. I don't think we're playing 3-5-2 because of Gregory, he could just as easily play in a 4-5-1/4-3-3. It is just that our wingers have been poor and Moore seems to like this 3-5-2 to counter teams that play 4-5-1. Wouldn't be surprised to see us line up 4-5-1 some game soon with Gregory up top. It is also worth pointing out that in addition to his 5 goals, Gregory has got two assists. The chest down for Adeniran's strike at Ipswich, and when he harried the defender, won the ball then pulled back the cross for Paterson at Wigan. So could argue his goals/assists have already won us 8 points this season.
  20. And here are the latest ratings for the league with the Wimbledon game added in:
  21. Thanks to everyone who voted - @hirstys_achilles, @onlyonedavidhirst, @CalmJimmers, @A E Neuman NYowl, @nevthelodgemoorowl, @Holmowl, @trotter, @Ash77, @frastheowl, @Owlabroad2001, @davetherivelinowl, @adamwestsleftear, @Phil H. We had 14 votes in total. Average scores are: Wimbledon vs SWFC - 16 October 2021 Wildsmith: 5.9 Hunt: 7.1 Iorfa: 7.0 Dunkley: 6.2 Palmer: 6.0 Brown: 3.9 Wing: 5.5 Bannan: 8.1 Dele-Bashiru: 6.5 Gregory: 8.2 - MoM Paterson: 6.2 Berahino: 3.9
  22. I wouldn't worry too much if players who can't get in the team get recalled. We don't owe them a place in the team. In terms of the wingers: Corbeanu - Like to see him get more game time, but need a 4-3-3 or for him to play up front in a 3-5-2 I think Shodipo - One good game and not a lot else, but did have an injury. Could come good. Sow - Looked good against Newcastle juniors but nothing since, unconvincing Johnson - Think at his age, more of a LB/LWB. Think we'll see a lot more of him. Not as bad as many think. Brown - I'm not convinced, but a youngster on low wages, worth a punt
  23. First impressions - I think he's got good movement around the box and is good at shooting. But he's got less pace than I thought and doesn't really hold the ball up well. Play him and he'll score goals. But not a great deal else. It's Jordan Rhodes Mark II. Not an ideal sub for days like today when you're trying to see out a game. I wouldn't have minded seeing Corbeanu given a run up front - as the game opens up, his pace and dribbling would be an asset.
  24. I think with international duty BPF is arriving back on Wednesday, probably missing training that day, one day with the squad, then travelling down on Friday and straight back into the team without training with them for 2 weeks. It's not ideal. Now for a goalkeeper I don't think this should be too much of a problem. But BPF's form dropped after arriving back from the last international break, so maybe that was on Moore's mind? I don't know. Would hope to see him back on Tuesday though. His good days are much better than Wildsmith's good days. And I think from what we've seen from Wildsmith over the past few years he is likely to have just as many bad days as BPF.
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