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  1. Thanks for the intro to the new season, MiLord. Few words are needed today, just COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!
  2. Cambridge had a man sent off early on so that Sunderland can overhaul our goal difference advantage. Everything finds a way to stop Wednesday progressing. GD could make all the difference next week
  3. Our goal tonight as bizarre as the one conceded on Saturday. They say it evens out over the season but to get it back in the next game is crazy
  4. My first game since pre-pandemic. I am very nervous abut our chances because we think it's a gimme. No game is a foregone conclusion. I want to see this new squad show desire, determination and a willingness to do the dirty work when needed to win games. Do they really want to be winners or are they the sorts that think it will come to them on a plate because of their god-given footballing skills? Let's have some grit and get a deserved win. COME ON WEDNESDAY! WAWAW.
  5. Timothy Taylor's Landlord, Thanks mate
  6. What happened? I missed the goal cos wi if disconnected just at that moment and I was left buffering when we scored
  7. Again Wildeffingsmith clears poorly and makes my heart go to my mouth
  8. At the risk of repeating myself from 10 minutes ago: Wildeffingsmith
  9. The Hutch experiment is really not working . He is not a ball playing defensive midfielder. Better in central defence.
  10. Bannon playing further forward. That’s a big tactical change to introduce after just 2 days and the team look like they’re struggling to keep up with the change
  11. Hope Sam Hutchinsons passing is better today. Not good in last game - always a bit short.
  12. “Tim” Lees and “Micheal” fox. Commentator really knows his stuff
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