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  1. Great second half. What a feeling when that third goal went in. Apart from their breakaway goal when we had been pressing we dominated and nearly won. And great to be there to welcome KL back to the team.
  2. Totally agree that with Dawson in goal defence is weakened.
  3. Just decided to go to the match. Setting off now. Enjoying the second half of the season and going to show support for the team's efforts. COME ON WEDNESDAY!
  4. No one has gone with SWFC yet have they? I go with the Blue and White Wizards.
  5. For gods sake please don’t let Madine score
  6. Fletcher MoM. Incredible effort to win every header. To say nothing of scoring twice. Reach was excellent, turning up all over the pitch throughout the game. Biggest performance of all was THE WHOLE TEAM. Playing for each other, giving all their effort and justifiably knackered at the end.
  7. Got to give credit to Bruce because they are transformed into a team from previously being little more than a shambles. Sorry to say it but getting rid of Jos on its own made a big difference. But now we seem to have coaches who give confidence to the players. The players then gave all their effort tonight. Some looked shattered towards the end so I applaud the efforts of Bruce and of the players on the pitch. It was a pleasure to be there tonight.
  8. I am excited to be going tonight. I know it pains season ticket holders, but I will enjoy my £20 ticket and so will my two sons who I bought tickets for as well. I'm sure we will win 2-0. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!! UTO. P.S. Glad to see the return of Sid James. Must try to find a use for him some time, but glad to see him pop up.
  9. Waiting for the next OMDT where we hear how Snooty is held captive as the slave to Katrien in the dungeons of Snooty Towers. Or is he holding her until he can fulfil his romantic ambitions on Valentine’s Day?
  10. Clear evidence that Snooty has eloped with Katrien.
  11. It's only at these prices I can afford to bring my two sons. If they don't see any SWFC games, they won't become the fans of the future. Mind you when we're in the Prem there'll only be glory supporters so won't need the local youth to show any interest! (Puts tin hat on)
  12. I am concerned that when the chips were down and his back was against the wall he said he was putting the club up for sale and planned to walk away. A bit like a mardy child really. But I would rather him stay and carry on trying to reach his dream - even if his dream is to be adored by a large number of people, and winning promotion for SWFC is just one way of achieving that.
  13. All that to comment on, and we were put up for sale (weren't we - or have I missed something again?).
  14. Thanks. Yes this worked for me - switching ad blocker off. But never had to do that before.
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