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  1. What happened? I missed the goal cos wi if disconnected just at that moment and I was left buffering when we scored
  2. Again Wildeffingsmith clears poorly and makes my heart go to my mouth
  3. At the risk of repeating myself from 10 minutes ago: Wildeffingsmith
  4. The Hutch experiment is really not working . He is not a ball playing defensive midfielder. Better in central defence.
  5. Bannon playing further forward. That’s a big tactical change to introduce after just 2 days and the team look like they’re struggling to keep up with the change
  6. Hope Sam Hutchinsons passing is better today. Not good in last game - always a bit short.
  7. “Tim” Lees and “Micheal” fox. Commentator really knows his stuff
  8. Our commentator has done this on purpose so that we see how bad a commentary can be and we’ll appreciate him more next time. I’m missing John Pearson’s fan comments. He only sees things the SWFC way
  9. Manager replacing 4 forward players with 4 new forward players not a good idea in terms of team management and man management. Monk exposing his desperation and lack of managerial competence.
  10. Has FF been subbed after 45 minutes more than any other player? I'd love some statto person to do the analysis (I'm afraid I'm not a great Fernando fan - great skill but not a team player)
  11. I'm delighted he has come back to us. He was a great asset to us last time and one of the best players I have seen in a Wednesday shirt in recent years. We have to respect the effort and expense DC has gone to to make this happen.
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