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  1. WOLS

    Big Atdhe haters

    I note that Adthe played international football again this week. Kosovo won 3-0 against neighbours Albania without Adthe getting on the score sheet. He is not a prolific goal scorer - possibly does not have the temperament for that - but he always turns up and plays with 100% effort where ever he is needed.If we are going anywhere next season, I see Adthe as a back up player, making appearances mainly from the bench. But he is still an asset to the club and I bet he is worth his place in the squad for his impact behind the scenes on morale. I hope fans make more effort to make him feel welcome and values at SWFC for the important part he has to play.
  2. WOLS

    Brian Hornsby

    Yes. He was an important creative player for us during that period.......and I often wonder why this set of games against Arsenal is never mentioned. It was amazing. We so nearly beat them, and there were exciting high scoring draws.....until they comfortably beat us in the last match. But there seems to so little record of it.
  3. Really? Only 4? Sorry my memory has failed me. but that 3-0 drubbing they gave us felt like a lot more!!!
  4. Good morning Lord Snooty. Good morning all! Sheffield Wednesday like to show their generosity and compassionate side when playing clubs facing relegation. We give the gift of points. We have given Burton 6 but they choose to snub our magnanimous gesture and keep themselves rooted at the foot of the table. Do you think we will offer Sunderland our outstretched hand to help them clamber to safety? Well let's not do that. For once let's show we have some killer instinct and finish them off. WAWAW . Sunderland are not included in that "We" - they are not Wednesday, they are Mackems, so FFS let's be brutal and clinical and enjoy watching them sink to the next division!
  5. Great reporting by the BBC: "The hosts took the lead when Atdhe Nuhiu headed in from Jack Hunt's cross" says their website report. When do you think they will start actually sending a reporter to Hillsborough again?
  6. Welcome back Lord Snooty. I'm sure that we can't have beat Leeds just because you did not do the OMDT. I respect your resolute defiance of superstitious thinking. As it is said in the amazing song by Mr Wonder: "Superstition ain't the way, no, no, no". Still I suppose the only concern is that at some point a body of evidence grows and the data increasingly shows that it is no longer a superstitious belief, but a proven fact. So good luck with results for the rest of the season! Thank god players are returning. I had been a bit disillusioned with Fernando last season, but I want to see him back on the pitch now and I recognise his brilliance.
  7. Yes all football teams lined up with this exact formation. And if you were playing in a match you would know which one of these eleven positions you would be playing....and therefore you would know which number shirt you would be wearing because the numbers were fixed to a position (i.e. 11 was left wing, 7 was right wing, 9 Centre forward, 8 and 10 the inside forwards, 2 was right back, 3 was left back. 5 centre half, 4 and 6 were right and left half. It all seemed to make sense at the time - but I was only a kid, and I can't remember if they actualy played in this formation. Certainly when I played in a School match, we lined up like this at the start and had these positions in mind when we played - only two at the back. Anyone else remember that or am I making it up?
  8. WOLS


    Snooty is doing an experiment. Is it his OMDTs (good though they are) that have jinxed the season? If we win today he may feel the need to do the honorable thing and fall on his sword, depending on how superstitious he is.......and how honorable.
  9. We all know that you must never say a game is a "must win" game because of the terrible consequences psychologically when you lose.......but I must say that today is a "must win" game. The psychological consequences of losing this game to the whole of the now fragile SWFC Universe could be catastrophic. We need a win. COME ON WEDNESDAY!! I went to both the other games against Bolton this season, expecting a win both times, and we know what happened then. So I certainly can not offer myself as a lucky mascot. Our boys need to keep their nerve, show some spirit like Semedo said, but most of all they need to stay calm enough to play Bolton off the park with good football. And Owlstalkers and all Owls must not submit to negativity. The players can feel it and we need to do our little bit to give the team confidence. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!
  10. Oh God. Surely we will win on Saturday. Can't lose three times against Bolton as they are this season. Just on the law of averages we should get a result.
  11. Sad to see Owlstalkers so negative. Manager has very few options with the available players. I don't rate Butterfield either, but out of what we have available, that is a team that might win tonight if they all show up with maximum energy.
  12. I saw us play twice against Bolton this season already. Expected a comfortable win both times. Lost both games. Looking forward to revenge on Saturday.
  13. You're bang on with this. Although I think 3pts - not much worse, and anything less we're really in the mix. But I don't think there's any real danger we will go down (nervous laugh).
  14. Flippin' 'eck this is such a relief to hear. Definitely a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder. Desperate to get people of his calibre back in the team.
  15. Great OMDT Lord Snooty, and sorry to hear about the suffering you endured the night before the Milwall game. But I'm not sure it was actually a good enough excuse for failing to service the needs of fellow Owlstalkers. Some on here were left gagging for it all night (for an OMDT that is) while you were off doing what you felt you had to do. You are not forgiven for the omission. Difficult match today. Probably the best we can expect is (yet another) glorious 0-0? Or can lightning strike twice and we smash Villa like we smashed Derby. Difficult to see where goals will come from unless Lucas puts in another stunning performance. To be fair to Jos, he posibly did not play any strikers the other night assuming we would hardly miss them, given their scoring rate this season. COME ON WEDNESDAY!! UTO!!