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  1. Manager replacing 4 forward players with 4 new forward players not a good idea in terms of team management and man management. Monk exposing his desperation and lack of managerial competence.
  2. Has FF been subbed after 45 minutes more than any other player? I'd love some statto person to do the analysis (I'm afraid I'm not a great Fernando fan - great skill but not a team player)
  3. I'm delighted he has come back to us. He was a great asset to us last time and one of the best players I have seen in a Wednesday shirt in recent years. We have to respect the effort and expense DC has gone to to make this happen.
  4. I agree with what you have said. Blackburn result was very disappointing because we could or should have won. I want Kieran Lee to start. Because we are not expected to win tomorrow, we will win. UTO and COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!
  5. Great so far but worried for the second half with Dawson who is playing like he wan't mentally prepared for the match.....Might as well have still been sat on the bench when it came to defending those corners. Thank god the others were putting in decent challenges and sweeping up
  6. I'm backing Wednesday to win. I'll be there with Son 3. I'm sure sure we can do it. Not sure if Reach will even be playing given the wealth of options we now have in midfield. I'd like to see Lee playing. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
  7. Come on Snooty. Won't be long before SYP and SAG are hounding you for causing an infringement of the peace because of the delay in producing an OMDT.
  8. Chansiri will be justifiably angry I think. He has just made a massive investment in the club (by purchasing the ground). Presumably one factor in deciding the timing of this business investment was that he felt confident that he had the right man in the manager's job to use the money to achieve promotion. Now all his plans are thrown to the wind, and he probably rightly thinks he should be entitled t o compensation from Newcastle for the havoc they have wreaked,, especially if they can be shown to have acted outside the rules in how they have approached Bruce.
  9. Great second half. What a feeling when that third goal went in. Apart from their breakaway goal when we had been pressing we dominated and nearly won. And great to be there to welcome KL back to the team.
  10. Totally agree that with Dawson in goal defence is weakened.
  11. Just decided to go to the match. Setting off now. Enjoying the second half of the season and going to show support for the team's efforts. COME ON WEDNESDAY!
  12. No one has gone with SWFC yet have they? I go with the Blue and White Wizards.
  13. For gods sake please don’t let Madine score
  14. Fletcher MoM. Incredible effort to win every header. To say nothing of scoring twice. Reach was excellent, turning up all over the pitch throughout the game. Biggest performance of all was THE WHOLE TEAM. Playing for each other, giving all their effort and justifiably knackered at the end.
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