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  1. Waiting for the next OMDT where we hear how Snooty is held captive as the slave to Katrien in the dungeons of Snooty Towers. Or is he holding her until he can fulfil his romantic ambitions on Valentine’s Day?
  2. Clear evidence that Snooty has eloped with Katrien.
  3. It's only at these prices I can afford to bring my two sons. If they don't see any SWFC games, they won't become the fans of the future. Mind you when we're in the Prem there'll only be glory supporters so won't need the local youth to show any interest! (Puts tin hat on)
  4. WOLS

    Any credit to Chansiri?

    I am concerned that when the chips were down and his back was against the wall he said he was putting the club up for sale and planned to walk away. A bit like a mardy child really. But I would rather him stay and carry on trying to reach his dream - even if his dream is to be adored by a large number of people, and winning promotion for SWFC is just one way of achieving that.
  5. All that to comment on, and we were put up for sale (weren't we - or have I missed something again?).
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    Thanks. Yes this worked for me - switching ad blocker off. But never had to do that before.
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    Not working for me
  8. WOLS

    Send For Him

    You're right. We should send for HIM. Our saviour. Jack Charlton. But when the phone call comes from DC, he'll be out fishing. Perhaps I just come from a different era, but it would be great to get someone in of his calibre.
  9. WOLS

    SWFC v Leeds

    Friday 7.45 pm. Says it on SWFC website and Sky plan of televised games.
  10. Yes, I'm "loving" the foghorn as well. Interesting that the commentary has been withdrawn altogether. No commentary at all. But what did we pay £10 for?
  11. I've paid the tenner. Pictures mostly ok (one interruption) but audio is completely unacceptable quality. The service is a poor joke.
  12. A couple of you have had a go at this and almost got it right but I have to let you know that this is the right answer (or it might just be another person's subjective opinion, perhaps) Wildsmith 5 (Dawson 5) Palmer 5 (Baker 5) Lees 6 (Neilson 4) (Lees was competent and mostly reliable I thought) Van Aken 3 (Thornily 3) (both nearly got 4 but were just so error prone) Pudil 6 (nearly 7) Boyd 5 (Fox 4) Bannan 5 (Reach 5) Pelupessy 4 (Jones 2) Hutchinson 5 (Matias 4) Forestieri 6 (Joao 5) Nuhiu 5 (Fletcher 6)
  13. WOLS

    Big Atdhe haters

    I note that Adthe played international football again this week. Kosovo won 3-0 against neighbours Albania without Adthe getting on the score sheet. He is not a prolific goal scorer - possibly does not have the temperament for that - but he always turns up and plays with 100% effort where ever he is needed.If we are going anywhere next season, I see Adthe as a back up player, making appearances mainly from the bench. But he is still an asset to the club and I bet he is worth his place in the squad for his impact behind the scenes on morale. I hope fans make more effort to make him feel welcome and values at SWFC for the important part he has to play.
  14. WOLS

    Brian Hornsby

    Yes. He was an important creative player for us during that period.......and I often wonder why this set of games against Arsenal is never mentioned. It was amazing. We so nearly beat them, and there were exciting high scoring draws.....until they comfortably beat us in the last match. But there seems to so little record of it.
  15. Really? Only 4? Sorry my memory has failed me. but that 3-0 drubbing they gave us felt like a lot more!!!