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  1. Still, I would like to have seen Westwood in the net, even if Dawson did well today, and he did, that late goal was what it was. Dawson isn't a "kid" anymore, he's what, 24 years old? Bruce will know what to do with him, this summer, and I trust his judgement. I think Bruce is already thinking about GK, because Westwood is getting on in years, even for a GK. But it is funny how the clean-sheets appeared, as soon as Westwood was back.
  2. Yes it will be an exciting off-season, and who looks forward to the off-season? This year, I do. Norwich City got their ass handed to them today, from a ragtag Wednesday 11, and they know it. Were it not for a bought goal...in the end though, Norwich will remember Wednesday, and wouldn't look forward to a re-match. Just hope they offer stupid money for Rhodes, and they might, because like it or not, they are going back up. So is Wednesday, we'll see them the season after next, if they manage to stay up...because Wednesday is going up, ain't felt this confident in decades.
  3. You're right, it ain't about money, it's about a coherent squad, I rarely watch Division 1, because Wednesday hasn't been there for ~20 years, but did the year Leicester won it all, with a "no money" Squad. I like to think that Bruce is going to do the same thing, starting this summer, in Division 2, earning promotion.
  4. I so hope, and that such a deal could solve the FFP issue.
  5. Player value is a strange thing, so many variables determine value, things that we don't even know, that we don't even know about. Bruce knows, because his life is football, on a Ph.D. level, it's what he does, all day, everyday. He knows all the behind the scene goings-on, look what he did during the January transfer window, when it was widely believed that no new Players could be had... Whatever money Wednesday can get from the sale of this Player or that, will be the most that's possible, because Bruce knows the deal, who needs what we have, how badly they need it, what other choices they have, he knows the game, on an engineering level. I don't normally look forward to the off-season, but am this year.
  6. Dead on, you, Sir, hit the nail right on the head. After Norwich, and that's not hindsight because at the time, more than a few, were wondering why this "superstar" is still allowed to wear the insignia of SWFC, I would have sent him on his way after that treasonous act. Rant aside, I'll let it set with Bruce, he's a fair Man, and Forestieri will be evaluated by Bruce, not by Owlstalk. I would have sent Forestieri packing his gear, after Norwich, and said so. He's not a Team Player and does nothing when he gets minutes on the pitch.
  7. I agree, Forestieri might not be a bad Player, but the whole Squad and tactical approach has to revolve around Him...and if he doesn't like one or the other, or even the Opponent, he refuses to play, for one reason or another. To my mind, he is not a Team Player, and Teams win trophies, Players don't. Never mind that he can't do 90+ minutes, and yes, the +minutes do count, even if he could, he'd need a few months to recover, if & when he decides to. As said earlier by another Owlstalker, "superstar attitude", but he ain't, or by age 29 he'd be thinking about retiring in the next 2 or 3 years, rather than looking for another job. Will anybody gamble, will anybody offer Wednesday good money for him? I doubt it. He's unreliable, in fitness, form, attitude, and hasn't played as much as some Sub-In's, for a couple of years now.
  8. Try www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk. Lot's of Wednesday stuff, no reproductions, originals, and at fair prices, in many cases not as much as the retro shirts issued by the Club this year.
  9. Nothing wrong with selling Players, so long as their replacements are better. So, who's better than Reach, whom will sign with Wednesday? Can the "new guy" run the whole season, because Reach does, box-to-box, and he might be required to play left, right, or center. Reach is not considered to be a tough guy, but he's never injured, even though he fights in the trenches. Do not give Reach a shot on goal, especially from 20-30 yards.
  10. It will indeed be interesting to see what Bruce does regarding the size & content of the Squad, his strategy & tactics are already apparent, seems to be promotion & attack, resp. This off-season is going to be probably as entertaining as the day Bruce was signed...in spite of FFP-PS. Bruce has made an impact, both on and off the pitch. No matter what happens this month, things have been nothing but positive since Bruce arrived. Injuries are what they are, still, Bruce manages to field a decent Squad. Players are expendable, their Managers are looking to replace them with better, the day they're on the payroll, and the Players know this. We all have our favorite Players, and hate to see them go, if indeed they do go...either way, I trust in Bruce, he's sure turned a "relegation scrap", into a very remarkable run of form, given a wrecked Squad, disgruntled Fans, and an Owner who's wondering if this Bruce guy, is the real thing. What we must not do, is get rid of Bruce.
  11. I'm 61, retired engineer, electro-optics, believe me, I'm "up to date", just don't like all the tracking my purchases, and bombarding my mail with "buy my product." No "doomsday" here, I just don't like the all "buy my product, or I'll keep pestering you."
  12. I got no problem with "cashless", but, electronic transactions allow for an "in", to your accounts, same "in" as you use. So, I use throw-away cards for electronic transactions, but never a real bank-account. My biggest problem with "cashless", is the ability to track transaction history. And you know what that means? It means you are going to be "Coventrated" with sales-pitches by phone, computer, paper-mail...an endless stream of "buy my product." And I might have, bought the product, if the seller didn't invade my privacy. Cash transactions are faster, somebody in front of you always has a problem with their "card", which requires a team of experts from 30 different Nations in order to sort out, and there's always the ever-present possibility of being "hacked." In the end though, "cashless" is a marketing ploy, now the market knows what you buy, how often, and everything about your transactions. Use your "card" and get bombarded, on a nuclear level, with advertisements, every time you turn on your computer, phone, "smart" television, etc. Sorry for the rant.
  13. What a great Thread!!! So many valid points, and varied opinions. I guess it's not the "class" of Whelan, talent too, which are going to sideline him, it's his age...and not just Whelan, plenty of 30-somethings are very much forces to be reckoned with, but would anybody build a Squad, with a core of 30-somethings? It's too bad that our favorite Players can't keep playing across the life of a our being Fans, but footballing is a short career, set you up for life in the way of money, but you'd best save it, because it doesn't last long...and the day you're hired, your Boss is looking for your replacement. To still be relevant, at age 35, in English Football, is remarkable.
  14. Same here, and I'd celebrate for the whole of next week, if Reach scores the first, from about 30 yards out, and Fletcher scores the winner, via an overhead-kick. Might be 3-1 as Nuhiu knocks around in front of the net.
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