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  1. Agree 100%, only I've decided to drink-a-pint for every goal that "Citeh" scores...that way I'll be blind-stinking-drunk come Final Time, only this time it won't be before noon, it's a night-game in England, it will be in the Afternoon here in Florida, U.S.A. The Missus will rail at me, start with Her "it's only a stupid game" re-play, and then launch into a Doctoral Dissertation about how when She orders my shirts, it takes months for them to arrive, and the shipping costs rival the cost of the goods, and that "whomever runs this operation, couldn't RUN, OFF THE END OF A PIER.." Yeah, well, I'll still be a Wednesday Supporter.
  2. The Fans are doing their part, the Players are not. Owners, Managers, Staff, can only do so much, at some point, the Players have to do their part(s), they ain't doing their part. I honestly believe the Wednesday Squad is quality, but they're just not motivated. How much of the motivation-factor is down to the Management, both on and off the pitch? How much is down to the Players? How much is down to Politics? In any case, Wednesday probably has the most dedicated set of Fans in all of football, which is why the away-attendance is so noticed by other Clubs. As long as SWFC has supporters, the Club will not die, never mind all the grief across the past 150+ years, Wednesday is here to stay. Any Fan who doesn't want to support Wednesday, is quite free to change allegiance, but most DON'T.
  3. I see your point, and thank your for your response. I'm a retired engineer, high-energy physics, (electro-optics and things nuclear) and got offers all the time, after a certain point, money just doesn't matter anymore. But, the career-span of a footballer is generally speaking, very short, so I certainly understand their looking for greener pastures, same for the managers. On the other hand, I think that most footballers & managers would like to stay at one Club, for the duration of their career, but, a couple of bad games, decisions, or signings, and either is looking for another job. Still, I wouldn't take Warnock, because he said he wants "one more job", rather than saying something like "I can get Wednesday playing better, with the Squad at hand." Anyway... Thanks Dorian, you always talk sense, politely.
  4. Don't know if a Manager can sort it out, Carlos-Bullen-Jos-Bullen-Bruce-Bullen and now Monk, and possibly Bullen again.... Could Warnock motivate the Players? I doubt it, he said he "wants one more job", doesn't seem to matter where that job is. Sounds mercenary to me, I'll pass on the mercenaries, both Managers & Players. Can't comment on the "other association" concerning Warnock, because I'm American and have no business getting involved in an English cross-town war, just think Warnock is looking for a last big paycheck, and, Wednesday is good at that....
  5. You're right, now Urhoghide is getting "blooded", knows what's it's like in the trenches, and to up his game, and he may, or may not up his game. Penney was outstanding, didn't need any ''blooding", he was hauling ass out of the backfield, with the ball at his feet, knocking opponents aside and then... Why develop either Player amongst teams other than Wednesday? The U23's might be doing a lot better, if Wednesday didn't send the all best out on loan, and Wednesday just might get some young Players from within.
  6. Means what would be so wrong with a Urhoghide-Iorfa-Boerner-Penney back 4?
  7. No problem Ethel the Tree, you're a sane voice, on an insane forum. Hat's off and raise a glass to you, we do, here in the USA. We wait for your updates.
  8. I speak German, been to the BRD many, many times, don't even need a map to get around. Don't know anything about Greuter-Fuerth FC though, other than where it is. As for Penney, I remember him as a LB, running it out of the Wednesday backfield, into the oppositions' backfield, was always wondering when he'd get his goal, think it was 2016-17, maybe 2017-18, but he looked like the real deal. He ran it out, faster than a "hoof out", and, suddenly, he disappears, re-appearing in the BRD. I could see a Wednesday back 4 of Urhoghide, Iorfa, Boerner, and Penney. Keep us here in Owls Americas posted, you are a reputable source. Thanks again.
  9. Mine said..."stop drinking, it's not even noontime (Florida) and you're on your 12th, it's only a game." Yes, it is only a game, but...that was humiliating at least for the fans, and should have been for the Players too. I'll still support Wednesday though, I'm a "clapper" but not always a "happy clapper."
  10. Thanks again Ethel the Tree. I hope Shaw & Penney return to Wednesday, and eventually end up in the Squad because I think there's a Player in both of them, Shaw up front, and Penney down the left side, hope Kirby gets a spot too.
  11. Agree 100%. Sure, Wednesday would like to keep Dawson, but it's up to Dawson whether or not to accept a new contract. I don't doubt that others have their eyes on him, only Dawson can decide where he wants to play, if in fact he's getting offers. He (Dawson) has a lot to consider, because like you say, Salmonbones, the playing life of most footballers is short, got to make your money fast, and save it, because after that, you'll be on "workmans wages", if you can find a job.
  12. There's room for Lees too. I like Boerner-Iorfa in the middle of a back-4, Fox or Penney(?) left, and Palmer or Urhoghide right. Wednesday has options, across the back, right, left, and center. Be interesting to see how Monk plays these options, I don't think He'll have anything set-in-stone, and will play according to the opponent, injuries, current form of each Player, etc.
  13. They sound American, their American English is too perfect for them to have been born anywhere else, or raised at least, but in the USA, no "accent" whatsoever, well sort of an accent, a Midwestern (neutral) accent, not New England, NYC, upper Minnesota/Wisconsin, Chicago.... I like the video, just another instance of Wednesday getting more support, from overseas. There is no American "look", we are a Nation made up of all Peoples, since 1776. Like how they showed the train-ride, still wonder how they got press-passes. Like to see more, from them, if, when, and as they can attend a Wednesday match, home and/or away.
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