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  1. To my mind, Bullen didn't lose against Milwall, the Players did , they were better than Milwall, whom got lucky. Anyway... SWFC is looking better, really, across the last 5 years, than they've looked during the past 20 years. The Club has a dedicated Owner, the Players seem more coherent, like the new attack-scheme, like Bullen, and it shows. Wednesday looked good in the pre-season, and look good so far. Bruce jumped ship, yes, but I'm glad he did it during the pre-season, rather than say, round about December. Good riddance, he is a mercenary. Struggling? Wednesday has been struggling for decades now, but for the last 5 years, the struggle is yielding better results.
  2. Exactly. Forestieri, when he' in-tune, is like a Ferrari, unbeatable, will do things widely believed to be impossible...thing is, a Ferrari doesn't stay in-tune for many miles, which is why nobody uses them as an everyday-driver. Forestieri is probably better suited for short-time, rather than 90+ minutes, times 46 matches. I'm not a fan of his, but as long as he's wearing SWFC insignia, I'll support him. However, as you say, "it's up to him to force his way into the team", because reputation is not enough these days, at the new Wednesday. At the new Wednesday, you will earn your position, be it 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Choice.
  3. Wasn't Winnall, during the 17-18 Season, doing as well as Forestieri ever did at Wednesday, as far as scoring goals is concerned? I think both had 11. Suddenly, he disappears. Wednesday could do with a formal Striker, 20+ goals. Such a Player is necessary, and Wednesday may be able to create one, from within. Who? Winnall, Penney, Liam Shaw from the U23's...? At this point, SWFC may have to create from within, because a "plug-in" 20+ Striker will not be cheap, or even available, and may not even "plug-in" so well at Hillsborough.
  4. That's it, the OMDT, just around midnight (GMT), it's on now...Lord Snooty has spoken, anything said henceforth, can and will be held against you in the OWLSTALK COURT OF LAW. So I'll start..... Millwall is about to meet the new Wednesday, and I don't think they'll like it.
  5. Past is the past. Looking good for SWFC, in spite of all the drama. The Players themselves seem to have taken a personal interest, tired of being considered "junk" and Bullen isn't averse to letting them play how they probably always wanted to play...ATTACK. Even the Wednesday Defense attacks, they don't play "possession."
  6. Made a Believer out of me last season at home, hosting Swansea(?), overhead-kick, goal. Somebody on Owlstalk can tell me when the last time was, that a SWFC Player did score from an overhead-kick?" Fletcher can score from most any scenario, he's not a 20+ goal-scorer, but he'll give you 8-10-12, when it really counts, and it did count today because there were 30 minutes yet to play, plus stoppage, and Wednesday has been known to lose, on the very last kick of the match, in stoppage time.
  7. Boerner (can't figure out how to get the O-umlaut, but do speak German), looks to be a solid addition to the Squad, but let's not get carried away just yet. I know, it's difficult to NOT get carried away, because Wednesday looked good in the pre-season, and have taken 6 points out of a possible 6, with authority, in the opening days of the Season. It isn't the old Wednesday....+4 GD too, when's the last time you saw that? Boerner, Lees, Thorniley, & Bates, as Junk Smuggler says, The CB position is not too shabby, and Boerner seems to know what he's doing, expected to do, and did it, at least today. It's a different Wednesday this Season, and not just regarding CB's.
  8. Lot of valid points & counterpoints, nothing off-topic, great Thread. I was hoping Norwich would come in with a decent offer for him, because Wednesday was just not playing attacking football, didn't show any signs of taking up attacking football, and Rhodes ain't a defensive Player, he's for offense, close-quarters-blink-of-an-eye goals, in heavy traffic, and we now have that sort of need. If a Club is going to play in their OWN half of the pitch, Rhodes is useless. Wednesday now seems to be of an attacking attitude, the Players seem to like it, the Fans definitely like it, and Rhodes just might rise from the "defensive coma", and return to form. Maybe not, either way, he's Squad, and didn't look too bad in pre-season. Give him a run-out, it's a new Wednesday.
  9. Probably, just not given the chance to be. As far as Supreme Leader goes, probably not, but we're looking for goals. I think Borukov can do that,
  10. Borukov is a more versatile version of Nuhiu, whom was our top scorer in 2017-18 I think it was, 11 goals. Strikers? Borukov likes the lone-frontman role, and he is a big bruiser, he'll knock you on your ass, legally, then score one. He's good at headers, via crosses, and he's just not afraid of anybody.
  11. I'd like 3 GK's, each one as good as the next. Wednesday just went through 3 GK's, like crap through a goose. So, I like this signing.
  12. Manager maybe not, in the grand strategy sense, but he does do well on the actual battlefield, and the Players like him, which means they'll play for him, because he knows them, and their limitations. Management doesn't win matches, Players do. Bullen probably doesn't care about all the politics, he cares only about matchday, and how to win the match at hand. So appoint a "Manager" for all things which Bullen cares naught for, but let Bullen fight the actual battle.
  13. I'd just bet that more than a few Players have had a "rollicking", under Mr. Interim (Bullen) it's just not for the World to see. It's private. Actually, had Joao NOT scored that goal, my guess is that a rollicking would have taken place, because Bullen was yelling for him (Joao) to get it to the corner, and Joao knew it, but took the shot, and.... No need to launch into the Player, and humiliate him, in front of the whole World, better to do that sort of thing in private, in front of the Squad, whom are his Peers, not the Social Media, and the Player will appreciate the constructive criticism, and do better the next time. Bullen is a field guy, he does not care about grand strategy, that all goes out the window after the first shot is fired, after which, it's WIN regardless of grand strategy. To Bullen, this means ATTACK, right from the start, and right until final time. Don't "fix" things that aren't broken, and SWFC is NOT broken, looking good, even after all that's transpired.
  14. I agree this is true, in spite of the Bruce debacle...but my bubble ain't burst yet. Wednesday looked fit and coherent during the pre-season, and when's the last time the Club has won on opening day, away, scoring three times, and playing late with 10 men, and minus the #1 GK? Joao ain't goin' to Reading, neither is Pulis going to be calling the game plan. How do I know? I don't, but, neither does anybody else, save for DC & the Agents.
  15. I don't know how Bullen would do as Manager, but during his interim-Manager roles, he likes to play attacking football, and it works. He's never stunk up the place and there's probably nobody who knows the Players as well as he does...he knows who's getting tired during the match, when a Player is afraid of his Marker(s), when Plan A isn't working. He knows what the Players can do, cannot do, like to do, how & where they like to play. Here's a compromise solution: give Bullen the job, and if he doesn't do well, don't run him out on a rail, simply let him return to his former duty, don't run him out of SWFC.
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