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  1. Neon Nick


    Last season it was the Left Side, this year it's the Right. During a re-build, one sorts out one disaster at a time, it's not possible to sort the whole mess out in one felled swoop, you can't "click-n-drag" on the computer and win the 1st Tier Trophy in an minute or two... We need something like a Penney, only on the Right Side.
  2. Neon Nick

    FF out for 6 -8 weeks

    If Forestieri were going to amount to anything, he would have by this time, in any League in any Nation...he's almost 30 years old, about the age when most "big time" players are thinking about retirement. I say pair him up with Rhodes, and offer a "buy one, get one free" deal, 1 million pounds sterling...but we'd take 500,000. This is what a re-build looks like, and re-builds cost, both on the field in terms of wins and losses, and in the boardroom in terms of "legal stuff." Anyway, I'm not too bothered about the presence or absence of Forestieri, because either way, he makes no impact.
  3. Neon Nick

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    So do I, oh not because I think they're a better side, but rather because I don't see us setting up to attack them from the opening moment.
  4. Neon Nick

    Cameron Dawson

    Dawson is our Defense, there's nobody else in the way of the opponent running right into our 6-yard box, our Attackers are having to double as Backfielders, and it shows. What Midfield? There is no high-press, the opponent is free to just waltz on into our 6-yard box, via a leisurely stroll through our Midfield, and into a bunch of real fine Attackers, trying to defend, win the ball, and bring it out, by head or foot. GK should be the last resort, the last chance, the last man...instead, he has to be the entire defense.
  5. Neon Nick

    Team for Tuesday

    DAWSON PALMER LEES THORNILEY PENNY REACH PELUPESSY BANNAN JOAO FLETCHER MATIAS I would not play REACH forward, because he likes some space, if he's 30 yards out, sees an opportunity, he'll score. In the box he tends to hold the ball too long, and loses it. The Front 3 are up for grabs, but whomever it is, they must score, given good service, I'd like to see Borukov as the lone center-target...Bannan likes space too, and meshes well with REACH, PELUPESSY makes sure that nobody hurts REACH & BANNAN.
  6. Neon Nick

    Where to start?

    I'd start with our Forwards, count up the "sitters", and easy shot's they've taken, but missed...and we'd be top 6. Today we fielded an Owlstalk fantasy front-3, and none of them scored, and they did get decent service. Was a bit surprised to see the absence of Penny & Thorniley, and Palmer, in a back-4, but got a further look at Baker & Fox, more so Baker than Fox. Baker looks to my eye like a Midfielder, attacking, rather than a Right Back in a Back 3, or a Right Winger in a Back 4. The difference in this match today, was that our Fantasy Forwards, got service, and between the lot, couldn't manage even an equalizer, when they should have netted 3 anyway. I know, easy to say, if you don't play, but that was disappointing, still, we move on.
  7. Neon Nick

    Team for Derby

    Lot of viable formations & players proposed by fellow Owlstalkers, difficult to choose, but I like the above, that is, if Jos is going to deploy a 4-3-3. With Jos, it's not so much the players, he plays the same players, for the most part, but in different positions within different formations. The right side seems to be where he's undecided, as are many of us here on Owlstalk. Forwards, formal, seem to be dependent upon the chosen formation. I'd get Borukov in as a "lone center-man" up front, we're good on the right & left up front, but not in the center. Borukov is kind of a "tough-guy", he's not small, not slow, not stupid, and not afraid, plus, he uses his head, he wins headers. If you're good enough, you're old enough, and I think Borukov is, and he loves the lone center-man duty. Anyway, in a few hours we'll see what happens. 3-1, SWFC.
  8. Neon Nick

    Come on ...

    It's only 10:30 PM here in the States. I agree with you. Still a lot of football to be played, and Jos has pretty much sorted out his choice for first 11, and he has been experimenting with those players in different formations. I'm not ready to call it quits, until promotion is mathematically impossible.
  9. Neon Nick

    Adam reach

    8, 10, 12 million for Reach....what's it going to cost to replace him? And who's available?
  10. Neon Nick

    The invisible giant.

    Very true. We need a win today, because the gap is starting to widen, at least between the top 3 and the rest, maybe the gap is real, maybe it's just conversation, but it's there all the same. Middlesbrough is beatable, they're a defensive team, 6 goals conceded across 12 games...but they only score a goal per game. Can their defense hold back our offense? Not if we, attack, attack, attack. Can our defense hold back their attack, probably.
  11. Neon Nick

    #OnThisDay in 1874

    Not any more, Jos doesn't seem to tolerate tardiness, or failing to show up on the pitch. Great post dunsbyowl, note how civilized the pundits were 144 years ago.
  12. 25% of the season has looked good, bad, and ugly. Thing is, the points say that merits 6th place. That's not a bad place to be, at this point. 75% of the season yet to play. The top spot is by no means authoritative, they own it by 1-2-3 points, West Bromwich Albion, Leeds United, and Middlesbrough, respectively, are right on their ass. We're short 6 points, and this point in the season, the top spot is not "owned."
  13. Neon Nick

    Kirby Sub

    Well said. West Bromwich Albion didn't draw, SWFC gave them a draw, they were lucky to walk away with one point, not us, and they wouldn't have managed even that, had it not been for an Own Goal.
  14. I figure sub's were coming on because the game was basically won, it was lost during the closing minutes, via an Own Goal, not sub's, should have been 2-1, Wednesday.
  15. Neon Nick

    West Brom game

    Last two games here in Florida, U.S.A. have been audio only, I expect the WBA match to be the same. Like to see the match, but the commentary is informative.