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  1. Lively discussion. I'd like to see Rhodes get a run under Bruce, because there were plenty of "poaching" chances last half-season, just no "poachers." Not saying build a team around him, just saying that he might be able to do some good, and likely as not, he'll be on the payroll come August. Might as well try, to see if he can add 10 or 15 goals, we're paying for him anyway. Nothing wrong with a Sub-In role, expensive Sub-In for sure, but, if Bruce can ignite him, look out. To my mind he didn't really crap out, CC and Jos did. We did not play attacking football, but we do now, plus, Bruce knows him, which counts for a lot. If there's anything left in Rhodes, Bruce will extract it, if not, he'll be on the payroll (probably), but not playing, First 11 or Sub, because Bruce is looking to win. I'd love it if Norwich would offer stupid money, or even reasonable money, but they're not going to, and neither is anybody else.
  2. Nothing else to talk about...yet.
  3. Got no problem with Chansiri putting his name on the kit, but I'd add "Year 5" underneath. Like to see this, with Year 5 under Chansiri. Why? Because Chansiri doesn't sell out, when the going gets rough, this will be Chansiri Year 5, I think, and he's taken a lot of flak, some deserved, but at least as much, not. I think we'll see stripes, front & back this year, because a fair number of Fans are very vocal about this, and DC is very cognizant of what the Fans are feeling.
  4. Briggowl the Younger could do iFollow some good!!! Excellent work. Looking forward to more such work, during the season too. His compilation of goals is instructive, the viewer can see the overall pattern of things, across the entire 2018-19 season in 15 minutes time, even as the Squad transitions from Jos to Bullen to Bruce Himself. Plus, it's just fun to watch, Wednesday, doing nothing but netting goals...a fair number of which were spectacular. Good job, Young Briggowl.
  5. I was one of those whom applauded the benching of Westwood, and the appearance of Dawson, and ate that applause, the minute, and I do mean MINUTE that Westwood returned, under Bruce, because it was an instant clean-sheet, and this became a habit of his. Right on!!! It's just "business", nothing new at all, Westwood will be wearing SWFC insignia, in 2019-20.
  6. Zidane, remember when he head-butted that disrespectful player a few years back, think it was a World Cup match, but whatever it was he clocked that fellow right now, over a verbal insult, concerning his Mother I think it was, or so it was reported to have been. That's a right sense of Honor to my mind.
  7. Asteener 1867, you might be un-bored later on this week, Bruce dumped some dead-weight already, 800-900 lbs. worth, collectively. I'd expect Training Camp to start next week, 3 months to get your Squad in tune and learning to play together, if that's legal in English Football. I don't think this Summer is going to be boring. Holy Crap, an hour after the last match, came the first tune-up of the 2019-20 Season, 6 Players were released. This indicates, to my mind anyway, that Bruce is thinking and acting not for the present, but already has his Season Plan in order, he knows what he wants, has, and can possibly obtain, in the way of Players. He knows what his strategy, tactics, and Plan B will be. When Wednesday hits the deck in August 2019, they'll hit the deck running, because I don't think Bruce sees the first two months of a Season, as the time allocated for tuning and learning to play as a coherent Squad. Anyway, this will be the most lively off-Season in a long time. Those 6 Released? They knew it weeks before it went public, and Bruce knew it weeks before they did. I'm looking forward to this Summer.
  8. Hector has found a home, like a stray cat, kicked around for years, never had a home. Well, now he has a home, if the "law" says we can give him a home. Hector likes his new home, and the family likes him. He likes playing for SWFC, even if there's not enough receivers for his trademark long passes downfield, that's where the goals are, downfield. He follows the ball downfield too, got no problem playing in the opponents' half of the field, or getting there in good time. Hector on the penalty-kick. Nothing fancy about it, it was just plain raw horsepower, and we all saw it when his run-up started 6 yards back, their GK knew what was coming too...a fast-ball, somewhere, his worst nightmare...and it came true. QPR won, but not because Hector didn't do his part. He'll be back in SWFC insignia, for 2019-20.
  9. I'd like to contribute, didn't know Him, wish I did, he's Wednesday, and rides, rides now in the Forever Chapter.
  10. Right there with you HillsboroughOwlNI. I'd watch Division 1, if SWFC were in it, probably will be for the 2020-21 season. I like to think that Wednesday will add some excitement to the otherwise "robotic", and definitely mercenary, Division 1 football...kind of like a Leicester, a couple of years ago. In any event, I'll keep watching SWFC, be it Division 1, 2, and yes, 3. You know, I don't even know the "standings" in the 1st Division, don't care, and don't care to know, because I follow (pun intended) SWFC, wherever they are.
  11. Well, Joao scored one today, and that suits me. What amazed me was that both goals were scored in the first half, and Wednesday didn't lose a 2-goal lead, in the last minute, or seconds, of stoppage-time.
  12. Westwood doesn't seem "mercenary", I think whether he stays, or goes, will be more up to him than Wednesday, FFP aside. I'd like to see him again next season, but it's probably really up to him, offers from other Clubs, sure, but he's never taken one, and doesn't seem to be in need of retirement money, or spending money. If he stays, I'd like to see him not just in the net, but mentoring our other GK's, teaching them how to read the battle, COMMAND, and stop goals. Here's the thing about money, when you don't need it, you can do what you want, and any "employer", had better offer things that money can't buy, because you don't need the job offer, or the damned money...and employers don't like that, don't need the money, don't want the money, don't care about the money, now, what else are you offering? Westwood seems to be a down-to-Earth kind of a person, I was skeptical about Westwood, and said so on this venue, that Westwood is not our future, and was glad to see Dawson get a go. And I ate those words, willingly, when the minute Westwood came back in, the clean-sheets were instantaneous, and "habitual." He's not our future, unless he can play to age 40, but neither is he the past, he's the present. Hope to see him next season.
  13. Still, I would like to have seen Westwood in the net, even if Dawson did well today, and he did, that late goal was what it was. Dawson isn't a "kid" anymore, he's what, 24 years old? Bruce will know what to do with him, this summer, and I trust his judgement. I think Bruce is already thinking about GK, because Westwood is getting on in years, even for a GK. But it is funny how the clean-sheets appeared, as soon as Westwood was back.
  14. Yes it will be an exciting off-season, and who looks forward to the off-season? This year, I do. Norwich City got their ass handed to them today, from a ragtag Wednesday 11, and they know it. Were it not for a bought goal...in the end though, Norwich will remember Wednesday, and wouldn't look forward to a re-match. Just hope they offer stupid money for Rhodes, and they might, because like it or not, they are going back up. So is Wednesday, we'll see them the season after next, if they manage to stay up...because Wednesday is going up, ain't felt this confident in decades.
  15. You're right, it ain't about money, it's about a coherent squad, I rarely watch Division 1, because Wednesday hasn't been there for ~20 years, but did the year Leicester won it all, with a "no money" Squad. I like to think that Bruce is going to do the same thing, starting this summer, in Division 2, earning promotion.
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