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  1. Agree infinitely with this. Had the ref not carded FF, he'd be out of a job, his "superiors" determine how fit he is for duty, and today, like yesterday, every ref is expected to a perfectly programmed robot...every year, in every sport across the globe, since 1867 in the case of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. So what do we do? We collect up our casualties, and get ready for the next fight, same as has been done since AD 1867. That's the best we can do. Not a Forestieri fan, but he really did get a bad deal. Liked his goal assisted by Reach, it was just like the Joao goal last week, exact same position and angle. FF got a raw deal, even a Forestieri detractor can see that.
  2. Neon Nick

    Summer Sort Out

    gurujaun, I like your posts, you make many good points, and I learn a lot from them...but...both Penney and Thorniley are worth more game time, I know, Penney is rather seriously injured, a shame, because he looked so good on the left wing, he didn't pass it downfield, he ran it downfield, fast, and nobody could stop him. Baker is worth a further look, yes, we already have two qualified RB's, in Palmer & Iorfa, and Iorfa is signed, I think. So why keep Baker? Because somebody's going to have to replace Palmer, or Iorfa, maybe not next year, or the next. Baker with the right coaching could be a great RB/WB. As it stands, looks like Iorfa is going to have to de-throne Palmer, and he may well, then Baker can be the sub. I don't know, maybe Iorfa will mentor Baker. Borukov. Seems to me the natural replacement for the Nuhiu Out proponents, he's certainly more agile, 6'3" and 200+(?) pounds, scores a lot, loves the lone-frontman role, and can head a cross, even a lousy one, into the back of the net, he doesn't give the ball away, and he's not afraid of any opposition. Preston? Kirby? Your thoughts, please.
  3. Neon Nick

    Adam Reach

    Reach is a Trooper, he does whatever his General tells him to do, even when he knows it's the wrong way to use him. I like him on the left, to Hell with Forestieri, he had one good year and expects that to win for him his wages, for the next 10. Against Reading, this past Saturday, all I saw him (Forestieri) do was pass the ball into OUR half, which is about the only time we played in our half... Forestieri or Reach? Reach. Forestieri's best position, is on a bus, out of Wednesday, to Norwich City. Sorry for the rant, but that's how I feel....not that it matters.
  4. I see no reason why Owls Americas could not, and should not, contribute, don't really care if anybody categorizes me as a "true fan." I've followed Wednesday since 1970, when a bunch of English Doctors moved into our neighborhood (fleeing socialized medicine I now know), my Dad was a heart-surgeon, so was our most immediate neighbor, Dr. Packingham, both of whom were huge sports fans, Dr. Packingham always referred to himself as a "Yorkshire Man" and he was all Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. Our entire families would fly over to England, when the Doctors could get a few days off, the girls would stay in London and shop, we guys would drive on up to Hillsborough...so I have been there, from 1970 (age 12) to 1974 (age 16), got to say, the stadium and pitch look a whole lot better today, at least in the pictures...and Wednesday does too. Brian Joicey was "the Man" back then. My question regarding legalities, has to do with accounting, would it have a positive impact on FFP to have a bunch of money come in from overseas support? In the form of matchday ticket purchases, as well as season tickets? Why not do it through the "smile thing" which SWFC does? Because doing it from overseas shows just how big SWFC is, and here's an example of just how big SWFC is, at least in Florida. December 28, 2018, burst incarcerated hernia, I'm in the Trauma Center at the local hospital, it's 3:00 AM on a CAT-Scan table, the Tech says to me, verbatim, "Sir, is that a Sheffield Wednesday insignia?" What's the chances of that? I've since bought him some shirts and an iFollow Season Pass. Point? SWFC needs to know just how much overseas support is out there, ready, willing, and able to spend some money...should Wednesday need it.
  5. Neon Nick

    Rotherham on Saturday

    What brand of lager? Where was that picture taken? It'd make a great poster, framed and matted, sold through the SWFC Megastore...
  6. Wholeheartedly agree. Bruce hit the deck running, he didn't waste any time, got some new Players, shored up the defense, and he's probably working out the offense as this is written. The strikers are getting chances, good chances, more than a few "sitters" too, they just can't put the ball in, and that's since day 1 of this season. However, somebody had to stop the massive goal leak, and Bruce did, took him about ten minutes to shore that leak up. Now he's looking at the offense, and it's beginning to show, those first ~20 minutes of the Reading match last Saturday were the best Wednesday has looked in probably 20 years. If our strikers keep missing sitters, they'll be either sitting on the bench, or in the unemployment line. Why not try Borukov? He's big, physically tough, and loves the lone-frontman role, plus, he's got a reputation for using his head, I'd have to look it up, but think that a fair number of his goals are headers. 19 years old isn't too young. He's fast, a good a hold-up man, doesn't give the ball away, and any opponent who try's to push him around, will be collecting his teeth, with a broom-rake. He is not injury prone.
  7. Neon Nick

    Rotherham on Saturday

    Our crew, here in Tampa Florida, will applaud during the 49th minute, with your permission, as we did not know Him but wish we had. We'll raise a pitcher to Him as well, what was in that pitcher? Hats off to Rotherham, for their sense of honor.
  8. Interesting point. Would it be "legal' for all Owls Americas members, to buy tickets, and give the tickets to a person whom can actually attend the matches? Near as I can tell, Hillsborough could benefit from about another 10-15,000 people in the stadium, and there are probably twice that number whom would go, not just because the tickets are free, but rather because they're SWFC fans, and just can't swing, or justify the ticket prices. I'm serious and am going to bring this thought to the attention of Owls Americas.
  9. I think Winnall will get his chances with Bruce running the show, if indeed he's fit enough to take the chances. Is Winnall a lone-frontman, perfectly at home operating in the box, in heavy traffic? Who knows? What role does Bruce expect him to play, if any? Who's interested in buying a 28(?) year-old Player, just back from the seriously-injured list? I like Winnall, but, does Bruce? Got a feeling that Winnall won't be with SWFC next season.
  10. I know, they seem to be unknown. Socialst_Owl told me about it, when I was commenting about going in for surgery, and having the CAT-Scan Tech ask "Sir, is that a SWFC insignia.?" I mentioned it on the forum to indicate that SWFC has a large following across the USA, and Socialist_Owl told me about Owls Americas. I joined, the Tampa (Florida) Chapter.
  11. Yes, blog, podcasts, interviews with SWFC Players, licensed support merchandise (I assume because it use the SWFC insignia), Chapters in many states, from Oregon to Florida. Just type in Owls Americas.
  12. Neon Nick

    Thinking Out Loud

    The English Football League, and to my mind this includes the so-called Premier League, should emplace a salary-cap, that what can be spent on Players. The NFL did this 30+ years ago. Doesn't matter who you are, how big your stadium is, how many season tickets you sell, and on and on, ad infinitum. You can spend only so much, doesn't matter whence the money, and it doesn't matter which team. As I've said before, I love the structure of English Football, but the politics are insane, no other word for it.