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  1. Yes, the 1940's...first thing we think of is WWII. Were it not for a few hundred English fighter-pilots, England would have been invaded by Hitlers Army. Air superiority is key to any war, since 1914, even today, especially today. Yep, Lancasters bombed Germany, but not until German bombers hit English civilian populations. Americans will always stand with the English, in spite of our little roll-in-the-mud a couple of hundred years ago. One of my Uncles flew B-17's, out of RAF Molesworth, with the 8th Army Air Force of the U.S.A., 303rd Bombardment Group (Heavy), 360th Squadron, and RAF Molesworth set in place a monument to the 303rd, on their airbase, back in the year 2001. WWII should be remembered, because if the Allies would not have won, the World would be even worse off than it is today.
  2. This 100%. Anyway, I think Chansiri has learned a lot during the last ~7 years. As far as "budgeting" goes, there seems to be a belief by some Owlstalkers, that Chansiri saying "there is no budget", means there is an UNLIMITED amount of money to be spent recklessly. I think he meant more that there is no specific amount of available money, specifically allocated for this purpose or that. There is a limit on money to spend, and it will be spent according to Moore's advice, as far as Players go. I'm looking forward to 2022 - 23.
  3. Theme song for the movie The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...by the Danish National Orchestra...the only words are WAWAW. Can't figure out how to post this song on Owlstalk, but do think it would would say to the opponents...bring it on !!!
  4. In 1970 a bunch of English doctors moved into our neighborhood. One of them was a heart surgeon, so was my Dad, and soon our families became good friends. Dr. Packingham always referred to himself as a Yorkshire Man and was a Wednesday fan, Dad was a huge sports fan, and wanted to know about "soccer." From 1970-74 our entire families would fly over to London, where the girls would stay, we guys would drive on up to Hillsborough. During that time we'd go to Hillsborough 6 or 8 times a year. Been a fan ever since.
  5. Got that right, Morepork speaks sense. For my part, I'm happy, sort of, with the 2021-22 Season...And I'll be here next Season, same as any Wednesday supporter. Fans are why Wednesday are still around, in spite of spending very little time in the 1st Tier, mostly 2nd and 3rd Tier. Wednesday Fans complain, but they don't jump ship.
  6. Sheffield Wednesday FC has a fantastic fanbase, complain as they may, they're always present for the next Season. I like all the different thoughts and opinions on Owlstalk. In 2022-23, we'll all be here again, because WAWAW.
  7. Agree. DC is in it for the long-haul, he's been the Owner for, what, ~7 years now, and never made any money, but lost a lot, and still is losing a lot... Don't know what this Paxaio chap does, if anything. Some say he was the man behind all the big-money Players, some say DC is controlled by this Paxaio guy...anybody know what his role is ?
  8. @BetterCallSaul, where are you ? We're wondering what your thoughts are about losing in the Semi's, just like Wednesday did. Big panic ? Calls for the Manager to be crucified ?
  9. I'd say it was a successful season. Why ? Didn't get relegated, which would have ( I think ) made history, don't think Wednesday has ever been in the 4th Tier. Didn't go into Administration, which was a possibility. Did not lose many games, at least made the Playoffs, and came on so strong after Christmas. In a half-Season Wednesday accomplished more than most did in an entire Season, had to use the first half of the Season to figure out how all the Player-combinations / permutations looked, and this resulted in mostly draws, but few losses.
  10. Yes, both emotions are present, kind of like a storm at sea, it's both exciting and very scary, and the outcome isn't guaranteed. Wednesday, 3 - 0, could be any Wednesday players scoring the goals, but Gregory will probably get one. Sunderland got into the outer-bands of the hurricane on Friday last, they managed to sail through, but only because of a brief pause in the storm. Today, Sunderland has reached the hurricane proper, and I think they will be seriously hit. Sunderland won because Wednesday ;made a mistake. Sure, they were giving it their all to score, but they couldn't, until...and they didn't score after the mistake. The scary part is that Wednesday couldn't score either.
  11. I think Moore will say thanks to the Fans, and that it's just another match, got to win it, and move on.
  12. Back in August, it was a dream that SWFC would be where they are now...it's now reality (wirklichheit), and from here on, a fantasy just may come true...promotion, when many were hoping to NOT drop into Tier 4, optimists were hoping for a mid-table finish. What a ride this season has been, and it's not over, especially if SWFC makes the playoffs.
  13. The Ku Klux Klan, for the benefit of many readers who may not know, the KKK was at one time a very powerful, very racist, very violent group, originally started in the North (the Northern States in the U.S.A.), but got kicked out and found their home in the Southern States. That photo looks to me, from ~1930 - 50, a local Chapter in some small Southern town. They're still around, but that same picture today would show about 6 Klansmen, and they have no power. They are ridiculed and laughed at.
  14. That's it? Never saw that, but, I was only ever at Hillsborough 6 or 8 times a year, from 1970-74...saw seat-cushions flying though.
  15. I don't get the banana connection to SWFC, haven't read all ~30 pages of this thread though. I take it that it is some sort of reference to Barry Bannan ?
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