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  1. My hat's off to anybody who can grow even a small patch of grass in England, never mind a full pitch, during the winter. Pitch didn't look too bad on iFollow, the weather did though. I raise a glass to those whom endured such weather, that's part of the game too. To the best of my knowledge, there are no enclosed ( domed ) football stadia in England.
  2. I'm not so sure the first 15 games were wasted, there were a lot of combinations to be tried, tactics too, the run-it-out tactic got a fair chance with mediocre results, draws. Here lately, Wednesday is trying the attack tactic...the best defense, is a good offense. Things are looking good.
  3. BPF is not the reason for 1 point, instead of 3. Got to score more, if they score 1, we score 2, and so on.
  4. Why's it have to be one or the other ? It's nice to have options.
  5. Great review, as always. The post-match version of the Lord Snooty OMDT, only in video and the spoken word. Noticed the books on the window sill are knocked over, never seen that before in a Charles Clegg presentation. An "omen"....?
  6. Me too, it'd be interesting to know how many watch Wednesday on iFollow.
  7. Great points in that pre-match review. BPF is probably in for a serious workout, so is the entire defense. Will be waiting for the Charles Clegg Post-Match Review.
  8. Don't think Sefton owl is a bellend, we tolerate this kind of post because it's an Owlstalker, speaking his mind, same like we all do, for better or worse.
  9. I remember Penney as an offense-minded LB, he did not pass it around the back, he ran it out, his idea of defense, was to run down the left side, and he did, knocking people out of the way while so doing, and still keeping the ball.
  10. It was a fine pitch, and I don't think a win is negative, but... somebody will always complain. Win, lose, or draw. Of course there's always room for improvement, and Wednesday is improving, today there were goals from from Dunkley, Corbeanu and Kamberi, I'd call that positive. And, after shipping two goals, Wednesday held the lead, and won.
  11. My Missus calls summer in England, winter... In any case, it's something for the Grandchildren to tell theirs about...they were around when Wednesday was at the 13th Hour, same like we tell ours about the 1970's. Wednesday will survive, because Wednesday Fans don't jump ship, that's why we're on Owlstalk, complaining...we care, and will be here next season too. It's just another Wednesday season.
  12. Agree with that Holmowl. Still, it would have been nice to win, because however insignificant the match was, it was a competition.
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