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  1. Here in the USA, and Wednesday does have quite a following here, we don't understand the concept of P & S. Who cares how much money a Team loses? If the Owner want's to keep losing money, he (or she) is free to do so. As far as spending money goes, we have a thing called "salary cap", everybody gets to spend the same amount of money on Players, which prevents the scenario wherein one Owner can simply buy all of the good Players. Let's say the "cap" is $100,000,000, this means the Team can spend $100,000,000, they can sign, 5 Players at $20,000,000 per season, or one Player at $100,000,000 for one season, and so on. Nobody cares whether or not the Team makes money, it's up to the Owner to decide about P & S, and billionaires, if they like something, don't care how much it costs to maintain, while it generates zero income, for instance 300' yachts, their own personal Boeing 757, grand estates in 10 different Nations. This is Chansiri, he doesn't care about the money, he LIKES Wednesday. His biggest mistake was in not realizing that he can't spend according to his ability to spend. I like the mechanical structure of English Football, a Tier 4 Club can, and probably has, risen to the 1st tier, I do not like the financial structure of English Football. In any case, I will continue to support SWFC, no matter the Tier in which we play. Can't be any worse than the 1970's. Call me a "happy clapper" or whatever, I call myself a Fan, for better or worse. See you next Season, in whatever Tier.
  2. Great video... Wednesday will only disappear if the Fans disappear. I don't think much of FFP and P&S, or the governing bodies of the game. Personally, I don't care what Tier Wednesday is playing in, my first decade of following SWFC, was the 1970's, and from here in the USA, with several trips to Hillsborough during that time. No matter what happens, I doubt it will be a return to the 70's. See you next season, whatever happens, and keep doing your video.
  3. I'm sure Monk & Chansiri have their thoughts about January, but neither is going to declare to the World, what their thoughts & intentions are, because that would be stupid. Why announce on social media, the inner workings of SWFC? Social media, and Dom will know, when January rolls around, after the contracts are signed, because social media doesn't matter, this is football, not computer talk.
  4. Remember last season? Reach got 2, and Fletcher got 1. 3-1 Wednesday. I know, different Season, but ….
  5. This is true. Not just today, it happens over and over and over, again. Wednesday seems to lose, in the closing minutes of stoppage time, one time it was the last kick at the last second of stoppage time. Today was bad, 7 minutes left, plus stoppage, and Wednesday conceded TWO goals. I don't think that's all on Westwood, ultimately it is on Westwood, but it seems like the last few minutes of every game, the Players just stop playing.
  6. Wednesday, today, isn't what Mowbray is expecting. Or what anybody expected this Season. "Mobrays monsters" will meet Monk's Marauders, and...
  7. Absolutely we should let Monk sort it out. But the very fact that the question has arisen, is because Wednesday is acquiring depth, nice 'problem' to have, that of choosing from competent options. It's all about horses for courses, and Wednesday ain't all that lacking in horses. Almost a third of a Season is past, and Wednesday, in spite of all the negatives, including Referee's, is looking good. In sum I don't see it as a Luongo or ??????, at all, I see it as "horses for courses," Nice to have such an option.
  8. It stands for Quantum Electro-Dynamics, one of the branches of Quantum Mechanics (QM). As for Reach, the Wednesday Wings, and so forth, this Thread makes many valid points, based upon the same number of Opinions. The main issues seem to be, in order, that Reach is not a tough-guy, doesn't score enough, and has no "football brain" which results in him not knowing what to do with the ball, when he get's the ball. For me, I wouldn't throw him out just yet, but if somebody came along with a reasonable offer, I might think about accepting such an offer, and that goes for any of the Wednesday Squad.
  9. I couldn't agree more, dead-on Sir. They played tip-tap-paddywhack, they played more to keep the ball from SWFC, than to score. Big Dave comes on, late, and makes believers out of them. I think they were a little worried, they got a goal, sort of, and hoped to hang onto a 1-0 game. In other words, they did not want to play, because they were afraid of this new Wednesday. They were happy with one goal, and ~70% possession, figured that Wednesday couldn't to much harm with only ~30% possession...think again, we win, when we've lost the possession statistic. To my mind, Fulham was lucky to get a draw, Wednesday was unlucky to not have gotten a win. Meet the new Wednesday, who plays to win, not draw, even if they may lose out on a draw in the process of playing for the win. Fulham ain't nothin' special, neither is anybody else, this is SWFC.
  10. Agree 100%, either way, he's on the payroll, so lets see how Monk uses him. I would so laugh my ass off, and eat my words, if Rhodes bangs in 20 this Season. I was rather hoping that Norwich was going to make a reasonable offer...Wednesday seems to be playing according to that what he does. It's not a case of say, Nuhiu or Rhodes, more a case of Nuhiu and Rhodes, in a front 2 or 3, Wednesday has some options in a front 2 or 3, with or without Rhodes, but I'd like to see him get one more chance, why not? We're paying for him anyway, and if he stinks up the place, he gets flushed.
  11. Agree 100%, Rhodes is on the payroll, but the payroll never played like he thought it would, he's a poacher for sure, and that's all he does, and he does it well, or did it well, until he signs with Wednesday. But this is not the same Wednesday he signed with, everything has changed, and the Club seems to be playing a game which is to his strengths, which is poaching goals, and that's all he does, he does nothing else. To ask him to be able to play like, say, Nuhiu, would be like asking asking, say, a Ferrari F8 to run the Baja 1000 (brutal off-road race), it's just not what a Ferrari does. I never "rated" Rhodes, not qualified to do so anyway, but I do wonder how he'd do with Monk in charge, in a front 2, the other Player being a "tough guy", Nuhiu, Fletcher, Winnall, and maybe even one or another of the U23's?
  12. Fletcher is now getting served, by Wingers, and some of the Midfield proper. The result has been a very decent scoring run, which I think will continue because Fletcher, old as he is by English Football standards, is athletic. Remember that overhead-kick goal against Swansea, last season, how many 32(?) year-old's could have made that kick? Fletcher-Nuhiu-Winnall-Rhodes, maybe even FF, are some pretty good options for a front 2, served by quality Wingers and Midfielders. Fletcher has been good for 8-10 goals per season, with NO service, wonder how it will pan-out this season, with service. Looks very good so far.
  13. Huddersfield. I just hope that Monk instructs the Players to attack, no quarter given, none expected.
  14. Lord Snooty, your Monk OMDT...... I've read it over and over, because it yields new information (at least to me) with each subsequent read. You speak from an engineering viewpoint, rather than an emotional viewpoint, but at the same time, the 'human side' is present. This is my favorite of all your writings, which ought to be offered in the Megastore, leather bound volumes. Who could read these observations on the Monk Appointment, and not feel good about it? Who could listen to Monk, and not like him? I know, Monk is not a 'fashionable' appointment but he seems to understand the principle of playing to the limits of ones strengths, and the importance of Players being able to think, read the game, and direct the proceedings without having to be told. Monk isn't big on destructive criticism, he tells the Player how they can improve, rather than highlighting the failures. Never seen an OMDT concerning a Manager, makes me think the author likes the idea of a Monk Wednesday. I like the idea, even if I never thought it'd be Monk, I do now. Yes, Chansiri looks battle-hardened, been ~5 years in the trenches, now he knows the political-legal end, very well, and that not everybody who says they can do the job, can, and that those whom can, may just jump ship next week, but he ain't jumpin' ship just because the fighting is fast and unrelenting. This is an affront to his (Chansiri) Code of Honor, which would be about like the British Code of Honor, 1836, and what's so wrong with that?
  15. OK, it's Monk, let's support him. Why trash him from the start? Let him know that Wednesday has a very loyal fanbase, through the bad times and the good times, and that Managers are the first to go after a bad run, maybe that's why we run through Managers every 2 years or so, for the last ~25 years now, ain't had a good run across the years, for some decades now. I just hope Monk is of the attacking bent, because the current Wednesday looks so good in the attack mode. Wednesday loses playing defense, but wins playing offense. It's just another Season...
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