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  1. Thing is for me, weekends aren’t weekends anymore. You have to work when work is available. I’m sure many are in similar circumstances. I think it was Gary Megson who said “20 thousand would turn up to watch the grass grow” Times have changed along with peoples priorities so I agree with the OP that the timing is wrong based on future commitments & I think it sadly again shows the ignorance of an arrogant chairman.
  2. Great OMDT Lord Snooty as always. Think I’ll need something stronger than milk this afternoon. So, “roll up, roll up” for the the team tombola selection! Who’s fit enough? Who can be R-sed? Always hoping for the win but think we’ll get hammered 1-1 again. UTO
  3. I think Paulo Maldini would struggle to organise our lot.
  4. “Forgotten parachutes cause charity jump disaster”
  5. Needed a double or triple change after they scored their first. Better performance but ffs. Gregory MoM
  6. Tbf, it’s feet look perfect for “playing out from the back”
  7. Newcastle fans wanted rid of Ashley. I remember Noel Gallagher in an interview saying when Man City were sold, if he thought they’d “sold there soul” to the money men & he said “bring it on” It’s sadly what happens to be able to compete so I understand both sides of the discussion.
  8. I’m working in London so the result is welcome. Did we play in pink? If so, the stat’s must be going up?
  9. Great OP @CourteenerOwl Changing a winning team is bizarre but it’s the playing out from the back that also needs to stop. Other teams see the panic it creates. It’s not something this lot are suddenly going to learn how to do, they’re simply not good enough to play that way. Moore seems to not recognise this.
  10. “They were all out of turkeys Darren” ”Erm, well, we’ll go again”
  11. It’s the inability to adapt to the game in front of him for me. Not saying we have a league winning team but the need to change things seems beyond him.
  12. It’s outrageous. I’ve been telling people all day we are 7th. ffs
  13. We’re not good enough to play it out from the back. Amount of times I heard today “BPF to Hutchinson” & “Hutchinson to BPF”. Ipswich do the same. It’s probably why it nearly worked for us. Very frustrating.
  14. I don’t see how players & a manager can pick each other up after that for Tuesday night. Away at top of the league. Ffs
  15. Great OMDT Lord Snooty. Expect the Unexpected??? 0-1 hopefully? Unless I missed it, surprised nobody’s mentioned sticking it up the ‘arris of the ginger hobbit that is Ed Sheeran… Anyway, UTO.
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