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  1. AC/DC ”Crewe shook me all night long”
  2. Darren Moore’s Mrs deserves a special mention. He must have thrown the tele out of the front window by now.
  3. Very appropriate OMDT Lord Snooty. Surely we have to carry on from Monday? Big Daz should tell them to play as if it’s the same game. Change nothing & we win. UTO RIP Guru
  4. Totally bizarre. How does he know “TRANSFER NO PROBLEM”? And why does he write in capitals?
  5. He was but relationships soured when Chansiri got that Buddhist monk in.
  6. Yeah imagine being forced to see your contract out even if you’re not happy or not playing. It’s like League of Gentlemen
  7. Just proves he’s no idea how to deal with the P&S rules. What’s that meme? “Only worry about something when it happens”
  8. I’d love to know what paint they used for the “PRESTO STAND” It’s indestructible.
  9. Great OMDT again Lord Snooty Tbh I’m baffled as to why Stubbs doesn’t “start in” every OMDT. Are you being told who to include in your “line-up” by a higher power? I think we’ll sneak this one this afternoon/evening. 1-0 to the Wednesday Club. UTO
  10. Don’t forget in his world he can do no wrong. I think he’ll turn up say it’s not right we got relegated, blame everyone then start talking about promotion.
  11. Marks & Sparks “Westy” ffs
  12. I suppose the simplest way of looking at it is to say we need to win 2 more games than Birmingham & Rotherham.
  13. Thanks for the OMDT Lord Snooty. Gonna be a tricky one to win but I thought that about Barnsley so you never know. I’d like to see the commitment of the last game because even if we come away with nothing today it’s a good sign for the remaining eight. Oh & Rotherham & Brum to get battered. UTO
  14. I admire your commitment although I can see 2 fundamental flaws in it. 1. You would be expected to endure the full 90+ minutes 2. You may have to do the post match presser.
  15. Bleedin hell @bobness You’ve given it the kiss of death. It’s never gonna happen now.
  16. Reading this reminded me that I have a signed picture of Jack with Roger Hunt & Alan Ball on Jack’s back at Wembley. Think I should re-hang it tbh. Just thought I’d share. Well done by David Squires.
  17. Lockdown not going very well in Western Australia mate?
  18. I want to know who’s cutting his hair during lockdown? Is there more going on in the treatment room than Hutch’s knee rubs?
  19. Don’t know how feasible it would be from an accountancy pov but I’d like to see the ground signed back to the club before any spendageddon. As others have said providing he has any money left.
  20. I’ll probably get interested about a week before it starts. They’ll probably be a lot of rolling around on the floor, & at the end of it all we’ll say “football’s not what it used to be”
  21. My Dad would have loved it. He would have been happy to expire while swearing at a referee or a useless centre half. It’s a great idea. Sorry for your loss Chewy
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