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  1. I’ll go for 3 that I think made those around them better. Andy McCulloch Viv Anderson Carlton Palmer
  2. Really needs to be decided around those that have been offered new contracts imo. The quicker they accept or reject them will make it clearer.
  3. I’m looking forward to getting dressed up as the Queen a week on Thursday
  4. Not looking like it’s going to go too smoothly tbh.
  5. Makes you wonder what his teammates think especially if they’re only on half as much
  6. It at least sounds like a change of direction from the running down of contracts, hopefully…
  7. Welcome to Owlstalk & good luck tomorrow. What are your thoughts about curry sauce on chip shop battered fish?
  8. I’ve been in them 3 or so times in the 2000’s TBH I prefer a standing Kop in the 80’s trying to dodge someone pizzing on your leg but that’s never coming back is it. Happy days
  9. If a player is down requiring treatment for longer than a minute they should be considered unable to continue the game.
  10. Thick & thin as they say. Well mostly thin. I don’t really think It will ever make a difference to me what ever league we’re in. Obviously want the success but I’ll still be feeling the hope & fear in or before every single game. Ffs Wednesday…..
  11. I dug some turf up with my bare hands during that pitch invasion, took it home & planted in the garden. I was 10 years old but I’m still expecting a life time ban & to burn in hell for eternity.
  12. All set to go for a couple of pre match pints. Just got to remember to put my head on.
  13. Are you from Wessex by any chance? I’ve worked around there in the past. Son.
  14. He’s been held under the prevention of teddyism act
  15. So Imre Varadi….Banana. Good job we never signed Michael Ballack.
  16. Outstanding season for him but he rates George Hirst?
  17. I’m on your side here fp but your last line with a comma would be “a complete pretentious helmet, you are”.
  18. I’m in the right hand side stand as you walk down Herries Road. I heard there’s a new owner, is he any good for us?
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