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Man of the Match - Preston (A)

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Preston 1 - 0 Wednesday












What have we learnt about Tony Pulis and what he's going to do here?

What have we learnt about his systems, tactics. 


Well, not much going on todays game seeing the entire plan was out of the window after 15 minutes.


He's started Paterson in a position where he had some success at Cardiff.

But as soon as Windass walked that was over as we had to shuffle the pack.


For a team that has been so poor at attacking this season...going down to ten men was the death knell for this game.


Obviously we then saw even less of the ball. 


I think my man of the match would probably be Borner.


Hargeaves!! I still can't attach the polls. What's happening man?!



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Tough call. Reach looks like he's been resurected as an attacking threat by the arrival of Pullis.


MoM for me as it's the first time I've seen him give away a foul with a late challenge.




Great cross at the end too. A sign of things to come hopefully.


Keep up the good work Adam!



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Westwood - 5 - had one job, cocked it up. That said the defence didn't close down for the first ball in and no one reacted to the punch. Its a mistake yes but not a glaring one and I'm willing to accept one after so long out. Still head and shoulders better than other two.

4 - palmer- poor didn't get forward lacked energy and passed it to them time and again.
Crossing non existent and weak.

6 - lees - solid did nothing wrong but nothing special either

6 - Borner- see above. Sames

Van aken - 5 - played okay but isn't a full back didn't go forward once so it was more like a ******** eyes 3 6 1 than a 451.

Bannan - 2 - very poor from bannan to cap off a run of very poor performances. Not the captain I hoped he would be. In a really poor period of form. His set peice delivery is so poor and we need it to be so much better as that is literally the only way we will score.

Luongo - 4 - back from injury and it showed. What he did he did well however didn't do enough. Faded quickly. Will be another player that just won't get fit enough to make a difference.

Moses - 3 - just a poor footballer. Can't attack, can't defend just runs alot. His lack of composer cost us and he should have done much better with his half chance.

Reach - 3 - the days of reach are behind him. Previously he was super fit and worked hard. Now he really doesn't seem to give a crap.
Gave the ball away or just ran into his man several times today.

Patterson- 3 - has a tash. Slow leggy and doesn't win headers. A prime example of how monks recruitment was so very wrong.
Anonymous today.

Windass - 2 - brought in as a striker but his goal to game ratio is horrendous. Did nothing before his stupid challenge. Was a waste of money. He isnt a striker and isnt a midfielder, where does he fit in?
Was a red for me, high dangerous and stupid.

Subs -
Joey 5- has limited ability but does as he is asked. Not the problem today.

Brown- 2 - another lazy signing from monk. The guy is a crock and just hobbles about. Made no impact whats ever today and we will have spent most of our budget on his wages. Doesnt seem interested, happy to earn his big wage. Lacks desire

Rhodes - 1 - may as well brought ozzy owl on. Rhodes is done and offers nothing. Rhodes will not become a good player. He will become probably the worst signing in our history.

Pulis - 4 - lots of fans not overly impressed with the appointment. Goof opportunity today to get some fans on his side however I think he messed up is big audition.
We were poor before the sending off and worse after. There was no real change in the teams set up either. It honestly felt like we were satisfied with losing 1-0.
I do feel for him as he has inherited a very very squad. That has no purpose. Have we a team of quick players? No
Have we a team of big lads , target men ? No
Are we a team of technical old pros with quality.. no

We are a mismatch of centre halfs, half fit half injured utility players with no emphasis over preferred playing position.
TP needs a transfer window and soon.
None of his subs impacted on the game at all and there was no real plan A let alone a plan B

I was excited for this game. TP had won me over with his presser. Now I just feel dejected again and struggle to see where the goals will come from in this team.

Wednesday have spent around £25 million on;
Van Aken

Just let that sink in.


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