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  1. Quite. I think ultimately it's up to Monk who he wants in his staff. If he wants his own number two, that's fine. Then it's up to Bully if he minds being given a different role.
  2. Except I remember how out of his depth he was when he came on in the playoff final. Those are the moments that matter.
  3. And so the endless cycle continues... Whinge and moan on here by all means, but to respond directly to a player with such a low IQ message as Jord is classless.
  4. Fair enough. I just couldn't remember it being reported at the time.
  5. Why? Isn't it only proving that even well run clubs living within their means can't compete. All the club's promoted have spent big to buy quality. I think many clubs will have to make a decision. Either like Brentford, live within their means and maybe nick promotion one year but generally be resigned to being a really good championship club. Or Go for broke and run the risk of serious sanction.
  6. What... booing your own players? You seem to think it has no effect on the players at all. I'm not getting into the whole argument that it's the fans fault, but I think fans just need to pause and consider the implications of their actions, as do players, managers, coaches and chairmen.
  7. Stick your name in the hat then you disrespectful ass clown. Stick your managerial CV on here for footballs most knowledgeable to dissect.
  8. I'm not so sure. With Fletch on the pitch, when the ball was cleared upfield it always stuck with him and he held it up whilst the defense reorganised. Without him the ball came straight back.
  9. Or maybe he was promised he could bring his own staff in, but not immediately. Too many variables
  10. I would say on the basis that people are capable of learning from past mistakes. If you think they can't then it doesn't matter, points deduction or not, we'll always fail.
  11. The case wasn't delayed by covid though was it? The hearing was actually brought forward at the behest of Gibson.
  12. When Chansiri walks away and SWFC ceases to exist, will you be happy? Well you said fact so it must be true.
  13. That's what I think as well. I seem to remember when the stadium sale was included we posted a profit if circa £2million
  14. They'll have to decide if they take the EFL to court or us. I doubt they can afford both. There's only one winner out of all this. The law firms.
  15. The timeline for our case when set was based on the 19/20 season ending in May. Those would have been the terms of the roadmap and sequencing and as such our points would be deducted from the following season assuming we weren't ejected from the EFL. Charlton can ***** and moan all they like but under normal circumstances they'd have been relegated more than two months ago before our hearing even started. Of course I understand them clutching at any straw they can and it's unfortunate for them, but this is reality and the terms of proceedings like this hearing have to be agreed up front to prevent legal challenges if it's perceived the goalposts are being arbitrarily shifted due to pressure from other parties.
  16. Yes but they'd be taking the EFL to court not us. Any monetary fine decided by the court would have to be paid by the EFL not us as we had nothing to do with the decision.
  17. Why? The hearing results weren't due until the week before the start of the 20/21 season. It would never have applied this season due to the timings. The fact covid got in the way has no bearing on anything.
  18. Why? The hearing results weren't due until the week before the start of the 20/21 season. It would never have applied this season due to the timings. The fact covid got in the way has no bearing on anything.
  19. If they are still playing behind closed doors or significant gate reduction they'll have to offer a refund option anyway.
  20. If covid hadn't extended the season, this deduction would have been handed down the week before the beginning of the 20/21 season. Ergo the points would have been deducted from next season anyway. Don't forget the hearing was brought forward by a week. I don't think they have a case.
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