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  1. I assume you're submitting your CV to DC extolling your managerial credentials.
  2. Agree. Wednesday are a team in transition. We have to be realistic. We'll have more additions in January but until then we have to dig in and battle. Brentford, as you say have and organised established system on and off the pitch and have done for years. They have quality in all areas. We don't yet. It's going to take a few windows before we start seeing a more settled squad. I think we'll survive this season if only by the skin of our teeth. Just sick of the negative numpties on here
  3. I agree. One decent cross this season. He's a keeper.....
  4. Jesus wept. We're not poor. We're average. Plus I'm sure we couldn't plan for three centre backs being injured in the same game. Without the deduction on current results we'd have been in the top ten. Can we just stop talking boolhocks please
  5. Not sure about this Paterson, he's not shown anything, a big flop...... Oh!!...brilliant player, never doubted him.
  6. Odubajo is roaming too much. He's leaving two at the back and we'll be punished sooner or later.
  7. Very impressed with him today. Got a voice in the pitch. I liked it when he went forward for a free kick. He was giving the eyes to bannan on where to put the ball. Shows his confidence considering he's been here two and a half minutes.
  8. Good all round team performance. Mom not a lot between Flint, Luongo and Reach. Went for Flint. An assured debut. Odubajo, Windass, Paterson JVA worked hard. The only mystery for me is Harris. What's had happened to him? I expected Penney on for him second half.
  9. Is Harris capable of beating a man? He just ran into their player there.
  10. I thought it was more to do with revenue streams. One person is restricted in how much can be invested, but with multiple stakeholders they can each invest and amount . As I understood it that was where we fell foul in that DC was the sole shareholder and investor. I'm sure there was talk of DC getting his brother to invest it something to release investment money. I may be wrong.
  11. I would rather us be cautious with him than rush him back like previous management teams have with injuries. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a little further along than being stated. He was definitely kicking a ball in training but I imagine no contact.
  12. I think whatever his issue is it started before he came here. Maybe he was a basket case before he stepped through the door. The fact he lacked confidence to take a pen against udders, a free shot on goal, speaks volumes for me. But if that is the case I wonder if the club thought to send him to a sports psychologist to get his head back in the right place and protect their 8m pound investment. I guess we'll never know.
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